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Neglected Wife

Shilpa is a 25-year-old nurse in a northeastern US city. She’s a beautiful, petite blonde, only 5′3″, slender, with small, firm breasts. She was married a little over a year ago, but even before the marriage, she knew something was missing. Her husband never gave her the attention she craved, sex with him was uninspiring. Shilpa went through with things because she thought she loved him and felt she was doing the “right” thing by getting married, settling down. The marriage was frustrating from the beginning, and in the ensuing months the tension only mounted, and finally reached a breaking point. Shilpa first strayed from her marriage with the bassist from a band she followed. He took her right in her car in a completely satisfying drunken screwing. The encounter left Shilpa feeling totally liberated. For the first time in a long time she knew what it was like to be sexually satisfied. After that night, she knew she couldn’t keep going the way she had been. Just a few weeks later, Shilpa found another opportunity at her brother-in-law’s wedding. She’d met a man there and ended up screwing him with her husband and his entirely family in the house. She found the rush of danger exhilarating and was now fully committed to her new secret life.

Shilpa had been invited out by her new friend Vaishali to see their favourite band play at a huge barn-like club in the suburbs. She was nervous, as she got ready. Vaishali had kissed Shilpa twice before and since then she hadn’t been able to get her out of her mind. Shilpa had never even thought of other women in a sexual way before Vaishali, but now she could think of little else. Last time they’d run into each other they’d exchanged phone numbers, though Shilpa wondered if Vaishali would really call. She did, and now Shilpa was slipping into a snug ribbed sweater and tighter jeans, getting ready to meet her.

The place was packed, which was typical whenever the band played, but Shilpa still managed to find Vaishali by the bar. Vaishali greeted her with a hug and asked what she was drinking.

The girls drank together all night and even got up and danced, but except for a few lingering touches, Vaishali didn’t try anything and Shilpa wasn’t quite that forward. In fact, Vaishali mentioned that she had a thing for the band’s lead singer. Shilpa told Vaishali she might be able to help her. After all, Shilpa had already fucked two members of the band. During one of the band’s breaks, Shilpa went up to say hi, dragging Vaishali with her.

The guys in the band looked very pleased to see the two petite blondes. Vaishali was built much the same as Shilpa, they could have been sisters, but had slightly larger breasts, a full b-cup, and kept her hair short, in a Meg Ryan-like shag. Shilpa found Vaishali’s most striking feature to be her blue eyes, clear as spring melt water. Shilpa steered Vaishali toward Gautam, the lead singer, who seemed very pleased with the attention.

The break was short, although the girls did manage to makes plans with Gautam and Kunal, the band’s drummer, for after the gig. The girls continued on to become rather tipsy by the time the band wrapped.

The last set ended and while the guys broke down their equipment, Shilpa and Vaishali sat on the end of the stage. Gautam said he just had to throw something in his car and that he’d be right back. After about twenty-five minutes, they figured out Gautam wasn’t coming back. “Pussy was probably afraid his girlfriend would hear about it,” Kunal commented. Kunal had a girlfriend himself, but that did affect his decision. They were left as an odd numbered group, which isn’t always a good thing. That’s when Shilpa spoke up.

“Why don’t we just go back to your place, Kunal?” There was something of an offer implicit in Shilpa’s tone. Both Vaishali and Kunal had to be a little surprised since Shilpa was not the forward type, but they both readily agreed. The girls followed Kunal to his house in their own cars. On the drive over, Shilpa kept thinking about Kunal, dark haired and handsome, and Vaishali, and what might happen and found she was very wet by the time they got to Kunal’s house.

Kunal’s place was tiny and there weren’t many places to sit. Shilpa and Vaishali sat together on an oversized chair while Kunal fussed about. It was a tight fit, but the girls kind of liked that.

The girls quickly became bored with Kunal’s lack of attention and their hands began wandering each other. At first their touches were light, somewhat innocent. Vaishali rested a hand on Shilpa’s thigh; Shilpa rubbed Vaishali’s neck. Both girls were horny, however, and Vaishali’s hand crept higher and Shilpa used her massaging hand to draw Vaishali closer, so they could kiss. Their kiss was fiery. They each wanted the other so badly. When their kiss broke they turned to see Kunal, staring at them, dumbfounded. The girls giggled at him, while still touching each other. The fool still didn’t know what to say or do, so he headed for the steps to go upstairs.

Shilpa hopped out of the chair and grabbed Kunal, pulling him back. She pressed against him and kissed him hard. While they kissed, Vaishali leaned over the side of the chair for a closer look. Shilpa and Kunal were really getting into their kiss and showed no signs of stopping.

Vaishali got out of the chair and moved behind Kunal, rubbing against him. Together, the girls pulled his shirt off, then went to work on his pants. Shilpa slipped to her knees in front of Kunal and took him in her mouth, while Vaishali rubbed and kissed him from behind. Shilpa really got into her work, pulling Kunal deep into her sucking mouth, deep throating the hard prick. She was also able to reached around and rub Vaishali’s leg. Everything was going just as Shilpa hoped it would. Vaishali worked her way around Kunal’s side and was kissing him while he squeezed her firm breasts through her shirt. Vaishali’s hard, dark nipples poked through and he rolled them between his fingers, making the girl moan.

Things with Vaishali and Kunal were getting hot and heavy and Shilpa moved aside to watch for a moment. Kunal pulled Vaishali back onto the couch and pulled her shirt off, which was quickly followed by her bra. She jerked his wet cock, moaning loudly while he feasted on her perky breasts. Shilpa sat close by, watching and rubbing herself. The scene was so hot she felt like she could cum any minute. After watching them for a while she got an idea and went upstairs to Kunal’s bedroom, leaving the other alone.

When Shilpa came back downstairs, Vaishali was down to her black panties and sucking Kunal’s cock while he fingered her. Kunal was very shocked to find one of his ties around Shilpa’s neck. What exactly did she want with that? Vaishali, who seemed almost magically tuned into Shilpa, knew and hopped off the couch.

Vaishali kissed Shilpa while pulling her sweater off. She took a moment to kiss Shilpa’s pert breasts through her lacey bra before removing that too. Next she took the necktie from Shilpa’s neck and tied it around her wrists. Kunal, again speechless, got up to put some music on. Fumbling, he oddly stopped on an all night Gospel station.

Vaishali tugged Shilpa to the couch by her tied wrists and pushed her down on it, then called Kunal over. Together, Kunal and Vaishali teased Shilpa, each sucking a breast, Vaishali kissing Shilpa’s thighs while rubbing her through her panties. Shilpa was just about to scream when Vaishali finally pulled them off. Shilpa wanted to reach out and touch Vaishali’s soft body, but couldn’t because of her tied hands. Kunal kissed Shilpa and held her thighs apart for Vaishali who spread Shilpa’s shaved pussy open and kissed it softly.

Vaishali’s mouth on her felt unlike anything Shilpa had experienced before. Vaishali didn’t attack her pussy like guys did. She was firm, with her tongue plucking at Shilpa’s clit like fingers strumming a guitar, but there was a softness too, and an intimate knowledge that guys just didn’t have. Vaishali had Shilpa on the verge of cumming before even adding her slender finger into the girl’s cunt.

Kunal kissed his way down Shilpa’s tummy and kissed Vaishali, before taking over going down on Shilpa. She really wanted Vaishali back, but she came so hard she suddenly didn’t care who was down there. As Shilpa came and came, Kunal and Vaishali switched off, licking and sucking Shilpa’s pussy until she had to beg them for a rest.

Vaishali sat beside a sweaty, panting on the couch and kissed her, while Kunal still spread her legs and started licking her pussy. Vaishali threw her head back and pushed her cunt at Kunal who tongued her and began fingering her. Vaishali clutched at Shilpa who, in turn, leaned over to suck Vaishali’s pointed nipples. Vaishali was in an amazing position and soon as was crying out in orgasm, just as Shilpa had been moments before.

Shilpa and Vaishali were on the couch kissing and touching each other when Vaishali told Kunal, “I want to see you fuck Shilpa. I want to watch.”

Kunal was more than happy to oblige Vaishali’s request and the girl moved off the couch so Kunal could swing Shilpa around, throwing her one leg over the back of the couch. Shilpa was so wet already that Kunal just plunged right in. She reached up toward him, but he grabbed her tied wrists and held them back, over her head, which gave Shilpa a whole new thrill. Kunal was so horny that he wasn’t very long in the saddle. It felt like the heat from Shilpa’s cunt was going to melt him. She cried out cumming just before he did, bursting inside the petite blond.

After Kunal had rolled off of Shilpa, Vaishali said, now it’s your turn to watch.” She pulled Shilpa up by her wrists and kissed her intensely. Vaishali untied Shilpa’s wrists and then lay back, inviting Shilpa to go down on her. “Do you think you’re ready?” She asked.

Shilpa was more than ready. Although a bit apprehensions, she really wanted to try and make Vaishali feel as good as Vaishali made her feel. First Shilpa kissed her thighs, moving higher and higher. She could smell Vaishali’s scent and it intoxicated her. Vaishali reached down and spread her pussy open for Shilpa. When Shilpa finally, softly kissed Vaishali all her fear evaporated. It was like licking a velvety softness and Shilpa lapped at Vaishali like an ice cream cone. It only took seconds for Shilpa to get completely into it, her tongue instinctively seeking out Vaishali’s clit, and then swirling over it. Shilpa wetly sucked at Vaishali’s cunt and the little blond on the receiving end humped her pussy up at her friend, feeling her orgasm coming closer and closer.

“Oh, please, Oh God, suck it, suck me, Shilpa. Do it, baby, you’re making me cum!” Vaishali cried out. Meanwhile, Kunal was sitting on the chair, watching them, his cock growing.

When her friend stopped shaking, Shilpa lifted her glazed face and kissed her. While the girls kissed, Kunal got up out of the chair and said, “I guess there’s just one more thing I need to take care of.”

Vaishali knew just what Kunal meant. “Come on over then, been waiting for you.”

There was nothing elegant or magical about the way Kunal and Vaishali went at it. He slipped his cock inside her and fucked her like a man just released from prison. Watching the girls together had made Kunal so horny he was completely without thought but one, and that one thought was to fuck Vaishali until he came to a shouting climax.

“Come on, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, stud!” Vaishali growled.

“I’m gonna fuck you. Fuck you hard! Fuck you! Fuck you!”

Shilpa watched the whole thing while stroking herself, feeling like she was about to be bounced off the couch. She could tell when her friends came, within seconds on each other, because they were both wailing like hyenas.

After fucking Vaishali Kunal was completely spent. The girls chuckled over his barely conscious form while they dressed and touched each other. When they’d finished, they each kissed his cheek and let themselves out while he snoozed.

Outside, Shilpa and Vaishali kissed slowly, leaning against the car. Vaishali slipped into her car and said, “Call me,” then drove off. Shilpa drove home too, feeling on cloud nine.

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