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My handsome friend

January 23rd, 2010 No comments

I am Arjun (21). I am a Commerce student and right preparing for my board exam (TYBcom). I am residing in Mumbai.
This happened to me two years back when I was a first year student. The College in which I was before was a junior college because of which I had to change my college to complete my graduation. As I was new to the college I did not had much friends to talk to. There was a guy named Vikrant who became my best friend at that time and who is still a friend of mine. He was good looking and was having good physics as he use to workout daily at his home. He was staying with his mother who was working in a company. His Dad was working in Bangalore for some IT Firm.

We use to spend a lot of time together sharing our thoughts with each other. Freaking out with other friends, and having blast. Now we have become a very close friend.

Before our first semester exam we both decided to study together, sometimes we use to study at his house and some times at mine. One day when I reached his home I saw him working-out with his dumb-bells. He was just wearing his underwear and that was also totally wet due to the sweats running down from his upper body. I could see drops of sweats dripping from his small hard black coloured nipples. His underwear was sticking to his groin area through which one can see the size of his tool. Seeing that something unusual happened to me. His body was well shaped and I don’t even want to miss even one glimpse of him. He told me to wait in the living room while he was taking shower.

That night when I came home, the whole night I was thinking about him and his Mesmerizing body. I even masturbated 2 to 3 times visualizing having sex with him. The next day afternoon when he came to my house, I purposely removed my shirt and came in front of him and asked him to sit in my bed room and go through the books while I purposely kept the towel on the bed and had gone inside the bathroom (attached to the bedroom) to take shower. After taking shower I called Him “Vicky (pet name), towel dena”, He asked “kahaan hai?” I answered “ wahin bed par hoga” . When he came near the bath room I opened the door quite widely so that he may have a glance of my naked body and at the same time I was pretending to cover my self with the door. He handed over the towel to me with an auspicious smile and said “saale nange towel leke nahi ja sakta” .

I came out of the bathroom just wearing the underwear. I was seeing that he was glancing at me while going through the opened book. I sat beside him and asked him “kitna padha” he replied “ kuch nahi” . He pinched my nipple and said “ Arjun tera body toh bohot achha hai, workout karta hai kya?” . I replied “ tere jaise body builder se toh kam hi hai “. He pointed toward my groin and said “ Lekin yeh to mere se bhi bada hai” I was glad to here this from him. I told him that “ tune mera kab dekha?” He replied “ Dekhne ki kya jaroorat hai upar sehi sab pata chal jata hai.” . I placed my hand on my dick from over the underwear and said “ chal, dono apna nikaal te hai aur dekhte hai kiska bada hai? Lekin ek shart hai jiska chota hoga use dusre ka chusna padega. He replied “ thik hai?” (as if he was too eager to see my tool) I removed my dick and was waiting for him to remove his out. He unzipped his jeans and slid his hand inside his underwear & popped out his dick out of it. I was stunned seeing the size of his dick. It was thicker than mine but was not as long as compared to that of mine. I told him “Haar gaya na! chal ab le mera l##d apne muh me “ I lied on the bed and told him to do it. He placed his warm lips on the top portion of my dick. A spark of pleasure ran all over my body. I mourned in excitement. I was experiencing the most pleasurable moment of my life. He started sucking hard and I could hear the sound (of his saliva) made while he was licking my dick. I could feel his tongue rubbing my upper portion of my dick and teeth on the sides. I could not explain how much I was enjoying that moment. When I was suppose to burst out I pushed his face back and a hot fountain of sperms came out with a speed and was spread all over my stomach. I couldn’t have experienced this immense pleasure without my friend Vikrant and now it was my turn to pay him back what I have received from him.

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Fucked by huge MBA cock

December 27th, 2009 No comments

Hey friends I am rony. When I was 18 after my examination, I went to my uncles house at bombay. When I reached the station my uncle was waiting there for me. Then we went to andheri in which our flat is situated. When we reached our flat I saw a handsome young man coming out from the very next room. I asked about him to my uncle. He told me that his name was rahul and he is an mba student,he told me that rahuls parents were abroad so he is alone their. The next day when my uncle and aunty went for job I found that rahul didn’t go to class that day. So I went to his room and ring the doorbell. Then he came and opened the door and invited me inside. When I enter the room he closed the door.

Then I saw his computer on his table,as it is very near to me I switch on the computer monitor I saw a stunning porn movie on the screen. Watching this my cock began to become harder,at that time I didn’t wear anything inside.

So I feared that he will see this when I look at him he was looking at my cock. Then he come near me and touched and press on my cock over my shorts. But I didn’t react against this because I enjoyed it. Noticing this he asked me to remove my shorts,

before I can do anything he pulled my shorts down and took my cock in his hand. He pulled the skin backwards and began to lick the top of the cock. It gave a heavenly pleasure to me. Then he began to suck my cock then he lick my balls too.

Then he asked me to remove my clothes completely and to unzip his pants to take his cock out. I remove my clothes fully without any thing on my body,then I unzip his pants but I can’t take out his cock because it is bigger.

So he remove his clothes comletely. Now he is wearing only a light blue underwear. When I pulled his underwear down his cock jumped out. I stunned by seeing it. It was a huge cock having a length of about ’11’ inches and breadth about 4. 5 cms.

He asked me to remove the skun back. I removed the skin back and began to suck his cock,then I licked his balls. Then he told me to fuck him. I inserted my almost big cock into his anus and began to fuck him then I cummed into his ass.

Then I took back my cock slowly then cum comes out from his ass I licked and drinked all the cum. Then he suck my cock again and asked me to turn back. When I turn back he licked my ass hole and insert his huge penis into my virgin tender asshole.

As it gives me some pleasure it was very painful for me bcause his cock was very big and it was the first time I get fucked by some body. As it is very painful to me I tried to stop it but he overcome my resistense

and continued fucking me hardly. Then I feel that my ass was loaded with his sweet creamy cum then he took the cock back and began to eat the creampie then we went to the bathroom and clean ourself.

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All started in the class

December 26th, 2009 No comments

I like to share some experience of mine. Which happened in last year. To start with I was doing a part time job in an institute. I used to handle morning batches which starts form 7am. There was only one student in that batch. The story starts from here.

We had a separate class room where we used to take class & since she was the only student in that batch I used to take online classes. She was not that beautiful to look but she had a very good structure. One day while tacking the class, I tried to reach the Mouse which was on the other side. While trying to reach for it my hand rubbed her boobs & a shock wave went through both of us. From that day onwards I started to touch her boobs purposefully on some or the other pretext. By this time we became very close to each other & while talking one day she asked me whether I have any girlfriend, I said “No”. One day I took up the topic of sex & she asked me whether I have seen XXX Movies. I said yes I have a CD at home, immediately she asked me if I can arrange to show it to her. The next Saturday I took leave & asked her to come my house.

That day she was in a tight chudidar & I could enjoy her beautiful structure. I took her to my room & started the computer & played the movie for her. While seeing them nude in the movie she closed her face & I reached her & removed her hand from her face & she hugged me very tight & told me to do whatever I want to do with her.

I didn’t want to miss this opportunity so I started pressing her boobs & kissing her passionately & slowly started to undress her. after few minutes she was completely nude in front of me. I held her boobs in both my hands & started sucking them & she started moaning & kissing my head & forcing my face on her boobs.

Then I undressed myself & took her to bed & slept on her, my rod tried to reach her hole, but couldn’t succeed. finally she guided my little brother inside her pussy. It was very difficult putting it in there so I asked her to sit on top of me, so that it will be easy to put it in. But I didn’t fuck her, for the fear that she will lose her virginity & it would be a problem for both of us. But we enjoyed oral sex when ever we got an opportunity. If you want know more pls. write to me at

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School Girl

December 17th, 2009 No comments

I am Kumar completed my 12th.Till my 8th standard, my family was in hyd and life was rockin with my college life. But when I got in my 9th my dad got transferred to Tirupati and we had to shift there. My life got jammed there and was extremely boring, I did not like it and I forcefully completed my ninth there. Then I insisted my parents to join me in Hyderabad and they agreed. I was to stay with my grandparents and joined a posh school nearby because the college I studied before was far away. I got enough known to sex thru friends and net and other sources. And a lust was growing inside me to have sex with a woman.

And I was waiting for the right time. My new school was a good one. The total strength of my class was just 35 and half of them were just girls. They were beautiful. But they have nothing to do with this story. That new school was very posh outside but inside (strictness, education) it was just ok. I planned to woo and fuck my class girls and made friendship with them. Soon almost all of them became my friends but I feared to start the topic of sex with them. Our juniors 9th class also had some sexy babes and they too became my friends. But one girl named Bhanu was more close to me. She was tall, fair, slim and beautiful. So I decided to fuck her to control my hunger because I was not able to concentrate on studies because of sexual thoughts. Soon the golden chance came. The 9th and 10 classes were on the fourth floor and the fifth one was being renovated. Once, some 9th and 10th students had to stay back to decorate the school in the eve of children’s day.

The whole school was empty except for some students and some auxiliary staff and some workers on the 5th floor. Some students were busy on the 1st floor, some on 2nd,some on 3rd and 4 of us were on 4th floor.2 of them were 9th boys and the remaining were me and Bhanu. After some time, the other boys went down to canteen for snacks and I judged this was the right time to seduce her (coz the guys spend a lot time at canteen and moreover they may not return).We decorated the walls and were about to paste the colored ribbons on the top of the walls. But in order to do that, I had to stand on a big stool or table to do that, even the benches were not sufficient in height. There was a long stool but I said that it was old and creaking, and I may fall from that. And I hit upon an idea and told her that ill stand on a bench and shell sit on my shoulders and paste them. She did not agree fearing that shell fall down and moreover if someone sees them it may look bad. But I assured that no one will come ill hold her tightly. She agreed and first I stood on the bench and kneeled. Then she sat on my shoulders and that was so arousing that my dick stood up but it was covered by my full shirt. Her pubic area was at the back of my head and her legs were on my shoulders..! What a feeling it was! She wore a chudidar for some reason and she was exotic. I tried standing up but I was not able to stand due to her weight. I told her to get down and then I took her in my arms and told her to climb on my shoulders. She did and now I was standing and she was on my shoulders.

I gave her the ribbons and she asked me to hold her tight and immediately took my arms and kept them on her waist. Man! What a feeling! I was holding her tight and she was busy sticking. She completed some part and we had to move the bench to cover the remaining part of the wall. I lifted her from my shoulders and was getting her down, when my hands touched her boobs. She did not say a word and I just got slipped and holded her tight around her waist. My left hand was on her breast area and my right hand around her waist and my dick was on her ass. I was still holding her and suddenly she started staring in my eyes. Her eyes were shining and there was lust in them. I wasted no time and grabbed her lips and started sucking them. She broke the kiss and said that someone may see us. She took me secretly to the 5th floor and without getting into anyone of the workers notice, we went into the unused toilets and slipped into one of the latrines. They were extremely clean and she hugged me tight and sucked my lips and then our tongues met. We kissed for sometime and started fondling her boobs and, a sexy back is my weakness and I started licking her back. Fortunately, she wore a low back dress and I got hold of her boobs and licked her back. She asked for the real thing and I did not like to fuck her in a standing position. We did some hugging, fondling, kissing in the bathroom and soon it was 5:30.The workers leave at 5:30.

And I peeped out. There I saw the workers leaving and when all of them left, we came out and went inside a clean room. I bolted the door and started the action. She climbed on me with her legs crossed around my waist and started french kissing me. I removed her chunni and threw it aside. She was wearing a dark fabric green Punjabi dress. I started removing and lo! Soon she was in a white bra. I pressed her tits thru the bra and kissed her cleavage and licked there. Then I removed her pajama and noticed her wearing a white silky panty. Wow! A beauty in white panty and white bra! I removed my uniform and I was standing in my underwear and my 7inch dick standing still. She anxiously removed my undi and started playing with my dick. She fondled with it, she played with my balls. I asked her to give me a blow job. She replied innocently, hats that? I opened her mouth and shoved my tool inside and asked her to suck and lick it as if it were a lollipop. She started doing it and soon increased the speed. I removed my dick from inside as I may climax, it may take time to regain. I freed her boobs and for first time I was seeing a girls tits! I made her lie on the floor and started kissing her lips. Then I went down and started sucking her right tit and circled left one. Then I went down and licked her sexy navel.

Her body started shaking and was enjoying it. Not to waste much time, I went down and removed panty. What a sight! A naked pussy for the first time, that too a hairy one! It was my lucky day. I started licking it and she was shivering in ecstasy, and her pussy was dripping her love juices. I licked them and they were tasty. I inserted my index finger inside and started finger fucking and she started moaning. Soon I inserted second finger and she started moaning more. Soon she climaxed and cummed on my face. I drank her juices and told her to get ready for the big one. I asked her, are you ready? Why are you asking for? Go on. Was the reply. I kept the tip of my dick and her entry and tried to shove in…But it was tight. I forcefully inserted the tip inside and she started feeling pain…Of course, she was a virgin and had a tight cunt. I applied full force and entire 7? went inside along with a scream which escaped her mouth. I started fucking and soon gained speed and started giving her hard strokes. Soon, pain vanished on her face and started enjoying it. The room was filled with her moaning and soon I was about to climax. But before that, her cunt muscles became tight and knew she came. I too came and shot my entire load inside. And fell on her, exhausted. I removed my dick outside and shoved it inside her mouth. She started licking my sperm and licked it completely dry and started sucking it. Soon it regained its size and we were ready for another session. This time we did it in doggy session. Soon we climaxed and took some rest. Then we wore our clothes and left out silently. This was my first experience. You might be wondering if this may ever happen. Nothing is impossible.

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Hesitant Saali Pooja

October 28th, 2009 No comments

My saali was at age of 17 ¼ at that time. Medium height, nice round asss cheeks, c-medium sized tits. Clear white color, pink lips, soorahi jaisi neck. Dimples when she laughed. So I tried everything possible to get her under me, so it didn’t work. Then one day after dinner in the kitchen, she was heating up the milk on gas stove and washing dishes. She was wearing Yello Kurta and Salwarr. She had her white bra on but no panties. Her bra made her tits stand hard and pointing. And her salwaar was inclined with her pussy and ass crack. From the front it was clung into her nice and medium sized meaty and juicy thighs. From the back her salwaar was in her ass cheeks, damn what a sight. So I was glancing all this time, and she;;;

Kya baat hai jiju, koi baat nahin kar rahe? Kya baat karen, jaanu, jab aap ko niharne se fursat hi nahin hai. Accha ji, aur agar didi aa gayi to, ? Ayegi to chali jayegi. Aur jo maar padegi aapko Wohh. Aur jo aapko mar padegi appko, toh? Muje kon marega, then looking at her eyes, I had my hand on my belt buckle, and was pointing it towards my prick with my pinky finger. She realized it , looked at me straight, and I was smiling. Then she looked away and smiling mearkly. Are are, dekho aapka doodh gir gaya. Jiijjjuuu! She thought that it was her milk, looking at her breasts, thinking it was hers. And I was looking at the dripping milk and looking at her, then I just couldn’t stop laughing. Now she was embarrassed. Where I was she came to me, the kitchen door was lightly closed. Someone had to open the door literatly to peek inside. She was at a feet away shile cleaning the gas stove. I leaned forward to her ear and whispere, “Kya pani pani ho gayi ho aap? Leaning more, kissing her ear.” She , jumped kinda, then I held her by her shoulders, Jjiijuiii, ii aah, nahin, mat karo please, koi aa gaya to? Koi nahin aayega, saying this shile rubbing my hands from her shoulders to her entire arms.
Oooffff, Nahi mahhi, Pleaase, nooo. I’ts okay pooja, no one will come, everybody’s busy at party next door. And my 81/4 lauda was at its best poking her in her ass cheeks, right when it was resting there, on her soft, young, pulsating and tender ass cheeks, oh my GOD. What a senstation it was. My lauda crazily dripped one after another. Oh Jiju, Please no. I’m gonna yell, really, save it jaanu, save it, aah, ooh, not on the neck, yeas while kissing her on her neck, front and back. She’s helpless, but giving in. Yess, muuffpph, yes, wait jaanu. Then, my hand feeling her hot tummy over her yellow kurta. And she tried to stop my careesing and mistakely leaned forward. Which caused her to be in bending forward. And caused my standing rock hard lauda againt her ass crack and slided from to down against her as cheeks towards her, wet and hot puss. Oh my god, nahin, Mahi. Please. Ooff. Nahi, aaaiii. Mar jaoingi main. Aisa kabi nahin hua pehle, please shod do mujde. Are waah yeh kya hai pooja, Itni garm aur gili kar rakhi hai apni fudi tune. Maine kahan ji ju jiju. Yeh to aapki badmashi hai. Accha ji, the I brought my hand from her hard nipps behind her ass cheeks, feeling her ass crack, parting her asschekks with her salwaar on, and felt her salwarr damp. Kya garam fudi di uski yaar. And gili bi, my hand got moist. Then I started playing with her pussy with her salwaar, she learing against hot gas stove, nahi, ouch, tears drippin out and also enjoying, yess, nahi. Ooh. Please, aah, hai, maa, main yeah kya keh rahi hoon. Mahi nahin, pleae, sorry, Jiju, aaaiiii. Nahiiin. Speed of my hand was increasing in massaging her pussy. She was moving her asscheeks in anticipation. Aah, oooh, aaayiii. Aaaah, aammmmaaaaaaaaaaa. Mmmmaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ggggaayiiiiiiiiiiii. Aaah, nahiin jijjjuuuuuU. Aaah, aah, then, I spread her legs little bit wide, and saw her damp salwaar that didn’t have undie on. It was damped and clenched with her pussy juice’s liquid traveling from her precious lips down to her thighs. I could make out her puffy pussy lips from her wet salwaar. Ahhmmmm, kya swad pani shod rahi hai teri fuddi Sali. Hia, jijju, please aisa mat kaho. Muje sharm aa rahi hai. Then I parted her asscheeks and took that whole wet salwaar where it was resting on her wet pussy lips, ahhm, mmmm, slrp, aahnm, mmmm, slrp, slrp. She bucked back, jumped back. And up. Put her hands on my head and tried to push my head away from her pussy. Aaaahhhhhhaaa, nnnaaahiiin, with hessing and clenhching teeths, aaaah mahiii jjjiiiiijjjjjjjjUUUUU. Aaah, oooh uffff. Aaai. Yees, chuus chuss sale, meri behan ko bi aisa hi chusa ho ga, choos le meri jwani ka ishq meri garam fuddi se.
Ooh, bhut accha lag raaha hai, jiju. Please, satisfy karo muje. It was right then, when my dick couldn’t’ take it anymore. I opened my zipper, while kissing biting and pulling on her wet and hot pussy lips and making her squirm. Pooja biting her teeths, hissing, grinding her puss back to my face, by now my face was inside her asscheeks totally, her butt crushed onto my face, my dick out of my zipper, and I was licking and kissing her entire lingth of pussy from her front starting point to her ending crack. Which drove her more crazy. Her breaths coming harder harder, annngh, aaannngg aaaaahhgnnngh, aaaaaagnnhii, ooooofngn, maar gayi jijiu. Aah, oof, chuuso muje aur, aur choose, pi lo meri nasheli jwani ka juice. Aaah, ooof. Oof., yess. Yes. Then wasting no time, reaching in her front, I hiked up her kurta, didn’t work in first, then I had to have her hold her kurta, jijju what are aahk, ooof, you doing. Aah aah, I was increasing more speed in sucking and licking her puss everytime she questioned and a sigh and moan would escape her mouth.
Then, I reached inside her salwaar, pulled out her salwaar’s nala (tie, string, etc.)., and pulled her salwaar loose, to her knees and tied her salwaar’s knot ( nala). Then, since she had her kurtan held up in her hand from the front, I gazed up, her eyes closed, I was looking at her white creamy and shaved thighs. Not a single hair on her legs and puss. Nice soft, round creamy young buttocks. Did I hit a goldmine or what. I was squeezing her asscheeks, parting her cheeks, looking at her wet pussy lips, kissin’ em dry from her salvia, making her ass crack wet with her own salvia. And every lick I did that, a moan escaped, aah, ooh, uff, mar gayi. Aaah. Ufff. Haaan. Yess, yess. Then I opened her pink pussy lips, they were so nice, she even let a moan out aaaaahnnhh when I parted her pink pussy lips. Then I licked her insides for another 2 minutes which caused her to cum twice. Then, I got up, grinded my cock in her asscrack, oooh, aah, what a feeling that is, ooh, maa, yess mahi jiju. That feels good, aah. Ooh. And I remember she did squirm and jump everytime my dicks head poked in her little open ass hole. Aah, oooh, nahi jiju. Please aise nahin. Neeehhhhhcchee, then, rubbing my cock on her wet puss lips, and making her wetter more, while she leaning against the gas stove bending over position, her kurta hiked up to her half bare back, and she half naked til her knees. Parting her asschekks, spotting my cockhead on her pusslips, right when it knocked, aaah, laaicchhhhghhh, nahiin jiju, her eyes full of water tears, dard ho rahi hai. Aaah, pehle kabi nahi kiya aisa, don’t work jaanu, it will hurt like a tika syringe, then it wil be o.k.
Hurry up jiju, koi aa na jaye. Getting in position, her asschekks parted, my cockhead’s precum and her wet pussy lips were driing off of her cock length and to her inner thighs, 1 2 3 bole ke, putting my hand on her mouth, in steady position, I GAAVE A OONNE HAAARRRDDD PUUUUUUSH AALL THE WAAY INNN HEER, AAAAAHHNNNNNGGGHHII …. MAAAAAAA.. .MAAAAARRRRR… GAAARRRIIIYYIIIIII.. AAAAAHHHH. Her scream was so loud that she bit my hand and I almost screamed, that how pain she felt, then I didn’t stop. I started kissing her all over her body, bare salty back, her neck, ears. Aah, aaangghh, ammmhhhhnnm, crying sounds. Aah, ooffnnna aaaaaiiii. Mammmmaaa. Aaii, maar gaayi. In squirming vices though. Then, I let go of my hand, her head in the air, slipped her pussy off of my my cock, turned around, looking at me, I thought that she was going to run outside half naked and tonight is my last night. Then she looked down at my dick, 81/4’er, on her knees, wiped it off with her kurta including her pussy’s blood,, holding it in her hands, crying. Sale tune fadi hai na meri fudi, tune choda hai na meri fuddi ko, tune hi khoon nikala hai na meri fuddi se, then with tears, but with strong heart, she my cock head in her mouth. She licked it’s head, bit on it, said sorry when I screamed a littke, sorry sorry, mere yaar ko bura laga, GOOOD, that’s how I felt it too too. And she would look at me sometimes and if I was watching or not, then when I couldn’t hold it anymore, I picked her up, some tears in my eyes too. Saali, kya mera lauda hi kaat khaye gi, haaa jiju ji, agar muje chodo ge aise to main bi isko aisa hi maza doongi. Kaisa laga apni fuddi ka taste mere laude se, aaahhm, smiling an leaning forward, bhut aachha, us se bi acchaha tha aapke laude ka taste.
Waah, licking her lips, namkeen, evergreen. Then, I kissed her hard on her lips, neck and turned her around, parted her puss lips and shoved in her again. Then she screamed a little again aaahnnhh, then put her own hand on her mouth. This continued for 10 minutes non stop. She would fuck my dick when I would stop and I would fuck her insane. When I came her breasts were crushed against hard cement and my dick was pounding in her deep and was rubbing and stretching her pretty good from inside. Ahh, ooh uff. Yees, jija ji, aur chodo apni pyari saali ko. Fir mouka mile ya na mile. Aaah. Ooh. Haan kuon nahin sale, agle mahine aaah, yeh hlee, Sali, ja tere ko apne gar le jaounga to tuje roz subhe aur adi raat ko chodunaga.. aah, aah, oh, schi, jiju. Aah, oh. Uff. Mar gai, chodo. Aah. Ooh. Uff. Yess yess. Aah. I took her virginity, from her precious pussy and her from her asswhole the next very moring when only both of us were going to the temple. We fucked on our was and on our way back. In animals room on the way 3 times. And in tractors trailey 2 times on our way back.
This is how she had to pay me back after telling on my to her sister that I confessed to her.
This continued for 2 years and I got her pregnant about 5 times with abortion now. She’s to get married in couple years, I will fuck her before she leaves her parents house and before her suhaagraat.THE END.

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Fucked by Anand my classmate

October 19th, 2009 No comments

HI MY NAME IS NIMISHA, I M FROM VARANASI U.P, I want to tell u about my first sex with ANAND.I WANT TO tell u about myself. I m very figure is 32,26,34… fair color & with red & rosy lips.That time I was in class 12th. now I m 23 years old.he was my class mate. He used to see me.slowly we became good friend and then became sanam of each other. One day my parents were not in home.they had gone to some party for 2 days. I was alone. I used to call him at night.
He make me erotic on phone. One day in afternoon he came to my home to teach me biology. In biology he taught me reproductive system at that day.I was not understanding the chapter. I was in white this tight top and mini skirt.

He told me came inside the room I will teach u some practical. I didn’t understand his words. We went inside the room.He told me to sit beside me. I did that.Than he touched me. I told him what r u doing. He told it is the starting point of this chapter.

I said okkkkkk Go ahead. Then he kissed me at my hands. then on my neck…,than on my cheeks… and finally on my lips.. I liked that. I told him to kiss on the lips again & again very hardly.. He did that.. then he squeezed my boobs with his hand …

I felt In saying… aaaahhhhhhhhhhh…. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Then he put off my tight white colour Top… my eyes closed bra is seeing anand’s face. Then he squeezed and suck my boobs..through bra……. Aaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh

I loved that nowww……..then he kissed me everywhere.. evev on the thigh,legs and on the top of the skirt…..then he put off my skirt … now I was in bra and panty only… I then put off his shirt and his pant ….. surprise he was wearing jockey very sexy brief……….i kissed that…

Ab uska penis khada hone laga tha…. Maine se dabaya aur khum kiss kiya……than he put off my bra & panty.. now I was complelety naked in front of my friend anand.. he was too….His penis was about 5.1’’ long, very stiff as well as very slimy……

I took that in my mouth.. and sukihg that very hardly.. thaen he kissed me like pagal………he kiss on my vagina……in vagina he got a matar like part… jiske touch karne se mujhe maja aa raha tha… wo touch karne laga ….. kiss karne

laga….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,mmmmooooooohhh Then stared to insert his penis … maine kaha mat karo dard ho raha hai aur kuch baby ka chakkar ho jaye… he said don’t worry… bola tell me ur MC date…. I said it is 2nd of the month..

he calculated something and said don’t worry.. u r safe… that day date was 10th.. of the month… he inserted his penis, with the help of cream……I said ,aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…mat karoooo ma dard ho raha hai… pls darling anand samjho na..

bahut dard ho raha hai..wo bola nahi starting me hota hai………try to hv some petions..mai dard me thi but achha lag raha tha……..maine kaha ……..anand good aur jara insert karo maja aa raha hai maine kaha aur usne kiya ,,,,,,,,,,mai kah rahi

thi…………………….aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….anand,,I LOVE U…. phir wo speadly up-down karne laga… aur kuch hiii samaye me white substance nikala uske penis se jo ki kuch mere vagina me gaya aur kuch mer hath pe aaya jo bad me bada tasty

tah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,really us din hamne 5-6times sex kiya…………aur first week me 56 times sex kiya naked hokar maje karte hue. Aur kabhi bus me… kabhi college bathroom me.kabhi jab koi na to library me to rack ke peeche…..

bada maja aaya..aur hamare marks bhi ache aaye… maine top kiya aur wo second aay class me… aap bhi sex jaroor kiya karo esse mann sant rahta hai aur padhai me mann lagta hai…….bye,, happr sex life with ur partner… nahi ho to apne hath ka hii use kar liya karooooooooooooo…

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My friend’s sister’s virgin pussy

September 14th, 2009 No comments

Hi guys and girls, i’m Ali, im 21 from the uk and this my 1st story on here and it’s
a real 1 that happend last week! It’s about my friends sister, her name is rabia and
she is 16, she’s also my neighbour. She has a very very sexy body. Her boobs are a
32c, so soft and sexy, i’m obsessed with her ass. One day i was in my garden and she
was in hers, she kept staring at so i did the same then she gave a little smile, i
was really shocked because this is the same girl that so moody and used to have too
much attitude. She then called me over so i gathered nobody was at home, just her
alone. I have been wanting to fuck her for a long time so i got very excited and
went over. Went inside and she said hope you don’t mind coming over, it’s just that
i was bored, i said no problem. OH MY GOD!!! She was wearing this amazing red
shalwar kameez and it was very tight. Dam!!!

I could see the curves of her amazing
boobs, her hips and her hot ass! I was feeling very hot, i just wanted to ge!
t her naked and fuck her brains out! She got me a drink and wen she was leaning
over to pour my drink, i could see her deep sexy cleavege. Then she caught me
staring and smiled saying ‘are you looking at my boobs’ i said yes because your
irrestible so she asked if i wanted to feel them and see them so as i said yes, she
showed me, her boobs were the best pair i have! So we started kissing and
undressing, i stsrted sucking her boobs and squeezing them, kissing sexy flat
stomach, her legs and saueezing and spanking her curvy ass! As rabia was a virgin
she wanted me to lick her juicy wet pussy dry so i did, then i started rubbing my
7″ cock on her smooth pussy lips she was moaning, then i just pushed every bit of
my cock in her pussy in 1 go, she screamed very loud,every part of rabia’s body was

perfect. So we ended up in the shower after 1 hour of fucking, she came 5 times in 1
hour, we did every position possible then she wanted it up her ass do it took me
ages to enter her ass because she was very very tight, in total we had non stop sex
for 4 hours. This was an amazing experience for rabia. Me and rabia have sex every
single day, we love it!!! Thanks for reading.

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Fucked by horny professor

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I am a student of the university. I was used to dream of a man licking my pussy. This is a story of me and my professor. Everytime he used to teach me I used to dream of him licking me boobs and pussy. I used to wear low cut tops just to give him a view of my boobs and distract him during class. I used to stare at his huge cock. One day I failed in his subject and was supprised cause I was really good in his subject. He called me to his office to ask me why I had failed. That time he said I could pass only if I show him my pussy.

Iwas really supprised but at the same time liked the idea. That day I ha worn my lace g-strings. So I threw down my pants. He got exited looking at my panties. He asked to show my boobs as I stripped completely. He was totally exited.

Cause of my red bra. He said he wanted to touch my boobies and pussy. So he removed my bra and panties. At this time I could see his cock growing. He slowly felt my boobies and started squezing them. He took my nipples in his mouth and suckud it hard.

Ohhhhhhhh it felt so good. I could feel my pussy getting wet.then he put his finger in my pusy and strated rubbing it. He rubbed my clit.and pushed a finger pussy was now dripping. His fingers were wet.

He then put his fingers to his mouth and tasted my jices. He liked it. Then he said he wants to lick it. I was so happy since at last my fantasy would come true. He had a thick beard. And my pussy was shaved. He put his tongue in my pussy.

It started tickling me and he tasted all my juices. He put his fingers in me at the same time. His beard was also tickling me.then he said he wants to uck me. I couldnt stop him. He took out a clocolate flavoured condom put it on his dick and shoved the dick right inside.

He kept fucking me in and out and hard. Until e came. He slpashed the entire cum onm my boobies and massaged them till they were red. At last my fantacies had come true.

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Nazia My Student

August 25th, 2009 No comments

I’m Asad.I want to tell a lovely and a 100% true experience of mines with my student. It wills interesting for the readers that all the events and dialogues are 100% original and as it is as it happened.
Im 24 male from Lahore. After doing my M.Sc. from Punjab University Lahore. I start searching job. But its not an easy task to get a job without having experience. So I was very much tense after 3 months of search and I decide to start teaching in evening time to cut out my expenses.
So after a struggle I get tuition of a girl in Defence. Her name was Nazia. She was doing B.Sc. from Govt. College for Women Gulberg. And I found after that she was not a good student and have no interest in studies and her parents having no time for her. Her father was a big mill owner and mother was a famous journalist in a leading English newspaper of Lahore. She has two elder brothers both in Army and were posted in Risalpur and Muzaffarabad.

I always found her alone in home since ist day except sometimes when her mother came and asked me about her studies.
She studied in her study room with me. I teach her like a good teacher and nothing was wrong in my mind, coz this was the only source of income at that time. And I dont want to loose this opportunity by doing some thing bad.
After few days when I felt that she has no mood in learning and she is not cooperating with me in studies I thought that might be there is some mistake in my way of teaching I should be friendly with her so that she take interest in studies. For this purpose I start hulki phulki chat and gup shup with her before start teaching. And I observed that she is so happy in all activities other then studies. This was not a good sign coz exams were not too far.
One day when I was doing gupshup with her she asked sir, who is your favourite film actress?
I said Sonali Bandre and Sheron Stone.
Wow sir both have too sexy. She reply and I was little embarresed by hearing word sexy from my student. So I didnt reply and said now open your books and ………..sir please itna maza araha hay batain kar rahain hain. Sir aaaj parhai ki chutti and only gup shup.
I said no way.your exams are very near and … I much insist but she refused to study.
And start talking. Why u like them?
I said they are good actresses and beautiful.
Sir what you like in a girl?
I said she must be beautiful and charming.
Sir sexy bolain na sharmaty kyun hain. And start laughing.
I came in anger and said hay what u mean by sexy. What is sexy in girls.
She said u dont know even this? Oh my God. Sir aap ko to sab kutch batana paray ga. Sir gee sexy mean by watching a girl u feel sex in ur self. Aaya samajh main?
Ooh ic. I replied.
Sir batain na aaap ko larkyon ki kya chhez achi lagti hay?
I said I like their eyes.
And ………
And their hair
Aur sir… aur batain na please
And their lips. I make some courage this time.
Hhhmmmm cool sir. Sir eik baat batain sachi sachi. Did u ever kiss a girl?
What? What u wanna asked?
Sir I am asking in simple urdu. Kya aap nay kisi larki ko kiss kya hay?
The answer was no but I told a lie just to make impression yes my girl friend.
Wow sir you are so Man I thought that you are just a teacher but you can be some ones friend. Thats great.
Acha sir kahan kiss kya tha?
Its normal. On her lips?
Maza aya tha sir? She asked
Hhmmmm yes.
Sir aap dono kahan they?
I replied in her home.
Were u alone there?
Wow sir. So u just kiss her? Only a kiss
Yes only a kiss
Sir its not possible. U must did some thing more. Sir gee kutch khatta metha nahi hua?
Now the matter was going out side the limit so I said. ok Nazia. I have to go. By saying this I stand up but she hold my hand and pull me towards her. Sir aap ko apnay time pay jana hoga. Why ur going please sit down. By saying this she again pull me slight powerly by this I loose my balance and fell on her.
We both fell on the sofa I was on her and my body was pressing her.
Ooh oh sorry. I confused. By saying this I try to stand up but my hands touched her boobs.i confused so much in this emberrising situation and was trying to stand when she again pull me over her. I fell on her again in a situation that my hand was on her right boob and my face was just above her face.
She hold me there tightly and said in a dreamy way. Sir aisay he letay rahain na. Kya acha nahi lag raha. By saying this she slightly kiss on my lips.
Now I was little hot. I was lying on a young girl. My one hand was on her 36 sized boob and she just kiss me. Agar main usay kutch na karta to main bilkul khassi hota. I put my lips on her lips, and insert my tongue in her mouth and start sucking her tongue. She replied positively.
I press her boob and I found it so soft like a yogurt in a plastic shopping bag. I move my hand from all over her boob. Then she said sir aap nay apni girl friend kay boobs bhe pakray they?
I said yes Nazia. Now a days its a part of kissing. Now my cock was going harder and harder and she felt it and smile sir aap ne jab say meray boobs pakray hain aap ka khara hona shoro ho gya hay….hay na sir?
I astonish by hearing so much open way of talking by Nazia.
I didnt reply and again try to stand up from her. This time she allowed me but didnt release my hand from her hand.
Sir aap nay apni girl friend kay saath just kiss kya tha kutch khatta metha nahi kya tha, kya aap meray saath kutch khatta metha karna chah tay hain? Kiss to aap kar chukay hain.
not able to answer but dont want to loose this oppurtunity. actually I was afraid that her parents or servents may not come in her room and see her doing this all. But she was very brave at that time.(coz she was alone in her home)
I again close her and start kissing her. This time I insert my tongue in her mouth and sucking her tounge.she warmly responded me and put her hand on my neck and press my head slowly towards her mouth.
My both hands were free I put my both hands on her back and start rubbing her and move upwards, when I touch the back strap of her bra over her qameez I try to play with that, she think that I want to open the bra clip from back side.
She said sir gee bahir say brazier nahi khulay gee. Double clip laga hay. Qameez kay under haath daal kar khool lain.
I was much thank ful to her to give me courage to start play first game of sex of my life. I said ok
I move my hands towards her boobs and start squeezing her boobs gently and softly. Sometimes when I pull her boobs outside and at the same time press her nipples hard over the brazier she scream lightly cccccccccccc.
Now my cock was so much tense in my under wear and trying to crush my underwear and jeans.
I try to open the buttons of her shirt. She help me when I trying to remove bra from there she suggest
sir shirt utar doon is tarah mushkil hogi aap ko.
I think she under stand that its my ist ever sex experience thats why im so much nurvous and secondly due to that she is a millioniers daughter and I was only an ordinary man.
I reply yes Nazia. Please do that.
She didnt waste a minute in removing her shirt. now she was infront of me nude. I can saw her big 36 sized sexy boobs and a slight look of her nipples under her black net bra.
She has thin waist but big boobs. This make me horny. I was thinking what to do ist, go to her brazier and remove it and start sucking her 2 melons or to move towards her shalwar…..but I decide to make her warm ist.
She understand my thinking and she was enjoyong this situation. I gently open the clips of her brazier and bring her 2 sexy melons out. I start sucking her boobs. And try to warm her by sucking, pressing and pumping her both boobs with my hands. she show her warmness by making her nipples erect in few minutes, and specially when I take a lite bite with my teeth on her brownish nipples, she scream in a sexy way ….uummm..sshhccccccc.
I put my both hands on her boobs and press them inside so that they press each other and go upward. in this way I put my mouth below her boobs and licking all soft places of that area. she was much enjoying this and want to do something more with me.
She touch her hand on my chest and insert her fingers in the shirt and try to feel the hair of my chest.and asked sir aap kay chest pay baal hain?
I replied during kissing her nipples hhhmmm
She asked sir dikhain na.
I said shirt utar doon?
Utarain na sir..kya aap ko garmi nahi lag rahi? Dekhain mujhay garmi lag rahi thee main nay to utar dee hay.
I replied, garmi to itni lag rahi hay kay dil chah raha hay sub kutch utar doon. By saying this I move my hand towards her ass over shalwar and start rubbing it specially insert my fingers in the separation line of her ass.
She said,sir jaldi say utar dain yeh na ho kay garmi say aap ko bukhar ho jay
I smile and said, mujhay nude dekh kar kahin aap ko aur zyada garmi na lagy
Sir gee, agar main aur garam ho gyee to mujhay thanda na karna pleaeeeese.
Now I made courage and turn off my shirt and sweat shirt. I asked, pant bhe utar doon?
She smile, pata nahin, waisay yeh mujhay pata hay kay aap ka bahut pehlay say khara hay. Please dikhain na kaisa hay.aur kharay ho kar kaisa lagta hay?
I start openning zipper of my pant and said, but u too turn ur shalwar off.
She said no sir…. and smile sexily.
Now I was completely nude and she was watching my 7 inch hard rock cock in a standing position. she asked amazingly, oh my god, its too huge and fat, thats why girls shout during fucking.
Now I close her and insert my one hand in her shalwar. She resist a little. I move my hand on her pussy and found it wet. I love to feel hair on her pussy. Huum khob jungle uga rakha hay.i said.
Sir aap ko yahan baal pasand hain? Ab main kabhi EU cream nahin lagaoon gi.
Now I insert my 1 finger in her pussy and move it inside.
She close her eyes and try to stop her screams. But her breaths speed automatically increases. Uumm hhmm aahoooo.
Her such sounds make me more horny and I increase the speed of my finger, in/out, left/right, rub on all walls.then I insert my second finger in her pussy and keep my play on. She like two fingers in her pussy coz now the movements in the pussy were so tight. Now precum was appearing on my cock and I found her watching my cock. But she didnt attempt herself to hold it. I offer her, yeh pakro na,
She hesitate in pure feminane fashion, nahi please nahi, mujhay is say dar lagta hay. I said darnay ki kya baat hay, abhi to tumhain is pay kiss bhe karna paray ga.
Kiss oh no, she smile. Kiss nahi karoongi bus khaali pakar leti hoon.
By this she put her hand on my hard cock and start pressing and pumping it.
I feel 11000 watts current in my body by her one touch. My precum start flowing on her hand after her every pump.
She start laughing and said. Sir gee aap to itni say dair main leak hona shurooh ho gayee.
And she rub my precum on her boobs.
I said oyee yeh sperms nahi hay pagal, yeh to sex ka juice hay. Tumhari pussy to pehlay kiss say he geeli ho gayee theee.
Now the situation was that she was playing with my cock and my hand was under her shalwar and fingering her pussy. I was so much hot. now I decide to turn her shalwar off.
I gently bring out my hand from her pussy and shalwar and try to open her izarband (rope) of shalwar.she asked sir, yeh aap kya kar rahay hain.
I replied tumhari shalwar utar raha hoon.
Now her izarband was open. but she suddenly stop me by her hand and said nahi sir main apni shalwar nahi utaroon gi. I use my power to down her shalwar. But she ran away in the room by gripping her shalwar from top side, she was laughing and saying sir pakrain.
I ran behind her. room was not too big so I catch her in few seconds. She was trying to run away so I try to grip her shalwars back side. In this way she loose her grip on shalwar and her her shalwar fell down.
She suddenly turns and hugs me tightly.
Her shalwar was in her feets. and she was completely nude and hugging with me. My cock was in a standing position so touching her pussy. I start wild kissing all over her face and neck and rub her sweet, firm, round ass. She start playing with my cock.
I asked her to come to bed. We sit on bed. I asked her to show me her pussy. She was shying a little and was not opening her legs to have a full view of her cute small pussy.
So I gently open her legs and saw cutest pussy of the world. Her pussy was covered with black hair. And her love hole was not seeing.
So I asked her, hay…where is the hole?
She smile and said, ghour say dekho, yaheen hay
I smile and insert my two fingers inside her pussy and again start finger fucking. She close her lips tightly and also close her eyes. And lay on the bed and open her legs wide to give me ease in finger fucking. I kiss on her pussy and start licking it. This time she failed to stop her screams. each time when my tongue enters her pussy she screams oooyye when my tongue exits she screams ccccccccc. I keep this game of oooyyee and ccccccccc for more than 5 minutes then I feels that its too much and I stop this. Suddenly she discharged. And her lubricant spread on all bed sheet. She smile and said, tum nay finger fucking he say mere nikal dee
I asked tumhain fuck karoon?
She reply nahin….pata nahi… dekho mujhay fuck na karna, bahut takleef ho gee.
I said. Zara see pain hogi phir maza bahut ayee ga. Fuck karoon?
She said …ok. But you have to marry with me. Coz I will fuck the guy who will marry me.
I said oh my love, I will marry with you.
I was no experience of fucking a girl before just watched some movies like red shoes diary and kama sutra of rekha.
So I told her to guide me as I have no experience of fucking.
She smiled and said aur yeh jo sub kya tha is ka experience tha? Yaar karo sub khud aajayee ga.
So I lay on her. My hard cock hit her cute pussy and she said ooh sir aram say. It hurts me.i try to pump my cock on her pussy by thinking that my cock will made his way by himself. But cock was not finding his way.
Nazia start laughing and said.
Sir aap to bilkul buddhu hain.u dont know even this how to fuck a girl. Sir pehlay mere legs apnay shoulders pay rakh lain. And try to insert ur cock in my pussy slowly and press it inside and bring it back. And then repeat this. Ok?
I said ok.
I did the same and put her both legs on my shoulders and open her legs. Now it gives me a clear view of her pussy. Now I enter my cock in her pussy slowly.
She shout ooohhh uuuff aammmmmi
I urgently bring my cock out and said what happened ? ammi ko kyun bula rahi ho?
She said aaap itni zoor say kar rahay hain. Itni dard ho rahi hay. Araam say karain na.
I said ok
Now this time I insert my cock lightly and she stop her screams coz my cock was little bit fat according to her opinion.i insert deep and deep untill she she shout uuufff sir bus kareen mere phut gyeeee.. oyeee ammmi
Now a line of blood came from her pussy when I bring back my tool but I didnt care and again pump her pussy with my cock. she was feeling pain but also enjoying at the same time.
After four or five continous pumps her pussy agreed to give way to my my cock create a room for his insertion and now it was easy to fucking.she was still screaming but now these were in low voice.
After 15 minutes of continous fucking, I came all my load inside her pussy. She when realized what had happened she shout ooh sir you are so buddhu you dont know that u have to ejaculate outside.uuuf kahin garbar na ho jayeee.
I said ooh dont worry kutch nahi hoga.
At that day we enjoyed one more round after this.but I fucked her many times when ever we get time and place.

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Sarita’s Horny Young Devar

August 17th, 2009 No comments

I am Sarita Choudary a happily married lady till last year. I am a house wife and have strong sexual desires and have been masturbating secretly even after I got married. My husband who is a marwari would just love to squeeze my breasts(it would pain a lot) and just put his thing inside and fuck me till he got his satisfaction. I cursed my luck because I wanted a lover who would kiss me, pleasure me and give total sex like I used to see in porn movies.
I have a friend who used to come with me to the stitching classes called Rohini. She introduced me to some of her friends Kamini, Nisha and Manjula(NAMES CHANGED).

All were married and we would always talk dirty and about men and about their sex lives. I could understand that my sex life was the most boring one and I would cover it up with telling lies as to how a passionate lover my husband was. Out of my small private circle of friends, Nisha had told us how she had gone to bed with her devar. She was ecstatic and would tell us how he had fucked her in her ass and it was totally a different kind of pleasure. I wondered if she had told us a lie but then no woman would tell a story like that if it was not true. One day when I had gone to her house, I had secretly seen Nisha’s devar patting her bum when she went to collect pepsi from the fridge.
I was jealous as well as repulsed by Nisha’s behavior. A devar is like a son or a close friend to a bhabhi. I would never do something cheap like this. Nisha was a horny slut. But so was I. At times when I would lay at bed at night, I would visualise Nisha’s college going devar making passionate love to her. I would feel guilty but I would also feel my pussy getting wet. I would go to the toilet to piss and remove my lust out of my system but strong desire would overcome my senses and I would end up masturbating myself to orgasm. I felt like punishing myself for my wicked thoughts but then I could not.
As days passed by, I grew closer to Rohini. She would look like an innocent lady but I knew what a horny lady she was. One afternoon I went to her house. Her 5yr old kid had gone to nursery school and her husband was at work. She was looking beautiful. We chatted like best friends and then the topic shifted towards sex. She told that she didnt sleep the previous night. I asked her why, she said her husband had got some porn movies. They had watched three of them and then they had fucked till 4.00 clock in the morning. I grew envious and I asked her to show one movie to me. She smiled and then went and inserted the disc in the vcd player. I was amazed at the way they showed fucking in blue movies. It was so vulgar, dirty but not disgusting. Girls who say blue movies disgust them are actually lying. They all die to see it secretly. who does not like fucking? I was getting turned on as I saw scenes of two men fucking one hot blonde, then one man licking a girl’s cunt like it was the best dish in the world and also the scene two women doing it with a negro man. Rohini was looking at my expression as I was watching the movie. She smiled and commented that the negro would spray some face cream on the womens’ faces. I didnt understand what she said till I saw on the screen, the negro guy screaming with pleasure spraying sperm on the faces of the two girls’ faces. I was getting turned on and was squirming on the seat. Rohini looked at me surprisingly and asked me,”You have never seen a blue film before”
I replied,”Not this openly”. she laughed and said,”Tu tho moon aisa kholi jaise woh cream tere moo mein daal raha hai(you were opening your mouth as if he was cumming in yours)
I told her to shut up and then laughed loudly with her. Rohini then began to talk dirty with me. She remarked and said,”Negro ka lund dekhke teri chooth tho geeli nahi hue(did that negro dick make your pussy wet?”)
I had never heard the decent Rohini talk in such foul language before.I asked her if hers were wet. She replied that her pussy was crying since the previous night. Out of the blue, I asked her to show how wet her cunt was. She pulled her yellow saree and her petticoat up and pushed her black undies down. “Tu bhi apna dikha” she said. I obeyed her and lifted my pink saree and petticoat and slid my orange underwear down.
The room was smellingly slightly with pussy smell. We were both hairy down there. she was haiy because her husband loved her down hair. I was hairy because I did not know my husband’s taste and all that mattered to him was fucking. She pushed her finger in and remarked that I was somewhat tight compared to housewives. I put my finger in and I discovered that she was more open there. She said,”Mera tho factory chalo hi rehta hai…my vagina is always getting a workout)
Suddenly overtaken by emotions we ladies began to fondle each other boobs and finger each other’s holes. She found my clitoris and began to twist it and pull it lovingly. I did the same to ehr till we shy ladies cried like whores in unison and exploded. I thought of going to the bathroom and washing my hand but I saw her licking my cum from her fingers. I licked hers from my fingers. It was salty but tasted great. She commented,”chooth se tho bachha nikalta tho ganda thodi hoga…(a baby comes out of the cunt, so how can this be dirty?) I agreed with her and we put her clothes back. I asked her if it is dirty to a man’s sperm. She said,”Sperm is not a waste product. It comes from the testicles, it has proteins, vitamins and essential mineral salt.”
I found her talk sexy and interesting and knew that she was giving blowjobs to her husband.
Rohini went to the bathroom to freshen herself. When she came out she looked pretty, she sat in front of the mirror. She had to get her kid from the school. As if reading my mind she asked me,”tune apne pathi ka moon me nahi leekya?(Have you never taken your husband’s penis in your mouth?)
I lied and said that I had used it as a foreplay and never tasted semen. Then I asked her naughtily, how big was her husband’s thing? Normally I would have never asked this question but since Rohini was very close I did not have problems. She said,”You have just seen the state of my pussy. Uska badmash lund ne neeche ka kya haalat bana diya(his nasty cock has plundered my pussy black and blue). He calls it India gate”
“Aur uska lund kutub-minar”
We laughed uncontrollably like school girls and then she said,” Sunil’s(her husband) cock is not so long as that negro guy but it is thick”
She asked me about my husband’s thing. I told her some flattering lie but I felt guilty. I asked her about Nisha. Rohini told me that if a married woman does not get enough sex, then she find sources from where she can. I am happy with my marriage. But the fact is Nisha’s husband is a lazy drunkard who treats her like shit. However her devar is a very unassuming man and a very nice friend and a good lover. She has him around her ass and inside it. For a moment a wicked thought of Raju, my schoolgoing 10th std devar came to my mind but I dismissed it.
I asked what if Nisha gets caught. She laughed and said,”chor woh jo pakda jaye…a criminal is one who gets caught…our Nisha and her devar are too streetsmart for that”
Rohini told me as she was leaving,”Take those cds and enjoy them. Don’t return them. I will buy some new ones”
I thanked her and after that whenever I would get time, I would feed my horniness by watching them I would mostly getting turned on by the climaxes of men’s cum on the ladies’ faces. My friendliness with my group and especially with Rohini increased. However we kept our blue film and masturbation thing secret from other women. Then one day my bad luck came .
My husband had a freak accident and the doctor diagnoized him for bed rest and abstaining him from groin related activity ie sex for a period of seven months. This was like death knell for me. I would not even get a little pleasure now. It was all house work and sleep now.
Three months passed in bore dom and I was bored of masturbating. I wanted a male body next to me which I could stroke and get inside me. As times went by, I developed friendship with my devar Raju
He was in 10TH std, a foot shorter(I am5?7) than me and good looking. Since I am a graduate, he would always take some help if had problems with his subjects like English or Maths. At times, when I would sit on the bed and bend down to teach him an equation, my pallu would slid down and my cleavage would appear. I could sense him looking at my flesh but when I would look at him, he would look down at the book. I knew he was growing and the presence of a young woman close to him would obviously make him a bit aroused and it was normal. We developed a good relation and we would talk doublemeaning at times and I would find it funny,cute and sexy.
He would flirt with me and describe me as a luxury car with good headlights(boobs)and a nice dickie(ass). One day, I was sweeping the floor and he was quite near me near the table,adjusting the lamp. His finger tips were brushing my ass. The horny boy took his own time feeling my ass with only the back of his finger tips and then he removed it. I felt like pulling his ears for being such a jerk but he said something which felt sexy. He said,”Meri Lancer ki dickie itni garam hai ke haath jal gaya(my lancer’s dickie is so hot that my fingers are burning)
I remarked with,”dickie khol ke tel dalna…open the dickie and put oil)
Suddenly I could feel his cock getting hard by what I said.
At night sometimes like a dutiful wife, I wanted to give sexual pleasure to my husband. Since he could not fuck me, at least I thought I would suck his penis and make him happy. I had never done it only watched in movies, and thought this was a good time for me to learn. But when I kissed his chest, stomach and went to kiss his erect dick, he shouted at me and called me a prostitute. He said,”Haath me leke hila”
I masturbated him and he came in my fingers. I went to the bathroom and washed my hands thoroughly. Bastard, I thought. what a loser he is? I was never going to play with his stupid idiotic thing again.
The evening of Dec13th 2003 was my fateful day. I had gone to my devar’s bed room to wake him up and I could see a big hard on protruding like a tent in his brief shorts which boys have early when they rise up. Though I Was tempted to feel it , I controlled my emotions and woke him up. He got up and become conscious of his hard-on and covered himself with bed sheet. I went to prepare breakfast and I suddenly had an urge to answer the regular morning nature call. As I went to the loo and opened the slightly shut door, I saw my devar pissing .For a flash, I happened to see his brown pipe throwing urine out. I could make out, it had softened but it was large by any normal standard. Raju looked at me, his face flushed. I said,”Excuse me” and came out. I heard the flush going on and then he came out. I scolded him slightly and told him to shut the door when he is in the loo. He apologized, eyeing at with me unspoken lust and teased me,”Bahut zor se haggoo aa rahi kya”(do you want to shit so urgently?) as if I was a small baby.
I would have answered him back but I wanted to finish my toilet urgently so, I just went and shut the door of the loo behind me.
That night, at 1.30 am, I went to check on my devar who was studying for boards. The room was dark except for a small table lamp by the bedside, I could see some slight sounds. I went in and put on the tube light and I saw something which did not surprise me and confirmed my thoughts.
My devar was not stuying. His books were on the table and he was sitting on the bed with his shorts down to his ankles. On the bed was my wedding album which had my snaps and there were some stardust and chastity magazines. A full photo of Bipasha Basu, actress with a revealing cleavage was also there. My eyes went towards his penis. It was looking angry, an inflated bloated salami, stiff and bulging with hair around it. My husband’s cock would look like a tiny creature in front of that piece of slab.
“So this is your study?”I scolded him and told him to off the lights and go to sleep.”Wait till I tell about this to your bhaiya” I was testing him.
I saw his cock becoming small with fright and enjoyed it.
He got angry now and said,”Meri personal life hai. I will do whatever I want. what can I do if I feel horny?Don’t you feel horny too. Kya aap meri lund ghoor ke nahi dekhi abhi(didn’t u stare at my dick now?”
I whispered and told him to shut up as it will wake bhaiya. He lowered his voice and said,” I know you are not getting sex because bhaiya is not fit. Bus aik mauka dho please. Don’t worry I will satisfy you.”
I went across and slapped at his face,”Sharm nahi aati aise baath karke.Tu school me padtha hai(you are a school going kid)….
He said,”Phir sube sham aap mere lund ko ghoora mat karo. (Dont stare at my dick then)….please go out”
I remembered that I was still in the room and I could not dare to look at his weapon. I put my wedding album in the shelf and left the room angrily. I did not talk with him for a week or two. I knew that as a woman I was burning for him deep inside.I remembered Nisha and her devar. Why not? I thought. As it is I am not having sex with my husband and even he is horny.We are healthy too. I was neglecting an important opportunity here. I decided to take my devar to bed and have fun.
But he would not talk with me. One day on the 24TH December, I was searching for some papers of my husband. Raju came inside and started to search for his board guides. Suddenly there was a zipper sound. I looked at Raju accusingly and laughed loudly. He realized that he had farted before me and began to blush. I smiled and said,” chalo koi tho least some one spoke…I teased him for bad timing.
He argued and asked me,”Kyo aap padthee nahin ho kya..(do you never fart?)
I smiled and said that I do but it was only you who would be in trap everytime referring to that day’s shagging. He smiled shyly and said that I would always every argument. I came closer to him took his cute face in my hands and said,”nahi re, tu bada pyara putar”
He took my face in his hands and said,”tu badi soni kudi ha(you are really beautiful)”. We were so close that I could feel his breath against mine. I kissed him and on his cheek and he began to run his hand on my back. I could feel his hand going down and grabbing my ass. I enjoyed his touch there as he began to feel my southern region.
I was getting turned on by his rubbing of my butt. I kissed him slightly on his lips. He took control of the situation and began to began to kiss my lower lip. Then he began to suck my lips and began to put his tongue inside my mouth. I loved the hot mouth of my devar inside me, beginning to caress my tongue. I began to roll my tongue in his mouth as if trading my spit with him. Our smooch was very passionate, wild and careless. My husband was in the other room, asleep and I didn’t care. It was erotic.
It was so electric, I could feel a tent like thing rubbing against my left thigh and going up. I t was his cock, hard and throbbing. As we were kissing, I could feel his right palm carressing my waist and then going up, till it settled on my breast. The way he pressed it with his young small palm. The way he handled it with eagerness made me sure that he was inexperienced and he wanted to see it and play with it. My nipple was poking hard with excitement. I broke the kiss and saw that his lips were swollen.
“close the door”my voice was husky. He went and closed the door. I looked at the bulge of his pant and it made my feel horny. I sat on the bed and he came near me. I Kissed him again and I freed my hairs till it fell nicely on my shoulders. We kissed again for some time and then he began to smell my hair and kiss my neck, lips and shoulders like a mad man. He removed my pallu and pulled the place below my waist where my saree was tied. My saree was off in a minute and I was clad in my undergarments with a blouse which showed him the shape and size of my boobs.
I removed his shirt and began to kiss her chest and his nipple till he moaned with pleasure. I consciously avoided his erect cock which was hidden in his pants. When I left kissing him, he started to kiss my boob above my blouse.
He was squeezing my boobs like a mad man. I told him to go slow, that I was his.”Open my blouse, make me naked and I will strip you”. I turned my back to him. He kissed my neck and removed the buckles behind. My blouse came off and he was staring at my cleavage. He pressed my left breast through the bra. I smiled and told him to remove the bra. He did not know how to. I laughed and said,”buddhu”and removed it for him. As my boobs came out, he stared at them hungrily.
“Bhabhi your mangoes are really big and round”
I said,”eat them but show me your banana first”
He started to touch my boobs, but I stoped him and told him,”shhhh….muje tera dekhne de”. I unzipped his fly and removed the buckle and his pant fell down on his feet. Then I looked at his rod which was hidden in his brief,tilting towards the left. I carressed the three male things from his underwear and he moaned softly. I then pushed it down and I saw his hardon slapping against his belly. I had seen his lund before in the dark but I had not actually seen it with interest. Now I was looking at it, a brown huge one, looking like an inflated salami with curly hairs around his small balls.”hmmmm….big boy,” I moaned approving the size. It was bigger than his brother and thicker too, at such a small age. He was still growing and his cock was like that of a porn actor. I wondered if Nisha’s devar had this big, and I thought that my vagina would take it but I would not let him put it behind. Nisha might do it but my asshole will never be able to take this thick piece of meat inside.
I stood up and he began to grab my ass from the petticoat and then began to dig my pussy region in the front of my petticoat. I whispered in his ear to undress me. He removed the nada of my petticoat and the purple fabric came down. He saw my black undies. He bent down and slid my panty down, my hairy pussy was close to his young face. I saw him looking at my southern region with interest, curiosity and excitement. Let him look as much as he wants, the hungry kid! He kissed my chooth once and looked at me. I felt heaven. I wanted more kisses there. For the first time anybody had kissed that place. I felt guilty if I was smelling dirty there, but I saw him sniffing my cunt. He loved cunts. He stood up.
“I want to start from the top,” he said. He made my lie on the bed, and then he began to kiss my eye lids,my cheeks, my nose, ears and then he began to kiss allover my neck and back of it. I was very turned on, my cunt was leaking. He kissed my shoulders and then came to my mouth. We began to smooch. He was tasting my saliva, and I was tasting his. Indian men don’t smooch, it is very romantic to taste each other’s mouth and lips….You feel like you are one body, one soul when you do this.
With his wet lips, he plucked my right nipple. I moaned softly and pushed his head more deeper to take it in. He was sucking it like a small child. As he sucked he started to roll and lightly squeeze my other breast. He then concentrated on making my other nipple erect. I moaned again and said unnghgh.
After sucking my boobs left and right, he spoke to me in a hoarse voice,”bhabhi your boobs are really like mangoes.” I knew my devar’s favourite fruit was mango. “Tho khao na choos choos ke..roka kisne(suck and eat them, dear).” I pulled his ear naughtily and said,”you are fucking me and telling me bhabhi, call me sarita”
He teased and said,”Sarita bhabhi mango milk shake dona”
I smiled and said,”Bachcha hoga tho doongi…i will give you when I have a kid”
He sucked my nipple again and said,”Main doonga apko bachcha(i will give you a kid”)
I teased him and said,”tu tho bachcha…tu kya bachcha dega….you are a kid, what kid you can give me”
He stopped sucking and became annoyed.He left me and started to situp.I felt guilty because I annoyed my lover and disturbed his rhythm. I said,”Hey, Raju, kya hua…I was just joking”
He did not reply. I kissed him on his lips and said,”Come on kiss me baby, fuck me jaan”
He said,”I am just a kid, I cannot satisfy you. Yeh lund tho bache ka hain na.(this is a child’s penis)”.
I looked at his hard fat penis. I touuched it tenderly and said,”No baba” and then bent down and looked at his cock closely. The tip of his cock was moist with precum.”Look I am so bad, I hurt you that this little devil is also crying.” I was talking to his cock.”Nahin bachche rote nahin…(no baby don’t cry)….I don’t like Raju but I love this guy. he listens to me”
I kissed his cock head. He moaned. I then began to flick my tongue across the head like I watched in blue films. He was squirming. I said,”Raju, lie down still and enjoy”
Even I was doing it for the first time, taking someone’s cock in my mouth but it felt good. I sucked on his cock like a lollipop. I said,” le me abhi iske aanso ponch deti hoon. l(et me wipe his tears). The taste of his precum was slightly salty like a ladyfinger juice. But the more I cleaned his cock tip, the more liquid formed there. I went down and kissed his nuts. I began to massage his cock slowly and he cried,”saritaaaa”.
For the first time, he screamed my name. I left massaging his cock and balls for some time because I was scared he would spill his cream out. After that I sucked again and he was loving it. He was pushing my head towards it. When I sensed he was shaking his ass and his cock was vibrating in my mouth,about to come, like an experienced woman I removed my mouth.
I came upto his face and said,”Did you like that? I would have finished you, but I want your sperm in my hole. Will you kiss my down?” He caressed my face and said,”what is down?” I smiled and said,”mera chooth”
He kissed my boobs once again and then began to rain kisses on my tummy wet kissing, makingloud farting sounds on my tummy making me laugh. He kissed my navel twice and then put his last finger in. I moaned and he kissed my belly again. He then kissed my legs, toes and then kissed my ankle. I felt like that eager boy was registering his marks(kisses) on my body as his property. He spent a lot of time with my fair full thighs. He loves them a lot and is obsessed with women’s thighs. He licked, sucked my thighs and the inside of them, painting them with saliva.
He came to my cunt and with two fingers parted the lips of pleasure. He licked my pink part througly and began to nibble at my clitoris. Oh my ! i moaned like a hot bitch as he sucked that little clit of mine. He pushed two finger inside and fucked me with them while he sniffed my cunt and kissed it on the outside. He was treating my cunt like he was using a music instrument, sometimes playing with my down hairs, sometimes sucking my cunt and sometimes put two fingers inside. My husband never did that, I had only watched such kind of things in blue films and I knew that even he watched them.”Yeh aaj kal ke bachche!” I thought with horniness. I caught hold of his head and trapped him between my thighs forcing him to eat my dish. I writhed my head from side to side as I sensed my orgasm coming. I felt one of his finger digging in my asshole as he sucked my clitoris. I shouted,”hhhhmmmmmnnnn” and began to come on his face and tongue. I looked at his defeated face, wet with my juices.
I felt like going to the loo to piss, I wanted to tell him to stop or I will urinate there it self but I could not tell him because he started kissing my pussy again like an animal. Slowly the pissing sensation faded and I felt that more juice is going to come out, as he began to lick my cunt and clitoris with rhythmic precision. “Ahhhhh….raajjjjj uuu….ohhhh” I lifted my ass and came again as he fucked my cunt with two fingers and sucked my vagina.
I was exhausted and told him that I needed to go the loo. He told me to wait and go after he fucked me. “Where is your pissing hole?” he asked me. Since he was curious and most men don’t know I showed him. He put his finger in and out to increase my sensation. I told him to stop doing that or I would pee here itself. He stopped it and then began to lick the salty pee drop which had accumulated on his finger tip. “Chee” I said.
“While sucking my cock, wasn’t it chee?” he said and then began to kiss me again. I touched his missile and told him,”Fuck me dear, don’t burn me so much” He pushed his cock but he could not enter me. He gave two more shot but it missed my hole. I laughed and said,”I told you, you are a kid” I pulled his ear naughtily and said,”let me guide you”. I felt for his rod and shifted my hips and then placed his cock at the mouth of my vagina.”Now push” I said.
I don’t know if he was angry or not but when he pushed his cock in, it entered with such a force that I thought it was tearing my hole. I had to stifle my cries,” oh my god, it is so thick..”
I could sense his half cock was out. He began to suck my nipples, I got adjusted to his size and I reached down to feel how much part of his cock was out. He pushed again and Iloved it. Now he was crying,”aahhh…aap bahut tight ho(you are very tight)…I smiled and carressed his head and said,” Don’t worry, you are inside me…keep pushing….” He pushed in and out.. I brought my thighs back and wrapped it around his waist.”Do in and out motions….andar bahar kar…pain will go” I knew he had broken his seal. He was pumping in and out looking at my expressions. He muttered,” saali chinal”. He was talking gutter language. I encouraged him because I was loving it. “C’mon baby fuck me fuck me fuck your randi bhabhi”
He slammed my insides like a wild animal. I closed my eyes and moved my ass from below with him. He was fucking me like a woman wants to be fucked, rough and hard. I was wet and so it was not paining at all. Oh he was so good, my dream man…my husband was a LOSER in front of his brother. He was so young but he possessed a huge weapon and he knew how to stab girls and women with it. As he fucked me that since I was a woman, I could take it but about girls of his age. They would faint when he would put in their small holes.
I talked language which I would never say with anybody,”gussa aur gussa…mera bhosda mein …aur zor zor se….harder ahhhhhhh ohhhhh” Because of his pounding in and out like a mad man, I began to cum again and as my cunt tightened, I caught him tightly and felt him releasing his load in my pussy. His cock throbbed inside me and I felt his breaths shortening as he sprayed his warm liquid in my insides. He collapsed on me, tired. We caught our breaths and I felt his dick become small. He took it out and I looked at it. It was looking wet and funny but still thick with some blood on the tip. I took some tissue paper wiped it and threw it out of the window.

I asked him,”how did you learn so much?” He said,”friends and movies”. I told him that he should not watch such movies. He said,”I know how to balance his studies and entertainment”. I knew he was a sensible boy. He was just a fuck crazy kid. Other than that he had no bad habits. I caressed his face and said that his thing was huge. He said tell in hindi. I laughed and said,”tera lauda bahut bada hai. what did you do make it so big?” He said that he would pull it a lot and play with it. I ask,”whom would you think of?”
He said,”Aishwarya, bipasha, kareena, urmila, schoolgirls, teachers, neighbour ladies and me”
I laughed and said that I was not so hot as some of the women he said. He kissed me and said that I was the hottest and said that night he was shagging about me. We laughed together thinking about that night and I admitted that he was the best lover a woman could have in bed. He asked me to teach him something as I was having license(I was not a virgin)
I rose up and gave him some water to drink. He drank it and I told him to wait while I went to the loo. “even I am coming” he said…..”wait,” I said,” I have to take a bath and he will get up and see us together” I put my blouse and petticoat and went to check on my husband. He was sleeping soundly. I came in back and saw Raju sniffing. “Come for a wash, he will not get up. Bring those clothes also” He followed me, naked to the bathroom with my underclothes. His clothes were on the bed. Inside the bathroom I removed my clothes and sat on the john to piss. I normally drink lot of water and had lot of pee in me because of the fucking. He sat in front of me and watched my pissing with interest. I felt cheap but he was looking like it was a miracle.”Your pissing sound is making me hard” I laughed and said shut up but I saw that his cock was rising.
I got up and told him to piss.
“Dirty pig” I teased him as he began to spray his cock like a pipe as if he was watering the plants. Normally we women get to see men dirtying the streets while peeing. It is so dirty but when I saw Raju doing his bit using his cock like a waterpipe, I was getting turned on. I watched him for the entire act and then ordered him to flush it and teased him saying,”it was stinking”
Now i knew he was getting used to me teasing. I turned the shower and got under it. He came behind me and began to stroke my ass. “lets bathe together”he said. I washed him and he washed me, i washed his chest, face and cock. He applied soap on my ass massaging it and he washed my balls. He then applied soap on my pussy hairs and cunt and he cleaned it. I thought he would make an ideal husband for his wife. I got encouragement and began to apply soap and wash his cock. His foreskin had come out, I Knew he was not a virgin anymore. I felt his cock rising at my touch like a cobra and I looked at him in mock anger. It was standing erect now. I said,”not now…atul might findout.” He pushed his soapy fingers in my cunt and played with my clit.
“Let me love your ass” and before I could stop he massaged and squeezed my ass. He bent down and began to worship my fatty bums. He began to give wet kisses with his mouth on my entire ass and then seperated my ass to look at my crack. He made a funny sound with his mouth to asshole. I looked behind and he accused me of farting. I knew the kid was still wanting his revenge so he was teasing me. “yes, i did it…stop kissing my ass and go out of the bathroom”
He stopped making fun of me and began to lick my crack now. I felt an indescribable feeling run through me. I was liking it. He began to lick my shit hole with interest and I had to bend myself , hold on to a rod and open my ass and expose it to him. He opened my opulent cheeks and ravished it with his tongue and dipped it in my unpleasant place. I felt horny as he massaged my cunt while he ate out of my backdoor. I felt my sphincter(anal muscles) loosening up and making way for his conquest. I knew that my asshole is going to be fucked by my dear devar. I was scared but I was enjoying it and could not stop it. He went on digging my shithole(raju has given it this name) with his fingers and licking it. When he probed my anus with his finger he would kiss lick my pussy from down. He would then lick my anus while he would roll my clit. I was burning with lust now. I wanted his cock now. I was a dirty slut wanting him to punish my anus with his big lund.
After I was heated up with passion, he rose up and brought his cock. Since I was bent doggie style he caught the lumps of my boobs which were hanging down and began to knead it sensuously. His cock went in my cunt with ease. I moaned with lust. He began to fuck me nice and slow and then he took it out. I looked behind and saw him moving his cock near my anus. He caught hold of my asscheek and pushed it apart so that the hole could enlarge. Then I suddenly felt a piercing pain and I screamed ‘bastard’ under the shower water as he pushed his dick in my asshole. My asshole had already become big like a young girl’s chooth. But his immense cock size was too big to fit in my asshole. He began to press and pump my boobs as he pushed some more in my asshole.”No, please take it out….it is so big” But he did not stop. He was a true female ass lover. He stopped and just gave small jerks for me to get used to his cock. I looked behind and said,”don’t pump just stay inside my ass….I will tell you when …” The shower water was slippery and we could have slipped if I was not holding to the rod and he was not holding to me. I knew I was screaming with my ass fucking so we needed the shower to hide our screams of passion. I reached down to masturbate myself as he pushed his cock in my ass again. I moaned loudly as he gave small shots in my ass. Slowly with a reflex action, he removed his cock out slightly and pushed again. He was treating my boobs like he was pressing a truck horn.
I felt the heat of his young full balls, hitting against my cunt jungle. I loved the feeling and the sensation of his cock probing my ass. He pushed and pulled his cock going in and out of my hot ass. I reached below and felt his balls. I was getting pleasure now feeling his cock going in and out of my ass. I moaned,”oh i love it. fuck my ass with that cock.”
With encouragement, he began to increase his speed, fucking my ass speedily. He was using dirty language, saying” sarita kya mast badi gand hai…ah mere lund dukh raha hai…kitni tight gand hai…Ahhhh” . I replied,” ahh…maza aara hai…gusa aur gus….apni bhabhi gand chodh…barabar chodhhh ahhhh aur gusa mar meri gand”….He kept on fucking me and said,” yeh gand kiski hai”… I replied,” Teri hai…ahhhh hmmmm”
Suddenly I felt him contractig in my ass and i felt his semen leaking inside my ass. He came deep inside and collapsed on top of me. He looked tired. Even I was tired but I felt wonderful as I was introduced to the joys of ass fucking. I touched my anus, felt it asshole sticky and more open due to his plunging.
I told him to rest, washed his cock. I washed his cock throughly so that he should not get any dirt(shit) or bacteria on his thing. He cleaned my asshole with soap and washed it. I was his now and he was mine. His cock was hurting badly due to pressure of my ass. I applied dettol on it. For some days, we both had problems while going to the loo. He could not pee properly and I could not do the other thing well.
But after some days, we fucked again. We were addicted to it and this time, he fucked my ass with more care and foreplay. I have become his wife and whore now and I love the feeling. It is better than being unsatisfied with my husband. I love him a lot. Nobody knows about this relationship except for Rohini.
Remember, it is always better to enjoy your life than suffer. And thief is one who gets caught. Women should not waste their sexuality if she is not getting pleasure. Go for someone who gives you pleasure. You have one life…make the most of it.

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