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Welcome by sexy neighbour

When she knocked on the door I had just gotten out of the shower and was still dripping wet. I pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and ran to answer the door. I yanked the door open and was met with the sight of a woman probably around 34-35. She had a large friendly smile on her lips and in her hand she was holding what appeared to be fresh idlis..
I looked her up and down, and then I said, “Hello.”
She was dark haired, probably five foot five or six, with large breasts and what looked to be a very nice ass. She was wearing a kaftan. I figured that she was probably pleasantly plump, although if she was, she was in no way slim. “Very nice!” I thought to myself.
She said, “Hello. My name is Shanthi and I figured that I would welcome you to the neighborhood.” And she thrust the plate at me.

I took the plate from her hands and said, “Thanks, I’m Abhay.” Not knowing exactly what to do I just stand there like a wooden pillar for a moment before asking, “You want to come in?”
She said, “Sure, but just for a minute.” She brushed past me into the house and walked briskly into the dinning room where she sat down in one of the chairs.
I followed her into the dining room, and deposited the plate on the table. I stood there awkwardly for a minute or more taking in her appearance. It wasn’t every day that I was yanked out of the shower by an attractive woman.
Shanthi’s black hair was pulled back tight and held together with a hair band. Her face was girlishly round with large soft eyes, a pug nose covered with slight traces of sweat and pouting lips that were covered with dull cherry coloured lipstick. As I looked at her a small smile formed on her lips, her whole face seemed to light up and she said conversationally, “Nice place you have here.”
The sound of her voice startled me from my reverie. I felt somewhat embarrassed at being caught staring. I quickly looked away from her and replied lowly, “Thanks.” Then trying to be a good host I asked, “Would you like something to drink?”
She responded, “Sure, what do you have?”
I told her that I had some coffee but it was cold and I would have to heat it up. Or I had some coke in the fridge. She responded with an innocent smile and a chuckle and said she preferred coke. I got up and walked to the kitchen.
I poured the cococola into two glasses and carried the drinks into the dining room and handed one to Shanthi. She took a sip, smiled slightly and said, “Whew, that’s really chilled?”
I stammered in reply, “uh uh I can open a normal uncooled bottle and pour in some more coke to make it right for you.”
She giggled softly and then responded, “No, that’s alright. I’ll just sip it slow.” She took a long sip from the drink, sat the cup down and said, “Now sit down and tell me about yourself. Do you always answer the door dripping water on the floor and with your pants unzipped?”
“No,” I responded embarrassed and reached down to zip up my pants.
“That’s alright.” She said, “I’ve seen dicks before. I’ve got a couple of kids” And she patted her slightly protruding belly before continuing, “that is what happens after having two kids”
Slightly flustered by the turn of the conversation I responded with, “Yeah its nice to know that you have two children, I have a son.”
Shanthi said, “Yeah and where’s your wife”
“Well I just moved in here. Wife will be joining in another 6 weeks time” I said.
“six weeks!!! You going to be lonely man” She giggled lightly, took another healthy slug of coke and launched into a diatribe on what it was to be lonely married to a business man who used to travel constantly and looking after the kids alone, before segueing into the trials and tribulations of being a wife. She must have been starved for conversation because the only time she stopped talking was when she paused occasionally to take a drink from her glass.
I didn’t really think that she looked that fat. She may have had just a slight pooch to her stomach, but that wasn’t even noticeable if you weren’t looking for it. All in all she was a very delectable dish with soft sweet skin and boobs that could raise the desire of even the most jaded of observers. My eyes traveled over her body taking in the obvious wonders of her physique finally coming to rest on her cute face. Looking into her eyes I could sense a mischievous twinkle and then a small wink. The wink somehow embarrassed me and I looked away, looking down at the half empty drink in my hand. I tried desperately to keep my attention on my cup and folded hands. I never quite succeeded though as my attention was continually recaptured by the vivacity of her conversation and the arm movements she habitually used .
Shanthi did most of the talking, which seemed to be something that she was very comfortable doing. For my part I was quite comfortable sitting there quietly watching her animated conversation. Taking in the way her arms moved when she made a point and the way her jugs jiggled when she swung her arms. My only contribution to the conversation other than oggling her was responding with a “Yeah” or “sure” when it seemed appropriate. The rest of the time I was content to gaze spellbound at her big tits and wonder what they must feel like.
The time was either passing very quickly or Shanthi was sipping her drink very fast because it wasn’t too long before she waved her hand across my field of vision and asked, “Hey there, yoo-hoo, can I have another drink?”
“Huh? Yeah sure, whatever you want. I’ll get you one right now.” I responded and rose from my seat. I walked around the table and when I leaned over to pick up Shanthi’s she leaned toward me slightly and I got a good view down her kaftan. The top couple of buttons appeared to have come undone while we talked and exposed a few inches of her cleavage to my wandering gaze.
“Just make me another.” She said, smiling at me disarmingly.
Yeah, no problem.” I replied as I tore my eyes away from her heaving mounds.
In the kitchen I pulled out of the coke and filled her glass with coke. I began to daydream of the lovely velvet skin of her tits, but I was quickly brought out of my reverie by the sound of a voice directly behind me. “How old are you?” the voice inquired.
Startled, I turned to find Shanthi standing close behind me. “Thirty” I replied before continuing, “Why do you ask? How old are you?”
“Just curious. I’m thirty five.” She said, and then continued with, “I hope you don’t mind if I stand for a while. I want to slim down” She patted her stomach and then continued, “But anything is uncomfortable these hot days sitting, standing, laying down, its so hot.”
I handed her the fresh drink and she took a sip from her it before continuing, “my bra has seen its better days and I just got it a couple of weeks ago. Right now I feel like it is cutting off the blood
to my brain.” She chuckled and took another long drink.
“You’re not fat.” I said.
“Sure I am.” She said before continuing, “Just look.” She sat her drink down on the kitchen table, turned toward me and pulled up her kaftan exposing a large expanse of slightly protruding stomach before rushing on, She raised the kaftan a little more, exposing some of her very impressive jugs. “See?” She asked. “See how the bra cuts into my breasts. It gets really uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing that thing. It’s like a torture machine.” Seeing her standing there with her kaftan pulled up and her panties in clear view, I could make out the outlines of her labial lips as her panty crotch seemed to dig into her slit. That gave me a hard on.
Not knowing what to say, I responded with, “Well why don’t you just loosen it up? Or just take it off?”
“Naw can’t do it. My tits would sag too much.” She replied with a wink before retrieving her drink and taking a healthy pull.
“I don’t think that they’d sag that much.” I responded. I reached myhand out and appreciatively weighed her exposed boob in my palms before continuing, “Yep, they feel pretty firm to me.”
I didn’t know if she was going to slap me or not. I didn’t really care either, the groping and feeling of her full and lovely boobs had been worth the risk.
“You’re an ass hole. You know that?” She queried. She took another sip from her drink all the while gazing challengingly at me over the rim of her cup.
“Yep, you’re right, I’m an ass hole. Just call me ass hole from now on.” I replied with a wink while I continued squeezing her breasts.
She sputtered and I thought she was going to choke, but then a smile crept across her face and she said, “I’ll just do that you naughty man, I think that we’re going to get along just fine.” She put her drink down again, turned around, raised her kaftan up and said, “Now unhook me ass hole.”
I clumsily undid the clasp on her bra and released it to let it fall away. Shanthi dropped the kaftan down and raised her hands to rub her tortured breasts.
“That feels much better.” She purred.
I hugged her from behind and with my hands I felt her firm tits. She didn’t seem to object so I lightly squeezed the wonderful mounds and said dreamily, “Yeah, they do feel much better.” I pulled her tightly to me, pressing my swelling dick against her firm ass.
Shanthi didn’t resist at all. As a matter of fact she seemed to push her ass against my cock as I continued to hold her tight and caress her tits.
“You shouldn’t be doing that you know. I’m an old married woman with two kids.” She said softly as she ground her ass against my shaft.
“Well I like old married women, they know how to take care of a man. Besides you don’t seem to mind at all.” I replied as I slipped my hands under her kaftan and began to knead her heaving breasts and thrust my hard on into her arse.
“You’re an ass hole.” She replied throatily.
“You’ve already told me that.” I responded as I kissed her lightly on the neck and began to trail my hands down her body. My hands moved slowly across her lightly bulging stomach, and down into her panties. She pushed back against me as my fingers began to push between the fabric of her panties and her hairy crotch.
“You shouldn’t do that.” She said huskily.
“Oh yeah I should.I am an ass hole” I said as I trailed my tongue over her neck.
I pushed my fingers farther into panties. I was moderately surprised that her cunt lips where damp.
My fingers began to stroke her pubic hairs and a light moan escaped her lips. While I moved one hand farther into the thick growth of hair around her pussy, my other hand moved back up her body to massage her breasts.
“Whew that feels too good.” She gasped and she turned her head to place her lips to mine.
Our lips melted into single mass of writhing flesh. Her tongue darted into my mouth and commenced to writhe and joust with mine. I pushed my tongue against hers and forced it into her mouth where she avidly sucked on it as I stroked one large sensitive nipple, and then the
As one hand caressed Shanthi’s heaving breasts my other hand stroked her thick thatch of pubic hair. I felt the swollen flesh of her labial lips quiver as I pushed my questing digits through the jungle of soft silky hair covering her cunt. I touched the swollen lips of her slit and slid my fingers slowly down her steaming gash.
Her cunt was hot and wet. Her clit was hard and protruding, I ran my fingers over its length before lightly pinching its head. I felt her legs quiver as I took her clitoris between my thumb and finger. At first I gently pinched it, slowly rolling its tip between my thumb and forefinger. Then I began gently stroking it like a small penis. Her body shook as I slowly masturbated her hard, sensitive clit.
“Mmmm, that feels good ass hole. I think you’ve done that before.” She gasped between kisses.
“Like you, I too am married” I said
She put her hands on the waistband of her panties and pushed her panties down her legs. “That should make it easier for you.” She said before smashing her lips to mine again.
I squeezed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned audibly and I felt her body jerk against me. “Mmmmmph, ungh.” She gasped into my mouth and she suddenly pulled her lips from mine. “I gotta breathe.” She gasped raggedly. I felt her body quiver against me again as she tilted her head back against my shoulder and closed her eyes.
I ran my fingers down her slit, gently stroking her swollen labia lips. Her hole was drenched wet with her cum. I kept my thumb against her firm clit as I slowly inserted one finger after another into her until my middle finger and fore finger were buried deep in her steaming pussy. I began to stroke in and out of her with my fingers as my thumb rotated slowly over her swollen clit.
My other hand gently massaged her breasts. Slowly moving over one massive mound, then moving to its equally enticing twin sister. Mapping their girth and length for future reference. It seemed that every inch of her massive mounds was sensitive to my touch. Every move of my fingers brought a shiver of desire from her body, or a gasp of passion from her lips.
“That is all wrong.” She gasped as her body shuddered in another orgasm and her juices flowed across my hand.
“Feels good to me.” I chuckled into her ear as I ran my hand over her swollen nipple.
“Ass hole.” She gasped raggedly.
“That’s me bitch.” I responded as I bit her lightly on the neck and continued to stroke my hand in and out of her tight cunt.
She ground her ass against my crotch more insistently with each passing second. Even though there was a thin layer of cloth between our bodies I knew that I was going to cum soon myself. I didn’t want to shoot my load in my pants, I desperately wanted to shoot it into her sweltering pouting cunt.
I took my hand from her tit and moved it to my pants. I quickly unsnapped the waistband of my Levis and unzipped the fly. I reached into my pants, pulled my rigid cock, and put it between the soft flesh of the cheeks of her ass.
My iron hard shaft slid down the crack of her butt and came to rest against the puckered mouth of her swollen cunt. Shanthi pushed back against me as my cock made contact with her hot bottom. I felt the head of my dick begin to penetrate the hot passage of her cunt as she pushed
insistently back against me. The precum at the tip provided just enough lubrication to allow the first few fractions of an inch to slide inside her hot cunt.
Shanthi turned her head and viciously bit on my ear as she continued to push back against my cock. I rocked my hips forward and it slid in a little farther, but her cunt was too tight to take much more of its length.
“Your too big.” She gasped. “Slowly, you are too huge, I got to get used to your monstrous cock” She spoke breathlessly. She stood on her tiptoes as I redirected my cock down the crack of her cunt until I felt it rub against the hand that was still stroking her cunt.
I pulled her fingers out from her trembling twat and pushed the head of my dick inside. I pushed forward and managed to part her cunt lips and insert the head of my penis inside of her. She pushed back hard against me and whimpered softly in frustration, as no more than a half an inch of my cock head penetrated her sweltering cunt.
Grunting lightly Shanthi spread her legs as far apart as was possible and bent forward to place her hands on the table.
As Shanthi bent at the waist I reached down to help direct my raging meat into her gaping cunt. I felt the heat of her cunt engulf the head of my swollen crank and pushed forward, effortlessly slipping my cock head inside of her sweltering pussy.
I reach around her and grasped her pendulous breasts and began to stroke them. Her nipples were as rigid as glass, her skin as soft as silk. I had never felt such firmness in a woman’s breasts. I gripped them in my hands and stroked lightly them as I gently ran my dick in and out of her dripping wet pussy thrusting it in a few milli meters with every stroke of my penis.
“Ungh, damn! Mmmmmph ungh oh maa ungh aaaaaaaeeeee… asshole you are really huge…be gentle…” She grunted as I slowly stroked in and out of her. “Fuck me hard ass hole. I’m not a fucking virgin, and I won’t break. ram it in…fuck me hard ass hole” She gasped.
I used her lovely tits like handles to help with the force of my strokes as I began to stroke my thick cock more rapidly in and out of her dripping hot cunt. Increasing the rhythm and force with each stroke into her hot hole. Before long the slap of my thighs against her ass echoed through the kitchen. It sounded like the violent spanking of an errant child, complete with the whimpering as Shanthi moaned and groaned with each stroke.
I squeezed her boobs cruelly and this sent her to a new level of passion. I felt her cunt shudder around my dick. She grunted gutturally as I continued to maul her breasts with my callused hands, turning her pale white skin a bright pink with the abrasion of my hard skin upon her velvet flesh.
“Mmmmmph, Mmmmmph ugh oh god.” She cried as I mercilessly spanked her ass with my groin on every stroke into her dripping cunt. Shanthi came again and then again. Her juices flowed onto my dick and down my balls, it felt like sweat running down my ball sack and onto my legs.
I was ramming my hot hard meat into her pussy after, my cockhead slamming into her cervix and continued to pummel her defenseless pussy with the steel rod of my dick. I drove into her for minute after minute with what was for her exquisite torture.
“Keep going baby, keep fucking me, keep on fucking me.” She cried insistently. I began to lengthen my strokes until just the very head of my rock hard cock remained inside of her at the top of the stroke, and then I drove hard into her, finally bottoming out deep inside of her sweltering box. She grunted bestially at the completion of each stroke and whimpered like a child when I paused teasingly at the top of a stroke.
At the top of one stroke I pulled back too far and my very rigid cock came out of her slick twat. At that time the old joke came into my mind, “What do you do in case of fallout? Re-insert and use shorter strokes.” I was about to reenter the gaping maw of her hot wet pussy when another alternative came to mind.
Grasping my thick throbbing meat in my hand I directed it against the puckered entrance to her ass and pushed. I slid effortlessly inside her an inch or so and then felt resistance so I pushed harder. The juices of Shanthi’s pussy had lubricated my shaft sufficiently to allow it to slide inside her tight hot ass hole and I pushed slowly and relentlessly into her until my balls rested against the cheeks of her ass.
“Your cock’s so big. It hurts!” Shanthi cried.
Alarmed I asked, “Do you want me to stop?”
“No, I love that kind of pain” She replied, “Just take it slow till I
loosen up a bit.”
She took her hands from the range and put them on the cheeks of her ass, pulling them wide apart. “Move slowly ass hole. That should help us both.” She said with a breathless grunt.
I began to slowly move my cock in and out of her ass. Gently stuffing the tight cavity with my rock hard dick until it began to loosen up. Shanthi placed her hands back on the table and I commenced to stroke into her with greater energy.
I ran my hands around her body and began to finger her dripping pussy as I plunged my oaken hard dick into her velvet swollen cunt. I felt her cum again as I rammed my cock into her dark hole, while I stroked her swollen clit with fingers that were slick with her copious cum.
I stroked into her unrelentingly. The tightness of her ass around my raging cock was like heaven after her sweltering slick vagina. I felt my dick begin to tingle as I reached the point of completion. I continued to drive my meat into her waiting ass while I mercilessly squeezed her clitoris with my hands. “Cum in my cunt…my cunt wants your penis…” moaned Shanthi I felt her buck against me as she reached another orgasm. I felt her plentiful juices course down my
hand as the pressure in my groin began to build to a crescendo. I pulled out quickly and slammed my hot meat deep into her gaping cunt.” Aaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee maaaaaaaaaa” she screamed. I felt my balls tighten and red hot cum shot up my penis and erupted into her hot cunt. I sent spurt after spurt deep into her vagina as she pushed back against me, grinding her ass against my groin with a wanton insistence.
Again and I thrust into her as my life giving seed spurted into her vagina. But each vain stroke was weaker than the last until finally I stood with legs quivering, spent and empty.
I started to withdraw but she said, “No, leave it in me. I want to feel it get soft inside of me.”
I stood there silent but for my gasps for air, feeling my cock get progressively softer and smaller until it finally popped of its own accord out of her cum filled cunt. Shanthi stood upright and reached for the dishtowel on the rack in front of the sink. She used it to wipe the juices from her ass and her legs before handing it to me. I wiped our cum from my cock and balls before tossing the soiled cloth into the sink.
I reached around her and began to massage her lovely breasts again. She said, “Mmmm, that feels good.” She looked up to the wall clock and said “Is that the correct time?”
I replied absently, “It’s about twenty minutes fast. Why?”
She replied, “Well my two sons will be back in another three hours”, as she started thrusting her arse into my stiffening penis “fuck me again ass hole”
She removed her kaftan turned to face me. “That was very special. After a long time I have reached orgasm while you were fucking me” She said as she put her arms around my neck. “Come on baby…fuck me again” She chuckled and she kissed me softly on the lips. I wrapped my arms around her arse and lifted her up. She grabbed my face and started kissing me deeply as I picked her up in my arms and walked into the bedroom. I lay her on the bed and snuggled upto her. I started kissing her massive breasts and she in turn was gently massaging my penis. It was getting hard.. She now rolled over onto her back and thrust my head in between her legs. I caught hold of her legs and parted them and started kissing her up her thighs. With my finger I started finger fucking her and was now sucking on her clitoris.
She spread her legs, squirming, lifting her buttocks. I chuckled. “Later, after I finish with your cunt.” Kneeling behind her, I pulled her up onto her knees and forearms. Shanthi groaned as I caressed her body, fondling her swollen, pendulous breasts, her belly, her hips, her buttocks and pussy. Her knees spread and I pressed my penis between her buttocks to her cunt. She groaned softly when she felt the fierce heat of the cock-head at her cunt-lips; and then, with a loud moan, flexing my buttocks and swinging my hips, I slammed my hot hard penis into her smoothly and deeply. Shanthi gasped sharply as the enormous penis burst into her cunt, surging swiftly deep into her body. Her head snapped up, her mouth jerked open in a wide ‘O’ and her body lurched forward.
“Ohmaunh AHHHHHHHHH!” she gasped. “Oh ma oh ma oh ma OHHH!” she moaned in pain
“Yeh … oh fuck yes!” I breathed as her cunt convulsed frantically on my hard, throbbing penis, squeezing it eagerly.
Her face creased in radiant pleasure. Moaning, she swung her hips gently in circular motion, mashing her cunt-flesh with my cock, spiralling backward onto my penis.
“C’mon Abhay fuck me fuck me … please … fuck me,” she whimpered.
Grunting in pleasure, my fingertips in the small of her back, I fucked her steadily and swiftly. My hips swung back and forth in an undulating, curving action so that my penis sawed in and out of her cunt like a scimitar. Shanthi moaned and cried out, rocking and jerking under me, her body swinging back and forth, her heavy, swollen breasts bouncing. I grabbed her mangalsutra from the bed where she had abandoned it and, flipping it over her neck again, twined my fingers in it and then cupped her breasts. Shanthi gasped as the hard, cold metal bit into her aching, rigid nipples.
“Oh yes! Ohh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me Abhay! Fuck me harder!” she gasped.
We moved faster and faster and my penis appeared and disappeared between the creamy curves of her buttocks. Her breasts wobbled and swung with her necklaces. Her buttocks bounced off my thighs. I gripped her breasts and jerked her back and forth on my cock, dragging her cunt down deeper and deeper, burying my burning penis in her hot, wet cunt-flesh. Her cunt convulsed and cramped in a frenzy of my penis and I groaned. She shoved a hand under her thighs and squeezed my balls eagerly. Gasping in pleasure, I leaned forward over her, my hips pummelling her buttocks, and gripped her pendulous breasts. Shanthi whimpered in joy and her buttocks writhed erotically under me. She turned her face to me and I kissed her hungrily, thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth. Her breasts were hot and swollen in my hands, the nipples rigid. I crushed my cock deeper into her cunt. With a shuddering moan, Shanthi orgasmed, her cunt biting down on my sawing penis. I gasped and grimaced, my head flung back, my body sheathed with sweat. Holding her hips, I jerked her body back and forth greedily, yanking her cunt up and down the length of my shaft. Shanthi moaned thickly, her head hanging between her arms.
At last I slowed and sank back on my haunches, my cock still pegged inside her, bringing her body upright on her knees. She knelt in front of me, my cock deep in her cunt, my hands on her swollen breasts. She tilted her face back and looped an arm over my neck. I kissed her, licked her armpit, sucked her breast. She moaned, writhing her buttocks on my lap.
“God I love your cock in my slit,” she whimpered.
“And I love your cunt on my prick,” I smiled, licking her nipple. I squeezed and fondled her swollen breasts. Shanthi whimpered, writhing in pleasure on my lap, and kissed me hungrily, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. My penis throbbed in her cunt. Groaning, she arched her head and, leaning forward on her outstretched arms, began to move her body back and forth, sliding her cunt up and down the length of my immense shaft. Her cunt spasmed and convulsed on my penis, squeezing eagerly on its thickness and hard heat. I mauled her breasts and moved her body up and down on my penis. We moved faster, our bodies rocking and jerking with rising urgency, her cunt sliding steeply up and down the length of my immense tumescence. I squeezed her heavy, swollen breasts and rolled them in my palms. Shanthi moaned and ground her cunt around on my cock.
“Fuck me … yes … fuck me Abhay… ohhhh god yes!”
“C’mon, take it! Take it , take my cock!” I grunted, swirling my tongue through her ear.
Shanthi trembled and moaned and arched her head. “Ohhh yes! Ohhh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me Abhay yes … ohhh god yes!” she gasped.
She whimpered and moaned as another orgasm rocked her body. Her cunt convulsed on my cock and her hips sank down deeply. Her face jerked upward and she gasped loudly, her back arching stiffly. I mauled her swollen breasts and tugged at her nipples. She shuddered and writhed on my lap. I waited patiently as the orgasm ebbed.

“Now,” I grunted, my tongue in her ear. “Now I want your cunt, bitch. I want to fuck your cunt. Come on.”
Shanthi groaned thickly. Her head swam with pleasure and excitement.. Gasping, she slid off my penis and she leaned forward again, pressing her shoulders to the bed, lifting her buttocks and hips high. She spread her knees wide apart and her buttocks creased open, exposing her tender swollen cunt to my view. I chuckled softly and caressed her clitoris. Shanthi writhed at my touch. Bending, I pressed my face to her hairy swollen cunt lips and rimmed her cunt with my tongue while squeezing her clitoris She groaned loudly, her face turned on side on the bed. Her cunt was musky and erotic to the taste. Her buttocks writhed in pleasure as I ran my tongue round and round the swollen cunt lips, pressing inward.
I rose and straddled her hips in a deep, strong squat, my knees bent. Shanthi tensed as I pressed my penis between her cunt lips. The enormity of my cock-head was at her gaping cunt.
“Set?” I murmured.
She nodded. Slowly, I flexed my buttocks. My hips slid forward. The huge cock-head pressed at the tight flesh of her cunt, pushed through. The cock-head popped into her piss channel.
“Ohunhhohunhunhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
The breath whooshed from Shanthi’s throat. She dug her fingers into the rich counterpane. Her face contorted in a rictus of lust, her mouth wide open, her eyes squeezed shut, her lips drawn back over her strong, white, even teeth. Her neck jerked back and her body arched inward. Her buttocks stiffened, quivered, tensed. I paused with my cock-head in her cunt.
“You okay?” I murmured softly. “Shall I stop?”
Shanthi gasped and shook her head. “No … for god’s sake don’t … stop … shove it all in I … slowly …”
I took my time. Few women could receive the immensity of my penis in their cunts, let alone in their anuses. Shanthi was one of the exceptions.. Gently, unhurriedly, I slid myself deeper into her cunt. Waves of pleasure racked her body. Shanthi gasped and moaned, rocking and swaying gently back and forth and from side to side. Deeper and deeper I went, my cock seemingly endless, pushing and probing the innermost recesses of her being. Her belly and swollen cunt ached and her body throbbed with hot lust. My hands slid gently up her flanks and cupped her succulent breasts. She groaned and pressed herself into my hard hands. Thrusting an arm under her body, she squeezed my heavy balls.
“Ohh … uhhh … ohhhh … uhhh … ohhh yes … yes … oh god yes, I, yes … do it … fuck me, baby … fuck me deep…hard in my cunt!” Shanthi panted.
Bent over her, my body angled steeply forward, my hands clenching and squeezing her breasts in excitement, I began fucking Shanthi’s cunt. It convulsed frenetically on my throbbing penis, making me groan in pleasure.
“Take it … fuck yes! Take it all, whore … take my prick!” I gasped.
Slowly, I slid my hips back, unflexed my buttocks. My penis slid outward, and Shanthi gasped at the exquisite release in pressure. Out and out I went, till just the tip of my cock-head remained in her cunt. She moaned and her buttocks rose eagerly, splitting open wantonly.
“Shove it in, I!” she gasped. “Shove it in again! Oh! Uhhh OHHHHH uhhh OHHH yes OHHHHHHHH yes-yes-yes!”
I slid my throbbing cock into her cunt again, and Shanthi gasped thickly, her body bending and arching, sliding forward under my thrust. Slowly, I slid out and in again, stroking gently and smoothly in and out of her swollen. Shanthi felt giddy with pleasure. My cock was enormous and it plowed deeply in and out of her cunt with a smooth, slow, mesmerizing rhythm. She masturbated frantically, flicking her gorged clitoris with two fingers. Her buttocks writhed and shook as I impaled her swollen cunt again and again. Her body rocked and swung with my motions. On and on I went, taking my time, fucking her unhurriedly and thoroughly.
“C’mon, bitch, c’mon … take it … uhhh yeh! Take it all, whore! Take it! Come on … come on … come on!”
My buttocks flexed and unflexed rhythmically. My hips rocked back and forth. My enormous penis glistened and gleamed as it stroked slowly in and out of her swollen cunt, appearing and disappearing between the creamy curves of her buttocks. I was bent steeply forward astride her, my hands crushing her breasts and, under him, her buttocks raised high, her shoulders pinned to the bed, Shanthi moaned and gasped, her body rocking back and forth, sliding up and down the sheets with my thrusts. Between her legs, her fingers worked her cunt and clitoris frantically. Her hips swayed and trembled and shook with excitement as her orgasm neared.
“Ohhhh … yes! Ohhh fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me ass hole I Ohhh uhhh OHH OH OH OH OHHHHH yes! Ohhh god yes! Yes! Yes!”
With a shuddering gasp, Shanthi orgasmed. Her cunt convulsed on her pumping finger and, simultaneously, her swollen cunt contracted in a frenzy on my penis. I gasped and slid deeper into her, my head arching back. Burying myself in her swollen cunt, I waited, savouring the exquisite pleasure of her orgasm. It ebbed slowly and I began moving again, fucking her vagina once more, moving gently and steadily. The fires in my loins were uncontainable and, within seconds, I let myself go. The heat poured from my cock and she gasped as the searing jizz spurted into her swollen cunt. Slowly, still ejaculating, I pulled out of her and spattered her buttocks and swollen cunt and cunt-lips with my jizz. Shanthi gasped softly. I groaned in relief and gingerly squeezed my cock into her swollen cunt again. Shanthi moaned thickly. Her body sagged to the bed and I bent over her, my legs spread wide, my cock embedded deep in her swollen cunt, and kissed her neck and tongued her ear. She writhed under him. Slowly, I pulled out of her.
A few minutes later, I was on my back and she turned and slid over me and kissed me deeply. Her breasts were hot and heavy on my chest. I caressed her body tenderly.
“God, I love fucking you,” I murmured, sucking her lip.
“That makes two of us,” she smiled, her nipples hardening in my hands. “I want to fuck again.”
“Crazy whore.”
“Mm. But lucky.”
“If you say so.”
“I do,” she murmured and began to snake down my body, kissing my chest, licking and sucking my nipples, going down to take my semi-erect penis between her breasts.
She squeezed them in a warm, tight sheath over my cock and I could feel the hardness of her nipples scraping my shaft. Then she slid down and her lips opened and her tongue swirled out. I craned my neck and watched, my lust mounting, as she began sucking my cock again.
Shanthi moaned softly as she bent her head over my lap. Holding my erect cock in one hand, she pumped the shaft eagerly. Her face was tilted to one side and I saw that it was radiant and soft with lust. Her lips parted and her tongue swirled over my cock-head. My penis was tangy and musky, erotic with the combined tastes of her cunt and ass and my jizz. She cradled my cock in an open palm and wound her tongue languorously around my cock-head. I groaned in pleasure. Whimpering and keening softly, Shanthi took my cock-head in her mouth and began to suck it gently. I gasped at the touch. I caressed her face and breasts and then, as her sucking grew in ardour and intensity, held her head and rocked it up and down over my lap, pumping my hips under her face.
“Oh fuck yes! God yes … c’mon suck it! Suck it, whore! Suck my cock!” I groaned.
Shanthi’s head moved rapidly up and down over my lap as she pumped my cock-shaft in her fist. My penis hardened swifly in her mouth and fingers, regaining its awesome proportions. Dipping her head, she scraped her teeth down the underside of my cock-shaft and gently licked and nibbled at my balls. The softness of her face in my crotch, the gentle tickle of her tongue and lips on my testicles was exquisite and delicate. I moaned as I rocked and swung with her lurching, greedy thrusts.

Desperate for release, I whipped about and got to to my feet on the bed and jerked her face to my crotch. Kneeling before me, Shanthi took my cock deep in her mouth and sucked it furiously. Gasping and panting with pleasure, I fucked her face rapidly, pumping my hips back and forth, jerking her head in my hands. I came in seconds, and Shanthi gasped, opening her mouth as the hot jizz spewed down her throat, shaking my cock and spattering her face and breasts with my seed.
With a soft moan, I slid to my knees and eased myself onto my back. Shanthi followed my body’s descent, still sucking and licking my penis sensuously. My erection had not waned and she knew I would fuck her again if she wanted it – and she did. I lay back and she sucked my penis gently and deeply, holding my shaft in one hand, moving it up and down, her head rolling and rocking over my lap. Her silky hair cascaded over one side of her face, framing its loveliness. I moaned in pleasure and moved her head up and down in my hands. Her cock-sucking was exceptional.
Her lust mounted and she moved up to straddle my groin with her feet on the hard bed on either side of my lean hips, her knees apart, her thighs spread wide open. She took my cock in her hand, and slowly lowered her hips in a deep squat, impaling herself on my upright lance. She gasped as the hot cock-head seared at the portals of her cunt, then ploughed in swiftly, thrusting deep into her belly. Her taut channel convulsed in excitement, contracting on my cock as it rasped into her flesh. She arched in delight, her mouth snapping open. I grinned at her reaction and flexed my buttocks and thrust my hips up sharply, plunging my cock into her cunt. She cried out as my huge cock drove up into her. Her head flung back, she squeezed her breasts hard in excitement. The sight aroused me. I held her buttocks and dragged her down deeper onto my cock.
“Oh god oh god oh god ohhhh uhhh OHHh uhhh OHHH,” she moaned.
“C’mon, whore! Take it! Take my cock! Ohhhhh yes! Take it all, bitch, yes!” I cried.
Her shoulders hollowed, her head flung back, her belly sucked inward in tension, squatting deeply over my lap, Shanthi rode my penis, bucking and bouncing heavily. I held her thighs and jigged her on my cock, moving her up and yanking her down. My own hips jerked and bucked under hers, and my huge cock distended her cunt-lips and went all the way in, glistening and gleaming. It slid out and her cunt rose up my shaft. Then I heaved my hips and her cunt crushed down on my cock, engulfing it. Up and down, up and down she moved, her body jerking frenetically. Her breasts bounced and jiggled and she squeezed them in excitement. Her mouth was open and she cried out loudly in joy. Her face arched back, flopped forward, arched back again as she went faster and faster. The gold chain around her neck slapped on her fair skin. I held her waist and rocked her cunt up and down on my inflamed penis.
“OHHH I-I-yes ohhh god yes yes ohhhhh yes ohhh god yes yes ohhh uhh OHHhh uhh OHHhh uhh OH UH OH UH OHH uhh OHH uhh Oh uh Ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah-uh-ahhh uhhh AHHHH!” Shanthi cried.
She was sweating heavily. Her voice was husky, filled with obscenities, and I responded in like fashion. Shanthi bucked and bounced furiously up and down on my cock. Her cunt slid up the shaft, then scrunched down. Her belly trembled and quivered as my penis penetrated her innards. She leaned back on an outstretched arm and, with her other hand, opened her cunt-lips wide and let my cock rasp between her fingers into her cunt. She squeezed her breasts in excitement, her head arching back, her face twisted with lust. She moaned in delight as I rocked up hard into her. She toyed with her clitoris.
“Yes … there … yes … Oh ma uhhh hanh … uhhhh … yes!” she gasped.
Then she leaned back on both hands and, arching her face upward, swung her hips rapidly in tight, excited circles, churning her cunt flesh with my pestle, moaning loudly with excitement. Her shoulders hunched with deep hollows. Her breasts were hot and swollen. Rivers of lust rippled through her delectable body. Strands of hair clung damply to the nape of her neck as sweat beaded her skin. The gold chain tossed and jumped around her neck. I fondled her turgid breasts, making her whimper and arch her head in ecstasy. Faster and faster she went, rising and falling, crying out and moaning louder and louder. She jerked and bounced on my cock in a frenzy. Hitting a breathtaking orgasm, her cunt contracting fiercely on my throbbing penis, Shanthi arched back with a shuddering moan, her cunt grinding down hard onto my upthrust cock. I gasped under her. Somehow, I managed to hold back. She moaned, her cunt impaled deeply on my cock and slowly, lurched forward, her hands on my chest. Her hips writhed slowly over my.
“You know what?” I murmured.
“What?” she gasped.
“That is … just like … eating your khichdi …”
“You know. Mashing it round and round till the ghee comes out on top?”
Shanthi gasped and laughed, her face creasing. “You’re mad!”
“Mm. About you.”
“Thank god.”
She lifted her hips gently till just my cock-head was in her cunt. I grinned and squeezed her pendulous breasts, pinching and tweaking her rigid nipples. Her body angled over my, Shanthi smiled wantonly and swung her hips in a slow, churning arc. At the last minute, she snapped her hips around, tightening her cunt and squeezing her buttocks together. Her cunt contracted on my cock. I grunted, smiled and arched. She moaned as my huge cock mashed her inflamed clitoris and slowly, swung her hips again. Round and round she went, and with each arc, her cunt slid lower on my cock, spiralling downward.
“Oh my … oh yes … oh ma … yes!” she gasped.
With my cock deep in her cunt, she slapped her buttocks together rapidly, several times, and her cunt squeezed and pressed on my cock. Her face arched, soft and suffused with excitement. I crushed her breasts in my hands, then gripped her hips and arched my hips and drove my cock deep into her cunt. Shanthi gasped and reared backward. Leaning back with both arms outstretched, her arms on the bed, her head flung back, her shoulders hunched, Shanthi groaned and swung her hips in tight, excited circles. I flicked her clitoris with my thumb. She gasped and arched her back and squeezed her upthrust breasts in a frenzy of pleasure.
“C’mon … c’mon … come on!” she gasped.
The orgasm hit her like a thunderclap and she gasped, her cunt convulsing frantically on my penis, her hips grinding round and round, sinking deep, rising, twitching, jerking. Her face contorted in joy and she crushed her breasts savagely, kneading the swollen, turgid mounds. I groaned and pumped my hips rapidly under her, tossing her on my lap. She gasped and cried out, her body tossing and jerking on my groin, her breasts bouncing and jiggling, her gold necklace slapping on her skin. With a shuddering gasp, I erupted and she moaned and arched as the hot jizz sizzled into her sodden slit. On and on I went, coming in a copious flood. Shanthi whimpered, her cunt contracting and sucking on my cock, her hips twitching and jerking in spasms of pleasure.
With a shuddering moan, her body sank down onto her back between my forked legs, my cock still in her cunt so that her head was between my shins. Whimpering, she caressed her hot, sweating body, cupping and fondling her breasts, her belly, her cunt, fondling her clitoris and my shaft. Shanthi’s chest heaved. I closed my eyes and groaned softly and my hand went down to our interlocked groins. Our fingers met, intertwined.
“God, that was fantastic,” she murmured. “Thank you.”
She slid my cock out of her cunt and I turned around and sprawled over her, kissing her gently, fondling her breasts, tonguing her ear. She murmured softly, her face creasing in pleasure and caressed my immense body. Her legs shuffled apart. I moved my crotch into her spread legs, my penis thrusting into her hot cunt..
“Again,” she said softly. “One last time.”
Moaning, I squeezed my still hard cock into her cunt. Shanthi gasped as the huge heat of my erection entered her flesh, pushing and tunelling and plowing in deeper and deeper, making her back camber under me. She wound her legs around my thighs as I started fucking her gently with long, smooth, unhurried thrusts. We were lying with our heads at the foot of the bed and now, as I moved faster, I rose and clenched the edge of the bed and began swinging my hips in a quickening rhythm, thrusting myself greedily into her cunt. Under me, Shanthi gasped and moaned, her head rolling from side to side, her body jerking and arching, lurching and snapping back and forth.
“Yes!” she gasped ecstatically. “Ohhh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, I! Fuck me like a whore!”
I thrust in and out of her, going in harder and deeper and faster till I was moving furiously, my cock plunging and ramming and reaming in and out of her cunt, pistoning thunderously in and out of her flesh, her body rolling up on the small of her back with my thrusts. Her breasts jiggled and bounced with my thrusts, and she squeezed them in a frenzy and I straightened and pressed my palms on them, squeezing and crushing them under my weight as I moved faster and faster still, my hips rocketing back and forth, my buttocks flexing and unflexing furiously. My cock pistoned and plunged in and out of her cunt and I flung my head back and moaned as I felt the heat of her orgasm crash over me, sweeping me along in its relentless flood so that I too exploded yet again, and, burying myself in her cunt with my cum streaming out pulsating deep into her vagina.
I collapsed on top of her, my penis buried deep inher cunt. She in turn had wrapped her legs around my hips and held them like a vice. I kissed her. She murmured in my ear” What a good fuck you are….you really know how to fuck a woman” I kissed her deeply.
“Now when ever my husband is away at least you will be able to fuck me” She said
“that’ll be possible till my wife returns” I said
“My husband is away and will be returning in 3 weeks time” She said “Promise you’ll fuck me till he returns” she said
“what about your kids?” I asked
“they sleep like dead logs and sleep sharp at 8.30 pm” She said
“after that the whole night is ours” she said smiling at me.
“I must now go…see you after 8.30 pm” she smiled as she moved her legs away from my back. “Have your dinner by them and keep this ready for me “ she said as she kissed my cock!

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