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My real story

Hi All, I am Simpy, 27 years old as present and live in Ludhiana, Punjab. I have read many stories on IS and found very interesting. So I thought to put here my experience as well. I am living in a rented room here as I am working in Ludhiana and my native place is far away from here. The story I am going to tell you guys is about the Bhabhi, the landlady of my rented house. They have a 3 BHK set in a nice colony and I am living in one of their room. So moving in the house is not tough for me and we usually sit together in evenings, after my office.

So here I am telling you how it all started. As it happens in all families, they also have some differences between them (husband- wife). So when they quarreled each other they used to talk to me about their problems. Most of the problems occurred due to money as it happens in each family. Here also was the same, so slowly Bhabhi started asking me for some money with a reason or two. Sorry forgot to tell about the family. They are total six in the family. As the story is about Bhabhi, so tell you the members with her relation only. Her husband, her father in law and three kids aged 10, 8 & 2 years.  Elder two are girls & going to school and obviously the third one, boy, has to stay with her for 24 hours either awake or sleeping.  Her husband is working some private firm as a laborer and earning some 3-4 thousand per month. Her father in law remains home all day. Not going much deep in the family we come back to our story.

So slowly she started asking me for some money like 50-100 Rs. after every 10-15 days. Here I want to tell you about her body. She is around 30 yrs. of age 5’4” in height, same as me and dam sexy. She is very fair in color and sexy figure 36C 28 38. So I never minded to give her anything she wants from me and we started to talk each other very often and coming close to each other. Very soon I was touching her intentionally here there and she was not minding anything. After few months spending together we were even talking about sex but not getting any chance to do it as her sasur ji living home all day. But we were often talking each other about everything and sometimes kissing each other was possible when her father in law went out for small work. She told me that she is ready for everything but it all depends upon getting a chance. So now it was clear that I can fuck her anytime when she is alone at home.

This happened last year in the winter when the days are cold and night are more cold. That day her husband told me that they (he & his father) have to leave early in the morning next day and going to some relative. So asked me to drop them to Bus Terminal to catch a bus. Now I was very excited that I can get a chance to have her fully. I mentioned can because her sister in law (her husband’s cousin) was there to live with them.  So we all went to sleep around 11 PM. I could not sleep the whole night because thinking of her only if I could get a chance to fuck her.

Next morning her husband woke me up at 5:30 to drop them at bus terminal and I was ready within minutes. I drove very fast and came back very soon. I was praying to my god all must be sleeping till I come back to home and god accepted my wishes. Her two daughters and her cousin sister in law were sleeping in back room and she was in the room adjacent to my room with her only son who could not understand even if wake with our talks. So as soon as I returned to my room I entered her room straight away to check if she agrees to me for having sex. I went to her and just planted a kiss on her cheek which she accepted eagerly. I asked her if she knew that I would come to her directly and she said ‘YES’.

That means she was ready for a fuck and the environment in the room was perfect for a fuck. There was a dim light of red night bulb and a room heater was on to keep the room temperature perfect for a fuck. I laid on the bed beside her to access her body and started rubbing mine with hers. I kept my hand on her perfect and smooth boobs and she moaned very slowly. Soon my hand was inside her kameez and she was not wearing a bra. I started to kiss her cheeks, neck and eyes. Then I moved to her lips which she denied because she was fresh and told me that we’ll have a good fuck later in the day and now do the things faster as she has to send her children to school. I told her I didn’t sleep last night dreaming about her only and she asked that fuck her soon and go to sleep. She would wake me after her daily house hold work after sending children school. I wanted to move slow but thinking of children’s school I had to make things fast. I removed her kameez asked her move a bit to remove her payzama. She did and soon she was naked in front of me. I was still in my full cloths and planting kisses on her body. Then she moved her hand towards my pant and unzip it to take out my fully erected dick. She caressed it slowly and asked me do fast.

I put my dick at the entering of her pussy and she started moaning straight away. I entered her and started pushing it in & out. She was very wet and slippery noises started coming from our body contact point. She was moaning slowly with my pushes. After few strokes she started to move her hips and her moans coming a bit louder. I told her to control her emotions as her sister-in-law may wake listening to her.

She asked me not to worry and move fast and fast. I wanted to have fun so moving slowly but she insisted me to stroke fast as she was also jumping from the bottom.  Soon I was about to come and I ask her that I am coming, where she wants me to come. She told me to come inside her and as soon I shot my cum inside her she also came with loud moans. Then I came back to my room and slept. She came to me after some time and asked for my phone for some purpose. I gave her the phone and slept again. Then she again came to return my phone and this time I pulled her to my bed. She laid for a while with me asked that her sister in law was waiting in kitchen for her. I slept again and woke up at 10 o’clock.

Then I got ready and was leaving for office when she asked where I was going. I said “office” and she asked to take a leave to have fun. I told her that I can’t take leave from my work. I said this to show her whereas I was thinking to stay with her from my heart. When she insisted I asked how we can have fun when Neeta (her sister in law) was at home. Then she told me that her boyfriend is coming to see her. So we can enjoy in one room and they can enjoy in another room. Then I took leave and stay home.

Till noon nothing happened as I they were busy in their working. I was sitting in one room and doing some work on my laptop when Bhabhi came to me asking what I was doing. I said “nothing, killing my time and waiting for her to come for real fun “. She said “sabr karo, sabr ka fal meetha hota hai.” I again started waiting while she asked if I have something in laptop to show her. She already knew it because I have told her about the movies I had in my laptop. She asked to show her some. I opened the folder having some very good and hot pics of Indian girls as well as some foreigners too. She started feeling hot seeing them and started to kissing me softly. I asked about Neeta because she may come and us, she told that she won’t come. And pleased me with some very fine art of foreplay.

I was very hard by now but did not sure about Neetu so could not initiate from my side and kept on going through the pics. After sometime she stopped and went to kitchen. I followed her but found Neetu there and I came back to room. It was around 1 o’clock when Bhabhi asked me to bring some snacks as Neeta’s boyfriend was about to reach. I went and brought the samosas for all of us. After 10-15 minutes one guy reached our house. I was just thinking about the things just to start but Bhabhi informed me that he is not her boyfriend, so they won’t do anything. I thought my chance is also gone as they both will sit with us only.

It was now when the real things were to happen which I could not assume. Neeta left with the guy and Bhabhi told me that they will return with the children after their school get over. Now I and my lovely dream girl were alone at home to have the best fuck of my life till that time. She started with the foreplay where she left earlier and this time I also could have fun as I knew this time no one is going to see us. She licked backside of me ears and my hands started moving behind her. I was grabbing her ass cheeks and caressing her back. Her hands were also busy at my back and soon we felt that our cloths are feeling heavy on our bodies.

So we started ourselves to get rid of the cloths. I lifted her kameez first. She was hugging me tightly and not ready to leave. But I need to remove cloths so we departed for a while and at the same time she pulled of my t-shirt. Again we locked our lips and our hands found their way to explore each other more. She was not wearing a bra this time also she got half naked and her erected tits were rubbing my chest. I was feeling very nice and soon her hands were searching for my tool. It didn’t take even a minute to find her way into my pants and grabbing the tool inside the pants and my jockey. She asked me remove pants as she wants to suck me. I said “its your work and you do it.”

She eagerly undid the buckle and at once pulled down my pants and jockey to my ankles. I took one step aside to get rid of my pants. She at once bent down and took the whole 6” dick in her mouth. I was feeling in seventh heaven as she was moving her head forward and backward on my tool. She told me that she had dreamt few times of having sex with me and also the sucking of my dick. It was very nice and I asked where she learnt this from and the reply was “I see a lot of BFs.” I asked if she sucks her hubby too, she said sometimes when he insists. She told me that did not like her husband much as he can’t satisfy her sexually.

I was holding her hair and she was working perfectly on the dick. After few minutes I asked if she likes to drink the cum. She said if I love her to do so she would. I left it to her and she said no to this. Then I drew my dick back from her hot mouth and I put my lips on her breast. I took her right boob in my lips and started to suck. My on hand busy with other boob and the other one was exploring her pussy lips. She was dripping very badly and asked me to fuck her once and then enjoy further.

So I asked her to move to bed but she was interested in doggy style and that too on floor only. She told me that it was her fantasy to be fucked in doggy on the floor but could not fulfill till that day. I asked her bend on her four and she did at once. I entered her from behind and I started pumping her from behind. She started moaning  aaaahhhh  aaahhhhh. Very soon her pussy started to grip my tool and her body started to shiver. She came very soon and her juices were flowing from her pussy down to her thighs and I could feel that. I kept pumping her from behind and she again started to move her hips. Soon she was again moaning loudly and we came together. In 15 minutes I flooded her love hole with my cum and we were sweating like anything.

After some rest, she started again playing with my dick. I also started caressing her boobs with my right hand. She was smiling, when I asked “why are you smiling?” She said “I waited a lot for this day and today I get the chance. I am very happy today and want to enjoy with your cock as much as I can.” I said “Its all yours, you can enjoy in any way with it any time.” She put her lips on my cock and started to kiss it’s head. Then she took my dick in her mouth and started stroking it. My cock started to stand up again. Soon it was on its full and she was quite happy to see it hard and playing with it. I started pressing her boobs and she was now sucking my cock on full length in her mouth up down. I was enjoying her fully. I asked her to come upon me as I wanted to taste her also but she refused. Then I started fingering her and she started to grip my fingers between her thighs again. I asked her if she is ready for next round and I got a sexy smile in reply. I asked her to come down to start the next round and she said that she want to ride me first. I said “ok” and she came over me completely to ride me. She started slowly moving up and down on my shaft and later increasing her speed. She started to move a bit fast and started to moan. I knew she was just to come so I also started pumping from down. She screamed very loudly and her juices were all over my thighs.

I asked her if she want more, she said “You have not done till now so you can finish.” I asked her if I could fuck her in her ass” which she refused. She only permitted me to put my dick in her ass crack. Then I entered her from behind and she readily accepted it. She started to move her hips forward and backward. She asked me to fuck her as fast as I could. I started to stroke her very fast which enjoyed and after sometime we were laying in each other arms fully exhausted. After some time we wore our cloths and within few minutes the door was knocked and we laughed as we finished everything on time. She opened the door and it was her sister in law standing there.  Bhabhi went to prepare tea for all of us. I could not get another chance to fuck her again. When I’ll get another I’ll definitely let u know.

So friends this was my story. I hope you all enjoyed it. If any bhabhi or aunty in Ludhiana or Delhi NCR want to enjoy with me can contact me at ……please let me know how it was. U enjoyed it or …………..

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