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My daughter and her friend

I am 45 years old and I look handsome among the category of people of my age, thanks to all the yoga and workout that I do everyday has kept me in shape. My wife died 8 years ago leaving behind a beautiful daughter Raji, she is 23. Well endowed just as her mother. She is worth a stare and an ogle that would drive any mans heart to his throat… She is married now. The experience that I am going to narrate happened about 4 years ago. It was during the summer and I wanted my daughter

to learn swimming while she is on vacation. Though it was late but was necessary. I hired a personal swimming coach, her name was Susan. Susan and I had a discussion and it was agreed upon that no one would not be at home during the swimming sessions.

So it was decided that the classes would be held during mornings from 7-8 am. I instructed our maid and the cleaning boy to come only at 9am. I used to go out for tennis so that was taken care of. One day I was not feeling well and I stayed back in the morning at home.

I was sleeping and Raji came near me at 6.30 am and served me tea and then she checked my temperature and made sure that I was sleeping on bed. Due to the cold my head was aching and I went in search of pain balm and when I didnt find I went to Raji’s room

to look for that, I was a little curious about her lingere lying on her bed, she never does that. May be she was late that day. I curiously took and checked the size and found that the bra was of 32 inches and her panty was of 85 cms (roughly 34 inches)

I could figure out that in real she shoud be having a bust of 33 and waist of 34. I was getting excited by the sizes. I realised that she is in the swimming pool and will be in the swim suit. I was ashamed of myself for a moment and then my male instincts

took over the relation of father and daughter. I went to the bathroom that was facing the pool and like a shameless voyeur I peeped thru the bathroom window and I saw my daughter jump into water, I couldnt see much of her but was attracted

to susans mature and sexy body, watched her for a couple of minutes and jacked off. It was after 4 years that I had ever done that after my wife’s death. Next day I was back in my schedule and didnt think much about her.

A month passed by and one of her friend named Arunima who was from calcutta, came a little earlier from home town and she stayed in our house until their college started. She was cute and beautiful also. That day Arunima was wearing a short Tee Shirt and low waist jeans,

Both Raji and Arunima were at the dining table for breakfast and as I went to sit, I glanced at Arunima’s back her soft ass was peeping out of the low waist jeans and as I sat I glanced at her chest, the way she had leaned on the table her possibly 34 size boobs

were being supported by the table top. I could see her thin bra straps peeping out of her tee shirt. While we all had break fast I kept looking at her T shirt and could see that she was wearing relatively a smaller bra cup than required that spilled

the rest of the flesh to spread and since the t shirt was clinging to her chest it was more inviting. After about 5 mins she realised that I was staring at her tits while we laughed and talked. I could see the typical insecure feeling and also excitement of being watched all mixed on her face.

The look that she gave me was like “Come on dont look at me like that”. I was also observing Raji, she was in a short shirt and tight jeans, it was sticking to her like a second skin (I wished that she wasnt wearing pants to see her thighs).

When we were done with breakfast I could see Arunima walk towards the wash swaying her ass.. it was pretty clear that she was doing that on purpose. She was sporting a tatto very low at the back and above the butt where the ass crack starts.

Due to her skin complexion the tatto made her look more sexy. By the way that she walked away I was sure that she wouldnt discuss this with Raji. That evening while I came from office, after getting fresh I was about to knock Rajis door

when I saw that the door was already open and I could see Arunima and raji lying on the bed, I could see Arunima and she could see me, I could see only Raji’s leg and her hand on Arunima’s right boob.

Arunima noticed me and put a hand on Raji’s skirt and pulled it up showing the beautiful and sexy thighs that I was longing to see.. Now it was crystal clear that during Arunima’s stay at my house I would see some exciting days ahead…to be continued

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