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Secret Enjoyment with Sanjay

I am 19 years old and my name is BABU. I should share something with you all which cannot be shared to my friends directly. Now read this and let me see your experience. Now, I am doing B.E .I am 5,5 tall, Fair Color I spent time in the internet. This happened in my college days. I was a day scholar and know nothing about sex. In my family we are 3 BOYS. Ours is a happy and warm loving family. I am the YOUNGER among the 3 BOYS . The other two are doing their JOB. I am still a virgin and love to fantasies a lot. It happened 3 months before. One semester we had a long holiday for the semester exams. My family Went to my brothers house in another state (3 days) . I was so happy on that days. Two days I spend my days on full chatting. On the final day I am so tired and called a friend name SANJAY.

He came to my home after some hours. I welcomed him in my home. He told that he had brought a gift to me. I cannot understand. He told that he had brought a blue film cd with him. I told that I had not seen that type of movie till now. He told that it will be nice and no wrong in it.

We went up stair to the computer room to watch the movie. In that cd there were three parts one is Malayalam sex movie another English and other cutting of many movies(like titanic) .I asked him many doubt . While seeing the movie he asked me who do you feel.

I said so exited and so shy. He asked me do you masturbate I said no……. he told do not be shy and me to come closer……. And fall me into the bed. I was so exited and he hug me with body and liking to come out for him.. He was so deep But I cannot bear and I told him to stop. He said ok and we continue to watch movies. I asked him a doubt and he told I will tell you clearly. Remove your banyan I refused first but accessed next he also made me remove my lungi now I am with nude. He touched my tool and said it was hot. The tool became to hard.

He said that your tool is so attractive and long and he put his hand on my tool and rolled on me. I was excited…….. and I am sounding ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….Sssssssssssssssssssssssss and said I am coming. He brought the tool in his hand and put his mouth to suck it. Then I was tied and got in bedAfter this incident I was so happy that I have seen that heaven and so happy. But I am afraid to call him next for this.

Dinesh Babu

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