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D sexiest servant woh !

Hii this is fahad from mumbai , first let me tel u tat i am 21 nw in my final years
of my diploma courses, i am average in health n 6.1 tall . It so happened when one
day i was leaving for my classes i saw a girl abt 19 to 20 yrs of age , 4 a monent i
taught she must be sum of ma cousin n i went , wen i returned she waz still there in
d house , i came to know tat she waz my servant , man she waz so hot , whitish
foreigner like colour ,wit a hot round exellently shaped boobs ,n ass waz as hot as
a pornstar , man those nights i masturbated twice thinking of her , then one day i
went to my kitchen to take a bottle of water n saw her eatin her dinner , as time
passed we slowly started to talk like i use to order her to bring a glass of water
etc etc n started teasing her slowly ,

a month had passed n one time i went to d
kitchen jus like this n saw her preparing juice 4 ma mom , i jus waz out of my
senses n went near her n started talkin , n suddenly jus jokingly frm my both han!
ds pressed both her ass frm behind n could see her upper part boob clearly , she
shouted jokingly ‘arey side hato ‘n smiling at me,my house being very big no one
heard , but tis waz d day , it waz my bro’s birthday , after d short party in r
house every 1 were tired n went to sleep , n she waz a 24 hrs servant n use to
sleep in d second hall , i came out frm my room n d 1st hall waz dark , i went to d
second hall n saw tat she waz missing , d kitchen light waz on n i waz gettin scare
tat by chance if any1 sees me at dis time, but bravery i went to d kitchen n saw
her putting d utensils in d cupboard , i said aur jaao so jaao , her name waz sabra
, she said ya , but i waz jus staring at her but waz scared tat if i try to do
something if sumtin goes wrong , but i went close to her n touched my half erected
penis inside my tracks behind her ass n started pressing her boobs , she suddenly
turned n said ye kya kar rahe ho , etc etc , i said come on no one would know , she
n waz abt to leave d kitchen wen i pulled her bck n again sta!
rted pressing her boobs , she said arey yaar fahad tu pagal ho gaya hai tu samajh
nahi raha , as she waz saying dis i turned her n smooched her hard , nw i slightly
closed d door as she waz holding my bck tightly , widout any delay i took off her
shalwar n started licking n finger fucking her pussy as shown in blue films which
was hairless n smooth ,she had great sweet juices, first she yelled aaaaa hh , she
waz neither wearing panties nor a bra , i licked it n then took off her kameez , my
god tat waz awesome those round fat boobs were like a model’s boobs , i started
sucking them ,n she waz touching n playing wid my cock frm out side , suddenly she
pushed me n took off my tracks n there it waz my 6 inch fat cock waz up in a flash
, n already sum of d cum waz on d tip , she started sucking my cock n gv me a
blowjob , man as it waz my first time i felt tat i waz in heaven , i waz suprised
tat hw can she be so expert in this , i again saw through d door as nothing wrong
, then i told her to cum d 69 way n i again started licking her pussy n she waz
giving me a blow job , after abt 7 to 8 mins i got her straight n waz feeling very
nervous to fuck her, but suprising she caught my cock n guided it to her pussy n
waz telin me , jor se andar tak daalo , lekin rukna mat , man half d cock waz in n
wat a feeling tat waz , as she said i started fucking her hard , n it started d
moaning sound , aaaah aaaaa oooooh aur zor se , but d skin touchin sound saaat
saat waz comin n i waz scared if sum 1 hears it , but nw daringly i closed d door
completely , n came bck n jus again i started fucking her , jus two strokes n i
blasted my cum in her , then we again started smooching n kissing , n jus abt 2 to
4 mins my cock waz again hard standing , n dis time i took her on me , put my cock
in her pussy n started fucking her again , man she waz enjoying it too , i fucked
her very very hard , n dis time i blasted late , abt 12 to 15 mins of hard fuck ,
we were !
sweating a lot , n as i saw d clock it waz 2:30 am , it waz too late we!
both washed n went to sleep ,d next day i nervously taught abt her getting
pregnant so i bought a packet of i pill , ewplained her n made her eat secretly, a
week passed n we din get chances , d other day i waz restin n my mom told me tat d
servant iz comin to clean her room n she waz goin to d market n jus my 8 yrs old
bro waz there in d upper room , as my mom went n she came , i locked d doors n
widout wastin a second i opened my zip n took off my cock frm my underwear , she
started laughing , i went near her caught her n took of her shalwar n put my nw
erected hard penis in her n started smooching n pressing her boobs , 17 to 20 mins
of hard fuck i took of my cock n she caught it n started shaking it , n all cum
came on her face , sum she drank it happily , as i told her to wear her shalwar n
i too widout cleaning it zipped my cock bck in as i had to take a bath , n then
after when eva we gt a chance ,we njoyed.she iz jus superb man .m planning 4 a
three some nw though.

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