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Anand XP

December 19th, 2009 No comments

Hi, to all readers. I enjoy reading your stories. I want share my experience with you all. Friends my name isM S I am from Bangalore. I am 21years old and I stand 5.11 tall. Recently I had sex with a beautiful, young woman, who is a tenant of ours. I live in 1st floor. A young couple married for 8 months live in ground floor. The women who live in the ground floor is very beautiful, lovely, sexy, and GORGEOUS. Her name is PRIYA & she was of 25 years old. We are close friends. She will be calling me for some of her work done. We go out together for shopping and for some functions.
One day early morning I went to my collage due to some reasons classes were not conducted. So I came back to home at 10 Oclock & I saw our house locked. I went to Priya and asked about my mother. She told me she dont know anything about her. Usually when my mother is out she would give the keys to Priya.

This time she didnt. Priya invited me into the house. She was in pink nightgown. She brought us coffee we had coffee and chatted for some time. She was not having shampoo I bought her one she went for bathing and I was left watching TV.
After some time she came well dressed in pink translucent sari. She……She was really dame sexy, elegant I was stunned, I was in a shock for few seconds I…. I could see the outline of her breast and slim hip.Her lips are as red as blood, her body is as white as snow. Shes 56tall, with long hair, and has a nice 38-26-36 body. She may had to go somewhere. She came sat beside me and asked about my studies. Sheasked me weather I am in love with anybody I told no. Suddenly with out my knowledge I asked her could we make it? To my astonishment she agreed. I really dont know from where I got the courage. I was really shocked. We came closer kissed each other passionately sliding our tongues in and out of each others mouths and began feeling each other, tasting her sweet saliva. I was nervous and was thinking about how this all came about. She sat on my lap with her legs wrapped around my hips. I could feel her breast pressing hard against my body.
She was really hot; my cock was all ready equipped for it. I stood up with her on my hips and walked into bedroom and sat on the bed. I slowly removed her blouse and came down kissing her breast, which was tightly, coverwith bra. It was great to feel the crack between her boobs with my tongue and my lips. As her sling came off, she revealed her massive most beautiful firm big tits a ring has ever seen. I took my hands and placed them on her breasts, which where soft andnipples erect. She moaned at my touch. I began fondling them and than started to suck on each breast. I could feel her balls hardening. I completely undressed her pushing on the bed. She lay on her back, her arms and legs open and welcoming. Her body was luscious, and breathtaking in this position. I enjoyed exploring her huge breast by kissing licking. I slowly moved to her pussy, which was dense like African forest. I opened her pussy lips I could see the pink organ filled juices leaking out I licked hersweet pussy juice from my fingers and offered my fingers to her mouth and she licked her juices from my fingers. I crawled between her legs I threw my face into her cunt then it was time… I licked softly around her bittersweet lips. She moaned as her approval. I was licking and then I pushed my tongue into her while massaging her clit. OHHHHH, OOoOOOHHhhOOOOMmmmm! Fuck me with your tongue she told. I started to lap at her clit and she started to really cum. My fingers pinched her hard nipples and massaged her tittys as her hips bucked into my mouth. I pushed two fingers into her hot cunt while eating her pussy and she SCREAMING. As I ran tongue faster and shoved fingers in and out of her pussy, she began to cry out in ecstasy. Oh yeah dont stop that feels so good.
She was reaching orgasm I could feel it as she increased pressure on my head, which was in between her thighs as she reached her orgasm I was locked between her thighs. I could feel the ripples through her body. She ejaculated it tasted fresh juicy most of it leaked outside. I kissed her and let taste her own on my lips. She unzipped my pants, releasing my over endowed cock. She reached my cock and began licking up and down my long shaft she worked my cock as though it was a lollypop for severalseconds before finally taking it between her big lips. She swallowed and took me hard and deep into her mouth. She sucked my Cock like a wild woman. She worked my cock as though there was no tomorrow she stroked it up and down and side to side. Soon I washolding her head and fucked her mouth like I was fucking her pussy. This went on for minutes. Then I make her lay down on her back and sat on her stomach kneeling on my knees such that I could place my cock in between her boobs. As I saw in some of the porn movies.
I pressed her boobs against each other she began rubbing her hard breast and I played for some time by pushing in and out my cock. She knew I was not satisfied then I crawled between her legs and slowly started shoving my long cock into her Hispanic pussy. It really tight she was screaming out of pain as I ran across. I than started driving it hard and deep and she held onto my ass as I did this. I hammered her pussy with my manhood and shoved it all the way inside of her my cock completely covered her pussy and she started moaning. Sweet poured off of both of our bodies as we fucked. As I reached orgasm a ripple passed through my body. As I was laying on her kissing and caressing her breast, she told me she wanted me to pleasure her ass.
Now she bent down on all fours went up behind her and took my cock in my hand..and rubbed it along her crack between buttocks and down into the between her legs…. she could feel my pre-cum oozing all over her hot skin as my cock bathed with Priyas juices… Shepushed her cunt up towards my hard cock soon I ran my fingers down the crack of her ass….and gently insert my index finger… As soon as she felt my finger she mmmmm OOoOOOeeeeemed loudly. Still I was feeling all 3 H words HOT, HOoRNEY and HUNGRY. Stillmy cock was fully erected and was searching for the hole. I entered into her ass slowly she screamed out of pain as I inserted my cock for the first stroke then she kept meoned constantly, I slowly increased my pace. I bent down slightly to reach boobs to fondle them. I got her both boobs in by both hands it was a great pleasure to have stroking and fondle her boobs and fingering her nipples in this position.
As I increased my pace her moans became cries I drived it very hard and violently. Even she reciprocated to it by stoking her buttocks to me. As I reached higher and higher… shivers passed through me and I dug my nails into her boobs holding it hard. as white heat creamed out of my hot cock…. I closed my eyes. Hoping for a moment to enjoy the afterglow orgasm peaked. that was great reallly great.After that we played fingering, kissing caressing her both holes and boobs,tits and went for a bath.while in bathroom I heard my mother I quickly make up myself and left with sweet memoiries of her. Doyou no I even mastributed that night.

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Sexy Bihari

November 25th, 2009 No comments

This is Rohit from SURAT. I am a 19 year old guy . I can handle 2 ladies at a time easily. I have a dick which have always wanted to fuck gals and ladies. I want to tell u about the sex experience of mine which I had few months coming to the story… I have a neighbour living next to my house who was bihari. She was great looking with big boobs and big ass.anyone who see her will definitely see her again. She was lean. But her boobs were big for that sort of a body.also her ass were huge and I like glas having that sort of body type.
Especially I like ladies huge ass moving and shaking and dancing. At first when we used to see ididn’t have any wrong intention. She was good by nature too. She wont speak with anyone. But whenever I ask her for some thing she will reply because I was her neighbour. She used to smile at me when ever she saw me. I got my sexual appitite on her once when I saw her breasts. On that day she was wearing nighty which was loose.

I could clearly see that she didn’t wear a bra inside. She came out to pick some article butwhen she bent down, her boobs were visible. I couldnotsee her nipples,thats all. other than that I saw her swinging boobs. That was a great scene. After seeing that I was not in my sense. I was always thinking of her boobs and mastrubating myself. due to Chennai’s heat, some times she used to take bath outside her house. That is backside of her house. Since at that time there wont be anyone, she used to take bath. But I saw that and went to upstairs to see her take bath. But she didn’t know that.when she applies soap to her boobs I could see them fully and also when she applies soap to her pussy, I could see the pubic hair on them. After all I am also a human being and I could not control myself. I started mastrubating there itself. her bedroom was adjecent to my room.
Since her hubby will be on tour on most of the time she will be free in her house. She will change dresses in her bedroom freely. She will some time be naked in her bedroom. Since her room will clearly be visible I will go to my room and wait for her to change dresses. She will daily change dresses in the afternoon at 11:30 to 12 pm after finishing her duties. it became a routine that I see her change dresses. But I could see her boobs and not her pussy because she will close the bottom windows and will keep the upper windows open. But a thief will be caught on one day. She saw me eying her changing dresses. I was afraid that she saw me. But she immediately changed her dresses and went away. I thought that was end of all. She will report to my mom and I will be kicked off. But nothing like that happened. But after that incident, she started to change her dresses freely. She will look at my window side to make sure that I was looking at her. if she some how feels that I was in the window side looking at her she will open the bottom window and act as if no air was inside her room and she had opened the window for air.
From then on I could see her 95% nude because she will be wearing panty to cover her pussy. except that she wont wear anything and will sit below the fan as if she is getting fresh air from it.even though these were positive moves inviting me, I didn’t have the courage to go to her to have sex. one day she asked me to come to her house to help her in keeping things in the upper shelf. on that day no one was there in my house. I thought that she really had work and went to her house. There when I viewed her dress I was dumbstruck. She was wearing nighty and was not wearing any bra but was wearing panty. her boobs were swinging freely and I could not control my hard on my dick. her ass were shaking and dancing according to the tunes of her walk. I was drowned in these things that I was just watching her moving behind her. when I went to her house I saw few heavy things down and she said that I have to help her keeping those things up. I said ok and also said that she had to help me out in lifting things. She said ok and bent down to pick the things. when she bent down I could see her breasts. I was looking at her breasts and due to this my cock was becoming even more hard and big. I didn’t help her pick the things up. So she suddenly looked me and I was staring at her boobs. only after her look, I came to my conciousness.
But before that she had seen me seeing her. Then she asked me whether I am ok and want a tea. I said no. But she said that she wanted it and went to the kitchen. when she returned back after having tea, I saw that the top button of her nighty was open. I knew that she had made that deliberately to reveal her boobs and make me hot. Already I was hot and after seeing this I was even more cock was stiff and hard. it was in a position that if allowed it will tear my pants. it was having a tent on my pants. She saw it and saw my eyes. I couldnot see her eyes. So I acted to take the things. She also bent much to reveal her boobs. I had to adjust my dick. So I took my hands to adjust my dick properly. when we kept the suitcase first nothing happened. But when we lifted another heavy bag, she lost control and fell on me. fortunately the bag fell aside but she fell on me. her boobs were pressing my chest and her face was on my face.her lips were on my cheeks and while falling down her hands were touching my dick and she could not take it aside. She was feeling my dick. we were in that position for few seconds enjoying ourselves.but after recognising our position we released ourselves. She was giving me a sexy smile. Then she asked me whether we can enjoy something which I had not enjoyed till now. I saw her as if I didn’t understand anything. But she bluntly asked me whether we can have sex and started crying. She told me that she was not having good sex life with her hubby. And he was not satisfying her needs.
I tried to console her by keeping my hands on her back. Then she hugged me and kissed me on my lips. That was a great feeling. She started to kiss me wildly all over me and I too started responding her. Then she pressed my dick from outside my pants. Since that was the first time I had felt a lady’s hand on my dick I was in hevan.then unzipped me and took my pants down. Then she took my underwear and I was half nude showing my dick to her.then I myself removed my t-shirt and was fully nude. She just bent down and started to take my dick in her mouth. But my dick was bit big for her. But she wont leave it. She fully took my dick and started to give me blowjob by her to and fro motion. Soon I got my cum in my dick and said her that iam going to cum. She said ok and took the whole of the cum in her hands and massaged my dick with it. Then she lifted her nighty and removed her panty to apply my cum on her pussy for lubricancy. But I stopped her. now it was my turn to remove her dresses. I removed her nighty first to see her boobs. it was great and big.that was the first time I had seen her boobs too close. her nipples were brown and her areoles were big too. I started to take her boobs in my mouth and bit her nipples. She moaned. Then I started to massage one of her boobs with my hand and was biting another boobs with my mouth. her moans started increasing.also her nipples started to become hard. I continued this for few munites till she asked me to move to her pussy. So I left her boobs and came to her below area. I removed her panty and saw her pussy. It was a fully shaved. it seems she had shaved it a day or two back. it was pinkish in colour and her cilt was red. I just gave it a kiss imagining it to be her lips. She just had a shiver in her whole body.
Then I put my fingures into her pussy. it was wet with her precum. So my fingure went inside easily. Then I left two other fingures to fingure fuck her with three fingures. She started to moan and also started to press her boobs by herself out of sexual instinct. Then I removedmy hands and started to suck her pussy. I was tickling her cilt with my mouth. She could not control herself. The acts of mine had aroused her more and more that she started to beg me to fuck her. So I took my dick to enter it into her pussy. But my dick was bit big for her pussy. She started to wail in pain. I just inserted my kerchief into her mouth sothat her wails will not be heard outside.but after few tries, I inserted my dick inside her fully. But I was consious to have a condom to my dick before inserting my dick. At first I was slow. But as time passed I increased the speed of fucking. while fucking her she would have felt some pain in her. So she lifted her hips and spread her legs to make my job easier and also for releaving her from pain. I was also playing with her boobs by squeezing them and pinching her nipples. I was describing her assets to her and also explained how I wanted her from the beginning. At last when we both were in the verge of releasing our cum, we seperated ourselves. we ejected our cum by mastrubating ourselves. we were tired and lied in the same position for few munites. Then we came to 69 position (where my dick was in her mouth and her pussy was in my mouth).
We both gave blowjobs simultaneously and released our cum again. Then I said her that I like her ass very much because they were big and I need to play with it. She understood my intention and said that she doesnt want to be fucked from her ass but I can enjoy her ass by pressing it. So she started to kiss me again in my lips and left her tounge into my mouth. She was operating in full speed and was also playing with my dick with one hand. But on the other hand I started to feel her fleshy ass and pressed it hard and pushed it towards last we again were hot and my dick was again hard and thick. She started to keep my dick in her mouth. But I said no and got another condom and started to play with her pussy. I made her hot and wet. Then I inserted my dick into her pussy. This time it was not as hard as it was before. She lifted her ass to let my dick enter into her pussy easily. I caught her bigggg ass to fuck her fastly and easily.
After completing the job she started to dress herself and even i. She thanked me for the wonderful experience and requested me to have many more experiences with her. I promised her to do so and we had it few times.

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my tenant’s sexploits

October 18th, 2009 No comments

I was seventeen years when I had first seen live sex act though I had read lot of
porno books from the age of 13. Let me come to the actual incidents I have seen.
It was hot summer night. I got up to go for a piss for which I had to cross my
tenant’s portion. I found the lady’s brother sleeping in the open verandah with her
child. All the doors were open and light was on in the hall. At 12; o’clock I was
wondering why the light is on and the boy is sleeping outside the house. Since we
all move very freely and closely I went inside the house. When I was about to enter
the middle hall I heard moaning sounds. I quitely stepped inside the hall and I was
shocked by what I say. The husband and and wife were fully naked. The wife, who is
around 25 years of age has a great body with 34 inches boobs and 32 waist. She was
on all fours and the husband was fucking here from behind.

They were in sideways
position so I could see his cock (around 8 inches) going in and out of!
her cunt very fast. They were so much involved in their act they did not notice
my presence. After few strokes, the lady asked her husband to put his cock in
her ass hole. Immediately the man opened her buttocks and spit in his asshole and
started licking her anus. His toungue was going deep inside her anus and the lady
started lifting her ass to the face of her husband. After few minutes her anus
was fully lubricated and here husband inserted first one finger and then another
finger and here asshole opened fully wide and round. Once here anus was ready to
take his big cock, the mand took his cock in his hand and slowly inserted his
cock. After inserting about two inches he made a few strokes and then one motion
pushed his entire length into here anus. The wife moaned with pleasure and
begged him to fuck here ass fully and finger fuck her cunt. Her husband got wild
with her pleading and started fucking her both the holes with his cock and finger.
I was watchin!
g without moving an inch and my cock started leaking and a str!
ange noice of pleasure came from my throat. In the meantime, the couple also
reached their peak of orgasm and fell as a heap together. They also heard my sound
and turned back to see me standing with my pants wet with my orgasm. I was
terribly afraid as I was caught watching them. But they also panicked having been
caught fucking openly with her brother sent out to sleep in the open verandah to
enable them to enjoy their fucking. They both immediately pleaded with me not to
tell anybody what I have seen. They did not even bother to hide their naked body
and it seemed that the lady was indrectly enjoying showing her beautiful body. I
also had a good view of her eredt boobs and clean shaven cunt. She noticed where
my eyes are moving and thought that by showing her body I will keep quite and keep
it as a secret. She slowly turned on her back as if she wanted to relax and opened
here thighs wide open so that I can have a clear view of here pussy which was
glistening !
with the cum of both of them. She further wiped the cum with her right hand licked
all the fingers clean and then gave a sweet smile to me. Then she asked me whether
I liked what I saw and told me to go to my house. By seeing her act, her husband
was aroused again and his cock became fully erect and her eyes saw the same.
Immediately she grabbed his cock with both her hands and begged to go out so that
they can continue their game again. I was mentally exhaused by what I saw and
immediately rushed out.

P.S. This lady is a real bitch and her further episodes will be described in two
other stories.
If you liked it pl encourage me as this is my first story.

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Sex with neighbour girl

September 9th, 2009 No comments

I m raju from Punjab . I m sharing my story of sex with sexy neighbour girl. It
happened when i m in B.A first year. My neighbour girl used to come home. She always
watching me. And i m too . So it is going on on but one day i was alone at home . My
parents went to attend marriage . She was not so beautiful but who cares .That day
i was watching blue film .Suddenly she came . She was shocked to see my erect
dick . I turn off tv. I saw there was a little smile on her face . I went to her &
asked don’t tell my parent . She said ok but i have one condition. I said what . She
said – she also want 2 watch it . I said ok. Then we started watching it . This is
my 1st time watching blue film with a girl .

We both r charge . I asked did u like
it . Yah very good she said. Did u see it before . She said no . I said i have more
if u wanna see it please come at night . After some time she said ok . At night we
again watching it . My dick was full erected . She come close to me. !
And put her hand on my erect dick . I pick her from neck kiss her lips for 20 min.
& rubing her boobs . Then i turn off her clothes .she wore black bra and panty . I
unhook her bra and licking her hot boobs and my hand was in her pussy. She was
moaning . Then she pick my dick & start tasting it . She was licking top area of my
dick .my precum is coming then she put my dick in her mouth & giving me blowjob it
was awesome . Then it wore condom nd put it in her pink pussy . First i pumping
slowly . But to hear her moaning i start fast and faster . I pushed full my dick in
her pussy. After stop sometime i give hard stroke with my full strengh . After that
i feel my cum is coming . I pull out dick from her pussy . And throw my cum on her
face . It was amazing . After that we did sex 3 nights . If any girl wanna be fuck
by me contact me . My email address is

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Accidental with Neighbour

August 23rd, 2009 No comments

Hi to all readers, I am one of the greatest fans to this site.
My name is Vivek(name changed) and I am working in MNC at Mumbai. I am from
Bangalore and living here for one and half years. I am 26 years old and I am not
attractive.62 kgs of weight and 5ft , 9inch and normal looking with no additional
charming things in my body.
I enjoyed my college days to the maximum, but I was never interested with any girls.
I used to tease them with their behaviours. I had a problem,I used to be nervous and
I feel uncomfortable talking with ladies/girls.

I am staying in Andheri with friends. I am very silent in the housing society and
sometimes I used to play cricket with small kids. We are staying in second floor of
flat. There are two flats in that floor.

Recently a couple occupied the flat and they were doing some modifications. I didnt
mind too much about them. We had a cook and he was helping them. One day when all my
friends went for a movie,I was alone in my room by watching TV and caretaker went to
buy vegetables.

Suddenly bell rang and I opened the door. I found the next flat lady standing and
asked for caretaker. I replied politely that he went outside for buying vegetables.
She replied that she need help to move bed, as carpenters left everything in a

I went to their home, she was wearing nightie. She was holding the cot at one end
and I was holding the cot at another end. Ofcourse I can manage to move the cot,but
noise will come and floor gets damaged.Its a bit heavy weight cot.

When I was holding cot at the another end, it was not intentional,accidently I saw
the cleavage and most portion of her breasts. I never saw anyone breasts (except X
movies) in practical, and for sometime I just lost my conciousness. She noticed my
glances and I realized myself and tried to avoid seeing her cleavage.

I don’t want to describe her in detail,but All I can say is ,she is fair with
wheatish brown colour. She has a good combination of colour,physic, charming face,
boobs and tummy.
After moving the cot , she told me to move dining table also . The same situation, I
am a common normal human being , even though inner thoughts remainds me everytime,
My mind tickled me everytime and for a second used to glance her cleavage. She
noticed my activities.

After everything is placed in positions. I told that I am leaving . She insisted for
a cup of tea and I replied that I will have another day. But she forced we with her
sweet words and I told that I like to have a coffee and meanwhile I was watching
wall decorations and pics(which is hanged in wall) . This time I avoided to see her
cleavage,when she gave me coffee.

She sat beside me and we were having tea/coffee . I asked her name and few more
details about her family. She replied that her name is Neha (name changed) and she
got married 2 years ago. She is from gujarath and her husband is working as regional
marketing manager and it’s a arranged marriage.

She told that she is feeling bored to stay alone at home for whole day , and I told
about myself and ended with good conversations. As the day progresses, the couple
used to quarrel more often . In mean while whenever I am seeing her(I have to cross
their door steps to my room), I used to smile her and wish her. Sometimes casual

One day I was not feeling well and I returned to room in afternoon. My caretaker
wont remain in day times(as he will be roaming with his girlfriend). With no
strength I walked into steps and reaching home , she came outside of her home to go
outside and found my uncomfortable and asked me, what happened?

I replied that I am not feeling well and hence returned early to home. She just
stopped her commitments and she told that we will go to consult doctor. That’s the
first time,I got such kind of fever, It’s a high end viral fever. I was so tired
and I replied that I cant.

She called a doctor to home and he told me to take rest atleast for 10 days. I was
not in a position to go to my hometown also.hence I stayed at Mumbai itself.
Everyday when my friends leave to office,she used to bring me breakfast (as my
caretaker don’t make food good) and lunch everyday. In these 10 days our talks
growned well and we became good friends.

After a week time I became fit and fine . I already informed to my project manager
that I am in hometown and I will be back after 10 days to office. One day in
midnight I heard a big quarrel from her home. I felt very bad about that men
thinking how rude with his wife?

Next day morning when I was about to go outside , I saw her standing at her
doorstep. As usual I wished her and I told her that I heard quarelling between you
and your husband, Any problem between you and your husband? Her face became small
and started to weep.

I went behind her to her home and tried to consoled her. Her tears started flowing .
I felt very bad with her husband. I was giving some excuses for her husband,like
this is recession time, he might be worried about his job secure and have lots of
tensions and hence he might be shouting at you and few reasons.

We were sitting in living room in sofa. She was continuously weeping. When I was
talking , she held her head on my shoulders . I was panic and don’t know , what to
do next. My penis started growing . I controlled my temptations and was consoling
her with my words. She then wrapped my hand in between her hand and boobs. I lost
the world for sometime.

I never felt girls/ladies skin and this incident shooked me and a new kind of
feeling and excitement within myself. She told that whenever I am talking with you I
am totally comfortable with you. My husband never cares for me. Anytime he is
shouting at me, for past two years he never took me to any place and many things and
she told me that I noticed you the first day(when cot was arranged) and your views
on my cleavage also and after that you are very keen and never saw me. I admire your
respect on me.

I don’t know , what I want to talk further and what I have to do next. Her boobs
were constantly pressing on my hand and my rod had no control. I tried to un knot my
hand but she didn’t left me to take my hand. Mean while she was caressing on my
thighs. I was just sitting there with dilemma and started pre-cumming.

Her heat breathe was making me more erotic and she held my other palm and told that
her husband is not interested in sex also and he is impotent. Once I told her that I
am very nervous talking with girls and I am still virgin and I want to have my first
sex with my wife etc. She was helding my palm and slowly she reached my hand in hand
to her breasts. I told her,, It’s a sin and you should not do like this and you
are cheating your husband and she replied that I am also a common woman and I do
have sexual desires.If I am not getting with my husband then what can I do?

By that I lost everything and started fondling her breasts with her dress on. I
placed my first kiss of my life to Neha,a special kind of feeling that I am
experiencing in practical.
She was wearing cream colour saree . I took her to her room(I already know,when I
went for first time to arrange things) and and took her pallu off and started giving
kisses to her each and evry inch of her face. I removed her upper garments and
started playing with her breasts by tickling, sucking etc. meanwhile used to pressed
my head between her huge two globes. It was quite big for my hands.

Then one hand came to downwards and moved my hands towards the vaginal part and
kneeding her thigh to make her hot and I can feel her movements and horny.menawhile
one f my hand was playing with her boobs.

Then I moved my tounge and started licking her vagina and then started inserting my
middle finger from one to three of my fingers in soner time and meanwhile she
already had a orgasm. She was in Ecstasy and I was hearing her sounds and I was busy
with her body.

Then she came into act and removed my trousers and took my 6inch took with her soft
hands and started sucking and I was in heaven at that time and she was sucking like
cone ice cream.She was enjoying with my precum. Later she guided me to insert my
penis into her vagina and being a first time my whole body started sweating. She is
experienced a bit and she guided me.It was tight initially and after few slow
strokes my rod went inside her and she started screaming heavily. I have theory
experience about sex by watching porn movies, but still not enough to make it
practically and she guided me in some ways

Both of them delighted and lost my strength and lied on bed , beside her . I was
flying in air as if I had done a great thing,I felt guilty about myself that I had
cheated her husband and I lost my virginity and I cheated to my wife(Where I am
going to marry).

She cried by placing her head on my chest and said that she cheated her husband and
she has no other way to satisfy her sexual needs.

Some sort of happiness that I made someone happy. After two hours of act , I was
exhausted and I reached home and I took bath and ordered food to my place from

For next two days, at day time It has become nights for me. When door is locked,no
sound comes outside.I used to stay in her home and playing with her by experiencing
different acts of sex.

It happened two months back and whenever I am getting opportunity we are having sex
at different angles. No one in my room have any clue about my affair with her. As
her husband most of the days , he will be outside and he also has no clue.

As of now, everything is going fine and we both know that we are cheating . no other
way to help her and obviously I did mistake, One time mistake is also mistake and
1000 mistakes also mistake and hence I am satisfying her and in meantime I am
enjoying her body and my sexual needs and looking for other pussy also.

As this is the first time I am posting, there may be mistakes and looking forward
for your feedbacks.

My mail ID is : and

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My sweet and Hot Nasreen

August 12th, 2009 No comments

I am raj, I stay in Hyderabad and regular reader of the Indian stories, I would like to share my experience with u. My neighbor is Nasreen who is of my age 25, she was newly married she is really very sexy. I always masturbate thinking her in my mind fucking her and doing all sorts of things on her, she was always my dream girl. I had seen her in her undies many times by climbing on the sunshade of her bedroom window in the night as we stay in the same house.

I always go to the terrace in night and wait for the bath room lights to on, and I immediately jump on the bedroom sunshade and see her removing her skirt and top and going inside into bath with undies, one day I got an idea to see her taking bath and I jumped on to the bathroom sunshade with some difficulty and saw her , she was completely nude and pouring water on her body, I was really very excited and my dick stood got erected and I saw her applying soap on all parts of body and as she came down there was a forest like hair on her pussy and I saw her till she completed her bath and came out and I jumped to bedroom sunshade and saw her putting powder in between her legs and thighs and she wore a dress and went out of bedroom.

For many days my job was routine and I used to see her like that . one day as there was no one in my house and her house as our parents went to attend the wedding of friends daughter that day and her husband has gone to work I went to her house and knocked the door she came in light skirt which her thighs were visible from that and we were sitting and chatting and suddenly as she shifted her legs I saw her panty which made me erect and she noticed that I was seeing her and she immediately got up and on the TV to move away from me, as I had idea I told her I am unable to see TV from here clearly and moved towards her an sat next to her and immediately caught hold of her and gave a kiss on her mouth and caught her tight and she resisted and I knew she was also enjoying but first she resisted and later she also started kissing with me for quite a long time and we departed from kiss and I slowly moved my hand to her tits and was squeezing and while squeezing again I was kissing her on her neck and she was moaning loudly in pleasure and hold me tightly and I slowly moved my hand down and felt that she was wet and lifted her and took her to her bedroom and removed her dress but while removing her panty she resisted but I made her to remove and now we both naked on bed I slowly came down her and saw her pussy with full bushy hair and I with no time put my tongue on that and started sucking the pussy and she was moving very fast and shouting and she was unable to resist and me too and we both were going to give our fluids out and in no time we came and her cum came straight on my face and then I drank everything and now I inserted my finger and she was enjoying and I was could not resist more I immediately took my cock and pointed towards her pussy I inserted my dick fully and she was shouting very loudly and I started slowly but later picked the speed and she too was helping me by moving her waist and we both came again and we both lied there for 10 minutes and got up and dressed , as our parents may come and her husband may come at any time so, I left her by giving a big kiss.

When ever we got an opportunity we have fun. Now she is Pregnant. Any girls and women from Hyderabad and Secunderabad can mail me for other stories at my email address hotdick9inch {AT} would like to say thank you for submitting this story :8)

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Sexy playfull neighbor

January 26th, 2009 No comments

I’m a 23-year-old guy from Bhubaneswar. I’m working for a software comapany. I have an immense appetite for sex and I do have a lot of fantasies about females. i use to fantasise a lot about my teachers, lady lecturers, and friends in my college and school days. As I grew up my desire for females also grew. It was only recently that I had sex with a female.

We shifted to a new locality a year ago. First I was disappointed noting that the females in my neighbourhood were not attractive and were quite old. But finally I met a female named Manu who introduced herself as our neighbour next door. She is 4 years elder to me i.e. she is 27 or 28 and has a kid. She wore a T-shirt which revealed her boobs clearly and turned me on. I thought I was lucky all together.

We got familiar after a few days. One day she came to my house in a saree with a sleeveless blouse. That was the first time she entered my fantasy world. While she was busy talking to my mom I noticed her boobs and her deep navel from side. Her boobs were round and big. From that night I started masturbating to her. I fantasised raping her, pinning to the wall and tearing her blouse and bra and kissing her passsionately all over her boobs. I use to masturbate twice every day to her image. She too showed interest in me. One day when no one was at home and I as masturbating she came to my house. My dick were erect and was bulging from my pants. She noticed that and stared at it quite a number of times. Not only that time but so many other times I caught her red handed staring at my dick. That increased my desire on her. I use to see her without her notice and use to masturbate her.

After a few months we came to this locality my parents went to my native place and I was alone. That time she called me to her house for dinner. She use to be in her nightie with her tits bulging. We came close to each other. One day I went to her house when her husband was not there. She was wearing a saree that time. We chatted for a long time and in the process sex crept into the talks. I told her that I get turned on whenever I see her and I masturbate to her everyday. I asked her about her opinion about me. It started raining. My dick was erect then. I stared at her once. She went into the kitchen. I followed her and went inside the kitchen. I caught her from behind and started kissing her on the neck keeping my hands on her abdomen massaging her stomach. My dick grew hard. I could not control myself. I took her to the bedroom and uncovered her. The very sight of her big boobs raised me. I pinned her to the wall and started caressing her boobs and kissing them passionately. I tore open her blouse and bra and kissed her all over her boobs. I slowly moved on to her bottom. I removed her petticoat.

She was not wearing a panty. I kissed on her thighs and moved on to her pussy. I seperated the pubic hair and started licking her pussy. She was screaming heavily. I seperated her legs and and kissed her all over her pussy. Her juices flowed and I sucked all the juices. I moved up. I kissed on her deep navel. I drilled my tongue into her navel and kissed all over the curves on her abdomen. Then I put my dick inside her pussy and she moaned with pleasure. I removed her bra and started kissing on her boobs. She was having sexy armpits. I kissed all over the armpits and she was moaning with pleasure. I started giving wild strokes. My hands were busy squeezing her boobs. Her left boob was larger than the right. So, I kept her left boob in my mouth and started squeezing her other boob. Her nipple was erect and bit her nipple. I kissed every inch of her boobs which I dreamt for months together to fuck and suck her nipples. As the kissing increased so did the pumping from below also increased. I bit her nipples hard and after sometime I came out. She also had orgasm. After a few minutes I raised her hands and tied them to the bed. I seperated her legs and I was on top sucking her nipples and pumped harder this time and she came out once again. The rain outside increased so did the passion in us. Days passed by. We use to fuck whenever we had a chance.

I still masturbate her and she too masturbates to my image. We go to a lodge nearby and have sex sometimes. I would like to enjoy her as long as I can. I don’t know how long I can fuck her. But I can never forget her as she is the sexiest women I’ve ever seen. So, I’m planning to take a few snaps of her in nude so that I can masturbate her for life long. Every part of her body arouses me. What a wonderful fuck that was. I’ll never forget my sexy neighbour.

Please feel free to comment on my narration.All sorts of Email messages are cordially invited.

Thanx in advance for reading my story.Revert back at

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Word in Sister’s Ear

January 22nd, 2009 No comments

A Word in Her Sister’s Ear. by Emmah ?

The sat on the bed cross legged; they were naked and facing each other. It was Friday night; their favorite night. Rachel made love to Jenna, with words. They weren’t words of lovemaking but loving words that shared the day’s events.

“Jen I saw the most beautiful skirt today with all shades of purple that would look great on you. I would have tried it and got it for you but I didn’t want to come home late.”

The apartment was warm but they liked sitting like this. Jenna gently caressed her younger sister’s face. “I’m glad you’re home sweetie.”

They spoke of the day and enjoyed each others stories. As they wound down Rachel uncrossed her legs and moved closer encircling her sister with her long legs. Both breaths deepened. Jenna’s eyes closed anticipating Rachel’s touch. It was always electric to her; as if a fine wire carried it in her from between her breasts to the folds between her legs. Rachel stroked Jenna’s back from the nape of her neck to her waist over and over, feeling the tension drain.

They had discovered each other when they were younger, close, in the same bed. Long before it became sexual, the velvet feel of each against the other, had comforted them. Rachel, who was younger by eleven months, had soothed her sister’s nightmares that started when their father left the country to be with another woman. They were very young.

During high school and in years thereafter, both dated men and tasted the waters of experimentation. Jenna had a serious affair that she thought might lead to?? The ‘man’ wasn’t ready to deal with the ‘C’ word. “Amazing” Rachel told her; “It might as well be fifty years ago. They still just come and go; that’s what they’re good at, coming then going.”

It was about that time that Rachel made the first overtures with little kisses and lots of words. There were words about Jenna’s beautiful translucent skin, words about being together always and words about love being love no matter which type of body parts were matching up.

Rachel was almost always the initiator who sparked her older sister. Jenna was shy but Rachel would stroke her hair and hold her hand in a restaurant or on the street. She didn’t care who saw, who knew or what they thought. In her mid-twenties now, she’d seen enough judging eyes to stare back until the idiots looked away. In the last few years she thought perhaps there were more inquisitive eyes and even some smiling ones. Hallelujah.

They lived in Portland overlooking the Bay of Maine. They often walked the esplanade which sat on the hill above the water. Dogs play Frisbee, people on blankets in the warmer weather and a small steam train that goes back and forth along the shore.

One fine green day, they sat on a bench; elements of an idyllic painting, until they almost got arrested. Jenna kissed Rachel.

It happened so infrequently that Rachel s delight took the form of responsive kisses and the game of “when I get you home?”. They alternately whispered of tongues and fingers and devouring mouths. They punctuated their talk with small kisses. A cop walks by and stares. Rachel, ever ready, stares back and won’t let go of his eyes. He walks up and starts with, “public place blah blah?decent people blah blah?etc.”

Rachel just stares in silence. He accelerates finally ending with “are you going to move along or?”?

Jenna said, “Fine” and stepped between them to break the stare. She’d seen this before with other people and it didn’t always end well.

All Rachel said as she shook her head was, “2001, 2001”.

That was then, this was now: Friday night, warm, facing each other and seeing their own beauty in the others eyes.

Jenna leaned in and kissed her sister softly. She loved to kiss and could do it for hours. Rachel would easily get caught in the gentle current. Their moods were contagious. One didn’t have to ‘give in’ to the other because usually within moments they found each others rhythm.

Jenna used what Rachel teasingly called her ‘talented’ tongue to explore her sister’s mouth as their soft lips pressed. Sometimes a kiss would become a connection they both knew not to break. Sometimes Jenna needed the words that soothed her inside. “Tell me something nice Rach.”

“This is nice Jenna.” Rachel held her breast and circled her puffy nipple with her thumb. “This is very nice. All of you is very nice Jen. I love your sweet body and your eyes and your heart. I love being with you; it’s the only time I’m not thinking about what happens next.”

They touched each other: hands on alabaster, mouth on reddening mouth. For a long moment there were no thoughts of “Jenna is touching?nor, Rachel is touching?” only touch.

And then their fingers began their work: finding openings to outline, tease and coax; openings to moisten, fill and pleasure. Little liquid noises sounded. And when the ache built, Jenna just said “please”.

Rachel said “Yes love”. She never teased here. She sat behind Jenna on the bed and wrapped her arms around her. Jenna felt her sister’s nipples and breasts pressing into her back. Rachel put her finger on the slippery clit and as it slid around the swollen pleasure zone, she gave Jenna what she needed to come ? the words.

“Jen I’m here? I love you and I’m never going away?I’ll be with you forever?you’re my home.”

As the chaos of emotion and sex overwhelmed Jenna, the sounds of her coming were staccato little cries: “mmm?mmm ?mmm?mmm?mm?mm…” She reached back to stoke Rachel’s hair in time with her finishing exhales.

Jenna turned as Rachel reclined. She took Rachel into her mouth tasting the sweet wetness. She pressed the tip of her tongue on the engorged nub and began circling as Rachel gently moaned. She licked the folds and the hood and teased with fast passing flicks. With Rachel’s juices on her finger, she explored her smaller opening. Inserting her finger as she sucked brought Rachel to the edge.

“Yes baby, Yes baby? OH sweet baby Jen?so good ?OH?OH?my good girl?mmmm?make me come sweet Jenna?there?Ohhhh?ohh?mmm?”

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My Sweet Sexy Neighbour

January 6th, 2009 No comments

Dear Readers,
I am Kishore here writing this story. I am from Chennai. This happened with my neighbor who is a distant relative for me. And she is also my cousin sister. Her name is Priya. I am 18 years at that time and she is elder to me she is 21+ at that time. And she had a very nice figure, which every one will look for it. Her size is 34-28-36.

It all happened when every one in my house went for a marriage. I never attend due to some reason. Then my parents told my neighbor to take care of me to give me food and help me if I need any thing. Then the next day priya came and told me that her parents are going out and she will be here. And she that her parents are going out of station for three days that her relative have expired. So her parents told me that take care of her during these days.

We went to the railway station and we send them and came back to our house and she told me that can I come to their house to sleep because she is scared a bit. Then I went there to sleep with her she went back to bed and I was watching some movies and midnight masala in TV. Then when I went to bed I saw her in the nighty and her nighty is scrolled till her thighs and she is looking great in that scene. I controlled my self. And I went to sleep in the hall and I masturbated thinking of her that night I never sleep in her thoughts. I masturbated 2 to 3 times that day. The next day she went to computer class in morning and when she came back home she cried to me. I asked what happen to her she told me that she fell down from the vehicle and her leg is paining then I took her to the doctor and the doctor gave her some ointments, Then when we cam \e back she changed to her night dress and she took the tablets and she gave me the ointment to apply in her leg. This aroused me and I asked her to go to bed and I will come back. I went to her and she took her nightgown till her knees and asked me to apply the ointment. I touched her leg for the first time and she lay on the bed I apply the ointment in her le then I kept on massaging her leg for some time. I was tensed and I still massage her legs and now I start the game I moved my hands to her knees and then to her thighs very slowly. And she never hesitates for it. I now move to her inner thighs. She never responds for it also. Then I slowly creased her thighs. She gave me some soft moans. By the time I had a nice hard on. Then inch-by-inch I reached her panty and I felt it was very wet. Then I moved her nightgown to her hips and smelled her panty it smelled very good and I massaged her pussy through her panty. Now I looked her face she was in heaven and she closed her eyes I moved to her and I kissed her lips for which she quickly respond and she kissed my lips like anything she took my tongue in her mouth. By the time my hands moved to her breast, I started massaging it she moaned softly for it and she said come on do it faster. I now open her zipper and moved my hand to her bra strap and I removed it then I saw her beautiful breast for the first time I took it my mouth her nipples are hard like rock I licked it like anything. I found something in my man hood its her hand she unzipped my pant and took it out and she move it too and fro. It felt very nice for me. I now went down and kissed her panty and she now closed her eyes and asked me come on dear. I removed her panty and I found her bush. I kissed her bush and then now I licked her pussy for more than 15 minutes she moaned nicely for it. I fingered her and she then took my man hood in her mouth I felt that I am in heaven it is really nice and she gave me a nice blow job and she asked me to fuck me dear please don’t keep me to wait. I inserted my tool in her wet pussy and I cum in her pussy then she took my tool in her mouth once again and she made me cum in her mouth she never even left one drop of it. I fingered her once again then I cum in her breast then she told me shall we go to take a bath I readily agreed and we went to the toilet and we enjoyed there for more than a hour and we came back neatly dressed. Then we started in the night once again and the next day morning she told me that she waited for this for a very long time. We enjoyed till our parents return. And now she is married and went back.

I hope the readers would have nice time in reading my story and comments are welcome to and Any aunties, gals, divorced lades widowed ladies are welcome for a nice fun the relation will be confident. I look for u comments.

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Neena Chechy

October 8th, 2008 No comments

I read many stories here and I really liked everyone of them and this gave me courage to share my experience with all of you. This happened in the last summer vacation when my parents where in the village. My neighbors elder sons wife was all alone in the house coz everybody went to village and she had to stay coz her parents were gonna come after 5 days. In the afternoon I was coming back to home she was waiting for the lift. Many of other people were also waiting for the lift. As soon as the lift came I rushed inside coz If I would have I would have to wait and my Neena Chechy would have been left I entered first and after me my beautiful Neena Chechy.

As she was entering sombody pushed her and she fell on me her big and firm boobs crushed against my chest as soon as she turned back to see who pushed her everybody rushed inside and the lift was totally packed there was no place to make a slight move her nice ass was sooooo tightly pressed against my cock that I got hard and she felt my cock on her ass she turned back and gave me a wicked smile I was so nervous. We stayed on the top floor our floor came and she moved. Boldly I moved ahead too keeping my cock pressed on her ass she turned back and gave me a smile again. I was lucky that there was no liftman in the lift. She moved ahead and I slowed she stepped out of the lift and opened the door. She kept the door and went inside I waited a sec and gathered some courage and went inside. She was right there sitting on the sofa. “close the door” she said and I closed the door. She said “come inside, dont be shame” I sat near she stood up and went and started the A/C and came and sat really close to me.

Her body touching mine she said “you look really good when u workout without your top”. At that time I realized she also liked me and kept an eye on me. Saying that she took my hand in her hand and placed it on her boobs. She was wearing a black saree and a black blouse. AAAAAAWWWWW lady in black so damn beautiful I started squeezing her huge 36 C boobs slowly. And she started showering kisses on me I started kissing her back. I removed her saree which exposed more than half of her beautiful breast. As I continued kissing her I started opening her blouse and then her bra and her beautiful huge boobs were set free. AWWWWWWWW that view of her boobs was the best. I had never seen such beautiful breast they were so firm felt like virgin’s boobs (untouched). Without wasting a sec I started sucking her boobs making small circles around her nipples makin em hard to suck on while I squeezed the left boob and crushed the nipple really very hard between my fingure. I continued doing that for about 10 minutes.

She was moaning soooo loud I would have been deaf. She was really enjoying very much and by that time I got a little bold too I moved down licking her stomach then her navel. She was just wearing a petticoat I removed her petticoat and her pantie and my-o-my she had a beautiful and sexy pussy and was like a virgin one. And I asked her that how come its like that. She answered that her husband havent had sex with her yet. I mercyed that guy a lot thinking what is he missing. And oh my god I was on top of the world this was the first time I was fucking a virgin. She was just the same age as I was, 18. She had a few pubic hairs soft I think she haven’t shaved it once also. They were really very soft. I started licking it. As I did it she started moaning and it made me horny as hell I started licking more and more faster she was squeezing her breast and moving her hand in my hairs.

I pushed my finger inside her pussy it was so tight that my single finger was not getting inside. I was imagining how will my 8″ long cock will get in. but didn’t cared about it that time. I moved my finger in and out, faster and faster. Then my other finger. She was really moaning loud so I moved my other hand by which I was squeezing her boobs near her mouth and pushed a finger in her mouth and she started licking and she made me sit on the sofa and removed my pants my cock made a tent of my underwear. She couldn’t belive her eyes it was so huge and was throbbing out of my underwear. She saw in my eyes And started sucking it. She took it really deep she took it really deep till my balls. Up and down, up and down as she was sucking she was looking in my eyes. She was tired so she slowed down, but I was really horny and grabbed her hair and pushed my cock deep in her mouth she started liking it and she increased her speed. and in a few sec she made me CUMMMMMM. She was so thirsty she took it all inside and sucked me dry. She liked it so much that she started sucking it again, but I stopped her and I grabbed her hand and pulled her on the sofa and I stood on my knees. The sofa was short in the height and was the right size so that I can reach her pussy. I lifted both her legs high up in the air and I slowly pushed my 8″ cock inside her pussy. It was so tight I pushed it very very slowly she couldn’t even feel my cock moving. Her pussy was really warm and wet and my cock was sticky with my cum so it made it easy to push my cock inside. I pushed my cock completely inside. I started to pump slowly. I could see on her face that it was paining her. But she was enjoying I started moving faster she started to moan I started moving faster and faster she enjoyed it so much she was squeezing my ass and scratching it. I hold he from her waist and pushed really deep, deep as it went. I was gone mad and was fucking her like crazy animal and she was doing the same we both we at the height of our passion. I cummed once and again and again she just didn’t wanted me to stop. I was tired so I went to the bedroom and laid down on the bed she came on top and started riding me

What happened after we got up from sleep will tell u next time. Since that day I have had sex with many Neena Chechys of Trivandrum I really enjoyedd alll of them. Now I just don’t like young girls Neena Chechyes and aunties is all I want.

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