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My Sexy Aunt

My aunt was widowed a couple of years ago. She still has a teriffic body, thanks to the hours she spends each day in the gym. I have fantasized about her since the first time I had seen her, but for obvious reasons, I never dared to make a “move”. Due to increased family meetings, etc. lately, I have been seeing a lot of her and I have been able to keep thoughts about her out of my mind. Last month while I was having sex with my girl friend I even said her name! I HAD to do something…..

Two days ago I went to her house in the evening. She had finished dinner and had just put her children to sleep. She was still in her sari, which had left most of her white flat stomach exposed. She was surprised to see me and I made up some lame excuse. She wasn’t convinced. She reclined on this huge sofa in her hall while I sat beside her. I started up a conversation which didnt last long. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her beautiful stomach and she soon noticed it. Our eyes locked for a few seconds and neither of us were speaking. It was now or never….!

Without wasting another moment I grabed her lips between mine and gradually attempted to open her mouth with my tongue. I was so so relived when she responded – my palms were wet with sweat! She opened her mouth and let my tongue in her. I played with her lips and soon started sucking her tongue. She was breathing heavily now and she became more frantic. She broke our kiss and told me that she hadn’t had sex for over 2 years and was dying it. God!! was i glad to hear that! I couldn’t control my self much after hearing this.

Within seconds I had removed her sari and she lay right next to me in her white bra and panties. She was absolutely gorgeous – she was very fair, her skin was glowing, she had firm huge tits and thru the fabric I could make out that she had recently shaved her pussy. My hardon was killing me. I removed all my clothes. I straddled my lovely aunt and forced my rock hard dick into her mouth. She was shocked by my action – clearly she wasn’t used to hardcore sex. She quickly caught up and started working her mouth and tongue on my dick as at the same time I pumped her mouth. I was in heaven – watching this beautiful creature taking my penis in and out of her mouth. I came within a few minutes and without warning blast my semen down her throat. She choked a bit but managed to swallow each and every drop without I having to remove my penis from her mouth. I continued fucking her mouth till my dick started softening a bit. I then removed it from her mouth and directed her to suck on my balls.

I then asked her to stick her tongue out as I moved myself to feel her hot tongue all the way from my balls to my anus. She voluntarily sucked on my anus for sometime and then stuck a finger into me while returning to mouth my balls. I was hard again in minutes. I moved down her body. I took her lovely breast in my mouth and sucked on it while squeezing the second. Her nipples were hard and erect in my mouth, as her moans kept getting louder. After several minutes I moved down to her stomach, not missing a single spot with my tongue. I kept rolling my tongue all over her body till she begged me to fuck her. But I was not going to give in so quickly without having a feast on that beautiful hairless cunt of hers. Her cunt was just perfect – although my aunt is around 35, her cunt looked like that of a 16 year old virgin.

As I brought my face between her legs, I started with the insides of her smooth thighs, licking them with my wet tongue. Her flesh was so soft and supple that I decided to move lower down – licking the back of her knees and then down to those muscular, yet soft, calves. I must have spent some ten to fifteen miuntes just relishing on her legs. All this time the heat within my aunt was continuously building up. Her juices had trickled down thru the crack of her ass and made a large wet spot on the sofa. I licked the entire lenght of her pussy in a single stroke making her shout with pleasure. I licked her pussy in this fashion, each time digging deeper with my tongue. She tasted exotic and I couldn’t get enough of her. After many such strokes, I held my head still and worked with my tongue, lapping up the insides of her juicy pussy. I had to use my hands to hold her ass down, while the rest of her was all over the sofa. She must have had atleast a few orgasms, and I didn’t stop for her to even catch a breath. Finally, I moved up to her erect clit and took it in my mouth, sucking on it. She had even stronger orgasms and again begged me to fuck her. “Please fuck me, please, I want you NOW, please …..” With that, I got on top of her, held her hands above her head, and literally plunged my dick into her tight pussy, hitting bottom with that single stroke.

She let out a loud scream that probably would have woken the neighbours! I lay still over her for a few seconds, till she got used to my huge dick in her pussy. I licked her mouth and sucked on her tongue as she settled down. I started pumping her slowly. With each stroke she let out long moans, feeling the lenght of dick spreading her tight cunt. It was hot and beads of sweat broke up on her face. Her face was glowing in the dim lights and our bodies were easily slipping on one another because of the sweat created between our bodies. My strokes became longer and faster. Her pussy juices were flowing like a torrent. I had never fucked a cunt so god-damned wonderful! It was so tight but at the same time extremely wet. I was relishing each stroke into her.

Soon she had a huge orgasm, tightening her grip on my penis so hard that it suddenly became a huge effort to pump her. Her resistance just made me fuck her harder and harder. She was screaming because of her orgasm and the pain I was causing her. Her orgasm didn’t subdue. I never ceased fucking her – in the frenzy I kept ramming her continuously – I was pushing in and pulling out of her with all my strenght, while her wet pussy walls strained to grab my penis like a vice. Each stroke into her cunt brought me closer to my orgasm. I held it back cause I wanted to enjoy this amazing fuck as long as I could – but I couldn’t hold on for ever – after what seemed like fucking her forever, I held her tighly in my arms and came in her tight pussy shooting loads of semen into her. Locked in an embrace we finally settled down and lay there in each other’s arms for several minutes kissing and sucking each others mouths – when she started sobbing. She told me that it was the best sex she had ever had and regretted that it did not come sooner in her life. She said that she was very grateful to me for tonight.

I instantly fell in love with her and we started kissing again. Soon she moved down and took my penis in her mouth. This time I laid back and let her do the work. She moved her tongue up and down on my shaft occasionally taking it right down to her throat. Needless to say, I was hard again. I told her that I wanted to fuck her breasts and hesistantly she agreed. After sucking her tits for sometime, I lubricated the valley between her tits with my saliva. I stradled her stomach and placed my dick in her valley squeezing it between those great tits. As I started fucking those tits I asked her to stick up a finger in my ass. She obliged and soon was moving her finger in and out of my ass. In minutes I was ready to cum again…. I released her tits, took my penis in my hand and sprayed my cum all over her gorgeous body. She never let go of my anus and that just made me cum harder. She looked so sexy with all that semen and sweat on her tits and stomach. Her pussy was dripping again and she needed some satisfying.

I climbed over her and pulled up her feet on either side of my head and then entered that hungry cunt again. Her ankles were on either side of my shoulders and with each hard stoke of mine the back of her tigh and her calves rubbed against my stomach and chest. Her legs were so smooth. The friction between those legs and my body felt great as I watched her entire body writhe under mine. I could see fresh tears streaming down her cheeks as she neared her orgasm and those sexy moans got louder and louder. The sight of her being in such a state of bliss drove me absolutely crazy. I pulled my dick out and asked her to turn onto her stomach. I spread her legs wide and slowly started to enter her anus. She immediately tightened it up. I asked her to relax but she was so charged up that she couldn’t. I had to do it the hardway. I pushed my rock hard shaft into her asshole without relaxing the pressure.

Gradually her rectum gave way and i got thru the entrance atleast. Although her opening and my dick were well lubricated she was felling pain. I tried to take it easy but I too was too caught up in my own pleasure. She told me to continue as she was enjoying the pain! Slowly but surely I kept getting deeper into her ass. Her moans were now shouts of pain and her tears were now flowing. Instead of easing off, being to close to my orgasm I continued penetrating her virgin ass. After I reached the bottom of her rectum, without waiting for her to get used to my dick, I began pumping her ass. She was shouting “fuck me harder – come on – fuck me” and there was no point of return. She was in pain and I couldn’t help it as her tears continued. Soon her rectum had opened up enough to let me fuck her ass in all glory. With each hard stroke of mine my balls slapped against her pussy bringing her to another huge orgasm. When she came it was impossible to move my dick within her. After several moments when she relaxed the deadly grip on my dick, I pumped her a few more times, causing her pain again and blasted my semen into her asshole.

I was totally spent and slumped on her back. She reduced to sobbing and told me how wonderful she was feeling! Our bodies were totally drenched in each others sweat and we soon fell asleep with my dick still in her ass.

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