This is a true story. This incident happened when I was 18 years old. Let me tell you about myself. I am a good looking guy, many girls are impressed by me. I have many girl friends and I also have experienced fucking. The girls always love my huge cock and usually I remain out of my house with those fucking bitches. Now I will tell you my experience with Nighat. Nighat is my best friend and her parents are also our relatives. Nighat always liked me. One fine evening Nighat came to my house and talked to me. Then she asked my mom if she could stay with us for two to three days. My mom gave permission and after taking dinner we all went in our rooms. Then I said goodnight to Nighat and went in my room. One of our room was extra were Nighat was to spend the night. At midnight Nighat came in my room and told me that she could not sleep there for some reasons and she wants to sleep with me. I agreed and we slept together by putting our arms around each other.

Nearly at 2:00 am i heard moaning voices, I woke up by those voices and saw Nighat was fingering her pussy. I was amazed to see all that. I could not control my self and started to sniff her pussy smell. Nighat shivered from that reacted and ordered me to suck her pussy, with that order I quickly rushed in her thighs and started to suck her pussy lips. She was enjoying a lot and told me that she always wanted to have such a nice experience with me. She took off my clothes and held my huge cock in her hands then she started to suck it. She ordered me to come inside her mouth so I obeyed her and putt a large load of my cum in her. Then we got in 69 position and started to suck each other.Nighat got her orgasm, I sucked it like a thristy dog. Then Nighat spread her legs widely and told me to put my rod in her lovely pussy.My cock’s head just went inside her and she screamed. She told me that she is a virgin and she can’t bear my huge cock. Then i took honey and butter from the kitchen and applied it on her pussy area and on my cock. I started to fuck her and after some minutes Nighat started to enjoy all that and told me that now it’s not hurting. Then she asked me to come in her. After some strokes we both came in each other. Then i made Nighat fully naked and took off her bra. I started to suck her good smelling bra and panties. She pulled me on the bed again and told me”IS KOH KIA CHOOSE RAHE HOO PERI PHUDDI AUR MAMME TUMHAARA INTIZAAR KAR RAHE HEIN.AAJAAOOOO AUR CHAAT LOO MERE IS GARAM JISM KOH.ABHI TOH AUR BHI KAAM KARNA HAI MERA.ITNI MUSHKIL SE HAATH AAE HOO IS TARHAAN KAI SE CHOOR DOON”

I sucked her erected nipples and bit them one by one. Then i made her in doggy position and started to fuck her like a wild animal. Then i come inside her ass twice after that Nighat sat on my stomach,took my lund(cock) in her pussy and started to pump my dick. I was feeling my self in heaven. After that it was a time to have a most enjoyable thing. I ordered her to sit on my face and then I sucked, licked her pussy. She pulled my head in her thighs then she cum in my mouth and on my face many times.

Then I made her in doggy position and came from back and started to suck her shit hole and pussy. She was enjoying it soo much. Then I sat on her breast and fucked her boobs while she made her boobs close to each other. My lund (dick) was feeling very warmly between her two sweet boobs.

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