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Love between mother and son

When I came back from Canada I found both my mother Vanaja and Aunt Lakshmi waiting for me in the Airport. Both looked very radiant and it was very late in the night when I landed. I was surprised by seeing two people I was missing for so many days. When I smiled at them both looked very coy and bent their heads refusing to meet my eyes. Then Subbu Aunty looked up and said we are having an addition in our family. I saw Mother turn away and color pink with shyness. I went to Aunt and hugged her and she held me and whispered that she is pregnant. 10 weeks now. I slowly put my hands on her belly and tried to see if the bulge could be felt. She pushed me away and laughed saying it is very early for the bulge but I went to the doctor and he told me. I looked at her with love and she said it is yours no doubt you are one who is soaking me with your semen. I felt like crying with joy. Here was my aunt who without seeking anything for herself submitted to me whenever I went to her for love. I asked her what about your daughter my cousin. Aunt told me that she is yet to know but eventually she plans to tell her also about us.

All this time I had ignored mother and when I looked up for her she was already moving my luggage trolley and going towards the entrance.  Aunt understood my concern and told me ” Rathan I have always been satisfied by you, you have given me two great joys in my life. Though I don’t want to lose you, your mother has greater right on you. Go to her and make her happy. Make her your wife. After you went to US she has been pestering me about what kind of things you love in bed and what you talk about, how is cock ?, what kind of dresses you love on your woman. Whether you will like her body ? ”

Rathan, take care that Vanaja should never sleep alone in the bed again. Give her so much love that she will gain all her happiness again.

I thanked her and she said she is going back to her home and she asked me to give her a call as and when I feel comfortable but without denying mother anything. I moved on and she called me “Rathan, I would love to see more additions, this time let Vanaja take the honours”. I smiled and Aunt said seriously, ” I am serious, Vanaja told me she has periods regularly but she is worried if her body will support. I have told her that it will do fine and asked her not have any protection. Go and fill her belly, my love.”

I went out and My mother Vanaja was standing near our car. I stopped and looked up noticing many things different about her. She was clad in a nice chiffon saree, leaf green in color and matching blouse. I could also see more midriff than general. She was also wearing some makeup. I also discovered that she had dyed her hair black and she had tied it in nice fashion and she had adorned herself with flowers.  She loved jasmine. I started smiling because generally widows as a rule are not supposed to adorn themselves with flowers. It dawned on my dull mind that My mother had finally decided and today I will taking her to bed.

I went to her and for the first time addressed her ” How are you Amma ?”. Mother looked up and said “Sorry I have been very hard on you, I beg your forgiveness.” I hugged her and since it was public place we separated and then loaded the bags and started for home. As we drove Mother was very silent and once in a while she would put on hands in mine and squeeze them. I also would squeeze in return. We reached home and she opened the locks and I carried the luggage in.

She looked up and said “Don’t take too much time, I will be waiting in your room upstairs”. I quickly opened one of the bags and took the gifts that I had brought her. I had one pair of nice silky undergarments (Bra and Panties) from Victoria’s secret, I purchased in US. I took out the ring with a nice Sapphire on it. Then I went up to the room. Mother was sitting on the bed and as she saw me she got up and smiled coyly. I went in and closed the door. She turned her back to me. I went to her and smelled the flowers in her hair. She smelled heavenly. I put my hands on her shoulder and turned her so that she was facing me. I lifted her chin to look at her face more closely like a lover rather than a son. I could lines on her face, I could see the age, but for me she looked like my heroine. Her age was the attraction for me. I bent my lips to hers. She offered her lips to me. I touched her lips with mine and she was smelling of morning dew and tasted like honey. I kissed her and then slowly we started grinding our mouths on each other and we were becoming very wet there.  Her lipstick smeared my cheeks, my lips and my neck. I grabbed her and pushed her saree to reveal her breasts clad in blouse and bra. She gracefully moved to release the saree. I grabbed her at the waist and cupped her big ass. They are enormous. I felt the smoothness and the softness of her ass. Then I pushed her to the bed and slowly she unclipped her blouse and then put her hands to her bra and undid that also. Her breasts are bigger than I had thought and they droop a bit. Her nipples are almost black in color. I went to her and cupped her breasts and then kneaded the nipples. All the while my mother was moaning and taking my name and calling me her husband. It was a great feeling for me to be called by mother as her husband.

I pushed her petticoat up and found that she was not wearing any panties. I could not wait any longer I jumped off the bed and undid my pants and freed up my cock. I removed my shirt and jumped on the bed. I grabbed mom and pushed her the bed. I positioned myself between her thighs and went down on her. First attempt it missed and burrowed between her hairy thighs. She sighed and then took my cock in her hands and positioned it to her cuntal entrance. I could not wait any longer I pushed completely and I went in about half. Mother was screaming “Slowly, it is many years since your father fucked me, go slow, I need to become wet. Spit in my cunt and then you can fuck”. I pulled out and then bent down and collected a lot of saliva in mouth and as she spread her legs I spat into her cunt. Then I went down on her again and this I was able to position myself on my own and pushed. As I entered her I felt like on fire. Mother cunt muscles were grinding against mine and all the while Mom was feeling the pain.  She was weeping with pain but when I asked her if I should stop she said “NO this is heavenly pain. My body will accept you as my lover, I have in my heart accepted you”. I felt for her love and just hung there. She suddenly gathered up all her strenght and pushed up her hips. Now I sank in completely upto my balls. She urged by moving back and forth and I could not hold any longer and I started fucking her taking long and slow strokes like my aunt had taught. She was all the while moaning and I suddenly realised that she was non longer in pain. I started fucking her faster. I don’t know suddenly I started blabbering “Vanaja my love, I want to make you pregnant. I want to have a girl from you. I want to make you my wife”. Mother started moaning “I am all yours my son, take me and fuck me, I am not having any protection. I am all yours to fuck me”.

I came in torrents and filled her cunt fully. As I fell on her I could feel our combined juices flowing out between her legs. I looked up said the bedsheet is becoming wet. Mother laughed and said, from now on there will be lots of bedsheets to wash. We will wet the bed everyday. I was so tired from the journey and our love making I hugged her and slept.

I am going to have a big family, with two wives, one my aunt with two of my kids and the other with my mother and I don’t know how many kids she would like.

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