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Usha and Her Chechi

I was 25 when I got married. Usha, my wife was just 19. To put this in other words, we were very high on passion, but short on experience. All my knowledge about sex was based on some readings of porn books and a book called ‘the Marriage Manual’. Usha’s aunts told her that not to get scared if her new husband does funny things like putting his urinating thing into hers. They told her that is how kids are made. Well, whatever. I found Usha naturally responding to my kisses and foreplay, she was properly wet and enjoyed sex. The urinating part was quietly forgottenand we got down to business.

Well, we had sex every day. I used to start fucking her by masturbating her. At some point,she used to grab my prick and put it into her young pussy. By now, we were little more experienced, having watched in nude a couple of foreign porn videos.

One day, a fateful day, she asked: “ Chetta, where is my clitoris?”

That night, I searched for her clit. I touched her wet pussy and asked her to signal me by catching my hand when she feels maximum pleasure. She did that, and I went looking for the elusive clit, but, could not find it.

Talk of inexperience!!! The search continued and we became rather frustrated. WHERE IS USHA’S CLITORIS? I read some anatomy books, but no clit.

One day, Usha’s distant cousin, a middle-aged lady doctor from Singapore visited us. She was staying with us to catch a flight from Nedumbassery next day.

After the dinner I retired to our bedroom. Usha took our guest, Amminichechi, to the guest room. They gossiped for hours, all their family stuff. I was feeling sleepy and closing my eyes when I heard the guest room door closing.

What I am going to tell you next is what Usha told me later. At some point Usha told Amminichechi that she is physically deformed.

“What?” Chechi asked.

“Yes,” Usha said, “I have no clitoris.”

“Don’t be silly,” said Chechi and asked Usha to close the door. She took out a medical CD from her bag and put in on our computer that is kept in the guestroom.

“Look, this is clitoris,” she pointed to the computer image of a vagina.

“But I don’t have one!!” Usha said.

“Go to the bathroom and check here, where the small lips of your vagina meet and look under the hood.” Chechi said.

Usha did that. She came back with tears in her eyes and said:”Chechi, I can’t find it.”

“You silly girl, Don’t cry. Come here. Take off your panties and lift up your saree. Then sit on your haunches, as you do on an Indian commode. Chechi will show you where your clitoris is.”

Usha did that. Chechi took out a doctor’s mirror from her bag. A doctor’s mirror is a tiny round concave mirror that magnifies, with a long handle to it. She put it on Usha’s pussy, probed her pussy. Then she said:” Can you see that hood?”


“Now, open it slowly with your fingers.”

Usha saw a tiny shiva lingam type of organ. It was like a micro-penis, but magnified many times by the mirror.

“Thank you, Chechi, but can I show it to Chettan? Poor man, he was searching for it ever since we got married.”

“Sure, you can. You can take the mirror to your room.”

“But, I won’t be able to find out for myself.”

“What do you want to do ?”

“Can I call him here?” Usha asked.

“No, have you gone mad? I am your elderly relative.”

“But you are also a doc. “

“So what? “

“Treat us your patients. Please call Chettan.” Usha pleaded.

“But I feel embarrassed.”

Amminichechi finally came and called me. A word about her. She is a mousy looking woman with a stern face. She wore black round specs that made her look much more than her 35 years. Her dress was cotton saree with a blouse whose sleeves covered three fourth of her arms. In short there was not a bit of sexuality in the poor woman.

She called me into our guest room where Usha was sitting on the floor. She asked me like a physician: ”I believe you suspect your wife is without a vital organ.”

I was little perplexed. I asked :”Which one, Chechi?”

“ The one at the top of labia minora.”

“I don’t know all your medical jargon. Please be clear

Usha piped in :”She is referring to my clit, dear.”

I was shocked, to say the least. And dumbstruck. I heard Amminichechi ordering Usha like a gynecologist: “Usha, sit on your haunches. Sread your legs.”

She took out the mirror from her satchel and played around it on Usha’s wide open pussy. She gave me the mirror and said :”Now see for yourself.”

I went down and saw it. Magnified by the concave mirror, a little piece of flesh. I noticed Usha’s clit was erect. Also the mirror clearly showed her wetness.

Usha was thoroughly horny. She took my middle finger and placed it on her clit. I was having a giant turn on myself. Completely oblivious to Chechi I started massaging her clit. Then I helped Usha to get up and we moved on the bed.

“Excuse me, “ Chechi said. Her voice brought us down to the earth with a thud. Chechi continued: “You know why you people did not find the clit? Well, Usha’s clit is smaller than the normal. A normal clit is bigger. Look here.”

Chechi lifted her saree and showed hers. You can see it without a mirror. Usha went near her to have a close look. She touched the organ, whereupon Chechi moaned softly. They both started kissing. When Usha undressed her, Chechi was no longer mousy. Her breasts were firm and thighs young. Chechi undressed Usha also, all the while massaging her boobs. They both moved on to the bed. I took of my clothes myself and positioned myself in the middle. With the middle finger of my left hand I fucked Usha and with the middle finger of my right hand, I did the same to Chechi. Usha was masturbating my cock while Chechi was tickling my balls. In a giant explosion we came together.

By now, Usha’s pussy was all-open by itself and I got back my erection. I was about to fuck Usha, when she stopped me and like a good hostess that she is, offered me to Chechi.

“Let me do it to you, I am good at that, “ Chechi said and got on top of me. As she was moving ferociously I saw Usha putting her tongue into Chechi’s rosy asshole.

Then Chechi and Usha did 69. After watching many mutiple orgasms I got another hard on. This time it was Usha’s turn…..

Readers’ this is another one of my real-life stories. If you like it please write to me at
chettan4568 {AT} yahoo.com

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