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Sex with young salesman

Hello, friends now I tell you one of my experiences with a young guy who was a sales man in a textile shop. This happened few years back and on one evening I went to a small textile shop where there was only one sales man and a sales girl. The girl was already engaged with a customer. So I approached the boy and I noticed him very fair and young. He was about 21-22 years old, very smart and white with hairs on his chest and a nice mustache. His eyes were shining with a hidden look in it. His lips were rose and thick.
I approached him and told that I like to have a shirt piece, and he started to show me different pieces. In between through the clothes, which were dumped on the table infront of me, I moved my fingers to his side where he was standing on the opposite side of the table. My fingers touched on his hip, where his jetty was covering his tool. He was wearing dhoti , so I could move my fingers over it so that I can assess his exact position of the jetty’s bulge. I slowly moved my fingers there. Immediately he lifted the clothes on the table and traced my hand.

There was a hidden smile on his face and he winked his eyes towards me and kept those clothes as before. My hand still started to move and this time he put forward his hip toward my hand and I felt the hardening of his tool and enlarging the bulge. I put my fingers through his dhoti and touched his hairy thighs, pressed on his tool through his jetty and squeezed it with my fingers. By the time some more customers entered the shop and I had to pull out my hand and forced to stop my action.
I selected one piece and paid for it in the cash counter,and returned. At that time I saw he came to the entrance and murmered to me “come at 6.30 and wait outside”. Then he just gone inside. I wandered here and there and at about6.30 I went near to the shop and waited outside. After few minutes I saw him coming out. I just followed him and aftergoing some distance he stopped and waited for me to reach him. Then he asked my name and he told his name as biju. Now he was with his dhoti in turned up condition(mundu madaki kuthi) so that I can see his round white hairy thighs, which were really nice and muscular.
I walked along with him and asked “where are you going?”
He asked me ”What you want to do?”
I told ”Anything you like”
He told ”Kunna nannayi oombi tharanam”
I said ”ok”
He said ”We can go to a near by play ground where now no body will be there”
I agreed and followed him. We reached there and it was a nice play ground, and on the side there was a herby platform and we sat there. Only some distance away some boys were playing ,but they can not see what we were doing. Without wasting time I placed my hand on his laps ,slowly entered my fingers into his thighs through the dhoti. I massaged his bare thighs and pressed on the bulge of his jetty which was already hardened. Then he lifted his back slightly up and pulled down his jetty upto his knee through the dhoti, and spread his legs and showed me. It was a nice scene with two white round and hairy thighs with black pubic hairs around the wheatish big kunna which is approximately 7 inch in length and good breadth. The balls below also was heavy and big. I massaged his kunna from top to bottom and bottom to top. Pressed his balls and inner thighs. I looked surround. No body was there. So I slowly lied to his laps and started to smell my nose on his pubic hair. I got the smell of manhood, which inspired me and made me mad to do all sorts of dirty actions on him. I licked his thighs, tongued the inner thighs ,below his balls. Then licked the balls one by one and licked the entire rod from top to bottom and bottom to top. Slowly put its bulge through my lips and took inside my mouth and started to suck on it. It was very tasty. It was very hot in my mouth. I really got pleasure in eating his kunna, which was tight in my mouth. Slowly I worked on it up and down. My head slowly started to move up and down on his laps and he was sitting with one hand on his back and other hand massaging on my hairs according to my rhythm of forward and backward movement. His face was pointing to sky and he was making small ah.. ah.. Sounds which inspired me further to go down on him and blow him as much as I could.
Now it was almost dark around and the playing boys also left there. Then he withdrawn the kunna from my mouth and lifted my head up. Then he removed his dhoti and jetty fully from his body. Now he was with his shirt only. He layed me on the floor with my mouth up,and he came to my shoulders ,he bend over me on four legs with his thighs on side of my neck, and kunna pointing to my mouth. He slowly bend it so that his kunna touched my lips. I opened my mouth to receive the raja. He dipped it inside almost full touching my farther end of throat. His balls was hitting on my cheeks. His kunna was going in and out. It will hit my throat, then for some time it will brush there,again retrieve it to the bulge again it will enter with force,hit on throat ,rotate there,brush there,shake there. I was getting maximum pleasure and satisfaction while he was mouth fucking me. I understood he know how to fuck a guy’s mouth so as to quench his”kadi”.(kunna kondu annaku brush cheyyunna technique). I put both my hands around his hip and encouraged him to hit down with full force. Then my fingers moved around his ass, entered it into the ass hole and plunged there. He was making ah.. ah sounds loudly.
Then he fully withdrawn his kunna from my mouth and asked ”kundi nakkano?”
I told ”yes”. Then he moved to side and ponted his ass to me. He spread the ass cheeks with his both hands. I raised my head and started to lick there. My tongue, I rolled like a pen and pointed to the ass hole and brushed it there. He was getting maximum pleasure. About 5 minutes I licked his ass and finally my nose and face pasted on his back.
Then he lied side to me,with his hip to my head side, he put one thighs over my head, plunged the kunna inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth. He continued it for some time and asked me ”mathiyayo”,I continued the sucking, really I want to lie there with his kunna in my mouth for hours..he further asked”palu tharatte?”. I told “as your choice”. He told me that now it is almost 9 o’clock,I also wondered about time.
Then he started continuous pushing in mymouth to finish. Suddenly he told”da, itha varunnu,oombi yedutho” it hit directly to the annaku.i understood the milk flowing to my intestine directly from there and finally some drops to my throat.
While we returning he asked me how was it. I told him it was really great. You are really “aan kutti”. I asked him ”girls will be lucky to get you,because you know how to fuck,your kunna also big and thighs strong and muscular”. He told”yes, many girls are behind and fucked a large. Also he told me that once in Ooty,a young couples invited him to their hotel room and he along with the husband tongued her pussy and after thar her husband asked him to fuck her. The husband sat on the sofa and he fucked her in the bed. Some time the husband came near to them and watched the movement of his kunna in her poore.
He promised me to give me in future also because he liked my sucking too.

Dear friends how you like this?. Do you also want to do like biju? Please feel free in mailing me.
Pradeep_parthasarathy {AT} yahoo.co.in

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