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Hot Sex With Sofia Aunty

270480_301070410006275_76838386_nHi! My name is Asif, if I weren’t the main character of this story I wouldn’t believe it! This is one of those stories, which occasionally one hears about but never experiences! I sincerely hope it gives my readers a like pleasure that I have had from writing it. This story basically is about my mature aunt and myself. She is the sister of my stepmother. The relationship with my stepmother and her parents is extremely good! We live in a very big, lovely home with five bedrooms. My Father and I are the only males in the house.
At the age of 21 years I am proud to say that I was much more mature in both the business sense and my sexual experience as I was already having sex with my own personal maid, Noori and my older Sister-in-law, Umera. Umera Bahbi has taught me a lot about sex and the ways and means to seduce women, so now I find all women as attractive challenges.

For instance, it was so easy for me to get into Noori’s shilwar. In fact I think I have turned my maid into a nymphomaniac, she will fuck with me morning, noon and night! Practically the same with Umera Bhabi, she is all over me as soon as I enter her house and the kids are elsewhere.

Life was good but at that typical young age, I was still very horny and looking for more and more sexual adventure, looking upon all women as a conquest to be conquered and so driving my desires into seduction mode on sight.

For as far back as I can remember, my stepmother’s sisters and their families would visit our home regularly. My stepmother has four sisters, the eldest is Aunty Sofia, 38 then My Step Mum 36, Aunty Naila 34, and Aunty Nishat 32 and unmarried Dilshad who is just twenty.

They would usually stay for a week or two, and I always had a great time with them. My father’s financial position was much higher than that of my stepmother’s family; they were poor. Poor enough to appreciate gifts however bestowed.

We were always generous to them. We always helped them specially me; I always tried to help them because my generosity usually made them indebted to it and quite often me gained me sexual favors. My stepmother has four lovely sisters and they were all married except the youngest one. When my stepmother’s sisters visit us, they stay with us for a few days, which I hope, will give me time to charm their shilwars off. Auntie Sofia was to be my first shilwar exploratory delving target. She has a delicious looking most delectable ass.

Aunt Sofia, elder sister of my stepmother, paid visits to us regularly every few months and when she came, she used to stay with us at least one or two weeks.

My stepmother keeps Aunt Sofia very close to her heart; she was an important part of my life too. She was so beautiful, I really loved her. She was my favorite aunt and I had strong feelings for her. She was near the end of her youth, being 38 years old, but she possessed a mortal beauty and was seductively graceful. She looked very voluptuous, although the grace in her face had not diminished. She had long straight blonde hair, blue eyes and was tall. Weighing approximately 180lbs, she was a little plumpish but, as she was tall, didn’t look all that much overweight. Her waist flared out into a biggish bottom, with large, soft, perfectly rounded sensuously rounded buttocks. Buttocks, which I often imagined myself spreading apart with eager fingers and having my wicked way with what, she had hidden between. Because of Noori’s love for sports-anal I was rapidly becoming an anal freak.

Aunt Sofia was married to an idiot of a man who looked like an owl. It was little wonder why she did not pay much attention to him or his needs what ever they were.

She was tall, willowy, and femininely vigorous. The sort of woman who could eat her fill and never put on any more weight than what is her natural build. The sort most women are envious of. To me she was sexually delightful.

She was never lavishly dressed, her choice of garments were always of fine silks. Always in the fashion of India, perhaps I should tell you at this stage what both men and women wear so that you will understand our culture. The garments for both men and women are practically the same; even night attire is the same sort of styles. Ladies, they wear bras, but very rarely wear panties. The lower garment is like a pair of baggy trousers made of mostly silk and other light materials, which is called a shilwar. The denier of the garments in strategic areas protects modesty. There are no flies at the front and a string tied at the front holds up the garment. The garment worn above is a qameez, a knee length coat of colorful silks, sometimes cotton that has no collar or sleeve cuffs. Both men and women wear the shilwar and qameez. Obviously materials differ between the sexes because of sensuality. Women do not normally dress to be provocative unless in the confines of their own bedrooms with their husbands. The headwear a woman wears to cover their head and their breast is called a duppata, it can be quite long.

Aunt Sofia’s skin tone was very fair almost whitish and her blue eyes were enough to drive a man crazy. Breasts, which gave me a hard-on even before taking in her gorgeous ass! I was also attracted to her sober and polite manner, which added to her elegance. I used to get goose pimples and a loin stirring every time she looked at me and then there was that smile! That horny come-to-bed smile of hers. She like all her sisters was very free and easy with me. Although the youngest sister, Dilshad could be timorous and coy with me.

We had a large house, a house that was an absolute dream to live in with its spacious family rooms and its five bedrooms. My parents used one room on the ground floor. The remaining rooms were upstairs out of which I was using one while the others remained vacant for the guests. All of my aunts stayed in the bedrooms either side of my bedroom. Needless to say I was very happy it was so. I never locked my bedroom door because I always lived in hope.

One night, when Aunt Sofia was staying for a while, she was sitting at the table with the rest of the family after finishing the evening meal and as always we were all talking as families do together. It was much too wet to go into the garden as sometimes we did. I had already planned to spend the evening in my room to watch a DVD film that I wanted to watch.

I reached back to the table where I had placed it prior to the meal and Aunt Sofia asked, “What is that you have there, Asif?”

“It’s a DVD recording of a film that I want to watch, Aunt Sofia. I have a machine which plays it onto a screen in my room.”

“You mean it is a movie picture?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I have never seen the likes before, Asif! How does it work?”

It was obvious to me that she had never seen a DVD player, as the DVD player was not so common in those days.

My stepmother was also there and she said to her, “Sofia! If you want to see it, you should go to Asif’s room. Asif will show you how it runs and if Asif’s has no objection to you watching the movie with him, you can watch it, because I know you have always been interested in the movies.”

My penis shifted in my shilwar, thrilled at the thought of being alone, sitting next to my lovely Aunt Sofia in the confines of my bedroom. I had been longing so desperately for such a chance. There was no way that I was going to miss an opportunity like this.

“Of course! Why not! It will please me to show my aunt my new VCD. It will be a great pleasure for me. Auntie you can watch the movie if you want too. I don’t have any objections. Doing my best to graciously smile at her.

I invited her into my room saying, “You can see the new machine called a VCD, which is taking the place of a VCR. You can watch this movie with me in my room.”

“OK,” she replied, “I will definitely see the VCD and the movie, as you have no objection.” I was in rapture; she was so close to me as we mounted the stairs to the upper floor. My nostrils were picking up her scent and my penis was getting more and more uncomfortable in my clothing.

Well, I took her to my bedroom where she gave me a smile and told me, “You really are so incredibly decent for taking us in and making us part of the family. Thank you so very, very much.”

“No! Aunty, this is your home. You are a part of it and a part of us, the family.”

She sat down on the bed and I sat with her and she paid little heed to the fact that our thighs were touching through the silky material of our clothing.

She turned to me and looked long and hard into my eyes while I was aware of the increasing heat emanating between our thighs. Finally she spoke, she told me, that she felt uncomfortable in the clothes she was wearing, that she would need to go to her room and change into something more relaxing and that she would not be long. She squeezed my leg as she rose to leave. Gentlemanly, I rose too and walked with her to the door.

I stood at my bedroom door watching her undulating bum cheeks as she walked up the passage to her room door. My thoughts were building fantasies so lewd about Aunt Sofia’s arse. She was so sexually exciting to me. My cock stirred some more as my imagination ran riot again. She was aware of my eyes and she liked my interest because her ass was moving more and more suggestively as she walked. Then she turned and smiled, her beautiful eyes on my groin as she slowly entered her room. I was mortified; I felt precum dribbling into my pants.

My thoughts were mad and centered on my Aunt…Typical of big beautiful women, she had huge ass cheeks which looked round and strong. Each side had appeared and disappeared with the motion of her hips. I could see that her movements had pushed her qameez deep into the crack of her bottom cheeks, cheeks that didn’t seem to be marred by her wearing any panties. The two mounds created by her bottom were smooth. I felt my dick start to grow. It was in my mind to fuck Aunt Sofia in that tight ass of hers and I was musing, was it in her mind to let me?

As usual, in my state of arousal I had oozed precum and soiled my shilwar so I went and quickly changed into something lighter and fresher. I was hardly back and setting up the VCD when she knocked quietly on my door. She was stunning! I She was wearing a simple cotton shilwar, qameez as she would in her bedroom at night. So Light, so shimmering silky. She had applied a new heady perfume, perfume to attract a man’s senses. I was attracted. Attracted to her full-grown breast, her protruding nipples easily seen through her flimsy qameez. My eyes had spent some time trained on her cleavage as Aunt Sofia was taking in the bulge in my shilwar. Her large breasts were together to form an inviting line of cleavage. She asked me, “Asif, first of all, show me the VCD and its functions as I have never seen one. We have a VCR in our home.”

I showed her all of the VCD’s functions, from which she was impressed most particularly with its reception. We talked a little about the latest technology. Then she asked me about the film I had.

I told her, “Auntie, this is an English movie, by its cover it may be a love story, I hope you do not mind. I have not seen it, do you still want to watch it?”

She asked me to play it, I did as she asked, and we sat side by side on the sofa. Sitting on the sofa she took her shoes off and pulled her legs up under her, giving me a quick look of her fleshy thighs, as her shilwar was so flimsy I could see them very clearly.

The film was a little boring at the start, but I had heard that it became interesting after some time. I looked at her and she seemed to me to be bored, but as we were watching, suddenly an erotic scene came on screen where the hero and heroine were tongue kissing. When this went on for a long time, I tried to forward it, but she smiled and asked me not to forward it, saying, “What are you doing? This is a part of the film.”

Atmosphere in the room started to heat up as we watched the movie. I also noticed that she kept watching me through the corner of her eyes. I kept stealing glances at her. I stayed in a trance, enchanted by her nearness. I wanted to touch her, kiss her, and make love to her. My nostrils were now picking up a muskiness in the room, Aunty Sofia was on heat.

The hero was stripping off the heroines clothing. I was so embarrassed by this, and once again tried to forward it, but she again forbade me. She was watching it and smiling creating an embarrassing situation for me. I began to squirm around on the sofa as I was dying for a piss.

“Oh, Aunty I’m sorry, let me change it,” I told her as I knew it was turning me on and I did not have any underwear, and my hard-on was already very obvious.

“Why, don’t you like to see this? You are old enough to see these,” she was talking in a slurred voice. “Every guy likes watching it I know!!”

“But not with his aunties,” I replied quite sternly.

“But I’m a woman as well as your Aunt. There is nothing wrong with you and I watching it together.”

She looked me directly into my eyes with the casual glance down at my cock and said to me meaningly, ” You’ve grown. You’re a full-grown man now, such a size! It intrigues me, Asif!”

Suddenly Aunt Sofia had taken on an alluring look. She had become so sexy looking! She was turned on! The film was making us both horny or was it my hard cock what was turning my Aunt on?

“Yes, I’ve grown into a man,” I said. “But you haven’t changed a bit. You look like the same as I remember you, you’re as pretty as ever. Aunt Sofia, you’re older than my mother but look about fifteen years younger.”

She smiled widely, blushed and said, “Thank you very much. I try to stay in shape. ”

Before I could reply she asked me, “Do you have any experience, like the heroine and hero of this film?”

I was dumbfounded. She asked it so fast; I wondered how she talked with me like this. This was not the first time I watched her as a women and not as an aunt. I told her a lie, “No, I have not had any experience such as this.” I was pretending to be embarrassed.

She laughed and said to me, “Do not tell me lies, Asif!”

“No, Aunty, honestly, it is the truth.”

“Didn’t I see you with Noori just at round about noon? I’ve seen you two in the kitchen, very close together.” She said,

my heart started to pound excitedly.

” Noori… And me? Oh no…. I was just asking her to make tea for me. She gave me tea, and she’s supposed to give me all I need… she’s maid of the house.” I said sheepishly.

“Why does she look so sweet at you and why did she blush so coyly when she saw me. Also; Asif – why was your hand inside her shilwar?

“I don’t know, Aunt Sofia. Noori had an itch which she asked me to scratch for her.” I replied trying not to giggle like a small boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Throughout our conversation I had basically been looking right down into her cleavage. Imagining my aunty taking part in sex I was seeing on the screen. I was getting excited. I was ogling at her firm conical tits, which were quite visible through her very flimsy qameez.

Our discussion had gone to the extent where she asked whether ‘I felt excited sometimes and whether I used unnatural methods to fulfill my desires.

As our earlier discussions had broken all the barriers I told her blushingly, “Yes! You know Aunty, do you know what I can do other than that? Playing with it, I mean?”

“Why don’t you ask Noori? Maybe your itch scratching could lead to other things that would please you, Asif….I’m sure she’d be interested in a good-looking young man like you!” she said teasingly.

I definitely didn’t know how to answer that question I could not tell her I give Noori a good fucking most days, but hadn’t been able to fuck her since she had come to visit.

I had no answer for her, so again I told her a lie,

“I can’t, and I haven’t really been paying too much attention to her in that way.”

“Oh, you poor little boy! I’m sorry for you,” She said sexily and continued to look into my eyes with a calculating smile. I knew that she was trying to seduce me, but I didn’t want to make a fool of myself by jumping to the wrong conclusions.

All these discussions had maintained the bulge in my shilwar, which was very obvious to her as my shilwar was made of silk and it clung to me, clung to my hard and long member. I was making no efforts to hide it. I moved fairly awkwardly on purpose to bring my state of arousal to her notice. Normally I would have been embarrassed that Aunty might realize I had an erection from talking to her so intimately. I raised my knees up and opened them so that my cock was framed in her view. My thoughts were that I was pussy teasing, Dear Aunty Sofia.

Sofia, dear Aunty was always friendly with me, and up until now had never talked anything but nicely to me, but never did we discuss matters relating to sex. I got up, as my cock was about to burst talking her like this. I needed to let out some water and to have a drink, because my mouth had become dry.

I stood holding my cock, guiding my pee into the bathroom, at first finding it hard to relieve myself because of my erection. I was thinking of my Aunt Sofia and my desperate need to get my cock into her. I had the feeling that she was as anxious for it as I was.

I returned to my seat to find that she had moved closer to my place and had piled cushions the other side of her making it plain to me that things were going to be stepped up a notch with Aunty seducing poor Asif! I took my seat and I deeply breathed in her perfume, undoubtedly mixed with her personal body odor. She smelled wonderful and flowery with a hint of something pungently spicy.

By now the film was more normal. But it was actually an X movie and just after that there was another hot romantic scene. This time, I didn’t care, as she was more interested in it. Our hands were on the sofa nearer to each other and when the scene became more pornographic with the hero’s bum bobbing up and down in between the heroine’s wide-open legs and she was telling him to go harder, deeper with a few ‘yeses’ punctuating her gasping words. The more it went on the warmer Aunty and I were getting, our hands moved to each other. I was speechless as I felt her hand on mine, one of her fingers wriggling inside the palm of my hand. Made me feel more passionate and my cock painfully hard. It was obvious that Aunty wanted it and this was her first physical move to tell me what she wanted. She slowly shifted her legs suggestively. Opening them and I turned and deliberately looked between her open thighs and was clearly able to see her pussy through the split in her qameez. The crotch of her shilwar was discolored, wet looking, making the crotch of both her panties and her shilwar transparent.

We were watching nothing but sex and while watching, I without thinking naturally started massaging my cock from above my shilwar. It affected Aunt Sofia because she too started to grope between the juncture of her thighs very suggestively.

She brought the hand away from herself and placed it back into my hand, finger now deliberately scratching my palm, it was wet with her juices. I could smell her pussy now; she was that hot and horny for my cock. And at one point I noticed Aunt’s bare feet were resting on my feet. My heart felt rather warm and I felt her feet moving up and down on my feet. I was rather surprised at the romantic mood, which seemed to be engulfing us and I was unable to believe she was practically asking me, begging me to fuck her. To the point where I sensed she was becoming impatient with me.

My aunt’s eyes were fixed to the screen at all the activity going on the screen; there were even shots of the hero’s cock moving in and out of the heroines hair covered pussy. She was sitting on top of him and he was fingering her with a straight finger moving it in and out of her anal passage.

Aunt Sofia moaned out, ” Oh! God! Asif! He is going for her bum too! Look! It has been such a long time since a man did that to my bottom! This film is making me so hot and in the need of cock, Asif. You naughty boy!”

Suddenly she shifted her hand and grabbed my bulging cock, “What is this Asif?”

“Nothing, it is nothing Aunty,” I said.

“But I see it’s on display. What is the problem you have?”

She said it so playfully and I was embarrassed to death. She added, “What is the reason for it? Movie or Me?”

As I nodded in agreement to her latter remark but nor quite answering it, she said, “It is really a very pleasant surprise for a woman of my age. I have forgotten when my hubby had a spontaneous hard-on because of me.”

She looked at me very seductively, and asked if she could be any help. I just gave her a shy smile and with hard difficulty managed to hide my excitement. The fuck was on! I was going to get into Aunt’s silk shilwar!

Her face had now become red and her breasts were palpitating very high.

She moved in closer to me, her body pressed against mine she was very warm; her fingers toying with my rampant shaft.

I really didn’t know how she had managed to continue watching the film. The heroine was up on her hands and knees now and the hero was kneeling behind her licking the deep crevice between her bum cheeks. My cock was really hard by now, it wanted out of my pants.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” my aunt whispered into my ear.

I was totally shocked to hear this question from my older Aunty, but was taken off balance, and said, ” Off course! I can say you are the prettiest,” I stammered ”

“Am I still worth staring at?”

“Of course you are. Your beauty hasn’t faded.”

“Asif, I’ve always found you very attractive, and I know that you stare at me too, you often stare at my ass, do you want me there, like the girl in the film will soon be getting it, the hero’s cock up her ass, Asif?”

I was rather surprised she was talking about anal sex as if she was asking about my choice of breakfast cereal. I was in very high spirits so I said to her, “Sofia, my Aunty, I wish I were your husband.”

“Why Asif?”

“So I could lay into bed with you every day!”

She moved her mouth to my ear and licked it from top to bottom. Then she whispered to me, “Don’t you want to make love with me, just now? Don’t you want to put this big cock of yours inside me, Asif?” and pulled me to herself and sat me on her lap kissed me on my cheek and said, “You’re too young to be my husband but just at a nice age to be my lover.” Then she added, “I can’t compare you with my husband. You don’t know what, nothing is more pleasing than having a decent companion close to you. I feel so pleased with you tonight.” She threw her arms around my neck, planting a kiss on my mouth. I was much excited as the older Aunt’s perfume enveloped me. The feel of her arms drifting around my neck as her body pressed lightly against mine made me dizzy with excitement.

It was incredible, and I went out of my senses. I just could not imagine what was happening. I gasped quietly. I hadn’t expected anything like this. I had thought Sofia, my Aunty was being quite reserved with me and now, all of a sudden she took me in her arms, her warm, lush curves pressing against me in the most arousing manner.

Her eyes were full of lust now.

I tried to hug her tight and brought her to me in a heated embrace. The feel of her tits flattened on my chest, her nipples pushing into me. I put my arm around her and grabbed hold of her. My hand had found its way underneath her bra and I had a firm hold of her tit. It felt as good as it looked. I could feel her hard nipple pressing against the palm of my hand. I held on tight and brought my other hand around her body. My lips slowly traced a wet line on her cheeks, traveled down to her chin. Then to her neck, and licked her neck for some time. “Go a little further,” she told me and I pushed my fingers into the top of her shilwar and panties and felt for the opening of her juicy cunt.

As I kept my hand there, she spread her legs so that I could reach further. I felt for her slit and spread her lips apart finding her clitoris and gently pinched it with my fingers. It brought a moan from her ruby lips.

“I know what you want from me, I like it and I want it. I think you know just how much I want it, Asif!” she said. “I could feel it.” ” Now Just relax and let me show you, how I like you,” she said with sparkling eyes. As she spoke she lifted my hands to her breasts and pressed it them firmly to her swollen tits. She asked me to squeeze them. She sighed as I gently fondled them.

She put her lips on my lips again and kissed me very passionately.

She had such soft, warm lips for her age. She pushed her tongue inside my mouth and sucked my tongue alternately. I felt for a movement she had stopped my breath.

My hand was moving on her breast and I was rubbing, caressing and even crushing her tits.

She asked me to be patient.

But who was listening to her? I was nearly tearing her qameez trying to pull it out from her body to see those amazing tits which were another point of attraction every time I saw her.

She stopped me, ” Easy my Tiger, you are going to tear it, let me do it for you, my very Eager Lover.”

My eyes widened as the qameez fell away her black lacy bra emerged. Her full firm tits were pushing at the full black cups of her bra which was in stark contrast to the flushed color of her chest. Again we kissed deeply and my hands searched for the clasp on her back finding it, I fumbled trying to free her of the garment and sensing my trouble she reached behind her self and easily popped it letting the cups spring to her front. I slipped the shoulder straps down and felt the bra fall in her lap.

She was now half naked in front of me. I took in the sight of her firm full tits and marveled at their firm jiggle. I saw her huge breasts had gone a tiny bit saggy than they looked with the bra and qameez. But overall She had really a nice white milky breast with wonderful light brown nipples with romantic areolas. Her nipples were already hard as I use my fingers to play with them, squeezing them lightly then tighter. Her nipples were so hard and standing out pleading to be touched, suckled. I started to pinch her nipples with my hands. “Aunty, I always knew you had nice tits but they are fantastic, but so much better without this though,” I said

Sofia, my horny aunty moaned in approval of my actions and pulled my head with both hands to her breast. I lightly ran my tongue over them, taking a nipple in my mouth and suckling gently, eventually, I kissed my way down the slope of her large, full breasts. She moaned with lust as I tongued and kissed her boobs. My tongue swirled around each nipple leaving a trace of wetness with each gentle lick. I took one of her gorgeous tits in my mouth. First lathing one then the other. A soft moan escaped my Aunt’s lips. I kept my lips attached to her breast like a starving child. I covered her nipple with my lips, sucking it softly, slowly, then taking her whole breast in my mouth while licking her nipple with my tongue, teasing her, making her feel so desired. While tongue kissing one I tweaked the other with my fingers.

“That’s nice,” She was moaning now “I want you to make love to me, Kiss them, suck my breast it makes me so hot and ready to be fucked, Asif! Get me really hot and you can do anything you like to me, Darling. I do mean anything! Look at the woman in the picture taking that cock up her ass, Asif. She is enjoying it, yes? See how he is pumping it all the way in and all the way out.”

While sucking softly on her one nipple I began to caress and rub the nipple of the other with my hand. Not really interested in the film, what I was doing now was very much real and alive. I had my own plans for Aunty Sofia’s bum.

My hands were moving over her belly and navel, it was so sexy. Her belly was a little plump and had little deep ripples which didn’t look bad, but it made her tummy more sexy or maybe that was the way it looked to me at that time. I planted love bites all over her breasts and nipples getting approving moans and spasms from her.

After a few more minutes, she said with a naughty smile,

“You are a grown man. You proved it to me today, I measured it with my fingers through your lumpy shilwar.”

She then lifted me from her lap and sat me down on the sofa. She winked her eyes and said me, “You have seen me though I haven’t had a glimpse of you.”

Wasting no time, she quickly pushed me onto my back and removed my shilwar, revealing my cock, that was standing firm and erect, jutting out from my body.

She saw my cock and said with smile,

“What’s this” she exclaimed putting her hand on my hard cock.

“I’ve never seen a cock that big and thick before.” She said and put her hand around my cock in her hand hesitatingly; I felt her warm hand on my cock. She slowly moved it up and down as we deep kissed.

“It is just like, I have thought it should be, since I saw you in the kitchen with Noori. She had you hard, didn’t she, Asif? The way she was looking at you she wanted it too, you will have no trouble getting it up her pussy, Darling. If you want me to hold her down for you while you put this big beautiful cock into her, I will willingly. She will be lovely and tight for you.”

She was looking down on my cock with adoration in her eyes, so very lovingly as if she had never seen cock before. I saw a strange shine in her eyes and asked her, because I was wondering, “Why she was looking at my cock so strangely?”

She caught me by my cock and fondled my balls.

“It is so beautiful, your balls are so shapely and so fair, I feel like chewing them, swallowing them!” she slurred. “I would like to tell you the truth that I have tried so many times to seduce you, but you couldn’t have understood. The many times I gave you hints, trying to encourage you to come onto me, but you didn’t notice. The times I went to my bed at night, thinking of you, me teaching you how to fuck me.”

“Oh I see, I told her, I had been waiting for such an occasion for so long! I also think about you, Wanting to kiss you and eat your glorious tits, put my cock into your delicious looking bum, but I had no courage.”

“Ok! So It is late but at least we found each other.”

My hands found their way to her shilwar which I easily opened the knot of her shilwar string and gently tugged on it waiting for her to help with its removal. She lifted her hips and I slipped her shilwar together with her wet crotched panties to her ankles. She fidgeted kicking her legs to rid it of the clothing binding her ankles and lofted them to lay haphazardly on a nearby table, they panties fell to the floor in a sexy little heap. She had wonderful thighs; they were so white and wonderfully smooth and fleshy. My head was so near now that I could smell her sweet pussy odor above all her other scents and perfumes. My mouth watered.

We were still sat on sofa so her thighs were closed thus I tried to open them but she became crazy and was not allowing me to open them. I looked at her quizzically with a slight hurt expression, like a boy refused a chocolate bar.

Her reluctance melted and she smiled at me as she opened her legs for me after a while. It was cleanly shaved, white and shining. Surprisingly big! At last her cunt was in front of me. I marveled at the beauty her naked pussy had. Her pussy had soft brown lips. Which was extra ordinary big; as I have never seen ever in any triple x movie I had watched.

I remarked to her, “Aunty your cunt is so big!”

“Yes, you are right, my cunt is abnormal size, Asif…I never heard about a big pussy like mine. Don’t you like big pussy; has Noori got a little one? ” She asked me.

“I love your big pussy so much. Noori’s feels tight when I put my finger into it.”

“I have no doubt that some day soon you will make Noori’s pussy much bigger, Asif. Getting back to my pussy, it looks good enough to eat doesn’t it Asif? Eat me Asif Please! I want you to eat me; no one has eaten this big cunt of mine in my life! Don’t be shy, Asif, I won’t bite and don’t mind if you do just a little bit. Come on, Darling, do it!.” she beseeched me.

She seemed to have a strong sex drive it was about equal to mine if not more. She encouraged me to kneel in front of her. I leaned downwards into her pungent groin with my face now level with aunt’s fluttering cunt. My lips parted and my tongue swirling eagerly into her juicy slit, which seemed to envelope my face.

Remembering all the other cunts I had licked, Noori’s included, I could not recall one with such strong pussy odor before. It thrilled me so much to taste Aunt’s hot juicy pussy. Her freshly shaved stubble tickled my face and I lapped up the many beads of her juice which clung to her very short hair. I kissed and licked it every inch of her slit. She was so very wet; her cunt lips glistened from her ardent dampness. Then I moved my tongue between her pussy lips and she slipped one hand into my hair to hold me steady as she lowered her ripe cunt onto my mouth. She was moaning. I was lapping and suckling deep into her pussy lips, slurping her copious love juice. I took her swollen clit between my lips and lashed it back and forth as hard and as fast as I could with my tongue.

I was madly in love with her cunt! I ran my tongue around her swollen nub then along her slit. Up and down her pussy from her crinkly puckered arse to her clit and back, slowly and gently. The tips of my fingers fluttered aimlessly from her knees up the insides of her thighs, which was causing her cunt to throb on my mouth. However she was so passionate that I was finding difficulty breathing and I put my hands on her hips to lever my face out of her pungent cunt lips to get some breathing room. Didn’t succeed though because Aunty had her legs clamped viciously around my ears. It felt to me like she was going to crush my skull between her wildly shuddering thighs.

Aunt Sofia wasn’t able to control her self anymore and cried out as her loins stiffened achingly because of my feverishly leeching suck. Then her cunt began to spasm. She began to shudder like she was being electrocuted with my tongue. Her juices began to stream from her loins in ecstatic, fiery pulses.

She moaned out aloud and cried, “Asif, That’s enough! You can stop; now let me get on top of you. I want to feel that big dick of yours deep inside me.”

In no time she got up and asked me to close my thighs she stood over me, her legs astride of my own. She slid her body over mine, her thighs wide over my thighs. She placed her hand around the base of my cock and lifted her pussy completely off it before plunging down on it. She sat on my lap holding my cock and centered it towards the rear of her gaping cunt lips and so guiding my engorged cock crown until it nosed into her pussy. I could feel the heated wetness of her arousal on my cock, and closed my eyes in ecstasy.

She lifted right off it again surprisingly she didn’t put it into her hole as I had expected her to do, but moved it forward and rubbed my precum covered knob around her swollen clitoris. I held her hips and watched as she guided my cock back through her pussy canyon and then she squatted down, slowly and gingerly and I cried out involuntarily as my cock slid up into her wet slippery depths. In one smooth motion as she impaled herself on my steely erection right down to my balls. It was unbelievable, I was fucking my Aunt Sofia! It was delightful seeing my prick embedded inside her. Just a short while ago she had been sitting at the table so ladylike, talking about the boring things people talk about at the meal table. And now, she was naked fucking herself on my cock!

Smooth as silk, I slipped inside Aunty’s cunt and she got an appreciative groan for her efforts.

“Ohhhh Asif” she sighed as she sat fully downs on me “Your cock, how many years I have longed for it,”

Her responsive cunt was rippling around my cock like a moist, supple glove.

She was much aroused, and was at the height of pleasure.

Her moans of, “Asif! I am cumming, Darling! I am cumming!”

She started flowing juice and after few strokes her flow was like a river overflowing. Her honey poured down my thighs, soaking my over full balls.

My grown up Aunt was acting like a horny teenager, a young schoolgirl despite the fact that she was nearer forty than thirty, and at this moment was moving up and down on my dick and was enjoying this and was screaming with joy. I began to lunge up feverishly over and over into my Aunts irresistibly enticing cunt. She encouraged the fucking, clenching her muscular thighs around me and urging me on. I didn’t think this could really be happening! Getting into her panties had been so much wishful thinking, I was a young buck, I wanted into every woman’s love box. I didn’t give a hoot for their age. Young or old, all women are a prospective fuck in my eyes. A friend once told me he thought I would even fuck my Granny. I said if he paid me I would fuck his Granny too.

Aunt Sofia was riding me like a horse, jogging very slowly. Her breasts were bouncing up and down with her every bum lift and back down on my personal saddle. She was the sexiest sight I had ever seen, hundred percent all woman. How I was lasting out so long without spilling my seed I do not know. It was a joy to take both of her tits in my hands to rub them. I started sucking them like a baby. After some time she paused her fuck motions, took me by my hand, and asked me to shift to the bed as she pulled my cock from her pussy. A cock, which was shiny, fully coated and dripping with mixed juices. Smelly too…

We started to walk to my bed as she was going before me and my jaw dropped. Sofia aunt’s bare bottom was really big wide, curvy, creamy white and perfect. I remember thinking I wasn’t supposed to be seeing this. I brazenly touched it, and pushed my hard cock between the curves of her ass cheeks, and with my hands cupping her ripe tits I danced her to the bed where she laid on the bed on her back. She turned and gave me a wicked smile. “Asif, my Lover! You really do like my ass, don’t you? I have never had it that way, but with you I am willing to try everything.”

I laughed at her serious face, looking down on her obvious beauty, laying on her back and taking a pillow from the head of the bed and positioning it under her inviting hips. She spread her legs as wide as she could. She raised her legs which I gripped by her jeweled ankles forcing her cunt up into the right position for re-entry. I had taken Noori in the same position and I was able to get my cock fully into her. Aunt Sofia must have seen the hunger in my eyes as I slid into her feminine depths, filling her vagina completely. I started to wonder just what my feelings for her really were. We began to fuck in earnest. I pushed my hard rod into her soft big pussy and my whole dick went in fully, in one womb searching stroke. Soon she was wrapping her wonderful legs after I had let them go around my back, pulling me into her. She locked her ankles around my lower back and held me tightly.

She said tenderly “I have a big pussy but you have also the biggest prick I have ever had in me and it is the right size that I need to fill it!

My dirty fool of a husband has only half of what you have. I Love you Asif, fuck me, and fuck me hard. I have become a slave of your cock. Tear my insides if you can. I want to feel the pain and the pleasure of you fucking me, Sweet Asif!”

She cupped my balls and gently tugged, her hand reached under me and explored between my ass cheeks. Soon I felt her fingertip around my puckered anus, she ran her finger gently there, prodding into my tight hole. Her experience was like no other woman I had made love to.

“Oh! Yes! I like that, Aunty Sofia!”

“One day, I will surprise you and have you, Asif, as a man has you!”

Her words shocked me, I had heard of women who wore fake cocks. I shivered and felt both excited by her words and at the same time humbled.

She was kissing me hard with agile probing tongue. I forced my huge cock more deeply into her with each stroke. Not satisfied with only this encouragement, I lowered my hands to her sides and slid them to her fabulous, legs. gripping and plunging.

She asked me, “Give me harder strokes, insert it fast and hard into my pussy and then pull your cock out almost all the way very slowly and then plunge it back in deep as you can, make it hurt me, Asif! I want to feel you stretching me wide open with each of your youthful fuck strokes.”

She was the expert, so I followed her instructions.

I grabbed her legs and raised her toes until they were high above me, waving in complete surrender. Her body was pushing against me with every thrust. Her pussy although sopping wet, still held my cock like a vice, with every stroke providing intense pleasure.

I pulled out my cock, and then I again forced her pussy lips aside and slowly buried my cock and rammed the last two inches deeply into her. With each stroke I pushed her down until my pubic hair mashed into her loins.’ Even at this slow pace, we were nearly on fire now. Aunt’s breathing was coming in strained short gasps.

“Don’t tease me Asif, increase your pace and fuck me hard and fast,” She pleaded now.

My most beautiful aunty was asking to be fucked hard and fast. I started fulfilling her request in earnest as I increased my pace with every thrust and she met my every move with a building intensity of her own. At first my strokes continued to be long and slow. I wanted her to remember the length of my strokes, the size of my cock. On each upstroke I withdrew until I hovered above her, only the tip of my cock playing in the puffy lips of her opening. Then I thrust my huge cock into her cunt once again.

She ran her hands over my chest, and then draped her arms around my neck, raising her tits in both hands proudly towards me as though wanting to feed me her milk, maybe in thanks for the pleasure I was giving her.

I started suckling and biting her nipples and all over her tits. She was now screaming and moaning. She was enjoying it much more. Soon, I was thrusting myself into her so forcefully that my cock head bottomed sharply on her sensitive cervix with each jab. Each time I bottomed, she cried out. She was biting her lower lip and gripping white knuckled onto the bedpost and was arching her hips to my thrusts. My cock probing her cervix at the entrance to her womb.

“Suddenly, “I asked her, “might I request you, my sweet Aunty?

She replied, “Do not request, order me, I am yours.”

I said, “No, I request you, please let me fuck you in your asshole!”

“Ufff, Asif, this is not the right time for this,” She replied.

“But this is my dream.” I said to her.

“I will do what you want, maybe later, but now please tear aunt’s pussy.” She lifted her legs and placed her heels on my ass kicking my anus, pulling me strongly deeper into her.

Aunt Sofia splayed her wonderful thighs wide in submission. Then she hooked her powerful legs around my waist and sucked me into her pussy. Her heaving breasts were covered with sweat, and were bouncing back and forth like beach balls. I was using my cock to nail her good! She was dying for my cock, all of it and was wailing and pleading for it.

“Come on Asif, fuck me hard” was her cry. I was pounding into her, and she was bucking back at me, expressing herself like the wild mare that resided deep within her. I fought to stay in her.

“You’re giving me the fuck of my life, Asif,”

I held out as long as I could. I wanted this fuck to last, but Aunt’s body was on fire from the extended foreplay.

Soon she had reached the boiling point for the last time. “Give me all of it now Asif. I’m ready to explode!”

My thrusting was as hard as I could. The bed was creaking and groaning under our violent bonding. I was on fire with the sheer lust of what I was doing to her, she was the hottest fuck I had ever had. Aunty was scratching my back with her nails pulling me to her with every stroke, our groins made a slapping sound when they collided and there was a faint wet slapping sound of my balls making contact with her ass. With a scream of triumph, and soon her pussy gripped on to my dick, she arched high into the air, stiffened, and exploded into orgasm and then she was wetting my cock and balls in strong squirts with what seemed like gallons of her fresh juices.

I was not far from release. I thrust powerfully and smashed into her, She thrust back with all of her strength and threw her legs into the air again. Using all of the power in my hips, I piston fucked her faster than I had fucked any woman before. I was showing no mercy. Her head pitched from side to side as her body convulsed beneath me. She was cumming again so hard I thought she was peeing herself, maybe she was!

I was like a robot now, not knowing how or when to stop. I fucked her for a long time. a marathon fuck, until finally I couldn’t hold any longer and looked down at my gorgeous aunty and fired my first stream of sperm, splashing it deep into her thirsty cunt. I spewed continually, spurting gushing deep streams into her wide open fuck hole. She howled out, ” Yes! Fill me, drown my womb!”

I was quite proud of myself, not only had I had a great fuck with my aunty but also I think she probably thinks I am a real stud. I collapsed on top of her my cock still inside her. She chuckled to herself. I wasn’t sure what was wrong, so I asked her and she told me that if she had known her dream would be this good she would probably have tried it sooner. ” I found a man who’s the skill and the stamina to please me once and for all?

Her words made me really proud and I replied, “Aunty, my Darling. I’ve found my………… my Treasure of Pleasure.”

I pulled out of her well-fucked pussy to look at her. She was still laying on her back, smiling up at me contentedly.

We lay in each other’s arms for what seemed to be an eternity.

I was nestling in her arms as she squeezed me into her chest, saying, “I wish I could live here and have this life forever,”

After some time I was ready once again for a fuck, as she was still stroking my cock back to life and it became hard like a rock in less than15 minutes.

“Oh! You have become hard again so soon!” she said to me pleasingly.

” Why not when soft and beautiful hands like yours squeeze it so lovingly.”

“I love your ass, from my childhood, my sweet Aunty, “I said to her pleadingly.

“Okay, as you wish. I could not see my nephew sad.” She said almost joyfully. It was almost as if she really wanted it in her ass and had got me hard again for that purpose. I was more than happy to oblige her.

“I have never been fucked in my ass and it will be very tight so please lubricate my ass hole and also your cock.”

“Why, Aunty, doesn’t your husband fuck you in this great ass of yours? ”

“Don’t be silly. I don’t let him touch my ass; I give him my pussy when he begs a lot.”

“Oh aunty, I am luckier than your husband. Don’t worry Aunty I have seen so many movies of anal fucking, I will manage it easily.” While we had been fucking, the heroine had taken the heroes cock up her ass and was now licking it like it was a fleshy lollipop!

I asked her to bend over raising her pussy up in the air. I spread her legs wide, almost splitting her in half. She had turned over, her arse in the air and her head and shoulders down on a pillow and bent on her knees upping her ass in similar doggy fashion as the girl in the film did. It was so exciting for me seeing Aunty Sofia in this position. Offering her glorious asshole for me to fuck.

I couldn’t control myself and started paddle her ass on her cheeks, each stroke harder than the last; her cheeks became red and welted. I had seen so many video films of females getting their bums smacked before they took a hard cock up their asses.

“She moaned and whispered, oh, yes spank me but lightly not too hard”

Then I applied my saliva on my dick, and asked her, ” Aunty, please, if you have some saliva in your mouth apply it into your ass hole for me.”

I also helped by applying some of my saliva on my left-hand fingers and applied it into her anal hole pressing my finger inside her ass as I did it.

“She smiled at me, “Why don’t you lick me there, spit into my hole and tongue it, like the man did in the picture. That bit in the film really turned me on, Asif because I imagined you doing it to me!”

I was amazed, to say the least. Aunty Sofia wants me to lick her asshole! I never in a million years thought she would ever ask me to do anything like that to her. I knelt behind her, using my fingers to stretch her bum cheeks wide open. Impulsively I kissed her brown button and her hand clamped onto the back of my head as she moaned out, “Yes, Asif! Yes!” The smell and taste was strange but not as bad as my mind had thought about it.. I flicked my tongue out intrepidly, I was a man now, a lover, proving that I was what my Aunty wanted me to be. It wasn’t bad! I rolled my tongue around her anus and she was mumbling away, urging me to lick deeper into her hole. I liked it! I was eating ass and I liked it! I had seen gay films of men eating each others ass and thought it a bit yucky. Maybe someday someone would do it to me. I had to fork my tongue out hard to push it into her rectum. I spat on it and fingered it for a while and it started to loosen up and when I tried my tongue again I was elated when I was able to push in until my tongue was a good three inches in her asshole.

“Yes, Darling Asif, that feels lovely, fuck me with your tongue and then use your big cock, Asif!”

I thought of Nooris tight ass and Dilshad’s ass, she had a cupids ass which made my cock stir on sight. I knew I could taste Nooris asshole, but…………………………………

I spat again and fingered it in, placing a second finger into position and pressing them into her. They slipped in easily. I spat again onto three fingers and turned them in a drilling fashion as I forced them into her tight ass. She grunted and moaned out but didn’t tell me to stop what I was doing to her. Then I had a brainwave and placed my cock into her mouth to suck and get wet with her saliva. She grinned at me and sucked my cock as if I had coated it with fresh cream. I had to restrain her or she would have swallowed my load. I moved back behind her and rubbed my cock into her anal button.

“Just start slow, my love. My ass is still unused.”

She grabbed my rock hard cock with her soft hand, and then as I bent over her she guided it into her asshole.

The head of my dick touched that hot wet ass tunnel and I wanted to insert every inch into her asshole on the first thrust. But the feel of her hand guiding me reminded me of her plea for tenderness so I was able to hold back. Aunt’s asshole wasn’t like Noori’s ass. Her ass was protruding and her bud puckered. Aunt’s anus was like an indented star, it so obviously was a virgin ass, never been fucked before. Noori said to me her Father was first to take her that way and then her three brothers. When I asked why she was telling me that when it was custom to keep things like that a secret, she just smiled and said she didn’t give a damn.

I slowly pushed the big red knob of my cock head into her, Aunt Sofia, but it was more difficult, not like her cunt. Her ass hole was too tight and it needed more power. In one swift, hard plunge I penetrated her ass up to half of my length and rested there, as she screamed from the pain, I froze, just taking in the utter delightful feeling of having my prick in my Aunt Sofia’s asshole.

The ass I had admired for so long! It took a while, as if she had climbed a high plateau and needed to come down cagily. As I had never felt a cock in my ass, I was not aware of the type of feeling my Aunt was getting just now.

I felt her anal muscles relax and clamp on my cock and relax again and once again clamp onto my cock. I slowly began to move, first pulling outward about an inch and then easing it back in further and deeper. Aunt Sofia spit onto her hand and then pasted it onto my shaft. “Easy, Darling,” she muttered. I then plunged in gradually deeper and deeper holding my breath as my entire length inched fully into her asshole until my balls hit her pussy.

I was moving in and out of her very slowly as she was moaning with pain not pleasure. I moved my hand to her pussy hole and inserted my finger into her still very hot and juicy cunt and I immediately felt her relax against me and heard her take a breath of relief. Now she was in blue mode, ass fucking mode! Her hands came behind her and her fingers gripped her ass cheeks, spreading them wide so that I could see my cock anchored in her arse. She was now moaning loudly from both pleasure and pain.

I began to push back in, watching the flesh of her anus getting dragged inside by my hard cock and when I pulled out, out came her anal ring and now I was seeing her raw puckered asshole. I was so rampant, so proud of myself, proud of my cock, proud what my cock was doing to her asshole. I was over zealous and my dick came out of her ass and she moaned out at me, “Put it back in, Asif!

I laughed and stood back, my prick pointing strongly at her hole. I moved forward and it found its own way back into her rectum. I slammed it fully back in until our flesh slapped loudly together and Aunty grunted out aloud.

“Oh! Asif! It hurts, how it hurts, but I want it! Do it! Fuck my ass, it’s yours. I have to take it to show you just how much I have wanted you. My sisters talk about you, ask why you have never married when there are so many women including my sisters who will happily go through this, what you are doing to me now, even Dilshad. I have overheard her talking about you. Both Naila and Nishat are married I know, but they both fancy you like I do. Do not tell them I said that.”

I heard some one outside my bedroom door and ignored it. Who ever it was would know I was fucking Aunt Sofia. The fact that they hadn’t disturbed us, meant that that it was to their advantage not to interfere. Noori, perhaps. My stepmother? Maybe. I had thought about fucking her, but had settled on using her soiled Shilwar to wank into up until now. She was younger than Aunt Sofia and very pretty. Swam a lot, exercised a lot so her figure is still very sexy. I fancied her, but so does my Dad and I didn’t fancy crossing swords with him. The only other person it could be was my younger sister. Just 18 and as far as I knew, still a virgin. One day I would catch up with her.

Aunt Sofia, meanwhile was now fully into getting her ass reamed by my hard cock. I fucked her in long, slow, steady strokes. With every stroke she raised her ass to meet me.

She was talking now, “Fuck your aunty ‘s asshole! This is my very precious ass and you are the very first to be fucking it. I know all the men seeing it, want to fuck it. I have no doubt they will be ready to pay a lot of money just even to touch it.”

Her words exited me and my prick became harder and I was fucking energetically up her behind, in her asshole and under her pussy hole. She was moving her head side to side biting her lips as she erupted again and again. She was loudly moaning her deep showing to me her passionate pleasure.

Her tits were hanging as a pendulum, so I reached out in front to pull and pinch her nipples, while fingering her clit and cunt, she moaned so loudly from the pleasures I was giving her and I began to fuck her deeply in her ass. She feels so full and her juices flow freely for me to ride her, she begs me not to stop. I had no intention.

All the time she was mumbling for me to fuck her ass, deeper, rub her clit, and finger her cunt harder, fuck me hard, fast and deep.

I honored her wish and started the most punishing fuck into her virgin ass. I began to swell deep inside my aunt’s ass. Meanwhile I was fingering her very fast.

She was pushing her ass against my cock to take more and more, feeling my arousal coupled with her own she rubs her ass against me harder, feeling my balls slapping her pussy, she shouted that she is coming. So I hold her shoulders tight gripping them in both hands, using them for leverage to give more power to my strokes and after few strong strokes I stiffened and we both exploded in ecstasy cumming all over each other,

I fell on top of her my cock still embedded in her arsehole, completely shattered. I had never fucked anyone using up so much energy before. I had no idea I had it in me.

I laid on her for just few minutes the mixtures of our juices seeping out and down from her ass hole down her thighs.

I pulled myself out of her ass and kissed each her asscheeks at the same time thanking her for such a great fuck!

“Yes! That was good,” she said simply.

She sat taking breath heavily and cleaned her self. She was now looking at me, gratefully smiling.

We lay in each other’s arms hugging each other.

I was in her arms as she was squeezing, hugging me into her breast.

Our lips were glued to each other. We talked after that a lot and she told me that she had wanted to lay with me, and that her eyes were on me from few years back. But she never got chance or courage. It had been so worth the long wait.

“Asif, you can’t tell anyone about this my husband would kill me. He blackened my eye last month for talking to friend while I was shopping in market and he saw me.”

I nodded, and kissed her cheek. “I will never talk to any one, I am not kid Aunty Sofia. I fuck other women and not tell, why should I tell about you. Maybe we fuck again, yes?

“Oh! Who else have you fucked, Asif?”

“I think that is not a secret I should tell, Aunty!”

She laughed and cuddled me again.

I was playing with her gorgeous tits and she was doing likewise with my cock. And soon we were ready for our third round. We fucked all night till early morning. We fucked four times that night.

And after that night we never missed any night Sofia Aunty stayed with us. I even asked Noori if she would let my Aunt hold her down while I fucked her? She was more than pleased and we had a lovely time. Even more so when my Aunt asked Noori to go belly down to take my cock up her ass.

Now, whenever she comes to our home, she comes to my room at midnight and we play the fucking game, sometimes as a threesome. Aunty licks Noori’s pussy while I fuck Aunty Sofia in her ass. Life can be so much

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