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A Lesbian Story

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Seema is my very very close friend she was very beautiful and looking like a college student that age. She was very up-to-date in her body language. It was December last week my Dad planned to make a trip for 3days with us & I refused to go with them because of monthly test school was shortly commencing. Finally Dad and Mom with my brother went for the 3day package tour. I was alone in the house I requested seema to come to my house for 3 days Seema’s mother agreed to send seema to my house.

Seema brought her school books to study my house with me. While bringing her books she also brought a good sized brinjal with her. I asked seema why brinjal ? Seema laughed and said today I am doing an experiment with brinjal ur home. By that time I was not able to got her point that what she is saying. In the afternoon we finished our homework and we both went seema’s house for lunch in afternoon after the lunch we came back to our house.
I said to seema shall we watch TV for a while?
Seema said no Anu we will read and discuss about new chapter in my NEW DIGEST.
I asked new chapter !!! what is it seema?
Seema took out a book from her paajaama I was watching very excitingly what seema is doing.
I asked Seema why did you keep that book in your undergarment ?
Seema said Anu my friend this is a sex story book my brother brought this and he was reading and caught by me I scold him and I took it really anu this is a great book.
I said seema I don’t want to talk about sex.
Seema said Pagli don’t hesitate to talk or read about sex this is very funny you really enjoy it please read this paragraph and try. If it is not worth to read leave it no problem.
I took the book and stared to read the paragraph shown by Seema. It was very thrilling and I began to enjoy that reading.
seema said how is it?
I said really amazing thank you seema really you opened the door of new world to me.
Seema asked. Shall we go to bedroom for higher studies?
I said yes. And we went to my bedroom seema brought brinjal with her.
She lay down on the bed and asked me to read a story on page 46 loudly. I started reading the story The story was very exciting while reading the story I felt my undergarments are getting wet and my bra is getting tight after completing the story I was in full zoom.
I said Seema i am feeling very uncomfortable in this dress may panty is getting wet what shall I do?
Seema said I am also having same problem look my breasts are becoming very hard lets change our dress. And started undoing her pajama & top. In semi nude pose seema was looking very pretty she was woring a pink bra and white panty her panty was 50% wetted with her fluid and seema started to remove my cloths I am very excited that for the first time I was removing my cloths in front of other seema totally removed my robe she introduced her middle finger into my pussy and started to make action at that time I was in haven and I strongly rubbing her right breast her breasts are very apt in size her tender nipples are erected she was sucking my breasts even though it was painful I was enjoying this event.
Seema opened her panty and asked me to put the brinjal into her hole I started to do so the brinjal was quite big sized and seema’s hole was very tight.
I got to the kitchen, and opened the fridge I found some butter in it. I took the whole packet of butter and came back to the bedroom and applied the butter around seema’s gateway and pushed the brinjal. It went very easily into her she was screaming in joy she asked to speed up the action I repeated the same rhythmically stroke after stroke finally she said to take off the brinjal.
I asked why she said I reached the goal & now it’s your turn have it in you.
I lay down on the floor and opened my legs wide seema looked my gate way and said anu your seal is not opened shall I open it.
I said ok
Seema coated butter around the brinjal and pushed hardly into me it was very painful I began to shout loudly seema closed my mouth by closing it with her mouth
I begged seema to please take off the brinjal
Seema said Anu dont worry if I am a boy it will be very painful don’t worry this is your first time you really enjoy this now and began to make strokes gently as the brinjal getting in and I was getting very happy finally I felt that something is discharging from my hole and I was very much satisfied with brinjal stroke
I said Seema its enough for me please take off it.
Seema took out the brinjal. Blood was mixed with my sex juice seema took me to the bathroom and cleaned me seema said don’t worry anu this will happen to every girls in their first sex activity in future you will enjoy a lot from your gateway.
I said ok seema thank you and asked did you had sex with anybody in past?
Seema said No Anu I play myself with carrot and brinjal whenever I had an urge and am waiting for a secure chance I am getting mad day by day from when I started to read this book.
I asked seema “when did you started this & please tell me your first time sex story”
By this time seema started to squeeze my nipple with her mouth
I questioned seema how did you developed your breast so big and beautiful?
Seema answered this is by practice anu daily when I take bath I my self press my breasts in front of mirror it is very likely job to me. I suggest u to practice the same.
I hold seema’s beautiful breasts in my hand and begin to press her breasts once again getting hard I started to suck her seema once again put her fingers in my hole and we once again enjoyed the orgasm.
For 3 days we enjoyed more happiness
For me seema really opened the new world of joy
Friends how did you feel my story is it delighted you do you want to know how Seema’s first experience? Mail me gers i

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Intense Lesbian Experience

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Thank you to all who have responded and encouraged me for my previous submissions in I had replied to many of the mails. I have to say sorry to those, whom I cannot write back. Its all because I have time restrictions to access my mails and to this wonderful site. My approach towards Karthik hasn’t improved much. I think that he is ignoring me at times. But I like him and his styles. A nice adorable guy. I used to get mails from girls also (majority of the mails are from guys requesting for friendship and love). One fine day I got a mail from a girl named Uma (not real name). She was very frank and right to matter. She gave me her number and address in her first mail saying to contact her if she likes for a “girlfriend” type of friendship. I was little doubtful about her mail thinking that it may be a guy acting as a girl to get my contacts.

She said that she is also from Trivandrum.
I am totally against this lesbian relationship. I didn’t reply to her for a few days and was not liking her attitude. My curiosity increased day by day to know her. Finally I wrote back to her and said that I just wanted to meet her, not for a “girlfriend” friendship, but just to know her. The revealation of my identity and meeting a stranger was very dangerous. I asked her to come to a public place wearing some green colored dress. She wrote back immediately saying the complete details about her and the type of dress and color ( she preferred to wear golden yellow). We fixed the date, time and meeting place thru mails.
When the days were nearing I was getting scared and nervous. Finally the day arrived. I was restless all the day due to curiosity. I told my mother that I may be late because of some project assignments. I went our meeting place with bit nervousness.
I was little early. I didn’t find anyone with the golden yellow colored dress. It was a crowded public place. That gave me some sort of comfort. If it was a lonely place I will be very scared. Our time was 3:00pm. As my watch needle was moving towards 2:55, my heart beat increased and I could feel the thrust of my heart beats. I kept my bag tightly hugged to my chest. I was keeping on looking around and also glancing to my watch.
At around 3.01 and I felt a hand touching my shoulder. It was a great shock to me and I just turned around to look at the person. It was not the person I was expecting in Golden yellow dress. I found an cool pretty woman in her late twenties wearing a Red salwar.
She was smiling at me and said “Hello Dreaming girl”.
“So you are the popular Dreaming Girl – Anu” she surprised me further
“What are you talking? Who are you ? “ I responded back without accepting the fact that I was caught
“Come on… may be you are talking to a wrong person” I didn’t let her to catch me.
“Anu, cool down. No more”
“Anu… I like to call you like that, I like your name in that way and don’t worry, I don’t want to know your real name or whereabouts. It applies to you also, do not ask me more about me, OK ?”
“I nodded my head” I was just agreeing to what she was saying, without much to say.
“ you can call me Uma” She identified herself with the same fake name as in the mail.
“How did you recognise me?” I asked her
“Look Anu, Its easy to catch you from your looks here. You are so worried and anxious to see me, right”
“I never expected Anu to be such a nervous person, I too was bit nervous before meeting you” she said
“I am also not nervous now” I said, even though I was still feeling my body chilled with this strange encounter. It was the most adventurous thing I had ever done in my life.
She was looking gorgeous. The fragrance of her perfurme was having some special effect on me… She looked so pretty with perfect well maintained shape and proper height. I felt myself inferior in front of her.. I liked her smell and it was really pulling me towards her. Its true that some perfume smell give some sort of appealing. I could see her bulged creamy soft breasts thru her low neck salwar. She was wearing a tight bra to make this bulge out. The people nearby were all staring at her (including girls). Her high heeled shoe was matching with her dress colour and her bag texture. Her all nails were shaped and coloured. She didn’t apply much cosmetics (well she even don’t need that). I was getting jealous on her beauty.
She caught hold of my hand and took the bag from me. Her hands were as soft as a flower.
“Don’t look at me like that, come lets go…” saying that she pulled me to follow her.
Going where…? I really wanted to ask that, but the question remained in my mind itself.
I was following her as if some magic was done on me. I couldn’t resist her. I just followed like a child following her mother holding her hand. Her walking style itself was having a rhythm. I glanced at her while we were walking towards her car. The swing of her breasts were really a pleasant treat to my eyes. We walked so close brushing her shoulders on me. I was feeling good at that time.
She opened the door for me.. I am not saying much about her car. I think there are only few numbers of this model in Trivandrum. (Yes it is that expensive and real classy). I could only dream about getting a ride in this type of cars.
She got into the car, she was cool with a naughty smile in her face. I was still in some wonderland with this beauty Angel. She rested her head on the steering…looked at me and smiled..
“Are you ready….for this ride?” she asked
I just nodded my head with a artificial smile on my face. Even I wanted to resist this ride, my curiosity was not allowing me to do that. Also, Its very hard for me to say “No” to someone.
She put on some nice piano tunes in the car CD player. I was feeling very cold inside that car. I asked her to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner. She caught hold of my right hand and said “Why you hands are so cold ?” I didn’t reply for that.
As she drive’s through the traffic, I felt myself lost in
her beauty, and captivated in her presence. Looking out the window at the passing vehicles, I try to collect my thoughts. How did I get myself in this situation
The car went out of the city and was going thru some places which I ever seen before. The streets were quiet with less traffic and few public on the road. She stopped the car in front of a big house with nice garden in front. The garden was densed with different varieties of orchids and roses. It was giving a beautiful add on to the looks for the house. She pressed horn and a lady in her mid 50’s rushed out to open the gate for us.
“She is my only companion here” she said
“She has been with since I was young, we do not treat her as a servant, Instead as a family member” she said.
The old lady smiled at me while the car slowly moved in
“My friend” she told that lady.
While getting out of the car she told her “Tonight she is with us for dinner, get ready to show your cooking skills OK”
The lady looked so happy on having a guest at that house.
The house was well maintained with cosy furnitures, designed interiors and expensive wall pictures. It was giving comfort rich feeling inside. It was quiet inside. The lady rushed to the kitchen for the dinner preparation. I was cool by now without any nervous feeling.
Uma, called me to follow her to the upstairs. It was evenly maintained at the upstairs also. I found 3 rooms over there. She took me to one of the bedroom. I just followed her without much hesitation.
“Don’t worry only we 3 are here, nobody will come and bother you” she said.
“This is my room where I fly with my fantasies same as you”
It was a large bedroom with a big coat. The bedroom windows were full sized with nice curtains. A small soft sofa and a tea table was also in that room. There was a sleek LCD TV fixed to the wall, a DVD player, a phone, a split air-conditioner, a mini fridge, all toghether a stylish cosy bedroom.
She told me to make myself comfortable, that she would be back in a few
minutes. I sat down on the couch, the same one she relaxes in everyday.
She put on some movie on the DVD player and moved towards the attached bathroom.
I was not interested to watch any movie at this time. I looked at my watch and it was nearing 4:00pm. I was also getting worried. Many questions were going thru my mind. Why am I here? Why did I follow her? Who is she?
All of these we getting unanswered inside me..
The movie was some soft romantic english movie. There were some nice smooching scenes which tempted for my eyes to get sticked to the screen. The guy on the movie was smooching this girl passionately hugging her tighly. The scene gave me some feelings in me..
By now she opened the bathroom door. Wow….It was a pleasant look……a beauty queen.
Her hair was wet. She was having a different sexy look than before. She wore a transparent clothing, it was not a nightie. But something similar to that, which I haven’t seen before. I could see her firm creamy breasts thru that dress. The dark nipples were slighly visible thru that. The dress was only upto her knees. I can see her thighs and beautiful wheatish legs.
I was just staring at her, and I could not take my eyes for long time..
“Anu,..why are you looking at me like this…?”
I couldn’t say anything..
She came near to me, I think she had applied that wild perfume again. It was appealing so much.
“Anu….touch me…feel me….” she whispered on my ears
It was having a lusty feeling
She’s so close but yet so far away. I wanted to kiss her, but my mind said no, you don’t know how she will react, wait to see if she makes a move first. Stupid mind I say to myself, If I don’t take the chance I’ll never know!!
Am I becoming a lesbian….? The question shoot into my mind.
I felt her hand rest on my hip, she took a step closer. I caught the scent of her perfume and closed my eyes to bask in it, then turned to her. I look right into her eyes, and noticed her smiling. My breathing was getting intensified & more rapid.
Do I have the guts to move in to kiss her? What should I do? I was getting in mood, and at my nervousness I called, ” Uma.. “….She hears it, and realizes while looking into my eyes, and noticing my hand shaking that I am nervous. “Anu Let me..kiss you” she proclaims, and with that wraps her arm around my waist pulling me to her, brushing her lips against mine.
I needed that kiss badly…YESS!!
My fantasies are finally going to come to true thru this woman, I’m going to give her what she needs, what she desires, everything in her wildest dreams, and she is going to give me everything I’ve only been able to dream of so far, until now.
I press my lips softly against hers, and slowly open my mouth to her, as she pushes her tongue into my mouth. I allowed it to enter willingly, and slide my own into her mouth, our tongues were rubbing now, our kiss becomes firmer, more passionate. I place my hand gently on her cheek and slide my fingertips down her earlobe, to her jaw. Allowing my other hand to wander, it was searching all over her body.
She doesn’t resist….but was moving to my needs.
I lifted her dress up. She made a soft moan of pleasure as my hand cups her breast, caressing and fondling her, underneath the fabric. I paused and break our kiss, looking into her eyes, before placing soft, warm kisses down her neck, to her collar.
I closed my eyes as she puts her hand on the back of my head, playing slowly with my hair. With both hands I gently lift her dress, breaking away from her once more, and slip it up over her head, tossing to the floor. Pulling her closer to me I begin kissing her again. Moving my hands behind her. I Leaned back and watched as I exposed her naked beautiful breasts inch by inch. I glide my hands up and down her back, moving my lips closer to her shapely breasts. “Uma…You’re so beautiful” She only smiles, and tosses her head back as I take a nipple into my mouth, sucking it slowly, softly,…. twirling
her other nipple between my fingers.
I started gently nibbling on her hard nipple, wrapping my arm around her waist to steady her as her knees grow weaker. As I was moving my hand down from her breast to her pussy inside her pink panties. There I began to rub the palm of my hand against her, and felt the warmth, and the slight wetness.
“Uma…mmmmm, I need you, I need to feel you, ” she manages to say. A moan escapes from my lips as she was begging.
I Kissed down her belly and circled around her navel, occassionally allowing my tongue to enter inside the cervice. My arm still
wrapped around her waist, I remove my hand from it’s play on her pussy,
placing it softly against her hip.
My tongue was invading her body.
Her scent now upon me, is driving me absolutely crazy. My fingertips slip underneath the side of her panites, and push them over to one side. I kiss her pubic hair, then without warning, part her lips with my tongue, and lick the entire length of her pussy.
“Anu…. ” she moaned, at the sudden work of my tongue. I continued to
lick her slowly, up and down, before stopping. I stood up and kissed her hard, our tongues rubbed once more.
She was getting crazy to taste her pussy in my mouth. She needs it, and she needs it NOW!
“Let’s go to the bed” she said, I agreed. We walked together as one, my body against her back, arms wrapped around her, one touching her pussy, the other caressing her breast, my lips kissing the back of her neck.
We stood at the end of the bed together as we were one, she reached behind me placing her hands on the back of my neck, before I turn her around. As we kissed I gently lay her down on the bed, and start removing her panties, licking my way down her magnificent body until I removed her panties and smiled at her.
We laugh for a second or two together until I get down on my knees at the foot of the bed. I passionately caress and kiss her thighs as I travel up her body. Then part her lips with my fingertips, and lick her clit softly, up and down, and around, slowly getting faster. She places her hand on the back of my head pushing my face into her pussy, and I wrap my mouth around her clit, sucking gently, and rolling my tongue around it.
“Anu….yes…that’s it…please don’t stop….suck it harder……uh” she screamed. I do what she wants, sucking harder on her clit. I bring my hand up and carefully insert two fingers inside her hot,
wet pussy. Her pussy reacts by tightening around them, as I thrust in and out slowly at first, until her body starts to shake.
With her hand she buried my face even deeper into her pussy, as she starts bucking her hips. I suck faster and harder on her clit, rapidly flicking it with my tongue inside my mouth, and thrusting my fingers deeper, harder,and faster in and out of her pussy.
“I’m cumming Anu…….yessss…mmmm….!!!”
I quickly reach up with my hand and firmly cup her breast, squeezing and rolling it, and it took her over the edge. She pushed as hard as she could on my head with both hands, lifting her hips right up, and tossing her head to the side.
“Anu…….yessssssss..I’m cumming….yes…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Her orgasm came hard and fast, I didn’t let up her, and continued licking her. Her cum over my mouth and chin, running down between her cheeks, and dampening the sheets. She came again right away, this time I slowed down after she came, removed my fingers from inside her, licked her slit throughly, and entered inside her pussy with my tongue taking in every drop of her honey.
When I stopped I looked up into her eyes, and we smiled at each other. I crawled slowly up onto the bed each of my arms and legs on either side of her, sliding my body up against hers. I pushed my lips against hers french kissing her softly, passionately, letting her taste her own cum, then broke away and layed down beside her.
“Anu, I love you.” she said, and I can tell in her eyes that she does.
“I don’t want you to leave, stay with me, please?”
We kissed again, resting her head on my chest, closing her eyes, and drifts off to sleep. I’ll let her sleep now, listening to her breathing, knowing she loves me, that what we’ve shared together, we will share forever.
Dear readers, I have to stop this chapter here. I know that this chapter was quite long with the hot and erotic moments between us.
Give me your comments and inspiration to write for the next chapters (mail to )
I think Uma likes in exibitionism and she exposed everything to me during our session. She even asked me to take her nude pictures using her digital camera. But she never forced me to take my pictures. It was all new experience for me. With her permission, I requested to post her pictures. The face has been masked as per her request.
See you in my next chapter, dont forget to write to me



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Hello friends
I’m Safeena 32 now. Married. Husband abroad. I spent time in the internet. I wish to share my 1st enjoyment in sex with you after reading the stories in This happened in my college days. Then I was 19 years and a second year degree student. I was a day scholar and know nothing about sex. I’m a medium looking girl then.
In my second year, one day I stayed with my classmate in the hostel. It was after the college day celebrations. I never stayed in a hostel before it or after. The celebrations ended around 10 pm. I’m so tired and wished to rest in bed. My classmate, Sumitha – I call her Sumi, advised me to take a bath as it is summer days.

Sumi is a good looking girl and smart in everything. She had good mulakal than me. I take bath quickly and changed my dress. I wear pavata and blouse. She also washed herself. She is in her nightee. I feel fresh now. After dinner I laid on bed telling her that I’m tired. There is only one bed and I lay on it and slept very quickly. In my sound sleep I feel that my breast is pressing. I think it may be a dream. Then I came to understand that it is not a dream, a reality. A hand is pressing and squeezing my mula softly and another hand is moving on my thuta. I opened my eyes. Then I remember that I’m in the hostel.
I’m astonished to see in the street light reaching in the room that Sumi is nude and she is doing this. First I thought to remove her hand. Next I became eager to know why she is nude and why she is playing with my mula. I noticed that she unbuttoned my blouse and my pavata is on my stomach and my thutakal are naked. She is rubbing my mulakal which was in the white bra. An electric wave passed through my body. I closed my eyes and pretend that I’m sleeping. She cared both my mulakal. Her right hand touched on my panties. She pressed on my kumbi (pussy). Ente mulakalilum kumbiyilum melakeyum oru tharipu thonni. I changed my side, as if in sleep, facing her. Taking the chance she unhooked my bra. She released my mulakal from the bra. It jumped out to her face. She massaged it. I’m unable to stand more. My body is shivering. What I do! Suddenly I caught hold her tightly. Seeing that I’m awakened and a positive response, she also hold me tightly and kissed on my lips. Oh ! fantastic! She is kissing and sucking my lips. I also responded her kissing and sucking. She slowly removed my blouse and bra. Now my breast is naked. She took my hand and put on her mula. She is squeezing my mulakal hardly. I also do like that on her mulakal. She murmered : “Mole Safee, mula njerikkati. Amartu. Nee mula chappi-chappi kutikkati.” Now her lips are on my mulakal and kissing and sucking it. Oh, marvelous! Her mulakal on my face. I licked it. Njan kuttikal mual kutikkum pole kutichu. Hai entu rasam. Mula vayilakkan nokki. Ho entu valuppam. Very soft. Hard nipples. I tried to insert her full mula in my mouth. Oh impossible. I suched it hard.When she suck my nipple I feel ikkili. My full mula is inside hermouth.HHAAAAA…….
Sumi untied my pavata and removed down. Now she is kissing and licking on my vayar. I’m trembled with pleasure. I’m massaging her back. Her hand reached on my panty. She pressed my kumbi. Then removed my panty. Now her kumbi — pussy – is hanging on my face. It has small pubic hairs. I touched it. Oh, it is wet. I moved my fingers through the hair. My finger go through the wet. I inserted my finger in her kumbi. She trembled. My finger is going easily as it is juicy. Sumi is now moving her tounge on my pubic hair and then began to suck my kanth. “Oh, Ummaa… entu sukam. Ayyo… sahikkan pattunnilla….” I began to murmer and moan. Sumi inserted one finger in my wet kumbi . She play it to and fro. I also do like it in her kumbi. My chanthi is pressing against her face. My chanthi move to and fro according to her sucking and fingering.
Her chanthi also move to and fro on my face. She removed her finger and inserted her tongue in my kumbi. I also followed her. My mula need more care. I hold her hand and put on my mulakal. She massaged and crushed it. I also managed to massage hardly her mulakal. She is murmering. My body is shivering with pleasure. “Oh, ayyo, ullil entho . ummaa , parayan pattunnilla. Ho…ummmmmm” I had 2 -3 orgasms. Sumi is sucking hard in my kumbi. I also. Her tongue is doing well. The movement of our chanthikal are now fast.
“Ayyo, ummaaaaaa……ullil entho cheeettunnu… hoooooooo………..” I hold her head and pressed it hardly on my kumbi. “OHHHHHHHHHH……….MOLEEE.. SUMIIII…ENNE KOLLETI…HHOO.. ..AAAAHHHHHHHHH.” I pumped my juice on her face. I’m panting. Sumi’s chanthi moved to and fro fast on my face. “OHHHHHHHHHH…………SAFFEEEEEEEE………POOORIIIII MOLEEEEEEEE……..” Oh, she cumed on my face. I tasted her juice. She also licked my juice. We both are panting. She came to my side face to face. We kissed each other. We licked each others face and tasted our own juice.
We both fell asleep nude holding each other. I can’t forget my first sexual experience. My friend Sumi lift me to heaven. After this we both had shared bed in three occasions. All these experiences are different from the other one and I very much enjoyed it.. I’ll try to write it later.
Erotica readers, please write your response on my experience. May your comments help me to write the other experiences.
Your Safee

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Sex with Room Mate

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I am a beautiful lady and married lady. My name is sara and it happened in my college days some 3 yrs ago.I am writing this experience which I had .I hope you will enjoy it thoroughly and passionately.and am fair ,good looking and am 34-30–36 I am a lesbian and I have secretly desired to feel the body of a beautiful lady, as being a lady I know how smooth and soft the skin of a lady is. I am myself very beautiful and have a very smooth body. My best friend and my room mate prema is from karnataka. We stayed in a twin sharing room in the hostel. Sometimes we used to sleep together and cling to each other innocently feeling each other.

But that was within a limit. We never really got into the act. We have seen the movies in which women made love with each other. It was fascinating to see women enjoying the body of each other.
I used to have fantasy doing it with her.she invited me many times to her place and after some time I planned for a weekend with the permission of my parents to go to her home.I went to her home to meet her one day and stayed with her for 2 days and ofcourse I stayed in her room.So for 2 days she keeps her all the work aside and really I was very happy and to be honest liked the idea of living alone. – ladies enjoyment. . We immediately hugged each other with the same old josh with our boobs having a crush on each other. She have also developed very nice curves and have good material on her front and back,” I said touching her breast which made her blush. We both started preparing dinner and chattered on all topics for the next one hour. By that time dinner was ready. We decided to get fresh before having our dinner. Prema went to have a shower in the bathroom. She shouted to give her the towel, which she forgot, in the bedroom. I took the towel and gave it to her through the half open door. I happened to get glimpse of her well developed and shapely milk plants, which made me curious. After bath she asked for a nighty. I deliberately gave her a transparent silky nighty. She came out in the nighty through which I could see her reddish orange bra and panty. I also had a shower and came out of the bathroom a similar revealing nightly. “Oh you are looking so sweet. “Oh you are great friend prema I really missed you.
I said taking in her a tight hug and kissing her naughtily. She took me to the bedroom, which was prepared for me. Prema and myself entered the bedroom chatting and sat down on the bed still reviving old memories. We didn’t know when we spread ourselves on the bed continuing the talk. We had by this time removed our gowns since the room was little bit warm because of air conditioner. We sat on the bed close to each other with our backs on the pillows, I proceeded to kiss her lively cheeks I encircled her with my arm and brought closer to her face. “It is my privilege today to be with my best friend . Prema said in her ears and shifted in my arms to express her love for me. We had now almost shifted down the bed and locked ourselves in a tight embrace. We had very innocently carried ourselves in each other’s arms. It may have been due to both love and sex. It was very much imminent now that we wanted each other as our body contact had become passionate. We suddenly found our cheeks rubbing each other, heaving breasts pressing against each other and thighs interlocked above the knees. I found my thigh going a little higher taking her nighty also higher. Prema kissed me now with more passion, which made it clear that she wanted to go further. I now carried my hand to her buttocks and felt them. She clung to me like a baby. Within no time I was on top of her and sprawled on her in a dominating position. . We kissed and felt each other. You are very sweet .
I asked her Let me see your figure prema”, I said and lifted her nighty and brought it to her neck. “Lovely legs and thunder thighs”. I was excited to see her fair smooth legs and shapely thighs. She was wearing an orange colored panty. I felt them with my hands and felt the tenderness. She was also now keen to see my assets as she lifted herself and removed my nighty, which completely surprised me. My silky light green undies look fabulous on your assets. She felt my smoothness from my toes to top spending more time on my thighs. I removed her nighty from her neck thus revealing her bra covered big tits. We again got locked in big hug. We were now like two beautiful bodies clad in beautifully colored under garments. We stood up on the bed, holding each other in front of the mirror and admired each other. We saw our cleavages jetting out of our bras. I slightly pulled her bra to expose her right tit. I placed my hand on her buttock giving it a massage. She also cupped my right breast giggling. I slightly pulled the elastic of the panty and she was clean-shaven lady”.
I kissed her on her thighs and she closed her eyes in excitement. I put my hand in her panty and inserted my finger in her wet and warm hole. She cooed in excitement. I removed her panty and exposed her thighs and buttocks. It was a kissing spree on her wonderful shapely thighs and buttocks. In her excitement she turned her back to me while standing. I carried my tongue to the crack between her buttocks and licked her kneeling on my knees. Her body began to stiffen and loosen as I continued licking her firm and shapely buttocks. She had to take the support of the wall to maintain the balance. I continued kissing and licking her body above her waist raising myself on my knees initially and then on my feet. I stood up and kissed her neck and the ears. I unfastened her bra and held her mangoes feeling their softness and firmness. I hugged her from behind and told her that she is marvelous. It was now her turn to take the initiative and remove my under garments. She made me lean against the wall and kissed and licked my legs moving her tongue artistically. She paid special attention on my buttocks and the waist. Now she made me raise my right leg, which I placed on the supporting plank of the bed. She rubbed my G spot with fingers and then lapped it facing me and sitting on her haunches.
I widened my thighs as much as I could to let her do all these things to my cunt. After finishing her part she sat down on the bed widening her thighs inviting me openly to lick her pussy. I obliged her by lapping it like a hungry cat. She was cooing. I carried on sucking her cunt for some time. Then I continued licking upwards on her stomach and waist. By this time she had lay down on the bed and I mounted her with my body on top of her. Our naked breasts merged with each other. This has been my ultimate fantasy as I had often thought about the pleasure that the women could derive by hugging and letting their mangoes mingle and touch each other. Finally, I realized the fantasy, which proved to be more enjoyable. . We kissed holding each other tight our thighs clung to each other. We rolled on the bed. She came on top and we were enjoying the touch of the breasts on each other. “Suck my tits prema,” I requested her. She placed her knees between my thighs and moved her mouth to my mangoes. She licked my nipples one by one also biting occasionally. She had them mouth full.
I repeated the same boob treatment on her as I again came on top of her. I placed a pillow under her buttocks and widened her thighs and she widened her pussy. I also widened my pussy and mounted her in such a way so that our G spots could rub each other. We were again breathing and cooing in excitement. We continued enjoying each other for some time and then got locked in 69 positions. Oh it was so compatible between the females. It gave so much pleasure. We were licking and lapping with our tits placed nicely on each others stomach. We touched each other’s buttocks. Now surroundings were really filled with our breathing and coos. I don’t know how many orgasms we had.
We had totally flooded our cunts as we made each other come. We relaxed now in each others arms facing each other talking in whispers. We now lay on the bed in each others arms and covered ourselves with a quilt. I was doing tongue to tongue kissing with prema at the same time rubbing her clit with my finger. So dear this was my experience any ladies welcome to have a sex with me . Mail me dears if u like this experience . Mail me some hot and sexy mails if u really wanna me on my id ok .

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Great Lesian Sex With Room Mate

July 16th, 2008 No comments

Hai Readers, I am Anupama, 25 years old, From Calicut. I am a regular reader of, and found that the articles published in it are nice. I like to share my experiences in sex with you. Most of my experiences were lesbian, with my roommate Veena at the hostel in Chennai where I did my studies. I had a few experiences with guys also. Here I’m narrating one of my lesbian experiences. As said above, most of my experiences are with my roommate at hostel. She is also malayali, a real horny girl! I was very happy when I got a malayali as my roommate in a city like Chennai. She used to comment about my body and often unknowingly touch my boobs when she hugs me.

I have a slim curvy body, medium sized tits, and a nice bum, to which veena used to comment about. Veena is not as beautiful as me, but her eyes and lips are the most attractive things. I am posting this with her permission to this site. She has a little fatty body, tits bigger than that of me, whitish complexion and equally tall as me, that is 172 cms. Our first encounter was on the third day of my admission to the hostel. We were 18 years old then.

It was around 4.30 pm when that day’s classes were over. We reached the hostel. I went straight to the bathroom to have a bath because that day was very hot. As I was removing my dresses and wearing a bath towel, I heard the noise of closing the door. I got stunned for a moment, it was veena! She wore a turkey towel just above her boobs.

“You look so beautiful darling, let’s bath together!” she said: I was in a strange state, I cannot say a word. I just stood there. She came near me, palmed my shoulders and hair, finally her hands reached behind my head. She pulled my head towards her face with both hands, and gave me a nice kiss. She sucked my lips fully into her mouth. Unknowingly, I also hugged her. Her hands came to my buttocks, began palming there. “Honey, you’re so sweet” she said. She removed her towel; it was nice to see her in bra and panties. She removed my towel too. I watched with surprise that her red pantie is getting wet in a “V” shape. I assumed that she is getting excited. She again hugged me. Pressing gently on my boobs, she whispered “Sweetie, if I were a guy…..I would have fucked u several times” I felt shy. Pressing my boobs again and squeezing it over my bra, she was blabbering something as if she became absent-minded. I felt my nipples becoming erect and something oozing out from my pussy. I looked at my panties; I found with shy that it’s also getting wet!

Veena’s hands were palming my back, she unhooked my bra suddenly. I laid my hands crossed over my boobs. She begged me “Honey, let me see it please…” and took my hands off. I saw in her eyes, the amazement. “It’s very nice muthe..” She said and began to touch my erect nipples with her finger. I felt the stream originating from my pussy is picking momentum. She kissed my boobs and with her tongue, rounded my nipple and sucked it. I removed her bra and saw the marvelous tits with erect nipples. “Do like what I have done to you, anu” she whispered and with a bit of hesitation, I began to suck her nipples. She closed her eyes and was enjoying my actions. Meanwhile, I also found great pleasure in doing this.

She opened the shower and we hugged again under the shower for sometime. During this, she tried several times to remove my panties, but I hesitated and didn’t allow her to do that. She suddenly stopped bathing and swept her body with the towel and went out of the bathroom. I got stunned. I also quickly completed my bath and went to the main room. Veena was lying on the bed. I called her and patted her bums. She threw my hands away from her body. I sat nearby her and embraced her. I gave her a nice kiss on her lips like she have given me at the bathroom. “See molu, I have no problems with you, now we can make our love” I said. Again a deep kiss was her reply.

I haven’t changed my dresses; she had shifted herself to a nightgown. I removed it and kissed her boobs again over the bra. She threw her bra off, removed my towel, I haven’t got time to wear the bra. She hugged me again, laid me on the bed, and began sucking my boobs. I felt again the same stream inside my pussy. She bit my nipples gently in the meantime. I knew that she is getting hornier. She kissed my lips again, and moved downwards. To my boobs, waist and suddenly she kissed tightly on my pussy and bit there slowly. I felt electricity is passing through my body. She bite on the top of my panties and moved it down. I didn’t resist. After removing it, she gave a soft, gentle kiss on my honey pot, flooding with sweet juice. I tried to catch her panties and got one edge of it. I pulled it down in no time; I saw her nice playground, clean shaven.

Both of us stood up and kissed again, we were fully nude. She squeezed my buttocks, and slowly moved her hand towards my pussy. She put her index finger inside and took it out. It was a bit painful, but was enough to make me horny. As she withdrew her finger, I saw her finger coated with a shiny film of pussy juice. She licked her finger and exclaimed “vow!”. She again put her finger in, pulled it out and put it onto my mouth and said “molu, check out ur taste!” I slowly licked it, felt it nice. She again inserted her finger and rubbed my clit. I felt my body burning. I cannot stop sexual desires. “Moleeeeeeeee….speed up please…….” I moaned. She made it more and faster. She put three fingers inside, and moved it up and down.

She sat on the floor, while I was standing. She said me to bend my body a little more, and I obeyed. She then put one of her nipples inside my pussy and touched my clit again. It was intolerable for me and I began to press my boobs. After a while, she stood up. After a long kiss again, she put her nipple to my mouth and yet again I realized the taste of my pussy. I put my finger inside her pussy and moved it inwards as I can. She moaned with pleasure. We went to bed then, she laid me on the bed, and positioned our bodies like her cunt was facing my mouth, and my pussy to her. “Now eat it” she said and began to put her tongue inside. I also did the same. She caught my bums and pulled my waist strongly towards her mouth. As she was over me, it was easy for me to pull her closer to my mouth. As I was licking her with all my might, she cummed over my face with a load of pussy juice. I drank it fully. I was also about to cum. I made her underneath me and cummed onto her face.

It was around 6pm then. We gone again to the bathroom and had another bath and another nice fuck. We went to the mess and had food. Returning to my room, she said “Molu, I will not let you sleep today” I agreed because I knew that tomorrow will be a holiday. We continued to make our love again till 3 am in the night and slept nude, hugging each other under one blanket.
As mentioned above, I had two incidents of sex with guys. As per the availability of time, I’ll try to describe those experiences next time. Hope all of you have enjoyed this. Readers, your comments are heartily welcomed. Please post your comments to . Those who love to have email contact with me are also welcome.

Bye till we meet again.

With warm wishes of love to all readers of,


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Good sex with Julie

June 4th, 2008 No comments

I am an ardent fan of I came into this site by chance and was thrilled after going through its contents. I see to it that daily atleast twice I enter the site and go through its various topics. Regarding the stories I am not sure whether how many are true but nevertheless it does certainly tiltillate you. After much thinking I thought of putting my story and experience in this site. By doing so iam sure I will get lot of relief since I cant say about my experience to anyone. My name is changed for obvious reasons. This is certainly my true story except for the fact that the place and names have changed of the characters.

Well now iam 42yrs old and married with no children.Lot of treatments have gone in for conceiving but in vain. My husband is a business man and previously we were in gulf. We have comedown and decided to settle in cochin and start some business.
Iam bit horny to be honest since my husband loves too watch blue films and forces me to watch and later I became an addict to it.
As things went by I realized that iam an bi-sexual. I am not an saint exactly and was not a virgin when I got married.
Me and my husband inspite of watching blue films has sex only once or maximum twice in a month./ I am an housewife with nothing much to do and do get bored at times and to kill the time I started watching this films on my own and get very horny watching it and do masturbate while watching it.
Once my husband has to go out of station and being alone at home my neighbour`s daughter sleeps with me. She is only 18 and is brilliant in studies and a stunner. she is lean but has huge boobs for her size. she has well trimmed body and is well read with good knowledge regarding facts of life. i enjoy her company a lot and we pass time talking about movies and various other subjects
One day while she came home at night to give me company i actually forgot to lock the door. She always like to scare me and she tip toed in the house. Our tv is in the bedroom and i was watching a blue film. She entered the room and at that time i was fingering my vagina and i was moaning and suddenly i felt a human presence. i turned and was dumb founded to see this girl staring at the tv set. Immediately i switched it off and ran to her and pleaded julie pls forget it and pls dont tell this to anyone or else i will have to end my life. She regained her composure and smiled and said dont worry aunty i will not utter a word to anyone. I made her promise by swearing in the name of god which she did. But i fou nd her visibly shaken. I took her by hand and made her sit on the sofa and explained to her. As i mentioned before she is well read and have fair knowledge about sex life i told her that iam 42 and is not satisfied with my sex life and hence i just watch this movies sometimes and i do masturbate also. I asked do u also masturbate. She bowed her head down and was silent. I felt bit courageous and lifted her head with my ha nd and cooly told her look julie there is nothing to feel shy about.. I told her look `now u know the my secret so let us be more close and tell me ur secrets and will share our feelings. I somehow convinced her and she did tell me her story and when i heard that i was really shocked. She told me that she is having an affair with her tuition teacher. I encourage her and told her tellme the whole thing.
As her both parents are working she is alone when the teacher comes to teach her. somehow her teacher managed to hook her and is now regularly having sex with her. DAILY EXCEPT SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. that is off for her. I asked what sort of sex. She said the teachers keeps on kissing her and also licks her full body then undresses her and licks her vagina and also suckles her nipples. Maybe that could be the reason why julie has such big boobs. It is really huge and looks vulgar.and then the teacher makes julie do the same thing to her. this teacher brings along with her a penis shape vibrator and inserts julie`s vagina. she did broke her hymen. Well to cut short julie has regular sex for more than two hours in her house and enjoys while i in my house watch the blue films and finger myself . I was really amazed and listening to it i really became hot and found that iam getting wet also. Slowly i kept my hand on julie`s shoulder and asked julie do u enjoy it. She shyly replied YES VERY MUCH. i boldly took the next step. I asked julie will u pls help me. she asked how. I said just be close to me and just touch me.
Julie was surprised but not too much. she said what if uncle comes to know. i said u dont tell anyone and i also wont tell anyone so no one will come to know. I sat very close to her and started moving my hand on her head and started saying words like julie ur so beutiful and so lovely and sexy. u r so lucky to have sex at such an early age. and that too on daily basis.ohhhhhhh julie. i placed my head on her shoulders and moved my hand slowly towards her breast. i started pinching her nipples and she also started to respond. i just could not control. i moved my hand inside her t-shirt and and also inside her bra and squeezed her boobs. My god was it big? too big. Ok my boobs is also not all that bad but julie it is just fantastic. I pleaded julie pls remove ur t-shirt. she removed without hesitationo and i unhooked her bra and took it off. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS HAS TO BE THE BIGGEST I HAVE SEEN. I went crazy and just forgot my stature or status and started behaving like whore. i squeezed licked and pinched. I just could not have enough. julie was just enjoying and moaning.her eyes was closed and was moaning ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.rita aunty u r so sucking her nipples i knelt in front of her. i pulled her skirt up and then then started to kiss her thighs.i pulled her and spread her legs. i was amused to see her panty was fully wet. i was so crazy by that time just not able to control myself. I started licking her panty. Julie herself pulled her panty down. she said rita aunty pls lick and put ur two fingers inside. I obeyed her.My god it is so hard to express the pleasure i was having. I was squirting on my hind legs and suddenly thought about my pussy. i slided my panty and inserted my left hand fingers inside.Julie saw that and aunty that is mine dont touch it. I got up. pulled julie also and started kissing and cupping her buttocks.i toook her to the bed and took off my clothes and became stark naked. she also did the same. i lied on the bed and told her ok julie all yours.And by god i just could not believe the way started. for a girl of 16 yrs she was just a great expert. I was sure the teacher must have implied all the knowledge into julie. And what pleasure!!!!! it was just mind blowing experience. Julie licked me from my fore head to my toes.
she sucked each and every toe finger of mine. and then she started to lick my pussy.(god for the first time i am using this term for vagina) well iam hot now as i write. I daily have sex with julie till my husband returned. but when my husband goes to work i call julie to me. Now the problem is julie is torn in between me and the tution teacher. Once julie told me this but isaid look julie u r mine and no one else. Julie said aunty i cannot avoid the teacher . it is not possible. only one way is there . i asked what. she said she will somehow convince the teacher and then we can have three some and that will be great fun. Well after some thought why not . it will be a change and great fun also. And she has the vibrator. I was also aching for a male penis. Subsequently i got one. Thanks to julie but that i will narrate in my next story. Friends i have not elaborated much of the sex scenes in my story like others do. Nevertheless i took lot of courage to write this story. Well to be honest julie does not know but i have to tell her as she is computer savvy and always on the net. Pls let me know the reaction of u fellow readers escecially ladies like me. I will highly appreciate but pls refrain from using abusive words a nd languages.
Now i have lot of relief, a huge burden of my head. Thanks

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Encounter With between 2 Sexy Women

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I sat, tears sparkling in the corners of my eyes reflecting and refracting the bright sunlight streaming around me, dazzled by the brilliance of the morning light, loath to strike them away, although they obscured everything around me, content to see the dancing auras of everything, so alive!, after spending such a long, long time in a dark and dangerous place.

The streets and buildings around me, I knew from before my imprisonment; their novel way of seeming, through the salt-water filter, enchanted me and brought a smile to my lips where none had lit for a long and weary time.The weight of sadness and dispossession I had become used to lifted from me and I sat back and revelled in the joy that flooded my heart and lent it new vision as the tears gave my eyes new sight.

The waitress, suddenly beside me, asking for my order, startled me back to the real world, and I wiped the slight moisture away as I turned to her with a small squeak of surprise.

‘Are you okay?’, she asked gently, her smile uncertain, concern in her brilliant green eyes.

My smile stayed as I looked up at her, not wanting to go back into the shadows it had suddenly found itself freed from. ‘Oh, I’m fine.’ Impulsive honesty in the face of unexpected intimacy between strangers, ‘I haven’t been, but I truly think today I can say, ‘I’m fine’, and I think I might be ‘well’ tomorrow and perhaps ‘great’ by this time next week.’

Her hand rested on my shoulder for a fleeting moment, her reaching perhaps surprising her as much as my words had me, the gentle pressure comforting and encouraging.

Just as quickly we recovered, became waitress and customer again, bashful and a little shy. ‘I’d like a latte, please. As milky as you can make it without compromising the espresso.’ Smiles again as she walked gracefully away; returning with a coffee the perfect colour and, as it met my mouth, the pefect balance of milk and strong, full flavour.

‘Aaaah…’, I breathed, ‘perfect.’ And she left me to the aroma and taste, the warmth of it suffusing me and restoring the dreamy state I’d been enjoying before her interruption; although that, too, I had enjoyed, in an altogether different kind of way.

Of course, she lived next door to the small studio I’d found in the lovely, leafy street 2 blocks form the cafe. The day after I’d moved in we met on the stairs and smiled to see each other. A few days later a card under the door invited me in for a coffee.

I sat with her tabby on my lap in an armchair you could drown in, if you chose to sink so deep, drinking a perfect coffee, happier again than my last happy moment.

The shadows of the relationship I had struggled, flailing and flapping in my fight to escape from, receded further still and the face I wore before it was damaged so badly I thought it never would fit me again, returned to me and shone just like it used to shine.

I think I’m going to say something that might sound odd, and that I don’t think I could dare say to anyone but you anytime but now…

She waited with her quizzical head-turn, waiting for me to find the words…

I feel like I was drowned, close to drifting away, without strength to raise my head above the water, and you are the hand that has pulled back into the air.

Smiling through a smatter of tears to take the pathos away, the smile slowly, with wonder, stretching and opening against her mouth and lips as she came and drew me to her with her hands in my hair, turning into a kiss as our tongues touched and twined and we shared the breathing of two melding, each into the other, to become just one wildly beating heart.

Slowly, we parted, nothing shy nor bashful between us now and I stood as she withdrew as if pulled to my feet by the bonding of us.

Embracing, lips now ahunger, urgent with desire and the fire blazing between us. With the contact of our hands traveling, exploring, finding nothing unfamiliar where they had never before touched, spreading the flames so that we had to shed our clothes, our very skins to save them from singeing.

Then, naked, now subsiding into cushions and soft spaces to stroke, stoking still the sparkings of the scintillating tingling as we travelled, touched and tasted: drank and toasted each the other with no doubt to drive between us – perfect us in perfect balance.

I took her nipple in my mouth, teasing and tonguing as I drew it in with deep, suckling draughts as she twined her hands in my long, curling hair and arched up against me and reached down to cup my breast, to squeeze and roll it, fingertips tugging at the rockhard nubbins stretching up for her attention, growing harder yet underneath her twisting fingertips.

Her smooth skin stretched taut over ribs under my lips as I moved down to her belly, one hand still on her wonderfully full breast as the other traced the fat, full lips of her pinkly puffed-up cunt.

I tickled down the frill of the sealed inner lips, protectively encasing the satin, silk-smooth rose-flesh of her moist, slick slit. A cry, escaped from lips half parted as her head falls back against the soft sofa arm and her hand closes on the one of mine remaining loyal to her right breast.

Her other hand strokes my face and forehead and her fingers follow the flowing, curling tresses of my long, dark hair a-tumble as it falls and frames my face as I lick and suck her cunt flesh, splitting cuntlips open, sliding down the salted-strawberry tasting softness to tickle at her wet hole. Then, flick quickly up the same path to suck and lick and tongue-tip flick her clit, erect and peeking from the folded lip-flesh hooding of her perfectly formed cunt lips.

Her moans coame hard and faster and her hips rolled and bucked beneath me as her sweet cunt gushed sweet juices, set like honey on my tongue.

I sucked her, chewed her, ate her slit and hole and clit flesh as I fucked her with smooth strokings with my gently probing fingers. She clasped my face tight to her, held it deep inside her darkness as she shuddered and trembled with the waves of electrifying passion that engulfed her and then washed her away in an orgasmic burst of pleasure; then released as she released me and eased into stillness.

I turned my face to lay my cheek to rest on her smoothly curving pubis and we both lay spent and silent in the stillness of the moment.

Then she stirred, and rose above me, disentangled legs from arms and pillows, swung away to stand and watch me – ‘Now, you, stretch along the sofa.’

Whispered soft, yet still a command; my small protest quickly silenced as I floated in the pleasure that her hands and mouth laid on me. I stroked her hair as she took my small manly nipple in her mouth n sucked and bit with her teeth. This trigered an erection in my groin.

When her sharp teeth niped my nipples I felt a sharp electric current flash down through my blazing belly to wake an echo of sensation in my throbbing, blooming cock-rose. It swelled and blossomed, bursting, set me almost screaming with the its hunger when her searching fingers found it nestled on it.

Stroking it between thumbtip and fingers, she jacked it off like a horsecock, my hips following the rhythm, no command from me to tell them. Still jerking me gently off, raising her head to watch me.

Touch yourself, she whispered. Show me how you like your cock pumped while i bite ur tits..

Watching avidly as I watched her watching while I squeezed and rolled my balls and then, matching her strokes on my ecstatic cock I tugged and pinched and pulled at my nipples, squeezing hard then gently jerking so the two sensations felt like one huge blanket of pleasure enveloping me.

Eyes locked on mine, she lowered her mouth to me, my hips thrusting up to meet her. I watched her as she licked me, as she parted my engorged lips with her fingers and gave my gushing cock a fucking with her tongue that took me over the edge of pleasure into mind- exploding climax.

I screamed in agonised pleasure, but she continued on, relentless, lips moving up to the hilt of my cock, while wedged my fingers filled her fuckhole and then stretched and probed her tight asshole, squeezing through the tight virgin sphincter to slide deep into her ass and stoke the wall joining vagina and rectum so it felt like there was no barrier and she was just full of me.

Pumping faster, harder, deeper so I came again, again, more screaming and then panting, moaning, No, oh, stop, no don’t.. stop, don’t – I can’t stand it, ah.. no.. harder.. stop! No, faster!

In a flood, my cock erupted, hot juice streaming over her hands and face as she placed her lips over the splashing cockeyehole and drank all that I could give her ’til I nearly passed out from the pleasure, and fireworks exploded behind my eyes.

I drew her up to lie beside me, and we kissed, still gently stroking, the fire quenched, for the moment, soft feathered touches sent us smoothly into slumber, deep and peaceful as an ocean – sweet dreams lapping softly on the shores of peaceful sleep.



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Farzana’s Sexy Hot clothings

April 21st, 2008 No comments

Well, I don’t know what to call it but I must tell you it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Before I begin this story I must tell you about my self. My name is Sahil Khan and I am highly educated young man not very handsome but with very strong sex drive with an average of 30-45 minutes sexual stamina that at occasions has lasted for 90 minutes.

This story begins in New York City.
It was summer of 1987 and I was enrolled in New York University completing my Masters in Political Science. With me there were some Indian and Pakistani females. We all were good friends and used to help each other. At occasions we visited each other houses and had lot of fun together. It was a beautiful relationship that we all enjoyed with each other. There was always an aura of respect among us. In our group there was this very attractive and young Pakistani married female by the name of Farzana-beautiful figure 36-26-36 big black eyes and very fair complexion. Always elegant looking. Her winsome beauty was my focus of attraction. She came from very rich and educated family. It was one July Sunday rainy afternoon when I heard a knock at my door.
When I opened it and found Farzana in front of me I was kind of delighted and surprised both at the same time. Since it was dark out and weather was little pleasant, I had a beautiful room with very little lights on. She was wearing white bra with white shirt and sharlwar outfit. Since her outfit was kind of wet from some places and her body parts were revealing. Her firm breasts with pink nipples were stunning. A part of belly and thighs were showing a perfect combination of her figure. Her butts were slightly wet too and the white shirt was sticking to her butt curves and showing the part of it and she was truly a walking Goddess. With my kind of sex drive I was determined to take her to my bed. I made my self and her two glasses of Gin and Tonic and she gladly took one. I turned the music on- I remember it was pink Floyd. She had had a little fight with her husband and looked very upset I sat next to her kind of close so we were rubbing shoulders. I held her hands and started talking about life and its conviction it was a philosophical talk that went on for half an hour. I noticed her hands were sweating and I firmed my grip, she was breathing heavy just about that time I changed my position and sat in front of her on the carpet. A little later I kissed her forehead and eyes, my body pressed her breasts when she embraced me with her both arms and I also held her tight in my arms. I whispered in her ears her shirt was wet and she might get sick. She requested me to remove it, which I did. Now she was in front of me with the bra on.
I got up and turned the lights off. Now it was dark and this goddess was all mine. I removed her bra with sophistication and she was lying on my love seat. I sat next to her and started kissing her mouth slowly it turned into French one and then my tongue was inside here mouth and her was in mine it continued for at least 15 minutes when I gracefully removed here shalwar. Remember she still had her panty on. But I never touched that area of her body. I was kissing her all over and she was moaning. I started sucking her nipples and massaging her breasts she was holding me tight and requesting me to remove my shirt which she unbuttoned it, she started kissing my body too and it was that time when she asked me to remove her panty and now she was totally naked lying on my love seat. I again bent over and started kissing her eyes and sides of her neck while playing with her nipples with my hands-she was asking for more and more — I knew it was becoming unbearable for her so my next move was to remove my pants. She wanted me on top of her but I resisted that so she held my dick with her hand and started licking the head of it and I was massaging and licking her breasts.
Her love juices were flowing inside of her thighs and she was becoming very restless when I slightly moved my head towards her jewel box and started kissing it and moving my tongue around it when she put her both legs on my shoulders and requested me to do more than that. I slid my tongue inside her and started in and out process while in the middle biting her clit with my lips ’cause I didn’t want to hurt her there. I never force any step unless I am asked for it. And then she asked me to standup and she started sucking she really had a deep throat. I was in heavens with this beauty that wanted me to give her all the way —— she was dying for fuck and I was reluctant but she could not control herself. I was on top of her and teasing her when she burst out and said ” Fuck me now you Son of a Gun” and I complied with her request. She was so wet and juicy that next second I was inside her and fucking so hard that she was crying in joy. It was so intense that she came within no time with so much force that she started crying loudly and was sweating.
It was her first Orgasm but as I said before that at occasions I could go on for 90 minutes and it was one of those days. But she was tired and very weak and didn’t want to continue. So I took it out —— she did masturbate me until I came and she went to sleep and I covered her with my bed sheet. She slept for an hour or so. I took shower and had another drink. In the mean time she also took shower and I helped her in wearing that white shirt-shalwar out fit. Then she wanted to say good bye so we came at the door and she said that that was her most beautiful day of her life and that she had never had such a wonderful sex. She thanked me for that — and left. She and I continued meeting in the University but she never came to my house and we never talked about the encounter and never had sex again.

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Enjoying Sex with Neena (Lesbian)

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My name is Mridula Menon. I am 5 foot 10 inches tall, I have long black hair, and hazel eyes. My measurements are 42-26-36, and I am 27 years old. I am married, but have no children, and I love to eat pussy. We live in the Kottayam town in an area heavily populated area. This story is just one of my many adventures. It was saturday morning, and I was standing in the kitchen, as I do every saturday, to watch Neena, the next door neighbor girl, go for her morning jog. Neena would begin by doing her warm up exercises. When she would bend over to stretch her legs, I could see the outline of her firm young ass, and her panty lines, under her skin tight jogging shorts. I watched as she ran by, her young breasts, looked to be very large for a girl only eighteen years old.

I was just dying to get my hands on those young tits, and my mouth on that sweet pussy, but most of all, I hoped that I would get a chance to fuck her.
Later that day I put my plan into action. I called the house, Neena answered the telephone, I said, Hi Neena, This is Mrs. Menon, My husband Lal, is going out of town this weekend, and wont be back until late sunday afternoon. I was wondering if you would mind spending the night with me? I really dont like to be alone in the house, for that long of a time. Neena said, that she would love to spend the night. I told her that I would rent a movie, and for her to come over about nine oclock. She said she would see me then.
That afternoon, I went to the department store. I bought a short black silk nightgown that I new would show off Neenas full ripe tits, and would barely cover her slim hips. I also purchased a pair of black lace bikini panties, that would do justice to that sweet young ass of hers. I had already changed into my silk nightgown, and was putting my robe on, when I heard the door bell ring. I looked at the clock on the dresser, nine oclock right on time. I opened the door, I think Neena was a little surprised to see me standing there in my nightgown and bathrobe. I closed the front door. I told Neena that she could put her overnight bag in the bedroom. I lead her to the bedroom. When we entered the room, I explained to her, that for being such a nice person, to spend the night with me, that I bought her a present. I pointed to the dresser, where I had laid out her silk nightgown and panties. Neena walked over to the dresser and picked up the nightgown. She held it up in front of her. I said, I hope that its the right size. Neena looked at me and said, Oh! thank you Mrs. Menon, I think it will fit fine. I said, I am sure you will look very sexy in it. Neenas face got a little red by my complement.
I told Neena that I was going to get the movie ready, and she was to join me in the den when she was finished changing. Neena said, Ok Mrs. Menon. I turned, and closed the bedroom door behind me. I went into the kitchen and got a bottle of wine, and two glasses, then I proceeded to the den to wait for Neena. I was busy getting the movie ready when Neena entered the den. She walked over to the couch and sat down, she acted like she didnt know what to do next. I finished with the movie, and walked over to the couch, and sat down beside Neena. I asked her if she would like a glass of wine, she kind of hesitated I said, Dont worry, no one will find out. I poured her a glass, and one for myself. After Neena and I had finished two glasses of wine, she started to loosen up a little.
We talked about school, boys, and other girl stuff. We finished the first bottle of wine, so I went to the kitchen and got another bottle. When I returned, Neena was watching the movie, it started out with a young girl about Neenas age, sucking an older mans cock, while she was being eaten by a woman. I sat down on the couch next to Neena, and poured each of us a glass of wine. I asked Neena if she had ever seen an XXX- rated movie before, she nodded her head yes, her eyes were glued to the screen. We continued to watch the movie, and drink wine. I knew that it was the time to make my move. I poured another glass of wine for us, and moved closer to Neena, I put my arm around her shoulder and began to stroke her long black hair. Neena turned her head and looked directly into my eyes, I leaned forward, and put my wet full lips over hers, as we kissed, I felt Neena tighten, but then relax, I spread her lips with my tongue. As my hot tongue entered Neenas sweet lushes mouth, I pulled her close to me. I could tell that the wine and the fuck movie had her turned on. I could feel that her body was on fire with passion. I continued to kiss Neena deeply, our tongues thrusting in and out of each others mouths.
I slipped my hand inside of Neenas silk night gown and cupped one of her heavenly young breasts. I grasped her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I rubbed it until it was so hard, I thought it would burst. I gave her other young tit the same treatment, until both of Neenas nipples were hard and erect. I was the first one to break our kiss. I continued to caress Neenas tits, I kissed her on the cheek and ear. I softly whispered in her ear, Have you ever made love with a woman before? She said no, but that she would like to make love with me, but I would have to teach her what to do. I stood up, taking Neenas hand in mine, I lead her into the bedroom and closed the door.
The night light that I left on, gave out just enough light for what I had planned. I turned to face Neena, I undid her robe and let it fall to the floor, I pulled her to me, again I covered her young lips with my mine. As we kissed I undid the tie to her black silk nightgown, I pushed the gown from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor with her robe. I stepped back to get a good look at Neena. Her young teenage body was more beautiful than I had imagined. I took Neenas hand and lead her to the bed. Neena sat on the edge of the bed, I stood directly in front of her and loosened my robe and let it fall to the floor, next was my nightgown. I undid the tie and let the gown fall to the floor at my feet. We were both naked now except for our panties.
I could feel Neenas eyes on my near naked body, as she took in the full length of it in the dim light. I looked down at her and said, Well what do you think? Neena looked up at me and said, Oh, Mrs. Menon you are so beautiful. With that I took Neena by the hand and we slipped into bed. I rolled Neena over onto her stomach, as I kissed my way down her back, I moved my hand under her panties, and caressed her firm ass. With both hands I slid Neenas panties down to her knees and off. Neenas sweet little ass and cunt where now in full view. I spread Neenas and I slipped my hand down to her pussy, I slowly pushed two fingers between her juicy cunt lips and began to rub her erect clit. I could feel her pussy juices starting to flow heavily now over my fingers, I inserted one more finger into her vagina. I new, that Neena was about to climax at any second, and couldnt take much more finger fucking. I removed my fingers from her pussy. I rolled Neena over onto her back, and spread her legs. I lowered my head to Neenas crotch, and covered her young pussy with my mouth. I parted her swelled cunt lips with my tongue, and began to lick her erect clitoris. I gently sucked her clit into my mouth, as I nibbled on her clit,
Neena began to buck her hips against my hungry mouth. Neena cried out, Oh Mrs. Menon that feels so good. Suck my cunt, Please dont stop. Well I wasnt about to stop, I continued to lap at her sopping pussy. Neenas hands were on the back of my head now, pulling my face closer to her cunt, Neena cried out, Oh God! Iam cumming. As her flood gates burst, Neena filled my mouth with a river of hot girl cum. There was nothing for me to do now but to suck her pussy dry, which I did, swallowing every mouthful of cum that she gave me. I felt Neenas body go limp. I finished lapping up every precious drop of her love juices.
I moved up to lie beside her, I took her face in my hands, and covered her mouth with mine. Our lips parted, and our tongues met, I knew that Neena was getting a good taste of her own cum, which was mixed with my saliva. Neena sucked my cum coated tongue into her mouth, again and again, until it was clean. As our lips parted, we lay back, and I held Neena in my arms like a small child. Many moments passed, Neena turned her head, looking at me she said, May I make love to you now, Mrs. Menon ? I looked at Neena and said, Yes Neena you can. Neena said, I want to make love to you all the way, just like you did to me. I said, My body is yours, you can do what ever you want to with it. Where shall I start Mrs. Menon? Wherever you want to Neena, I replied, May I start with you breasts first, I want to suck them real bad. I said, Yes you can, if thats what you want to do.
Neena climbed on top of me, lowering her head to my 42 inch chest, she began to kiss, and lick, each one of my tits in turn. I told her to suck my nipples, she took my right nipple in her mouth, and began to suck it like a child sucking on its mothers breast. Neena moved her mouth from one nipple to the other, sucking each one in turn with a hungery passion. Bite my nipples Neena, I said, I want you to chew on them with your teeth, Bite them Neena. Neena didnt need to be told twice, she began to nip at my hard nipples, gently at first and then harder and harder. I was in heaven as Neena sucked and chewed on my nipples in turn. Neena moved her mouth from my breasts, and started to kiss her way down to my stomach, when she found my navel she stuck her tongue in it and began to lick it like a miniature pussy.
I knew that she was well on her way to making love to a woman for the first time. Neena left my navel, she slipped my panties down to my knees and off, I spread my legs as far as I could, so that she could get a good look at my swollen cunt. Neena stopped her tongue loving for a moment, I said, Whats the matter baby? She said, I have never seen or been this close to womans cunt before. I said, Well what do you think of my pussy, Neena? OH I think your cunt is beautiful, Mrs. Menon. May I suck it now and make you cum like you did to me? At that, I put my hands behind her head and guided Neenas sweet young mouth to my cunt. Neena covered my twat with her mouth, her tongue parted my cunt lips and moved deep into my love canal. Neenas tongue moved in circles over my swollen clitoris. I could feel my cunt juices running down into the crack of my ass, as Neena lapped away at my pussy. I said, Thats it baby, eat my pussy. Well that was all I needed, my body burst. Waves of cum flowed out of my vagina and into the waiting young mouth of Neena. She gulped down mouthful after mouthful of my hot juices, trying not to miss a drop. Neena continued lapping my pussy until my body went limp. Censeing that my orgasm was over, Neena removed her mouth from my pussy.
She moved up to lie next to me.I took her cum covered face in my hands and began to clean it with my tongue. I licked her face, scooping up all of my juices, and holding them in my mouth. After I finished cleaning Neenas face, I covered her mouth with mine. As our lips parted, and our tongues met, I released my mouthful of juices into Neenas mouth. Neena hungerly drank down the cum and saliva mixture. We continued to kiss for many moments, Neena used her tongue to clean my mouth of her own cum. Our lips parted, Neena looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and said, Mrs. Menon, I love you. I just laid there holding Neena in my arms in total disbelief at what I had just heard. This was to good to be true. Not only had I been able to get this beautiful young girl into my bed and make love to her, now she is telling me that she loves me. I didnt answer Neena, I just cradled her in my arms.
Many moments passed, it seemed like hours to me. I new that this was my chance, if I was going to fuck Neena, it was going to be now. I moved my mouth to Neenas ear and began kissing it, as I did this I moved my hand over her cunt. Slipping two fingers into her vagina, I found her clitoris and began to rub it and finger fuck her at the same time. Neena said, Are you going to suck my pussy again Mrs.Menon, and make me cum? I am going to do more than that, I whispered in her ear. I am going to fuck that tight young pussy of yours, and you are going to love it. Before she could say anything, I moved my mouth from Neenas ear to her firm full breasts. I took one of her nipples into my mouth, and began to suck on it. I pulled at her nipple with my lips, and nipped at it with my teeth. Neena cried.Oh Mrs.Menon thats it, suck my tits, bite my nipples. I continued sucking Neenas breasts, and finger fucking her sopping pussy until I felt that she was getting close to an orgasm.
At that point, I removed my hungry mouth from her breasts and said, You said you loved me didnt you Neena? Neena said, Oh yes, I do love you Mrs. Menon, I said, Thats good, because now I am going to fuck you Neena. Not knowing what she was in for Neena said, Oh yes fuck me, Do whatever you want to, just please make me cum. I removed my fingers from Neenas pussy and slide out of bed. Neena said, Where are you going? I said, Dont worry baby, Ill be right back. I picked up my robe and walked across the room to my dresser.
I opened the bottom drawer and withdrew the device I was looking for, and put it on. I looked in the mirror. My reflection was wearing a black leather harness which fit around my waist and crotch. To the harness was attached a huge dildo. It was just over eight inches long and two and one-half inches thick. I draped my robe around me, walked back across the room, and stepped up to the bed. I dropped my robe. Neenas eyes went wide at the sight of the dildo. I looked down at Neena and said, Put one of thoughs pillows under your ass Neena, I want to be able to fuck you real good. Neena did as I asked, I said, Now spread your legs for me honey. Neena spread her leges as far as she could, I guided the head of my dildo to the lips of her vagina. As I pushed its slick head into Neenas cunt she cried Oh Mrs. Menon please stop, Its to big, I cant take it.
I looked down at Neena and said, Sure you can baby, and pushed the dildo half way into Neenas tight teenage pussy. I leaned forward, two more inches went up her cunt. Please Mrs. Menon, stop, I cant take any more. With one last thrust, I buried the remainder of the eight inch latex cock up Neenas twat. God, I said to myself, this was more than I could have hoped for. Here I was fucking this sweet young girl and enjoying the hell out of it. Neena was beginning to enjoy it to, she put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her, in the same motion she rapped her slim legs around my back. Neena begin to buck her hips wildly at the dildo, taking every inch of it into her sopping vagina. I said to Neena How dose that feel baby?
Ill bet none of your little boyfriends have ever fucked your cunt like this before have they? Oh no, Mrs. Menon. I have never been fucked like this before by anyone. Please dont stop, It feels wonderful, Iam going to cum any minute now. Well, Neena wasnt the only one who was ready to cum. I could feel my own orgasm building, as I continued to slam my artificial cock up Neenas sopping pussy, deep into her belly. I new that I was getting close to, but there was one more thing that I needed. I said to Neena, If you want me to make you cum, you are going to have to beg for it honey, do you understand? Yes Mrs. Menon, I understand, Anything you want, just make me cum. Then beg me baby, Tell me how much you love the way I fuck you, and how much you want me to make you cum, Beg me Neena, I said. Oh yes Mrs. Menon, I love the way you fuck me,
Please dont stop, Please make me cum. I am begging you, Please dont stop fucking me, Fuck me harder, make it hurt, make me cum. Well that was all I needed to push me over the edge, and take Neena with me. We reached our orgasms together. We lay there motionless for many moments, our bodies spent, our breathing heavy. I removed my dildo inch, by inch from Neenas cunt, just as I had put it in. I moved up next to Neena. I removed the dildo from my waist, unsnapping the shaft from the harness, I took it in my hand, and put it to Neenas lips, Lick it I said, And dont swallow any of your juices, I want to suck them from your mouth. Neena did as I asked, she licked up and down the latex shaft scooping up all of her cunt juices, until she had a mouthful. I pulled Neena on top of me. Her young breasts pressed against mine. I put my hand behind Neenas head and pulled her mouth to mine. As our lips parted, and our tongues met, Neena let her mouthful of cum juices flow from her mouth into mine. I didnt swallow her cum, I just let it flow down my throat, and into my belly. I removed my mouth from Neenas.
Kissing her cheeks and forehead, I cradled her in my arms like a child. I pulled the covers over us, and we drifted off into a deep sleep. The next morning we showered an dressed. Setting in the kitchen drinking coffee we talked about the night before, and how wonderful it was for each of us. Neena looked at me to said, Last night when I told you that I was in love with you, Well I really meant it. I said, that I was happy that she felt that way about me, because there was still a lot more for me to teach her. We finished our coffee. I walked Neena to the front door. Neena turned to me and asked, When will I see you again Mrs. Menon? I replied, Real soon honey, real soon. I opened the door, as Neena turned to leave, I kissed her forehead and gave her firm young ass a pat, she smiled up at me. I closed the door behind her.

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Hot Lesbians down south

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Hi guys & gals. Surprised to see a malayalee girl posting the erotica experience? This internet has opened up to expose ourselves now, still concealing our identity. I hope that i am the first female to submit an experience to 🙂 My name is Dipti, from Nilambur. This is my true story, I want share with gilrs like me. I left my Nilambur for my studies, as I’m a brilliant student and I got admission in engineering, which is far from my village, so I joined in ladies hostel. In hostel I got a room with three beds so I have to share with two other girls, out of the two girls one girl is new like me and another girl is our senior.

I was very tired with the journey, and very uncomfortable as it’s a new place, I washed my face and started changing my dress to nightie, and I absorb that the senior girl Sangeeta is looking very curiously at me, and smiling. I fell shy, let me tell I’m a beautiful girl 17 years old fair, 5’6 height, 56kg weight and very big breast that can attract even the girls. 38 size, firm with dark brown nipples and pointed tits, with a good shape. My belly is round, deep and big. I’m having round beautiful ass. Long legs and good thighs, I removed my salwar kameez and I’m wearing only bra, which can’t cover my big boobs and panties. Sangeeta passed a comment wow you are beautiful, I received the complement with smile. Like all other collages in India in my collage also there was a ragging problem, around 10 pm at the night, my senior girls came to my room, there are six girls in that batch, they closed the doors.

First they caught the other new girl, who stays in my room and asked about her personal things, and asked to sing, dance etc, after Sangeeta introduced me to the girls. One of the girls asked about my bra size, I fell shy, another girl squeezed my breast and said wow it’s wonderful, and all other girls asked me to take of my nightie. I was helpless and I obey there order, and take off my nightie I was wearing pink colour bra and panties which is very suitable for my colour, sangeeta asked take off bra, and I refused but one girl pulled my bra and my boobs came out. One girl pulled my panties, and all of them saw my clean shaved pussy, with long lips, “nice count” one other girl passed the comment. And they asked how you masturbate, I said I won’t. “ninakku aare veenam?” one other girl asked, I got annoyed and shouted shut up you bitch, she slap on my face and said “podi..ninne angane njagal vidukayilla”, and she took off her cloths. She is a beautiful girl with 34 size with black nipples, her unshaved pussy is having silky pubic hair, and she pushed me on the bed. I confused, I unable to understand what’s happening, she started kissing on my lips and I started protesting her.

Sangeeta started squeezing my nipples and she also took off her dress, and other girls also become naked. The girl started kissing deeply with her tongue in my mouth, one girl started sacking my nipple and some others started licking my thighs. My body becomes so light, and I started feeling like flying. That was my first kiss and I cooperated to that girl by opening my mouth, and she got from me. I was laying on bed naked, all other girls are around me with there naked bodies, I felt so hot and started sweating, one girl smelled my under arms, and started licking my right breast and another girl from left. Two girls shared my thighs and one girl started licking my wet pussy.

I wanted to be fucked by someone. And I asked the girls to fuck. They took the promise that I will keep open my wet pussy for them, to fuck any time, and asked me to choose any of them as it’s my first experience. All of them are beautiful, but I choose Pooja. She is really a rare beauty, fair long dark hair, 5.5″ height 36 size perfect breast with brown nipple, deep belly and sweet horny cont, with light silky hair. All others appreciated my selection, and asked me to open my legs so that they can lick my pussy for that day. After squeezing my breast and ass, all are taken a kisses from me and they took the new girl to lick there pussy’s.

Pooja, Sangeeta and me left alone in the room, Sangeeta said she is my bitch and I can do anything with her and she is going to sleep with me in the room. First time I kissed Pooja on her lips it was really very sweet her boobs were very firm and I bite the nipples, sangeeta started licking my ass. I was surprised to see the Sex tool with pooja, i was seeing it for first time. The said it is an artficial dick used by girls sex to fuck each other, its called ‘dildo’. I haven’t heard of it before. And pooja with the dick (dildo) fucked my pussy with very fast jerks. That was my first experience.

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