I always had a fascination for big kunnas and kundis and above all I like honey oozing out guys who in their walk and talk deliver honey. Today the guys have become sexier and breathe taking. I would like to share you my experience my true experience since Iam afraid those who know me would read I change the names and place. I work with a multi national company in human resource department. Iam 27 years old and reasonably good in the looks department. In our firm we have lots of beautiful guys but I have never thought of them in the sex way, I don’t know whether others look for me in the sexy. I live in a posh locality; we have lot of young guys there who are raring to go to be very frank just sex bombs. Some guys used to seek my help in their studies. We had a guy named Manu very tall well-built and above all super Kundi and Kunna. In my heart I have always wished for him and he was just natural. Always he used to do one thing he will keep opened a button of his shirt and while bending etc I can see his chest.

Nothing happened till few months, his house was very next towards me. Manu’s parents went of to Bangalore for 2 weeks and they told me to keep an eye on him. I was alone in my house as my parents are in USA. He told that he would sleep in my house I thought it to be a very good idea.

I could guess from his eyes the thirst that Manu had. I sat near him in the sofa and he had his shirt he was just watching the movie , I slowly put my finger into his naval or ‘ pukkil’ and ‘adivayaru’ suddenly he stared at me he was very nervous and I slowly pulled down the lungi that he was wearing , I sucked his lower lips it was very soft so soft that I went on sucking it and pressing his Mula for about 1 hour I bited hard in his honey lips and guess it had cut I could not control myself I slowly started kissing and licking his ears and neck and started to bit hard his nipples since he was crying with pain I got an idea I tied both of this hands to the window grill of the inner room and he was afraid I told him not to worry and started bitting his breast I could hear his cries and moaning I slowly went to his hairy armpits at this point I slowly put my hands pulled out his shirt compeltly and lungi and big rose colour monster jumped out of his lungi he did not wear any jetty . I put his hand under balls and slowly played the sensitive area by the time h went wild , I made him free and pulled him to bed I slowly started taking his big shaft thick erect circumsized odourless and superb I licked his balls and under areas I gave nasty bites under his sensitive area slowly put my tongue into the beginning of ass cut I sucked it went into deep throat I felt it would touch my stomach and he cummed loads of milk into it I wanted his ass now . I wanted a virgin ass and made him to stand in the dog position and fired my 7 inch tool into his area he roared AYYYYYYOOOOOOO vedanikkunnu AHHHHH!!!!!!! I did not apply oil because I wanted him to remember the pain I pumped in and deep and deep fro about 30 minutes by the time he was almost finished I cummed deep into his ass and it came out gushing still my tool was not donw I pumped in once more .

Manu was very tired he told me that all he had is lost his tool was still up after the fucking and he wanted me to be used he pulled me back and fired his long shaft into my virgin ass it went deep he laid m e on my stomach as he fucked he caught hold of my Mula and oppressed it so hard I felt his Kunna would reach my intestine he fucked like a horse in between he bitted on my ears He might have fucked fr about forty five long minutes and then he cummed it was like icing on a cake he laid on my back like that for a long time and then we got from bed , Still I had the energy so I made him to a dog position and inserted a carrot into his ass and guess what he felt , Manu is still near by my house , he told me that his uncle who is 3 years elder to him ‘ manu is 19 started doing on him while he was 9 but no ass . I dream of Manu every day MANNNNNNNUUUUUUUUU


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