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getting fucked by my brother( gay story)

f32e5da753db4f0237d33cd8d4600b1chi my name is srinivas(now tara)  and i’m going to write about my first sex experience that took place 4 years ago . I am a big fan of Indian stories and I’m glad that I finally have the courage to write about my first experience, now let me tell you a bit about my self .I was Studying in class 10(9th going to 10th) and living in Chennai( now delhi). I was fair and a bit ample so I Have breast like structures, round buttocks, a nice big navel, and a short Height, a feminine face (I’m a gujju like my mom) and shoulder length hair and no facial making other people mistake Me for a woman sometimes.  My parents are divorced and living separately And I for various reasons don’t live with them. Anyway my aunt and my Cousin Brother live near by so it’s fine.

My experience all started when
my cousin( vivek) to stay with me  as both me and my cousin had summer
Vacation. One day me and my cousin brother who is older by 2 years by the
Way went to play and we both were sweaty and exhausted and came home . Idecided
to take my bath first and my brother followed, when me and my brother reached
The room, I started removing my shirt where he saw me he had a strange
Expression on his face that looked slightly hungry. (I should mention that
By class 9 I was attracted to guys and me and my brother discussed allot of
Things and he knew about my sexuality) I was slight surprised by his
Expression as the only time I saw he face like this was only when we spoke
Of porn to each other or anything connected to sex. Then
I told my cousin to go for his bath in the other room and he left
Reluctantly, then I entered my bathtub and started having some
Relaxation” .
.Then after some time my cousin came into my bathroom without his clothes and
Saw me lying naked and hitting my head as I remembered I forgot to lock
The door. I quickly covered my penis with my legs and hands and shouted”
YOU BASTARD WHATDYU WANT HUH?”  To which he calmly replied “relax little
Brother I came to have a bath here since this toilet is nicer”. I was about
To shout back when I got distracted by his sweaty abs and his 9 inch long 3
Inch wide penis which was erect and I said shyly” but whats wrong
There”? And he said “its humid so ill stay here but don’t worry” then he
Got in without permission and said “relax and trust me, your gay right? So
Then this is nothing” and then he slowly pulled me on top of him so that
His chest so that his penis faced my butt to which I tried to get up and go
Away saying” are you mad? Leave me alone! You are no gay and you’re my
Cousin, this is wrong!!” but then he pulled me down and said “Wait I need
To tell you something” and started telling me that he was still a virgin
Who really wanted to have sex but couldn’t find any partners etc, and that
He said that I looked so much like a girl it would feel exactly like that.
When I hear these things I was shocked and said “but please listen we are
Related and it’s wrong” but then he said “please esha (my nickname
then) just this
Once it won’t even go far I won’t do anything” he said. And I feeling very
Horny but trying to hide it said “Alright for you and just this once but
Not too far”. Then he pulled me up to him and we sat in a spoon position
With his hard cock against my buttocks line, his hands on my nipples and 6
Inch cock that was slowly growing hard. Then he slowly made his moves
one by one by putting one hand in
The valley between the cock and butt and rubbing while his other hand kept
Me aroused by rubbing my nipples continuously, the he started kissing my
Neck slowly and sensually then made his way to my man boobs and start
Licking my nipples. It was really nice and I started feeling my cock
go hard. This went on for some time,   and then suddenly his hand by
the valley went into my butt
Hole very suddenly and forcefully and he bit my nipple making me shout and
Get out of the tub. Then he said” I’m sorry I got ahead of myself please
Come back and I said no go away. Then I went away caressing my nipple and
Feeling horny to the guest room when I suddenly saw my cross dressing
kit in the top shelf of the cupboard and had a plan made
Up in my mind. Then after changing and once he came out we both play some
Games on play station and then got tired and ate and went to sleep, I told
Him ” sleep in the my room (as it was the only room with A.C) ill go to
Toilet and be back.

Then when I went inside the toilet and changed into a
red bra to give a cleavage appearance  and then wore a sexy red
g-string over which I wore a black micro mini  to reveal my sexy wheat
ass and a black blouse which exposed my belly and needed to be tied in
the front to hold it together ( like vidya balan in dirty picture)and
high heels. When I left the toilet I found my cousin brother wearing
nothing but white v-cut underwear. He was saying “do you mind if I
sleep like this? I always do” before seeing me to which I said ” only
if you don’t mind me sleeping like this”, when he saw me his
expression changed to extremely horny, even his 9 inches of chocolate
got erect struggling against the poor far too small underwear
revealing a bit of tool and bushy pubic hair, to make things even
spicier I went to the other side of the bed by kneeling by his head
giving him a direct view of my thong.

Then after a minute I turned over to the other side and moved towards
the AC to set it to 16 making it really cold so we would have to stay
next to each other, then he switched of the lights and got into bed,
we both shared a thick bed sheet as it was cold and I got so close to
him that his right hand was touching my butt, I even kept pushing my
butt so I could coax him to caress it, then he turned to his side and
pulled me close, since he though I was asleep he slowly started
putting his hand inside my blouse and bro to start caressing my
nipples, the he removed his hand and put it inside my g-string to
start rubbing around my hole when I suddenly grabbed his hand and
pulled him into a sitting position and I sat on top of him making his
head face my chest, I said ” Honey I’ve been a bad little whore, I
need a spanking” , then he smiled evilly and said ” yes  you have”
pushing my sideways so I could feel his penis poking my belly and
started spanking so hard…at first it was really painful then I
started to enjoy it, then he stopped and said ” I think that’s enough
of reddening  your cheeks so lets lick and then he started to lick the
freshly bruised skin giving a bit of relief, then he slowly started to
remove my panty to which  I said ” no lets not get my penis in the
way, if you want the sex to be girly and not gay then you fuck me as I
want to be the girl, I don’t want to fuck, if u want to fuck me move
the string covering the buttocks line”, then he said” okay sure as you
want it, but tell me how much do you know about sex?” , ” nothing
other than blowjob,doggy,missionary and spoon, im a virgin” I said
defending myself, then he said” well your going for a bumpy ride
tonight baby”.

Soon after saying that he switched of the ac and switched on the video
camera and kept it stationed by the desk and asked me to give a
blowjob to which I readily agreed, then I got out of the bed and onto
my knees and he stood up and I bit the top of his underwear and
removed it slowly
when I got it down to his knees I saw his beautiful light brown erect
penis whose foreskin was half removed, then I immediately started
sucking it like a little boy getting  his first lollipop and made a O
face and sucked it so hard that he started moaning and saying ” esha
please go slowly, please its too much” then without replying I removed
my mouth and started doing an up down motion on his penis with my hand
then I took a breath then started again continuing the motion, then I
moved down to his balls and kept sucking and kissing it even the pubic
hair, then after 5 minutes of sucking cock he cummed all over my face
and beautiful blouse, bra and chest, then he told me to lick it, I
having seen only 3 porn movies so far I was kind of shy so I licked a
little, it was like nothing I ever tasted before, it was really
addictive and salty, then after licking every last drop from my body
and his penis.

Then he started kissing my neck   and then he started going lower and
lower till he reach my navel and started tonguing it till he saw my 6
inch penis and removed it from the g-string, it sprang out as it hand
been struggling against it and then he started doing the up down
motion really fast till I felt a slight intensity and then he started
going faster till I cummed all over my body and his body. It was so
intense that I started crying, my cousin didn’t care, and he rubbed my
white cum over both of us and put the g-string over my penis and then
went into missionary and started kissing my lips. It was my first kiss
but I didn’t care then and forced my tongue into his mouth and started
playing with it while his hands massaged my butt and my hand playing
with his penis trying to make it super hard again.

I succeeded in getting it hard and then turned our bodies over into a
position which he told me was ” reverse cowgirl” and I told him ” Fuck
me please my butt needs something other than a dildo to please it” and
he said ” just after this” and he did a flurry of movements resulting
in a position called as 69. Then he moved the string away from my hole
and started putting his tongue in and out and moving it around it and
making the entire area wet while I repeated my previous performance
though not so much interested in making him cum but making him wet.
Then he told me it was enough and I moved away and slowly started my
blouse, while he pushed my skirt up to my stomach above my belly
button below my breast, then I unlatched the bra whose latch was in
the front and removed it showing him my breasts again.

Then I moved towards him and he made me put my butt in the air while
the rest of my body was on the bed, and then he entered my butt hole
slowly while I held it open with my hands, it hurt a bit, then he held
my butt and put his full length inside and I could feel the warmth, it
felt nice then he started banging my virgin ass slowly and it was a
bit painful but still nice it was what people call meeta dard(hindi),
I kept saying ” yes yes keep going yes”  and he started going full
fast and I could feel his balls bouncing and the slight pain and loads
of fun then after a few minutes  he started going  fast and faster
till he cummed in my ass. Then he got tired and he lied down and
started playing with my nipples and saying ” that was fun, lets do it
again tomorrow” and I said ” You better” with a smile knowing my ass
would be filled everyday and it would never close, and then we both
started entwining ourselves on each other and started a long time of
lying next to each other’s sweaty bodies mixed with our cum and
kissing each other.

The next morning I woke up with a pain in the butt and some unusual
warmth in my hole and when I saw that he had been fucking me last
night after I had slept as he left his cock in my hole and he was
hugging me. When I pulled his semi erect cock out me turned and faced
him and woke him up and gave him a kiss. His breath was stinky but I
liked it. Then I woke up a put the sheet above my chest like a girl
and with a limp went to make coffee. Then I went and gave him his cup
and then went to the balcony. He followed me without any clothes and
hugged me from the back, now his dick erect again, and I told ” I have
neighbors you know, maybe if we go inside we can do what you want”
while he kissed my neck and carried me inside. Then I said “do you
think we should tell our family members? I think we should, then we
can get my gender changed and maybe then we can get into a
relationship” and he said” I’m okay with anything for the relationship
but we will tell the family only after a round right here and now. Is
that okay with you?” to which I said “ the kitchen table is very
comfortable” smiling naughtily and lied down on the kitchen table
dropping the bedsheet for another round.

Now it has been 4 years since our “incident” after which we told our
parents and like expected they were very angry and gave us no option
but to marry each other. Our parents had me go under sex reassignment
surgery before I entered college so that our family name wouldn’t be
disgraced. Now I’m in college in Delhi living with vivek, we are
getting married this December and he fucks my pussy all the time and
we both love it, guess he wasn’t gay after all.

If you want to hear stories of our now straight sex contact me at

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