On a recent trip, from Delhi to Bombay to visit my cousin Sanjay, who had invited me
too stay at his complex I had a great experience with a woman and I had never even
met. I must admit though that after thinking about it me and my cousin are very similar
in appearance and so now I could see why she had mistaken me for him. It had seemed
that my cousin was having an affair with a muslim girl called Zeenat. His parents
had found out about it and told him to end it and marry an indian girl. Which of
course he did.

But unknown to the whole family and especially his wife Sanjay had been seeing
Zeenat on the quiet. Anyway, I had arrived at night at Sanjay’s complex a day
earlier than expected. I had managed to get an extra day off. There was not much
light in the landing and from what I can tell Sanjay and his wife were out.

I was about to leave when a set of soft wet female lips planted a kiss on mine. The
woman, Zeenat, had pushed me against the landing wall and began playing with my

I got an instant hardon and naturally grabbed her heaving 36DD breasts under a plain
black salwar, she wore no bra. As I kissed this heavenly goddess I realised that
Sanjay must have scheduled a time to meet her on the landing but he had gotten
dragged to his wife’s parents place. Zeenat had mistaken me for Sanjay.

As I kissed Zeenat I inspected her closely, she was 5ft 3, she had pure creamy white
skin, green eyes, hour glass figure and a lovely big ass and hips. Her hair lay down
to her knees and she smelt of fresh jasmin flowers.

Our kissing became more intense and by now she had worked my throbbing hardon out of
my jeans. She slowly fell to her knees and looking up at me in the dimly lit landing
she sucked at my cock like it was her favorite kulfi. In my frenzy I had ripped her
salwar open so that I could get access to those lovely breasts. I tweaked her hard
nipples and she sucked with all her might. I unloaded into her sweet mouth almost
making her choke. Still hard, it was my turn to now push her against the wall.

I forcefully pulled down her pyjamas and rammed my hard cock into her awaiting wet
pussy. I lifted her up by the ass and fucked her so hard that Sanjay’s apartment
complex walls were shaking. Someone was shouting either above or below the landing
to cut out the fucking noise. But both of us were to horny to give a fuck. I carried
on pounding her and she screamed as she came violently I too could no longer hold on
and flooded her pussy.

“Bye Sanjay”, she said quickly composing herself and ran down the landing stairs
just as quickly as she had come up them.

She had gone even before I could say that I was not Sanjay.

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