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Devyani and Me

72b88fe0c5c19afb691bf4d93449006dThis story of mine is dedicated to Neeta Kapoor from new delhi who sent out the first appreciation mail to me thanks Neeta so here goes the story It is based on a girl from Delhi. Her name is Devyani. Devyani 29 years of age. Devyani was employed at my office at Delhi. She was a woman who had that “Fuck-me” look. Ever since I had been in this office, I had noticed that she used to tease men mercilessly by flashing her cleavage or squeezing past them and thus brushing her hand on their bodies. In spite of all this, I had come to know that she did not really sleep with any of her colleagues.

Devyani was a typist at the office. Invariably there was a group of men at her desk flirting with her all day long. As I was the Boss this was of concern to me as the productivity was getting affected. Not that I blame the guys. Devyani had a pretty pear shaped face and a sexy dusky complexion. She had a figure of 34c-28-36. Her big doe like eyes always seemed to hide some suggestion in them. She generally always dressed to kill. She loved the transparent chiffon sarees, which showed a hint of her navel below it. Her blouses always had a low cut at the back. Thus it was not a mystery why men kept moving around her all the time.

The only way that I could think off to put the wolves back to work was to get Devyani to a place where not many men could easily enter. Thus I appointed her as my personal secretary. Now she had to work in my cabin , though she sat quite a distance away from my desk. After this the only opportunity the men got was at lunch and after working hours, which I did not mind.

About 2 months after I appointed Devyani as my Secretary, she called in sick for a couple of days. After she re-joined office, I called her and asked her what had happened and if she was alright. She just gave an impish smile and said that she was fine now. Somehow she did not want to discuss it and I did not pursue it. I noticed that she was walking in a peculiar manner, spreading her legs a bit. This struck as pretty odd to me and I asked her if she had hurt her leg as she was walking peculiarly. At my question she blushed beet-red and did not reply. Suddenly the realization dawned on me that this bitch did not have any health disorders, she was simply fucked so hard that she could not walk straight. This thought caused my cock to harden immediately.

From that day onwards my focus towards Devyani changed completely. I used to flirt with her and she flirted back shamelessly. I used to touch her body at various pretexts. One day I asked her for a particular document. She replied that she had already passed it on to me. I told her that I could not locate it and could she please have a look at the papers in my drawer and search for it.

Saying so she I moved back from my desk a bit. Devyani came over and started looking through the papers. As they were in the second drawer from the top, she had to bend a little, but not much. I moved in behind her on the pretext of watching what she was doing. Gently I eased my hand forward till my fingers caressed her big round ass. As she felt my fingers on her ass she moved away a bit, but did not look back. I kept my hand where it was, and sure enough, she soon pushed her ass back into my hand. Now I placed a full palm on her soft ass cheek and caressed it. I could sense her breathing getting faster. I gently eased a finger into the crevasse of her ass and ran it up and down. Then I gave her buns soft squeezes. By this time Devyani had stopped all attempts of pretending and was panting heavily. She spread her legs a bit to give me better access to her privates. As I probed further I realized that she did not wear a panty. I forced my finger between the folds of her slit and she moaned out involuntarily

Suddenly I withdrew my fingers and moved away. She looked back at me with an uncomprehending look. Her eyes seemed to say “Why don’t you finish what you started?”

I asked Devyani to sit on the chair opposite to mine. When she was seated I asked her to tell me why she was absent for 2 days, the real reason. She remained silent for a few minutes and as I started showing anger and irritation, she said “How can any lady say such things about herself to anyone?”

“Well if u can have your pussy fingered by your boss, what’s the harm in talking to him?” I replied. ” I know pretty well why you were walking with your legs spread. Well does your hubby fuck you so hard that you have to take a couple of days off, or are you so fragile?”

” It was not just one,” she blurted out. Then she realized her mistake and blushed. I reached out with my feet under the table and caressed her foot with mine. “How many were there?” I asked her.

“Three,” she answered, almost in a whisper. “They kept pounding into me all night.”

She excused herself. I told her that we needed to talk about this more. She just smiled her impish little smile and left.

The next day when we were alone at the office I approached Devyani. I asked her to stand up from her desk Then I asked her to close the door to the cabin. When she had done that I held her by the waist and pulled her close. As I place my lips on hers, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her tongue into my mouth. As I kissed her I squeezed and caressed her soft ass. After we broke our kiss, I asked
her if she had discussed about our activities of the previous day with her boyfriend. She said she had done so. When I asked her what his reaction had been, she said that he wanted to watch me fuck her. This strangely got me real hard. I held her hand and placed it on my stiff cock. She smiled and caressed it gently.

” Do u want to suck it?” I asked

” MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM”…she replied, as she stared unzipping me.

“Not here, not like this,” I said, “Lets get this thing kinkier.”

I took her to hide under my desk. As the desk was covered from three sides, she would not be visible to anybody but me. She seemed to understand and sat beneath my desk. I unzipped and withdrew my full 8″ as she started caressing and fondling it, I
picked up the phone and asked for Shekhar, one of the clerks, to come into my room.

As Shekhar moved into the room, I could feel Devyani working with her hands. She was gently easing the foreskin back along my cock and moving it up again.

“Sit down Shekhar” I said “I need to talk to you.”

She had by now increased her pace and was steadily stroking my cock with her soft dainty fingers. It felt like heaven. I had to make an effort to resume the conversation.

“I have been going through you performance over the last few days. I think you have been doing a good job.”

” Thank you Sir,” he replied

“But you need to work harder and faster,” I said.

I could feel Devyani’s fingers immediately clasp my cock harder and jack it faster, picking up the pace. By now I could feel a drop of pre-cum ooze out of my cock.

“I will sir, I assure you,” he said earnestly.

“Ok. I said. I can see you have already picked up the pace. But you must get down to doing more productive work. You know, if you want to count banknotes faster, you need to wet your fingers with your tongue. So you should use similar tools to increase your usefulness. So use your tongue.”

As soon as I had said this, I felt her warm wet tongue flick on my cock head, tasting my pre-cum. Then she ran her tongue all over my cock head, gently creasing it along the ridge. I felt my legs quiver involuntarily. I placed a hand on her head and caressed her soft silky hair.

“Do you get my point Shekhar?” I asked as I caressed Devyani’s hair.

” Sir , its not very clear. Could you explain please,” he replied.

“Take up challenges Shekhar,” I said “Have the balls for it.”

I felt Devyani’s fingers gently cup my balls and caress them as she kept sucking on my cock head. God, what a feeling. It was all I could do to keep from moaning out. I reached out further and took a handful of her tits and squeezed them. She replied my sucking real hard on my cock.

“What I mean is don’t underestimate yourself,” I said, ” Try and recognize your potential. You can take a lot more that you think you can. Try to take in more of it and you will realize that you could have always done that.”

Devyani opened her mouth wide and took my cock into it, as much as she could. I placed my palm on her head, and pushed it down so that I could feel my cock touch her throat. Then I started moving her head to and fro on my cock.

“And you always need to work faster,” I said “time is the essence.”

This made her bob her head faster on my cock, as she continued blowing me. I realized that soon I would be ready to empty my load.

“That would be all Shekhar,” I said, “I just wanted you to know that your efforts are being appreciated, but we still have a long way to go, many roads to explore.”

“Of course sir,” he said, as he rose to leave the room.

As he left I asked Devyani to prepare for her treat. She smiled with
my cock in her mouth.

“Do u want a facial?” I asked her.

“Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss,” she replied , still sucking on my cock, bubbles blowing
out of the corners of her mouth as she tried to speak.

I felt the cum starting to boil in my balls. I withdrew my cock from her mouth and held it over her face, as she continued stroking it fast. I held her by her hair and jerked her head backwards. She alternated her look at me and my cock, her eyes twinkling in anticipation. I rolled my eyes as I felt myself cum. Spurt after
spurt of hot thick cum landed on her face. She was covered in my hot
sticky cum. She continued stroking me till she felt me softening. Then she stated collecting the cum from her face with her fingers and licking it all up, swallowing it. I slapped my semi-hard cock on her face playfully and she giggled. She then took it in her mouth and sucked off the remaining few drops out of it.

Then I asked her to sit on my lap. As I caressed her soft luscious tits I asked her if she wanted to feel me inside her. She started acting coy and did not reply.

“Ok, if you are not interested, I will not force you,” I said.

“No, its not that,” she quickly replied ” Not here in the office at my boyfriend’s apartment when he has gone to work.” she said.

I squeezed her tits hard when I heard her say that. She moaned out in
a mix of pain and pleasure. We decided that we would arrange for that
at a later date…

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