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True Motherly love

Rahul is only 21. He has just graduated from IIT, Dilhi and got admitted at a very good university in USA. Rahul is the only child of wealthy modern couple at Calcutta. Anil chatarji, Rahul’s father is a renouned businessman at Calcutta and very rich too. His wife Ruposhi is the headmistress of the biggest girls college at Calcutta. Ruposhi or Rupu is only 40 now. She is a modern up-to-date free
lady, regularly goes to clubs in rich areas of Calcutta and ia a very active social worker. She even worked with famous faminist and film actress Aparna Sen for the poors of Calcutta slums. Rupu likes to dress very conservatively, never very revealing.

Since she is the teacher of a girls college, she likes to set examples rather than preach it. But in her deep heart, she is not prudish. She understands the modern concept of sex and likes it better. Her husband Anil is busy most of
the times with his busuness, can not give much time to his wife. Rupu is not unhappy, but her sexual life is far from what she desires.
As a conservative bengali mother of a grown up son, Rupu hardly let her uncontent sexual urge to surface. She maintains a regular
happy mother, happy wife kind of air around her all the time. Only thing that keep Rupu from thinking about her failed sex life is her
only son Rahul. Rahul is a very good looking young boy and a great student. He was among the few Bengali student to get admitted
in IIT. He has graduated as the first boy in Computer Engineering from IIT this year. Both Rupu and Anil are very proud for their
son. Rahul also plays cricket and is very athletic. When Rupu watch her son play at the cricket field, run like a bull and through the
bowl in huge pace, Rupu could not hold back her tears from joy. She could not bilieve that this handsome boy once was her little
son who suckled on her breast. Rupu loves Rahul more than anything in this world. So when the day come for Rahul to leave for
USA, Rupu was very depressed. She can not imagine her life without her son around. Although Rahul spent last four years in Delhi,
but that was at least in India. He could visit his family every other holidays. But once in US, Rahul would hardly visit his momther in
years. Besides, there are so many bad attractions in US which can easily spoil a young boy like Rahul. Rupu is very worried too for
his son. Today is specially hard for her as Anil had to go to Bombay for an urgent business trip, leaving her alone in saying good bye
to her beloved son. Rupu is a strong monded lady, she never showed emotions before Rahul. She decided not to show it today to
Rahul at his last day home. She reamined the ever caring ever composed mother as she always has been to Rahul. To make things
easy, she decided to dress a little openly today. She wears a semi-transparent shimphon saree. The saree was greenish, but more
like raw Banana leaf color. The blouse is also made of same see-trough materials. Finally a black bra made of fine silk with laces
underneath the blouse. When she finished having kajol at her big eyes, red moist lipstick on her full lips, a long pendant golden
earings which her mother gave her at her wedding, an intricate necklace of pure gold with expensive gems and a couple of dozens of
glass bengals (churia or kankan) on both of her fair hands, she looked divinely beautiful. When she looked at the mirror how she
looks, she realised that long forty years have done little damage to her stunning serene beauty. She can still pass as a young lady at
her thirties.

Rahul wakes up from his sleep hearing his mom calling him from downstairs. He checked his watch. It is 8 o’clock. His flight is at 11
o’clock. So he decide to freshen up quickly. He is also little depressed to leave his loving and beautiful mom here. But he is a bit
excited too. Anyway, when he gets down to have his breakfast and sees his momther Rupu in her rather unusual look, he is very
surprised. Rahul always knew that his mom is very attractive lady, sometimes his friends gave hints to him that his mom is very sexy
too, but Rahul never thought his mom as a sexy lady or a woman to desire. But seeing his mom this morning in such a nice saree and
all these jwellary, Rahul for the first time felt something in him which is not eaxctly motherly love. It is a form of desire. He somehow
desires to hold his mom close and kiss her. He tried to drive away this thought from his mind and decide to eat his breakfast quitly.
Rupu does not say anything to his son. She is too depressed to talk. She has already let the maid to take a leave and decided to treat
her son by herself alone this morning. Rupu just watches her son eating. Too many emotions are coming to her mind right now. She
can not choose from the flood of emotions. Oh god, she finally thinks,”I love my son”.
Rahul is trying to concentrate to her eating, but he can not avoid thinking about how beautiful his mom is looking today. When Rupu
went to the kitchen to get the tea for him, he can not refrain his eyes devouring the wiggling motions of his mom’s great big round ass.
Rupu has a specially big ass. She got it from her mother. Although Rupu tries to exercise everyday, keep herself from being too fat,
her ass would not shrink a shread of flesh. Finally she gave up. Its genetic. Bedises. big asses are not that bad. Anyway, Rahul tries
his best not to think about his mom’s great ass at least this morning, but it’s no use. To make things worse, he developes a hard on.
Now Rahul has a humongous cock, a full 10 inch and very thick. He once saw his father’s cock when he was peeing keeping the
door open. But Anil’s cock was by no means big. It was hardly 4 inch. Rahul sometimes wonders where he inherited this huge cock
from. Certainly not from his father’s family. Now, whenever he has an hardon, it is usually very difficult to hid since he has a big big
cock. Once he was watching an Hindy movey with his friends. Sexy heroin Madhury was showing her very erotic dances in the
movie. Rahul had a big hardon that day too. It was hard to keep his friends noticing it. Eventually they did notice and rediculed him
about it ever since. Rahul is really worried if his mom takes a notice of his hardon, then what will happen? How will he explain

But when Rupu gives the cup of tea to his son, Rahul sees no unusual sings at her eyes. He is releaved. When Rupu is giving her the
cup, her saree’s pallu (or anchol) fell from her breast, revealing the big mounds of her pair of tits to her son. Rupu instantly gathered
the saree to its right place, but the glimps was enough for Rahul to guess how big his mom’s tits really are. Even under the blouse and
tight nylon bra, they are trying to come out of the confinement. Rahul hardon just intensified at this. He can not think anthing now
other than how sexy it would be to see those big tits of his mom. Rahul decides to finish his breakfast as fast as he can and go to the
bathroom to pee. He knows there is no time for him to masterbate now. He has to go to the airport soon. But peeing hardly helps his
cause. The huge cock is as still as it was before. He has to fight hard to tuck it under his pants. When he got out of the bathroom, he
finds his mom sitting on the dinning table with a very sad look. Tears are falling from her eyes. Rahul can not resist anymore. He goes
to his mom and say, “Dear mom, why are you crying? You promised me you would not cry today. I am not going for ever.” But his
words only makes Rupu burst into tears. She gets up and grabs Rahul and begins to hug her only son forcibly. Rahul is not ready for
this. His mom’s huge tits are pasted on his chaste and his own bulging cock is touching mom’s bare belly. But Rupu is unaware of all
these. She keeps on crying. Rahul tries to comfort his mom. but Rupu is not listening. Rupu’s tits feels so good on his chest that Rahul
decides to let this embrace go as long mom wants. His cock is trying to grow even bigger. Rupu can feel that his young son’s bulging
cock is poking her bare belly. But it is no time to think that. After freeing herself from her embrace, Rupu wiped her eyes and said,
“let’s go to airport son. I’ll miss you very much.” “I’ll miss you too ammu”

At the airport, Rahul gets busy with his immigration and bookings. Rupu is standing before a glass window looking at the planes,
thinking about her son. Suddenly she remembers that her son seemed to have a hardon while they were hugging this morning. Rupu
smiled thinking that it must be some girl Rahul was thinking about. But she could not avoid thinking that Rahu’s cock must be very big
to make such a big bulge out of his jeans. Atleast his cock is not like his father’s. He must have inherited it from her family. She
knows that both her brothers and father have big cocks. She finds solace in thinking that Rahul’s wife will not suffer as she has. She
is kind of surprised to find that she is getting excited imagining his own son’s cock. She smiles to herself. Shew never realised before
that she has such a horny desire. But Rupu does not try to resist the natural feelings. She lets it come. actually she is loving thinking
about his son’s cock. She tries to guess how big it can be, 7 inch, may be 8 inch. Wow that is big. She has never been fucked by
anyman other than her husband and another man she likes not to remember. She used to love that man. He had a big cock too. a full
7 and 1/2 inch. She liked every momemts of their fucking. She liked the feeling of a big cock on her pussy walls. Those were crazy
days. She loved that man very much. But it was not possible to marry that man. That is another story. Finally she had to marry Anil.
After such long time, she remembers her first lover. She gets excited imagining her lover’s cock inside her cunt. She decides to
masterbate herself after a long time when she returns home.
When everything is ready, Rahul comes to know that the plane has some mechanical problem, so his flight has been cancelled. The
next flight is not before tomorrow night. Rahul is glad to hear this, He does not want to leave his mom so soon. He is elated to find
the opportunity to stay close to Rupu for almost two more days, especially now. They way Rupu has dressed herself, Rahul can
vividly imagine how sexy it would be to see his sexy mom in revealing saree. He decides to masterbate very good upon returning
home. So he gets out of the immigration lounge and starts looking for his mom. He finally finds his mom standing alone before a
window looking outside. Rahul decided to give mom a big surprise. So he tip-toes towards Rupu without making any noise. When
He is only 3 ft away from Rupu’s fair back and round ass, he takes a good look at his mom’s back. Rupu is wearing a very low
necked blouse exposing most of her back and shoulder. Her fair skins is smooth like butter. Rahul longs to lick his mom’s bare
shoulder and back. He can even make out the outline of her bra from her blouse. Rupu’s back is so sexy that Rahul’s hardon comes
back with renewed vigor. He can not think straight. Somehow it occured to him that this is golden chance for him to show his love
for Rupu. Mom is vulnerable and dad is not home. So Rahul grabs Rupu from Behind saying, “mommy”. Rupu is stratled at this. She
is a little shy since she was thinking about the big cock of her first lover. Rahul is hugging Rupu veru strongly, pressing his huge
hardon onto mom’s soft ass flesh. He even gives Rupu a wild kiss at her shoulder. He does not give time Rupu to react and says, ”
Mommy, plane is late. I am not going before tomorrow night.” Rupu is so excited to hear this that she hugs Rahul back with joy. She
again feels her son’s bulge at her belly. But she only says, “let’s go home son.”

Since this two days are bonus. Rupu decides to enjoy them as nuch as she can with her son. Rahul also likes the idea. So first, Rahul
takes his mom a hindy movie. He never found Rupu so happy and relaxed in his life. Rupu is cutting jokes with his son, laughing like
a little girl, singing while driving etc. Rupu looks even more sexy in her new mood. Rahul buys his mom some chips and cold drink
and enters the movie hall like two lovers. The movie is ‘Kuch Kuch hota hae’. Rupu likes the movie very much. When they come out,
Rupu asks, “Isn’t Kajol very pretty, Rahul? I like to find a girl like her to marry you.” Rahul smiles and says, ” Mamuni, Kajol is
pretty alright. But she is not as beautiful as you are. I like to marry a girl like you.” Rupu is very happy to hear her son say that. “You
think I am beautiful, son? Thank you. I’ll search for girl like me from now on” At this point they both laugh clamorously. Rahul then
takes his mom to the Calcutta Saree Bazar and buys his mom two sarees like the sarees Kajol wears at the movie. The sarees are
also called ‘kuch kuch hota hae’. They are very transparent simphon saree. He then buys Rupu matching blouses. One of the blouse
is sleeveless. Rupu first opposes the idea of wearing sleeveless blouse at her age. But Rahul insists saying that, “mom, you will look
very beautiful in them. Just wear them for my sake.” Rupu can not say no. When they go the bra shop, the sopkepper asks for
Rupu’s size. Rupu blushes at this, her cheek becomes red in embarrasement. She only manages to say, “I am not sure. You have to
measure.” The shopkepper brings his tape and measure Rupu’s chest size. Rahul is surprised to find that his mom’s breast size is 42,
even under her blouse and bra. The shop does not even have any bra for that size. The keeper says, “Sister, we do not keep such
big size bras in our shop since hardly any bengali lady wears so big sizes. You have to go to the New market where they have a
shop which keeps bras imported from USA.” Rupu is visibly embarrased at this talk. She is diying in shame. Rahul rescues her from
going down under ground by saying, “let’s go to New market mom. This shop is not good anyway.” At new market, they find the
shop and buy a nulon cupped bra of size 42DD. It is almost evening now. They decides to go home, dress themselves up for a party
at a rich club that night which they plan to attend. It is a party for very rich people of Calcutta. Rupu has never been there, even
though Anil asked her to go several times. Till now, she thought those party are too vulgar for her taste. But today, she wants to
enjoy the party with her son. Nobody will recognize her there and they will go there as partners.

Rahul wears a silk shalwar kurta with pointy traditional shoes for the party. He looks like an Indian prince. Rupu wears the
transparent ‘kuch kuch hota hae’ saree with almost transparent blouse and the newly bought bra underneath. She makes a big khopa
with her long black hair, wears very deep pink lipstick and a 4 inch high heel. Rupu is not short for a Indian lady, 5 ft 6 inch. With
the high heels she is almost as tall as Rahul who is exactly 6 ft. Rupu looks so sexy in her see-through saree and heavy make-up and
high heels that Rahul says, “Mommy, if you begins to look this beautiful fron now on, you will have hard time findind a girl like you to
marry me.” Rupu blashes and says, “Okay, stop now. You look very handsome yourself too, son.” At this point Rupu again notices
that Rahul’s big bulge at the groin has not disappear. Rather it is more prominent now. She just smiles herself. She suddenly feels a
wild sexual desire for her son’s cock inside her right now right there. She decides to seduce her own son. Rupu asks Rahul, ” Rahul,
can I ask you somethimg personal?” “Sure mom, you can ask me anything.” “Now, it is very sensitive and a bit bad too. Think first
before answering.” “Okay mom, what is it?” ” son, why do you like to marry a girl like me?” “Mom, that’s easy. You are very
beautiful and pretty.” “Am I only pretty? Not a little bit sexy so that you want your wife to be sexy like me?” Rahul never imagined
his mom will bring this on. He somehow restrain himself and says, “Mom, look. Since you and I have been so free and frank today. I
will not lie to you. Mom, you are very sexy. Beautiful and sexy. Perhaps too sexy for a mom”
Rupu is relieved to hear this from Rahul. She says, ” Thank you son. But I guess you are saying this thing only to make me happy.
Because, if that is true how come your father never looks at me anymore.” Tears again starts to fall from Rupu’s eyes. Rahul wipes
the tears from Rupu’s cheek and says, “Mom, I do not know about dad. But for me, you are dam sexy. Sexier than any Bollywood
actresses. Now look what effect you have on your son, in case you didn’t notice.” Rahul shows his big hardon by raising his kurta.
Rupu is now crying with joy. Her own son is having a hardon seeing her body. It is the best feeling she has ever had. so Rupu only
manages to say, “Thank you son for being so honest with me.” Rahul can not let this chance go by. So he says, “mom, I know it is
not possible, but if it were somehow possible to love you like you have never been loved before mom, I would surely oblige.” Rupu
understands what Rahul wants. But she is doubtful, “But, son I am your mom. We are not meant to be lovers.” “Why not mom. I
love you more than anything in this world. If lovers can make love, why can not we?” At this point Rupu thinks to come out of her
inhibition and says, ” Okay son, I shall let to love your mom as the best lovers do. No limtations, no bindings. We shall forget we are
mother and son. We will be just lovers.” Rupu finally stops crying and extends her hand to her son and says, “Come baba, come to

Rahul just jumps to his mom’s embrace and puts his lips on his dear mom’s. Rupu takes her son,s eager lips in more passion and they
kissed like two hungry tigers. Rupu puts on of her hand on Rahul’s big cock over his pajama and starts to run her fingers over his
bulge. She takes one of Rahul’s hand and rests in in her tits. She says haskily, “Caress mommi’s tits son.” Rahul is in heaven now. He
grabs his mom’s tits vigorously and starts to knead then hard. Rupu lets go Rahul and says softly, “Now son that’s not the way to
touch mom’s tits. Be gentle son. But first, let me undress my self so you can see what mommi has for you inside.” Rupu asks Rahul to
sit on the sofa while she is undressing. First she puts off all her jwellary. Then she lets her hair loose. Next, the removes her saree
from her body slowly. Then comes the petticoat. After that the blouse and lastly the bra. Rupu is completely naked before her son
now except the high heel. Rahul is dumbfounded by this.

He has never imagined his mommy to be so stunningly sexy. Her tits are far bigger than what he thought even after today’s insident at
the bra store. They are big like two round cocoanuts, a little sagged from age, but still very firm and round. Her nipples are big too, a
sultry borwn in color. Her cunt has very little hair. It seems Rupu shaves her cunt regularly. but She has a thin line of hair at her
armpit. It makes her more sexy. Rupu now says, “Don’t keep mommy waiting son. Bring out your cock for mom.” Rahul just let the
pajama fall on the floor and his 10 inch huge cock is fully visible. It is standing like a pole with some moister at the head. Rupu has
never imagined Rahul’s cock to be so big and fat. She can not resist herself anymore. She just touches her son’s huge dick with her
soft fingers. Her bangles made rini-jhini sound with it. Rahul’s cock seem to grow even bigger at Rupu’s touch. Rupu says, “Rahul,
my dear. Do you want mom to kiss your cock for you?” “Mom, please, suck my cock.” Rupu smiled at Rahul’s eagerness and brings
her tounge to the red head of his cock. She first licks the head, then takes only the head inside her mouth. The cock fills her mouth
completely. Rupu now is sucking her son’s like like she used to suck the stick candies in her high school days. She takes more than
half the cock inside her mouth and gives the best blowjob in Rahul’s life. Rahul simply can not say anything, but comes with strong
force in his mom’s mouth. Rupu swallows all the cum Rahul has to offer.

Now, Rupu stands up and asks Rahul to treat her tits like they deserve. Rahul first touches mom’s tits with her hands. Then he starts
to press them slowly. Rupu likes her son’s hand over her tits. She asks Rahul to lick the nipples if he likes. Rahul is in no mood to
argue, so he starts to lick Rupu’s erect nipples. Not only that he now is licking all over mommi’s tits and pressing them at the same
time. Rupu is very wet in her cunt right now, so she decides to fuck her son. She asks Rahul to sit on the sofa with his cock erect like
a spear. She just pierced her cunt with the cock of her loving son. The whole 10 inch gets inside her wet cunt in a flush. She never
thought that she could take such a monster cock inside her. Anyway, Rupu gives her tits to Rahul’s eager toung again and started to
fuck her son by riding him like a horse herself. Within minutes Rupu strats coming. She comes more than thrice before Rahul says
that he is coming. Right at the last moment, Rupu takes out her cunt from Rahul’s cock and puts the cock in her mouth again. Rahul
comes with more cums than before on his mom’s mouth. Rupu eats all the cums.
That is the beginning. That night sexy mother and son fucks at least ten times before they fall sleep in shere tiredness. When Rahul
gets up next morning, it is about noon and Rupu is not with him. He goes downstairs to look for his sexy mom and finds that Rupu is
cooking food for lunch wearing only the ‘kuch kuch hota hae’ saree, nothing else. Her fair and humongous ass is fully visible through
the transparent saree. Rahul puts off his pajama and brings out his erect cock. He then grabs Rupu from behind and begins to poke
mommi’s ass with his big pole. His hands are busy pressing his mom’s big tits and his lips kissing Rupu’s back. Rupu laughs at her
son’s wildness and says, “Son, you are horny for mommi again? I thought you have all the fucking you can handle in your life time.”
“Mommi it is just the beginning. I shall keep on fucking you till I die.” At this point, Rahul raise the Saree from Rupu’s ass and asks
Rupu to bend. Rupu bends on the kitchen counter exposing her ample ass to her son’s full view. Rahul first kisses the fair flesh all
round the ass, then he puts his toung to the ass cheek. Rupu tries to restrain her son from it. But by this time Rahul is licking her hole
so good that she gives up. Nobody has ever licks her assholes before. It feels so good. Rahul tries to insert his toung as deep it goes
inside Rupu’s ass and lick it.

Rupu is now cummimg like a whore. She has heard that some people even have their ass fucked, but she always thought that it is
unclean and probably harts. But right now, she feels that if Rahul wants to fuck her in the ass she would give it a try. To her utter
surprise, Rahul says, “mom, I don’t know how to put it. But would you let me insert my finger to your asshole. I kind of like it.” Rupu
is a free lady now. She says, ‘son, why would you insert only the finger in my asshole, I want your huge cock inside my ass.” “Okay,
mom you are such a sexy mom.” Rupu brings some cocoanut oil from the bathroom and rubs it all over Rahul’s cock. Rahul then
puts some oil on mom’s ass too. He then insert his index finger in Rupu’s virgin ass. It goes pretty easily. He next puts two of his
fingers, then three, then four. Rupu likes Rahul’s fingers in her ass so much that she asks Rahul to fuck her ass right now. Rahul sets
the head of the cock at the ass cheek and with a big stroke insert the whole head in Rupu’s asshole. The tight asshole grips the cock
head very strongly. Rahul could not move it any more. To Rupu it feels like her asshole will burst. But Rahul startes to strok his cock
slowly and gently. Rupu begins to like it.

After 5 minute or so, Rupu’s eager ass completely welcomes his son’s cock inside. Rupu ask Rahul to increase his speed. Rahul
obliges. Rupu likes every seconds of it. She says in tears of joy, “Rahul, my son. Insert the whole cock inside mommi’s asshole.” At
this Rahul pushes his cock with such a force that the whole 10 inch gets inside Rupu’s asshole. Rahul is mad with pleasure now. He
fucks his mom like a lion fucks a lonely lioness. After 10 minutes of vigorous ass fucking, Rahul comes in floods inside Rupu’s ass.
Rupu is completely exhausted ny now. So is Rahul. When Rahul brings out his cock from mom’s strong grip of ass muscle, his cock
is glittering with some gooey juice from mom’s ass. When Rupu sees this she laughs and says, “You literally takes the shit out of
mommi’s ass.” “I guess I have. But now I have to pee.” Rupu remembers now that she has to pee too. So she says, “Son, Mommi
has to pee too. Why bothering go to the bathroom. Lets pee on the kitchen floor.”

Rahul likes the idea. He can not hold back his pee any longer and strats to pee on the floor. Rupu first put one of her hands to the
stream of yellowish pee. She likes the wormness and the smell of the fresh pee. She asks Rahul, “Son. lets not waste anything that
comes from you. Pee on my body.” Rahul is a bit surprised, but only says, “Are you sure mom?” “Yes, I am, son.” Rahul now directs
the his pee strem to his mom’s naked body. It first lands on Rupu’s tits, then her belly. Rupu almost baths in her son’s pee. Rahul has
lot to pee. So Rupu takes a glass and collects some pee in the glass. When Rahul stops finally, Rupu takes the glass full of piss near
Rahuls still erect cock. She then dips the cock in the glass full of piss .

Rahul’s cock now is glistening like pearls with piss and some scat from his mom’s ass. Rupu brings out her toung to the cock head
and taste the piss first. She likes the salty taste. She then takes the whole cock with piss and some scat on it. With some long and
strong wipes she cleans Rahul’s cock. She then smiles, “Your cock not only looks sexy, it tastes good too son.” “Oh, mom I never
thought that you love me so much to taste even my piss.” “Oh, son I love you more than that.” “Okay mom, I love you no less. So
why don’t you piss on my mouth and I shall drink it from your cunt.” Rupu waits no more. She positions her pussy right before
Rahul’s mouth and starts pissing right into his mouth. Rahul drinks his mom’s piss like elixir from heaven.

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