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Sex With My Elder Sister

My elder sister Chitra, 26 of age, was oddly attractive and fair complexioned. I addressed her: Didi. She had been a bright student right from the beginning and had taken up computer education courses after graduation. After a few years, she had started teaching at the computer education centre. Didi was very shy and what most would call ‘bookworm’. She wore glass dressed very conservatively, a behenji type. She has pretty eyes and…well, I guess that’s it. She seemed more focused on her education than her social life.

I guess that’s why she was excelling, and I wasn’t. She could not get married as she was manglik by astrological considerations. It had became very difficult to find a suitable manglik partner for her. Moreover, other criterions were also there that had spoiled the negotiations with various proposals that had come. Recently, through one of our relations we were able to find a manglik boy and Panditji said it would be a good match. Our parents seemed to like it too, but my elder sister seemed reluctant. The groom promised to help her continue her studies, and, thereafter, the job, too. Although, didi seemed unsure of herself, gave her nod.

Me, a 15 year old, on the other hand, wasn’t doing so well in studies. I really resented the fact that the same was so easy for her. Because of our sibling rivalry, I never thought it right asking her assistance in studies. But, a few days back one of class fellow challenged me for a computer test. Taking it headlong, I decided to rise above and take Didi’s help to teach me computers. As far as the our rivalry was considered I thought she was my sister, an insider, with whom I could do some attitude adjustment in order to beat an outsider.

I was pretty cordial to her for a few days, then I asked her. She laughed at first. ‘You really expect me to spend time helping you out with this? After all those comments I’ve taken from you about how ’smart’ I am and how ‘boring’ I am, and how I ‘have no life’? Now you want my help? OK. But we’ll have to make some kind of a deal.’

‘Anything, Didi! You name it! Let me know and it’s yours. I promise!’

We worked out a schedule for when we could prep for the test. Then I kissed her on the forehead before I went off to work. She blushed and shooed me away, embarrassed. She looked really cute just then; it was a shame that she didn’t really seem interested in guys. She was very awkward and self-conscious around guys.
Our first tutoring session went well. It was tough for me but Didi was a good teacher; patient and thorough.

‘So, Mohit; about that ‘deal’…I think I might know what I want you to do…but I have a few questions first.’

‘Ask me.’

‘You said you’d do anything, right? OK. What I was thinking…’ Her voice dropped down to almost a whisper. ‘I was…You know I am very much afraid of marriage. My friends have told me it is very painful on the first night. I don’t know that frog with whom my marriage has been fixed. I don’t mind him touching my naked body. But to do it… first time…I want somebody, whom I am close to, help me find it out what it is. I think who could be a better male than you. Although, ashamed to say but I am clear in my mind: I want you to teach me sex. I don’t care for that virginity issue.’

‘Oh…well…um, OK,’ I said, trying to act very mature. I looked utterly confused.

She continued calmly looking straight in my eyes, ‘And, Mohit. I don’t want to talk to you about it. I want to … do things…I’ve read all about sex… I guess you’ve been right when you’ve said that I am that behnji type… no life…I thought you could show me what it’s like.’ Didi looked shyly and spoke haltingly. This was difficult for her. ‘I mean…I’d like to find out what it’s like with you…my brother, before finding out…you know, with someone I hardly know…And, don’t tell me you never had sex. I have seen you and Vrinda Aunt playing comedies all night at Titoo’s marriage.’

I said lightly…’Look, Didi…I can understand your curiosity if you’ve never had any…experience before. But for us to…We can’t, Didi! It’s not right.’ Her eyes had grown indignantly, slightly shinning with tears as she listened. She interrupted again. ‘Mohit, you said anything. Anything! This is what I want! I thought about this long and hard! We made a deal. And you promised.’

She paused. ‘Things. You know. What a husband does with his wife on the first night; what she does to him…I know what happens; I just want to know what it’s like… ‘

‘Kissing? Rubbing? These things?’ I offered. Keep it simple…

‘Yes! C’mon, Mohit, you know what I’m talking about. What is the first thing you try with a girl when you’re…messing around?’ Her voice had steadily risen over the last few minutes; I motioned her to quiet down. It was pretty late and our parents were asleep a floor away, but to get caught discussing such things…

‘My Gawd, Didi…I guess it would be feeling her breasts. Yeah.’ I simply could not believe it, but I had a semi-erection and it was growing by the second. I shifted on her bed, trying to accommodate it; hoping Didi wouldn’t notice. Then, in what seemed to me like slow motion, she took her glass off, reached over to her nightstand and flicked the 3-way light to it’s dimmest and started unbuttoning her blouse. I couldn’t believe my eyes. ‘Didi…hey bhagwan…I’m…’ The sight of her tight breasts in her bra stopped me short. I had never ever seen her in anything even close to revealing…but they were fantastic. I guessed 36 inches. As my eyes drank them in a combination of shame and excitement, she reached behind her back to undo her bra strap. They were fantastic. Perhaps the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen up close and in person; their nipples hard and a vibrant pink. She took a deep breath and said, ‘Now show me. Show me what you do.’ I knew she was looking at me, and I tried to look up at her fa
ce, but…they were magnificent. I realized that yes, I wanted to touch it, very badly…My cock was completely hard and throbbing.

I gently took one breast in my hand. I could hear her breathing now. My fingertips instinctively went for her large, hard nipple and started lightly pinching it. Didi gave a little gasp and closed her eyes. I slid over a bit closer to her and continued my stroking, pinching, massaging. I bent over and put my mouth over the nipple. I bit its tip gently between my teeth. I sucked on it lightly and kissed all around it. She had put her hand on the back of my head, cradling it to her mamme. Didi was breathing heavily as I suckled her tit.

After a few more minutes of this, she whispered, ‘Then what, Mohit? Hhhhhhh…Then what do you do?’ While still sucking her titties, I reached down and slid my hand up her inner thigh towards her crotch, not really thinking clearly anymore. But suddenly, Didi stopped me…Didi unfastened her nara, kicked her salwar off. She stripped to her white cotton panties. I was in shock: she was a beautiful young woman; slender hips, tight, lean legs, those wonderful tits…’Then what? Go ahead…’ she said, closing her eyes. I looked down into the crotch of her underwear. The little mound was so pretty; so perfect. Her inner thighs were creamy and smooth, inviting…my hand somehow found its way onto her upper thigh. It felt like velvet in my hand.

Didi widening the gap between her knees considerably as my hand slipped up towards her pussy. I touched the center of the crotch of her panties with the tips of my fingers. I could feel her pussy lips through the thin fabric. Didi’s mouth opened and she took a few harsh breaths. Her started rubbing her pussy over her panty. My lund felt about to explode as I brought her almost naked body to climax. Her hips started to gyrate as I rubbed through her panties at her hardened knob…Goosebumps covered her arms and legs. She arched her back suddenly and grabbed a tit in each hand, squeezing them roughly…and came. She bit her lower lip as her orgasm ripped through her; her hips bucked up and down wildly as I strained to keep my hand in her crotch. I wanted to finish her off completely. After about 30 seconds, she lay still, her breathing coming back to normal. ‘God, Mohit….That was wonderful…’ She bent forward and slid her panty down and lay back on her pillows and closed her eyes. I kissed her lightly on he
r pussy lips once; then again. Then, during the next kiss, I slid my tongue around the thin lips a little bit. She moaned as I worked my tongue into her pussy; yes, she was a virgin. I knew it. I continued licking her lips. ‘Oh, Mohit…that feels so beautiful…’ Her clit was hard and swollen now; her juices were flowing freely. I felt a hand at the back of my head, urging me on. I increased the pressure of my licking, working hard on her clit. ‘Oh my god, Mohit…bahoot gulguli mach rahi hai…mmmm….’ After a few more minutes, her body started to jerk uncontrollably and Didi clamped a hand over her mouth, not trusting what noises she might make. She was loving every second of it, too. I must admit I was enjoying myself, as well…With her other hand, she pulled my head into her groin. Then she came in a long series of spasms that shook the bed. Red faced and panting, she tried to catch her breath.
‘Oh my god, main to ur rahi thi. Mohit mere pyare cho chweet tuney mujeh pari bana dia!’ She recovered quickly. She sprang up onto her elbows and said, ‘Now you! Show me how to do it to you!’ as she glared at the erection in my shorts. There was such an innocence about her eagerness that it in no way came across as aggressive or slutty. Her tits were still fully exposed and her nipples were sticking out from their tips like bullets; her wet pussy glistened from in between her open legs. At this point, there was no holding back; I was in for the long haul. How far would this go…

I looked over at Didi with the same look she had given me: I trust you. Without getting up, I slipped my pajama off. Didi was surprised. She had obviously never seen a real live penis before; my lund was almost 7 inches long and very thick when fully hard. She looked simultaneously afraid of it and fascinated by it…’How did you get so hard?’ she asked.

‘I’m pretty…excited, Didi. This is what happens when a boy gets really excited.’ I sat before her on bended knees as she examined my lund. She looked worried. ‘I’ve just never seen a…penis before, for real…What should I do? Please; I want to learn. I think you insert it inside here slowly,’ she indicated towards her fuddi.
‘Yes, but you would have to bend over on your fours. I like to enjoy in doggie style,’ I whispered. She did as I told her. Didi had turned around and bent over slightly; she stuck her perfectly shaped hips in the air. She now spoke in that new low, breathy voice of hers. ‘Have you ever done it before?’ she looked at me.

‘Yes, … well,’ I stammered. ‘Yes, you did it with aunt Vrinda. She seduced you last year at Titoo chacha’s marriage. As if I don’t know. All night both of you played comedy at the old house, first floor…’. I was aghast. She seemed to enjoy – she knew my secret rendevouz with Vrindo mami. ‘That’s why she is all honey and sugar to you,’she chided me, ‘Now Common in.’ Sheepishly, I put my hands on her buttock. Her big beautiful boobs hung down invitingly and her entire pink pussy smiled at me from behind. It was glistening wet as she waited for me. I slid to her back and positioned my lund up against Didi’s pussy. I slid it’s big bulbous head all around her hole and pushed. She squealed. ‘Remember, Didi: relax. Relax all of your muscles. Concentrate.’ I felt her hole open a bit. My lund pushed harder. There. It’s tip was pushing the vulva gently open. I was very careful and took my time. ‘That’s it…relax…Take deep breaths…good…’ My lund was about half inch in; Didi seemed to be OK…God, it felt gre

She suddenly held one hand up in the air. ‘Stop! Mohit! Wait!’ I stopped, ready to pull out. ‘Just hold it there, don’t move…Ahhh…Hold it…’ Didi moved forward a little, closed her eyes and then moved back…I could feel a little obstruction. I pushed slowly. She was tightly clutching the bed sheet. Suddenly, I felt my lund entering a very small eye inside which was growing in size; a bubblegum layer tearing open and her fuddi swelling on my lund. Now it was in about 2 inches. ‘Oh, mari gayi!’ She was panting. ‘No! Just…Let me…Oh! Let me, Yesss, I want it…Mmmmmm….’ Now i had worked about 4 inches in and she was at the fattest part of my lund. She had the muscles of her pussy completely relaxed and I couldn’t quite believe what I was feeling. My petite elder sister was taking almost half of my lund into her virgin pussy. Now every small movement we made was heavenly; I started to move just a tiny bit myself, and soon we were making even more progress. Didi moaned through clenched teeth. ‘Arghhhhh
h…Ooooh…Yes, OH, YES!’ Past the most difficult part, Didi started to move more freely back and forth; and suddenly we were fucking. I was fucking her! I never would have dreamed she could have taken the majority of my cock in her tiny virgin bud. This session was really bringing out the animal in her, as well…

‘Ahhh, Mohit, give it to me full, chod de mujhe..Oh! Oh! Oh, Rajaaaah, bahut achcha lag raha hai’ I held her hips with both hands and really started fucking her hard. I pulled her on and off my cock like a rag doll. She obviously enjoyed it. ‘MmmmMmmmMmmmm!’ she hummed. She bent around to look at me. I almost didn’t recognize her; she was so transformed by lust. She squeezed a tit while she said, ‘It doesn’t hurt at all, Mohit! It feels sooooo good…Do it….Ahhh…Do it harder…’

I lost control and gave into the sexual frenzy. I was really slamming her. Didi tried to answer but could only manage a series of high pitched whimpers. Her boobs were dangline about uncontrollably. I think Didi came then; she howled like a dog, shaking and sweating. I just kept on fucking; Didi put her head down on the couch and her ass in the air and it sounded like she was weeping. Soon I felt my own orgasm approaching. I was also sweating now. My thrusts became fewer and harder, Didi whimpered loudly with each forward thrust. Suddenly, I spurted gush of releases wave after wave.

Didi spoke first. ‘Thank you, Mohit. Now I know. How it would be on my second night…’ I was still catching my breath. ‘Didi, I…that was amazing. I just didn’t want to hurt you…,’ I, too, was overwhelmed. She breathed heavily,’We didn’t, Mohit. We didn’t,’ in my mouth and closed her lips on mine, inserting her tongue; she flowed into me in a kiss…she inhaled me…it was as if our body was one joined by our lips. I tasted as she tasted. I felt as she felt.

In last four years, she has been ‘happy’ in her marriage, with a 2 year old son. She confesses – the memory of our first time still lingers. We still do it when she visits.

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