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Affair with Housemaid

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Hello folks! I would like to tell you all a story involving a friend of mine. This friend, who is in his early forties and whose name is Rajan, works for a well known pharmaceutical company in Madras. He is married and has two children. Rajan is quite distinguished looking, though with a fair share of grey hair, in fact fairly handsome. He has his normal male impulses but is not a compulsive wolf. In the course of his work as the regional marketing head he travels to the major towns near Madras fairly often. One of the places which he frequently visits is Coimbatore. Since Rajan’s wife’s grandmom lived in Coimbatore in a sprawling mansion, he would stay there during his visits rather than a hotel.

My story goes back two years. The household consisted of the grandmother, another elderly cousin and Padma, the housemaid. Padma was a rather plain woman in her late twenties, unmarried and of an average build. She did all the cooking and cleaning and was a live in housemaid as opposed to a part time servant. She belonged to Palghat, a nearby town and would go there once a year for a week but otherwise stayed with her mistress right through.

Rajan had of course seen this woman often during his visits but had not really noticed her. On one such visit, he had to tour the outlying small towns and reached Coimbatore late evening, fairly tired after a busy day. He had dinner with the old ladies and then retired to his bedroom around 9.30 pm. It was the rainy season in that part of the country and there was thunder and frequent flashes of lightning, a rather wild night. After he had dozed for an hour he was aroused from his sleep by someone shaking his shoulder insistently. He saw that it was the maid Padma. She seemed rather agitated and whispered, “Sir I saw someone outside walking in our compound outside my window. I’m really scared.” She kept repeating that she was frightened so Rajan spoke to her soothingly and somehow calmed her down. He said, “Let’s take a look without waking the others in case it was only a shadow or something like that” He walked quietly into the kitchen where Padma usually slept, and she followed close behind . Reaching the kitchen he looked outside the window and flashed a torch around. “There’s nobody around Padma, you go to bed. Don’t worry,” he said. But the maid clung on to his hand whispering, “Sir don’t leave me, I’m frightened.” As Rajan tried to gently disentangle her fingers she clung on to him even more fiercely saying, “Sir please, please stay here.” By then the closeness of contact with the woman, plain though she might have been, started getting him aroused. He suddenly realised that Padma obviously wanted to have sex. Much later he learnt from her that she had often fantasized being fucked by him. He pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “All right Padma but I will sleep with you and do as I please.” When he saw that she was silent he went and locked the kitchen door and started kissing Padma. She obviously was not experienced in matters of sex and initially her lips were unresponsive but he slowly started prying her lips apart forcefully with his tongue. When her lips opened he pushed his tongue quickly inside against her tongue. He continued kissing and sucking her lips and tongue with increasing passion. He could feel the woman responding tentatively at first, then with greater passion. He slowly kissed her eyelids and then her neck. He could feel her tremble. He asked her to disrobe, doing so himself and then turning her around to help unclip her bra. At the sight of her breasts with dark nipples which were already erect, springing out, Rajan’s large penis became hard and swollen. Seeing this Padma whimpered, ” Aayyoo! So big! It will kill me Rajan Chetta!” He reassured her saying, ” Don’t worry Padma Darling. You just relax and soon you will be able to take every inch of it inside you.” He started kneading her breasts and then started sucking her nipples furiously. He could see her enjoying the sensation and moaning , “Please keep sucking harder my love.” She clasped his head tight encouraging him to suck hard and bite. After sucking and biting her nipples for long time, he moved further down towards the lips of her opening below. Padma not being a sophisticated type had not used a perfume or deodorant and Rajan could get a really earthy, musky odour emanating from her vagina. He inhaled the delightful smell and plunged his tongue inside her cunt working energetically all around sucking and licking greedily. Padma writhed around whimpering and moaning, enjoying the attentions in her vagina. Rajan then suddenly lifted her arms and put his face there enjoying the smell of her armpits and licking them with fervour. He squeezed her bottom hard and put his finger inside her anal opening. Padma could bear it no longer and started begging him to fuck her. With equal eagerness he applied saliva on his massive pulsating organ and positioned it at the opening of her moist cunt. She gasped and moaned as he slowly entered her inch by inch. Although she was very tight, the lubrication of the saliva and her own juices helped him open her up and penetrate her depths. When he managed to push it inside completely he embraced her tightly and remained still for a while, hearing her constant little cries. He then said, “My Darling! Get ready. We are going to enjoy the most pleasurable few minutes. Wrap your legs aroung me and try to move along with me.” He covered her mouth with his and started his thrusts, gradually building up the tempo. As his thrusts started getting harder and deeper, she started making noises which were muffled because of their wild kissing. He kept hammering away almost mercilessly and finally she started raking his back with her nails and bucking violently. Suddenly he plunged as deep as he could go and then started shooting his sperm copiously into her womb. They both literally went mad with ecstasy enjoying the most delightful orgasm in unison. After a long pause while both came back to earth, he rolled off .

He slept the night with her, copulating again in the early hours of the morning and crept back to his room just before dawn completely exhausted. As for Padma, she was washed out the next day, and almost unable to work.

Rajan continued to have sex with her regularly and confided in me once that his sex drive and libido increased while fucking her because of the natural body smells from her owing to the non use of perfumes etc and in fact he prefered coupling with her rather than with any so called upper class sophisticated ladies.

Padma’s marriage was finally fixed around eight months after she started having sex with Rajan. She then confided to Rajan of her desire to bear his child. Rajan could scarcely believe his luck of impregnating another woman apart from his wife without any repercussion; so a fortnight before Padma’s marriage, he arranged an extensive programme in the Coimbatore area and had intense sexual intercourse with her for ten days consecutively. She conceived and delivered a boy about three months back. Since her husband works as a foreman in a factory near Bombay, he comes on leave only for two weeks a year so the rest of the time Padma continues to work in Coimbatore and Rajan still fucks her often.

I hope the story was enjoyable and I would welcome your comments or suggestions.

My email address is – susimol_2000 {AT} would like to say thank you for submitting this story :8)

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My Sexy Maid – Sunita

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Hi guys I am an ardent fan of your sexy web site particularly the Indian Sex Stories by Indian Sex Stories. I’d like to narrate the sexiest incident in my life.Hope u guys enjoy it. Before I start let me introduce myself. I am 24 years old and work in a software company in Bangalore. I had this sexy experience when I went to my aunts house last month for a short holiday. She had hired this maid servant recently and boy was she something…I mean she was fair and voluptuous and really delicious looking. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her and naturally she noticed .She would just smile and look away.

One day I was taking a shower and suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to take a towel. I started calling out for someone to get me one and after sometime hearing a knock on the bathroom door I opened it after placing myself behind it . Sunita ,the maid ,was standing with a towel in her hand .Seeing her turned me on and pretending as if the door had slipped I exposed myself and my rapidly growing erection to her surprised gaze.

She giggled and ran away .I just thought of that mischievous look in her eyes and jerked off under the hot shower. After that whenever I got a chance I would try and brush past her or make her do small chores for me. Soon I learnt that she had been married only a year back but her husband had passed away leaving her to fend for herself. Then one day my aunt decided to got to a temple along with a group of elderly ladies leaving me alone with Sunita. Since the temple was far away she would be away for atleast 8-9 hours . She must have gone for only 10 minutes or so when I decided that I should do something with Sunita .I walked over to the kitchen and started chatting her up. We generally talked about her family in the village and so on. The kitchen was hot and the sweat had soaked her blouse completely. One could see the black bra clearly under her red blouse ,even the shape of the nipple was visible slightly.She noticed me giving those glances but continued with her work. Now her back was turned to me as she bent down to clean the floor and I could see her rounded ass straining against the confines of her tight saree. Suddenly she looked up into my eyes and asked me what I was looking at.I replied jokingly that since she had seen me nude I was trying to make the scores even .She laughed at this and was walking past me when I caught her round the waist and kissed her neck. She jumped back and slapped me , but I caught her wrist and started kissing her hand and pulled her close. She lifted the other hand but I caught hold of that also and placed it on my lips. Now she was standing close to me and struggling so I kissed her on the lips. First she struggled but gradually she opened her lips and I sucked her lower lips into my mouth.

Boy was she hot . Soon I had my tongue down her throat as my hands started roaming over her ample backside. She responded by holding my face close to hers . Encouraged by this I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. The sudden cool air of the AC made her hot nipples stand out behind the wet fabric. I made her stand in front of the mirror while I nibbled on her ear and neck and released her hair. It flowed down to her waist. Gradually I removed her blouse and started fondling her breasts. She was getting excited now and while grinding my erection against her ass I removed her bra exposing those twin beauties.

I picked her up and threw her into the bed roughly .This seemed to excite her more and removing my t-shirt I fell over her. I ran my tongue over the underside of her breast ,making circles first on one and then the other as I gradually moved towards her nipple. She moaned with anticipation as finally I started sucking on one and then the other. I lifted up her arms and started nibbling at her armpits ..the strong earthy smell was fantastic .Then turning her over I ran the tip of my tongue over her spinal column down to her waist .She sighed with pleasure as I bit her fleshy ass. Frantic with anticipation she was pulling at her saree but I caught her hands and tied them together to the headpost. She was really hot and was moaning loudly for release .I leisurely started to kiss her now starting with her face …I licked and sucked every inch of her voluptuous body. When I reached her slightly rounded stomach I dipped my tongue into her navel and at the same time ran my hand up her thighs to her moist spot. She was hot and dripping. I brought my finger up and tasted her juices and also put it into her mouth .She licked my fingers hungrily and pleaded that I release her hands. But instead I removed her saree and started kissing and biting her thighs over the petticoat till I reached her toes.

She had sexy ankles and soon I started licking and tickling the sole of her feet and sucking her toes. Then hoicking up her petticoat I made my way up ,eyes closed and nose inhaling the musky aroma of her womanhood while kissing every part of her shapely thighs. Soon I saw her forest of thick curly hair with moisture seeping out of it. I dived in and started lapping up those juices .I alternately sucked on her clitoris and tongue fucked her canal. She was going crazy and beating my backside with her arched feet. She struggled so much that her hands broke free and soon they were on my head ,urging me on. I put a finger up her pussy ,lubricated it in her juices and suddenly shoved it up her back hole. She screamed and suddenly a fountain of her juices pored out over my mouth as she collapsed on the bed. We lay like this for a few minutes ,she regaining her breath and me licking up her spending.Satisfied with her orgasm she gave me a soft kiss on my cheek. I softly held her head and whispered that now I would pleasure myself . She smiled as I stood up and removed my trousers and underwear in one motion and pulled her face to my crotch. She understood and put the tip of my dripping manhood into her mouth while caressing my ass.Soon I was down on the bed while she pleasured me with her tongue . I noticed that she was also fingering her labia at the same time .Her taste was fresh on my lips and unable to control the urge for a second helping of her tasty juices I caught hold of her dainty waist and pulled her over so that we were now in a 69 position.I decided to tease her back hole now with the tip of my tongue .As soon as my tongue touched it she stiffened but after sometime relaxed.I now started licking her from her clitoris along the vertical gash to her back hole .She moaned with pleasure and took me deep into her mouth. Her inner thighs were hot and sticky and had a strong female odor. I sucked on her tender, sweet labia. I opened her cunt lips and stuck my tongue in her pink hole, which was shiny and moist and tender . I ate her out for a few minutes as she pressed her ass into my face.

After several minutes of pleasuring her, she took my thick inches down her throat as I held her pretty head. She closed her eyes and moved back and forth, her lips tight around my dick. My young shaft became shiny with her saliva and made a slurping sound as I pumped it back and forth in her mouth.I humped her harder as the sensations throbbed through my body. I took her head and pulled it back and forth, back and forth as she slurped on my meat.Sunita looked up at me in anticipation and had a glazed look in her eyes. I knew she wanted a big gulp of my love juice .My cock began throbbing slowly as jets of sperm came surging out. I couldn’t know how much cum I was shooting into her since it disappeared in her mouth. I ejaculated time after time and emptied my balls into her pretty face. Suddenly gooey sperm started oozing out of her mouth, her rosy cheeks flared. I had filled her mouth with my sperm.

Sunita smiled seductively as cum dripped from her chin. She nursed my cock for every last drop. She giggled and opened her mouth. It was filled with gooey cum. I put my hand to her mouth and took the sticky glock in my hand and rubbed her breast with it, massaging the creamy stuff in. Sunita’s mouth and chin were covered with my sticky ball juice. I wiped her face off and rubbed it in her tits. Now Sunita was naked on my lap and I was caressing her large breasts, which became firm to my touch. I ran my fingers down the length of her figure, down to her plump bottom. I squeezed her tender love cheeks. Sunita’s ass, as I’d always known by looking at her bend over, is her best feature. Seeing the shape of that voluptuous mound of flesh would make any man immediately sprung. I suckled her tits and held her warm body against me. She wanted to take a bath, so I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. As I carried her my fingers sunk into the soft folds of her ass. I gently sat her down in the bathtub and fixed the bath. I looked down at her dark bush, which contrasted against her pale skin. I couldn’t wait to get inside her.

She wanted me in the tub with her, so I got in and sat facing her. She was sitting with her knees up and I began caressing her inner thighs while looking straight into her big brown eyes. Sunita’s skin is so soft and smooth- you wouldn’t believe it. I gently lathered her up and washed her whole body, every portion, every crack and crevasse. Her body was shiny and beautiful. I put shampoo on her hair and massaged it in then gently washed it out with warm water. When we were finished we went back into her room and started French kissing passionately and she slowly rocked her body against me, and quickly brought my limp dick back to life. I squeezed her round ass cheeks and moved her off to the side. She bent over, and stuck her round ass in my face. Any hesitancy my overworked cock had had now disappeared at the sight of that beautiful backside. Sunita’s tight vulva looked delicious, peering at me enticingly between her thighs. I knew I was in for some good, long humping. I mounted her from behind, sunk my inches into her. Her pussy lips gripped my cock with surprising tightness. I gripped her curvy hips and pulled her against me, her plump butt cheeks squishing out against my stomach. I was buttfucking my beautiful Sunita.I humped her and humped her, for at least 15 minutes. I must have thrust into her thousands of times before I reached orgasm. The sex was slow and sweet. My pelvic muscles were becoming tired from ceaseless humping. Sunita moaned as she reached orgasm after orgasm, each time she pressed her rump hard against me, trying to get my cock as deep inside her as possible. As I soon learned, my balls had quickly cooked up some more sperm for her, and after probably 20 minutes of sweet fucking, I began to unload my juice inside her. She sensed the ejaculations splattering in her womb, because she rocked up against me and pressed her ass into me, hard. I shot in my load, as the sweet sensation of orgasm radiated through my body, and I gripped her soft love handles hard as I filled her up. Her tight cunt lips milked my balls dry.I withdrew my cock, which was greased with her juices and watched my jiz flow slowly out of her pussy down her shapely thighs. 2 days after this incident I had to come back to Bangalore and now I spend all my time thinking of that beautiful experience and waiting for another opportunity to get laid.

Ladies who are interested in sharing their experiences/fanatics with me can mail me at

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The Maids Hot Husband Returns

July 15th, 2009 No comments

It was August end and the heat was still unbearable. Anita’s husband Amit had to go on official tour for two days. She had just finished packing the clothes for him. Amit just could not do anything on his own. All throughout the afternoon she had been busy with the packing. Everything had to be kept vests, underwears, handkerchiefs, which shirt to wear with which trouser. Not only that it had to be explained to him as well. He had said that he would come late, have dinner and leave by the Rajdhani Express at 11 p. m.

It was now evening. After sending off the children Vipin and Varsha to play along with the neighbour’s 14 year old daughter, she heaved a sigh of relief. She stripped and had a bath, letting the cold water cool her shapely body. There was nobody in the house, so she emerged nude from the bathroom and looked at herself in the full length mirror. This was among the few vanities she permitted herself.

She was fair, slim and despite two children her breasts were still firm. A thin waist, shapely pubic hair and long hairless legs. She admired her gold necklace with the heart shaped pendant; a present from Amit. Pretty it was! Gold bangles! Four on one wrist. She had taken off the Omega watch for the bath which she usually wore on the other wrist. That was also a gift from Amit. Anklets! Yes, silver but she was thinking of buying a golden chain for them and Amit had promised her those as well. She had deliberately got very dainty toe rings made so that they would not hurt whenever she went for the morning jog with Amit. Being barefooted in the house was no problem.

Not bad at all, she said to herself. Suddenly she shuddered. The Bhasu incident! God! That was a real tough one. Thankfully he had not returned. At times she still felt that it was a nightmare. That man had violated her in the span of one hour as could not be imagined. Immediately after the incident she had thought of dismissing Lakshmi but then she had thought that Lakshmi was as much of a sufferer at the hands of her husband Bhasu as she herself had suffered so why penalize the poor lady. She opened the almirah, sprayed perfume under the arms and in the pubic area, slipped on a pair of bra and panty. She sat under the fan for a while, then got up draped a light blue cotton saree along with a matching sleeveless blouse. Anita again went to the mirror, picked up a comb and straightened her hair. She looked at her manicured hands. The nail polish was intact. No need to apply it again. She thought of applying a pinch of sindur in the parting of her hair;then thought she sould do it late. Picking up the latest issue of “Cosmopolitan” she went into the drawing room and sitting on the sofa started browsing through it.

After barely five minutes, the doorbell rang.

“Who could it be?” She thought. Surely the children could not be back so soon and Amit had said that he would be late. She got up and looked through the magic eye, but she saw nobody. Since it was still sunny outside she decided to check out the person who had rung the bell. Perhaps someone playing the prank! As soon as she opened the latch of the door a pair of powerful hands opened the door. It was Bhasu.

“Bhasu, you?”was all that escaped from her lips. Bhasu, the drunkard husband of her maid Lakshmi. Back again. And it was just now that she was feeling relieved to have perhaps seen the last of him.

“Mem Sahib. Please. ”he said closing the door behind him.

“Why have you come here?” she said in the most stern voice she could manage.

“Mem Sahib, you must be very angry with me. Please sit down. ”

He put his hands on her bare shoulders and made her sit on the sofa. Immediately Anita started wishing that she should have put on something more that would not have left her shoulders almost bare but what could be worn in this heat?

Bhasu sat on the floor where her feet were kept. With his eyes focussed on her feet, he started playing with her anklet and started speaking.

“Mem Sahib. I am very sorry for what happened last time. But what could I do? I was helpless. ”

She pulled her feet away from him. “Helpless? How?”

“Mem Sahib. I had told U that your husband fucks my wife. ”

“What rubbish?” Anita said incredulously and tried to pull her foot further away but he had got hold of it again in his grip. He kept on twirling the anklet round and round her ankle and gradually his hand started moving towards her knee.

“What are you doing, Bhasu? Leave me and go immediately. Anybody may come in any time. ” Anita said.

Bhasu acted as if he had not even heard her.

”Mem Sahib, I don’t like to fuck Lakshmi. You know her hair there are very thick. I like your style. Very pretty. I like to fuck you. ”

Anita blushed. How could she carry on talking to this man when he was so keen to discuss her pubic hair and whose comments were so lewd. His hands were now on her upper thighs.

“You said that you were sorry. ” She reminded him.

“Of course I am but what to do about this?”

He picked her foot and kept its sole on his hardening groin.

“And Mem Sahib, your nail polish is very nice. Please unzip this and play with it. ”

“No, please go. Now. ”

She tried to remove his hand which was at her panty.

“Anita. ”

His voice was suddenly rough.

“Don’t you understand the language of love? Must I always hurt you to make you do things?”

“What do you want? The last time you had said that you would not come back. ”Anita cried.

“What do I want? If you remember the last time I had told you that when I come next I do not want to see any clothes on you. You should have undressed immediately. Do it. Now. No don’t get up just as yet. Bend and unzip the fly first. ”

Grimacing Anita bent down and unzipped Bhasu’s fly.

“Please, Bhasu. Don’t start all this again. Lakshmi told me that you had improved. I……I just do not like this. ” Anita almost begged him.

“You appear to be one of those who respond only after getting hurt. Would you like a similar slap?Now pull it out. Put your hand inside and take out the cock darling. ”

Bhasu said mockingly.

Anita took his cock out. It was as frighteningly dark and thick with the loose foreskin over the hood, as she remembered it to be and was fully erect. She wondered how he managed to get an erection so soon.

“Now while you get rid of your blouse, put your pretty feet on this and play with it. ” Bhasu said.

“Why, oh why? My husband will be coming. Come some other time if you must. ” Anita was in tears.

“Some other time also I will come, darling. Don’t worry. And I know very well who comes when. Will you do it or do I have to tear it off your body?” Bhasu threatened.

As Anita unhooked the blouse, he stared at her breasts clad in the transparent bra. Hesitatingly, she unhooked the bra also and kept it on the sofa besides her. She then complied with Bhasu’s instructions and took his cock between her feet. She started pulling and releasing the foreskin. In the process precum started leaking and smeared her toes. He however kissed her toes and licked them clean.

“Now get up and strip. Don’t look so aghast. You are not a holy person whom I come to visit. I come to fuck you. Should I tell you a secret? I have fucked almost all the women where Lakshmi works. ”

What rubbish! Anita thought. It seems he has lost his bearings, but how to get rid of him.

He paused for a while drinking in Anita’s virtually nude body except for the panty.

“But, ” Bhasu carried on, “your pussy and your tight buttocks are the sexiest. Here let me help you. ” He pulled the flimsy panty down in one tug.

“Not only is your pussy the sexiest but the tightest. That is why I came back. I knew that you are not fucked regularly. By the way why do all rich women wear panty? It is so small it hides nothing. Just a bit of pussy but nothing at all in the buttocks. Lakshmi does not wear them. And this bra? It is fully netted. I see them hanging in the shops. Even when you were wearing them, your nipples could be clearly seen. You want people to see them, don’t you?”

“This man is crazy. ” Anita thought but she could not help feeling a bit of pride that after ten years of marriage and regular sex she was still tight. But felt ashamed that this praise was from someone like Bhasu.

“If you liked the compliment about your pussy, you can thank me. ” It was as if Bhasu had read her thoughts.

Anita blushed but kept quiet.

Bhasu was still sitting on the floor.

“Get rid of those tears and come closer. ”he said.

He started feeling Anita right from the feet upwards. His face he kept close to her pussy.

“Lovely smell. ” He said “You were expecting your husband or someone else?”

His hands were at her buttocks while his tongue was probing open the lips of her pussy. He tried to shove the index finger of one hand in her ass hole while the other felt her breasts.

“No, not there. ”Anita said resolutely.

“Then where, love? Oh the same lovely tits! Mmmmm! Listen, I do not need to be told what to do and what not to. ”

Bhasu said thrusting his tongue inside her pussy.

“Okay turn around and bend now. ”

“No. ”Anita remained firm.

He swiftly caught hold of one arm and twisted it so that she had to bend.

“Now spread your legs and don’t disobey me even once or you will get even more hurt than you did last time. And don’t try this drama. I know that you are enjoying this. Wow what is this? A pretty tattoo! Right on your buttocks. Went to the shop and got it done. There you don’t feel any shame undressing in front of an unknown man. ”

“No, This can be done in the home only. ”Anita protested.

“Shut up! I do not need any explanation. ” He barked.

With his fingers at the curvature of her feet he started sliding both his hands till her pussy and gave a tight whack on her bottocks.

“You know one of the reasons I come to fuck you is the shape you give to these. ”

Bhasu then pulled the cheeks of her buttocks apart and saw the tiny ass hole. He tried to insert a finger but it was too tight and Anita gasped.

“Today you are not wearing the chain around your waist. Girdle, you said it was. The gold one. It went well with your body. Anyway, go and get some vaseline. ”

“No, please no. You can do it otherwise. You have done it otherwise. Why insist there?” Anita pleaded.

Bhasu laughed.

“Did I say I would do it there? Go and get it. ”

Anita hesitated.

“Come on. Be quick. As it is you walk around nude in the house so why this hestation?” Bhasu said.

She went to the bedroom leaving all her clothes in the drawing room only. As she pulled the drawer of the dressing table she saw that Bhasu was there with all her clothes and alternatively sniffing her panty and bra.

“ You want to be fucked or you want to be left alone? I will do one thing which is quite fair. Give me your finger. Hmm. Very nice” Bhasu said licking it.

Holding her hand with both of his hands he directed it towards her pussy and inserted it for a second before pulling it out. Anita’s finger was wet with her secretions. Bhasu slowly licked it clean.

“See, ” he said “You are all wet and dying to get fucked. So far as the Vaseline is there apply it liberally on your ass hole. Don’t ask me if I will fuck you there or not. It is for your own benefit. ”

“But I have fucked you so often that —— what?”Bhasu stopped.

“Not so often. ” Anita replied firmly. “You did that once and without my consent. ”

“I am so sorry. I should have done it more. Is that what you wanted to say?” Bhasu sneeringly asked.

Anita remained quiet. How could one argue with this man!

“What I was saying was that there should be some conversation between us also. So first tell me is your husband’s cock bigger than mine? Come on now, don’t feel shy. What is there to feel shy now? Or is there?”

He said making a mock attempt to put a finger up her ass hole.

“Look, if you remain quiet you will get into trouble. Did I not tell you what Lakshmi’s pussy is like. Like a jungle. And yours is like a well maintained garden. So you should also tell me about your husband’s cock. So what is his cock like?”

“ Same as yours. ”Anita mumbled.

“Not like that. Say that both our cocks are similar. But the colour must be different. Right?”

God! This time he had planned humiliation. Well, if that has to be, so be it.

“Yes, your cock and my husband’s cock are similar except for the colour. ‘she replied with a straight face.

“Good. Then you can very well imagine that he is fucking you when I get down to it. Does he fuck you daily? If you want you can also ask me whether I fuck Lakshmi daily. ”

Anita again remained quiet.

“Come on! ”Bhasu persisted.

“Not daily but every alternate day. ‘she replied truthfully.

“Say, my husband fucks me every alternate day. And look at poor me. What is my fault? Why should I get to fuck you so rarely? Is it fair?Look what a shame for a pretty lady. The cock is losing its erection. Get down to sucking it immediately. ”

There was absolutly no way out. Last time he did the job and got away. This time he has hundreds of queries in addition to the fucking part.

As she bent down, Bhasu said “First tease it with your nipples. They are so erect I just don’t feel like ignoring them. Lakshmi’s are all black but yours are so chocolatey in colour. ”

This constant comparison with Lakshmi was getting on Anita’s nerves. She bent and made her nipples touch his cock briefly and before he could say much she took the head in her mouth. After the previous incident she had got over her inhibitions about sucking and getting the discharge in her mouth. Even Amit had been surprised. Pleasantly.

“Yes, that is better. ” He caught hold of her hair with one hand and started the rhythm. She too cooperated hoping that he would discharge soon and go away. Without her knowledge he had smeared his fingers and the thumb with the vaseline that she had brought. Slowly he took his index finger of the other hand at the tip of her ass hole and suddenly thrust it in slightly.

Anita started to get up but her hair were in his hand.

“See, no problem, whatsoever. This hole has also been given for men to insert their cocks. For instance at times there may be two men wanting to fuck you at the same time. And you can oblige them. But if you don’t like this I will do something else. Leave the cock or would you like to carry on sucking it?Lie on the bed, fold your legs, the soles of your feet should be in the air, the knees close to your tits, arms apart. If you move your arms I will break your teeth. Don’t think I have come here to fool around. ”He said threateningly.

Bhasu placed himself between her legs, his cock at the entry of her pussy. He then started licking the nape of her neck, right upto her ear. After that he thrust his tongue inside her ear, brought it over her lips, licked the upper lip very slowly, sucked the lower lip, then pried open her mouth with his tongue and thrust his tongue inside. This time he appeared to be an expert in titillating Anita.

“Give me your tongue. ”he whispered.

Anita’s body was on fire. She was wondering why Bhasu was not doing what he had come to do. Why was he not fucking her? Why this tease? Did he want her to beg? Oh God, what did he want?

She did not have to be told to give him her tongue. They both sucked at each other’s tongues wildly. This time he did not taste all that foul either. All the while his hands were at her armpits, gently pulling the sparse hair. Now he focussed his attention on to her nipples. First he blew at them and then encircled the aerol with his tongue alternating between one nipple and the other. He kept on doing this till the nipples were fully erect. Even now he gently flicked his tongue over them but did not take them in his mouth.

Anita wanted to move her hands, pull his head on to her nipples but when she attempted he repeated the warning. She desperately wanted him to suck them. They were aching with anticipation and with constant teasing. All the realisation that he was Lakshmi’s husband was forgotten. His cock was still where it was: with leaking precum at the entry of her pussy.

Suddenly Bhasu got up.

“Last time I had fucked you. This time you are at liberty to fuck me. I will lie on the bed. You will sit on me. Yes, you can take the cock in your pussy, bend and tease me with your nipples. ”

Anita was in a dilemma. Should she sit on his cock? She again saw it. It was dark and reddish. She herself was fair and pink. He had already fucked her. Did once more make any difference? As it is she was dying to be fucked. On the other hand what about the vows that she and Amit had taken together?Should she knowingly and willingly get fucked by another man and that too a maid’s husband. If it was forcible sex it could be condoned but could she herself take it inside her pussy. That was the right of only Amit.

“Come on, come on. I don’t have all evening even if you do. All the other Mem Sahibs get fucked immediately and you are acting so pricey. Don’t tell me that you have not been fucked before by anybody else. I know these rich types. Lakshmi herself told me that she has seen photographs of you almost nude on the beach where there are so many people. ”

God! Lakshmi had seen the album when at Amit’s insistence she had worn that bikini that had been purchased from Mumbai. She had been extremely self conscious initially but gradually had enjoyed being the cynosure of all eyes. Even Amit was very happy.

She sat on his stomach and bent to offer him her nipples. Her cock was near her stomach and since it was at full erection it was touching her belly button.

“Place your feet in my armpits. I like to feel pretty feet near me and yours are so pretty. Nail polished, anklets and toe rings. You wear toe rings because you are married? Good girl! I thought so. See how lousy Lakshmi is! Who can get an erection with her by the side?”

Anita could feel the precum leaking from his cock and sticking to her stomach right down to her pubic hair. He again did not take the nipple in his mouth, but kept on nibbling lightly at the nipples.

A phone call disturbed them. Anita picked up the cordless phone to answer it. As she said “hello” he bit her nipple. As Anita gasped, he tried to lift her hips up with both his hands. Their eyes met and somehow an unsaid agreement was reached. She did not resist but went along with the pressure applied by Bhasu and cooperated in lifting her hips. He aimed his cock at the pussy and left her. She sat down on it and it slipped in so smoothly that Anita felt as if a tremendous burden had been lifted off her. Due to her weight it went deep inside her and almost touched the cervix. Anita gasped. She disconnected the phone without even listening as to who was at the other end and experienced an orgasm even without the strokes. This was sheer bliss.

“Don”t squeeze my cock. ”

Bhasu said mockingly. He caught hold of both of her breasts and squeezed them. With the pressure of his hands he made her take a few strokes by rising and falling on his cock in which she cooperated by picking her pussy away and falling on him. This made a plonk noise and embedded his cock fully inside her pussy each time she came down on it. It was a wonderful sight in the mirror. His thick dark tool virtually disappearing in the folds of Anita’s creamy pussy.

He again dislodged her, made her lie down, kept one foot on his shoulder and thrust his cock again into her slippery pussy.

“Know why I did this? So that you can also see in the mirror how my cock disappears inside you. Like it? Think it is dark? Doesn’t matter. You like it. I am sure your husband has a fair cock. And you don’t like it? Oh you do, okay? When I said you were tight I meant that your pussy unrolls my foreskin and permits the cock only. In loose ones the entire thing goes. ”He kept on rambling.

His hands were at her nipples pulling them. Soon they were back at her ass cheeks pulling them apart. After a few strokes of fulling withdrawing the cock and again pushing it in to the hilt they both approached a common orgasm. They shuddered and held one another tightly. Finally he shot a squirt of sperm inside her and suddeenly loosened himself.

Even in that heavenly state with Bhasu’s cock deep inside her, Anita hoped that this time she would be as lucky as the last time and not get pregnant. Please God, she sent a silent prayer.

Spent they both lay there quietly for five minutes.

“If you must lie here all naked please do so by all means but I have to go. ” Bhasu said.

Shocked she looked at the watch. It was 6. 45 p. m. The children would be back any time. She rushed into the bathroom and washed herself of all the stickiness and the saliva. Her clothes were outside so she emerged naked after patting herself dry. Bhasu was sitting in the drawing room fully clothed. He was playing with her panty.

“I am taking this with me. It will remind me of your smell. ”

He said matter of factly.

“And yes, if you want things to be even tell your husband that he is most welcome to fuck Lakshmi. ”

He came close to her, licked both her nipples, then sucked them till they were erect again, and winked at her.

“You are so shameless! Standing in the drawing room and getting your nipples sucked by a man not your husband! What if somebody can see you from the other building? Anyway you will wait for me. Won’t you? I knew that you wanted to be fucked but your husband’s invisible presence was holding you back. I helped you, did I not by taking the initiative and again fucking you whereas you were supposed to do it this time?”

Anita found her voice. “I never said that I would do it. And people don’t peep here. ”

“Sure, you didn’t. And because people don’t peep you don’t mind getting your tits sucked. Oh, I should have known. They don’t peep that is why you sleep and move around naked. Now just turn around and bend if you want me to leave quickly. ”

As Anita turned around he quickly inserted a full finger in her ass.

“Oooh. ” She virtually screamed.

He had unzipped his fly and quickly thrust his cock replacing the finger inside her ass, placed his hands at her pubic bone and pulled. It went in gradually.

“See, no trouble at all. ” He again withdrew and thrust it in.

The sensation that Anita was feeling was very unusual but not unpleasant. It somehow filled her totally.

After a few thrusts, he however withdrew it and zipped his fly.

“Next time. Meanwhile you can try it with your husband. It will just smoothen the passage. I like it because it is tighter. Always tighter than pussies. ”

Anita was still trying to come to terms with the fact this huge cock had entered her ass. She heard the click of the door as he left.

What was that Bhasu had said. She was dying to get fucked and he had helped her. Perhaps he was right. She felt a bit ashamed at her own weakness. Anyway what had happened had happened. She again went into the bathroom and washed all her private parts thoroughly. She wondered whether he really fucked everyone. Liar! And how cunningly he had shoved his cock in her ass! She smiled alone. But it was good that vaseline had been liberally applied or it could have been painful. It was also good that Amit was leaving otherwise he would be wondering as to why her nipples were all red. She would certainly try out on Amit all that she had learnt today.

The clock struck seven. There was no time to lose. She hurriedly fumbled in the Almirah for a panty. Within five minutes she had put on her saree, applied a pinch of sindur in the parting of her hair, some light lipstick and was waiting for the children and her husband.

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House servant

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Hi! My name is Danish & I live in Lahore. I am 27 years old. my friends said that I am good looking & can attract any girl. may be but I never noticed. I live alone in Lahore & my parents live another city. I run my own business & taking MBA night class. I donat have any friend in Lahore. I feel very lonely. I am regular reader of stories so I wish to share mine too. I live as a paying guest in shadman colony. we also have a servant named Razia. She always gave me very warm look when I am going to my office or came back from office.

I never ever thought about to have some sex with her. but one day I came from my office & changing cloths in my room I heard some shower noise from bathroom I pushed the door it was opened & I saw Razia was taking bath she was completely nude having soap on her face. her eyes were closed I saw her bobs were moving up & down when she applied soap on her face. My BP going up & up my erotic desire aroused a lot after seeing Razia tight & mounting hard bobs. infact I never thought that this small girl have a great sexy body. I closed the door & called Razia is that u in the bath room. she replied yes I am & after ten minutes she came out from bath room & give me a very strange smile. I also gave her a smile & touched her wet face. she looked in my eyes and run out side the room. that night I was so up set & trying to stop thinking about this little virgin girl. Honestly I donat want to do any thing wrong with Razia.

Next Sunday in evening I came from out side & found that no body in the house except Razia & an other old servant called baba jee. I went in my room & suddenly Razia came in my room & asking me for a cup of tea I said yes I need a cup of tea. she brings it for me. I asked her Razia – listen I want to say some thing to you. she stopped and said yes, I asked her, do U like me? She replied innocently yes I like u very much. I said Razia, I also like you & would you mind if I touch your wet face. she replied – No. I took her hand & asked again Razia, can I kiss u? she turned back & look toward the door I said Razia no body at home at this time go & closed the door. she went and locked the bedroomas door. Now there is something happing with my body chemistry. I felt my heartbeats irregular and my dick getting hard & hard. I took her face in my hand & kissed her reddish lips very gently. she closed her eyes & grabbed me tightly. Then I entered my tounge in her mouth & circling it inside her hot mouth. Razia responded me very well. I put my both hand on her small but very tight ass. start rubbing her ass. she hugged me and started kissing my neck, face and lips. I asked her Razia are u afraid she told me that she is afraid but enjoying very much. I said Razia took off ur shirt (kameez) I want to kiss your small but very beautiful bobs. she hesitated but pull over her shirt. I helped her and took off her kameez. she was without bra and her white milky bobs are in front of my eyes I took her nipples in my mouth and start sucking them turn by turn. ah I cant explain my feeling in words.

Razia pressed my head down and whispered in Punjabi mujay maza ah raha hy. zoor zoor say choso. then I entered my hand in her shalwar and touched her pussy that was clean and soft but wet. I was trying to enter my finger in her pussy very slowly she response well & opened her legs. her pussy was so tight & my finger stuck in her pussy I tried to enter inside but in vain. I took off my clothes and she hold my hard hot dick in her hand. I told her Razia suck it. she tried but my dick slipped out from her mouth. bcz her mouth is too small & my dick is long. she tried to give me a blowjob & I was getting hotter & hotter and she kept on sucking. I took off her shalwar. Now we are both on the bed. I opened her legs & saw her white & very small pussy. honestly I was afraid that how can I fuck her bcz her pussy was looking very tight & small. I never sucked any girlas pussy but when I saw Razia beautiful pussy I decided to suck it and put my tounge on her wet juicy pussy. something saltiest but I entered my toung in her hot pussy and staring sucking very slowly.

Now Razia started moaning. she was enjoying. I sucked her 10 minutes & she discharged twice. Razia hold my 7 inches rock hard dick and again put it in her mouth this time she did great job. I said Razia I want to fuck u. she donat understand I again explain her that I want to enter my dick in your small pussy. she said yes she also wants to take it in side her pussy but it is fat and long how can it will enter in her pussy. I said I need ur co-operation. Then I took cold cream and applied it on my dick & some on her pussy. she laid on the bed. I put her legs on my shoulders and started to inserting my dick very slowly into her pussy. she was screaming aaahh…..bohot dard ho raha ha.I stopped & after few second I start to inserting again this time I put my 7 inches dick completely into her pussy. oh my god I was in heaven I started to fuck her first slow then increasing speed faster … faster.. Razia hold my arms and screaming…Aaahhhh…Aaahhh…tum zoor zoor say karo. maza aa raha hay..I fucked her more then ten minutes.

I pulled out my dick and ejaculated my cum on her legs. I saw my dickas head was wrapped with some blood. Razia was virgin. I felt guilty but Razia was so happy she said do it again. I did it twice & we both were tired. this is my story. Razia has gone back to her village with her mother. I never have any chance to fuck her again. I am still alone. busy in my business and MBA classes. I need good female friend. If any girl in Lahore wants to share her feelings she can send me e-mail my address is teen_friend2000 {AT}

Thank you for submitting this story!

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Sex with servent

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Hi Friends, Remember me I am Sam from Hyderabad, India. I promised you that I will be back very soon and I am here to keep my promise. I am really very happy that I have got a good response for my earlier story with my servant Rani. But I am not yet satisfied I want even more of you to respond to me. Well now I am going to share my other exiting experience with you. Our neighbors have a girl who works in their house. She has been working for them for them for the past 10 years, actually she has been staying in their house for all these years and she does all the household work for them . Ok guys her name is Lakshmi and she is really a hot piece. I promise you that you all will get an instant erection on seeing her.

She is around 28-30 years and unmarried, She is 5 feet 7inch tall
and has a sexy figure of 38-26-38 her boobs are really mind blowing.
She always wears tight fit clothes and I had always dreamt of
entering her. Now I had to trap her but how??? Yes rani was my
choice. Lakshmi and Rani were good friends, so I told Rani that I
wanted to fulfil my wishes with Lakshmi. Rani readily agreed to this
and she told that she would be very happy to have a threesome with
Lakshmi and me, actually Rani was also a big fan of Lakshmis boobs
and she confessed to me that both of them play with each other at
Lakshmis room (she has a separate servant room in our neighbors
house) She also told me that lakshmi was aware of my relationship
with rani.

Rani approached lakshmi and she blindly agreed to my proposal. Now I
wanted to enjoy with lakshmi alone and I did not want rani to take
part in our game, I convinced her that we will have a threesome next
time and she very sadly agreed to it. I wanted to have lakshmi fully.
Now the stage was set and lakshmi was to arrive to my house at 12
noon. I was really getting hot as the time was passing on, at last it
was 12 and the bell rang and I saw lakshmi at the door.

So guy’s lakshmi and myself have never talked to each other before
even though we live in the same lane, and it was our sexual drive,
which made us meet each other. I took her into my room and kissed on
her lips and she responded eagerly. Then I kept my right hand on her
right boob and wow guys I just could not believe it she is really a
sexy bitch. I started pressing her boobs and she gave soft morns and
in the mean time her hands were playing with my dick. So our tongues
were in each other’s mouths my hands pressing her boobs and her hands
playing with my Lund. Then after some time we both undressed each
other and oh God she was really really very SEXY. I took her hard
nipples in my mouth and started sucking them like anything and she
was really going mad and started giving soft morns
uhhhhhuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaa then I went
down and smelt her pussy it was uncontrollable then I licked her
pussy and she enjoyed it a lot I was on top of the world.

After licking her pussy I took my Lund and pushed it in her pussy
uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh what an experience I was really
getting mad I gave her hard strokes and she was shouting like
anything and uuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffff
aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss we
were enjoying a lot. When I was about to come I took out my Lund and
she sucked my malai from my Lund. We laid their kissing and rolling
on the bed for some time and my Lund was back into position now I
wanted to fuck her in her ass she agreed and we were again in action
in the doggie style, uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhhh she was
shouting like anything cos she was having an heavenly trip. I was
really very happy that she was completely satisfied. We also told
each other that we will continue with this relationship.

Well friends as I told you my main target is my aunt I really need to
fuck her hey why don’t any one of you help me out. Please suggest me
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Your comments are always welcome and I will surely reply to all
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I will be back very soon with my other experience where I took rani
and lakshmi together. But I want all of you to give me your comments.

Love and Kisses,


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HI READERS is a site where you can share true encounters of
life.This is my first submission & a true incident.
My name is Sunil. I am a 17 years studying in college.  I want to share with you my
strange experience of sex. During summer vacation I went to visit our nani (maternal
grandma) in Lucknow with my mom & younger brother. I was totally naïve about sex. I 
had on few occasions seen my few close friends teasing girls and masturbate in the
school toilets but I have not tried this. Being of shy nature my friends used to
bully me into saying what I will do if a girl comes and ask you to fuck u Innocent

After few days my nana ,mom and brother went  to attend marriage in Kanpur.Nani  
was not well  so I was asked to look after her .They had gone for 4 days so I felt
lonely. I didn’t know any1 there.  could not do much as nani was sick. To tell you
about nani she was smart and good looking , had lovely figure with huge and sexy
boobs. She was 47yrs but looked younger.

I had seen her boobs once while she bent
for serving food but no such evil thought came in my mind. On the first day while I
was sleeping in my bedroom with cooler on I heard some noice from my nanis room.
Slowly I went to see I found  my nani and Ranjana the maidservant aged 35 yrs were
indulged in lesbian act. Both were nude. Door was open as I entered. They were
shocked to see me. Maidservant tried to hide her nude sexy boobs and chut behind
curtains. Nani told her to come out. Nani looked cool. She asked me to sit on the
bed. I was dumbfounded as I saw nani nude with her huge
boobs and the clean shaven  pussy. She did not try to hide. I  had not seen any
woman nude before. This made me crazy. I sat on the bed. Nani smiled at me as she
lay nude in front of her grandson. She asked me to come closer. Feeling  shy I
didn’t reply. She then held my head with both hands and started kissing me on my
lips giving me no chance to recover. Her  tongue was inside my mouth.  Hesitating a
little I also started kissing nani Meanwhile my lund started to grow in size in my
half pant.  It was a strange feeling.I was taken aback as my small lund turned to7
inch long. Nani  saw it and said son you have grown up. She put her hand in my half
pant held my lund and started stroking slowly. I moaned She said son do u
masturbate I said no. she started to stroke my lund faster I began to feel in
heaven. slowly I felt to come. She stopped stroking  and called Ranjana the maid
come lets together fuck Sunil. Ranjana was 35 yrs widow. Good
looking, well shaped stomach, huge boobs, thin legs and hairy pussey. She came out
behind curtains said how sweet and asked me are you a virgin ? She then started  to
kiss me on lips and by one hand stroking my lund. I was shocked seeing a maid do it
me. She took my other hand  and put it on her boobs.asked me to suck boobs. Feeling
strange I by then started to enjoy. I started to suck her big boobs. Nani gave  my
lund in Ranjanas mouth  she started sucking .Nani was kissing on my back I moaned 
ahhhhhhha .I started caressing Ranjanas big boobs. After  some time I felt like
cuming. I cried ahahhhhh and came in her mouth. She took my sweet juice all in her
mouth. It was nice feeling. She said bibiji where was he till now? He has a big
lund and will give us pleasure. She said bibiji aapki to mauj ho gayi.
Ranjana started the TV.I watched a young boy and an middle aged woman were engaged
in sex play .I felt my lund  began to grow .Nani  started undressing me. She said
what a innocent and smart looking boy. She told me she too was lonely as since last
5 yrs she has not tasted any lund.I didn’t ask why? She said her needs  are
fulfilled by Ranjana. Nani took my lund in her mouth and started sucking sometimes
slow n then fast. she moaned ahhhhhha and before I could cum she took my lund out.
She then said suck my pussey fast.  I could visualize her huge and sexy boobs and.
lovely ass. She smiled at me. Seeing my lunds erection Nani said have u ever fucked?
I said Nani I never has had any such experience. Nani said I will teach you all.
Look at the movie see how the boy is fucking an oldie. I watched the movie a 14 yr
boy was engaged in fucking like an expert adult male. Boy had 8 inch long lund and
was enjoying an oldie. Sitting  on the bed Nani was now
taking liberty of my innocence. She said come son and have experience of life time,
days like today never come in life time. Tomorrow who will believe that you have
fucked your Nani.  She kissed my lips her tongue was inside my mouth. She gave me
no chance. Then she lay on the bed and me on her top. Feeling hot I also joined her
advances. Then she led me to fuck her. I wasted no time as I was doing what she
asked me to do. Slowly Nani guided me inside her pussy .I cant describe my
feelings. I could see her enjoying every moment .I saw her uttering words of my
praise. Nani said this reminded her of her days just after marriage. We both were
engaged in a sinful act. Ranjana was massaging my back. I felt her boobs on my
back. After 5-7 mins of fucking we both reached orgasm at the same time.  We both
were moaning kissing .I cried nani I was cuming. Nani held me till I came inside
her completely. We lay there for about 10 mins  .Nani asked  Ranjana to
have taste of my cum which she did gladly.
Afterwards we kept talking for some time. Nani then said now its Ranjanas turn. Come
on son give her the taste of your virgin lund. I saw Ranjana behaved like a whore.
Nani sat on bed while Ranjana started to kiss me, her hand stroking my lund.I felt
my lund having erection. Ranjana lay on bed I was on her top. She guided my lund
inside her  I  also joined.She moaned and cried aahhhhha bibiji maza aa gaya. She
had 2 orgasms. I felt like cuming.i cried aaahhhha . She took out my lund in the
last min and said I don’t want to become pregnant. I came on her thighs and stomach.
She swallowed it all We lay there for about 5 mins. Fucking Ranjana was more fun.
Her pussy was tight she helped me like  a schoolteacher. She has not tasted any lund
since yrs. as she said  Then we all got up for cleaning.
For the rest 4 days it was fun and fun. Nani  me and Ranjana enjoyed every moment of
togetherness. We fucked in all poses possible under able guidance of my Nani. It was
a strange experience. I sometimes think it was a sin. It ended on return of my mom
and brother after 4 days. Later when we there for 5 more days Nani   would avail
every opportunity to kiss me on my lips passionately once telling my mom how good I
was. I was afraid so I avoided doing anything. Ranjanas little son fell sick so she
did come
afterwards to meet me.On finding me alone she kissed me madly and I sucked her boobs
and did all but cud not fuck her. On day of our departure Nani kissed me and said
son forget it all. I saw Ranjana was in tears and asked Do not tell anyone ever what
had happened. I said yes.
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As someone has rightly said—-
We Have only one LIFE. Have safe SEX & ENJOY

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Oral sex with servant girl (By Pusam)

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oneday when I was sleeping in my bedroom our servant girl came with the tea.I was
only eighteen at that time.After giving the tea she stroked my hair and was closer
to my body.
She asked me to kiss her!I did not have the exprience with a girl sofar
and I refused her call!As there was nobody at home,she suddently touched my dick
which was highly erect by that time.
She bent and kissed my manhood furiously and
raised her skirt and told me to lick her pussy!Ihave not seen a hairy pussy before
that and she encouraged me to lick it!!
I was not exprienced this matter and moved
away from the place.She refused my request and buried ny face in her wet cunt
forcefully.After a while I loved the smell and juice from the cunt!

My tongue found
the clit & sucked it!!She moaned and fell on the bed close-by.Then she sucked my
dick and drank the juice. I spilled the whole on to her face and she loved it and
rubbed it all over the face! after the incident we regularly met each other in
bathroom or outside when there was nobody in the house!But she did not allow me to
penetrate as she feared of getting pregnancy.I reqularly sucked her boobs and licked
the clit whenever I had time!!

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Fucked maid super sexy (By PANKAN)

August 31st, 2008 No comments

I M PANKAN i m from rajasthan Im a sexy boy with height 5″5 . today i want to share
my true experience . It happened when I was 14 . As my mom and dad both are working
we hav a maid for our house hold work .
One day when my mom & dad were not at home & I was doing my home work she came to
me and said to me plz get up I want to sweep up the room . I get up she started
sweeping floor .As she bend down to sweep I found that her boobs were freely hanging
I kept on seeing them I can see her nipples they were brown in colour
when she was gone after sweeping I musterbusted . One day I was watching bf she
suddenly opened the door of my room she was shocked by looking at my6″ong lund
I doesnt say any thing she came & sat near me & started playing with my dick
she said me plz fuck me . I started pressing her soft boobs
She opened up her salwar and kameej sshe was now in white bra & blue under were she
started opening my shirt.I also opened her bra hook and saw her boobs with were very
large I took them in my mouth and drink a few drops of milk .Then went to her pussy
which was aleready wet meanwhile she sucked my dick & suddenly a layer of cum falled
in jer mouth she tasted it she wanted more but then my dad come and we hav to stop
this play .

WE do it when ever we got time
if any girl wants to be fucked she can mail me at

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Nair Boy haves sex with Servant

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Hi readers, my name is Sudhir from Kottayam. I am getting hard on while reading most of the stories coming here in Indian Sex Stories. Wemalayalees get most of our Sex experiences in our home itself andfrom our near relatives or neighbours. Sorry, guys, i haven’t enjoyed anygood experiences in my life. This is about my friend Rajith and hisvelakari (servant). Rajith belongs to a conservative Nair family.Rajith is in my class and is 21 years old. He is a horny guy and ifgiven a chance would like to ball all the females around. His household has employed the services of a housemaid for the past five years. Her name is Geeta. She is a dark well proportionate woman of around 30 years. She has a very well developed ass & nice suckable ample breasts. She has two children of five and seven years respectively.

She lives in a near by colony and comes to Rajith’s house daily by 8.00a.m. Geeta’s husband is a car mechanic by profession and is a habitual drinker. These both have frequent fights. Rajith was a handsome guy and always had a secret desire to enjoy & ravish Geeta’s body. Whenever she came to clean his room with the broom, he always used to eye her shaking ass and those wonderful watermelons on her chest. In fact his infatuation with her was so much that he once remarked to me that if given a chance he would not hesitate to rape Geeta.

Once while Rajith was having his bath, he had forgotten to take his towel and asked Geeta to fetch it. When Geeta streached out her hand tru the bathroom door to give him the towel, Rajith pulled her inside the shower and asked her to take a bath with him. By now Geeta who was in a yellow saree & white blouse was totally drenched. Rajith seeing her in this erotic pose pulled her saree. Once her water drenched white blouse was seen , Rajith could not believe his eyes.. Geeta had not worn a Bra, her two black nipples could clearly be seen tru the blouse. In his estacy, he tried to grab her lemons. By now Geeta had recovered from Rajith’s initial assault and slapped Rajith hard on the cheek. She angrily told him that she was a married woman with two kids and this sort of antic was not acceptable to her. She went out leaving Rajith stunned.

After this incident Rajith did not trouble her for the next two months. In the meantime Geeta’s drunkard husband had left her for some other woman. Rajith’s parents gave Geeta and her children shelter in their small outhouse. Geeta came to Rajith one day and asked him to admit her two children in a government school, as she was illiterate. Rajith went along with her children to the school. In the application form, when the father’s name was asked to be filled, Geeta flatly refused to take the name of her husband. Seeing no other way out, Rajith put his name as the children’s father. The admission was made and they returned home. This incedent made Rajith very horny as officially he was the children’s father & Geeta their mother. This meant that Geeta was his wife.

The next day Rajith came to me for suggestions. I told him to attack on Geeta’s weakness i.e. that her husband was disloyal and not fit for her. I also suggested that if she still did not agree, then to threaten her to give in to his desires or be thrown out to the streets. Rajith took my advice and waited for the right time. After a week or so, Rajith’s parents had to go out of station for three days. This ment that Rajith was going to be alone with Geeta for three full days!!!!.

At around 7.00p.m, Rajith went to Geeta’s room. He started casually talking with her. Soon the topic moved on to her husband and Rajith started saying that for a great female like her, what was done is a great injustice Etc. Slowly he also started telling her that in her jawaan age she needed a man at her bedside every night. He caught hold of her hand and pleaded that she accept him as her man. She started protesting and Rajith reminded her that he had done a great service to her children by becoming their father in the official school registers. He also told that for a treacherous guy like her husband, she had to carry out an affair with him to teach that asshole a lesson. Rajith then went on to remove his lungi to show her his excited manhood in full glory. Geeta was eyeing his penis in a lustful manner and was starting to see reason. Rajith also threatened her that if she did not alloy him to enjoy her body then he would have her thrown out of the house along with her children. He reminded her that without his household she would be roaming the streets with her children. He told her to make up her mind and come to his room by 9.00p.m after putting her children to sleep.

Rajith knew that he had her in a bind and that she would surely become his tonight. He prepared his room tastefully and went on to have a bottle of beer. At around 8.45p.m, there was a knock at the door. Rajith opened it to find Geeta standing out in a red saree with matching blouse. He ushered he inside and told her he truly loved her. He led Geeta to his room and told her that this was her second “Aathya Rathri”. Geeta silently told him that she was becoming his only for the sake of her children. Rajith brushed aside her apprehensions and led her to his bed. Rajith took her full lips and laid her on the bed. He was kissing her cheeks and went on to suck her mouth. He was now fully charged up and asked her to stand so that he could remove her saree. He went on to strip her out of the saree. Geeta was now standing in only her blouse and petticoat and he was already squeezing her melons. Rajith made her lie down and started removing her hooks from her blouse. After removing the hooks he divested her of her blouse and she was clad only in her white bra and pettycoat. Rajith started licking her black valley between the Bra. His hands were moving to untie the knots of the petty coat. By now Geeta also was getting aroused and she took Rajith’s tool in her hand and was rubbing it. As he was removing her pettycoat he could see the black pubic hair on her cunt, this arosed him further and made him remove the bottom piece fully. Now Geeta’s cunt was in full view and the animal instinct of Rajith rose he attacked the black cherry with his tongue. He was sucking her cunt lips and was probing the tongue to go further deep. All this action made Geeta to respond and she was shaking with anticipation. Rajith’s hands had by now torn the Bra from her body and the breasts were seen in full glory. Geeta was nearing her climax and started pulling at Rajith’s hair crying out in passion. White sweet liquid of her cunt juices now filled Rajith’s quivering mouth. Rajith went up further and started to suck her large melons. His lungi was now open and Geeta helped him out of his brief. His tool was in a frenzied state and was erect, ready to ejaculate. He then guided his loaded missile in to the burning cunt of his new sex slave. He inserted his unsheathed monster fully, deep towards her womb and started riding her with passion. Geeta also responded to his onslaught and her tight cunt gave way to this new tool. Both of them enjoyed their bouts of sex with uncared frenzy. Rajith came thrice inside her cunt that night. Both of them slept in each other’s arms and Rajith was extremely happy that at last he was able to enjoy Geeta’s body in full. The next morning after Geeta had dressed and left to her outhouse, Rajith was in an ecstatic mood as his tool had fully serviced a needy, wanting woman’s cunt. After this incident, Rajith was fully in control of Geeta and her body. He used to have sex with her everyday and she was virtually his sex slave ready to do his bidding at any given time.

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Sheela our sex-maid

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Hi folks…I am Guru from Kollam. We are living in a 2 storied house, little far from Kollam town. I live with my parents and, since all of us work we needed a maid to take care of the house……etc. so we got down to hiring one from near by Village. Her name was Sheela, she was educated, completed SSLC, and could speak very mannerly, over all she was a very good cook. Let me get down to telling you how it all stared. One day I had to work late in the office and was given a day off. So I was at home all alone, my parents were of to work. Sheela was doing her house work and I asked her if she has already finished , she was about to and asked me if she should prepare my tea. I said yes and went into the Toilet to freshen up.

Well as you know being a guy your dick is always erect in the morning. So I, what the hell started to shag, what I didn’t know was that I had left the toilet door open. And over all that Sheela was just entering the room with my tea, she saw what I was doing and as I finished cumming in the tissue, and cleaning myself, she walked in with the tea. She acted as if nothing happened . but I could feel that she saw what I was doing.

I later came to the hall and was watching the television, and on the Star movies channel there was a softcore porno going on – interesting . Sheela came and sat down and started to watch. The stuff was getting a bit hot and I was now and then looking at her. She kept on looking at me. That’s it the signal GO was passed and in a matter of seconds I was near her rubbing her thighs and slowly going up her pavada. My one hand was on her full round breast. She at first didn’t do anything and after a while she started to rub my stuff which was already rock hard. I asked her to suck it she first said no then I explained that I was clean. She agreed and bent over and started to blow me. I asked to bite the tip and she did so which even made me harder. She then looked up at me and said “Hay your juice is coming out” don’t worry just come in my mouth. I stated to shake it out and in a matter of seconds I came in her mouth. She just swallowed and licked out what was dropping our from her mouth. While I was still getting over the first round. Ayoooo ! you should experience it to feel what I felt.

After that she told me to come to the bedroom and she started to strip her self like of professional OH! Monee that was the first time I got to see her really. She was great her breast were well shaped and round and she was correctly built. I could ‘nt wait any longer and I garbed her and threw her on the bed I spread open her thighs and started to lick her pooru which was soaking wet I kept pushing my tongue deeper and deeper and she kept letting out these soft morns of pleasure and she told me she was going to cum “Kutta I’m cumming Oh! God It’s there I …….. she let out a slight scream and her body arched up and fell all of a sudden. I could see a liquid come from her. Then she asked me to FUCK her . I pulled her legs and stuffed my thick stick into her . She bit her lower lip in pain and I started to move in a rhythmic manner, slowly rocking her and then she asked me to get faster. I was screaming cause she had tightened her Pussy to the Max. I told her I’m cumming , she asked me to shootout on top of her so I pulled out my stick and started to shake it out but I didn’t waste my other hand it was way deep inside her pussy pumping , at first one finger the two and so on till all five were in , she screamed you you are tearing me open, stop but by the time I came all on her face, hair lips..etc. I fell back tired and saw her lying there with her eyes shut tired and we went to sleep.

The next day I took the afternoon off and went home early, she was there and I just spoke to her a little, I asked her if she was up to it again but she said no, but little that I knew that the stupid was wanting me to kind off rape her. She kept giving these mixed signals that I could no longer take that shit , she was at the dining table I went behind her and pushed her face down on the glass and lifted her pavada and tore a hole in her panties and stuffed my fully erect Dick into her asshole, she said no please not from there, but it was to late I was ramming her with all my heart content. The bitch was still weeping in pain but at the same time in pleasure. I stuffed in figures into her cunt and kept pumping her at the same time, when I came I came all over her ass and on the floor on her dark thighs. She didn’t say a thing after that and just went and had a bath. My dick was throbbing after all that pumping, that I could imagine how her ass must be in pain, poor Bitch.

This use to go on for quite sometime for over a month I use to fuck her or when she was not up to it just make her blow me now and then, it became like a routine. Come home early before others came and got down to business right away.

Then one day came Sheela, called me at work and told me she requires some money, well that was it , the day that I was waiting for finally arrived. I told her well it the wrong time of the month and I ‘m almost broke, so it’s not possible. She began to plead and said I am willing to do anything you

I got this as a good opportunity and asked her to suck my cock till i want to stop it. She was eating it as a hungry dog……licking sucking…biting…….
This is only a part of my story… Guru … will continue with more experiences…..Hope u enjoyed it..
Thanks for for submitting my story here.

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