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My Loving Fantasies with my Gay Friend

Hi iam Mohan and i want to share my true life experiences. I have a friend (Boy) name Rajeshwar he is my class mate. we also study tution together at my home so after our tution studies we also use my computer or also watching movies or wrestlings together. one day when our teacher leave my friend asks me about my girlfriends and then i noticed that he is massaging on my hands first i was shocked to see this then i was also enjoying this then he asked my some sexy questions that what is my cock size e.t.c. he is in full mood to do sex with me and iam also excited to do.

Suddenly he leave the room and my house and come back after 30 minutes i asked that what happen’s so he show me a blue film cd which he bought from shop then he power on my Home theatre system and put on the blue film and then our cocks was fully erected i am also calling him Raju. Raju kissed me on my cheeks i also replied he after and after kiss on my whole body then he undressed me first he undressed my pant then shirt i was fully naked and then he said me to undressed him i also did the same action and also undressed him then he saw me his cock his cock was great a nice 5.4 inches cock. He said me to suck his cock i said why not i took all the full cock in my mouth i give him fully pleasure then he lick my chest and again start mouth fucking with me he laid me down on the bed and sit over on my mouth and put his whole cock in my mouth and gives strokes then his cum was going to be released so then first he asked me to release in my mouth but i was rejected this thing because i don’t like this. then he released all his load in a dustbin. then my turn so then i was in full mood so i did the same process first i kiss him on his lips and then i suck his chest and put my whole 5.9 inch cock in his mouth and start mouth fucking when my time to release the cum is came i put my cock on his chest and unload all the load on his chest. then we both were so tired so we sleep on each other then after some time i feel that he is massaging on my ass and putting some oil on it i wake and laid down so he also put some oil on his ass and cock also he insert his full cock in my ass first it is painful then i also enjoyed then he gives me fast strokes then some slow then again fast then he released all his load inside the ass then i stand up and laid him down in a doggy style then i fuck him for 15 minutes i give him my fully erected cock strokes i break up his fully virgined ass and unload my all cum in it. then we both kissed each other on lips then we both lie on each other and sleep fully naked inside a blanket. after that we did sex after two or three days.

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