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Family Suprise Story

Normaly I would say no… Hai all guys and girls there here i am sharing my experinece with u all today i was eighteen then and my sis was 22,we had in our neighbour a hot sexy aunt she was probably 39(married but divorced) or 40 but was so sexy that i used to masterubate remembering her.at some times she gave me hint of sex but i got afraid. the story begins now. one day aunt called my sis and me to watch a movie and we went there.

She asked us about all thing & finally came to boy adn gl friend of me and my sis at that time we both had no friends and me and my sis were very free except sex.when the movie was over it was night and she asked both of us to stay there,she asked both of us to take bath cause it was summer night,when my sister went to bath she asked me about sex i afraid and avoided so she didn’t ask.she came to me and said to go for bath i changed to a towel and went near the toilet i was not aware tht my sis was inside it and taking bath nude,but she had her dresses in aunty’s bed room.i entered into the bath room the scene i saw erected my peny.

But se was my sis so i could not do what i wanted .my sis also got tensed.when i trried to come out that aunt closed the door and black mailed that she had a hidden camera in side the bahroom and she wud expose it to every one if we don’t act as she ordered we both had no clues and agreed, then she came to the bath room she ordered me to be naked i hesitated but did it.then she ordered my sis to hold me and we did it i got full erect though it was my own sis after all iam a man.both of us couldn’t control and started enjoying heaven,i got a touch of sis hairy pussy and boobs.we enjoyed it for a while then came she totally naked i got full erect left my sis and grabbed her tities i sucked them at that time sis was enjoying my cock in her mouth.

We all came to bed room naked and sis and me went into a 69 position,at that time aunt was also enjoying my cock. i came close to climax but that sexy aunt stopped all and we rested for a while. then i started to fuck aunt fully and my sis was sucking the out side part (balls) of my peny,aftyer some times i came in aunt’s hole,and took out my peny but sis was not satsfied and hold my cock and started licking imy slept peny got erected once but i didn’t fuck sis as she was sis but inserted fingure into her and when we both got climax all of us held each other and took rest all the night in nudeity, morning we enjyed once again and afterr climax we packed up.

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