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My Sexy Lover boy 1

January 27th, 2010 No comments

I am Sunil.(Not my original Name). My Boyfriend
name is BABU (Not original name)… We are the two friends
started our Homo Sex at 18. Now iam 26. Till it is
going on. My Age is 26 now (2006). This Homo Sex was
happened at my age of 18 & 19. I Joined in a Tuition. That is the
first place I met my Boy-Friend Babu. What a Sexy Boy.
With Rose Lips. Sexy Appearance. I got tension at
seeing him. My pennis enlarged. But I cant able to
speak with him. He is in Different Class. I don’t have
any time to speak with him. I cant
able to make friendship with him.

Later I Choosed Computer Science Group. (He to joined it).
So we had many leisure periods. (Minimum 2 periods per
day). Every Maths period the staff will not come. He
is the leader for that period. Because he is too close
to the Maths Teacher. That gave me a chance to make a
friendship with him. First we were a Normal Friend.
One Dream made me to feel for Babu. In My Dream I
kissed Babu’s Mouth at the bag side of his
Institution. That made me sick. Love sick, with Babu.
We always talk about the sex stories and sexy matters.
He already having a Dear (Homo) Friend Mubarak. I don’t
like that person. But I loved Babu. Every time he was
with Babu. I don’t have separate time to spend with

So I planned to join the Computer Course in his
Brother’s Institute. He was also there. That gave me
more chance to spend my time with him. I feel uneasy
when he touch me. But he didn’t have any sexual
friendship with me. He had a good friendship. (But he
changed his mind Later. Because, iam white in colour.
With sexy face, and Big pennis). Oneday we gone to the
Bathroom. He watched my Pennis. After that he
congratulated me about the largest Pennis he never
seen before (at that age). I Felt shy after hearing
that word.

In his brother’s institution everybody will leave
the institute to smoke (at 8.00pm). We had that time
to speak free. They will return after half-an-hour.
That was my golden time. I tried to tell my sex
feelings to him. But I got nervous at that time. On
that age, I don’t know about the Homosex. I thought
that `a man having a sex with another man might be
Wrong’. One day he asked me that I know about the
Oral-Sex (Suya inbam). I said “NO”. He asked me to
show my pennis.
I said “No, babu.. I cant do”.
He Said “Deee.. There is no wrong between friends.
You must know now other wise, your wife will have the
sex with your neighbour.”
I Said, “you show iot using your pennis”.

He suddenly opened his Zip and taken his pennis
out. I noticed that it is only 60% of size when
comparing with my pennis. But I loved the shape of his
pennis. My Mouth vibrated to suck it. But I controlled
my self. He shown me about the SUYA-INBAM by shaking
it up and down. We heard some sound outside, that
somebody was coming. He suddenly inserted his pennis
into the pant. I don’t have control. Suddenly I went to
my house. And I had the Oral-Sex (I already know about
it. I said Lie to babu). I imagined about Sucking his
Pennis and I shacked it. What a SUGAM. I didn’t had it
before. This was the first time, I never had this
beautiful Oral-sex Sugam, here before. I understood
the power of Babu.

This Continued upto the End of 11th standard. At
the Annual Examination Leave, we (with our Institute
class mates) went to write the Exam at Palacode.
Babu’s Brother stayed in the Lodge with other
students. Me & babu went to my uncle’s house to stay.
On the way I told about the neighbour girl of my
Uncle’s house.

He asked me to introduce her. I Said “No”. He
questioned me “Why”. I Said, “If she see you, she will
not like me”. He Replied, “What do you think about
your self. You are looking so handsome. You don’t know
about that. If you are a Female, I will fuck u”. I got
happy hearing this word from babu’s Mouth.

We Stayed at my Uncle’s House. After finishing the
Exam I returned to my home. But he wasn’t. Because he
had another Exam. After the Exam he gone to his
Relation House. I spent my time with the Dream-Sex
with Babu. I Scold my self that I wasted 1 year.
Because he loved my body appearance. If I know it
before, I can easily approach to him.

After the Annual Exam Holidays
Started. My Birthday was at the end of the Accadamic
Year. So I entered into my 18th Age. This year changed
my life totally. The same condition of Babu & Mubarak
friendship continued this year. Last year we had some
time in the Institution. But at school we don’t have
time. Because it was . So Every Day we
had Exams. After finishing the Exam we had some time.
But Mubarak also join with us. So I cant able to
express my love to Babu.

One day we both are at the laboratory. Our Name
Starting with S. So we two was in Batch. Mubarak was
at the Different Batch. One batch had 8 Members. Other
Persons involved in the Practical. I kept my hand
around his neck, and stand with the one leg (another
on my another leg). He asked me to take the Hand.
Because Sir was Watching. I didn’t taken my hand.
Suddenly he Pulled my Pennis. My Pennis was at the
Full Temper. He laughed and asked “Yenna Romba
tension’a irukku’. I cant able to reply for his
question. He understood that I am having a sexy
feeling with him. That gave me a chance to Express my

One day I asked Babu to come to my home. We
planned to have Self-Sex (Seprate Self-Sex, Not Homo
Sex). I told him to come. Because I had 2 Adults-Only
Books. That Evening Came. Babu also Came. But not
alone. He came with ugly Mubarak. I disappointed. I
Shown the Adults only book. I didn’t asked anything to
him. He & Mubarak gone. He left Mubarak to his home
and returned back to my home. He asked me, “For what
purpose you asked me to come”. I said, “For Suya-Inbam
(Kai Adikka)”. He asked, “then why you allowed me to
go”. I said, “Babu, I cant able to ask it to you”.

He said, “Ok, Comeon”. We both went to my
bed-room. I taken the Sex-Books outside. We both
opened our Pant Zip. Our Pennis Came out and watched
other. We both shaked our pennis, by watching the
Sex-Pictures. But, Suddenly Babu touched my pennis
with his other Hand. I cant controlled my self. I
stopped shaking and said “Ahhhhhh”. Babu noticed my
Babu- “What happened”.
Sunil- “Babu, I cant able to continue further”.
Babu- “Why”.
Sunil- “Your Hand, made that. It is Nice. But Sorry
Babu- “Don’t feel Shy. These are nothing between
Sunil- “But Babu..”
He didn’t taken his hand. He shaked my Pennis
fastly, and made my pennis to leak the Sperm. He Also
let the sperm out. After this Babu went to his home.
But it was the first time happened in my life. I hated
Babu on that minute. I never talked normally with him
for next 2 weeks. After 3 weeks, I wanted the taste of
Babu again. That made me to talk with him again. But I
cant able to tell my love to him. I waited for a day
to have Sex with him.

That day came. We had a leisure period. Mubarak
was leave on that Day. I thanked him, for not come to
the school on that day. I had 45 minutes time to spend
with Babu, after 3 months. I asked him about my sex

I Asked, “Babu, I cant able to control my feeling.
Do you know any prostitutes in our Town”.
He Replied, “Don’t play with your life. It will
give you problems, at your life will be spoiled. The
Prosituted will blackmail after the night over. So
don’t go there”.
I asked, “then what is the solution, to control
our feelings upto the marriage”.
He replied, “I don’t have problems to control my
feeling. Because I already having sex with other

I Asked, “with whom. Is she your neighbour. Or
your Relative”.
He replied, “I am having sex with Mubarak. We both
treat us as a female. And enjoy together”.

I surprised, and asked, “What. You & Mubarak. Both
or Male. Is it possible. Is it correct sexual
He Replied, “Now-a-days world is changed.
Everybody enjoying with their own Sex gender”.

I cant able to ask further. He watched my face and
understood about my feelings. He smiled a little. He
continued his speech with other person. But I cant to
continue my work. I always thinked about him. My heart
telling me to ask. But I don’t know, that he likes to
have a Sex with me.

Evening 4.30 Came. He came near me and told “I
will come to your home at 5. Make your self ready”. I
got more happy heariing this words from Babu. I Drived
my cycled fastly. I cant able to control my self. I
made my self ready. I washed my face, and used the
good perfume, and make-up my self. Clock run slowly
for the 5’o Clock. The time came. But babu didn’t came.
I Waited for him upto 5:15. I treated each and every
minute as an hour. Because, I waited for this time for
last 1 and half years. I Made a phone call to babu. I
told me that he will come. Time gone to 5.45. Again I
made another Phone Call. Babu’s mother told that he
came to my home, few minutes before.

I went outside, and watched the way for Babu. Babu
Came within a Minute. “How long you taken. You made me
to wait for you for an hour”. He said, “what can I do.
My mom gave me a work. I finished it and came now”.

We both entered into my home. I Locked the Door,
and entered into my Bedroom. He asked, “Is there
anybody inside..?”. I replied, “No. only we two”.

We entered into my Bedroom. We sat in my Bed. He
asked me to take the SEX-Book. I taken it out. We both
watched a single book. By watching the Book, he
brought his hand near my Pany. He pressed my Pant
(pennis to). He opened my Pant Zip. He taken my
Tensioned Pennis outside. I too done the same to him.
We both shaked our Pennis. But we already done that
last time. I Don’t know why babu doing tthis Again. I
asked him, “Babu, you told me, that we could have Sex
with each other. But you are just Shking my pennis”.
He Replied, “Yes. I know it. I waited for your
acknowledgement.”. He pushed me on to the bed and said
“I Waited for this Sex for last 1 Year..”

He keep his body above mine. And kissed my neck. I
feel so happy of that moment. I like that kiss. I too
kissed his Nose. I Tried to kiss his sexy Rose Lips.
But he just turned his face. I understood that he don’t
like that kiss. I Don’t forced him. Because, if he drop
the sex at the middle, then all will be waste. That is
why I controlled my lips.

Then I lay above his body, and we both fucked our
self. By Pressing and Moving our pennis up and Down
(by body shake, not using the hand), we reached the
top of the Feelings. I Cant control my feelings. I
Moved fastly.. My sperm came out and made me cool.
Babu then lay above me, and moved his body up and
down. His sperm also came out. He leaked his sperm on
my Shirt.

This was our first Sex. This is Normal Sex (ie we
didn’t have Nude Sex.. Sucked each other, not fucked
our Ass, not drunk our reecess, drunk our sperm, Sex
in the Forest, Triple backshot, …..). But we had
all this kind of sex. In Next other Parts, I will tell
one by one. I Dedicating this story to my lover Babu.
Babu Chellam. I Love you da… If anybody want to
contact me mail me to sunilsexy07 {AT}
If anybody interested to have Sex with me.. I am
ready. I need a gay without Mustach, he must be
handsome, he must be in White Color (or) not black,
Smile must be good (because I want to kiss your lips.
Your teeth must be in order). Contact me by mail. If
possible I join with you and have fun…I will sure
give you some beautiful sex…

I will meet u in Part-II. In Next Part I am explaining
about our First SUCK.

(sunilsexy07 {AT}

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My first Gay Experience

January 21st, 2010 No comments

My name is sujesh. I was born and brought up in t.n, but iam a malayalee. This is about the true incident which happened to me.This was time when I was 18 me and my Friend rajesh where going through a sex book.we where in our room and it was locked. I was wearing a small short and didn’t wear a jatti inside it.we where going through the pictures and my pen burst out. It was small short and I usually wear small ones and also pull my fore skin of my pen so that it get moist. He was carefully going through the pictures and I saw he was distracted from the book . I asked him on that he said that he could my rod and my fore skin is been lifted. He asked if I generally keep the fore skin away.

I removed my shorts and told that since my fore skin is tight I like keep it that way. Then I asked if I could see his rod. He first disagreed but then later he told that I could see his.he then opened his pant and then I saw his. He had a black one 7 inches and thick too. I had smaller one but longer. Then I asked if I could see him full naked.he then agreed I removed his shirt and baniyan, then later threw away his jatti. Then he told he wanted me to be in the same state. I was more hairy than him.

He told that he seldom masturbates , but then I put his rod into my mouth. He was in Ecstasy , then I took a piece of cloth wiped his ass clean. It was hairy I started licking his crack. Tough I felt little odd I couldn’t resist his bumps and fine crack. He was in clear joy. He then told if he could see mine in return,when I showed my crack he was in shock, I had no hair .i generally do not keep hair in my ass. He then stated licking my ass. Then that was not the end he inserted finger into my ass and was playing. Then we decided to jerk off. He cummed load on my face , then I did the same to him.

He then told me that we could do the same thing in the near by forest. My parents where outside the room, I told them and left to the nearby forest . He took of his clothes there in clear daylight I wouldn’t resist him. I started kissing him and in great shock he told that he wanted to drink my sperm. This was little unusual for me, because he was very resistant in the beginning . Then I did so he didn’t even waste a drop of my sperm cleaned it with his mouth. This made me even more irresistible.

I told him to bend down I pushed my tool hard inside his ass. He was screaming and more in joy, the speed increased and I cummed once more in his ass. He did the same thing to me. We packed of that day but while leaving he asked whether I purposefully did that to him. Well I couldn’t lie I told that I wanted see his tool but the rest where all say not pre-planned. We continued after that for quite long time.
Comments to : sujesh_calls {AT}

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Train Encounter (Gay)

December 28th, 2009 No comments

Dear friends, I am overwhelmed by the response i got from u guys for the last story that i posted in. I will be more than happy to share my other experiences with u guys! This time let me share the experience i had in a train.
I had a long thrilling vaccation in TVM which happens to be my home town and had to return to my work place in EKM. I planned to take the Kerala express from TVM. I reached there early and got a sleeper ticket and sat on a window side seat! was kinda bored and had my walkmann on!! Before train started from the station a young guy of 18 yrs came and sat opposite to me! there was this guy along with whom who came to see off. The guy who sat next to me was wearing a blue jeans and seemed to have a nice lean but still muscular body. he had a check shirt with half sleeve. there was something so nice and good on his face that i liked about him. he must have been 5.11 tall and i was 5.7. As the train started his partner guy said bye to him and i knew that like me, even he was a single passenger.

As train started moving i started to stare at his crotch. it was big bulge. i liked it and was going curious about what might be in there. how big cut or uncut sharp tip or blunt one… there were many questions in my mind. I knew that even he noticed me looking at his bulge. He tried to adjust his shirt but then got embaressed that he climbed to the upper berth and started to sleep.

I was rock hard inside my pants. The train was becoming crowded. So even climbed up on the side upper berth. I could see him lying there, and his bulge was very clear to me now. I kept staring on his dick. he had his arm over his face, but i knew that he still understood i was looking at him. he didnt move much. he did let me see the bulge very well.

After sometime it was half way of the journey. At haprippad station he climbed down and went and stod next to the door. I was so determined that i followed hm and squeezed into the door with my hands hanging dow. I almost brushed his bulge there. he understood my intenstion for sure, but was trying to pretend that he dont know anything. He moved away from me.

Once more the same thing happened, but then again he moved away, so i asked him, “perentha?” He told me, “Vimal”. I asked, “EKM il padikkukayaano?”,
“Alla, njan joli cheyyunnu”,
“Oh kandittu adikam praayam thonniyilla, athukondu chodichatha”
“18 vayasse ullu..” and he smiled..
I asked him who was there at the station seeing off him, he told that was his brother. Later we struck up in a conversation. I asked him, “evideya pokende?”
“oh appol ekm il erangiyittu pokaam, ente veedum kaanaamallo”
“oh thau sari aakumo, njan late aakum”
“pedikkanda enikku bike undu njan konduvidaam”
“ok seri nokkam”

well when it was ekm, he got down from the train along with me, we got an auto and reached my home. I lived alone in a house and i had a few DVDs there which i used to watch to masterbate.

I had some food i carried for lunch with me. i shared that with him and i told him i will show u a few videos if u wanna to! he was curious. I played one of the sex DVDs i had…

I asked him to sit next to the computer, and i placed my chair very next to him. He asked me whether i had sex with any women and all that curious questions. After a while, i asked him, “kambi adicho?”
“eey , anane onnum kambi aakilla”
i could see him chuckling and feeling a bit shy!
“njan nokkatte kambi aayonnu” i touched straight on his dick without any embaressement.
“Ayye.. avide pidikkalle” he told me…
“enna pidichaal, nokkatte kambi aayonnu…”
“venda venda. kambi aayi irikkuvaa, thodalle”
i was all hard and i was wet too! i could feel that some precum driped from my dick inside my underwear!!
i told, “tholiyundo purathu atho tholi urichathaano?”
“njan kaanatte”
“ayye venda, kaanaanum maathram illa”
“njan nokkatte, kalla,” i forcefully tried to hold it, i couldnt belive it, it was huge one that grew down to his thigh..
i had to convince him that i wont tell anyone and i would love 2 see his dick once. he was so shy that i almost had to forecfully unzip him and pull his dick out! he said
“kandallo, ini njan akathidatte?”
I said, “pantinte akathalla, ente vaayil”
“Ayye, chettan enna ee parayunne?”
“njan chappytharaam kutta… nokkatte njan”
i bend down there and started taking his 8″ uncut thick brown dick inside my mouth…
“kollamo?” i asked,
“venda chetta”
i said “nee mindaateh sukhikkeda cherukka”
i asked him to stand up and i kneeled down on the floor in front of him.
he started moving faster inide my mouth, pulling it in and out of my mouth. i could see his black curled pubic hair and flat stomach. i pulled his shirt up and pushed his pants and blue underwear down and held his ass, pushed him deep inside my mouth. I was loving the feeling of gettig mouth fucked by a sexy hot boy of 18 who is exposed to this for the first time.

I could see that he was looking at the Computer while mouth fuking me, i pulled my 7″ out and started masterbating while being mouth fucked. suddenly i saw that his pace increased and his dick engorged big… i could feel it pulsating and i knew he was about to cum. i rushed my dick faster too… and i was in the ecstacy. I heard him moan and grumble, his muscles tightened up, toes curled, thighs tightened, i felt his hot cum pouring and shooting into my mouth while my dick pulsated and squirted the cum on the floor… i sucked his dick well and more better and made it clean and spat the cum out!

He collapsed to the seat and said ” chetta, adipoli aayirunnu, enne ootty eduthallo!! njan iniyum vannotte ivide?” I told him, “ee kunnayum kondu vannal eppol venamengilum ninakku varaam”… we cleaned up and i left him to the bus stand and i was thinking about him and masterbated 3 times that night!

we met 3 more times and had hot sessions together! it was a great feeling to teach someone a homosexual pleasure 😉

I will be back with more experiences soon.. keep writing and will appreciate ur responses… glabellajohn {AT}

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My Gay Encounter in Udaipur

December 7th, 2009 No comments

I am Rajiv – age 38 – married with two kids. I am a Sales Manager with a MNC and my job involves a lot of travel all over India . Sometimes I travel for 10 days at a stretch and is also stressed with the demands of the job. When I am on a long tour I miss my wife and also the sex. It works on my mind and when I see some nice plump ladies on the streets of the area I travel, I get a hard on. My wife is used to giving me a nice blowjob before the actual fuck – so I keep thinking of that and wonder how to get it at the god forsaken places I find myself in while doing company job.

It was in Udaipur that I had a gay encounter. I had reached my hotel at around 8.00 pm in the evening and was quite tired with the long travel I did to visit a customer. I checked myself in the hotel and was led to my room by a room boy. He was a man aged around 25 and quite good looking with Rajastani earrings. He put my bag on the table and waited for a tip, which I did. After he left, I started to remove my sweat ridden clothes and was in a hurry to take a cool shower. I was fully naked and was about to light a cigarette when to my surprise this room boy was standing right in front of me. I had not realized that he had not shut the door properly and had returned to supply me with towel and soap which he was carrying with him. I was stark naked in front of him and my 6 inch thick brown cock was already in semi hard state because of little teasing I had given it a little while before. The guy just stood there and was looking straight at my cock. For some strange reason I did not panic and acted as if everything was normal and let him have a good look at me. There was excitement to know that a nother man is watching me fully naked. Since he was standing a little distance away from me I took the chance to walk up to him with a sly smile on my face. He was still watching my lower half till he realized I was almost close to him. He looked up at me and was surprised to see me smiling and he smiled as well. I jokingly asked him whether he liked what he is seeing, to which his smile got bigger and he winked. I stood 3 feett away from him and mockingly gave him a modeling pose and also turned around to show him my bums. “Sir, you have a very nice body” he blurted.

I told him that he was very handsome. He said I have a very fat cock. I asked him if he has seen many other cocks before, to which he said “Many goras and even single Indian males sleep naked with their doors not closed properly “. “Do they do it on purpose” I asked. “Yes – most do I think” he said. “Have you been asked for any favor by these men” I asked, noticing
the bulge in his pant getting bigger. He was almost shy when he said “They like to suck my cock or want me to fuck them”. “So do you let them, how many times have you done it “. “ A few times sir” saying this he put his hand on his bulge and started to massage it while throwing a clear hint that he meant business. This got me going and I asked him to show me his cock. He said it’s not that fat but it is long. Now I was tempted to use the opportunity and I sat down on the bed and pulled him towards me. He took his hands off from my clutch and went to close the door and came back unhooking his belt. He came and stood very close to my face which was at the level of his fly. I was going mad and hurriedly pulled his pants down along with his underwear. Wow, his 6 inch semi hard whitish cock with the foreskin was a joy. I had never sucked a male cock before but today without batting an eyelid I plugged the cock straight in to my mouth and started to roll my tongue over his foreskin. It was heavenly to feel his cock in my saliva filled mouth. Slowly I pulled his foreskin back and was going crazy on his pink mushroom while slowly caressing his big hanging warm balls with my other hand. He was enjoying my sucking and was pulling me towards him by the back of my head. After a little while he started to push his rod in my mouth as if fucking it.

I was enjoying his mouth fucking and let his rod reach up to my throat. I was now chocking with my mouth full of saliva and his hard rod ramming in furiously. Two minutes of this intense ramming and he exploded his entire warm sticky load in my mouth in 6 or 7 big spurts and I was gulping it like a hungry dog. This guy really had a lot of juice in him. I held his cock from its base and squeezed every drop of it on my tongue. I gave his still hard cock a nice soft shake. He did not make any attempt to get away from me so I put his cock in my mouth and started to suck it again with a lot of saliva around it. A little while later his hard cock was heaving and his mushroom was getting harder and bigger. I thought he was going to explode his juice again but suddenly he pulled my mouth tightly towards his cock and held it hard for a few seconds and before I knew he released his piss. At first I thought it must be his second lot of juice and hence was a little watery like. But by the time I realized he was pissing, he was in full flow like a warm shower in my mouth. A strange feeling came and I let him continue as if a slave obeying his master. I started to gulp his piss as fast as I could till I could take no more and it started to spill out of my mouth on my body and on the floor. His piss was surprisingly not so acidic or smelly and I was enjoying this new found adventure of drinking male piss directly from the tap itself. He sensed that I was enjoying his piss and he controlled the flow so that I could drink it in leisure. It was a joyful experience and I let him completely empty himself in my mouth. After he finished he hurriedly pulled himself away and drew back to wear his cloths and was rushing towards the door. I too got up not wanting to let this lover to leave me because I now wanted him to give me a nice long hard fuck as well. I asked him if he will come back soon and even told about my need for his fuck. At the door he said “I will try to come but late in the night otherwise the staff will feel there is something fishy”. And he left. After he left I went to my bed and just plopped on it and started to think whether it was all real or a dream. I could not imagine doing this while in normal sense. But I was smiling to myself thinking of the sexy cock, its tasty juice and the wonderful piss drinking session with this handsome man. Will write my fuck experience with him in the next submits.
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My Gay Experiences

December 6th, 2009 No comments

I am danniel from hyderabad aged 36. Actually I am not a gay. But my recent sex experiences thrilled me very much with men. I was traveling from hyderabad to vijayawada in a night bus. It was hot summer april month. Before boarding the bus I had two royal challenge beers and dinner. I got a last window seat, which had another undivided three seats in the row. A 45 years good-looking person was sitting other side of the window, so there are two seats empty between us. Since no body boarded the bus, the driver started the bus at 11. 45 pm. As there are two vacant seats I occupied those seats and lied down with the permission of other window side passenger.

I kept my head towards my window and folded my legs so they will not touch other passenger. Since I had beers and good dinner I was feeling sleepy. And the driver switched off all the lights, and many passengers by that time gone into deep sleep. After half-an-hour or so I was feeling that some body is touching my buttocks. I slowly opened my eyes. I am noticed that the passenger sitting other side is doing that.

First I thought it is not done intentionally, so I kept quite. After some his hands moved to upside of my pant and slowly touching my cock. Surprisingly I am also enjoying his touching (as I told earlier I am never into homo acts). My cock slowly getting enlarging. Since there is no resistance and noticing my cock enlargement the passenger started pressing my cock little bit hard. I kept quite even for that also, but I am thrilled and wanted some more action from him. Then he slowly unzipped my pant’s zip and wants to take my cock in his hands. But due my tied belt and my sleeping position his hand was unable to enter fully into my underwear. Then I opened my eyes and took his hand in my hand and he understood that I am also interested in the act. Then I un-belt my pant’s belt and pushed my pant towards down so that my cock will opened fully from my underwear.

Then he bent on me and started licking the cock, I was feeling heavenly. This was my first experience that a man is licking my cock. After some time he took my cock into his mouth and started sucking slowly. My god what a thrill. I wanted to scream like anything with joy, but since I am in a bus I suppressed my feelings. I am experiencing that my milk will pour any time, so I wanted to remove my cock from his mouth. But he refused and started sucking hardly and started drinking all my milk. Then he sat properly and asked me to sleep with putting my head towards him. Immediately after putting my head towards him he started removing my shirt buttons. He asked me to remove my shirt. After I removed my shirt he started smelling my hairy armpits and started licking both the armpits. He pulled his my hand towards his cock. I was surprised he already pulled down his pant and underwear. I touched his cock and really I felt it like a hot iron rod. The cock is not adjusting in my one palm, so had to hold it with my both the hands. I was feeling that I am holding a iron rod in my hands. He asked me suck his rod. I was waiting for his signal and took his cock in my mouth.

He slowly pushing my one of finger into his ass and to go my finger easily into his hole he expanded his thighs. I pushed my finger into his ass and moving roundly in his ass and the same time sucking his cock. After some time he removed my finger from his ass and took my finger into his mouth. I started sucking hardly and he poured into my mouth, and I drank it like another royal challenge beer (but white color). After that I moved to my seat position and sometime later I fall into sleep. When the bus reached vijayawada the person has already left. I don’t know where he got down. But I was thinking whether the activity I had with person was real or my dream.

I realized that it true after seeing my unzipped pant’s zip and finger’s smell. I checked in a lodge at vijayawada and after taking some rest I gone for work for which I came. Due to work pending I decided to stay one more day. Usually if I stay outstations I used to go to a good prostitute to enjoy that night. But due to last night’s experience I was thinking about real gay sex with a good looking, well built person. I went directly to room and had good bath and changed into t-shirt & short. I was planning to go to the attached bar to have drinks and dinner. I was locking my room the room then I saw a very good-looking person coming in the corridor.

May be around 30 yrs and having good personality. He was coming towards my room. I saw into eyes and smiled, he too responded with his sexy smile. Then I directly started seeing towards his cock place and licked my lips with my tongue. He also licked his lips with tongue. To my surprise his room is exactly opposite to mine. He unlocked his room and went inside. I then decided not to go outside and unlocked my room again, kept the door open. He also kept his door openly. I sat in a chair in my room that is directly facing to his room. I am able to see his room. He removed his shirt and wearing a t-shirt. I thrilled to see his well-built body.

He is having good color. His armpits are full with hair. Then I decided to talk to him. Directly I went near to his door and asked whether he stays alone. He said yes stay alone as he came on some official work. His name is pranay. I asked him whether he could be with me for drinks for which he accepted. I invited him into my room. And I ordered 2 royal challenge beers, glasses and some stuff to eat through room service. He came into my room and sat on a chair. By the time the service boy came and delivered the items, which I ordered. After the boy went I shut the door and we started the drinks. We discussed many things like politics, cinemas, business etc. We both completed beer each. Then again I started seeing his cock place and licking my lips with tongue. He then started rubbing his cock place while watching the tv. I could see his enlarged cock. Then he said if I mind anything if he removes his t-shirt as he feeling very sweaty though fan is on. I said ok.

He was only on his short. I am feeling unrest by seeing his well-built shoulders, hairy sweaty armpits, good chest. I stood up and went near to him. I said “you are looking so sexy”, for that he smiled and I said “then why are hesitating, I am in your room and we can enjoy till morning”. Immediately I kissed on his cheeks and he also stood up and removed my t-shirt. We then both lied on bed hugging each other. I then removed his short and underwear. I came down from bed and switched off the fan. He asked why I have switched off the fan. I said I like the smell of sweating. I started liking his foot, hairy legs, buttocks, back, neck, well-built chest, and stomach. By this time his thickly hairy under arm filled with sweating. I enjoyed the smell of sweaty under arm by putting my nose into the under arms. I started licking and sucking the both the under arms pits like mango. Then I came down and took his cock in my hand and rubbing it my whole body. Pranay then pulled me on to the bed and directly went to my buttocks place and started licking my hole. “pranay fuck me”, I screamed like a wild dog. He came on me and pushed his cock into my mouth. It was really like a big banana. I was sucking it like a ice fruit. He was screaming “oh! Danniel, I will not go away from you.

I will fuck your hole. You fuck me. Whole night we will not sleep. My darling!! What a sucking…i too want to lick your sweaty underarms my dear” and he removed cock from mouth started sucking my sweaty underarms. “oh! Pranay please fuck my hole. I am thrilled with your cock. We will live together”. “my sexy danniel, I am enjoying with this sweat smell, I want to lick your whole body which is filled with lots of sweat. You rightly said sweat smell is increasing my cock size. I will lick you hole and I will put my tongue into hole……. ” I pleaded him to come down and he asked me to pose like a dog. He put his big cock in my hole and started moving slowly then hardly. Before end point he removed his cock from hole and put it into my mouth and poured his milk in my mouth. I did the same thing with him. After that we both together bathed and wear our clothes and ordered some more beer and had our dinner. We both slept nude on my bed and had sex again 2/3 times till morning. Like that we enjoyed two days. After these 2 incidents, whenever there is a possibility I will do a gay sex and enjoying as like a sex with a lady.

Danniel hyderabad.

Your comments send to: dannil2004 {AT}

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Mahmood My Man

December 4th, 2009 No comments

Those who are cochin can easily know that there is a hotel in cochin, there are lot of handsome guys who are really wonderful, explosive and the management keep such guys imported from else where, me working in mnc at bangalore had the habit of going there. I went some time before there I got a guy he was tall somewhat athletic and almost clean shaved but hair started to grow. He had that sultry look that made me kambi , as he served chicken tikka and friend rice I asked him what is your name – he told me that it is mahmood and that he is from a far off place.

I talked with him and found that he stays in a lodge near by. I invited him to my house as none was there. He came in a pant and a short length shirt that showed off his stomach, closing the door I took him to my room without asking anything I started sucking his lips he objected to it and told that he did nto like it made me more mad and I bite it even more harder b the time we got undressed I was taken of by his huge cock about 9 inches very fat and thick he had a sexy body with mild hair I started sucking his tool his balls and under areas leading to the ass cut I slowly put my tongue into his ass cut and he moaned he could speak even a single word he cummed loads of juices into my mouth I drank all of it to my surprise he suddenly got kambi again and he got me to doggy position without any notice he fired his long 9 inch to my asshole and I was finished off I roared in pain he did not allow he got hold of my nipples and started pressing it too hard I felt my nipples would break and my ass would get teared off I felt his toll was getting big and big as he went deeper and deeper I felt he would kill me he kept me like that for more than 45 minutes and kept on fucking me without an y oil or ever spit , after some time he moved from nipples to my pukkil and he put very hard into it then he went to my tool and pressed so hard that I felt my balls would come out of it till now he did not leave e my penis

I was getting pained but nice fun I was sure my ass wall got cut as I saw blood oozing out from my inner thighs he increased his speed finally I felt a explosion in my ass as he dropped his milk loads of milk into my ass it over flowed and started coming down he made to stand like that for some time before we left. Any guys who need him may approach him nicely and politely pray to get him he is that gud


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My Hostel Life

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Well, let me giv myself an introduction. I am vikas. Iam doing engg in a reputed institute in kerala. I am very fair ,fairly gud lukin and havin a good butt also.this incident happened durin my first year in college.
I was a hostelite. There was a guy in my hostel. His name was salman. He was quite gud lukin too and very very sexy. He was tall and had a good toned body. We were mutually attracted to each other and I always felt positive vibes frm him. I had a single room in the hostel. By the course of time we became gr8 chums. And sometimes he used to com to my bed and sleep with me in the nite. We used to hug each other and I wud rest my head on his shoulder and he used to like dat too. he wud hug me and put his hand on my stomach and ud comment that my body is very soft. I used to feel gr8. I really wanted to hav sex with him but never had the courage to make the 1st move.

One day as usual he came to my bed and I switched off lights and we went to my bed as usual. We used to like chattin in bed and I wud run my hands onhis face nose etc . he used to like it very much then I wud run my hand on his stomach and feel his abs and I wud always say ur abs r vry strong!he used to lik dat vry much as usual I was doin the same dat day too. I was feelin very horny dat day I must say.and I was runnin my hand on his stomach and somehow I felt deep inside me to feel his manhood.after tracin through his navel, I went down but he dint object. this gave me more confidence. I placed my hand over his pubic region and he still didnt object I traced further and touched his was erect and I was so large. I never imagined 1 cud hav such a long one! it was moist over thr in his pants. I removed my hand back. but he placed my hand inside his pants and I got to feel his dick in my hand. I felt so happy and excited. This was the day I was waitin 4.evrythng snowballed frm thr he turned his head on to my side. I hav very pink luscious lips and h turned me he always wanted to kiss me and he kissed me on my lips. I felt divine.he then kissed me all over my face, thn over my neck unbuttoned my shirt.and he looked at my nipples. I have some amount of fat in my it luks lik small breasts! hekissed me on my nipples . began to squeeze it.sucked my nipples .it was drivin me to ecstasy.he thn traced down to my navel and kissed it and licked me. I felt gr8.thn I ran my hand over his dick I went down and smelled his underwear. I cud c the impression of his huge was wet. I kissed thr.he was moanin. I smelt his had the typical smell of precum. I simply love dat smell .
I removed his was a brownish circumcised was around 8 inches long and thick too. I started to tease his pubic hair with my tongue.he was moanin deeply. I thn licked his balls and his inguinal canal region. I cud c a film of precum on his dick. I wiped dat with my tongue. I thn licked the tip of his shaft.he was whinin with pleasure. I thn took his mighty organ into my mouth I continued suckin till he he said he was abt to ejaculate. I removed his dick frm my mouth and he ejaculated outside.

Send ur feedback to vikas_mukherji {AT}

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My first sexual encounter (Bi-sexual)

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It was December 1999 when a distant cousin of mine came to live with us for about a fortnight. I was living in an annexie at a short distance from the main building so that my studies may not be affected. I was then aged about 23 years and student of LL.B. classes in a degree college. My cousin was a little older and was about 28 years of age but still unmarried and had established a prosperous business. He had come in connection with his business to recover his dues from various businessmen to whom he had supplied goods manufactured by him.

Although he was my cousin but we had not met earlier. I was asked by my parents to accommodate him in the annexie in which I was living. Since my bed was a king size bed and I was living alone my cousin said he will spread his bedding on the same bed and there would be no necessity for another bed for him. My cousin’s name was Raj. Since we were of almost same age we became very friendly within a few days. Both of us discussed about each other’s life.

Since we were living in the annexie at a distance from the main house there was no possibility of any one coming in the night. On those days when he was able to realize good money he used to take me out for dinner in some good restaurant. One day he got a very handsome amount and he took me to a Bar. There he ordered drinks for both of us and I felt that I had taken more than what I should have taken and felt inebriated. He had also become out. There after we took dinner and came back.

When we retired to bed, Raj under the influence of liquor started talking all sorts of things, which I had not heard from him thus far. He asked me kabhi kisi ladki ko choda hai tumne (have you ever fucked a girl)’ I said nahin (no). I said from where could I get a girl for fucking’ He said you have got a beautiful maidservant why have you not fucked her. I said she may complain to my parents and I will be given a thorough thrashing. He then said he would talk to her. Give her some money and she will come. I said I do not have money like you. I get only little money for pocket expenses and that is all I have. He then said after the drinks and dinner you must have some sex today. I said excepting jerking off there is no other way for me. He then said aaj tum meri gaand maaro aur mazaa lo (you fuck my ass and have pleasure). Hearing this I was stunned. I said what are you talking today. Then he asked kabhi kisi ki pahle gaand maari hai (have you fucked anyone in the ass before). I again said nahin (no). Then he said koi baat nahin main tumhein sab sikha doonga (don’t worry I will teach you every thing). Then he removed his pyjama and as he was wearing no briefs so became completely naked below the waist. He then asked me to remove my pyjama but I hesitated. He then pulled the drawstrings of my pyjama and I then also removed my pyjama and became naked below the waist. He then gave me a bottle of oil and told me to apply oil in his ass by inserting oiled fingers in his ass. I did as I was told. Then he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking my cock.

When it was fully drenched with his saliva he lay on the bed on his stomach with his hips raised and said ab apna lund meri gaand mein dheere dheere ghusero (now insert your cock slowly in my asshole). I then came behind him and placed the tip of my erect cock against his asshole. I pressed my cock and it went inside his asshole and when I had inserted my cock up to glans penis he asked me to wait; then after a little while he asked me to press again and my cock went further in his ass. When it was fully inserted he said ab dhakke lagaao (now start in-and-out motion) which I did. Then he said ab jaldi jaldi aur kas ke . Soon I came in his ass and after waiting for some time withdrew my cock from his ass. Then he asked me ab mera sarka maar do (now jerk me off). So I took his cock in my right fist and started stroking it up and down soon he also came and discharged his semen in my hand. After washing ourselves we went to sleep. In the morning Raj asked me if I enjoyed the fucking. I said very much.

After the breakfast I saw Raj talking to the maidservant. What did they talk I could not hear or understand. But I found her smiling. Then Raj went away in connection with his business and I went to my college. When in the evening Raj returned he was very happy and said that today was a very good day and he collected very good amount of money. He asked me should we go to the bar and restaurant again today. I said sure and told my mother that we shall be eating out today also. Today we had an expensive whisky but within limits and after taking our dinner we returned back home and told my mother so they may not be worried and came back to our room in the annexie and changed our clothes for the night sleep. We were sitting on the chairs and discussing so many things then Raj said that Madhu (the maidservant) will come at 9.00 p.m. At 9.00 p.m. Madhu came and asked Raj mujhe kyon bulaya (why you have called me). Raj said mauj masti ke liye (for fun). She said kaisi mauj masti (what type of fun). Raj said wohi jo aadmi-aurat aapas mein karte hain (which men and women do with each other). She smiled and said saaf saaf bataaiye (tell me clearly). Then Raj told her that isne (pointing to me) aaj tak kisi ladki ko choda nahin hai main chahta hoon ki tum ise chudai ka mazaa do. (he has not fucked any girl up to now I want you to give him pleasure of fucking). Madhu then said mujhe do sau rupaye do main inhe achchhi tarah chodna sikha doongi (give me Rs. 200 and I will teach him fucking). Raj then took out two hundred rupees from his pocket and gave it to her. After taking the money Madhu asked Raj to go out of the room but Raj insisted for remaining in the room then Madhu demanded hundred rupees more. Raj readily paid the money demanded.

Madhu then told me ab apne sab kapde utar kar nange ho jaaiye (remove all your clothes and become naked). When I removed all my clothes and became naked then she also removed her clothes and became totally naked. She then lay down on the bed and said ab meri choochiyan choosiye ek ek kar ke (now suck my tits one after the other). Thereafter she said ab meri bur chaatiye aur apni jeeb bur mein daaliye aur meri bhagnasa choosiye (now lick my pussy and insert your tongue in my cunt and suck my clitoris). I did as she directed me to do. This made her very passionate and she then said ab meri choot mein apna laura daalo aur jor jor se aur jaldi jaldi dhakke lagaao (now insert your prick in my cunt and fuck me hard and fast). I then inserted my cock in her cunt and began fucking her hard and fast. She said haan aur jor se aur jor se aur jaldi jaldi (yes harder and faster). After about ten minutes of fucking I came and discharged my come in her cunt and she also came. Madhu then asked me kaho achchha laga (did you enjoy). I said very much.

Raj then asked Madhu ab mujh se bhi chudva lo (now let me also fuck you). Madhu said do sau rupaye aur deejiye aur aap bhi chod leejiye (give me two hundred rupees more and you may also fuck me). Raj then gave her again two hundred rupees and fucked her. After having fucked her Raj said to Madhu ab kab aaogi (now when will you come)’ She said main roz aa sakti hoon aap rupaye dete rahiye (I can come daily if you go on paying money). Raj then said to her ki kal bataayenge ki kab aanaa hai (I will tell you tomorrow when you have to come again). After Madhu left Raj asked me kaho kaisa laga mazaa aayaa chodne mein (how did you like did you enjoy fucking). I said I liked very much even better than yesterday’s ass fucking.

When a barrier is broken it crosses all limits. This is what happened when I allowed Raj to have sex with me. Raj now wanted to have as much sex with me as possible. Sometimes he would ask me to masturbate each other (aao aaj ek doosare ka sarka maarein). Sometimes he would suck my cock (aao aaj tumhara lund choosein). Sometimes he would have me fuck his ass (aaj tum phir meri gaand maaro) and I had no choice but to act according to his wishes so that he may not feel unhappy. While he was here both of us called Madhu thrice again and both of us fucked her. Before going back Raj said to Madhu mai jaa raha hoon magar inse chudvaati rahana. Main inhein do hazaar rupaye iske liye diye jaa raha hoon (I am going back but you should keep on fucking him. I am leaving two thousand rupees with him for this) Madhu assured him jab bhi yeh mujhe bulaayenge main aa jaaoongi aur inse chudvaaloongi (whenever he will call me I will come and have him fuck me) Raj also gave me one thousand rupees for the pleasure he got from me.

After Raj had left Madhu came to me after few days and asked aaj chodna chahte ho (do you want to fuck me today). I said now we will fuck twice a month. Aaj to main zaroor chodoonga phir pandrah din baad (I will surely fuck you today and thereafter after a gap of fifteen days). We then became naked and Madhu demanded two hundred rupees first which I gave her. I then said to Madhu aaj to main tumhari gaand maarnaa chahta hoon (today I want to fuck your ass). Madhu said kyon kya bur chodne mein ab mazaa nahin aataa hai jo gaand maarnaa chahte ho (why do you not get pleasure in fucking cunt that you want to fuck my ass). I said bur to tumhari kai baar chod chuka hoon yeh bhi dekhna chahta hun ki gaand maarne mein kaisa lagta hai (I have fucked your cunt several times so I want to see the pleasure of ass fucking). She said theek hai aaj meri gaand maar leejiye magar dheere dheere apna lund meri gaand mein ghuseriyega kyon ki aap ka lund bara bhi hai aur mota bhi (All right but please do it slowly because your cock is long and also thick). She also said pahle achchhi tarah meri gaand mein aur apne lund mein tel lagaa lein (but first liberally oil my asshole and your cock). After lubricating her ass and my cock I entered her ass and fucked her tight passage and it was a pleasure I came in her ass and she also had orgasm.

Since then Madhu and I had several sessions of sex and we both enjoy. Thanks to Raj for all this would like to say thank you for submitting this story :8)

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My Gulf Mate

October 22nd, 2009 No comments

My dear valuable readers,
My name is Mohan and now am 32 years old. I was working in Saudi Arabia from 1995 to 2005. Actually I am a bottom type gay guy and I love men very much. Here I am mentioning my sex encounter with my friend while we were in Saudi Arabia. During the time, I am 23 and my friend , he is Saji also same age. We were working together and he is handsome and just look like Kamalahasan. In Saudi, there is no enjoyment except tv watching and blue film watching. One day, we were watching a blue movie, there were 6 people in my room. All are near by malayalees and just coming and gathering after the work.

This time, while we were watching the blue movie, Saji was sitting near by. The movie was an english and we all become hot accidently I touched his thigh. I alrady had a crush on him and I never thought he may like me.
After my touch, he pressed my hand and then after some times he went out the room. He is next to my room and after sometimes, I just told my frinds that am reading a book in outside and yuu should watch the movies completely.When I reached his room he was laying in his bed and wearing only his bermuda. He invited me to his bed and we were talking about a bit, then he took my hand and placed in his ‘kampi’ cock. Actually I was waiting for this moment and am suddenly starting his his whole body. Then he removed his bermuda and his black and reddish cock bid and thick came out and I slowly gave a suck. Then he undressed me and kissed my lips and tounge and my ‘kaksham’. We were just like a two snakes in the bed for a long time and finally made a 69.We together ejaculated in each othere’s mouth and it was so nice experience in my life.
Since then we were there just like a husband and wife. We did everything, 69, ‘milk kudickkal’ everything, He has still a crudh on me, now he is married and have a child.
Still we have a nice sex life continueing.
I have had a lot of experiences but this man is a special for me.
Mt dear ones, am inviting you in my sex life and if anybody need my service, please e-mail me to mohanmn2000 {AT}

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Roshan My Darling

October 13th, 2009 No comments

Hello all I want to share with you my experiences with roshan. Roshan is 20 years old. We are friends. He came to my house one day. He had good body features. Honey oozed out from his lips that any would love to drink, he had such huge navels that were deep and he had well shaped thighs. All together he was a vedikettu Kuttan. One day he came to my house to discuss and study history of India I put a chair near him and sate along with him as we were discussing I slowly put my hand on his thighs.

Sitting on the chair he widened his legs. I slowly put my fingers to his naval through the shirt and played. I could see his face it was like a nervous deer hoping to get a honey suck from a mad and wild lion. I took him to my bed and removed his shirt to my surprise not once he objected. It was a sight to see well shaped breast mildly hairy , a hairy armpit I could not control any more . I pulled him to bed and removed his pants . I saw a bulging in a blue Undies I pulled it down I saw a red hot cut tool mildly hairy . I sucked his tool immediately . I could not control my self suddenly I went up I started sucking his lips the fat lips I sucked it for long . He was moaning and crying every time he tries to move his head the harder I bite on his lips I bitted his nipples I licked it .

I went to armpit of roshan it was hairy but had a seducing smell I gave a hot kiss there I could here a moan from him UHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I bitted his naval hard and went down under his balls those soft areas untouched areas I could not control I went down licked his ass cut and lifted him up and licked his asshole , vow !!!!! it was red , suddenly I made him to stand in the doggy position and fired my 9 inch fatty stiff tool into his ass he just cried silently I fucked him fro about fourty five minutes moving in and out my tool did not enter his asshole fully so I fired even more harder I caught hold of his naval and fired finally it entered I even thought whether my tool would go into his intestine , I fucked him suddenly I fired my milk into his it over flowed like a tsunami and came down his thighs , I had a wash and came back I sucked his tool and sucked it I pressed hard his nipples I sucked felt his yellow cream in my mouth .

I got kambi again I made him to doggy position agan and fucked him again he was begging me not to do but I fired him into his ass , we had a nice time . Roshan never told about this to others but became my slave

Aswajith (thadiyan2006 {AT}

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