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Fucking a horny co-worker

December 10th, 2008 No comments

Hi guys, I’m back!! Hope you enjoyed reading about my first story of fucking my american PM in US. I am not going to narrate one particular fuck here but am going to remember a few of the sexiest days that I shared back in my hometown of New Delhi, a few years ago.I had just broken up and was single and available. I was on the look out for a fuck buddy and was not interested in any more serious shit. I was hanging out with a couple of buddies who were talking and cursing about a female colleague in our office and her horny ways and how horny a bitch she was.

Well guess this was the case of sour grapes with my buddies. Any case hearing about all her adventures kinda got me excited about her. Here was a strong, single,independent woman who loved sex and made no bones about her intention and hunger for men, a man eater!I had to have her.Had to make her my slut. Well let me describe her, she was a bombshell. A heady mix of looks and intelligence,5′ 7″, dusky, sensual eyes, 34b (wonderfully firm and pear shaped), 26, 34.

Well I guess if your positive, opportunity does strike,lady luck does shower favors! We had a lot of common friends and acquaintances and one evening for my luck, she happened to be hanging out with my friend. I quickly rushed over and well the rest as they say is history..we had coffee,I ensured that she knew I had broken up and was available and the whole time made sure she knew I was interested in her. She got the cues. I got her number…called her the same night, we chatted, got personal, then I told her that I found her very attractive.Well, that’s when she dropped the most exciting line…”I had the hots for you when I saw you last year but since you were going around I decided not to do anything about it, hey I’m finding quant tough,care to come over and help me out tomorrow?”

That was it, I was over to her place next evening on the pretext of teaching her for CAT exam , her mum was downstairs, we were up in her bedroom, started working out some problems and well the tigress lifted her leg and slides it down my thigh and starts massaging my sack.Oh what a feeling!! She goes, “Calculations gets me horny, I don’t know why….” After a few rounds, I moved over and well we kissed, fondled, teased till her mum summoned for her and I had to leave as her dad was home sometime soon.Next evening we went out for a drink,had a pleasant evening, got back into the car, “Rajiv, Bacardi always gets me horny!!” I pulled her towards me and we liplocked, we kissed intensely like we were actually fucking…she then slid her hand to my crotch unbuttoned,let it out and felt, the firm grip over my shaft, the warmth of her palm and then..”fuck, you are thick..I love that! Start and drive…” I was driving her back, the next 25 mins. Was one of the sexiest blowjobs i’ve had.I was dodging traffic,trying hard to concentrate and also enjoy this horny animal eating me..I could not take it any longer. I pulled over, grabbed her by her hair and started shoving her up and down, she got faster, expertly sucked till I finally exploded…

What a feeling when she sucked and squeezed and tongued the very last drop!” The next evening,her mum was going out for an hour or so that evening and I was in! I got there as soon as I could…she opened the door, as I closed it behind me,

I grabbed her by her waist, pulled her close,let my bulge press her arse,as I kissed her on the neck and felt up her flesh. We stood and made out for a few minutes..I was hoping to get laid that evening,but she told me that I will have to wait a few more daysand she was chumming and this was her last day, not to be disappointed cause for the next few mins I’m your slave and stripper..she asked me to sit down on the couch..she was in a buttoned sleeveless top..she spread her legs and got over me..sat her cute arse on my bulge,the flesh of her thigh from the slit of her skirt got me excited, I moved my hand….hmm warm,milky..when will I get to fuck this bitch? She unbuttoned her top, sensually teased me with her smile and eyes, got topless…a hot sexy body, a long wraparound is so sensual and drives one mad..i pulled her…kissed her waist ate her up,mauled her breasts and left my bites all over…next she teased my cock..stroked it…licked it…then swallowed it…she was teasing me..what a bitch!!After a few minutes she asked me to shag for her..I did. As I shagged she knelt by my side excited..her sensuality, her body,her sexy breasts got me excited…I was about to explode, she asked me to explode on her face,

She wanted my cum on her…so I shot my load on my slut’s face, she was happy, she looked satisfied as she finger licked it all..I cant forget her face…oh fuck..I so wanted to do her for teasing me so much..I had to leave as her mum was expected any moment.After a few late night phone sex sessions, my time had come!! Her folks had to attend a party and she stayed back on the pretext of studying for the cats! I was gonna study her pussy that evening..I walked in and pulled her,she resisted,she was in a similar top and wrap around. I pulled her hard and she resisted…she pushed me away..I pushed her up against the wall and tried kissing her..she wouldn’t let me..I got wild! I slapped her, she smiled….dam woman was waiting for this!She wanted it rough…she got it rough! After the slap I tore her top off! She ran up the stairs to her room, I followed. I grabbed her and pushed her against the wall and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face close to kiss her.. She did not resist,she held me by my waist and felt me up and moved one leg between my two and warmed me up…as she waited for me to kiss, I pulled away…this got her wild she tried to slap me, I stopped her hand, and with the other just puled off her wrap around and threw her on the bed…

She was in a sexy lacy thong and bra..god she looked like an underwear model…long legs a sexy fig and those sensual looks..I walked up to her pulled off her thong and knelt down to eat her shaven, smooth wet dripping pussy..I tongued,stroked,chewed her lips and her clit and slit.I nailed her thighs and bit them too..I finger fucked her and stroked her G spot..I ate her up in retribution for all the teasing I had received so far…she moaned and moaned, stroked my hair and she finally orgasmed..with a quivering sensation and a loud moan.

I then got on top and rammed her cunt deep and hard…her wet cunt warming it up as I entered, she loved it.. She screamed!! I started humping her wild…I sucked her melons, infact ate them,loved biting Her buds, she enjoyed the pleasure and the pain…I fucked her hard and all she could do was scream and moan and feel me up and kiss me..fuck me baby…fuck me harder.. Replied..dont worry my bitch I am and I will, I replied.We fucked fo the next 40 mins or so..we changed positions like we were making the kamasutra…missionary,woman on top, sitting, sideways and finally her favorite, the doggy…we were sensual as well as raw, passionate and calm…the room was filled with our scent..finally I came in her as I rammed her for the last time…what an amazing feeling to finally get to cum in her! It was tiring and exhausting, the sweat all over our felt good, she had teared up a little.. She gave me a kiss and said, “Babe this was one hellava fuck and I’m going to miss you, when you leave.”You can email me your comments at

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With Co-worker

November 27th, 2008 No comments

Dear Friends, Hi, its me Sunil, i love Indian Sex Stories and now Today I will share my life experience with you. This is first time that I am sharing my experience with some body. This story started when I newly joined my job in Abu Dhabi. I was very happy.
As you all guys know, that here in Gulf we get many horny housewifes waiting to have sex with young guys like us. And I got this chance with my co-worker in my office.

Our office is in Khalifa street. Work was going fine. In my colleagues there was a girl also. Her name was Sherly. She looks not more than 24 years but she was 30 of age (I will call her girl not a woman). She was very smart tall girl and main prominent in her body was her boobs. She has a pair of big boobs which attract all the males towards her. I was also trying to talk with her maximum of time.
After some time luckily my boss ask me to trained Sherly in computer programming and other paperwork. I started to trained her and within few days we were friends and open with each other. One day she came with a blue scar on her neck. I asked her about that she tried to avoid replying but when I insist she said, “this is sign of love” you will not understand. I replied ohh ho its mean last night you didn’t slept also. She hesitantly replied yes. I pass some more comments and said show me more sign of love and so on. In this way we started to discuss about our personal life also. In next few days we came to close that I was intentialy touching her body by al means and she never object on this. Now we talk over the phone several hours after the office also She told me that she has one 14 years old daughter also since she married when she was 15 only. We both came close to each other so rapidly that all the time I think about her only. We work in a small office and most of the people from sales so there were lot of chances when we both left alone in the office. Now I was horny to touch her body. One day we were alone in the office, she came to my room for some instruction I cough her hands and kisses her deeply. She resists but not very hard so I took this for granted and put my hand on her boob. I started squeezing her breast while kiss was also going longer. I stopped the kissing and put my mouth on her breast and suck it. She stopped me and said ” not here please ” I asked so where we can meet openly? She offered that today her doughtier will come late evening from school and her husband comes only on weekend at home from a site. So we can go home in the afternoon lunchtime. Since we have 3 hrs lunch break here so I agreed and and we went to her home in the afternoon. She took me straight to her bedroom and kisses me and said that I love you since longtime and waiting for this moment. I kissed her again and without
wasting any time I started pumping her breast. I was hard on and my hard cock was teasing me in my pent. I started unbutton the elz shirt and she did not resist. Under the shirt she wore only bra and her very big boobs were in front of me with full of milk. I rubbed my mouth on her boobs and unhook her bra too. She wants to run to the bed but I hold her and kissed her face and all her neck. Then I kissed her one heavy boob and started to suck her breast. Her nipples were hard. I tingle my tongue around her nipple and suck her harder. She unbutton my shirt and pent. She was insisting to lie down in the bed so we went to her bed and I remove her skirt and underwear then mine too.
Now I was kissing her face and big boobs and my hard dick was touching her thighs but I was not inserting it since I want to enjoy these moments. She put her hand around my waste and hugs me harder. Now my rock hard dick was touching her shaved pussy so with the slippery of her cunt my dick top entered her and then I lost my control. I was lying on top of Sherly I put my hand under her arms and entered my full dick in her tight cunt. She was screaming. I was feeling tightness of her cunt I pull out my cock half and than entered again and started in and out rhythm. She was moaning yes Yes Sunil fuck me, fuck me harder my love I was waiting for these moment for long time. Suck my breast its for you Sunil, suck it yah yah I was moving more and more faster and I was sucking her boobs and biting her nipples also.
Her hand was on my head and she was pressing it more deeper in her breast while with other hand she was twisting her other nipple. I was near to come, I informed her that I am coming she said don’t worry and unload your all sperm in me. I jerked some more moves and than unload my cock milk in her virgina.
Her cunt drunk all the sperm of my cock. Now I was feeling better, we laid down each other side and started chatting. I was playing with her big boob and nipple when I feel that I am hardening again. I saw my cock was ready for one more trip. She also feel the same and she came on top of me and start kissing while her hand guide my cock to her cunt. My cock entered her pussy again and this time Sherly was on top of me. She was moving her hips up and down and my cock was going inside and coming out with that. I was feeling that my cock is going in the full depth of her cunt and touching her cunt walls, it was wonderful experience. I bring her face close to me and start kissing while moving my dick in and out in her tight cunt.
She was now screaming oh Sunil my love put your hole dick in me, I love it yah yah faster Sunil my love faster. In next few moments I was coming in her again and this time she came also. She was pressing me hard and moaning very loudly. It was great satisfaction for both of us. Now it was the time for office again so we took our lunch together. When we were ready to go bell rang and Sherly came back from out side with a young beautiful girl, I thought she is Sherly younger sister but Sherly told me that she is her daughter teena. Teena is really beautiful girl, her age is 14 years but she is a complete woman. Her breasts are huge same like her mother and height is also 5′ 4″. If somebody saw her he will guess her age around 21 years not less than that. That day first time I met with teena and after that often I went to Sherly house in the afternoon and we make love. In the evening we went out for outing and now teena likes me very much.

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Sex With Hot Office Girl

November 2nd, 2008 No comments

Dear friends, I take this opportunity to share my real experience at ISS I am Joshi working in a profession where I often use to travel to various part of country. There I have faced lot of situations. Once I have been to one of our client. It was prefixed appointment. I went to that particular office and saw one young lady as a receptionist. She was wearing saree but I don’t know why I could not remove my eyes from her cute face. I gave her my card and just got her fingers touched feeling flow of current. She just asked me to sit and called her boss inside the cabin.

While sitting on sofa also I was admiring her only. Within few seconds I was called by her boss and went inside the cabin where her boss was there, a gentleman with good personality. I discussed my products profile at length, and then he asked me to be tomorrow at their office. I just came out of cabin and asked the receptionist for the card of her Boss, and while interacting asked her name also. She was Shweta.She was married to a Man who was in merchant Navy and was out on tour for months, She was doing job just for time pass. I left the office, thinking about Shweta only. I went to hotel and just thought of her only, admiring her tight boobs, she was around 27 years without any children’s. Next day, I went to Office before the fix time and just interacted with Shweta, I felt that she didn’t mind my interaction, and then her boss arrived. I then went to see him in cabin. After discussion he asked me to submit the quotation and asked to be there next month.

Again after coming out of cabin I discussed few things with Shweta and felt that now she is also very friendly. Meanwhile in month time I spoke to shweta on STD making some or the other reason’s got good interaction with her. I came back to their town after a month and from hotel only called to Shweta, she felt to be delighted after hearing my name and transferred line to her boss, who asked me to be office after sometime. I went to their office and felt that shweta is appearing to be very excited to interact with me. I visited her boss he said that they are placing the trial order and asked me to collect the envelope from the reception which Shweta said that will be dropped by peon at my hotel. I gave her my room no. And came to hotel. It was 7.00 pm when receptionist of hotel called to my room and said that some lady want to meet me. I asked him to call her on line. I was surprised that it was shweta.she said that there was no peon so she thought that she should come there. I asked her to come up to the room. She came to room, she was bit tired. She asked me to order coffee which I asked immediately. When coffee came she prepared it. While serving to me I intentionally dropped coffee on her saree, she said OK I will just wash and come back. She went inside bathroom, but the door was opened, she then asked for towel as I went to give it to her.

I was shocked to see the buttons of blouse opened, but she instantly closed the door. She then came out as nothing happened, but my dick was out of control. She suddenly asked me what I was thinking all about I said nothing. She said “Are you recapping my body, I said no it is nothing like it. I got that it is green signal. I said but really you figure is very good. I then suddenly got hold of her hand, which she resisted by saying that “Behave properly I am married’ I said boldly nobody is here and holed her hand tightly and pulled her on my thigh and started kissing on her face. She also started kissing back, and then I placed one hand on her breasts which were very tight. She then started touching my dick which got hard. I gradually opened her sari and blouse and within few moments she was in panty and bra. Then she pulled my Trousers zipper to see my Dick,.As she saw my hard rock, she was excited I was sitting on bed and she started playing with my dick.After that that I hold her in hand and lifted to bed and removed her brasher tits were hard. Then gradually removed her panty. Now the most desired women of the world were lying nude before me. There was lot of pubic hairs. I pressed her tits and placed one finger in her wet pussy.She was continuously kissing me. Then I sucked her pussy to admire the salty taste. First I got an orgasm by sucking and licking her pussy. She was so excited. Then we enjoyed French kisses for some time. Now it was high time, I placed my dick inside her pussy which was bit tight (it was exceptional, being married) with single heavy stroke the dick was inside now I took her to the top of world by powerful strokes. She really grew mad and was asking to be faster.

Then we went for animal strokes which she liked much. I was now about to ejaculate which I did on her Breast. Her breast were covered by my Cumin cleaned it with her panty. But after relaxing for some time again we got hot and I sucked her wet pussy which she reciprocated by licking my dicking.Again she was ready was great which I enjoyed royally. She then coolly said that her husband was never baled to satisfy her and from the day she saw me, she was very eager to have sex with me. After that I fucked her many times. Now when to ever I visit to that town, I remember her alot, as she left the town and went to stay with her in-laws in some other town. If any girls or married women interested from Bangalore please revert back at , being a safe and pleasure guaranteed guy I may see you soon. And waiting 4 u…..

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My hot college

October 20th, 2008 No comments

Hi, I am Taimoor from Karachi. I have been great fan of the site. The most exciting part of the site is the erotic story section. I have read almost all of them. They are excellent. After a long time I take courage to narrate my first and till last experience. Let me describe myself first. I am 25, 5’10 solid body. I am a finance guy, in part time I take tutions . The girl name was Moona (absolutely not the real one cause to save her name) we were both colleague in a coaching center. She joined coaching centre just after the two months of mine. Her complexion was fair but her body was marvelous. She normally wore Kameez Shalwar not very loose not tight as well. She was one years younger than me. I am always very much friendly with my colleague and jolly with every-one. As she was very bold, we franked with each other immediately. She was bit weak in her subject, as we were very close friend she often asked me for help.

One hot day of May she came to center wearing a tight white dress. She was perspiring heavily, her kameez was wet. There was black bra and panties become visible because of her so much perspiration (I have always been very much fond of black bra and panties) she was looking damn sexy in white dress with black under-garment. Thanks I was wearing a tight jeans otherwise it would become difficult for me to hide my erection. Fortunately the situation was critical that day so many students were absent. We both give the off to the classes as they were few, then we went to office, office incharge was also absent and other teacher were taking classes so the room was empty

We sat together side by side. Although we usually sit close and did not care about touching any part of the body to other but on that day I made special arrangement. Our arms and legs were touching each other But she did not care about it and I was getting hotter and hotter, that day I decided I would fuck her. After the two months of this incident my family moved to Gulshan. She specially asked me to be in contact as she often needed my help.

It was a nice evening of November when she called me and told me that she has got the job as a teacher in a Cambridge school with a big amount as salary. She was very excited, when I said to her there should be a treat. She readily agreed I asked her what about next Saturday? She said that her family is going to a marriage and they have plan to leave home at 3 o’clock evening. Could it be another day? she asked as she did not want me to be angry after all I was her guide. Due to some problem I have no other Choice so I insist and assured that we would be free by the 3 o’clock she agreed, then I told her ok I would come at 1 o’clock to pick her on bike then drop her back. She hesitated, I asked what happened she said she never sit on bike as in her family no body has bike I calmed her down and requested her to wear white dress.

It was a fine Saturday afternoon of November when I went to her home she was ready and was wearing dress of white color. She sat on bike with great horror and hold me so tightly that her breast were pressing against my back. I started riding bike slowly and gradually increase the speed she was still frightened but I calmed her down by talking on different topics. On the way to restaurant I applied sudden brake several times to enjoy with her big soft boobs which she didn’t realize In the restaurant we sit infront of each other after placing the order we started chatting. During the lunch I touched her hand with mine, her leg by with mine several times but I had to be very careful as it was a public place. On the way back I chose a long way where the road condition was very bad, it was bumpy and broken from many places and on that road I rode the bike bit fast. To save herself she hold me tightly, I was enjoying the ride. When we got to her home we were late (as per my plan). The door was locked.

The neighbor child give her the keys and said to give a call to her mother at relative. It was 3:30 we both entered in the house. She called her mother and got annoying why they didn’t wait for her, her mother explained the reason and told her to stay at home so her father could pick her up at 6 on his way to marriage. We both were tired and sitting on the lounge carpet. She sat next to me and complained that she is hurt and feeling pain on her back because of bumpy road. Here the story begins. I offered her to lay down on the carpet so I can massage on her back. She blushed and said angrily Are you fool, you will massage me after all I am a girl and you are a boy. Don’t be so conservative we are just good friend now you are going in a western atmosphere they don’t care about this and you have to join your family in marriage, you should be fresh there, come on, I replied. She agreed with resistant and laid down on the floor or her breast. Now her beautiful back and pair of ass were infront of me. I order her to spread her hand horizontally (mean she was lying their by making the shape of T). now I put my both palms on shoulders and started pressing them slowly then massage her hands slowly then brought my hand on back and moved down till waist, I repeat the process many times but in a very decent way to vanish her resistant. By this time I have aroused much . She was also shivering when I got success removing her resistance I spread my both palms and started massaging sensationally. This time I cross her waist and make rounds on her ass chicks. She tried to get up saying I am fine now but I stopped her and move my hand to her thighs and carried on this same rhythm. She started moaning softly.

When I was confirm that she has aroused I slipped my hands under her shoulders and manage to touch her boobs with my fingers then moved toward the hips, squeezed them badly and moved my hand to her ass crack then towards her sweet pussy. She shivered badly she was out of control now and moaned loudly. Its time to act. I turned her face towards me and put my lips on her lips. They were damn hot, she respond well I thrust my tong in her mouth she started sucking it then she give her tong in my mouth I sucked it badly, during all the time my hand were in her long black hair . After a long French kiss I started kissing her neck eyes ear every-where on her face and moved my hands on her boobs and squeezed them. then I kissed her boobs from her kameez and moved my hand on the stomach I kissed both boobs one by one then her abdomen than a bit lower and then to her secret place she moaned loudly ooooh OOOohhh aaahhh ohh aaaahhh then her thighs, her calf then I moved my mouth upward with kissing all the way at the same time I started lifting her kameez upward after kissing her hard I took off her kameez completely. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning on end then I loosen up the knot of shalwar string and it was off. Now she was only in black bra and panties of the same color she is gorgeous, I became mad and started kissing every where. First took off my shirt and then unhook her bra.

The pair of world most beautiful boobs are infront of me Ahhhhhh I pressed one with hand and pick another in my mouth. It was tasty. I bit them hard one by one she shouted with pain and pleasure but I kept on biting. Then I took off her panties and put my hand on her clitoris and started massaging that area and on the other side kept one sucking beautiful boobs. Her eyes were closed. I ordered her to open the eyes and take off my paints she nodded negatively with a naughty smile on her face. I bite on her nipples very hard so she shouted with pain and opened her eyes I asked her wont you take off my paints she slapped on chest and take off my paints with underwear. Her eyes become wide open after watching my monster dick It never so big even. I placed her hands on my dick and ordered to stroke on it this time she obey without any objection I started kissing again and put my hand to on boobs and squeezed them. My dick is getting bigger and bigger in her soft hands then I asked her to suck my dick but she didnt agree I did not want to force her in this matter as it would be by mutual understanding so I dont say any thing. It was 4:30 then and I dont have so much time so I put my hand on her pussy and massage it then insert my finger in the hole. ooohhhhh hhhhh aaaahhhhhhh She moaned loudly I inserted another finger and started moving in and out so fast that she become mad and started making pleasure sounds very loudly to stop her shouting I started kissing and squeezing her boobs with the other hand again.

Now we both were hot, So I decided to give the final touch to the scene I searched Vaseline and applied it on my dick on her pussy lips, she was afraid about the next move as she was virgin she only masturbate with finger (which she told me later) and my dick is quiet huge, I calmed her down and assured her that I would do slowly. I put pillow under her waist and put her legs on my shoulders and guided my dick to the pussy hole and put my hands on her boobs and started pressing my dick slowly, she closed her eyes with pain and pleasure to avoid and yell from her I put my lips on hers and give a big thrust to my dick finally inside. She tried to shout but her yell buried in my mouth. I stopped for moment calmed her the started jerking first slowly then increase the speed gradually she was enjoy it immensely I kept on kissing squeezing first her boobs then her ass. After some time her pussy become shirking and clutching on my dick and she released her juice I feel that I am also about to ejaculate so I brought my dick out side and released all my cum on her stomach and lied down beside her. We both were breathing heavily after five minute we get up cleaned ourselves and dressed up. I kissed her last time passionately left her house. After a year I again got an opportunity to fuck her again, then never again. Any girls/women specially in Karachi can become my friend an my email add is

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Enjoying Giji

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Hi i am Rahul,doing my final year engg at Kottayam.
I am going to tell you a true story.Nearer to my house ,there is a newly married couple. He often goes to Bangalore for his business and she is alone in her house.Her name is Giji. Some times her mother will be there. Her only friend was my sister. I often look at her boobs when she come to our house and masturbate thinking of her naked. I can hear her bathing sound from my house and i imagine the scene and masturbate.

Once my parents and sister had left for my relative’s marriage and i cant go due to my exam.i was masturbating in the hall by looking at the TV,and i didnt noticed Giji entering my house.she saw me in naked , masturbating.i suddenly take my clothes and covered my nakedness.
She told me she wants my help. She was alone in her house and a big rat had entered her room,and asked me to help her.i told her to go and i ll come after changing my clothes.
Soon i went to her house and she was waiting for me outside,and i entered her room with a bamboo stick and within seconds i killed the rat and threw it away.i then asked to show me the bathroom to wash my hands,she invited me to her bathroom, there i saw her panties and bra hanging.i mistakenly opened the shower instead of the tap and we both became wet.i told her sorry,but she told its okay.
She was in a white sari and a yellow jacket.ican see her black bra and her boobs were going up and down according to her breathe.i stared at her boobs she noticed it and suddenly moved her sari over her penis became harder and harder.she also noticed that.she suddenly tend to leave from the bathroom.but i caught her in her sari. her sari fell down i can clearly see her boobs above her blowse.
i went near her and tried to hug her but she refused and pulled me back and ran to the next room.
i ran after her and caught her in her waist,both of us felldown.i kissed her strongly under her waist and now she became hands moved to her blowse and caught her right breast strongly ,she moaned loudly and i unhooked her blowse.i can see her boobs jumped out ot of her bra and it was shivering.i dragged her bra out of her breast and rubbed her two boobs strongly.her nuts were hardening.
i bite her nut slowly and rubbed it with my two fingers.she closed her eyes and began to bite her lips.
now i am laying above her and began to come down her body.i reached her pavada and sari hook.i pulled it down vigerously and smelled her soon as i touched her hairy pussy she shivered .i put my tongue inside her pussy and suddenly freshy juice jumped out of her pussy.i made my middle finger enter into her pussy and began to vibrate it. she caught my hair and hold it strongly.
soon she cummed on my face.i licked her pussy and it was very much opening and shutting.
i unhooked my pants and i entered my dick into her pussy.her pussy was very tight and both of us yelled.soon it became loose.i began to fuck her for ten minutes so that i am just to cum.i take my penis out and placed it above her mouth but she didnt know the sexy actions.she didnt swallow it.i lay above her for half an hour and she was hugging me.
Then we bathed together and i left to my house. this was my first experience.
Then after whenever she sees me ,she will smile shy.

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Sex with my Colleague

August 22nd, 2008 No comments

I am San and a regular reader of stories and a mallu of 23 years. I would like to share the best and first sexual experience I had with my ex-colleague. I am working as the sales manager of a computer software company. there are some 9 engineers working in my company out of which 5 are girls because of my ceo’s preference. He already have one of my colleagues as his keep and everybody in my company is unhappy about it. Without elaborating much about me I am coming to the point.
I used to interview new people before selecting. There came my partner stunning Sindhu…

She was the much much beautiful than anyone in my company with large boobs and a wide thighs. She is having big lips resembles to strawberries and a very attractive eyes which is longing for some one always. I was amazed by this beautiful queen. She was very smart and brilliant also. I couldn’t make much friendship with her at the beginning as I am being the manager. I was afraid of losing my reputation in front of my team. One day me and she were going to itpl for attending a customer support issue in her Kinetic Honda. As the road was a bit rough I used to slip forward and touch her thighs. Initially she didn’t care much about that and I was slipping forward intentionally. I was rubbing my cock into her butt as if I am not doing it intentionally. My dick started growing and I was afraid whether my brief will tear off. On our way back I couldn’t control my self and I put my hands on her thighs. She turned around and told me “san I am not that bad okay”. I was afraid and didn’t tell anything back. Then I couldn’t face her properly for 2-3 days.
After some weeks she became close to me and during one of our conversations she told me about her boyfriend and that’s Y she is always busy on holidays. Once she was cought with her boyfriend at her house and her parents started objecting her. I was the emotional support to her during that time. Within a few weeks she got married to that guy and very next week of her marriage she went to US for an official assignment. The project was for 1 year so couldn’t do much about her. He just threw a lighted match stick into her burning sexuality and escaped. Even then I was not that happy because of my previous kinetic honda experience. As soon as her hubby left to US she used to call me every evening and used to meet at a restaurent in between her house and mine. Our relationship grew during this time and started talking about sex also. One day she asked me when am I going to get married. I told her that when I feel settled I will marry and won’t leave my wife without attending her needs like ur hubby. She was so happy about my statement and told me that she wish to have a hubby like me. I asked her how she is managing her sexual desires. She didn’t tell anything and became pale. I felt sorry for my comment and she said it was okay and its her fate. Then I told her as I don’t have any other friends I took a bit more freedom that’s Y I am telling all these. She told its okay and she wanted to tell all her worries to some one and she feels me as the right one. As we were chatting it became 11 O clock in the night and she asked me to go along with her to her residence. As we both went there her mother in law was not there as she has gone to one of her daughters house for a month. She didn’t tell this to me before going.
As we reach there, there was no power supply in her flat so she invited me to go inside and help her out. Some how she managed to reach her kitchen to find a match box and a candle. As she went inside she yelled for me calling san. As I went inside she just touched my firm breast muscles as if she doesn’t knew. Then we found the candle and lighted it up. By this time it was 12.30 and I told I have to go. She told san I am very afraid to stay alone without power please be here for some more time. I asked her don’t you be afraid as people can tell bad things about u. she told who cares as nobody will know. Then we were sitting in the Sofa and started talking many things. Suddenly she asked about my love affairs and I told her I was having one and she got married. she sympathised on that and asked me whether I had sex with her or not I told I never had sex in my life. She asked me why I told I was afraid to do so because I was concerned about sin. She told nothing wrong in it as this is a basic instinct of any animal and man is also an animal. Then she told she used to have sex with her boyfriend from the age of 16 onwards.
She told me if I don’t mind we can have sex tonight. I told her I have no issues if u don’t consider it as a wrong thing. She told I am not concerned about him I am more concerned about my feelings now. Then she started kissing me with her tongue was deep inside my mouth. This was the first ever french kiss I am making. I also pushed my tongue inside. We started sucking each others lips and it stayed for almost 5 minutes. And by this time my dick grew to its full length of 9 inches. I slowly started unhooking her buttons and with my tongue inside her mouth. My tongue was palying inside her mouth and licking each part as if he is searching for some one. Then she moved a bit back ward and removed her salvar. Again she came forward and we started kissing again and this time my right hand was on her left boobs and my left hand on her nice butt.
Both of us closed our eyes in ecstacy during this time and when we were back into conciousness power came back. So we just distracted for a moment and she removed her kameez also. I removed my T shirt and pants and asked her to lay down on the sofa. She was lying down on the Sofa and I just went and sat by the side of her. Then I started licking her necks then down to her boobs. Then I slowly removed her white Bra. It was one that I ‘ve seen on f tv in lingerie. I didn’t stop by then I started sucking her boobs very hard. I was pulling her nipples with my lips to the maximum extend I can By this time she was moarning hhhhhhhh……Ah Ah … in great pleasure.and started yelling San please do it harder. I was doing the same for some more time. I spend some 2-3 minutes in her nice boobs. Then I moved slowli into her belly and I was sucking her belly button very hard. Then I slowly removed her panties. Then started licking it. Now my hands are on her both boobs. Now she asked me to move my hip a bit closer to her hands and I adjusted a bit. Now she removed my Brief and my throbing dick was 9 inches. I spread her legs apart and placed my lips and tongue inside her triangle. While I spread her legs her CUNT was visible and I was amazed by its baeuty. That tongue inside her vagina drove me crazy and I stated sucking it very hard. Now she is moaning ah…..ah….ah….San don’t stop……..Ah…….Ah…….oooooooohhhhhhhhhh……suck hard….aha… this. Her throbing pussy atarted gushing out with her tasty juice. I was experiencing its taste for the first time. I sucked very very hard and the more I sucked the more juices gushed out. She cried in great ecstacy.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…suck me hard san…….hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….ah…ah……grrrr…..During this time one of her hand was in my dick and the other on my head. At this climax I thought she will pluck all my hair away. But that pain was also very very enjoyable. I think there was not even a drop of juice left out again even then she was crying very much not to stop. How can I stop when my beautiful colleague is crying for my tongue deep inside.
I couldn’t stop. I was experiencing her cunt and pulling it with my tongue. Again some more juice gushed out and I drank the whole juice. She was again crying in great joy that ahhhhh……………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… My Dear…..don’t stop….Please more…..More..Ah…ah…. like this. ….Then She experienced one more climax and asked me to stop. I slowly withdrawn my lips and tongue from there. She then got up from there and asked me to lay down. She started kissing my breast mussles and down to my belly. I asked her to take my dick inside her mouth. She told she doesn’t feel like doing so then I told no problem. She started masterbating my dick with her right hand as it progressed it gushed out within 2 minutes,. As it came out She really surprised me. She grabed my dick with her both lips and started drinking my Semen. She moved her hand into the root of my throbing cock and tried to extract the maximum possible. I was exhausted by this time and she just got up and went to toilet.She switched on the geaser and came back. We watched TV for some time and then went for bathing. Inside bath room I tried to insert my dick inside her pussy but it was soooooo tight and I was Experiencing pain on the back skin of my dick. Then she told She also don’t feel like doing so and if I do intercourse today with pain then we cannot do it for a week.So told she will get some Lubricating ointment next day and then we will have Sex. She don’t want to miss my dick for a week as She never had such a wonderful Sex in her life. I thought that’s the good Idea. Then we went to her bed There we had one more anal Sex. Then we slept peacefully. Morning I went to my house and engaged in my daily routine and as it was DEEWALI. I called her from my mobile and then She asked to go to her house.

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My sexy colleague

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Hi, One more incident from me, which is about a year and a half old. Please provide feedback at . I was standing in the boardroom waiting for the meeting to begin. I could still smell the cologne I had used that morning, it was Eternity for men, a gift from a friend. I smiled – she was a special friend and exceptionally good in bed as I remembered. I was wearing my “smart trousers” as she called them.

The door to the boardroom opened. I looked up to see a tall, slim woman enter the room. She was wearing a below navel blue sari with a low cut blouse . Her hair was immaculately styled, her face adorned with light make-up that accentuated her cheeks and her soft complexion, her presence was confident and strong. I could smell her perfume “ah, Opium” I thought to myself. That was one of my favorite perfumes for a woman. “Hi, I am Mala” she said offering a hand in my direction. “I will be working with you on this project.” I shook her hand. It was as smooth as the silk saree she was wearing. My mind was still full of the thoughts of that soft touch on my bare skin. I felt my cock twitch inside my trousers. It started to grow and press against the elasticized front of my pants – my self control was waning already. This was not a good sign!

” I’m Piyush” I said with a croaked voice, still holding her hand in mine. I looked up and noticed her gaze, she was looking directly at my now bulging pants. Did she have a glint in her eye? Did her hand just quiver in mine? The blood was now racing towards my lund. I felt it climb my leg and press harder against my pants. “Shall we?” she said pointing towards the chair. I snapped back to reality and let go of her hand. Why was this woman’s presence so commanding? Why was this arousing me so much? I sat down next to Mala and began taking papers from my briefcase. The meeting went as planned and, after an hour or so, was over. Mala stood up and offered her hand to me again. I lifted myself from the chair and shook her hand again. Immediately my cock started to swell again. I was perplexed that I had no control – this was a woman I had never met before and already I had lost my self control. I looked towards her. Mala’s eyes were already fixed on my groin, watching as the front of my pants started to bulge under the pressure. “We are the only ones here now” she said with a glint in her eye. “The others left just after you arrived. They don’t like working too long on a weekend.” She leant back and locked the door. I was confused. I had never come across a woman like this before. I was used to making the first move, after all I was a man – I felt like a fish out of water. My pulse was racing.I could feel beads of perspiration trickle down the chest. I could feel my cock pressing ever harder against my pants, swelling rapidly with the thought that I wasn’t in control here. I couldn’t understand what was making me so excited yet the excitement was so powerful. Mala tugged at my hand, pulling me towards her. I could see her chest heave as her excited breaths became more intense. Her ample breast rose high with every breath, her nipples were becoming erect, pushing against her blouse.

Our lips met and immediately her tongue darted into my mouth, gently flicking my tongue and searching for a companion to play with. I gave in to the strong sensations I felt and started to caress Mala’s tongue with my lips. I gently ran my fingers down the nape of her neck and felt her tremble . She was shivering with anticipation yet still in control. I was now fully erect and throbbing . I felt her hand brush my groin as I struggled to keep my balance. My cock pulsated hard, she was teasing me, she was in control and I liked it. The thoughts of control faded as I felt her hand press against my bulge. Carefully, and whilst still kissing me, she started to undo my belt. I took a short sharp breath as I felt a slight release in the pressure – then the button – my cock strained at it’s cloth prison. She gently pulled at the front of my pants and slowly pulled down the zipper. She was being careful not to catch me in the zipper, I could tell she was experienced and I felt completely at her will. Never before had I felt so controlled by a woman but it excited me even more. Suddenly I felt my cock push free of it’s bindings. It sprang out in front of me, throbbing harder than I could ever remember it throbbing before. It her velvet soft hand wrap around it and gently squeeze. My knees were weak. My mind was racing in confusion. The excitement was overwhelming but I didn’t want to rush. I had never felt so controlled but this excited me even more. I wanted to penetrate her so badly but knew I had to play it her way, I knew she wouldn’t let me – yet! I reached behind her and undid the button on her blouse. I felt her push her buttocks against my hand urging me to carry on. Slowly I undid all the hooks until it reached the end of its travel. She wriggled slightly and the blouse gave way. I put my hand on her hips and untagged the saree from her petticoat. Move my hand in from and tugged the string of the petticoat and went o the floor.

Her panties were scant and silken. I reached to the line of her buttocks and gently stroked my fingers towards her crotch. She pushed harder against my hand, urging me to reach her now very wet pussy. Just as I was about to find my goal she pulled away. She looked straight into my eyes. I could see the intent etched into her expression. She had a cheeky smile on her face as she pushed me backwards away form her. Her eyes cantered on my pulsating cock standing proud in front of us, urging for attention, seemingly pushing it’s way toward this woman. Slowly she knelt in front of me, still looking deep into my eyes. Gently she took hold of my pulsing cock and manoeuvred it towards her mouth. Her eyes widened as she saw my mushroomed head glisten with my juices. My shaft was rock hard with veins standing proud. My balls hung low between my legs and shook with the pulses of my body. I normally am eight inches erect but I felt like I was nine inches today. Her hand teased me, gently rubbing up and down the shaft, then lightly and gently tickling my balls. I was in ecstasy already. Gone were the thoughts of who was in control. That didn’t matter anymore.

I closed my eyes as I felt her warm lips close over the tip of my cock. She teased my slit and flicked my head with her tongue whilst one hand gently caressed my balls and the other stroking, still around my shaft. For what seemed like an eternity she caressed the head of my cock, teasing me willfully, seductively, making me beg for more. I groaned with the intense pleasure surging through my groin. I placed my hands on her head and caressed her temples. I was sure not to apply any pressure – I liked her being in control. Her tongue knew exactly where to tease and I loved every minute of it. Slowly she Lowered her head down my shaft, taking more and more of me into her warm, soft mouth with each move until she had taken all of me deep into her throat. I felt her throat tighten around my shaft and nearly came with the sensations now coursing through every fiber of my being. I looked down and saw she was watching me.

That was the most erotic sight I had seen in a long time. This woman was sucking my cock and looking straight into my eyes at the same time. I smiled at her. Now I had to have some of her. Gently I beckoned her to stand and, as she rose, I laid her back against the conference table. Her legs parted before I even touched her and I could see I panties were dripping wet. Once again my cock pulsed at this wonderful sight. As I kissed her stomach she started to remove her bra. The closer I got to her dripping pussy the more I could smell her. The more I could smell her the more I wanted to taste her. As I kissed the top of her pubic hair I pulled her panties down past her knees to the floor. Now I could get to honey pot I so needed to taste. She had now removed her bra and her nipples were standing proud from her tits. I reached up with one hand and took a nipple between my fingers. As I gently teased it I felt it stiffen. I cupped her firm breast in my hand and gently squeezed. As I kissed down towards her pussy she raised her legs and bent her knees. Her pussy lips were already glistening with her juices and slightly parted with her excitement.

I gently licked her lips and felt her immediately shiver with excitement. Slowly my tongue searched for her clit, licking it’s way through her womanhood. I placed my lips over her hood and pushed the skin back then gently caressed her with my tongue. I felt her tense and her hips rise, forcing me harder into her now dripping pussy. I pushed a finger into her warm sex and felt her tighten her muscles, gripping me lightly. Now another finger, reaching for her “G” spot, still licking and sucking at her clit – faster and faster. Her breath shortened and her chest heaved as she arched her back. Her nipples where erect and her breasts quivered as she matched Adams motion with her hips. I felt her tighten on my fingers and quiver under me. Sensing her orgasm was near, I increased the speed of my efforts, my tongue now licking quickly too and fro over her clit and my fingers gliding in and out of her now overflowing pussy. She panted hard and screamed as an orgasm ripped it’s way through her body – her hips bucked and her whole body quivered under my head. I kept my motions going for what seemed like an eternity while she writhed and twisted to the orgasm. My face was soaked in her cum. It tasted so sweet, so good. My cock seemed to swell harder, urging me to release it’s pressure.

As I felt her orgasm subside I relaxed my efforts. I wanted to bring her down slowly, she deserved that, she deserved more. Slowly I eased my way up her body, licking and kissing every part of her and rubbing my engorged cock on her thigh. She was still in control even though I was doing the giving. I felt like I had just come alive again and wanted more! ” I want it” she hissed through pursed lips “give it to me now, give it to me hard, give me your cock, I want your cock!” The words ripped into my head. I couldn’t believe how hot this made me feel. She was ordering me to service her wanton desires and it still felt so good. I wanted to please her, I wanted to give her more. “Now” she yelled gripping my thighs with her heels, dragging me towards her. I moved the head of my cock to her moist lips and pushed gently in – then stopped and rocked slightly back and forward, I was teasing her now. I looked into her eyes, there was a sense of urgency etched across her face. She pursed her lips. “Oh fuck” she yelled “give it to me NOW!” I thrust my hips forward pushing my manhood deep inside her engorged pussy. She gasped suddenly feeling every inch of me deep, so deep inside her. I felt her grip my cock, it felt like I was being milked by her. I began to thrust in and out, starting gently and increasing with each thrust until I was fucking her with all my might. I could feel my balls slapping against her buttocks and the tip of my cock making contact with the very depths of her womanhood. Angela screamed. Her hands gripped Adams buttocks, her nails dragged at my skin. I could feel it but it felt like pleasure. Pain didn’t seem to exist anymore.

The confusion only lasted a second as I felt my passions rising. “I’m gonna cum” I said with a trembling voice. I could feel the cum rising towards my shaft already. “oh man I’m gonna cum.” As I looked into her eyes I saw her expression change again. Suddenly she pulled away from me and wrapped a hand around my wet, throbbing cock, stroking it hard and fast, licking her lips and watching it with every ounce of her being. Adam didn’t care anymore, I just wanted to cum. Never before had my balls felt so tight, I thought my cock would explode. She rubbed my dick faster and faster until I could hold back no more. My back arched hard and I felt my hips jerk forward. I threw my head back as I felt the orgasm grow more intense with every second. Suddenly I screamed out, loud and long. I felt the cum rise up in my shaft and my legs went weak, it seemed to be lasting an eternity, my balls contracted and I felt my shaft tighten as my cock started to pulse. I felt the first pulse rise heavily and squirt hard from my shaft and just as I caught my breath another one, then another one. I looked down in mid orgasm and saw shafts of white as my cum shot from my cock.

The first went over Mala’s shoulder, the second landed on her chin, the third her naked chest. I thought it would never end. She looked at me with a look of sheer excitement as she watched squirt after squirt of hot, creamy cum shoot form my rock hard cock and land on her body. She shivered with pleasure as it trickled off her chin and landed on her breasts, then traced it’s way down her body. After what seemed like an eternity my orgasm subsided. I could now catch my breath. My eyes met hers with a look of sheer pleasure and gratitude. I felt emotional at the great sensations I had just had with this woman whom I didn’t know. I leant forward and wrapped my arms around this temptress that had worked me so well. We kissed hard and long as their cum mixed with their bodies and they caught their breath. I Held her tight and , much to my surprise, she held me tight too. I looked deep into her eyes, I could see someone I seemed to know and trust, so strange after such a short period of time and especially after this encounter. Through all the passion no words were exchanged yet we knew how each other felt, sometimes more than the person knew themselves. That felt comfortable and safe, another unusual feeling. Response expected at .

We both moved from kissing on the lips to kissing each other’s neck. I moved my hand down and cupped a breast. She moaned slightly and accepted it. We began kissing harder and moving our tongues in and out of each other’s mouth. I fondled her breast as I caught her tongue and sucked it between my lips. She was trembling and holding tighter, and moaning some more. I unbuttoned her blouse and slid my hand in over her slip. We both struggled awkwardly as I tried to reach into the top of it. She pulled away from my lips and whispered in my ear to be excused for a moment so she could get a little more comfortable. It seemed like eons, but she was back quickly. We fondled for some more time and then landed in Delhi. Arriving at our destination we worked our way through the customs line, got our baggage and took a cab to the same hotel (Park Royal) We asked for a suite for both of us. We went into our suite and immediately began embracing each other. She started unbuttoning my shirt as I slid her sweater off her shoulders and undid he blouse. I reached to the side and unzipped her skirt – it fell to the floor. She undid my pants and pushed them to the floor and off my legs with her feet. I pulled her slip up over her head, and slipped her panties to the floor.

We were hugging, kissing and caressing. I turned her around so I could hold both breasts and kiss her neck. She reached back and held my head. I began to get hard and she felt it sliding between her legs. She bent over with one hand on the bed, and the other guiding me into her from the back. I held her hips and pulled her tighter against me as she guided me into her. She bent over more, and moving, moaning and panting she massaged herself with her fingers until moaning loudly I knew she was coming. She moved more and shuttered. Turning to me she confessed that she came had just come for me like no other time before. We lay down in bed holding each other. She was softly smiling and said she never did it that way before. I told her it was the first time for me also and that I’d never realized how pleasurable it could be. We held each other as we fell off to sleep. The next day we had meetings with our respective clients. Meeting for dinner we went to an exotic restaurant in the hotel. We sat on cushions around a low table and laughed as we kept trying different positions to get comfortable. We couldn’t understand the waiter too well as the different dishes were brought out and we tried them on after another. She would hold something between her teeth, lean over and place it into my mouth.

We were eating including belly dancing, sword dancing and snake charming. She excused herself for a short while and returning she stuffed her bra and panties into my pants pocket. She whispered she was ready to leave any time. We walked out of the restaurant and into the hotel gardens. It was beginning to cool off. We stopped behind a tree and held each other. I ran my hand up and down the unobstructed Back of her dress. I then ran it over her smooth bottom and pulled her in as close as I could. She spread her legs slightly as she straddled my leg. I could feel myself getting hard and her pulse quickening. She whispered we should be heading back to the room before we violated any local customs. We entered the suite holding hands. I drew her into my arms and we held each other. She undid my clothes. I slipped her dress over her head, and guided her toward the bed. I swung onto it and pulled her on top of me. We hugged and kissed intently. She straddled me and moved up on her knees so that my hard could enter her tenderness. She reached down to help guide it in. I held her firm breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers. She sat up taller and arching her back took more in. She lifted herself slightly so that my end was closer to her entrance. She had found her inside sensitive part. She arched her head back and her neck muscles stretched. Reaching down with her finger she massaged her nub. She pumped up and down along my shaft and was reaching a height of delight like I’d never seen before. She moaned and yelled out, “Oh yes, oh yes.” I was surprised how long I could stay hard as she proceeded. She pulled herself up again to where my end was close to her entrance as she moved up and down in small motions and massaged herself around her nub. She reached her orgasm just before I came. She dropped down into my arms and we both fell asleep. We both had different destinations to fly to from here. We didn’t want to part, but had to – we promised each other we’d meet after we got back home. We hadn’t anything for a long time, but now both knew we’d something to look forward to when we would meet back home. Please send me ur feed back on

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Experienced One

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I am a 47 year old gentle man well built body. One day I was browsing in a cyber cafe of Satyam info way in Delhi. I prefer to surf in Delhi in Satyam info way because of privacy and speed. It was a hot after noon in summer. I was involved in my job who comes or go in the cafe does not bother me. A small girl probably reading in any school,was also surffing near my system. She was a new user asked me to help her in attiching a document in sending a mail. I tried to explain but she could not do it. Then I went to her desk and practically explained her how to do it.

During this process while showing the function of mouse my right arm just touched her left boob. I could noticed that she was thrilled and looked at my face. Since I did not had any bad intention I did not cared much. Besids she seems to be a small child to me and myself is a edicated husband. It never came into my mind anything erotic at that moment butI could feel that her eyes are telling something else. I feel shyness in her eyes and red flashes came up on
her white and beautiful cheeks. I am sure she also had no such intentions while asking me for help. Some how or other I was not much comfortable fron my withne and came back to my sheat. I could not concentrate as I am old enough for such incidents. I finished my job and while coming out she asked how to log off the system. I explained her and we came out. Outside was very hot due to peak summer and we came out from a well airconditioned room. While opening the door of my car I just casually asked her where she will go so that I can give her a lift. There I could feel that She is not a school going child but a bit older. She told me the location of her destination. As I was going towards that direction only I offered her a lift.Which she aggreed immidiately.Till that period I had no other feelling on her On the way when the conversation started I was realy surprised to know that she is serving in a mnc in Hrd deptt. and staying in that house as a paying guest. She has a separate room and the owner of the house is a widow having one son. Since she was not feeling well that day she was returning home for some rest. She seems to be well behaved and smart woman. When we reached to her hose she called me up to her room and requested to share some cold drink. I could not refuse. I was introduced as her uncle to the lady of the house and we came to her room. Her romm was fitted A/C and well decorated I liked her house. She asked me sit in the sofa and requested me for a few seconds.
I thought I had formed a wrong impression on this girl and sat quitely on the sofa. After some time she appeared her dressed changed. She was looking very beautiful and sexy. Slim figure slightly swollened boobs which I had seen few minuts back. Dark green mini skirt thighs half nacked clear visibility ofnoval portion well shaped. I again confused looking at her. I thought she must be a wrong type of woman. I did not have any choice but to spend some time there. My mind was blowwing and she was also quite comfortable. She brought some cola and sat near me in the same sofa. I saw her thaighs and boobs,whichbrought tenssion to me balls. Normally I donot use underware as such iwas unable to control my organ. when she was handing over the bottle of cola I saw green bra peeping from inside of her sleevless top. It converted me to my youth. I took the boottle from her and said you gave me a lot of surprises to day. To this smiled and said dont think me a wrong type of girl. Iam a virgin. I dont have any affair with any boy so far, but since 2/3 days I am unable to control my self. I left my office today due to the same
reason.ultimately I drop up in the cyber cafe. There also I could not concentrate. It was a chance only that your arm brushed my chest and ifelt some excitement from your male touch. It so happened that we are sitting here. I liked her bold conversation and by that time I was also in tense. I kept my hand on her bare shoulders and drag her close to me. I kept my hot lips on her soft petals. Squizeed her proud boobs. She started moaning. Itouched her thaighs, hips, back and I was fully aroused. Soon we stood up kissing each other. She was brooding some thing which were not audible to me at that moment. I opened her top and skirt in the standing positio. My lund was also jumping like a snake.Her bra and panty were dark green color. I inserted my fingers to her chute which made her mad. I opened her bra and released her choochi. I really amazed to see her erectd boobs.kissed them ruthlessly. I had forgotten to relish a young women which I had in my youth. She opened my paint and amased to hold the lund and said it is very big. She asked me
whether the lun of an aged man becomes bigger compared to a young man. I repled no,and enquired from her where she had earlier seen an adult prick.her reply was she had seen the lun of a male collegue while coming out after urinal. She was much aroused that day and could not sleep. It was hardly 2 inches.That means u have not seen any errected lun till date. I opened her panties and found her chute full of jouices. She opened my clothes kissed my lun,smelled it. She was mad with the lund and took the same into her mouth and sucked. The activities of girl sometimes confuses me,perhaps she is fooling me and she is experienced one. I put her on the bed. She was shrp naked looking like a white pari, painted lips, eyes, eye brows finger nails,sounds of sh,,sh,,sh,, etc which were highly provocating. I leaned on her and kissed all over her nude body kissed boobs,choote,navi etc. Her cunt lips looked tight and the inside of her pussy was pink. Gently, I inserted half of my middle finger in her wet pussy and with my thumb, I started massaging her clitoris.Ritu body shook and trembled. She screamed OHHHHHHHHHHHH PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DON’T STOPPPPPPPPPPPPP. She then pushed herself forward to have my middle finger fully inside her wet and flowing choot. She tried moving her body to get some rhythms but was finding it very difficult. Her body was now sweating and her cunt juice smell made me go crazy. Her moans were getting wilder and wilder and I judged that she was close to an orgasm. I kept finger-fucking her and went close to her for a good-deep kiss. I enter my finger into her hole of love. She was badly excited. She hold my hand to insert more but it was very tight.Then I was confirmed that it is her first time.
By that time I was very much aroused,my top was full of pre cum. I came in between her legs,kissed Her lips,boobs one after another and brushed my lun on her pussy lips she was very much aroused and started heavy moaning. I pressed her boobs and at the same time pressed my lun into her. It was not entering. Slowly I increased my pressure but no use. I kissed her lips and gave her a jhatka. My lun entered slightly but it was paining her. Slowly I continued ramming her she widen her legs and with second heavy thrust my lun entered 80% and contnued ramming her. Now she was enjoing and started giving upward after another my thrusts become harder and she started shouting jore se — jore se karo. main mur jaoingi. oh isme itna anand hai mujhe pata nahin tha, oh ishliye AURAT KO koi vi murd jarurat hota hai. Aur jor se karo please, meri chuchi ko chooso Ah..Oh..Aur jor se…. She started shouting Ah— Ah— Oh– continue faster faster dont leave me etc.etc. and a low moarning came from deep inside her throat, indicating that her orgasm was filling her belly. which quickly turned into a Roar and she came. Her choot erupted as if a volcano was erupting lava. She smiled which meant “Ohhh ” she said softly, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long”. Her first orgasome discharged. She liked it much. She released her heat but I was in tense. Again I kissed Her lips,boobs one after another and brushed my lun on her pussy lips she was very much aroused and started heavy moaning. I pressed her boobs and at the same time pressed my lun into her. It was not entering. Slowly I increased my pressure but no use. I kissed her lips and gave her a jhatka. My lun entered slightly but it was paining her. Slowly I continued ramming her she widen her legs and with second heavy thrust my lun entered 80% and contnued ramming her. Now she was enjoing and started giving upward after another my thrusts become harder and she started shouting jore se — jore se karo. main mur jaoingi. oh isme itna anand hai mujhe pata nahin tha, oh ishliye koi vi murd jarurat hota hai. Aur jor se karo please, meri chuchi ko chooso Ah..Oh..Aur jor se. Ab mera kuchh nikalne wala hai..Aur jor se karo.. She dischaged.Oh it is very pleasent she said. My lun was inside her It was swalling. Iwas also enjoying a Kora chute and feeling excited. I started fucking her again she liked it.
All the strokes she was enjoing. I continued Thurst one after another. frequencies were increaed and after a number of strokes she cried jore se..jorese and increased to my climax with afew very hard strokes she came again and I also came on her very heavily. I dont know how many liters of sperm I pumped into her chute on that day. Now we were motionless and I slept on her for a few minutes. Then she said Cyclon is just over. I was a bit tired slept with her nacked. She was very much contented After some time I saw Her moving to toilet nacked and came back to me again. I could not resist to Her nacked body and tried to kiss her again. I saw there were a number of scraches on her boob and cheeks but she was dam cared. Her body aroused me again. I came on her top and fondled her massaged her chuchies. My lund again erected. Arre yeh to fir mota ho gaya. mai to thuck gai ab. Aur hath me lekar mera lun se khelne lagi. Mere lun per vi khun ke kuchh katre usne dekhi aur kahi ye to wounded ho gaya hai. Maine fir usko paker ke bed me sulaya aur uske boor me lund ghusane laga. oh vi paniya rahi thi aur spread her legs to receive mine. this chodan was very pleasent and continued for atleast 16 minutes and we both discharged at climax with lot of pleasure. I took a bath in her bathroom she also got fresh we took cola kissed each other.we didnot go in to much conversations but enjoyed like any thing.
It was my first sex other than my wife which changed my life. I kissed her very deeply once again and programmed to meet her saturday next. I returned home but I could not forget her. I told her to keep everything very confidential as I am a family man. I gave a very good fuck to my beautiful wife in the night thinking and smelling the aroma of the girls body. Next day I enquired her on telephone. She told me that she is fine and slightly tired. She will come back to home around 2 pm. She told me that she is safe with her uncle. She was fully contented with an experienced touch.

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My boss’s sexy wife

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Hi guys, I am A.K. 30 years Telling you a true story. I was in Delhi working with a private concern as marketing executive. I was apponted by a Drunker Boss who used to drink from morning to night in the office too. Her wife Rashmi (a sexy lady of 35 years, with good looking boobs, 36-27-37, fair color and red lips) used to manage office task due to her husband bad habit so she daily come to office. One day when I gone for toilet upstairs of my office, she also came there (reason the toilet for men and women was only one). As soon as I came out I found her looking through key hole to me. She shocked. I asked what happened. She didn’t replied immediately covered my lips with her lips and her toungue was playing with my tongue.

Firstly I was bitterly shocked, but My toungue was automatically responded. Then she said that you wait here, I am coming back. After a while she came back and asked me to intimate to manager that I am with madam for some urgent work on second floor. I go back down to office and says the same to our manager. He says O.K. When I reached to second floor I was surprised to look the madam’s another office cum rest room. It was decently decorated with a single bed and attached bathroom with wall to wall carpet and with T.V. , V.C.R. and A.C. and other luxerious items. I knocked to door, she replied come in. As soon as I entered in room, I surrounded with the perfume of roses. I found Rashmi in a sexy pink nighty in which she was looking too sexy. A X rated film was running on V.C.R. She came closer to me and offered me a cold drink. Now I also got the sexy mood, my penis was being slight harder due to X rated film which was running on V.C.R. where a girl was sucking two men penis one by one.

She asked me to have a immediate bath. I go in the bathroom and take a 2 minutes shower and came back in while towel. I saw that Rashmi was lying on bed and rubbing her on middle finger in her pussy. I more erected and jumped over the bed. She said come slowly. First I take a long deep kiss on her lips with let our tongue playing. Them I started to open her upper gown. Inside that she had weared a bra of black color, in that her boobs were looking very big and sexy. I opened the hooks. Her boobs became free like they want to be free from a cage. Her tits was pink, She offered me her boobs, I started to drunk it.

For about 4 minutes of sucking her boobs, with rubbing her pusy I turned towards to her pussy, but she stopped me. I said let me go there, she said wait, she opened a drawer and took a bottle of honey in her hand. Then she opened her remaining clothes and my towel. She took my cock in her hand which was in its full form (about 8.5″ long with pink head) and applied some honey over it. Now she started sucking it and after two minutes she started moaning. Now she give me honey bottle and asked the same thing to do with her pusy. We got in six to nine position and I do the same. Her pusy was started to be filled with slight her come up. After some I time I felt that my sperm is going to come, so I stopped her. Then she came to normal position and asked me to lie on bed. I do the same. Then she said that she have not taken sex from last 4 years so do it slowly. I assured her, she said that she want to be fucked but she will do every thing by her self. I replied OK. She came up to me and started to insert my cock in her dick. Her pusy was some wet so there were no need of any other lubricant. Then she started to ride me like a horse riding. After 50-60 strokes she got tired and said that now you do. We came in opposite position, now she was under me and I started fucking. My strokes were much harder.

She started moaning like OHHHH…..AAH…..SALE CHOD KE RAKH DE MUJHE. MAIN BAHAUT DINO SE PYASI HOON….. AAHAAHAAAHAAAHHAAHHA OHOOHHOOHHOOHHOOHH…..Yours strokes are very harder and deeper, she said. Fuck Me darling I love you. I was giving her deep strokes as much as I can give. My cock was going to be more harder and after a long strokes she said that she is going to come, then I also started faster strokes in her CHOOT. Then her legs was on my waist and I started more deeper strokes and I found space to fuck her. I was beling more delighted, I asked her to keep her legs on bed and as soon as she put her legs on bed I give her final strokes, by which She Cried COME ON DARLING I LOVE THIS TYPE OF STROKES…OR JOR SE…OR JOR SE…AAHHHHHH OOHHHHHH I AM GOING, I AM GOING DARLING….I REPLIED I ALSO…….MY SPERM WAS FLOWEN WITH FULL FLUSH..SHE SAYS IT WAS REALLY GREAT FUCKING. WE ENJOYED TWO MORE TRIPS ON THAT SAME DAY. Now I am in Jaipur and She is in delhi but not enjoying her life with her Drunker husband. Now the 8.5″ tool want any girl like my boss wife or more sexy, ANY GIRL WHO WANT TO SHARE MY MORE STORIES AND HAVE INTEREST IN ME, please do write at <>. would like to say thank you for submitting this story :8)

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My Secretary’s Secret

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Dear Friends, I am a north Indian guy 35 years old 6’2″ tall and good looking with or without clothes. For the last few years I have been working in this company as a marketing manager and have a good relationship with all my colleagues. Because of my habit of cracking jokes, I sometimes make people laugh and this gives me a lot of pleasure. My secretary Anita has been working with me for 2 years and she too used to like my jokes and tried to joke back many times. We shared the laughter. On one such occasion when she was filing the papers, she mentioned that my wife must be very lucky to have a husband who makes her laugh. I told her that it all depends upon the person, whether you want to be happy or not in life. “I too want to be happy all the time and wish my husband makes me laugh with his jokes,

She said. “I pray you get a guy of your dreams” I replied to her and to my surprise she said, “That’s not possible now”. I felt sad for Anita as I thought her loved boyfriend had ditched her but restrained from saying that she would get a better guy. She was beautiful, a little plumb but it added to her sex appeal as she was tall about 5’6″ with good gait, firm thighs and big boobs and had good presentable features. When I saw her after this event, I felt like “God she is a damn sexy girl and her lover must be crazy to ditch her” but didn’t say anything to her. A few days later our office work continued late as in the evening and I got a call from my customer for some quotation. I asked her to type the letter and finish it even it got late, as the letter was urgent. I also called my home telling them that I would be held up in the office. She finished the same by around 7:00 pm and showed to me for signature. I apologized for having delayed her till the evening. “I don’t have a boyfriend waiting for me outside, so it is Ok if I am late” She said. I smiled and said, Don’t worry, you are beautiful and will get many guys to choose from. If one guy goes, it doesn’t matter at all”.

She gave me a surprised look and said, I never told you that I had a boyfriend who left me, Did I?” It was true but I mentioned to her that she had told me that now she cannot get the man of her dreams, which made me, think of such a possibility. She took the chair in front of my desk and sat down. The office was empty except for the office boy who had to lock up when we left. The vast office with tables and chairs and lights on had a different feeling on me as she looked piercingly straight into my eyes and said, “I cannot get the guy I want because that guy would have been you”. Not knowing how to react and a bit flattered I signed the letter and asked her to fax the same and closed my desk for the day. I have flirted with girls but in office, after being married and with kids, I hardly expected to be in such a situation with a girl 10 years younger to me. So I left the office without a further word. While getting to my car in the parking lot, I saw her coming to me. “Why did you not say anything back to me?” She asked. I told her that as it was late, better that I drop her at home and we could talk on the way. She got into the car and I tried to do what I felt best at the time by saying to her that what she felt was only an infatuation and she should not take it seriously and we work in the same office so it is better that we keep such thoughts out of our heads. Instead of calming down, she started telling me what she imagined doing with me and sharing jokes and having fun and so on. She said’ “I understand you are married but I want you to give me the joy that I have imagined with you”. Saying this she put her hands on my thigh. I was driving the car but the current that crossed me was visible. She started slowly moving her hands and I could feel her warmth and the blood rushing in me. I was in a state of confusion, whether to ask her to stop or enjoy this moment that was very erotic.

In the traffic, our car was just moving at a steady pace in Delhi’s congested lanes and she maintained the motion of her hands moving up and towards my crotch. She was so near that though her hand was flat on my inner thigh, the side of her palm was touching my balls. I was hard by this time and still confused “to do or not to do”. She seemed to understand the situation and said, Give me my moment of love, I will not ask anything again from you”. This was the sentence that made me feel wanted and loved and was a moment like in college; you want to risk anything for a small pleasure. Though for years I’d despised Bill Clinton for having put himself to shame for just a pussy, I now understood what “Choot ka Bhoot” means and in a swift motion, I put my arm around her and hugged her.

With her cheeks resting on my chest, my arm around her back touching her solid butt, she moved her hand to grab my rod. I felt the grip of a lustful loving hand. I moved my hands between her buttocks and she eased herself to let me have a better deeper touch. I could feel her firm full boobs close to me and we started rubbing each other generously. The car was near to her home and it was time to end this rendezvous soon. Just before her house came, she asked me to stop and I did. “Can’t we go somewhere alone for some time?” She said ticking my cock. Already beyond the point of maintaining professional relationships, I asked her if she would love to go to a hotel. “As you wish” she said and I turned the car and started racing to the nearest hotel I knew where we could have some peace and loneliness. Having checked in, I called my wife to tell her that I would be further delayed, as I needed to entertain a customer.

Once in the room, we were like teenagers hugging and kissing hard and passionately. I hugged her in an embrace with my long arms and she closed her eyes dropping her head back. I kissed her lips and her neck and licked her ear. This aroused her and she squeezed me in her arms. Continuing the kissing and the pecking while standing, I turned her around so that her buttocks were just below the level of my hard cock and pressed her back holding her boobs. The kisses on her neck and licking her ears and the rubbing of her boobs were getting too hot for and I could feel the urge inside me growing. I slowly removed her T-shirt and could see her embroidered brassiere. I unhooked the same and could see the soft velvety boobs dangle in front of me. All this while, she put her hands on her back holding my cock and pressing it up and down. I lifted her in my arms, placed her on the bed and started removing my clothes. When I was totally naked in front of her, I could see that she was looking at my cock intently. Putting her in a sitting position, my cock was very near her face and she started loving it, kissing and licking it. My balls were aching with pleasure and all of a sudden, she opened her mouth to take the cock deep in her mouth sucking wildly at the tool. My sighs must have been louder than the television music and soon we both came to the 69 positions. I removed her trousers and the smell of a pussy filled my nostrils. Removing her panties, I could see that she had recently shaved her cunny. Her clitoris was big bigger than anything I have seen before. It protruded such that you could see it clearly erect and holding the gentle lips of her pussy. Laying side to side we started licking each other as if there was no end to the world and I could feel the fluids collecting for the final blast. Her pussy was wet with the juices and my tongue on her clitoris tasted great. She was moaning and all the time moving her hips nearer to my face and opening her legs wider apart.

In a swift motion, Anita got up and pushed me on the bed and said, Now let me fuck you, Sunil and she lowered her pussy slowly on my hard cock and the fluids helped it move smoothly in. She had the sexperience and started moving up and down on my cock. With my hands on her boobs, I could not believe the pleasure that this girl was giving me. She continued for a long time and I met her thrusts with the push from below. I could feel the end of the pussy pressing the tip of my cock and rotating on top of it in circles. I was moaning with pleasure and she was unstoppable. The sounds of the meeting flesh was growing louder and all of a sudden the expression on her face changed from pleasure to slight pain and I could see her closing the eyes to shoot her fluids. My balls too were aching to shoot the load but for the time being I enjoyed to see her cum. The view was fabulous as she arched back almost falling off from my cock with ripples in her body.

Moments later I got on top of her and started pumping her cunt in wild ecstatic thrusts and Ani was enjoying these though not moving much. She clinched my butt and pressed her nails and in a whistle, I could feel the release which had been welling in me for some time. I could feel the motion of my sperm through the shaft and deep in her pussy. I was so overtaken by pleasure that I didnt seem to care about possible pregnancy. She didn’t seem to notice the flow of my semen as she was much pleased with her orgasm and was quite tired……….. time passed by and we stayed motionless on the bed.

It was quite late when we had a shower and went to our homes. We meet still normally in the office and have gone out together a couple of times more but that day in February is still fresh in my memory when my secretary shared her secret with me.

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