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First Cross Dressing Experience in School

Hi Friends, I would like to share few of my experiences happened
in my school final days. I did my school final [12
Std] in a small village near Tamilnadu-Kerala Border.
I studied in Boys High School. Girls school is near to
our school but a big wall splits two schools. On those
days I was not like all boys in that age, I mean I was
very plump and with girlish body and I didn’t have
mustache also. My buttocks and chest were just like
small girls. That was because of my food and lifestyle
only. Because of this I was very shy compare to other
boys and I didn’t have many friends, but all boys
moved with me in normal way.

But only one boy made a
very nice friendship with me. His name is Selvakumar. He always preferred me as his mate in any occasion.
He uses to come along with me while going to school,
going to temple, market or any places. One day in our
school, my English staff announced that for our school
cultural programme, he wants to arrange a drama and
its name was “Raja Harichandra”. That was a very
familiar story to most of us and even for audience.
Boys also accepted this idea and we planned for
actors. Our English staff suggested me to act as Raja
Harichandara’s wife. I never had experience in drama
and all. But my English staff and other boys, even
selvakumar accepted the idea and made me to agree.
While returning to home from school, selvakumar
promised me that he will help me in drama in whatever
way I need. After few days, we planned for other
actors too. Selvakumar and I started to do some
home-works for drama in his home. His father and
mother worked in Govt. Office, so their home was free
for us always. One Saturday afternoon, while we
discussing about the drama, suddenly I realized that I
have to wear women dresses, which I never expected and
imagined before. But for the drama, in which I am
going to act as women, it is required. Selvakumar told
me with smile that he already planned for it. His
Married sister was not with them on those days, so her
old dresses can be used by me for this purpose. He
closed the front door and led me to his bed room.

From the old cupboard he took some old dresses. He
asked me to wear the dresses for size verification. I
looked those dresses. One saree, blouse, bra and
petticoat. I shyly removed my shirt and dressed that
bra and blouse first. He turned around to window side,
and I removed my pants then dresses petticoat and then
saree. But that was the first time I was wearing
saree. So I don’t know how to wear it. I asked
Selvakumar to help me, so he came close and help me to
wear saree. After few seconds, he completed the
arrangement of saree on my body, and I looked myself
in a full size mirror in cupboard. Wow, awesome. It
was perfect for me. I really looked like a teen-age
girl. I got so shy to see my in that dress, but inside
me I felt a real great feeling but I don’t know why.

Selvakumar also greeted my appearance and he told me
that I am looking so beautiful in that dress. Then
once again he tried to adjust the saree on my body…his
hands rubbed my chest and neck, back and buttocks. It
made a different kind of sensation inside me and
suddenly without any words he kissed me on my lips
softly. I got surprised by his act but inside me
something broke-up. I really didn’t felt anything bad
by his act, but it was new to me. Nobody kissed me
ever before like this and selvakumar is my
close-friend. Sometimes I admired his manly body and
acts. When he kissed me my shyness increased and I did
nothing but stood there without words. He made me to
stand near to mirror and took my no response in
positive manner. He started to kiss me again in my
neck and asked me in husky voice that ‘are you feeling
anything bad about this…’. I just nodded him with no
sign, actually I don’t know what to say… ‘do you like
it… ‘ Once again he kissed me on my lips softly and
asked. I just nodded yes without knowing what I am
doing, but I felt inside me that I wanted it. “you
are looking so beautiful and erotic…” Now his hands
started to move on my chest over dress and his other
hand was busy in massaging my neck. He turned my face
to his side and kissed me hardly on my lips once
again. This kiss took few more minutes to complete. He
chewed my lower lips with his lips and hugged me
tightly. He started to probe his tongue inside my
mouth and I did the same to him just like a learning

He hugged me closely and hissed in my ears that ‘ I am
waiting for this moment for a long time.. darling…”
the way he called me darling really made me happy but
I don’t know why. His hand was now busy in fondling my
nipples and his other hand moved to my back then down
to buttocks. He guided my hand to his penis over his
pants. I just started to fondle it. It appeared like a
strong rod in my hand. Mine is not that much big that
I realized. He made me to lie on bed and spread him
over me. He started to kiss me all over my face. His
left hand now started to fondle my penis and his right
hand was so busy in fondling my nipples… my hand was
also busy in fondling his penis. He removed the saree
and blouse… and started to suck my nipples. I really
enjoyed that sensation. When he kissed my nipples and
tongued my bellybutton, I was nearly flying. He pulled
my petticoat also with my brief. I was now semi naked
in front of him. He kissed the abdomen and the top of
my penis directly without any hesitation. He fondled
it once again softly with a lot of kisses on my
thighs. He pulled the foreskin of my penis down. With
a soft pain it came down and then he just licked the
red penis head. That created a shock like sensation
inside me. Then he took the head of my penis in his
mouth and started to suck it softly. I was in heaven
on that time. My penis also started to grow hard but
not like his penis. He sucked for few seconds only and
suddenly he stood in front of me… and with his pants
he pushed my face over his penis.

I smelled a strong aroma from his pants. I cupped his
penis over his pants with my mouth and started to
massage his buttocks with both hands. He then pulled
his pants down, and exposed his penis to me. It was
really in good size compare to me. I saw a clear
precum in it. The foreskin was semi pulled back. I
just hesitated to do anything but just kissed his
abdomen and thighs and brushed my face there. But he
pushed my face on his penis once again so finally I
cupped his penis, pulled his foreskin back and exposed
it. I kissed the tip and tasted the precum, I took his
hot penis inside my mouth and started to suck. He just
pushed and pulled his penis softly inside my mouth,
just like fucking my mouth with great moans. I felt
his penis is pulsing inside my mouth. Suddenly he
with-draw his penis from my mouth and started to shagg
it hardly in front of my face. In few seconds his
penis started to spit hot white gum on my face and
chest. After shooting once again he hugged me closely
with my face on his penis and moaned softly. His cum
smelled nice and I tasted it with my tip of tongue a
little. We just lay in bed hugging each-other without
any words to speak. After few minutes he kissed me
again and said…”I really love you darling…”…without
words I hugged him closely and I felt my penis is
touching his penis. He took my semi hard penis in his
hand… and started to massage it. Now it became hard

He again took it in his mouth. While sucking my penis
his fingers played with my buttocks and asshole. His
index finger rubbed my asshole hardly and that
sensation was too nice. He sucked my balls also. While
sucking he smelled his finger which rubbed my asshole.
Then he spread himself once again on me and started to
shagg his thighs on my penis so that my penis rubs his
thighs and abdomen hardly. Within few minutes I
shootout gum with great moan and gasping and sweat. We
once again laid there without doing anything but just
gasping. After few minutes we cleaned ourselves. I
went to urinate. With a soft pain I urinated and
cleaned myself. He also followed me to bathroom and
cleaned. We came to bedroom again naked. We just stood
naked in-front of each other. I just saw the love and
passion in his eyes. Compare to his body my body is
more with female look. He pulled me closed and He
softly massaged my nipples and kissed my lips. He
turned me back, and kneeled facing my buttocks. He
spread the buttocks buns and I felt his hot breath on
my asshole. Then I felt his tongue touching my
asshole. Oh that was really great. I just held the cot
bar to manage my control. His other hand fondled my
shrunken penis and he tongue played on my asshole for
few minutes. He probed his tongue inside my
asshole…and bitted buttocks buns softly. Then he stood
back and asked me to do the same to him. He lay on cot
and I laid top on him. I opened his buttocks buns with
my fingers. I saw his brown asshole with few hairs
around it. I just touched his asshole with my fingers
first. I rubbed softly and I smelled my fingers…
somehow that smell made my penis made erect again. So
without hesitation I started to kiss there and pushed
my tongue inside his asshole once again. He moaned
loudly. Then I just tried to push my index finger
inside his asshole using my saliva as lubricant. He
loosed his muscles softly so it just went inside with
little effort. I started to bit his buttocks buns and
finger fucked his asshole softly. In few minutes I
felt his penis was also came to life. We changed into
69 positions and started to suck each other softly
taking more time this time. In next few minutes I
started to feel the familiar sensation of Cuming in my
penis so I with drew and I spread myself on his back
so that my penis is touching his buttocks and his hold
his penis with my hands from the front side. We just
shagged our bodies and started to shootout heavy load
this time with great gasping, moan and sweating. We
laid there for next 10 minutes. Then he switched the
fan on. And we just took some time to make relax.
After, we wear our usual dresses; I packed his
sister’s dresses in a small bag. We went to school
ground for a walk. While walking… he asked me… “Will
you be my darling always…?” I said…”I would like to
be…”…. Then we walked without words… but that incident
made a lot of openings in my life. I became a Cross
dresser in many occasions, and enjoyed my life. I
would like to share all those events with you dear
friends. But I would like to receive your comments. So
please write your comments and suggestions to
write_ravi1977 {AT} yahoo.com

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