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Dark Places

8025522945457970580b0bfd538eccf5I reached the adult age in time but I want to know to do sex. I came to know this when I got my encounter with my neighbors Sudha .one day I was reading my course book and I heard the sound of buckets shattering and then I rose up and saw that Sudha coming up stairs with wash clothes. I sat and didn’t notice her but got the point that she was staring on me. Then I looked her and she smiled. Then I got an idea, as she turned I open my zip and took out my Lund and sat in such position that no one could see except her and then sit like that, that nothing is known. She turned and saw a 9’’ thing and stared and stared only and began to laugh at me in ironical way and then I stood up and start to masturbate in front of her. She was shocked and in 6-7min I came .it dropped on and she felt horny and horny then I moved and she also.

After some time she went to take bath and then came upstairs for keeping her wet clothes and gain found me in the same position and became horny and pass me a comment kya ab nahi raggdo kya and then went down stairs. After this incident and this comment I got much courage and the same thing many a time and every tie she saw me very carefully and felt happy. Thou she was not so well built but she is sexy to look upon. Her was29c-26-36 but she was dam sexy .she never cared about her clothes and always they are disordered. I thought that I only liked her but she also liked me. I got to know this that on one noon I saw her on roof and I went upstairs .at that time no one was on roof on any neighboring house than she lifted her sari and I became horny and then she said one more commentkya dheko gay and I was astonished to here such a bold reply and I just moved from there.

I then showed her many times and she used to come upstairs whenever possible to have a glance of my heaven. I was happy but I want the real thing. My 10th exam are over and I was free for 2 months and want to enjoy then one day came when my dreams could come true. That day my family had gone out of station and her family members are also not there. When her husband had gone I lock my house and she that is there anyone on the road and no one is there. I went close to her house and then have one more look and then jumped into the house and hide at a place and I got the knowledge that her son was there and I remain hide there, when he had gone I came out and sat in the drawing room very quietly she came there after 5 min and she cried on seeing me. I rushed and put my hand on her mouth and then fell over her. The 1st time on a lady. I got exited and my lund touch her vagina. She then pushed me why I was there I didn’t answer but move away from her and she sat on sofa .then I open my zip and took my lund out and place on her cheeks and then her lips and she became angry and she is going to speak any thing I inserted my lund in her mouth . she bit it and I give a cry but then she began to enjoy it. She started to suck lick and to move her hand on my Lund .after some time I was about to come and I force fully pulled it and at that time some of the sperms got into her mouth some on her chest and some on her clothes .she liked the taste.

At this time she told that I had made her dirty and then told that she is going to take a bath. She went and up to that time I had cleaned my lund and was about to leave that she gave me a call and asked me to bring her towel from her bedroom. I was surprised but I did it and give her. After few seconds she came out and she was in front of me only in towels and I am exited and a tent appear in pant. she had a notice over it and then she touched my balls, and waved her hand to follow her. I followed her and in the bedroom she sat on the chair in such a way that I got the look of heaven. Now I could not control and moved towards her and lift her in my hands. Put her on her bed and took out her towel. She was naked before me and I open my clothes to.

Then my first fucking starts and I kissed her everywhere and she also did the same thing and now the turn of her booba came up. I started to drink the milk, firstly no milk came but as soon as I placed my finger on her ched it squeeze out at once and I liked its taste. As milking Sudha was over I placed my cock in her ched and started to move it in and out because I knew that she have a safe period these days. I fucked her for 15 min and then I came into her and then kept it into it for some more time because she is having a tight hole in spite of 2 child. Then I was about to move then she bagged me for my milk and I permit her now I told her to masturbate me slowly and in 5 min I came in exited state and then she have my milk. Then I also took her breast once more and then wore my clothes. And went to my home , I went to upstairs after 1 hour I saw her there and now this is our daily routine.

“Nahin!” Zahid said firmly holding her tightly and frustrating her attempts to turn around. He roughly squeezed her breast and he rubbed his cock against her butt. “Tumari gaand ya tumari choot.eik sai muza lunga mei” (You ass or your cunt. One is going to get pumped) He vowed harshly into her ear.

They struggled but he was stronger, younger and after all, horny.

She was not weaker, but her resolve was grumbling as she felt her body getting turned on by his manhandling of her breasts and the feel of his cock against her ass cheeks.

Nargis stopped resisting him and was silent for a moment. Then she said softly but firmly, “Oil me first”.

Zahid gave a whoop of joy and reached up to the medicine cabinet where his olive oil hair oil was kept.

Nargis positioned herself. Bending over and parting her legs slightly, as her married life, experience had taught her.

She felt the oiliness fall onto her butt crack and his finger pushing the oil into her back hole. She saw Zahid’s lean muscular legs and saw his hand cup and oil his balls and though out of sight, she hoped his shaft was also being oiled.

Finally after a few minutes of pumping her ass hole with oily fingers, Zahid aimed his cock head at the lubricated target of her anus and pushed.

Nargis groaned holding onto the wall as Zahid pushed into her rectum.

“Slowly!” She pleaded She was aware that he was an inexperienced boy with fucking on his mind, so she would have to guide him or end up unable to sit for a few days.

Zahid was neither slow or gentle he just pumped and fucked her ignoring her cries until with a groan he shot his second load deep into her ass.

Nargis panted and cursed him.

Later on that night as Nargis lay in bed struggling with guilt; Zahid lay down beside her and hugged her tightly.

They had both showered and after the fuck in the bathroom. Nargis had dressed cursing him for the pain she felt in her butt.

As she lay there listening to the sound of the thunder now distant as the storm moved off, she allowed Zahid to undress her. He pulled her kamiz up over her head, removed her bra and tugged her shalwar down. For some reason, she didn’t understand, her white panties were left on. They seemed to hold an erotic fascination for Zahid. He caressed the fabric of her panties lovingly. Tracing the shape of her camel toe pussy with his fingertips and leaning down between her legs to smell her as he rubbed her slit and clit through the soft fabric. Nargis allowed him to freely feel and explore her body. Zahid’s hands, pushing under her panty waistband to continue fingering her as he sucked and squeezed on her nipples, hungrily.

After 10 or so minutes of this pussy wetting, fingering; Zahid lay down on his back beside her on the bed and sucked his pussy flavored fingers as he pulled up and down on his cock.

Nargis watched him silently, her own fingers replacing his at her clit and finishing what he had failed to finish. She came over her fingers in her panties, with a soft almost inaudible moan of pure pleasure.

Zahid took her hand and placed it around his stiff bloated prick. Grasping her hand in his, he began to pump his cock.

He placed his free hand behind her head and gently coaxed it towards his shaft.

Nargis understood at once and adjusting her position she took hold of his shaft and licked the mushroom head.

“Oooooooooooooh!” He moaned as she sucked his cock head and manipulated his balls.

“I love you Baji,” He moaned softly and Nargis knew he meant it.

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