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Me with chithra chechi

Hi readers, I am Remya from Trivandrum, It’s been a long time since I have posted my incidents, actually there was never a real incident till last week in my life, this happened last week when I went to palakkad my native town, there my cousins marriage was fixed and we all visited there. There many of my relatives came and there we have two three adjacent houses in old Kerala model.

We where in my uncles house, that was a two storied house and I was given the upstairs where one of my cousin sister chithra was also with me, she also came here for the occasion and she gave me good company. One day we all went to the near by temple. When we returned some of the girls near by was putting mehendi in there palms, my cousin liked it and she also asked them to put it on her hands, I told I will be back after changing the dress. I went to the house, there the steps are in wood and steep, nale kette model, while ascending the steps I step on my pavada and the hook jut got off, I hold the pavada by hands and went up stairs, there one of our servant man was cleaning the floor after changing the roof tiles, I smiled at him, as there where nobody else anywhere, I thought of changing my pavada, I took one of midi from the bag and put it on, then let my pavada fall down, I bend down to take it, he was look at my chest, when I suddenly looked at him he changed his head, I turn away from him and thought of teasing him, I opened my blouse and took it off, I was showing my back to him, I reached my hands back to unhook my bra, and untied it and throw it to bed, now I took my top from my bag and put it over my head, now my head and face is covered by the top and I tuned towards him, he was staring at my bare chest, I was also enjoying it.

Suddenly he went down as if scared, also I heard some one coming up, it was chithra chechi, she had put mehendi in both of her hands. She was wearing a pattu sari and she also had stepped on it while climbing the stares. When she came in I saw her deep navel and her saree was very much low hip, she told me to close the door. She then sat on the bed and told me it will take one hour to wash of her hands, she told me that she was wearing a costly saree and she is scared that if mehendi will make colours on it, she told me to take her saree and put it carefully. She stud in front of me and asked me to untie the saree, I took the pallu from her shoulders, she was wearing a backless blouse which have strings in place of hooks, which I noticed when we went to the temple, she was showing of her back there, there was only one string that kept her blouse intact. When I took the pallu I noticed that she was not wearing any bra beneath as it a back less blouse, I slowly took the pleat of the saree from her belly she hold her breath for easing the midriff but it was more showing of her belly. I took the saree folded it and placed it on her suite case. She then told me that her blouse is also a rare matching one for the saree and told me to take it also. I went back her and opened the strings, came in front of her and pulled the blouse down, now her bare breast was feasting my eyes.

She was then suddenly taken aback and told me in shy that she forgot that she was not wearing her bra. She asked me to tie back the blouse saying this she turned her back to me. I then pulled back her blouse and started to tie it, she then stopped me and said that her breasts are not in place and asked me to put my hands inside her blouse and position her breasts up. I standing behind her put my hands inside her blouse, my hands where shivering and I have a mixed situation there, I also liked it. I took my time, caressed her breasts and tits, and tied the blouse. Chithra chechi also liked it she was also breathing fast and standing there relaxed. She then told me as there is no one here I can take her blouse, I untied her blouse and came in front of her and pulled the blouse slowly, took it out from her. She was not looking at me she looked at her palms ad mehendi, I was staring at her breasts it was milk white and well shaped. She then told me to take a nighty from the rack.

When I came back she was trying to tie her under skirt, then I helped her to untie it and it fall down, I bend down to take it , while she stepped back wards and saw that I was not wearing any bra. She was now in her panties only, she then told me it’s time for washing her hands saying this she went to the attached bathroom. She came back and told me that in evening we can go to the pond near by and bath……. next time……

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