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Having sex with sister is a heaven

7be8454ed7e027ccdd774f916c08f7ebHi! My name is Lucky. I am writing this story from my computer. This story is about my sister and me. Her name is Komal.This story is of time when I was of 18 and in class XIIth. My sister at that time was of 21 and had completed her Graduation. I was well aware of sex at that time. I always wanted to have sex with a girl having sexy figure, but didn’t know that it would really happen and also didn’t know that Komal was a HORNY girl also wanted to have sex with a boy having great physique. (As I was doing GYM for last two years, therefore, I have a great physique.) She had such a gorgeous figure (36,24,38) and had big boobs (She wore bra of size 36 with cup size d); that anyone would become ready to have sex with her, so, she wanted somebody to satisfy her.

One day I was alone at home and was bathing. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I had to go just with a towel around my lower. I opened the door and saw that Komal was there. She came in and said “Hi sexy boy!” I was looking at her with strange that what she was saying. She said, “Why are you looking at me strangely? I haven’t say something big that you are looking me like this. You should be open-minded and it’s just a compliment. You deserve this compliment.” She put her purse on table and calls me. She touched my chest and said, “So, you have developed a good physique. Your body is in a shape that makes you looking too sexy.” There was a circulation of current in allover my body when she touched me. I was nervous at that time, so, I had no other option to say only “Thanks for the compliments”. Now she also became aware of the fact that I had also something in my mind about sex. I think at that time she decided that she would convince me slowly and would have sex with me in future because she knew that I am also a HORNY.

Now she used to do things by which I got HORNY. Like she used to wear deep-necked suits in front of me. One day I was studying in my room. She came in the room. She stood in front of me and was talking to me. She suddenly dropped the pen she was holding in her hand. Then she bent enough to show her big boobs. When I saw her boobs, a bug started to become active in my under garments. I got HORNY. I went in the bathroom and started masturbating. When I came back she said, ” Where have you gone”. I said, ” I have gone for toilet”. She said with a little smile on her face, ” I don’t believe this. You have gone in the bathroom for something else. Tell me what was It.” Now imagine my position at that time. How could I tell her that I was in the bathroom because of her? But she continued to question me. Then I understood that she knew about my act in the bathroom and wanted to hear from my mouth. (What a HORNY girl!) Then with a great effort I told her that I was masturbating in the bathroom. She said, ” Why was you masturbating?” I said, “I have seen your boobs. So, I got very HORNY. Therefore, I had to go in the bathroom for masturbating”. She said, ” Do you think my boobs are big enough to make anybody HORNY?” I said, “Yes they drive me crazy”.

After that day whenever I was alone at home with her, she used to wear micro skirts through which I could easily see her waxed thighs. One day she came into my room wearing micro skirt and very tight t-shirt without bra inside. I could easily see the shape of her big boobs and nipples on them. My dick started to grow big and stronger. I said, “Sis! Today you are looking very sexy. (As she told me to be open-minded.) But you should wear bra under t-shirt, because anyone can see your nipples.” She said, “Are they visible to you? If yes, tell me, where are they?” I said, “How can I tell you where are they?” She said, “Simply! By locating your fingers on the boobs where they are visible to you.” I took my finger and put it on her boobs where I could see her boobs. Then I said, “Sis! Tell me, what is the size of your bra?” She said, “It is of 36 with D size cup.” I said, “I don’t believe that you have D size boobs.” She said, “Ok! Put your hands on my boobs and guess their size.”

I put my hands on her boobs. She closed her eyes with a great sigh. By that time, my dick had grown up to its full size. She took off her t-shirt and exposed her mind-blowing boobs. I took one of her nipples in my mouth. I was sucking her boobs as harder as I could. Now, within few minutes we were totally nude. She took my dick into her hands and was playing with it. I asked her to suck it. She started to suck it as if it was her first and last desire.

Then we go to bed. She lay there with her legs open and inviting me to satisfy her. I inserted my dick into her pussy slowly. I felt that she was feeling pain as I could hear her sounds like “Aahhhhhhhh”, “Ahhhmmmm”. But later she was enjoying it. She said, “Common my brother! Fuck me faster and harder.” I started to fuck her faster. After sometime when we realized that the cum wanted to come outside, I put my fully loaded gun into her mouth. She was sucking it with a great urge. Soon, the load from the gun started to shoot into her mouth. She sucks it all. Now for sometime we were laying in the bed.

I was holding her boobs in my hand and she was holding my dick. Then we went in the bathroom and take bath together. After that day we had regular sex whenever we were alone at home. So, I think that having full-fledged sex with your own sister is heaven and is a great pleasure. And if you do not believe this you can contact my sister or me on our e-mail, i.e.

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