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Gorgeous babe Girija

2872957453100f21525d674b6322ebbfGirija is a gorgeous slut who happens to be in my class. We were friends but deep down I was madly lusting for her. One day while we were talking it turned out that Girija was actually a distant relative!! “Why don’t you come over to my home and meet my family,” she said as she brushed away her gorgeous black hair. She had sexy glowing skin, nice nipples and her tits were just blossoming for a 16 year old. I went to her home and we got talking. Suddenly her parents had to leave and Girija and me were all alone. “Do you want to see my bedroom,” she said seducitvely. Instantly my cock sprang up and I was bursting to cum as she walked ahead of me with her gorgeous ass swinging along. We walked into her room which had a nice sexy smell that a sexy girl carries with her.
She sat on the bed and purposely put her feet up so I could clearly see the outlines of her pussy through her tight jeans.

“Girija babes, I think you are so hot and sexy I can’t control myself,” I said and sat next to her with my arms around her. “I know and since we are family, it is only fair we share our love for each other,” she said and brought her lips next to mine. I teased her lips with my tongue as my hand started caressing her tits. And then we kissed…”mmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned as I slowly lay her down on the soft bed.
My hands reached for her jeans and unbuttoned her as my fingers went straight for her super sexy wet pussy… “oooooooooohhhoooooooohhh do me baby” she moaned.
I took off her t-shirt and kissed her tits by sliding off her black lacy bra. Then i went down on to her navel and into her panties with my tongue. Her pussy had a gorgeous sweaty wet juicy smell that made me crazy!
I ripped off the final clothing on her which was her black lacy panty and dug into her pussy deep with my tongue… I almost ate her pink clitoris as my tongue darted in and out of her vagina which was now oozing with love juices.
Girija’s hand reached for my super erect cock as I made my way on top of her to thrust her and finally enter into paradise. She helped me part her vagina to ensure a smooth entry for my cock which was aimed at her hymen!
”’oooooooooohhhhh” she moaned loudly as I made the final thrust stretching her tight hymen which was about to explode any second. with one more thrust i pounded into her and felt a trickle of blood which i rubbed with my finger and sucked it. i took some more blood from her pussy on my finger and inserted it into her gorgeous mouth. ‘Your pussy taste is awesome” i said as I kissed her gently as my tongue entered deep into her mouth.
Meanwhile, my cock went deeper and the thrusts became stronger and faster as I started pounding the sexy pussy of my super slut Girija.
I tried to hold my cum but couldn’t and then let out a flood into her. She wanted to scream with ecstasy but my lips were stuck on to hers and as she tried to push me away, I only entered deeper into her which drove her crazy. Her nipples were fully erect. I swallowed her tits like mad until her nipples were deep into my throat. After another massive shot of cum I just lay there with my ramrod cock still tightly fitted into my gorgeous baby’s sexy pussy.
“Baby, now its my time to be on top,” she said as she turned me over on my back. She sat on top of me and started playing with my wild cock. First she went down on me by licking the tip of my cock with her tongue. I was again ready to cum but somehow managed to control myself until Girija swallowed my cock deep into her mouth. And then she furiously started sucking…
“Baby you are the greatest!” I almost shouted as I tried to fondle her tits as her head bobbed up and down.
And then it was time to let go. Another tsunami of cum erupted from my cock as Girija’s mouth overflowed with my love. She sucked it all like a hungry bitch which made me wild. And without missing a beat she grabbed my cock and inserted it into her pussy and started riding like a rodeo cowgirl!
It was amazing to see how professional she was just like a porn star!
And then she rode me like mad. I was totally stunned at how my cock was as erect and ready to explode as the first time!
Her pussy walls pounded against my ramrod cock as our love juices overflowed. And again it was time for the flood of cum! I shot like a cannon into her since my cock was upright into her on top of me. And with one loud moan Girija collapsed into my arms as I lunged for her nipples. She was having an orgasm as I kissed her deeply, rubbing her tits and still thrusting her pussy.
“Baby I am glad I gifted you my virginity,” she whisphered sexily into my ears. “Girija honey you have no idea how I have lusted for this moment since I saw you in class the first day. The fact that you are my relative is such a turn-on because now I get to fuck you for all time baby!”
She smiled and kissed me passionately. “I don’t want any boyfriend or husband except you.” “Same here baby – you are my only love.”
We played together in bed for a while caressing and kissing like lovers reunited after ages. I licked her pussy clean as part of the clean up operation. She sucked my cock again slurping off the last drops of cum as if she was enjoying an ice cream cone! I sucked her nipples and even bit her on the underside of her tits. “These are my love marks that claim your body as mine” I said. In return, she bit me on my thighs and nearly on my cock! “These are my love marks for my gorgeous lover” she said.
We then dressed up just in time as her parents returned.
“So its great that you are part of our family,” her mom said. “Yes aunty, Girija and me are enjoying this strange coincidence,” I said as Girija tried to hide her laughter.
The next day in school, we hid ourselves in a store room and again kissed and fingered each other passionately. “My parents are away this weekend,” she said seductively as she played with my hands which were deep into her pink panties. “You mind helping me with homework,” she teased. “Baby, you are such a horny slut! I love you!” I said and kissed her deep.
This weekend we plan to have some wine which I want to pour on her tits and suck her nipples. She suggests that I also take a vanilla ice-cream cone and insert that into her pussy so I can lick it all off. We are ready to sexplode!!!!

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