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A gay story from Chennai

ebcd6e444c7e2a1709f67ed6e946032fHi friends this is kanna from Chennai. I m a big fan of this site, I really love stories in this site, i would like to share one of  my story  in this site, this is actually a real incident happened to me. First let me explain about me I am a 23yr old dark, 5.9’ chubby boy with all girl assets, especially my big aunty like ass and my fleshy tits. Though I m bit hairy, I love all those curvy swellings in my body. I was also treated as  girl in my boy’s high school during my school days. Except fucking, my friends have done everything on me.

Ok, let me come to the story, I always like to see myself as a woman, I would always go nude in front of mirror and see my lovely ass and tits. As days goes I started to dress myself like a girl & stand in front of mirror. This habit made me to wear sarees when I m alone. I slowly become addict to wear saree. Whenever I m alone in my home, I will lock all the doors & windows & I will wear saree roam around in my home. I really become a typical Indian girl in liking saree, I will even start to imagine me in saree’s worn by actress in TV.
As days goes I didn’t had any lone time in my house. For two months I couldn’t able to see as a girl in mirror. Luckily one day my parents have to go to a marriage, since it was after very long time, I was really fast. once they left the house, I immediately went into my moms cupboard, took a white transparent saree & blouse. Meanwhile due to occasional pressing of my boobs, it become big(thanks to my friends). The blouse couldn’t fit properly, I could put only the last & before hook of the blouse, then I took the inner skirt and rollover the saree around me. OMG god I was really awesome. My big tits made me look sexier & to mention about my ass, its curviness made me feel hot.
I was in complete joy seeing me in saree, I taught myself as namitha. I began move sexily in front of the mirror, suddenly I heard a sound from the window. For my surprise my neighbor babu was seeing me. Due to my eagerness I forgot to close the window & this guy can easily see me from outside. I was shocked that I was been watched.
Babu is a 25yr dark slim guy, though he is not so attractive, he would always get attracted on me. We were friends but he don’t know about me, but whenever he gets chance he would touch my assets. Though I never responded to him, I have enjoyed his mischievous at times.
Coming to the story I was bit feared, I could see the erotic look in his eyes, he even took a snap on me. He signaled me to open the door & told me not to remove my dress. Things changed very differently once I opened the door. He quickly came inside, closed the door. I was bit away from him, he looked from bottom to top & had a naughty smile, I felt bit embarrassed for being caught, he came towards me, pushed me towards the wall and kissed me in an instant,  I immediately pushed him & said no, he took his cam and showed my pic to me & he blackmailed me that he will show this pic to all. I become helpless at that time. But he didn’t gave me any second to think, he again fell on me and started to kiss me in face & moved his hand all over my body. He was really furious & I started to fear like hell.
Then he looked at me & said that he going to rape me & he removed my pallu, I covered my blouse with hands (like all women in rape scene) & ran towards bedroom and closed the door, he stoped me before closing and pushed me to the bed, he again took his mobile & blackmailed me, he asked me to obey his orders. I said yes. He asked me to lie in the bed arms open, he came to me and bite in my lips, then he moved his hand to my soft boobs, his hard touch made my nipples erect, he removed the blouse hooks and started to massage it, and he began to lick & bite my nipples, and said “sama kaai da unaku”(good tits) I started to enjoy.
He then turned me around and said “un soothukaga taan di katnu iruntaan”( I was waiting for ur ass). He uplifted my inner skirt and began to massage & hit me, he removed my inner skirt completely and asked me to stand facing the wall. He slapped my right ass cheek & kissed me & he began to shake my ass cheeks, then he bent down asked me to spread my legs and he began to bite my ass, slowly he went near my holes and started to lick me, It was my first time, no one ever licked my hole & it felt awesome. I began to enjoy like girl
Then he again asked me to lie in bed & removed his pant, I could see the big tent in his jati, it was really big & I started to fear about his next step, he asked me to touch it & it was really hard & hot. He really have big penis, it is really fat & would be around 7 inch, I never taught he would have such big one, considering his slim body. He suddenly removed his inner and it poked out. It was really black & uncut, he came to me kept my legs around his shoulders, I pleaded him to not to do, but he didn’t care to listen. He took some saliva in his hand and inserted his fingers inside my hole, then after sometime, with a big bang he inserted his big tool in me, for next second I was in complete pain, I shouted aloud & I even felt that I would have got bleeding. I even started to cry. He took a bed sheet, rolled it and dumped inside my mouth.
He started to fuck me, It was paining & I cannot even shout, for god sake he even kept his hand around my mouth in order to not split the cloth from my mouth. His fucking become harder & harder & slowly my pain turned into pleasure, he was going deep inside, after knowing my pleasure he removed the cloth & I started to respond to him, he fucked me for next 20 min. and finally he unloaded his hot cum inside my ass. We got collapsed lied in each other’s arm, he told me that I was awesome and gave me a kiss, later on that day he fucked me thrice & I become his bitch, he fucked me whenever we were alone
And thus how I lose my virginity. To a big cock in a form of a rape. I hope you enjoyed my story, please leave your feedbacks in

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