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Yasmeen – My favourite

Hi, I am Janee from ahmedabad – 36 years old and this relates to my first sexual encounter with a very beautiful young lady Yasmeen and though it dates back to a decade and a half, it all seems like yesterday. After my parents moved to Bombay on transfer, I shifted to a new flat with my elder brother who had to leave immediately to Gulf on an assignment. This brother of mine is a confirmed bachelor and with him gone I was all alone in the entire building as the new flat had no neighbours for some days until Anand and Yasmeen arrived on the scene. The recently married young couple ( both around 27 years ) happened to be my next-door neighbours and my soltiude was broken bcos I now had some company. Anand & I hit off well and Yasmeen to was quite friendly. Over the next few weeks we all became quite close to one another so much so that they had a duplicate key of my flat and I had theirs. We were at liberty to barge into one another’s rooms – they would drop in to watch t.v. at my place but I rarely entered their room as I did not want to disturb their privacy.

Anand was happy to have a “nice” neighbour like me and all along I too was a “nice’ neighbour till Yasmeen seduced me. I normally leave my main door open at the break of the dawn for fresh air to circulate and as I sit with my newspaper, Yasmeen would come out with a broom in her hand to clean the verandah. Though there wasnt much of dirt, she would clean it up which later I realised was more of an exercise to draw my attention to her ample boobs thru’ the filmsy nighties that she always wore. Being a good neighbour, initially I did not pay much attention to her but over a few days time this display of boobs increased. She would barge into my kitchen for knife, potatoes or just anything and right in my presence she would bend down as if to search something. Now it was becoming extremely difficult for me to keep my eyes off her conical boobs and at such close quarters it was ——–.

That very night onwards Anand had night shift and he told me about it bcos Yasmeen would be alone and just in case she needed anything I had to help her. Yasmeen looked at me suggestively right in front of Anand, but I kept my eyes on Anand as I was talking to him and as he was leaving I closed by main door as the time was nearing 10 p.m and time for me to hit the sack. I lay on the sofa watching doordarshan, cable was yet to arrive in my town then and about half an hour later the night latch clicked and at the door was Yasmeen. “Sleeping already Janee'” asked Yasmeen and wondered if she could also watch the tv for a while. I had little choice and offered her a chair,
but she preferred sitting next to me onthe sofa. As her thighs were touching mine, I shifted myself a little knowing fully well that my six inched dick was in any case getting ready to look at the ceiling. Janee what happened, why are you shifting away from me, do I look ugly she asked. Oh no you are extremely beautiful I blurted almosted immediately and that started the entire chain of events.

She sat almost on my lap and asked me why I was running away from her and why I was not looking at her breasts whenever she displayed. I had not answered as my dick was now saluting her and thru my lungi it was clearly evident to her. She asked me if I knew anything about what married people do at night. At 21, I knew much about it thanks to the porn movies on the video cassettes, but I feigned ignorance. She was encouraged by this and touched my dick gently and all along she was displaying her ample conical boobs thru the loose nightie. Slowly she slipped her nightie from her shoulders and it now rested on her stomach as she was still seated on the sofa. The light brown nipples on her conical boobs were erect and exposed as she was not wearing any bra at that time. She asked me to suck them and as if in a hypnotic trance, I obeyed her and began sucking her nipples. I was sucking each of the pink nipples by turns and the more I sucked them the more erect they seemed to get and by now Yasmeen was turning horny and stroking my cock. She then stood up and the nightie fell to the ground and she removed my lungi and banyan. We both were standing semi-naked both of us only in one piece suit – me my underwear and she her panty. On an impulse I touched her pussy from outside and her panty was moist and sticky, and my underwear was no better.

She removed mine and excalimed at my cock “Wow”, I was too embarrassed to react and she told me that I had to insert my cock in her clean shaved pussy. She had by now removed her panty too and laid down on the sofa and asked me if I minded kissing her pussy. I could not believe it and although it was initially a bit salty, the juices flowing from her pussy became extremely sweet and my tongue was now almost inside her cunt and she was moaning “Oooooooooooo, dont stop Janee, lick me inside and suck all my juices till I dry up Oooooo ooooooooooo”. I sucked and sucked and the juices flowing seemed to be endless. She never experienced this kind of sucking before she said, as if I had experienced it, Lol. Now it was her turn but I was worried I might release my cum in her mouth itself and told her so. She agreed and guided my cock into her moist pussy. Boy, it was tight and although a little slippery, I had to put a lot of force to shove it in. Maybe I was inexperienced and hence the problem, but once in she suggested to start pumping in and out. Fuck me inside out she commanded and as I obeyed her oral motor also began to whirr. Ohhhhhhhhhh, deeper, go deeper Janee, take it out and go deeeeper… Ah ah aha. It was getting too much for me to bear all this and in about 4 minutes of pumping I cried Oh Yasmeen as I released my cum inside her. And as the last of my cum seeped out of my dick, she held me close above her and hugged me tightly and kissed me all over my cheeks. She said it was her most satisfying fuck of her life and I said to her that I had lost my virginity to a beautiful lady. She smiled and took my hands to her conical boobs and I began to suckle her nipples again. The afterplay lasted for half an hour and it was almost midnight. I asked her if she wanted to wash herself bcos my dick itself was a mess with all my cum and her juices. She said she was in no hurry and then made me lie down on the sofa and lay over me and kissed me for quite sometime.

Later I asked her if we did the right thing and she told me something that worried me all the more. It was her mid-cycle and most fertile period and chances of getting pregnant at such times were very high. Oh shit, I said to myself and imagined the typical hindi film dialogue – “Mein tumhare bacche ki maa…”. She promised me that this was only the beginning of the affair and that she was going to have more of it in the next few days. After about an hour, her constant fondling and kissing awakened my cock and sensing my erection, she climbed on me and guided it into her pussy once again, but this time she was on my top and jumping and pumping. I got a good view of her conical boobs flying up and down and I attempted to kiss them and got it in my mouth only when she rested her jumping for a moment in between. The pumping increased and my hard cock was ready to be milked once again and in a few moments I came again. It was past 2 in the early morning and both of us were tired. We did not know when we both fell asleep in our arms. At 6 am the milkman rang the bell to deliver the bell. I struggled to get up bcos Yasmeen was still on my top and fully naked. Somehow I got her off me, put my lungi and collected the milk pouches. The milkman wondered why I was not awake as usual. Told him I had a late night and saw him off but not before collecting Yasmeen’s share of milk pouches too. As I closed the door , I saw Yasmeen getting up and she was stark naked just as the way she was last night. I kept the milk pouches inside the fridge and my dick was harassing me at the sight of her pussy. She seemed to smile and asked me if I was ready for one more session. I reckoned Anand would be returning in few hours time and so she better leave it for some other time. Soon this became a routine affair and we fucked as often as we could. She later told me that she was pregnant and that I was responsible for it. I refused to believe till she told me that Anand had not screwed her for most part of her cycle because he had a minor accident in his left knee and so it was not possible for him to make love. As I wondered how she was going to handle it, she laughed dont worry he is not an expert in calculating my periods etc and she would handle it effectively. She gave birth to boy whom she calls Sunny now almost 15 years old and he definitely looks like me though I might still not own up. Later Sunny had a cute little sister and this time Anand was responsibe for it. A few years later I migrated to Bombay on a transfer and we lost contact. Although married for over 9 years, I dont have any child from my wife. But unofficially, I have Sunny as my first boy and in Bombay I have a sweet girl called Swapna — Lekin woh kissa phir kabhie.

Yasmeen still remains my all time favourite and guess what I am now moving back to ahmedabad shortly. Yasmeen will be found out no matter where and how she is. e-Brickbats and e-bouquets welcome – send
them to janee_x {AT} yahoo.com

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