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My Wife And The Maids Husband

Simran hesitated just for an instant before pulling her panty down and stepping out of it fully nude. She was still in her dressing room. She had read about the benefits of massage in a number of newspapers and journals but could perhaps never muster the courage to go to a parlour. All sorts of doubts would appear to cloud her mind. How could she strip fully before complete strangers! And if the masseuse turned out to be a man! God! She would certainly die due to sheer embarrassment. And if she insisted on having a lady to do the job, perhaps the parlour owners would smirk at her prudishness.

However when her maid servant Lakshmi had once mentioned that she too had lived in Kerala and had picked up that art, Simran decided that the time had come to indulge in what she had been wanting to do for so long. For the lady to be seen nude by a maid servant was, well, natural. The only thing was the initial hesitation because till now Simran had only been topless in front of Lakshmi and that too only once. The admiration that was reflected in Lakshmi’s eyes at that time was not lost on Simran. So when she broached the topic of getting herself massaged by Lakshmi, her response was more than enthusiastic.

Lakshmi and her husband Bhavdeep had been with them for almost one year. While Bhavdeep worked as a driver, Lakshmi looked after the kitchen and whatever sundry work was assigned to her. Lakshmi was dark and in her early thirties whereas Bhavdeep, though of a similar age was fairer and looked slightly younger. In fact so fair was his complexion that an ignorant visitor could have been excused for assuming that he was a member of the family.

At 26, Simran had a body that would give many established models a run for their money. Generous and firm 34 B size breasts complimented her 5 feet 7 inches body that was tall by Indian standards. Before stepping out from the dressing room she permitted herself some vanity and admired her nude self. The slender neck, the flawless satin skin, the shapely breasts capped by chocolatish brown nipples with small aerola, the sparse hair in the shaped pussy which did not do much to hide the lips of the labia, the long and lovely legs and the nail polished bare feet. There was a long and black beauty spot not unlike the shape of a heart, that was situated at the top of her right thigh. It had been a matter of some consolation to Simran that the mark was situated so high that it would be visible only if she went nude and the chances of that were remote. Her nude body was a sight that could have stopped anyone in his tracks. A light golden chain in the neck, appropriately designed bangles on her wrists and a cute pair of anklets only served to accentuate her well toned body.

A suitable mat had been spread on the floor. Lakshmi had locked the door and was waiting for Simran with a bottle of oil in her hand. This bottle had been purchased by Simran herself with the fond hope that someday she would be making use of it. That day had finally arrived.

She finally took a deep breath and stepped out of the dressing room. She was feeling very self conscious but had braced herself by telling her own self that if she wanted a massage she had to strip, so it was best to act confident. As Lakshmi saw her Mem Sahib nude for the first time, she just stood mesmerised. If she had found Simran to be beautiful from above the waist, she was absolutely gorgeous from below the waist. Lakshmi also noted that Simran had recently got her belly button pierced and a dainty golden ring there, despite its small size was arousing tremendous passion in whosoever beheld that sight. Lakshmi was fully aware of the employer/employee relations between herself and Simran but she couldn’t help thinking that if the sight of Simran’s nude body could have such a powerful impact on her, what impact would it have on a male?

Simran acted nonchalant as if this was not at all a big deal for her. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and lay there ready for Lakshmi to start. The first touch made her jump but she soon relaxed as Lakshmi poured warm oil over her back. The smoothing of the oil on her body was delicious, the firm yet soft hands soothing her, first her shoulders, arms then lower back and when her buttocks trembled slightly under Lakshmi’s touch she felt a sense of letting go… almost a submission to her maid.

`Mem Sahib. may I say something?’ Lakshmi asked.

`Yes.’ Simran answered.

`You are very beautiful.’ Lakshmi said in a husky tone. After all, it was not everyday that one got to work with a beautiful lady and it was even rarer to see her nude.

`Hmm.’she mumbled not knowing how exactly to respond to a compliment being paid by a maid.

`Mem Sahib. You are so hairless here. Just this little line of vertical hair looks very pretty.’ Lakshmi carried on pointing to Simran’s shaped pussy with her eyebrows. `Sahib must be very happy to see you that you put in so much effort to give it such a proper shape.’

Simran felt that the most appropriate response would be to keep quiet. She felt that Lakshmi was overstepping her limits but the compliments were such that she was actually enjoying listening to them. Her legs and feet were coated with the oil and Simran’s body felt so relaxed….so out of her control… that when Lakshmi parted her legs to coat her inner thighs, she moaned softly and felt a familiar wetness beginning to form in her most sensitive spot between her thighs.

`Mem Sahib. This dark spot that you have right here is very beautiful’ Lakshmi said running her slick fingers over the smooth skin on the inner thigh. Simran knew that in the state of nudity,the spot would be so visible that it would definitely be noticed. `Even Bhavdeep has a similar spot.’ Lakshmi continued.

`Where?’ Simran asked sleepily and regretted it almost immediately. The massage had had a twin impact on her: she had started feeling drowsy and aroused at the same time.

`Very close to where you have it. It is long and carries on upto where his… starts.’ Lakshmi said blushing furiously.

Even Simran was blushing. It felt odd to be discussing birthmarks of the maid’s husband situated in private parts. Despite that she felt a tingling in the lips of her pussy and immediately dismissed all erotic thoughts. How could she feel aroused thinking about a maid’s husband?

For a moment the feeling of embarrassment persisted and then faded away. So she relaxed, not bothering to close her legs when Lakshmi had coated them and, with the oil on her body, she couldn’t tell what was oil and what was her body’s reaction to the hands that stroked her. However, she dreamily thought that it was good that Lakshmi is so adept at her job and it was such a pleasure to be treated like a queen. Lakshmi smiled down at Simran’s naked body lying on the table before her and admired the gleaming skin. It had shades of a beautiful golden brown all over except for the pink undersides of her feet.

Everything appeared to be going dreamily when Simran heard loud noises outside. What on earth could have been going on, she wondered. The voices were that of her husband and he appeared to be very angry.

`Lakhmi, I must go and see. Amit appears to be very upset.’ Simran said.

`Okay, Mem Sahib. As you say.’ Lakshmi said winding up the massage by rubbing the remaining oil in Simran’s body by gently pulling her buttock cheeks apart and rubbing her oily fingers in the crack. For a fraction of a second they lingered on teasingly at the entry of her ass and then it was over.

Simran hurriedly put on the gown that she had discarded over her body and emerged from the room. She was quite perturbed and it did not bother her that her ample cleavage could be seen. With Lakshmi close on her heels she proceeded towards the place from where the voice was emanating and were just in time to hear the sound of a resounding slap. Both Simran and Lakshmi were aghast to see that the recipient of the slap was none other than Lakshmi’s husband Bhavdeep.

`What is going on here?’ Simran asked no one in particular.

`Ask this man. He is so thankless. We have employed both of them. Not only is he not sincere he answers back.’ Amit bellowed.

Bhavdeep stood transfixed to the ground and did not utter a single word.

`Whatever the case may be you should learn to keep your temper under control.’ Simran spoke to her husband. She somehow felt bad at this crass display of crude power by her husband and that too in front of Lakshmi. What would a wife feel when she saw her husband being slapped!

`I am fed up. You also lecture me.’ Amit spoke in an exasperated tone and marched out of the room.

Simran felt like consoling Bhavdeep and just as she approached him, she became conscious that her robe had just been tied with a cord and that under the robe she was completely nude. Her bare legs could be seen through the slit in the gown just as her cleavage. As she was becoming conscious of her state and was contemplating withdrawing, her eyes met that of Bhavdeep. She expected to find a feeling of hurt; instead she found a lusty feeling, a desire that was at the same time scary and endearing. By way of reflex action, Simran looked down at her feet and turning around swiftly walked to the privacy of her room. Somehow she felt a trifle disturbed. What disturbed her even more was that she did not feel contempt for the husband of her maid. This is preposterous, she told herself as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her skin was glowing from the massage and it was hardly Bhavdeep’s fault that he had forgotten all about the insults heaped on him by her husband. Simran shuddered, and peeled off the gown over her slender shoulders. For a while she looked at her bare self in the mirror. As she saw her own birthmark hidden so tastefully by nature, she recalled what Lakshmi had told her about a similar mark’s existence on Bhavdeep’s cock. Even within the solitary confines of her room, Simran blushed and went to the bathroom for a shower.

That night Amit returned very late and was too tired and drunk to do anything. Simran wanted to speak to him but found that there was no point in trying. She expected Lakshmi to be sulking the next day but was pleasantly surprised to find that she was present in the house, in time. Simran was wearing the same gown that she had worn the previous evening. It was a gown that she was very fond of and although her mother-in-law had once or twice made disparaging comments about the fact that it revealed more than it hid, it was still a favourite of Simran.

`I am sorry about yesterday.’she said in a small voice.

`Why, Mem Sahib?’ Lakshmi appeared to be quite normal.

`I mean Amit did not really behave the way he should have.’ Simran elaborated.

`Oh, that. It is okay Mem Sahib. Bhavdeep is a very nice person. He likes Sahib a lot.’ Lakshmi said. `And you too.’ She added.

`What?’ Simran was surprised.

`Nothing, Mem Sahib. And you won’t believe what happened. At night, I told him that you are really beautiful and that you too have a birth mark like he does. He asked me how did I know and I told him that I had massaged you, that was how.’ Lakshmi said excitedly.

`You told him that you had seen me nude?’ Simran was aghast.

`Yes, Mem Sahib. What is wrong? I am a woman and I thought that it was perfectly okay to tell him that I had seen you nude. Did I do something wrong?’ Lakshmi asked innocently.

Simran did not know as to how to explain things to Lakshmi. First she goes and tells her husband that she has seen Mem Sahib nude, then she also tells him that he and Mem Sahib have a similar birthmark and that too in their private parts.

`Nothing wrong. But what is the need to say such things?’ Simran said absent mindedly.

The day passed uneventfully. Amit was grumpy all throughout. He hardly had anything for breakfast and was busy throughout the day. He had taken another driver and Bhavdeep was left behind. Lakshmi too therefore went early but returned after two hours saying that since Bhavdeep had gone away because of some important work, she did not know what to do.

That night Simran wanted to please Amit, so she put on her sexiest nightie. It was a peach coloured one brought by Amit from one of his sojourns abroad. She applied erotic perfume on her pussy and underarms and on the back of her knees before wearing a diaphanous bra and G string panty which left little for the viewer’s imagination. She put on a dainty pair of silver anklets which were just right for a nice round of lovemaking, subtle enough to highlight Simran’s feminity. Tastefully applied nailpolish on her toes and hands made her look absolutely ravishing.

Amit did arrive at around 11 at night. He had to attend a party with some colleagues and did not appear to be in the best mood. However seeing his wife in such a lovely attire did lift his spirits a little. He went to the bathroom for a shower and by the time he returned, Simran had slid between the cold and crisp white sheets in anticipation of what should have followed.

Just as Amit was easing himself into the bed there was a sound from the drawing room. This appeared to be strange. The servants lived in the outhouse and there was no reason for anybody’s presence in the house. It could perhaps have been a cat or a mouse. This suspense lasted for barely a minute when Simran was appalled to see a well built man in a mask intruding into the bedroom. Simran was almost nude but thankfully in the bed. The mask was black in colour and hid the entire face except for the eyes and the lips. He was armed with a revolver.

`Come to the drawing room. Both of you.’ He said, his voice a menacing whisper.

`I, well….’ Simran stammered.

`Out of the bed. Now.’ he said, his voice absolutely cold. Simran looked at Amit but he offered no advice. Not because he didn’t want to but he did not appear to be in a position to do so. Seeing that there was absolutely no alternative, Simran got out of the bed and saw the pupils of the intruder’s eyes widen as they drank in the sight of her body through the transparent nightie. Somehow they did not seem to be unfamiliar. Neither Amit nor Simran had any choice; so they meekly followed him, both of them too scared to do anything but obey. The fear in the living room was thick and palpable as Amit was made to sit meekly on a straight chair. Amit tried to assert himself but after a hectic day and the liberal pegs of whiskey he was in no position to take on the intruder. He was tied down firmly with a plastic rope brought by the intruder who also slammed down a handkerchief suffused with something on Amit’s mouth which made him even more drowsy within no time. The intruder had obviously done his homework. What exactly he had in mind was beyond Simran. She was however feeling very awkward at being so scantily clad in front of the man.

`Now take this nightie off nice and slow. Please’ The man’s voice was a whisper. Simran bit her lip as she looked over at her husband and knew she had very little choice in the matter so she hesitantly took off her necklace Amit given her as a birthday present and dropped it on the floor.

`I’ll do whatever you say if you let us go and promise not to hurt me or my husband,’ Simran said, tears falling down her cheeks.

`Come on, please be quick. We assure you that if you behave you won’t be hurt.!’ The man commanded, his eyes blazing with lust. Simran felt her face flush self-conciously as she tentatively, almost seductively, took her beautiful nightie off. The hungry look in his eyes made her try to cover her glorious bra-covered C-sized breasts, but thought better of it and pulled them away and unhooked her bra, dropping it to the floor. Her breasts felt nice and free in the open air and her brownish nipples were hard, like bullets from the fear and cold. One thing many guys found attractive about her was the fact her breasts stuck out and didn’t bounce as much as most women’s did. The only problem was most people that had seen her breasts (which wasn’t very many, only other girls), thought that this meant that she undergone some expensive surgery, which wasn’t true. As Simran stepped out of the nightie leaving it crumpled on the floor, she felt an odd sensation enter her body. She couldn’t describe it beyond knowing that this man, besides her husband, was perhaps the only one who was seeing her virtually nude.

`I did what you said. Please take what you want and let us be.’ Simran said, afraid that he would force her to take her panties off as well.

`Not quite yet,’ The man said as he came up to her with a wide cruel smirk. He took the initiative in pulling her lace panties down right to her bare feet exposing her beautifully shaped pussy. It was his casual demeanour that Simran found chilling.

`Look, this is nothing personal, but it is a fantasy of all rich persons to see their wives have pleasure. All sorts of pleasure.’

`W..what does that mean?’ Simran asked suddenly terrified.

`Don’t be afraid.’ He said almost patronizingly. `I am sure you know how pretty you are. Surely this beauty needs to be shared with persons who are not as fortunate as he is.’ He said pointing towards Amit.

`Please, please…’ Simran burst into tears.

`You somehow think that I want to hurt you. Not if you cooperate. You,’ he said addressing Amit. `Tell her to co-operate and enjoy; if you do not want to get seriously hurt.’

He was so much in command of the situation that he kept the revolver on one side and stepped out of his trouser. He wore no underwear and out sprang an uncircumcised cock that was surprisingly fair and well built. Simran had always imagined that the burglars were always the dark skinned ones but this was to her, even in that state of terror, a surprise. The head looked like a helmet, oozing white stuff that she knew had to be precum. It was the raw power behind it that truly frightened her.

`Please don’t do this to us. If it is money that you are after, we are prepared to let you have whatever you want.’Simran said. Simran’s please seemed to have no effect on him, rather it seemed that he was getting a kick out of her discomfiture. Looking over at her husband, still in bondage, Simran was horrified to notice he was now recovering from the effects of the tranquillizer that he had smelt.

`Please don’t force me to be rough with you. Surely you realize that I can get what I want by being nasty. If that is what you want, so be it. Should I start by breaking his teeth?’ he said in a matter of fact manner while proceeding to switch off the light. `It won’t do for others to wonder as to why the light in the room is on at this time of the night but the light that is coming in from your bedroom should keep us going nicely. Now, you well, what does a girl do when she sees a cock? Obviously sucks it. So do it. But wait, I think I need to do you a favour.’

The man knelt between her legs rubbing his own cock which had assumed a full throbbing erection by then. `That’s nice, God I wish I had a camera at a time like this.’ He laughed quietly at the possible humiliation she would feel. Then he leaned in on her and with one hand squeezed her breasts. He took the other hand to his mouth and put one finger inside it. Once it was properly wet and dripping from his saliva he began sliding it in and out of Simran’s pussy. Just up to the knuckle to get her wet, but she was already wet and he worked in the whole finger and started fucking her with it the other hand teasing her nipples. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back trying to ignore what he was doing to her, but Amit could see Simran bite her lip and start to hump back. He worked in a second finger and got a bit more energetic and she turned her head left and the right taking deep breaths. When he started thumbing her clit at the same time she lost it. No longer could she control what her body was going through. Her chest heaved and both her husband and the intruder saw the ripples run down her abdomen with each contraction. Her thigh twitched and her whole body shook with the power of her orgasm. Before she could think, the man was leaning down on top of her. She could feel his hard-on against her belly and knew it would be inside soon. He worked it against her skin to get used to her body and began searching for her wet pussy. This was not the way she wanted this to happen. She had to stall him somehow.

`Wait please, don’t … don’t.’ was all she could come up with.

`Do you mean you don’t want me to fuck you? You must want to suck my cock first, right?’ He sat up and straddling her waist, leaned in and brought his cock up between Simran’s mauled tits. He cupped a tit in each hand and very slowly ran his tongue over her nipples. Although she tried her best to prevent it but the nipples stood perfectly erect as they did when tremendously aroused. Seeing the response of the nipples, he laughed a slow laugh before taking them in between his teeth and biting them almost lovingly.

Seeing that this was again taking Simran to the heights of pleasure and ecstasy, he discontinued that and squeezed both the breasts together to wrap his cock and then started fucking the lovely groove thus formed. Simran didn’t know what was going on but thought she should try to bring him off quickly and began rocking to his rhythm. He liked the way she was moving with him now and picked up speed. After a few minutes he opened her mouth with his two fingers and searched out her tongue. Her eyes were closed and when he shifted forward she did not see it until his cock was in her mouth. He held the same pace as with her tits and began fucking her face. Simran could not turn away, he held her in place and drove forward until his cock pushed into her throat. By way of reflex action, Simran opened her mouth in such a way that her teeth would not hurt the intruding cock; the lips were so positioned that they held the foreskin back while allowing the entry of the cock in the mouth. The realization dawned on her that he was using her pretty face as his little fuck toy. It was at that very moment that she opened her eyes and something struck her as very strange. The shaft that was going in and out of her mouth had a black mark at the root. This was what Lakshmi had told her about her husband.

Oh my God! The realization suddenly dawned on her and this was Lakshmi’s husband who was doing this to her. Lakshmi had always said that he was a nice man. Why, then?Oh, he was avenging the humiliation that Amit periodically heaped upon him! As the cock rammed into her mouth, she recalled the scene when she wanted to console him after Amit had hit Bhavdeep. She opened her eyes wider and peered into the eyes of the man. Even in the darkness she recognized those eyes. Struggling to breathe as he picked up his pace, Simran was shocked as his seed shot down her throat the sheer force of discharge rendering her incapable of doing anything else. She choked and tried to turn away but only after a substantial amount of cum had found its way down her throat. Surprisingly the taste was quite similar to the cum of her husband and not unpleasant. In a second he was back between her ripe tits and fucking them harder than before. Each thrust now ended with his sperm shot into her face. She kept her eyes closed and waited it out as Bhavdeep finished his needs.

`Are you happy now? Can you get off me?’ Simran was glad it was over and she wanted to get out of there. Yes, what Bhavdeep had said was perhaps right. A man may want to imagine his wife having sex elsewhere but being violated in front of his own eyes while he sat there, tied and helpless! The only silver lining was that he had not hurt either Amit or her which he could very well have done had he wanted to.Bhavdeep had other ideas, however.

`Thank you. That was very nice of you’ He slid back down but still held her pinned to the ground. As he massaged his cum into her breasts he kicked her legs open again and positioned himself between her knees.

`I feel I owe you one,’ and he dove down into her pussy and immediately found her clit with his tongue. Simran tried to push him away but found her legs squeezing his head in place. One of his hands mauled her tits some more while the other began finger her cunt. She could not resist and her body’s desperate instincts took over. She pulled him in with her thighs and her hands now, not wanting any of this to stop and when the wave swept over her for the second time there was no resistance. Her hips humped his face like he had fucked hers. She couldn’t tell if she was breathing until she heard her own screams of orgasm. Finally, as it passed, she let him up for air. What Bhavdeep saw as he rose took his breath away and brought his cock back rock hard.

Simran’s young well-toned and shaped body, still writhing in ecstasy was laid out spread-eagle before him. Her skin was on fire, blushed red and quivering. Her mouth, still showing his come on her lips was wide open, catching her breath. Her tits rose and fell with each inhale, her nipples still standing erect. Everywhere her skin glistened with the mixed sweat and sperm. As he moved his cock up to her pussy she offered no resistance. Simran lifted her knees and opened herself as much as possible to him. Neither much noticed as the head of his cock touched the moist lips of her pussy. They willingly gave way and the pussy walls eagerly wrapped themselves around the shaft of the cock as the foreskin rolled back with each shove. Bhavdeep would withdraw fully and again thrust his cock back into her so that a steady fucking rhythm was formed. Her body was so aroused and her pussy soaking wet that she took him in all the way, easily. Reaching back he hooked both knees with his elbows and folded her in half. She felt him drive deeper than before and she grabbed onto her own knees tight against her tits now and let him take her. With each thrust she felt her his pubic bone grind against hers She could also hear the clapping sound his testicles were making as they clapped against her perinium. Simran accepted this fuck with another man with quiet resilience. It surprised her that she had given in so easily, but she realized to her surprise and shame that it turned her on incredibly to be forced.

She came twice more beneath the body of Bhavdeep and then he rolled her onto her knees. On all fours he took her from behind, pulling her head back by her long hair and riding her like the animal in heat that she was. With his last desperate strokes he deposited his second load of cum into the sweet pussy of the lovely Mem Sahib, the first having been deposited in her mouth. What made it even harder was how her pussy was starting to adjust to this man’s girth and she found her body was betraying her. As his hot rod banged continuously against her cervix, Simran began to feel her fear start to literally melt a way and a new feeling began to enthrall her. A loud moan of pleasure issued forth from deep within her throat and almost against her will, she began to thrust back as a flush began to creep up her fair cheeks. What was she doing? Here she was, raped and deflowered by a man who wasn’t only foul but the husband of an employee, and she was starting to enjoy it! The man did not stay long to enjoy the drowsiness that takes hold of a man after good sex. As Simran lay he kissed/licked her concentrating on her full lips, the nipples, the inner thighs and finally the wet and oozing-with-cum pussy. He then proceeded to blindfold her also but in such a way that it would require just a minute or two for her to open it. By the time she did it, the intruder was gone.

`I… I am sorry, Amit.’ She said to Amit the next morning. In a way she was thankful that Amit had returned home drunk. Not only that the tranquilizer that had been given to him had made him drowsy and he had not seen his wife’s hips humping back thrust to thrust.

`That is okay. What could you have done? Telling the police will serve no purpose whatsoever. My honour will be at stake. If only there was some way in which that man could be identified. Some way.’ Amit said speaking through clenched teeth.The servants of the household knew of the incident of last night and all of them were standing outside the house. There were gossips galore. Nobody knew exactly what had happened.

As Amit stormed out of the room, Lakshmi entered.`Mem Sahib. Whatever has happened has happened. We are not interested in finding out what happened. But we are very happy that both of you have not been hurt. Sahib is so upset. Even Bhavdeep is angry. Mem Sahib, Sahib is right. If you can identify him, we can take care of him. Is that not so, Bhavdeep?’Simran lifted her head and saw Bhavdeep standing in the doorway. She was looking at him when he too lifted his head and their eyes met.

`Mem Sahib, can you identify him. Anything about him that you may be remembering?’Lakshmi was carrying on.Still looking into Bhavdeep’s eyes, Simran shook her head. Simran was not sure but she thought she saw a playful smile on Bhavdeep’s lips just for a fraction of a second.

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