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Kerala Girl and I

I am Trixa, a Britisher, female, age 31, chartered accountant by profession, divorcee and an ardent traveller. You can call me attractive, I am not very tall, 5’6″, not very slim, 36-26-38, and not very bad either!! I’d spent the New Year in Kerala and had come back to UK on 15th of January after the usual Goa-Jaipur-Agra-Delhi circuit. For the last few days I am missing Kerala. So I googled on ‘kerala’, further refined my search to ‘kerala + sex’ to reach at this wonderful site of podium4u.ru. I enjoy reading stories here. Some of them made me really wet and you know what follows after that!!

Then I thought it won’t be a bad idea if I write about some of my cherished sexual moments in kerala.
It was the Christmas day and I was in a place called Ernakulam, which is a part of Cochin. I was staying in Presidency, right on the waterfront. A five star hotel, and therefore expensive to make calls from the room. As an experienced traveller I always call from outside, either by using phone cards or through skype — internet phone — from a cyber cafe. But in India I use STD booths, available almost at every nook and corner.
So on the Christmas day, 6.30 pm (UK time 1pm) I called my parents from an STD booth. This booth was in a road near the hotel called Broadway. It is the narrowest Broadway in the world! I usually make calls from that STD booth operating from a small shop in that road. The shop girl, as smart as people of this State, knew all the numbers I call by the time I visited the shop the third or fourth time. On that day also when I went there, she asked me :”Who? London number? Daddy-mummy?”
I said laughingly :”Yes, daddy-mummy.”
My parents were upset that I was not with them for Christmas lunch. They were feeling very lonely. They cried, I cried. In the end I was not able to continue the conversation because of uncontrollable sobbings erupting from my inside. I took out a five hundred rupees note and gave to the shop girl. I gestured her to keep rest of the money and ran to the hotel crying.
Once I calmed down, I decided to enjoy my lonely Christmas in Cochin. I ordered a stiff whisky. After my nerves calm down I was planning a ride in the hotel’s boat.
I was feeling okay once again when the phone rang. It was from the reception. “Madam, Ms Amina to see you.”
“Ms Amina, who’s that?”
“Please speak to her,” the receptionist handed over the phone to the visitor. Ms. Amina spoke :”Madam,me, from STD booth. Remember me?”
“Yes,” I said.
“Madam you gave 500 rupees. Call cost only 146 rupees. Reminder 354 rupees. I came to return money. Also bring call print-out for you.”
“No, Amina. Keep the money.”
“No madam, too much. I can’t.”
“Amina, it is my Christmas present.”
“No madam, too much. No madam too much. God wont like.”
I asked Amina to give the phone the receptionist. “Please send the girl up,” I said.
Amina sat on the edge of the seat and said: “Sorry madam, i am late. Waiting till shop close time. Ran directly here. Sorry madam little bit late.”
“Amina, keep that money. I had given that as a present. A Christmas present.’
“No madam, too much money. Not present, you sad, you cried and ran. Therefore you forgot money. Correct?”
I smiled. “Okay,” I said and took the money. “But Amina, take this perfume, my present.” I took out a small bottle from my suitcase and gave her. I further asked,” Today is Christmas. Why didn’t you shut the shop? ” I asked.
“Thank you for the scent. No holiday. No Christmas for me. I am moslem. Many customers also.” she said.
I opened the door to the balcony of my room. We went out and watched the lake, now shining with lights.
“Why you cry?” Amina asked me.
“Daddy-mummy cried. So I cried.”
“Loneliness?” Amina asked.
“Yes, I am very lonely. Today is Christmas, I have nobody to talk to me,” I started crying again.
“Don’t cry. Amina here for you,” Amina said. She was standing next to me. I sobbed, Amina hugged me. That was when I noticed her. She was taller than me, 5’9″, very dark, bright eyes, small lips and a great wiry body like a sprinter. I was breaking open her hug to go inside to get tissues. Amina said: “No, stand here, Amina will wipe tears.” She took out a kerchief and wiped my face. She said: “Good girl!” I smiled. But again my eyes welled up with tears.
“Don’t cry, na. I am angry,” Amina slapped me on my bottom.
Oh my god! At that moment I felt very sexy and wet. I looked at Amina and said, “Ok, no cry. What else?”
“Come inside.” she said.
I felt greatly turned on by obeying her. I went inside. She drew the curtains and sat on a chair. She asked me “Remove blouse.”
I looked at her in great surprise. “What?” I asked.
“Remove skirt,” she said threateningly. I felt so good and so wet that I wanted to prolong the play. i said: “No?”
“No?” she hit me on my thigh. Not painful, but very erotic.
“Remove blouse.” I took off the T shirt.
“Now, jeans remove,” Amina said.
I did that. She stood up. She came near me and hugged. She lifted my face up with her hand and kissed me. My eyes closed. Her toungue went deeply into my mouth, her hands were gently massaging my buttocks. I started moaning. She stepped aside. I moved forward to touch her.
“NO, ” she said. “You remove your bra.” I did that.
She looked at me appreciatingly. My nipples were erect. She looked at them with interest. Then she said: “take off underwear.”
I took off ‘underwear’ which was actually a Victoria’s Secret panties!! I was naked and standing before her. She was fully dressed in a black salwar and kameez. She watched me and said “Lie down
I went and lied down on the bed. She said: “Do finger fuck.”
I was a bit confused. How can I masturbate her, as she is fully clothed. Amina seemed to undestand my dilemma. She said: ” Finger fuck yourself.” She picked up my hand and caught hold of my middle finger. She guided it to my pussy. She placed my finger on my clitoris mount and with her hand made it rub 3-4 times. She then went and sat on the couch opposite my bed, watching me.
“No stops,” she said. Her command over me, her dominating demeanor, her watchful eyes, all these made me very horny. I closed my eyes and masturbated like hell. I cried out when I came. My body arched forward. Sitting there she could see my pussy opened up. She did not move for a while.
Then Amina came and lied down next to me. She was fully clothed. She hugged naked me and whispered in my ears. :”Don’t worry. I love you.” Her words made me feel very tender that I started crying. She hugged me tightly and her right hand was massaging my bum. The massaging hand very softly circled my asshole. I was feeling very relaxed. The finger entered my asshole. She was putting the finger in and out. I was feeling very good. First time someone touching there. I came, a string of tiny orgasms!
“Amina, you are not naked, ” I said.
“Ok, make me naked.” she said.
With her help , I removed her top and then untied the string of her pajamas. Finally when I saw her naked, she was gorgeous. Her breasts were small and nipples erect. She had slim waist and nice puffy pussy. All shaven and smooth. I wanted to kiss and make love to her. But I hesistated, because she is the boss.
She kissed me. That was the signal I was waiting. I started eating her from her forehead. Her nose tasted well. I knew the taste of her lips from before. When I reached her clit, she started moaning ‘Ay O, Am A, Ay O, Am A’ in a rhythmic manner.
“What you lick,” she asked me.
“Why? It is your clit”
“In English small one is called clit?”
“Yes.” I said, “clitoris is the word.”
“In malayalam we call it cunt.” Amina said.
“In English cunt means pussy.” I said.
She stopped talking and went back to saying ‘Ay O, Am A’. After some time she came with a big cry. I was afraid other guests in the hotel would feel disturbed.
We kissed and we did 69. She wanted to lick my asshole. She took me to the bathroom and washed my bottom with liquid soap. She said, “You see you don’t wash after Number 1. You use tissue paper. So I wash and then put tongue there.” I felt that was very cute of her and got doubly turned on. She tongue fucked my bottom hole and I came big.
Then for ten minutes we hugged each other, listening to each other’s heartbeats. We did nothing. That was very beautiful. By then it was 0930 pm. It was too late for her to go. I asked her to stay back. She rang up her warden in the Working Women’s hostel where she was residing and took her permission for night out.
We hired a taxi and went to a nice restaurant in Willingdon Island. Thiugh it was called Casino, there was no gambling there. We drank whisky. We came back and had more sex.
“Thank you Amina, this is my best Christmas for me in years.” I said.
Oh I am sorry if this long story has tested your patience. In case you want to be in touch with me here is my email address trixa {AT} mail.com

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