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Hot fun with Bangalore praj

Hi IS readers, I am Arun from Chennai. I am 33 years old, having average body with
good energy to satisfy my bed partner. I am a regular reader of Indian stories &
this is my third story. I offer my thanks for the readers who read my first story
‘Hot Sex With Moni’ and second story ‘Shanthi’s Massage Leads to Hot Sex’ and who
were send their comments to. Now I am going to tell a story which dreamed about by
email friend who became my friend after reading my stories in IS. Her name is
Prajwalini. She is 28 years old and residing at Bangalore. After read my stories in
IS she mailed me and appreciated my stories and she informed that she was planned to
come to Chennai and whether it is possible for me to join with her for some fun. I
immediately replied to her and convey my acceptance for her offer. That day night I
could not sleep for a long time because my mind was full of her feelings. I went to
the toilet and masturbate myself by think of her. Later I felt little bit relax !
and fall into sleep. In my deep sleep I had one dream with the same girl. Now I
describe the dream as I realized.

That day I received a call from Prajwalini (hereafter Praj) that she reached Chennai
and waiting at Rly. Station for me. I rushed to railway station and identified her
as she informed the location where she stands and the color code of her dress, Red
T-shirt and tight blue jeen. First I saw her standing nearby the bookstall showing
her back side to me. The lower part of her broad shoulder tells about her big boobs
and the bottom of her tight t-shirt explores her medium size hip. As I move my eyes
down I struck for some time. Her tight jeen perfectly stick on her ass and it shows
her round and well shaped ass. It was little bit bigger than my imagination. I
hardly came to my position and approached her and introduced myself to her. Meantime
i noticed her big boobs then her round face with rose lips. Her face was very
attractive even after the train journey. We shake our hands and she looks at me. In
between the regular questions such as how is your journey, have you sleep wel!
l etc., we move to the bike stand. While driving to the nearby hotel room, her big
boobs always gave some massage to my back. She presses my shoulder with her soft
hands all the way. On reaching the hotel we booked a double bed room in fake names,
acting as husband and wife came to attend a case. The room boy opened the room and
we entered into the room.

After sending the boy to bring two cups of tea, I closed the door and immediately
hugged her tightly and place my lips on her and she also hugged me and opens her
mouth to allow my tongue to play with hers. While kissing her, my hands caress her
back and her big boobs are squeezed by my chest. But for our shake the door bell
sound separated us. I opened the door and found the room boy with the tea cups on
his hand. We took the tea, close the door after send the boy. While having the tea I
told ‘Praj you seems very nice and sexy in this dress’. Then she asks ‘you mean I
seem very nice only with this dress’. I said ‘No Praj, I mean this dress enhance
your beauty. But if you remove them, you will seem very attractive and very sexier
than now.’ Then Praj told ‘OK, Please wait for some time I will come after finish my
morning duties’. Saying this she took her towel, and entered into the bath room. I
told ‘let me too come in, I will bath you or we can take our bath combined’. She !
told ‘ OK, but before that I will finish my shit, then u come in, we can take our
bath’. So I let her inside the toilet and sat on the bed. I couldn’t wait for a
long time, so went near to the bathroom door to ask her open. But I saw a key hole
in the bathroom and in a curia city I like to saw her nude body without her
knowledge. So I peek through the bathroom door keyhole. There Praj unzipped her top
and slowly lowered her Jeans, I could see her beautiful curvaceous ass, her hands
reached her back and she unclasped her bra and bent down and tok off her panty, it
was soaking wet in the middle of winter, of course it was not perspiration. I
understand that she was also in very hot mood. Mean time I realised my dick also
became errect and it wish to come out from my pant. So I removed my T-shirt, pant,
banian and went to the bathroom door only with my brief. I knocked the door and
called ‘Praj, Please open the door, I can’t wait further.’ AT the other side she
told ‘ Plz. wai!
t for 2 seconds’. But she took 10 seconds to open the door.

As she opened the door I saw that she was covering her body with the towel, which
covers 70 % of her big boobs and hangs only upto her thighs. Her white thighs &
calfs made me more horney. She asked ‘ What are you looking Arun?. I think you are
only going to look at me for the full day?’. I immediatly removed her towel and told
that ‘Yes the full day I am going to keep on looking like this’. by saying this I
stare her body thoroughly and noticed that her armpits were completely shaved. Her
big boobs were standing straight with large nipples like gun. Then I lowered my eyes
to her round naval and then hairless buffy pussy. Now I couldn’t able to control me.
So I hugged her and took her right nipple into my mouth and carrase her full body
with my two hands like any thing. Parj also moved her hands all over my body and got
hold of my dick in her hand over my brief and massaged it. I pressed her boobs,
twisted her nipples, toughed her round ass, tights. As I touched her pussy sh!
e started moaning and I gently pressed her wet pussy and try to put my finger into
her pussy for searching of her clitorise. She couldn’t able to stand, so she sat on
the toilet seat and removed my brief. Now my penis was saluting her at an angle of
90 degrees. She told ‘You too have a nice tool Arun. Now I am going to make it

She took my penis in her hands, kissed it, removed the foreskin and took the plum of
my penis into her mouth and licked it. She sucked my penis like a fruit, licked it
like an ice cream. I hold her boobs in my hand and squeeze them, press them close.
Pinched the nipples & rottate them. Her nipples become very rough and got very dark
color. Both we makes some sounds like aah, aah. I hold her head, and press it
towards my penis. Almost my entire penis play hide & seek into her mouth. She suck
it very well. Meantime her hands squeeze my balls very gently. Sometimes she even
bite my penis, which cause me enjoy instead of pain. As I am abouto to come, I press
her head very tight on my penis. She realised the fact and suck my penis very fast.
At last i came into her mouth, she drunk my juice and licked every part of my penis
like an icecream. Then she told let me take my bath before the next session. So I
opened the shower and both we took a bath. She put soap on my chest, back, a!
ss, thighs, and at last my tool. I took another soap to put it all over her body
and make a lot of lather. Her body was mostly covered with soap lather. My hands
moved very smoothly in between the lather and I couln’t hold her boobs as they are
big and full of soap. I press them and slide my hands up and down through the
lather. She likes it very much. We wet in the shower by hugging each other and
finished our bath. After wipe the water we came to the bed.

I hugged her and placed myself on her body and planted some hot kisses on her face
and then on her lips. Our tongue struck with each others and the taste of he saliva
also sweet. After some times, I moved a little down from her face and kissed her
chin, neck, ect. and kissed her upper cleavage and then her uncovered boobs. They
were very soft and fleshy now with soap aroma. I suck the nipples and drunk her milk
from both boobs. She was enjoying every moment of it, making sounds like Aah-ooh,
mah- uff, Arun, I love u, I like your suck, please suck me fast, don’t stop etc.,
After sucking, biting her big boobs I moved my tongue around the bottom of her
breasts, her stomach, naval and it tasted quite good. I slowly moved my tongue to
her wet pussy, it was clean shaved and smelt nice. I gave a deep kiss on her pussy
and she lift that area from the bed and pressed my head on in. Then I lick her pussy
very gently and now she started moaning. Now I splited her pussy with my finger!
s, and send my tongue inside her pussy to search her clitoris. Soon I noticed that
my tongue has found her clitories and she moans little bid louder. I licked her
clitoris, nearby areas of clitoris and after that started to fuck her pussy with my
tongue. She moans louder and hug me hard and asked me to fuck her with my tool.
Then I licked her pussy with my tongue in full speed and he pressed my head very
hard and lifted her legs high. I realised that she got her orgasm and I tasted her
juice which was tasted nice.

Then I asked her to turn and she laid on the bed with her stomach. I kissed her
back, ass and bite them. I asked her to lay on her knees. She laid on the bed like a
dog and touched her pussy from her back, pressed it and inserted my fingers into her
pussy and started finger fuck. I screwed her pussy with my two fingers and pinched
her clitoris. She again makes sounds like aah, aah, usshh, aa, Arun, dear etc., Oh
its fine, fast, do it fast arun. Arun, fuck me with your tool Arun, I can’t control.
please. Then I placed my fully erected 6″ dick over her pussy and pressed it. Soon
it disappeared into her pussy, as it was already wet and slippery. But I realised
the tightness of her pussy and enjoyed the moment. She screams a little. I started
to fuck her slowly in doggy style and gradually increased my speed. Meantime my
mouth kissed her back, neck, etc., and my hands are playing with her breasts,
stomach, navel. She moans like, fast, fast, fuck me fast, aaah, amma. issshhh, ooo!
h. and she lifted her ass to accept my full force on her pussy. I fucked hard and
as I realised that I am going to come, I took out my dick and asked her to lay on
her back. Then immediatly I placed send my dick into her pussy and fucked hard. She
continuse her moanings like,, aaah, amma. issshhh, oooh, and in some moments she
again huged me hard and hold my ass with her legs and pressed it hard. She reached
her second orgasm and I continued my strokes with full speed and finally I reached
my orgasm and filled her pussy with my juice. We laid for some time and she told
‘Arun, you dit it well. I really enjoyed a lot. your work is fine’ I too told
‘Praj, you also done well, your co-operation is fine. I too enjoyed a lot’. After
that we took one more bath and went to an movie. In theater we huged, kissed,
played a lot and returned to the hotel in the evening. In the evening we took one
more session of fucking and we enjoyed a lot on that day. Night she returned to
bangalore. I!
droped her at the railway station and returned to home. At ho!
me I sat on the sofa and took rest and I heared my cell phone ringing nicely. I
thought it might be Praj and got to take the phone and I realised that it was a
sweet dream. Any how I am going to have the fun with Praj as we planed. I will
write it as my next story. Your comments on this story is welcomed to my mail i.d.
Any married women, girl who wants to share their
experience can also contact me through my mail After our
fun I will write the experience in my next story. Until then bye from Arun.

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