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a love story

A Love Story
I live in Kanpur & it started when I was 21 and she was 19 years old. I was pursuing
my engg. at that time. Our families knew each other well, as my father and her
father work in the same natinalised bank. They arranged an 18-day tour to south
India (my best ever tour) along with our families. She was extremely beautiful, good
figure, big globes. The best thing in her is her jovial nature. She keeps smiling,
bubbling & is always full of life. She is a woman of substance. Any guy would be
lucky to have such a mix of beauty & nature. She can charasmerise (charm) a person
with her soft sweet voice.

I have been in to a few relations before & after her but none of the girls are in
the same class. Even I missed a few beautiful girls when she went away from my life,
for I was so much in love with her that I could not able to love anybody else. She
is infact Sachin Tendulkar of cricket.
I was madly in love with her & she was even more mad for me. It was she who proposed
me indirectly in Nanital. Those days were very special for me, we exchanged
chocolates on several occasions & later on our phone nos. Even we fixed our first
date in Dehradun as we were aware of our return date to Delhi. On scheduled date we
meet each other and slowly but surely the chemistry between us started to grow. We
have almost similar choices & tastes be it clothes, movies, places, eating stuff we
seem to share a great rapport. Meetings & phone calls became frequent to the extent
that we used to talk 2-3 times a day & meet almost daily. Sometimes we talk for
hours & on one occasion we talked on phone for whole night from 10 pm till 6 am
without disconnecting even once (Believe me). We can talk to each other eternally,
only time seems to be our enemy. During this period we started to feel that we
can’t live without each other & dreams for our future begun to take shape in our
Whenever we were indoors, I sometimes use to put sindoor on her forehead. She even
fixed the names of her children.
We also get in to physical intimacy. Holding hands, Kissing each other became the
part of our life. The best thing about her is that she never throws any tantrums
that she will not come, she will not call, she is busy, why you are touching or
kissing me. No tantrums at all but always keep up a smiling face, always eager to
meet & talk.
On one such fine morning, she gave me a call telling me to come to meet as no one is
there at her house. When I reached there she welcomed me to her drawing room. I sat
on the sofa & we began to talk while she was still in her nightgown & looking
gorgeous as usual. After some time I took her hands in mine & kissed both her hands.
I pulled her close and kissed her soft lips, moist & eager. I touched her lips with
mine and then rolled my tongue over her wet lips, then on the corners of her mouth &
in between lips opening. I took her lower lip & get locked in to a deep, intense
feeling of love. As the kiss grew longer & there seems no sign of ending, she
unlocked her lips saying enough Sonu, I am feeling breathless (Sonu is the name she
had given to me). We were still close & I looked straight at her big melons. I
kissed on both the twin towers from over her nightgown. She was taken by surprise &
asked me to relax and not to feel excited. She put some soft music and told me tha!
t she is going for a bath. I asked if I can accompany her, came a firm reply No!
you can’t. When she came out she was wearing a yellow coloured suit and went to
the kitchen to prepare tea. I followed her.
While the tea was on boil, so was I. I lowered my mouth and put my lips on her
beautiful chest, the part below her neck & above her mountains. I kept sucking &
licking with my tongue and lips till it gets red. I make a move & put my hands on
her breasts from behind as her back was touching my front & I was standing with the
support of a slab. Slowly, I started to press her boobs. I was already hard by that
time. I put my right hand inside her suit from above & then in to her bra to take
stock of her breast size. While doing that I touched her little cherry. By then it
was too much for me & I believe even for her but she didn’t show me any of her
desire. From kitchen, we went to the bedroom, she was in my lap & I put her on the
bed. She resisted a bit but I took the control & put my hand hand inside her suit
from behind and tried to reach the strap of her bra. She resisted & asked me, Sonu
what you are doing, what you want? I replied you know what I want. She looked in in
o my naughty eyes & by the look of it she knew exactly what I want and that I
won’t stop now. I opened the strap of her bra & reached for the suit top
This time she helped me in removing the top part of suit. When I gave a look at her
round twin globes she blushed & covered it with both her palms. I took those palms
away and boy! What a sight, she was a stunning beauty. There lies milky twin towers
of a gorgeous girl with two little cherries popping out. I took one of the globes in
my mouth, sucking it with my lips & licking in between with my tongue. Then I
reached for other parts of her soft body, kissing & sucking on her neck, kissing her
forehead, kissing her cheeks, taking her cheeks in between my lips, sucking &
licking them, move down further to her rosy lips and shoulders & down to her navel &
stomach. I opened bottom half of her suit. She resisted by crossing her legs but
gave up after a while.I lowered her dark brown panties & took them out & down on to
the floor. One cannot have a better look than that of a women’s clit. I played a
bit with her clit rubbing her vertical lips. In the mean while I spread her leg!
s & lowered my eager lips on her moist opening.
A shrudder went through her, I opened her lips with my lips & inserted my tongue
inside her, darting my tongue in & out. She seems to enjoying this as well as I who
have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this physical intimacy. She reached the
orgasm soon & her love juices got dried up faster by my thirsty mouth. I then sit on
her chest & asked her to take my rod in her mouth. She hesitated & kept her lips
closed tightly. After some persuasion she took it for a while giving a few roll over
with her lips & tongue before withdrawing it. I masturbated in the same position,
ejaculate my cum on her face & boobs.
I want to fuck her but I was not sure whether I want to fuck her right now. We
decided to keep it on hold till our marriage, for not to lose the charm of marriage.
But that marriage never happened. During the fag end of our relationship, she was
disturbed by the fact that professional rivalry is increasing between our father’s
day by day & what will happen to our future. Insecurity has started to creep in her
mind. Though I tried a lot to persuade her that everything will be alright & if not
we will fight. But destiny has something else in store for us & the irony is that I
saw her for the first time on 14th & we meet each other for the last time on 14th
feb. (though I was not aware that she will not meet me again) at a restaurant. She
looked visibly upset & behaving like a mad person. I thought she might have a fight
with her mom or sister. I asked her & she lied me that she is not feeling well &
wants to go home early. We had lunch together then I dropped her and after t!
hat she went never to return again.
One thing she always tells me that she loves me very much but she also loves her
father a lot & she cannot see her father down in front of anybody not even my
father. She once told me that she want to make our love true & eternal & in love
it’s not necessary to become one but it’s necessary to have a feeling of true
Though it has been quite a few years & she is married now, I still love her the
same. I know I am missing her & will keep missing her throughout my life. But I will
always cherish fond memories of our love for she has given so much to me, for she is
a unique girl with a unique name (I have never heard any person by her name in my
entire life till now). Life must have been much beautiful with her but one has to
keep moving, that’s what exactly I am doing without her.

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