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New Experience during a Train Journey

This happened during my journey from Chennai to Ahmedabad:
I was happened to travel in 1st class and got accommodation in the coupe – 2 seats / berths.
I boarded the train at 9.35 in the morning at Chennai. The co-traveler was a north Indian aged around 30 –senior to my age by nearly 2 years. He appeared good and smart, also very attractive handsome. We got introduced within few minutes after the departure. We chatted well and discussed about all trades of life and some personal discussions also happened during this time. We had passed the time well till the late evening and after dinner – which we had from the Pantry coach – passed the time well. But suddenly, at around 9.30 Pm I started having stomach ache and found helpless and my Train Friend found no way also.

This time the friend asked me if I can follow some of his suggestions but not to misunderstand him. I asked him to tell the suggestion. He once again asked me not mistake him but to follow the instructions, which I accepted at once.
He told me to loosen all my tight jean / shirts etc. I removed and he said to switch off the main lights but to put the dim lights. Then he suggested me to remove my jetty and lie down in the berth naked even banians removed. He started massaging my tool, raised it to the full hard and told me to cumm fast to get relieved from the trouble. I am almost rock hard, but very much embarrassed to lie naked. He asked me I like it. I said yes and reacted well. Since unable to cumm immediately, he suddenly took my tool inside his mouth and started to and fro very vigoursloy and felt very light but felt that I going to cumm and told him so. But he said that never mind for it and said empty all cumm into the mouth and the same way it happened pouring all milk into his mouth and swallowed without wasting a single drop.
After this I felt tired but relieved of my stomach ache completely. Thanks for him. But I decided to thank him by the way he likes and so approached him for his likes. He said –let us have if you like also. I accepted and he slowly undressed and we started caressing and hugging each other and had lot of deep kisses exchanging saliva a lot. 1st time I took a tool in my mouth but it was very much lengthy – near about 9 inches – with rock hard. I enjoyed well and made him also enjoy. He cummed after near about 45 minutes and the amount of cumm was almost filling my stomach upto my throat – hot and thick. After that I lied down but never leave me to sleep. He came to me, put me upside down and started licking the ass lips and I felt very uncontrollable and after an hour he slowly started pushing his tool inside my ass – untold pain but really enjoying. After a lot of tight hugs and deep caressings – he started to and fro movements and felt very much excited but with such a heavy pain –bcos of very long and hard tool but nice lubrication from his tool helped us both.

After 1 hr, load of cumm pumped into my ass and we hugged each other and lied down for a while and again he started his play. This time my tool he applied to his ass I started to and fro movements and after some time cummed into his ass. After few time of rest without dress and without separation, he agin took my tool in his mouth and and took all my cumm. This continued till early morning 5 am and we slept without any dress and hugging and caressing. Our journey during night was a good experience and during the next day the journey continued till we reached Ahmedabad at 8.30 next night. After we are thick friends and we continue when ever we meet. When ever he visits Chennai we meet and mate and satisfy each other as good friends. Six years gone but our relation still continues without any break.

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