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Story from Islamabad

August 26th, 2009 No comments

Hey u readers of Indian Sex Stories, hope u ll be fine and fit to do more sex and love. I am 34/m from Islamabad/ Pakistan.To tell u about my self, I am not a casanova. I am 5.9? well built but a little overweight and very horney. The experience, I am telling u has happend just 2 weeks ago. I would say that this happening is not a story of a Resputiene and Russion Queen, but between a normal 34 years man and a plump lady of 30.
I was in Super market, for some shopping,when I saw a fat woman wresteling with a flat tyre of her car. I observed few boys laughing at her, for her exercise. Feeling it bad, I offered her my services which were accepted by her immediately, as she was sweating in cold weather by then. I fixed the tyre and she thanked me alot, sat in the car and tried to start it.

As the luck could ve it, it never started. I was still standing there, so I asked her to open the bonet, saw few wires and then told her my failure. She was looking at me helplessly.I had to then offer her a lift, which she accepted and locked her car and went to a PCO ranged her mechenic, left the key with the shopkeeper and came to my car and sat with me. She was quiet appologetic for the trouble she was giving me. We started off.
Let me describe the woman. Her name is Hena( not real), living in Islamabad, un married due to her obesity. Has a brother in USA and is living here with her mother, who at the moment is gone to see her son in US. Regarding her figure, well she has big rather too big, fluffy, drooping boobs, her ass and belly merge with each other, with big butts, appart from that she has a beautiful face with big black eyes. Her colour is milky white and she is 5 feet tall. She told me about her being un married during our drive to her home along with her reasons and the main was her obesity. Finally we reached her flat, in a posh area of Islamabad. She invited me in for a cup of tea, which I accepted and went to lift with her as she live on 2nd floor.Entering the flat was plasent, as it was warm, well decorated and a nice fragrence was all around. She made me sit in the TV lounge and went in one of the room. After 2 min’s, I picked up the remote control, which was combined with a VCD, and put the system on.
Now starts the actual thing. At oncs the TV screen poped up with the ass of a plump girl, and then a man started fucking her in doggy style. My favourite. I was putting on a Shalwar Kamiz, and was so much in the seen that I forgot my surroundings. My dick had made a tent in my lap.Time freezed and I came to know about my situation when I felt a hand on my left shoulder. I spranged up and the remote control fell on ground. Hina was standing there and I could see red lines in her eyes. I felt really uneasy at the situation. Any way I stood up with my cock at 60 degree angle and still going down. She came to me and hugged me with passion and a kissed me on my chest. But I was still stunned due to the situation. Visualizing this, she break off from me and sat on the sofa, crying and saying sorry for her behaviour. Now I gathered up my self and went to her, consoling and then sat down with her on the sofa. She said, she could not control her self and did what she did and all rif raf.As the TV was on and the fucking was also on and I was near a female, so while consoling her I lifted her face up and kissed her on her lips very softly. She looked in my eyes, and what a look that was, The look of a woman. And then we started kissing passonately. Our tungs met and she tasted good from her mouth. We kissed for more then 20 min’s. Meanwhile I fondeled with her gorgious jugs, which were not coming in my hands.When I tried to lift her shirt, she helped me in that and when it was off, wow, what big brests they were. Plump and fluffy, but the good thing was that her light brown nipples were errect. I started sucking them and it was a beautiful experience.Then I removed her Shalwar for which again she helped me and under her big bally, I saw her pink love hole, neately shaved,( I like shaved pussies as they r good to eat). Her pussy is quiet small as compare to her rest of the body.
The movie was still on and the male was fucking the fat pussy with full vigour. Hina got up and started undressing me, the moment my shalwar went down my dic saluted her. She sat on the sofa and took my member stright in her mouth, her experties were appriciable, as she was doing it as a professional. Latter I asked her that how she got the sucking experience, she told me from watching xxx movies, as I was her first practical experience. She also told me that she has been masterbating with candles and such like objects since long as she is now 30 years. Any way she was sucking my balls and then the length of my dick, in quiet a rethum. I loved every moment of it.Then I stopped her and laid her on her back, with legs appart, ie one leg on ground and the other on the back seat of sofa. Now I was having an axcillent view of her small, dripping pink choot. MY gosh, what a delightful seen that was. I ve seen very less Pink Pussies in Pakistan. I planted a kiss on her pussy lips and then patted it and she jerked and came with a loud cry of pleasure. I at once put my tounge in her choot, which was smelling great and the taste of her come was also exiting. I started my job carefully, with the aim to give her a life time pleasure. She was moaning with pleasure and pushing her choot to me for a deep penetration of my tung. She again shivered and had her third orgasim in my mouth directly, which was welcomed by me. Now I started moving my tung all along the length of her choot cut and licked her dry. Her inner walls of pussy were glittering with my sliva. My hands were bussy with her jugs and mouth with her pussy.
Then I did my old trick and bit at the little space between her ass hole and cunt. She gave a loud roar and came again.I bit her softly on her inner thies and again put her soft pussy lips in my mouth and started sucking them heard in my mouth. Then I got up and placed my cock in her mouth, which was again sucked by her real good. Then I took my position at the right spot between her legs and patted her choot with my cock and she had another orgasim there and then, as I could see her contracting her mussles and cum flowing out from those pink pussy lips. I inserted my cock in her there and then, with a single heavy thrust. My dick entered her tight choot, stright due to her wetness and masterbation with different objects. Yet it was slippery, wet, hot and tight. I could feel a ring sort of thing on my cock. The moment I penetrated her, a gasp sound came from her mouth and she was, some how, a little stunned. I laid on her and started kissing her with my lund in her pussy, without movement. I pressed her boobs and then sucked her nipples and reassured her, of her beeing. I was lying on her plump and jelly like belly with all most of my full wait. And then I got up and started pumping her very slowly. Initially I withdrew half the length of my lund out and push it in, after 3-4 min’s I started doing it for full length out and in, as now her eyes were closed and she was moaning. This was an indicator that she is loving it. Due to her figure I could not kiss her while making the strokes but now I was increasing my speed. She was responding good now and was moving her hips with my strokes. ON observing this, I increased my speed and reached to maximumm. She was shouting loud for more penetration and came twice. As her choot was giving me an absolute rubbing I came to know that if I’ll make 2 more strokes, I ll come. I stopped and told her to come in doggy style, my loving position. She obliged and adjusted her position there on the sofa. And what a great view that was, Big Ass in front of me. I adjusted my self and licked her wet choot from the back, to gain time for my self to cool down and control my blood pressure.
Then after 2-3 min’s of licking, I entered her pussy from her back. Due to her huge butts, I was un able to go in fully, so I stopped and told her to put on leg on the floor and other, folded under her, on the sofa. That gave me a good look of choot and ass hole, as well as a position. I separated her ass cheeks and entered her again and this time was successful to send in my full length. The piston started working and after gaining a little speed, she again contracted her pussy muscles and had a long orgasm. Now my piston was moving in top gear as the choot was fully wet/ lubricated and due to her recent cum a sound of “PUCHK,PUCHK” was comming aaaaah ohhhhhhh seeeeeeee, zor sa aur zor sa haaaaan haaaaaaan. She was screeming like animals now.Due to the wetness, my cocks head went more sensitive and after few strokes I was about to come and then finally I pulled my lund out and spraied my cum on her big butts and back. She came again with me with a loud shout. (Thanks to the posh areas, as the ppl here dont interfare with each other business, or they would ve gathered here for her shoutings).She lied there quietly and expended and I on her, as marraaa dana muk gaa saan. After about 20 min’s we gathered ourselves and got up for the rest room (Bath room).
There we took bath, I rubbed her back, where she could not reach and was very obliged. We came out, got dressed and then she brought orange juice for us, followed by tea. I left her house after 2 hrs in total satisfaction.

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My wife’s sex escapade in Bus

August 6th, 2009 No comments

Hi Another day another incident of me and my wife’s sex escapade.
This incident happened after about one month of the incident in the train. After the incident in train we had enjoyed our sex like no time before , it was really mind blowing sex that we had just after my wife had sex with two strangers in the train. Now we started feeling repeat of the previous experience, I asked her was she ready for another escapade, she was ready for it. We planned to go to some to some relatively unknown place. We started zeroing in on the place for our sex encounter. Finally we decided upon shadol a small town in MP, it is overnight drive from delhi to that place. There are few state transport that traverse between the two places. We packed few of our clothings and started for the journey. This time we had decided we will board on a 3 x 2 Bus and I will be participating in the incident too as I missed the thrills last time in the train. We arrived at the bus terminus at 8.00 pm as the bus for our destination was to leave at around 8.30 pm. We purchased the ticket and I asked her to wait for a moment and I boarded the bus to scan where we could sit. I could see that there were not many people inside the bus , I could see a man maybe in his early 50’s sitting beside a window seat. I decided we will sit there , I called her and motioned her toward that seat and she sat beside that man and I sat next to her. The man was bit surprised as their were so many seats were available and we sat their. There were nearly 7 people inside the bus and all of them were sitting on the front seat.

Anyway his face seemed lit up as a women was sitting beside that man. Bus started its journey at schedule and , oops I forgot to mention what my wife was wearing this time. This time too she was wearing a skirt but top was a bit loose shirt, we had decided upon this because it is much easier to open. I could see that my wife has started her advances as her thighs were touching that man’s thighs as if practically they were joined, and that man was eyeing me with corner of his eyes as he knew that this lady was with me , so his position was in between hesitation and temptation, but you all must be aware that in front of temptation , hesitation has no scope. The journey was continuing now we were out of the jungle of concrete and were now moving among the lush fields. In the mean time I had put my hands on her thighs and didn’t try to hide it. I could see that man eyeing my movements of my hand on my wife’s thigh. I could see that to make place between her legs she crossed her leg leaving some space between her legs , in this process she rested her crossed leg on this man’s thighs, he was red , not with anger but with lust. At that moment he didn’t do any thing. In the mean time I was caressing her thighs and on her belly her hands were caressing my neck and shoulder. I moved my hand closer to the joint between her legs , suddenly the bus stopped and the conductor belowed , bus will stop for 30 minutes here you all can have dinner. I was irritated because we have to start this process again , anyhow we got down and had some food, we also guzzled down few beers and boarded the bus again. That man was still sitting on the seat and he has shifted a bit on our side of the seat so as their was lesser space for two of us to sit. My wife sat down beside that man and I sat on left of her side. After few minutes the bus started on its journey toward its destination and most of the lights of the bus were switched off except the front light. There was dim light but we could see each other clearly.

I resumed from where I had left earlier, I started caressing her thighs and trailed my fingers circling her left breast. I saw that man was eyeing each movement that I was making. I motioned my wife by pushing on her inner thighs to move her leg. She understood and she again crossed her leg and rested it on our co-passenger’s thighs. By his reaction this time it seemed that he was anticipating this move of hers as pushed his leg more toward her. His legs were almost touching her beginning of curve of her ass cheeks. I in the mean time has already cupped her tits and was squeezing them. I was getting turned on as I was seeing this man trying push his legs further apart so as to virtually maker her look like sitting on her lap. I took my hand of her breast and pushed it inside her shirt and started caressing her breast under the shirt. She was not wearing any bra. Her nipples were rock hard. I started pinching them. she was getting aroused as her breathes were heavier. All the while that man was watching our action closely without taking his eyes off us. In the meanwhile she turned a bit so as her butt cracks were touching that mans thighs and she pushed her hand in trouser, she held my cock in her hand and started stroking me.

I could she while stroking my cock she was also wriggling her ass, I could see the expression of that man, he was full of lust for my wife. This man moved his hand and kept it on his thighs , and then slowly shifted it toward her ass, now it was not visible to me, But my wife whispered that his fingers were lingering between ass cheeks, I moved my hand down into her skirt and she was already moist with , I pushed my finger in her already moist pussy and started stroking he.

She was still wriggling her ass, then she changed her position now I could see clearly that he was gently caressing her between the ass cheeks , I looked at him he turned his face but didn’t stopped his action. I pushed my hand bit farther down her skirt until I reached at the hem of her skirt , I pulled it till it was above her waist. Now I could see clearly the other man’s action of passion and he could also see my actions. He saw that my wife was not wearing anything beneath her skirt, and he started feasting on her naked pussy, I could see his finger now rubbing vigorously on her rear. He saw that no one of us were objecting to his overtures and it made his overtures even more confident. He started opening my wife’s shirt button , while he was doing this my wife turned toward him and kissed him on lips They were kissing each other very passionately.

In the meanwhile I knelt down on the floor and sat between her legs and started lapping her pussy , I was sucking her clitoris , holding it between my teeths and pulling it she started stiffled moaning , While doing this I still kept my eyes on their sexcapade. All of her shirt buttons were open and her luscious breast were now exposed and were feast to the eyes of our co – passenger. He bent down on her breast and started sucking them as if trying to extract milk out of them. While he was having mouthful of them. My wife unzipped his trouser and tried to pull it down his legs , he moved a bit facilitate her and she managed to pull his trouser down to his knees, she held his large cock in her palms and started jerking him. She was also scratching his ball with her finger nails. In the excitement that man’s hand started moving toward her pussy and now he too was fingering her while I was fucking her with my tongue, Suddenly her body jerked and she arched her body and my tongue could feel the spasm of her vaginal muscles and could taste the juice that were flowing. After few moments when she regained her posture she asked me to sit on the seat and now she knelt down on her knees on the bus floor, in one hand she held my cock and caressed it while she swallowed his cock in her mouth, she was giving him a good blow job and he was fucking her in her mouth, I saw that man bending down and with one hand grabbed her breast and other hand he moved from her back between her legs and he was gain fingering her while with other hand he was caressing her breast. He was also licking her on her neck , shoulder line. her mouth was now moving fast on the cock of that man and she seemed all sex at that moment. I could see that man was approaching toward orgasm just after few moments his body jerked and I could see my wife’s throat moving. When she took out his cock from her mouth there was not a drop of semen on his glance or anywhere she had swallowed all of it. She has always liked the taste of cum.

She then moved toward me and took my cock in between her teeth and slid it down in her mouth, and then she with one hand she started caressing my balls while she was moving her head down on my cock. I saw that man trying to say something , I asked him what?? he said can we go to the last row as that had a long single stretch of seat. I agreed, I pulled my cock from my wife’s mouth and motioned her to straighten her clothe. Everyone except driver was asleep. and he was busy with his driving. We moved swiftly toward the last row of seat without making any noise. When we reached their that man lied down on the row and asked my wife to sit on him she obliged and he pulled her skirt up once gain over her waist and pulled her by her waist and made her sit on his open mouth, I sat on the edge of the seat with and once again pulled my trousers down to my knees and asked her to give me a head job. She rested on her knees so that he could easily lap her while she was giving me a blow job. He pushed his nose into her wet pussy and smelled it for long , I was caressing and pinching her two shapely boobs while he started licking her pussy lips and clitoris. Combination of two of working together on her was making her more and more excited she was giving me blow job real hard and with other hand she was stroking that man’s cock. his body again seemed to jerk when she stopped stroking his cock and concentrated on me and I came with full force and threw my cum in her throat , her orgasm was also building and she came once again by all that lapping and my caressing of her breasts. Now she pulled her ass from his mouth and started moving it toward that man’s limp cock. She started messaging it with her ass and within moments it was hard once again , I saw she lifted her so as to position her pussy opening on his cock, when she found the right position she gently lowered herself on his cock. she lowered herself on his body with his prick sticking into her and her breast on his chest and she was kissing this man very eagerly. He was returning the kiss very passionately too. she started moving her hips in circular motion without lifting her ass . that was one sensational experience my wife dancing on a strangers cock.

His hands were moving all over her body and her whole upper leg was glistening with sweat and her flowing juices. that was a sight I remember vividly. Now she has started moving her hips up and down on his cock and he was responding with powerful thrust toward her, They matched for each movement. By seeing in her action I realized how good she has become in sex. Now they were moving toward the frenzy and their love making was becoming very hot. They were pounding each other, she was scratching his body with her fingernails. I knew she was in total frenzy. Their strokes were now with more power as if they were trying to go beyond the limits. I could see that man’s cock glistening with my wife’s pussy juices coming out and going into her vagina. Suddenly their movement became very fast and both of them jerked their body and came to a great orgasm together , I could see his cum seeping through my wife’s cunt.They laid in each others arm for few moments, I then pushed my hand under her and started rubbing her clitoris this made her horny once again and she motioned me to come and she lifted her ass from his body , I knelt on the seat and positioned my cock against her pussy lips we were going to have sex doggy style. It was very easy to go into her as she was totally wet with her juices and his semen . I started pounding her while I was doing this I saw that man’s limp cock becoming hard again, now it was my time to be astonished as he had already spent 4 time and he had still some left for my wife. He started rubbing it against her clitoris while I was coming in and out of her pussy. He asked me to stop for a moment and I said ok. then he told can we both fuck her together , I understood what he was talking about I pulled out my cock out of her cunt and then we both put our penis tip on her vaginal opening , I could see my wife somewhat apprehensive as this was first of this kind of sex.

We pushed into her , it was bit difficult for both of us inserting into her, we started pounding into her in unison, she accommodated both of us well and we were rubbing in her vaginal wall, it was hottest of all sensation, she again orgasmed a very big orgasm. We now took our cock out from her and she started jerking us off when he told he was about to come she opened her mouth and put it above his cock she ate all his cum and at that moment I also cam and sprayed it all over her body. We all were drained and it was nearly morning by then , we all dressed and she kissed that old man once again and thanked him for the wonderful experience he provided. Then we sat on different seat and continued our journey. We reached shadol where we checked into a hotel. there too an event took place that I will post later on. I am giving my mail ID where you can send me comments and give me suggestion as to what other methods we should try. Of course this is not my real mail id. I don’t want my identity to be revealed.

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Mother’s Fucking In Public

July 25th, 2009 No comments

I am Ratna, 47 years, still having good figure, which is a result of satisfying fucking with different people during last 15 year. In my first 32 year I took only one cock in my cunt whereas in next 15 year I must have taken at least 3000 cocks in my body. This all because of my only son.

I was married at 15 and for 17 year I thought that my sex life with husband is very good and I also never thought of other man though many male in and outside family were eager to offer their lund in my cunt. I had only one son and naturally I used to make him happy by meeting all his demands. My husband was an executive in a MNC at calcutta where we were staying then. Husband used to go office at 8 in morning and returns by 8-9 in night.

At one afternoon about 4 pm son asked me to come to market for some buying and roaming around. I dressed up in saree, petticoat, bra and blouse. I never wore panties under saree. We took a taxi and started. He told something to taxiwala and son sat besides me on back seat. He was happy so I was. He was seating very close to me. On way we stopped at few shops but he didn’t buy any thing. Then we took some snacks and came back to taxi. I told him to return home, but he requested to see a movie. I said it is late and your father will be unhappy. He said we will go to English movie and we will return home before father is back. I agreed. He told taxiwala to take us to see a mast English movie and he placed his one hand on my thighs. I didn’t mind but instead of keeping his hand still he moved it over thighs and took it near my cunt area and said mom you are very nice and I want to be near you. He placed his hand on cunt.

Without making him conscious I removed his hand. He kept talking about his friend, what they say about me etc. Suddenly, I found our taxi on a way where both side of road hundreds of girls of all ages and half dressed were standing making vulgar gestures. On enquiry driver told me that this is sonagachhi area and all these girls are randi(pros). I felt pity for them and at the same time I felt pressure on my cunt. I looked at son but he was looking other side and continue to caress and press my cunt over saree. He never did it before. I was unable to decide what to do, I was ashamed and in presence of driver I didn’t like to scold him. Encouraged he took entire cunt in his hand and pressed it few time. I was getting tears in my eyes but I thought that seeing those half nude girls he is excited and I thought that I will teach him at home on return. He kept squeezing my cunt with one and other hand he placed on his crotch. Then taxi stopped and driver showed us way to theatre.

, BRandgt;

We paid him and moved. Among crowd there were about 30-40 girls/ladies in different dresses. Son purchased tickets and said movie is going to start. We moved in along with crowd. Men were holding ladies as if they are in bed room and not in public place. We moved in the hall which was small having capacity of about 150 with a balcony where only few heads visible. We got seat in middle of a middle row. I looked around, males were kissing their ladies and some were ever holding breast. Two person came towards us, one thin who sat beside me and other good features sat beside thin man. Then lights went off. I told son(Amit) that I am not liking it here, we should go to other place. He took my hand and said stay and you will enjoy. Then there was an announcement ” now movie will start, name is “freedom” and now the gate of theatre will open only after film ends, in between no one is allowed to go out. You enjoy movie but no force and any action against any lady. culprit will be severely dealt with” Announcement stopped and movie started After short casting first scene was a old lady sucking penis of a very young boy standing and on bed a middle aged man was fucking a small girl in mouth. I was shocked and could not believe that my son has took me to see a blue film in public. I had seen blue films with husband in bed room. I wanted to leave but there was no way, door were closed.

Then I felt two hands one each on both my thighs moving towards cunt area I immediately responded and removed there hand. But, Mr X who was other side of me said “madam don’t get angry, see all around, every one is enjoying why not us, we will make you happy. Then I saw that two girls in front me has removed her blouse and bra and one has even sat on lap of his partner. I was unable to speak, further I thought if I shout people will know that I have come with son to see fucking film then everyone in hall will push his lund in all my holes. I surrendered. Mr X turned to me and placed his one hand on my one breast and with other started puling saree up.

I was not in a position to protest. I felt hand on my other breast also and both were enjoying by pressing it hard. They were doing it over blouse Mr X had pulled my saree up and made my thighs exposed, other side son also pulled saree up and inserted his hand inside and took hold of nude cunt, I had saved my cunt in morning itself. After few minutes both released breast out of there hand but I felt two hand exploring my cunt. Son told me to spread my thighs and move my hip little down. I obeyed and Mr X said your cunt is still very firm and he pushed one finger inside. Son took my hand and placed it on his nude and fully erect lund. This was first time I took his grownup penis in my hand. He told me to move my hand over his lund and he also inserted one finger in my cunt.

With fucking and sucking in movie and loud moaning of men and women around had arosed me also and I also started enjoying and pressed son’s rod. Both were fucking my cunt first with one finger each and then they pushed two =two finger each and moved faster. Up mr x took my hand and he also placed it on his lund which was smaller and thinner than son’s lund. I was having two lund in my hands and down four fingers in my bur. In the movie old lady was now sucking little girls cunt and young boy was pushing his lund in old lady’s gand(ass). Middleage man was still fucking that girl in mouth. I moved my hands faster on both lunds and hips also moving up and down. I was really enjoying but Mr X couldn’t stand and he discharged his cum in my hand. I wiped it on his pant. Mr x and his friend got up and went to toilet ( afterwards I came to know that it was common). Son continued fucking my cunt And I moved hand on his lund. He told me to lift my saree fully, I got up lifted my saree over waist and then sat down, every one back must have seen my full and round hips. I again took hold of his lund and he pushed three fingers in my cunt and told me to sit on her lund but I refused.. son continued finger fucking and I moved my hand faster on his lund, his lund was of good size, bigger than his father’s. Then I turned back and saw that girl behind me is fully nude. Her both breast were being sucked. She also had two lund, one each in her hand and down her cunt was filled with fingers of both person beside her. Son said, take lund in your cunt. I kept quite but moved my hand over his lund faster.

On screen One lady of my age entered the room and pulled out young boy and also old lady from young girl and she herself put her mouth between thighs of young girl. The boy pushed his lund in lady’s cunt. Then Mr x and his friend (say Mr Y ) returned and this time Mr y sat beside me and looked at my nude cunt. He said that his friend informed him that my breast are big and firm and cunt is still very tight. I like a cheap slut replied why don’t you test yourself. My hand was fucking son very fast and he discharged in my hand. I rubbed all his cum over his lund and wiped my hand on his shirt. He also got up and left for bathroom. Beside him a girl was all nude and she was sucking her patener’s lund.. Mr Y placed one hand on my shoulder and pulled towards him and placed other hand on one breast. He caressed breast softly and kissed me on lips passionately. He was handling me tenderly.

His hand moved from one breast to other. I was very excited and horny. I moved my hand and put on his crotch. He said, can I open your blouse but I said enjoy it from top and next time He can have me all nude. He invited me to a hotel after movie, but I refused. He was massaging breast very nicely, down I opened his pant zip,, I told him to pull down his pant and underwear, he did that immediately and again pulled me to him. I took hold of his lund. Just by touching I got very excited and felt like taking his lund in my bur and mouth there itself. He has a big, much bigger than my son’s and thick like fully developed cucumber. I said your rod is very nice and it will fill me fully. I moved my hand over his erect lund and he placed his one hand on my thighs. He said your maal’s are very tight like a unfucked girl and he parted my cunt lips and rubbed cunt petals with his finger. He was giving me real maza.

He moved his hand up on slit, took hold of clit and squeezed softly,. I parted my thighs and he moved his fingers over cunt petals. I was becoming mad for fucking, But I decided to enjoy what he was doing. He then took hold of my thighs and pulled it towards him. I bend further towards him and placed that thighs over his legs. My cunt was wide open. He continued pressing my clit and and with other hand he was caressing my thighs and My hand on his lund was moved faster. I was finding it difficult to hold his thick lund. His handling of clit made me moan loudly and I started moving my hips up and down. “you need good fucking’I replied yes but not today. I told him that his lund is best and I will take in my bur but any other day. I said fuck me with your finger. He obeyed and and pushed first one, then two and then three. He moved his fingers in the cunt fast and said your bur is really tight, if you come with me, I will pay rs 1000 for one hour. He asked can you come tomorrow, I said I will come day after tomorrow but told him to come alone. I said his friend’s lund is like a kid but I said That I will come with my friend. He agreed and moved his finger faster. I was kissing him, and fucking his lund with hand.

At this time my son returned and sat beside me. He also turned towards me, opened my blouse, tookout both breast out of bra and sqeezed both. I told Mr y to feel my nude breast which is waiting for his sqeeze. He took one breast in hand and softly pressed and said you deserve more than 1000 for your assets. I was enjoying and forgotten that I am a wife of respectable person. Suddenly one bell rang and dim lights put on. He said movie will end in next five minutes so requested me to make him discharge.

He moved his finger faster, I removed my hand and bend down to take thick lund in the mouth. I moved mouth over his lund faster and within three-four minute he discharged in my mouth, I lifted my mouth and kissed him deeply. At this moment lights put on and I found that many persons watching our act. I smiled, got up, arranged my bra and blouse and we came out. While coming out Mr x pushed some sheets in my hand, I looked at them, these were hundred rupes note seven in number. He must be rich I thought, for sucking and fingering he can pay 700 he will certainly pay over 2000 for fucking me. I acted like a cheap and also paid like professional. We took auto and started back home We were sitting quite, I took a stock of what happened and I blamed myself for this cheap sexual act in public.

I looked at my son, he was quite and looking other side. I put one hand on his thighs and kept quite. On the way we took some snacks, changed to taxi and came back home at about 7. 30 pm. In house I became fully nude and told, “son I am not angry for what happened but this could have been avoided. If you would have told me, I would have allowed you to fuck and suck my cunt. In fact I did not given attention that you have grown up, and need a female, now you have seen and enjoyed my assets come and fuck me before your father comes back, acts in movie hall has really made me horny and if you want we will go again there or any other such place. ‘

I was really wanting good fuck, so I made him nude and took his penis in hand. It was limp. I moved my hand over it, took and suck in mouth but it didn’t grow. I lied down and spread my cunt lips wide and asked him to suck it but he didn’t move. I was surprised, in hall he made me hold his strong and erect lund and finger fucked but at home he is like a impo. Then he said, ‘Mom, for last two year I had watching you getting fucked by dad and I masterbated, now I am able to get erection only when you are with some one or some one is watching us. In past when papa is not around I tried to get erection and thought of approaching you for fucking, I never get erection. That’s why I took you to public place. I really want to fuck you but.. ” I called him and pulled him on me. I took his limp lund and put it between cunt lips and rubbed along petals and clit for some time but his lund still limp. I was shocked and some how, I decided he must fuck his mom to get out of his public phobia. There was bell ring, I told him to go to bathroom with all my clothes and I put on a simple night gown. I opened the door, my husband was there, he came in, as usual took me in arms and kissed me. I pulled off his clothes to underwear and made a double whisky to him and said that I am very horny, can he fuck me just now and I lifted my gown up to waist. “oh darling, I am always ready,. He pulled down his underwear and pushed me down.

I removed gown, I was nude and without any forplay he inserted his rod in my cunt. He fucked me for about 6-7 minutes, got discharge in my bur, got up and went to bathroom(attached with our bed room) I locked bathroom door from outside and came back to drawing room. There son was standing with his erect lund in hand, I lied down again and he pushed his lund in my bur. he must have seen his dad fucking me so he was hot. Hiis lund was thick and longer than his dad and he hold my breasts and fucked heavily. He was about 67kg, I liked his fucking and about ten minutes he also discharged. I pulled him and said after dinner I will make arrangement that your dad will ask you to fuck me, and advised him not to say that he has seen me or any other girl nude. I pushed him away and ran to bathroom to my husband. We bathed together and came out. I started to wearing punjabi dress but he stopped and said wear a pink colour see through gown without underwear. I said but what son will think,.

You are his mother and some time he has a right to see your beautifull body and moreover you are not nude, there is a covering. I wore mini see through gown which was not even upto my knees and tight on my breast and hips. My husband was in horny mood and it will be easier to make him convinced to permit me to fuck by son. I had a plan. I came out and told Amit that I am tired and not in a mood to cook so get some nan, kababs and curry from nearby hotel. He got up, I told him to take money from my purse (which I earnedtoday). He went out and I sat beside my husband. He said that these days Amit is very quite, I said he is growing and he may be needing girl’s body. “you are his mother, and some time you can allow him to see your body. He will like it. ‘ I said you are mad and sat on his lap.

Door was only shut. He opened all buttons (frontside Of my gown) and said let him see your mast breast and cunt to make him happy. I said I don’t know. He moved his hand all over my body and tookone breast in mouth. I wondered what he do if he comes to know about my cheap sex acts in public and that his son has already fucked me just half an hour back in his house. Feel of thick lund of Mr Y came into my hand and mouth and I decided to have it in my cunt day after tomorrow. Husband continued to play with my balls, thighs and cunt, where as I was waiting for son to come and se me in this condition. it was 9 pm and chance of any one else coming inside was remote.

After about half an son returned without knocking at door and saw me all nude and his dad’s hand all over my body. I got up and put just two button on waist and let breast wide open. I took things from him and went to kitchen. I called Amit in for help. He came in and from back he took hold of both breast. “Wait for some time, then you can fuck me in presence of your dad”. We came out and arranged plate for them. I went to bed room and mixed rum with whisky and served in three glass and offered one to amit. First he refused and I said You are now big and you must be sleeping around with young girls, you can join us. We cheered for our happiness and drank. Husband drank double peg in one sip and I served him more. He was going to be drunk soon.

We were sitting in semicircle and I was sandwithed between them Dad asked “amit have you seen a nude woman” no, amit said. ‘Your mom is most beatytifull and have mast assets, did you not see them, and he took one breast in hand. He was drunk and not knowing what he is doing. Amit said for first time now only he saw my breast. ” Son, you can see and feel them, they are yours. After all she is your mother and you have first right, see how round these brests are, ” Husband finished another drink and said” ratna, let your hold your breast”. I took amit’s hand and placed it on my other breast. Now father and son squeezing my breast together. He told me to see whether son is really need a women and told me to take his lund in hand. I removed his lungi and took lund which was in fully erected in my hand and said” his lund is bigger than you”. At this husband removed his clothes and placed in lund in my other hand. He was fully drunk, though his lund was erect, I knew it will cum with few hand strokes only. He told Amit to open remaining button of gown, he did and I was nude.

See everyone around wants to push their lund in your mother’s cunt, even my boss so many time hinted me that if I permit him to fuck my wife, he will promote me, and now that sexy and tight cunt is waiting for you”. I moved my hand faster on both lunds and just after few minutes husband discharged. Now my son was ready for action. Without instruction, he pushed me down, rode over me in 69 position. I took his lund in my mouth and he sucked, kissed and ate my cunt. Husband was watching and it itself was a best stimulous for me. Son sucked petals, and clit for few minutes and like in hall inserted three fingers in my cunt. I was sucking his lund and holding balls in my hand, husband put his mouth on my breast. Sucking of clit was giving lot of pleasure and my hips moving up and down.

I pressed his head on my bur but he got up changed his position, kissed me deeply on lips giving me taste of my cunt and pushed his big lund in my cunt. Husband was holding his limp lund in hand and watching his wife getting chudai by his only son. I felt pity for him, took his lund in mouth and started sucking and fondling his balls. Son was giving me tremendous pleasure and fucking me hard and fast with same lund which in evening didn’t get up despite my efforts. Son was well built and strong and I was happy that I can get chudai from him any time. Son has increased his speed so my hips and exploded in my bur. I signalled him to put his lund in my mouth, so he did and I sucked each and every drop of his cum. To my surprise my husband put his mouth between my thighs and sucked my cunt. I was very much satified and announced that from now I have two husband. There after we three slept together for next ten year till Amit got married. But sometime after marriage Amit told his wife about our relation and convinced her to accept us. There after we four are sleeping together. Amit has a handsome son of three year. My husband some time sucks cunt of his daughter-in-law and in return she sucks his limp lund. Despite innitiation by daughter in law husband could not push his lund in her tight bur. We suck and eat each others cunt very often and Amit fucks us nicely.

My bahu knows that I do chudai in public and I am being paid for that. She wanted to come with me but I said till my cunt is in demand you rest at home and after being fucked by her son she can be turned public property. But, let me finish present experience, Third day I clean shaved my cunt, put shampoo in hair and at 4pm I changed to black trouser and white loose shirt without bra or panty. I took son with me and reached at movie hall. That Mr Y was waiting, he was alone, he came near us, shok hand with son and placedx his hand around me and asked whether I am ready for chudai. I smiled and he took us to a tea stall. My son remained out to see posters. He directly told me that he has customers for me who will pay 2500 for per hour and if I am ready for group, I will be paid rs 10000. He assured me of all safety and said police will never trouble me.

He also told me that If I do chudai with my friend(son) or any one else in presence of people I will be paid rs 1000 per people present beside rs 2000 if any one of person present will fuck me. He gave me his card and ask to inform him of my decision. He also given me a cover and said this is 2000 for today’s pleasure. “you may give me after when you are satisfied”. He touched my hand and said I know you are a best maal. Son came and said that movie is going to start. We went in but today he tok us through stairs. We entered balcony, there were only four doble bed cots with mattresses and three one couple each were sitting. on each cot.

They looked at us and we sat on empty cot. mr Y said One cot costs rs 500 per show and it is comfortable. I sat in between them, placed both hand on cot and reclined back. Mr Y (name was Manu) took my face and kissed on lips, son put his hand on my trouser and opened zip and pulled it downand spread legs apart. Lights were still on and person in balcony looked toward us,. Manu tok hold of me and opened all buttons and removed shirts, ” nice you have no underwear. I was totally nude, and both got busy, son with my cunt and Manu with breasts. Lights went off and after announcement movie started but I saw that lights (from railings) falling on cots and making our body clearly visible. I look around and other cots all were nude and busy in acts. I told them to put off there clothes which they did. They sat beside me and I took lunds in each hand. Both lund was tight and hard but Man’s lund was longer and thicker. I was fondling there lunds and they with my cunt and breast. On screen a dog was sucking a young woman. After about ten minutes I told manu to sit on one end and spread his legs. I changed to doggy position and took thick lund in mouth and on back son pushed his lund in the cunt. He held my tight and round bums and pushing lund deep and hard. Down I was moving mouth over thick lund and he was pressing both breast. Son was doing hard and fast chudai, he continued it for about 10-12 minutes, I pushed out my cunt from his lund and changed posion fast, I placed my thighs over shoulder of manu and took lund of son in mouth.

He spread my cunt and pushed his lund, but hardly one inch went, I was feeling pain, he took out his lund and spat on my cunt and moved one, then two, then three fingers insid, he finger fucker me for some time, I signalled him to put his thick lund in, he took out fingers and placed lund in and given hard push. 3-4 inch lund went in, he took hold of my shoulders and again pushed very hard and this time all 9 inch went in. My bur was copletely jammed and he started fucking slowly and I really enjoyed, It was the best fuck I had. I was lost in pleasure of chudai, son was continuing fucking of mouth and both were fondling breast. Bell ranged means in 5 minutes movie will end, I was in no hurry but Manu increased speed and thust, My hip was moving up and down fast. I took hold of him in my arms and my thighs were still on his shoulder. Then movie ends and lights put on.

We were busy fucking and then both discharged, son in mouth and Manu in cunt. I put down my thighs and ge got up. I was still lying and looked around to see that three couples and one other young were looking at my nude body. Leasourly, I got up, smiled at them and told son and manu that they have given maximum pleasure and I kissed manu. I pulled on pant and shirt and moved out of room. Unknown young man took hold of me and took aside and said management will pay rs 5000 per show with customers like I did just now. He pushed a cover in my pocket and in course pressed my balls and tthese are good, please call me, and left. We came out, Manu took my waist in his arm and he also put one cover in my shirt pocket and pressed my ball. He said he never had such cunt and he will like to have me again and invited me to his house, I smiled and promised that I will call him soon.

We came out, took taxi on way we passed through redlight area and I smiled on girls, they waived me. I was one among them now. “son, are you happy”. He smiled and put his hand on my cunt, I pressed his hand. We changed taxi, took snacks and came home. I went to bed room and took out covers. Manu had given me one thousand more and that young man 1500. 00 with phone no and adress. Now, I had turned professional and decided to go that way and enjoy with earning. My son and me had given public show of fucking in all holes, among men and also to ladies.

I allowed Manu to fuck me on few occasion, but I didn’t charge any thing. I visited that theatre again on many occasion and satisfied many unknown lunds. On one occasion I was booked for a private party and there during six hour about 50 persons fucked me in all position and I was conscious all along,. That day itself, I earned about a lakh. I satisfied my husband’s boss in presence of my son and husband and earned promotion for husband. I am still on, My son made me a randi, but I am not angry, because this allowed satisfaction of my sex desires. Every lady must allow their son to fuck and suck their cunt.

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My father fuck my mother

November 22nd, 2008 No comments

Hello friends, I am Niraj and I am 21 years old graduate student and now I am doing my post-graduation. This is story of my true incident which occur when I was 18 year old and studying in 1st year. In my family we are 5 members a father, a mother , I, my two younger sisters. My father’s age was near 47 and mother’s age was near 42 at that time.

It was rainy season of August. My both sister goon to their school and they will came at 5 p.m. and I left home at 11 p.m. for my collage and their after for my computer class. This is our regular schedule and I always come home at 4 p.m. One day after I completed my regular classes I went to my computer center. After reaching there I found it closed because one student of that center was died that day. So ii want straight to home. It started light raining as I was on the way of my house. I quickly reaches my home, I rang the door bell but it was ringing because of power cut. Then I went to my garage and I park my bike their and I found that my father does not go to his office because I see his car was in the garage. Then I enter my house from door of my garage. I found no one in the ground floor, then I went to my room which is in the 1st floor. I heard the voice of my mother and mother which was coming from the terries. Our terries is half covered and there is a —- in which my father and mother were sit. I saw that my mother’s head was on my father’s shoulder. There hands were in hands of each other. My mother had wear a pink sari and blouse and my father had wear kurta and pyjama. My mother had a very good figure, may be 36-25-38, with a fair complexion. Now the rain fall became heavier, my mother said to my father that ‘ AAJ KAA MAUSAM KITNA ROMANTIC HAI, IS SAMAY GAAR PE KOY NAHEE HAI AUR BACHEE 5 BAJE TAAK NAHEE AAYENGE. KYNO NA HUM IS MAUSAM KAA MAZA LOOTEN.’

Then my father started to kiss my mom in her lips. His hand was now massaging my mom’s thighs. They are in their erotic world and they do not notice me that I am watching them from behind. Then they stood up from — and they goes to open area of terries. Now they are in the heavy rainfall, they hug each other tightly and their lips are in each others mouth. They kisses each other hard and passionately. My father’s hand was all over my mother’s body. His hand was on her firm round buttocks and pressing it hard and mom have just little moanand after that my father started kissing my mom’s cheeks, chin and neck and his hand was now on my mother’s big boobs. They are now become very wet. They stop kissing and my father said that now lets go to our bedroom, I quickly goes down to my room which was just behind of their bedroom. I pick up my video camera and went to their bedroom and take place at outside of their room’s ventilator. My father come to bedroom with my mom on his arm. Then my dad started to remove the sari of my mom and then her blouse and then her petticote. Now my mom was in her beautiful wet black bra and very very wet pink panty. Now she started to remove my dad’s clothe and now he was in his short only. Again they start kissing each others lips and started French kissing. My dad’s hand was all over her body and touching all the parts of my mom’s wet body. I was getting a hard and my dick was erected ,I continually to shot all the action in my camera. My dad opens her bra and her boobs came out with her erected dark brown nipple.

I saw my mother’s boobs first time necked. Dad put his face on her breast and started kissing her breast. His one hand now going down and pulling her panty. Now my mom became totally necked. It was the first time that I saw her totally necked. Dad’s tongue started to lick her left nipples as his hand started squeezing her right balls yet again. She started to moan as dad started to suck her boobs. After some time dad got up and had a look at her thighs. He went down and started kissing her legs from the bottom and slowly coming up. Her bushy cunt which shaved off was now exposed. He started kissing her once again on her lips. He slowly moved down again kissing her all over from her lips to her chin and her neck and both her breast to her navel and finally coming to her cunt. She spread her legs apart as dad put his face in between her thighs and started to lick her virgin cunt lips. Dad pushed one of his fingers inside it as she started to moan even harder. After some time dad again went up to her breast and started sucking it. Her hand was now all over the front of dad shorts and holding dad’s dick in her hand and squeezing it as dad sucked her boobs. Mom then pushed dad back as dad lay down on his back as she moved kissing dad lips and at the same time continuing to squeeze his dick. She then put her face on dad short and had his dick in her mouth and gave a bite to it. She then pulled down dad shorts so that dad’s dick was now completely free and fully exposed to her. It was now erect and was almost about 7” long. She then had her face completely over it and started kissing it from the top to dad’s balls. She now had her whole mouth on the head of dad’s dick and started to suck it with her mouth going up and down my dad’s dicks in a vigorous manner. My dad cam in her mouth and mom totally drunk it. Then she once again take dad’s dick in her mouth started sucking it. After few minutes it now again erect and now she start kissing his lips. Then she lay on bed and dad was on top of her this time.

Dad grabbed her buttocks tight and ran the tip of his tongue along the folds of her juicy cunt. She moaned loud grinding her pussy deeper into dad face. Dad’s hand began rubbing the nub of her hardened clit making her twitch wildly all over.. Dad gave her pussy even more attention sucking her piss flaps and lapping her juices like a hungry dog. Eventually dad started entering her with one finger then to building a quick rhythm. She was bucking dad’s fingers violently. Dad licked the entire length of her pussy in a single stroke making her shout with pleasure. Dad licked her pussy in this fashion, each time digging deeper with his tongue. mom tasted exotic . After many such strokes, Dad held his head still and worked with his tongue, lapping up the insides of her juicy pussy. Dad had to use his hands to hold her ass down, while the rest of her was all over the bed . She must have had atleast a few orgasms, and dad didnat stop for her to even catch a breath. Dad moved up to her erect clit and took it in his mouth, sucking on it. She had even stronger orgasms With that, My dad was reward with a face full of her tasty juices Now dad got on top of her, held her hands above her head, and literally plunged his dick into her tight pussy, hitting bottom with that single stroke.

She let out a loud moan. Dad licked her mouth and sucked on her tongue as she settled down. Dad started pumping her slowly. With each stroke she let out long moans, feeling the length of dick spreading her tight cunt. It was hot and beads of sweat broke up on her face. Her face was glowing in the natural lights and their bodies were easily slipping on one another because of the sweat created between their bodies. Dad strokes became longer and faster. Her pussy juices were flowing like a torrent. Dad was relishing each stroke into her. Soon she had a huge orgasm, tightening her grip on my penis so hard that it suddenly became a huge effort to pump her. Her resistance just made dad fuck her harder and harder. She was screaming because of her orgasm and the pain dad was causing her. Her orgasm didnat subdue. Dad was pushing in and pulling out of her with all his strength, while her wet pussy walls strained to grab dad’s penis like a vice. Each stroke into her cunt brought dad closer to his orgasm. And now dad cam huge in mom’s pussy. Dad held her tightly in his arms and came in her tight pussy shooting loads of semen into her. They started kissing again their bodies were totally drenched in each others sweat and they soon fell asleep with dad’s dick still in her pussy from behind her.

I was now out of my mind I immediately wanted to pull out my cock and masturbate their. I had took all that good scene in my camera and went back to my room. After a hour or so, I listen the sound of shower and I immediately went once again to their room and saw that my dad was alone in the bad necked and in a deep sleep. That was my mother who was taking a shower and after some time she came out from bathroom totally necked. She started wear her cloths. I quickly rushed down stair and go out of my home through garage. It was no raining now. Then I rang the bell (electricity was came only after an half hour when I came to home). After few seconds my mom opened the door and I behave like that I just came from my computer class.

Friends, the cassette in which I recorded that fine moments become my valuable asset.

So friends this is my true experience and if you had also such experience please told the story to me at boys123 {AT} .

Thanks for reading my first experience of real sex.

Thank you for submitting this story!

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Great Handjob On the Train

August 19th, 2008 No comments

This is a true story that happened to me a few months ago. I am an Indian good looking guy, 6 ft tall with fair complexion, 35 years old, living in London. I always travel to work by train. In the morning the trains are so packed but you have to get on ‘cos otherwise you get late for work. Anyway I was waiting at Mile End station at 9 am for a train and the platform was really getting crowded. The train arrived and there was a big rush to get on. It was crazy, but I got on and stood near the door. It was tightly packed and I was squashed between so many people that I just stared at the ceiling and relaxed for the 15 minute journey.

After a few minutes I felt that I was being pushed from behind and I got annoyed. I pushed back to stop whoever it was. When I pushed back I felt softness on my back and wondered what or who was it. I could not turn around but I again felt the softness. This time I felt it was as if a pair of boobs were pushing my back. Now I thought that I must be imagining but I still could not turn around. This continues for a while. I was getting horny at the thought and could feel my dick getting hard. At the next stop a few people got off so I had a chance to move a bit and turn around and check what was going on. I turned around and to my surprise there was a young school girl directly behind me.
She was Indian and about 14 years old wearing a white blouse and school uniform. I could not believe that this was the culprit. She did not look at me and pretended to be busy in her thoughts. I did notice that her blouse was a little see through and she had the top 2 buttons undone so that I could just see her black bra underneath and the top of it was just visible. As I was now facing her she felt that it was uncomfortable and she turned a little so that her side was facing me. This meant that I could see her boobs from the side and could see into her blouse and check the lace of her bra. I noticed she was also wearing a grey skirt just above the knee. The train moved on again and this time I could see what she was doing. She cleverly pushed her hips towards me and brushed my already hard dick a little.
Now I thought that I could be a little brave. I moved closer to her so that my dick was resting just on her side of her tummy. I started rubbing her tummy a little. In response she pushed back and at the same time she unbuttoned the lower buttons of her blouse so that my dick was actually rubbing her bare skin on her tummy. She was so daring, and never looked at me at all. Now I could see right inside her blouse and she was enjoying the dick rub on her tummy. I checked to see if anyone was looking and then I raised my hand and placed it on her arse. I then started massaging her arse and went between her but crack. Her eyes were now totally closed. I then felt her hand on my dick from outside of my trousers and she was giving me a good rub. I quickly unzipped and took out my tool and she took it into her cute little hand and started giving me a hand job. I got my hand under her skirt and moved up towards her arse and found her knickers which were more of a thong then a pair of knickers a school girl should wear. Boy were her knickers wet. I moved the knickers away from her pussy and started to rub the outside of her cunt. She was totally shaved. Boy was she wet.
For the next 5 minutes I gradually inserted my 2 fingers into her wet cunt and gave her a finger fuck. She was getting aroused and I was getting aroused. By now neither of us was concerned about the people around us. I could feel that I was going to cum and tried to indicate to her to stop. It was pointless as she was to far gone herself. I felt that her love juices had started as I continued to finger fuck her cunt. Then I felt her cunt grab my 2 fingers so hard and then I felt hot love juices on my fingers dripping to my hand. She bucked a bit and let out a slow small groan. I knew she had come. I felt myself about to come as well and I thought fuck this I will just cum in her hand. I came and came and came and she keep doing her hand job until the last drops had come out. She was done and I was done. I looked at her and her face was so red and hot and her eyes were misty. She then did the most sexy thing I have ever seen.
She raised her hand to her mouth and no one could see and she started licking my cum with her mouth. She kept on licking until she had enjoyed every minute of it. I did not taste her juices but wiped them on to my shirt tail to clean my hand. I looked at her in amazement at the wonderful experience. She was only 14 years old but she was such a sexy slut I could not believe it. 3 stops later she got off the train but never looked back at me. I wonder if I will ever see her again. She gave me the best hand job of my life and on a packed train which was so fucking daring and amazing.

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Our sex escapade on Train journey

June 30th, 2008 No comments

Hi I am 32 yr old male from Delhi and my wife is 4 yr younger to me at 28 and we are happily married for past 6 years . We both have a perfectly satisfying sexual life and we love to experiment in love making. We by nature are voyeur’s and love to show. The particular instance I am going to write about is a plan we chalked out for past 6 months then we thought of acting on it. This incident occurred October 2000. To plan our bravado , I used to go regularly to the station as to check which train’s general compartment is rather more filled than usual. After thorough inspection and deciding upon various trains. We decided upon vaishali express, it was always filled with lots of people going to UP and Bihar.

On 7th October 2000 we decided to take the action and board the train. For this exciting journey I had bought one top and silk skirt falling just below her knees. She wore the dress that I had bought. It was really breathtaking as silk skirt was making her curves look ravishing and she was not wearing panty underneath so the fall of the material was very smooth and fell perfectly on her 34-26-38 figure. I knew our plan was going to succeed tonight. We went to the new Delhi railway station and reached there around 3.30 P.M , we had to take a general class ticket till Lucknow as that train reached lucknow in the morning and we planned to alight the train there and then return back by flight.

My wife said she would like to stand in the line to purchase the ticket. She was standing in the line and I had gone to purchase some ice creams and other items for our journey. When I returned I saw there was a rugged looking man in may be in his early 20’s standing behind my wife , he was almost pushing himself against my wife’s hip. I maintained some distance from there and watched their movements. This man on some or other pretext was constantly pushing himself against her hip and my wife was not objecting or moving she was enjoying the experience. After purchasing the ticket when she came back I asked her what happened, She told that this man had got himself a big hard on and he was constantly poking and rubbing his cock from behind.

It was already 5 we had to move to the platform from where the train was to start. We reached there and selected a compartment with lights taken out from the certain portion to go in. there was as expected lot of rush there , After reaching the compartment we searched for space. We decided to sit on the upper birth as you know in general compartment it has two long births and chair type side birth. We sat opposite to each other , I was sitting like that so that I can see quite well how our plan went and how my wife was doing . So now in details , We pulled ourselves over the birth pretending we don’t know each other this we had agreed before starting our journey). on the opposite birth there were 3 men already sitting . My wife sat between two men . one was maybe in his late 50’s and another one was also in his late 30’s , what we came to know from their discussion that they were hawkers in Delhi and were returning home. I could see many people sitting on the lower birth trying to peek under my wife’s skirt and all the eyes were ogling her. But for the time being she was being straight and was sitting well enough that her skirt covered her well enough.

After about 3 hours of train leaving the station , it became bit dark outside and the lights were dimming inside too , Now it was time for us to start our plan. In the mean time the two guys that were sitting beside my wife on some or other pretext touched her , sometime while passing some fruits to the other guy and things like that. Now it became even darker inside so that I couldn’t see what was happening in front of me. Well I have to wait until tomorrow to hear what happened on the other side as I couldn’t see. After seeing this situation I thought I can’t see the ongoing things so better I should look for a different place where I can find something for me. Well I scurried through the compartment and at one place there was a elderly couple with their daughter. I thought this is the best place for me to sit. I asked them to shift a bit and sat beside the girl. Due to lack of space my whole right side part was touching her left thigh , arms and other. After some time I gently placed my hand between my thigh and her thigh. and started caressing her thighs . she didn’t protested and this made me bolder and started moving my hand behind her back I started caressing her buttocks squeezing and caressing them. but I couldn’t do more than that as there was bit of light on this side. Next day when we reached lucknow.

There was still 12 hours in our flight, so we booked a room in a cheap hotel , Once in hotel I asked her what happened . I will narrate her story as in first person . Her Story Whole time those men were brushing against my breast on pretext of passing things , I didn’t object this made them even bolder especially the older man he was bolder than the younger man. he was sitting on left side. When it became dark. The older man’s boldness grew and at times by folding his hands he would prod my breast with his arm and keep it their pretending that there was no space that’s why it was happening , I didn’t discouraged him or said any word this made him even bolder and now his arms were constantly in touch with my breast, he was gently moving his hand up and down in motion of caressing my breast. Even when he didn’t found objection while prodding and caressing with his arm he grew even bolder and put his left palm on my breast and rested it their with bit nervousness. To encourage him further I pushed my breast a bit into his palm ,this was a sure indication to him that I was willing for his advances. He started caressing my breast over the material of my top, then slowly he moved his palm down on my stomach and caressed a bit and lingered his hand over there for some time may be he was picking up the courage to do what he was to do.

His palm moved a bit lower and his finger started lingering over my pubic hair portion , he could make out that I was not wearing anything underneath. he started caressing from the top of my cloth and rubbing my pubic hairs, I started getting moist down there. The other guy must have been viewing this action of ours he also got the courage and rested his palm on my breast and now the older guys was fingering me over the material of my skirt and the younger one was caressing my breast. The older guy was having more courage as he pushed his hand under my skirt and now his fingers were touching my naked vagina and bringing me into frenzy , the other guy was still massaging my breast over my blouse , I was getting hotter , I held his hand and pushed it under my blouse , he made a squeaking sound as in astonishment on my action but I was beyond caring. they were now caressing me at the two most private part of me. The older man took my hand and guided toward his fully erect cock , it was real hot and I started caressing his cock and with other hand I took the other guys cock. now I was getting hotter by the moment as I had never ever had sex with anyone neither anyone except my husband had touched my naked flesh. And here two men , totally stranger were touching my most private parts. I was getting moist between my legs as the older guy was fingering me.

Suddenly the younger guy took his palm away from my breast and was now pushing his hand in my skirt too , he started rubbing my clitoris and this was too much for me as I got gigantic orgasm. I bend a bit toward the older man’s lap , he held my hair and pushed my head hard on his cock , I opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth he again jerked my head into his lap all of his cock went in my mouth and my lips were brushing against his lush hair growth of pubic area. Now he pulled my hair a bit motioning me to lift my head a bit then with one hand he grabbed my hair again and other hand he put on the birth to support him. He started fucking my mouth it was amazing in the meanwhile the other guy has pushed my skirt up to my waist and was caressing my buttock he caressed all of my behind then pushed his finger in my vagina with one finger he was rubbing my clitoris and with other he was fingering me. It was really sensational as there was no light so I was sure everybody would be knowing that something is going on but they wouldn’t be able to see what. The older guys cock was fucking my mouth and I felt that he was about to come as his thrust were becoming faster and faster. suddenly he jerked and shot load of his cum in my throat , I swallowed all of his cum and blew him dry leaving not even a single drop fall anywhere. I did the same thing to the other guy and meanwhile the older guy was fingering me , I orgasmed again . Then I asked them whether we could go to toilet as we could not have sex their , we all climbed down and went toward the toilet and went inside bolting the door shut, The space was very cramp and it was like doing gymnastic in having sex their. I pulled down my skirt and took off my blouse , They were seeing my naked
body for the first time as their was light in the toilet , I heard gasp from the two of them , I have a beautiful body without any blemish. A firm breast. I asked them to take off their pants they too took their pants off then I knelt down on them and alternating between both of them again gave them a blow job and sucked and swallowed their come. After that the older guy lifted me and put me down on the basin ( he was dominating the scene) and positioned himself between my legs. He had absolutely no trouble in finding my vaginal opening , he gave a large thrust with one hand he held my hair again and pulled my head back toward the mirror and started pounding me and thrusting me he was filling me completely after few moments of thrusting he screeched and came into me dropping his cum in me. Then it was the turn of other guy he also took me. I started to feel my 3rd orgasm build and both of us orgasmed almost at the same time. he too spend into me leaving my vagina with dripping cams of those two guys.

It was really stupendous experience , we got back to our birth and sat their . During the rest of journey they always had their hand on me caressing and pinching my each and every part. We had good time whole night and in morning I alighted the train and that was it . Here her story ends Well after hearing the story from her in the hotel room I really got very horny and we had extended session of love making lasting nearly 6 hours that was one of the best session that I had with my wife. We will try some other method in future and as soon as that happens I will post you our story

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Sexi Sony from Pune

June 6th, 2008 No comments

Hello friends my experience .I m Raj and I m 23 from Pune and I m regular reader of this site Well! thanx to this site I got 1 more client for myself. This girl from akluj read my posting. And wanted to have fun but not the full sex (just like my first posting).
I felt little odd. Bcoz I knew how difficult it was for me to resist and control myself when I m licking and sucking a naked girl. But then I agreed. I sent my phone no. to her and she called me, it was decided tht I will go to some hotel for a night and she will come to see me for 1-2 hrs in the evening. On saturday morning at 11.30. I booked the room in a hotel little away from the city as decided and was relaxing.

I got a call on my mobile from Neelam asking me whether I have reached and in which hotel? she told me tht she will come to see me at 6.30 in the eve. Whole I slept and prepared myself for another client. (shaving, work-out, flowers) I ordered ice-cream to cool down mylself. Before I cud finish exactly at 6.30 there was a knock on the door. Soni (Name changed) entered my room I gave her flowers… She was a average looking maharashatrian girl. 5 feet 2 inch. Small boobs, slim body, small little ass. I scanned her in first look. We started talking she told me tht she have had 2 boyfriends till now and she have had smooching/kissing/hugging. But never has removed her cloths for them. She want to have half sex.
We talked till 7.15 and then I took her hand in mine. And kissed her palm. I took her finger on my lips and traced my lips thn my entire face. She was getting aroused. She closed her eyes. I moved closer to touch her lips with my finger.. She shivered with my touch. I took her face in my palm and kissed her on her forehead. I thn moved my lips all over her face sometimes touching her skin, sometimes just teasing her. I cud hear her breath heavily now. I placed my lips just a little bit away from hers and now we breathing in each others hot breath. After 1-2 mins she started to move herself towards my lips. I thn put my right hand in her hair and pulled her to kiss her lips…. Wwoooooooowww those juicy lips were soo hot and eager to melt. I sucked on her lower lip and thn upper lip. thn I pushed my tongue in her mouth …. uuummmmmm she sighed… We played with each others tongues for sometime…. my left hand moved to her small but! yaaaaaaa very firm breasts… this was first time I was handling such small breasts. But it felt nice bcoz I cud cover thm with my single hand. I squeezed thm one by one… I held her nipples to pinch thm…. every time I did so… her pressure on my lips increased with a bite…. it was like a regulator for our kissing….. then we parted after 15-20 mins.. We looked at each other her lips were red as blood with our sucking and biting. her eyes had become red…. And she was on fire…. I got up and made her stand too.
I hugged her very tightly…. And thn started to remove her cloths… I knew tht she wnt take the initiative. She is there just to take pleasure and give. it was ok with me… I removed her salwar-kameez and now this girl was standing only in her white bra and black panty. this akluj beauty was brown in color….. I like dark and dusky babes….. dark color turns me on more. I hugged her again.. I started kissing her softly from top-bottom… I kissed her all over. her face, lips, nose, ear, neck, shoulder, back, breasts, belly, hips, thighs, ass, knees, legs, toes…. She was standing and moaning with pleasure…. And picked her up to make her sleep on the bed. I again started to kiss her.. this time more passionately…. now I was sucking every inch of her body, I was biting her… nibbling her… I reached her breasts and opened her bra… She pulled me to lick her nipples…. I moved my tongue in a circle around her breasts! … the firmness of it was making me go crazy… her nipples were very hard.. I massaged her upper body (i do it very well) at the same time I was sucking her perky balls… She was holding on the pillow and moaning loudly. Aahhhhh… ummmm… ufffff… ooggff.. harder….. I was suckling at those lovely breasts… I kissed her armpit. She said “dirty u r” I said yeaaahh…. She softly asked me… “r u dirty enough to lick my pussy and if possible my ass”….. Anyways I was going to do it.. But she wanted specially tht (she told me later) ..
I said “yes honey”…. I moved down to her pussy… on the way stopped at her navel to lick it.. he held my head and pushed me in her…. I kissed her pussy w/o removing her panty… I thn moved down to her legs and came up from between her thighs…. it was a gr8 sight to watch… I really like dark girls.. it takes sex to new levels bcoz of color … I came on her panty I removed it with my teeth… oh she had shaved her pussy… her small little choot was looking nice… it was wet and more imp. it was very tight….. I smelled it … And the aroma of it made sensations in my brains…. I started licking her like a dog…. I was biting and sucking her clit like she is the last girl in the world and there is no 2moro…. it gave her complete pleasure.. Within 10 mins of licking and eating… I cud feel she cumming…. I stopped…. I saw my half finished ice-cream cup. I went and brought it to bed… She was looking at me surprisi! ngly… I poured tht melted ice-cream on her belly and thn licked it…. I thn put some on her pussy… And went on to lick it… And sucked tht from her skin… her clit… ice-cream was tasting more sweeter tht way….. ummmm it was yummy….
By this time some cream was drooling down on her arse…. I put my tongue on her ass-hole and licked it…. She jumped… “oohhhh…… it feels sooo good….. do it….” I turned her upside down…. And made her sleep on her belly… now her small and firm ass was facing the sealing…. it was grr8888… I put some cream on her ass and sucked it… now her ass-hole her ass-cheeks and her vagina were all wet with ice-cream mixed with my salvia….. the sight was was awsome…. I made her cumm by licking and sucking her whole body… She was having gr8 pleasure… I slept beside her…. her hands started to move towards my dick… She found it and started to play with it…. She made me remove my cloths…. And started touching me all over… She said I can only make u cumm with my hands… Bcoz I find blow-job dirty…. Being my client I had to listen to her…. She stroked my dick in to-fro motion…. She went down on it to kiss it! ….. But didnt take me in her mouth…. After sometime with fondling, hugging, stroking and touching each other’s body parts….
I was abt to cumm… I shoot my load in her hand.. She went in bathroom to clean herself… Whn she came back.. She wanted another round of pussy-eating….. till 8.30 we were making love… or rather I was giving her all kinds of pleasures…… in every angle… in every position of oral sex…………… But not full sex….. just imagine the condition my dick was……. I told her abt it… And she promised me something.

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Sex adventure on train

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Erotic stories devoid of extreme stuff is always welcome and I and my wife feel that is doing a good job in this regard. Variety is spice of life and moreso of sexual life. No, I am not talking of sleeping with as many as possible but of enjoying sex with wife – ofcourse with her consent, in different ways possible. This is one such incident in our life that we love to share with fans. Shilpa and I were travelling by train and this included a night and a full day travel before we reached our destination.

Being off season, the first class compartment was empty except for we two and ofcourse the coach attendent. The ticket collector had come and gone and shilpa suddenly got up from her seat and said that she is going to change her clothes to something more comfortable.

A naughty smile on her lips made her intentions clear and I quickly got up saying that I will help her change the clothes.

The train was speeding away, while shilpa stood facing the locked door of our coupe and I stood behind her, my hands gripping her slender waist. we hugged and kissed passionately and I was dreaming of what a great night it would be – making love in train!!

I took off her blouse and bra but left the saree in place. Her silky soft back was a delight to feel while the 34C breasts heaved with her fast breathing.

I quickly removed all my clothes and moving close to her, grabbed her left breast in one hand while my other hand lifted her saree to the waist. Shilpa was quick as usual and in one swift move removed her panties and holding up her saree to her waist, bent forward towards the door. In this half doggie style, she parted her legs wide and in a flash I had entered her.

I was pumping harder and harder into her, while my hands grabbed and crushed her ripe breasts while she was moaning both in pain and pleasure and we were enjoying a lot.

But all of a sudden somebody was at the door of our coupe, demanding we open the door at once. The rough acceent sent shivers down my spine while Shilpa surprisingly remained cool. she asked to move back and quickly adjusted her saree. she laughingly refused the bra and blouse and whispered, ” women have great weapons that will neutralise any man in the world”.

I stood in a corner, waiting to jump to her rescue if things went out of hand, while she boldly opened the door.

To our surprise, it was no ruffian or dacoit but a old man with a young wife. The girl in her twenties blushed pink seeing me nude while the old man stood shocked before the sexily smiling shilpa.

Join us quick, its cold out here, whispered shilpa and with a swift turn, moved towards me and hugged me tight. The girl quickly got in and literally dragged in her husband as well.

doors shut, we were all now in same boat. I did not know what was happening, sorry .. mumbled the old man Mr.lal while the blushing wife Kajal stared at me with hunger in her eyes. Neither did we know this would husband suddenly got into romantic mood…whispered shilpa with a sexy smile. ” yes, yes…a man with a wife like you will always get romantic..grinned Mr.lal and shilpa retored at once..” I am no match to your beautiful wife”

“hey this is great idea Mr.lal, why not you and me decide whether Shilpa or Kajal is the beauty queen here” I said and Mr.lal was mightly pleased.

The winner gets my husband for the night and if she wants she can share him with the loser too.. announced Shilpa and getting up began to remove her clothes one by one. Kajal followed the suit and it was a different fun time now.

Stark nude, Shilpa and Kajal were real delight. Mr.lal proved to be a expert as well and began a long but close examination of each of them!!

Shilpa proved to have bigger breasts but kajal had harder ones and therefore lost points here. Again, the expert Mr.lal found out that she shaved her pussy once a while and kajal with virgin pussy hair was a winner again!!

But shilpa won hands down, when Mr.lal declared that she had a virgin ass hole compared to Kajal but neverthe less he rebuked me for not making love to shilpa from rear also.

The close contest came to an end with Mr.lal deciding which of the girls would cum first in his hands. Shilpa won it and became the ultimate winner!!!

But Mr.lal quickly turned to me and said that I should make wild passionate love to both the girls now. I was waiting for it and the girls were hungry for it too.

The expert Mr.lal had some wonderful suggestions and boy, we enjoyed it all a lot. Tired, we collapsed in each other arms and Mr.lal gave me and shilpa a tetrapack drink, while picking up the tired kajal into his arms. This is unfair, she is tired..protested shilpa but Mr.lal laughed away saying that he was tired of waiting as well and kajal can certainly manage a old man like him.

we watched kajal patiently help Mr.lal make love to her and tired that we were, we collapsed into each other arms and into deep sleep.

Wake up, its disaster for us…shilpa woke me the next morning. yes disaster it was, with the Lala and Kajal pair not to be seen around and neither was our luggage too.

They have taken everything except a cheap old shirt and pant for you and her bra, blouse and saree for me…yes we have tickets still and about two hundred rupees that were stuffed into me…Shilpa hissed in anger and I could understand her problem.

Kajalas bra or blouse was no match for shilpaas bigger breasts and wearing them for namesake and to travel the rest of the day was a torture as well.

But we had little choice….and completed the journey like that.

If any of you encounter this Mr.Lal – a bony, old man with exceptionally strong hands or Kajol the blushing bride who smells of jasmine, please let me know immediately.

Thank you for submitting this story!

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Affair in public bus

May 29th, 2008 No comments

Hi guys & gals! So are you excited to read about a new story? If yes then without wasting much time lets let you know about this incidence. I’m of 22 yrs & from Punjab. This happened to me sometime ago when I was coming from chandigarh via bus. It was around 1:00 p.m. I get seated in the bus & there were just 2 more passengers at that time. Then a young girl ( lets call her pooja ) came & to my surprise she get seated with me when there were lot of other seats available too. I found her a bold type girl because she had no hesitation of touching her body with me. Because that was the first incident with me so I get shocked with fear & joy. Pooja was in salwar kamiz with open hair & looks like an angel to me at that stage. It became my fantasy to feel her closeness.

I was waiting for the bus to start. When bus was about half filled then it starts & move to its way. Thank god to Indian roads as they are not so smooth & have “Khade” & I was waiting for the rough way first time. When the bus got out from the city then most of the passengers starts sleeping in the bus for rest. But there was no sleep in my eyes but I was dreaming to smooch her. My tool was fully erected due to the thinking & touching of that sex bomb. Whenever the bus jurks on the road I try to touch the body of pooja. She also put her head on the front seat handle and try to behave as restless & sleeping. Her “chunri pallu” slides from the neck & exposes a little of her white bra. That make me more exited. With excitation I put my hand on side of her left thigh. she didn’t wake & I started to rub my hand a little along the side of her soft thighs. when there was no response from her the I lower my hand to the upper part of her thighs & starts rubbing there. She didn’t say anything but put the duppata on my hand & her legs to hide it from the passengers backside us. I set her duppata on my legs too. Then I caught her hand and pull it near my erected tool. Without wasting any time she starts massaging my tool above from the pant. The I also hide her hand (on my tool) with her duppata & slowly open the zip to get out the 7.5″ thick erected lund. Pooja starts pumping that with her fist slowly. I was enjoying the most in my life at that time. Due to over excitement in the first time I was about to cum within 2 mins. Then I stopped her & control myself with very difficulty as I don’t want to cum in the bus or her hands co’z you know due to the foul smell of that sticky fluid. I was still in full excitement and want her to normalize me but that was not the right place.

Then after a while the bus stops on the “Dhaba” for some food & refreshment. Neither me nor she eat anything. I was a lot hungry but don’t want to get away from her. After 10 mins when the bus again starts after that there was no chance to retouch her beautiful body as all the passengers were now awake & aware. So I was waiting for ludhiana to come. When ludhiana came as I was going to get down from the bus I asked her with courage that where she has to go & she told that she is goin to Moga ( a city in Punjab ) & also got up to change the bus for Moga. I again asked her that whether she would like to join my company for a while. I thought she would refuse but to my surprise she said yes, but not for much time as she will be late else.

Then I get my bike from the scooter stand & we both ride on the way towards my home. I live near octroi post ( on Moga road ). I told her that she need not come to bus stand again but will get bus from the bus stop near octroi post. She asked me with a smile that Why I need her company? I said that she too know about that why a young boy need a company of a young beautiful girl like that. She laughed at my answer & said that I seems interesting. She put her hand around my waist & get closer to me. I was regularly thinking that what should I told to my family about this girl & I think that if somebody asks I will just say that she is my fast friend from school time and met me in the Bus. When we reached home then none was there in my house & the house was locked. I asked the neighbours & they give me the key and said that my mother went to market just 10 mins ago . Now there was a big chance for some sexy stuff. I want to show Pooja my house but for shortage of time I don’t want to waste any time. I get her in the bedroom and hugged immediately. I want to taste her juicy lips so I kissed her on the lips. This was the first times I kissed a girl on lips. That made me a lot more horny & I put my tounge deep inside her mouth and start exploring it eagerly. she also hugged me tight in the neck & starts moaning with continuous fingering my hairs. Then I kissed her on the pink soft cheeks & she closed eyes with sayings .. please don’t do anything .. ” Mujhe kush ho raha hai “. I don’t want to do anything in the bedroom as it may take sometime for cleaning after the sex game, so I pull up her in my arms & went to the bathroom.

There without wasting any more time I removed her clothes except the light pink panty. Then I removed my clothes & kept the underwear only. then I start kissing her passionately & hungrily from top to bottom. she have an average breasts. They were very soft & I sucked her light brown nipples by my mouth. she was moaning like “aaaaahhhhhhh… ummmmmmmhhhhhhh…. do what u want early pleeeeeeeeease i’m getting late ..ammmhhhhhhh .. please please please ….. I like this “. Then I kissed her on the waist & put down her panty with my tooth & kissed her inside the milky thighs. she smells wonderful & I use my fingures to explore her cunt which was wet at that time. I insert my fingure in her cunt & it was very soft , lubricated & warm inside. My tool was rock hard. I made a soft kiss on her cunt lips & stood up & asked her to suck my lund. she was confused first but without saying anything put the tip of my lund in her mouth & starts sucking like a straw. I held her face and want to put the whole length in her mouth & as I jerked forward it touched her throat & she pull out from her mouth. she said she won’t do it as it chocked her mouth. I again make her agree to suck by promising her that I will not force inside much. then she again starts sucking with to & fro movements. Oh friends that was the first most pleasurable moment I ever enjoyed. Due to her mouth work I was near to cum & want her to taste me. So after a few seconds I hold her face by both my hands & gave my lund 2-3 more strokes in her mouth & exploded deep in her throat. she starts struggling to get it out but I was so horny & held her face tight with the bathroom wall. She gulped mouthful and then I release her & I was breathing heavily. Some more cum came out & I rubbed that on her cheeks & lips. I want to fuck her too with my cock but there was no time & also I didn’t have any condom at that moment. I got normalized & leave the plane of fucking her with cock in her soft warm cunt. She too agreed with this but I don’t want to leave her in the middles. so I start figure fucking her & she starts moaning again & I put a figure in her mouth too to imagine her the experience of fucking & sucking at the same time. after 2-3 minutes she discharged & get relaxed. then we wash the sticky fluid out & put our clothes & get out from the bathroom. She said me with a soft kiss that she didn’t ever enjoyed any cock yet & want to be like a virgin until marriage. She thanked me too for giving her the sex enjoyment without forcing her to intercourse or anal sex. Then we kissed last time & I went to drop her to the bus stop.

So friends, That was the starting of my sex life, After that I get expert in all this matter & have lot more indecent incidents which I will share with you later on. This was the first time I write this story so give your suggestions about it on my email :

Any ladies/girls between 18-29 near or in ludhiana wanna sex, friendship (cyber or real ) , clean chatting , hanging out etc. with me can contact me at :

I like to have sex with only those who are free of mind and wanna sex for their mutual enjoyment. I don’t like to use force ( like rape ) etc. in sex as I don’t want to hurt anybody.


Finally Please email me as I want to know your suggestions & then I will share my other incidences with all of you fans.

BYE …….

Honey ( )

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A Seducing trip

May 24th, 2008 No comments

Hi Friends, You may call me desi phantoosh which is off course is not my name with 6 ft ht and 28 yrs with good personality. Hope fully you will like it this incident which happened when I was travelling to Hyderabad from Mumbai. I was sitting on the second last seat of a private bus and going back to Hyderabad (India) after staying a week in Mumbai and it was the last stop within Mumbai, a beautiful well figure, healthy and a good height girl with long hair stepped in and started searching for her seat and stop in front of my seat and sat beside me, Wow what a company I thought in mind and we both have a formal smile and said hello to each other, after a while bus started moving and I started looking at her figure….

she was completely in white suite, she was amazing, beautiful with a very sexy figure, every thing was perfectly sized with a good height, pleasant, good looking, fair complexion, good features and rounded butts, and a sexy curve towards her waist, it was almost 1/3rd of difference between butts and waist and so with the chest, her boobs were so tempting and sexy that no one could ignore it, her titan boobs were so sensational that even though she was in dupatta it was a clear message that they are so tightened that they may bust out like any thing at any time although her shirt was not so tight, her smell was scintillating me, her eyes looks very sexy as if she is drunk.

After a while we started chatting and I came to know that she was going to UK, but unfortunately she got some problems in immigration and has to go back to her home which was in Hyderabad and when she came out of the airport, her family members who came with her to send off were already gone and she has to catch this bus, she was very depressed and couldn’t get sleep since two nights, I tried my best to bring her back to normal from the depression and within an hour we became good friends, my legs were touching her legs (intentionally) which she didn?t mind.

Time passed like nothing and we were advised to take dinner on a dhaba, we both have dinner together, till that time we became very close and chatting personal matters at that moment I thought it won’t be tough to seduce her, but still I was afraid to do so, around 8 pm our journey started again, after a while she told me that she wants to sit window side and we both stood up to swap the seats, she ordered me to come out while she was not going out of her seat and giving me the way to do so, that was an opportunity for me and I started moving out facing towards her face, suddenly I pretend that I am about to fall on her and put my hand on her shoulder (as she was also standing which was not needed ) and started moving , her body parts were touching mine and I started taking deep breath, my nose was almost touching her fore head and lower part of my chest was touching her warm ,soft and huge boobs and my tool was tingling and scintillatingly touched her thighs and within a second it aroused as if it touched the current and went in between her thighs my goodness that moment my dick became very hot and hard and for sure she understood my feelings and behavior of my cock, their was no gap between us, bus helped me in giving her the jerks and I was getting uncontrolled and willing to clutch her as much as I could and standing right infront of her and not making any efforts to move out, my hand was still on her shoulder, she looked at me and with a hidden smile put her hand on my shoulder and moved me aside and at the same time I slipped my hand from her shoulder to her waist giving a light and emotional touch to her boobs and her belly I came out, although this whole process took only few minutes but it opened the door with a green signal, for which I was thinking since last 4/5 hours. (now she was on my right side). I was sexually getting arouse and my tool was knocking me out, I emptied the whole water bottle to cool down my cock who was troubling me a lot for more space.

After settling down I put my right hand on her lap and waited for the response, she didn’t say any anything, I cheered up and with confidence started caressing her soft lap she was calm with closed eyes, I turn around towards my right side and my left hand came in action and started caressing her neck and after some time I was playing with her breasts and giving emotional touch to it and the other hand was busy inside and in between her thighs, she was murmuring (pls aisa math karo koi dekhlega ) now she was getting arouse and started taking deep breath, now my left hand was caressing her lap and very carefully sent it inside her shirt and above her shalwar now I can realize the softness of her thighs my goodness it was so soft plus the cloth of her shalwar was also like which was arousing me immensely and started moving towards the caves of her pussy one thing was noticeable that in this cold weather she is very warm and sexually arousing minute by minute and enjoying the pleasure and I noticed that there is not under wear inside, that was another plus sign which was making me out of control and being trouble by my dick for more space. By now my fingers were driving in between her thighs and on her lap and towards and across her pussy and rubbing her hot pussy and tried to wide her legs as much as possible. She was getting horny and started moving her hand very cautiously on my lap and some how open the zip of my paint and tried to grab my tool by sending her two finger inside, when she though it is not possible she started playing with it and at the other end I was making a move under her shirt towards her soft, naked and warm navel and waist and started caressing it and grasp it like anything and went towards her boobs, and started pressing her breasts over her bra and the moment I touched her boobs she made a little jerk and started saying ufffffffffffffffff, nooooooooooooooooo, plsssssssssssssssss Koi dekh lega plsssss ssssssssss sssssssssss, she was arousing as my hand was caressing and fondling her soft body , and my cock was killing , tingling and pumping me like a bull to come out, I was playing, pressing her huge boobs and tits inside her but out side her bra after some time I tried my best to untie her bra but it was very tight for me to do so I told her to untie her bra and she did, I started sending my hand inside her bra which was loosen by her it was so huge and soft I couldn’t explain and she started taking the jerks and moaning ufffffffff, plssssssssss, koi dekh legaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaa,. I was cajoling, fondling and flattering with her boobs and she was sexually arousing and getting horny.

I went down and slowly started untying her shalwar knot she pleaded not to do so but I was not in control although it was public place but I was getting mad, and was not caring for any thing in fact we heard some comments from the back seat but kept quite and at that time I was totally “Be-sharam”, some how I succeeded and open its knot and send my hand inside, no I was right she was not wearing underwear and my fingers were enjoying the ride in her secret area and started caressing her soft, warm and naked lap and her thighs and her warm soft shaved , wet and horny pussy it was taking us to beyond limits we were getting mad like anything and I cock was suffering a lot and slowly started giving little jerks with my finger considering that she will not moan loudly, we were getting out of control and she was enjoying the pleasure of my caressing and jerks and was at extreme to get orgasms and she got it and started moaning, yes she started leaking which was making her cunt more wet, I speed up my jerks and at the same time she was holding my cock and pressing it harder and harder and after some time when I saw her face it was red, we were controlling too much and getting mad, don’t ask about me I was more mad than her at least she could leak, she looked at me pretending she is upset with my behavior, as if its my fault.

I decided to drop off Pune and continue the journey later and started convincing her and at last we left the bus at Pune and made a call to her home and gave the excuse of bus failure and bla bla bla !!!! and walked towards hotel, as soon as we stepped in the room the first thing I did was changed my paint and when I came out of wash room she was standing in balcony and looking outside I went and stood her back, now I was in my night paint with no restrictions inside my cock was in the alley between her butts trying to dig in and my hands started caressing her sides of the hips towards her navel to her waist and at lastly grasp her breasts which were so huge it was hard to cover the whole by one hand, and my lips were kissing her neck and my cock was in the alley of her beautiful butts and massaging up and down, this was the right place for enjoying the pleasure now were truly enjoying it and slowly started peeling her shirt and bra I was getting amused by looking her soft and well shaped naked figure now she turned around and put her arms on my shoulder, and clutched me strongly and started kissing me, she was very hot that moment as if she had fever I took her in my hands and brought her to the bed and start kissing from her navel all the way around her waist and start sucking her beautiful nipples, squeezing her boobs and nipples and was sucking and fondling it as if I never had any thing like that before, as I was playing with her tits she put her hand inside my paint and forcefully pulled it out, then I untie her shalwar and started kissing each and every part of her body, she responded well and started rubbing my cock and while doing so she was enjoying a lot as if she achieved the goal now we were in 69 position and except sucking each others tools we did every thing and complimenting each other with whole lots of kisses every where, she was moaning while kissing, I was kissing and biting her thighs and getting closer to her pussy and my fingers were in her pussy dipping in and out and her pussy was getting wet and warm, we were getting more and more mad, crazy like a wild animal and she started biting my thighs and calf and playing with my balls, and fondling, caressing, rubbing and twisting my cock, I was thrusting my finger in her cunt and kissing it and its corners, she started jerking her lower part up and down and so also started moaning and saying “commonnnnnnnnnnnn do it this is too much I can?t wait, plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss do it, plssssssssssss, lips of her pussy was almost red, now I turned around for the final round and spread her legs and slowly introduce my fully erect dick in her small, warm, wet and horny pussy she increased her moaning, then suddenly I shut her mouth with my lips so that she shouldn?t start moaning loudly but that doesn’t helped she was moaning like anything , not even thinking that we were in a hotel but my lips did the job of silencer and after a brief introduction of my dick, I pushed it little more in her pussy and slowly keep pushing it and at last my dick was completely in her wet pussy I waited for a while then took it out, then inserted again this time I started jerking it slowly and increasing the pace, she was moaning mmmmmm mmmmmm, mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm my pace was not so fast yet, when I found that she won?t moan loudly I released her mouth she was completely out of control and getting mad and wild her hair completely open and moaning like any thing, “Slowlyyyyyyyyy, Plsssssssssssss, Plsssssssssssss, Slowlyyyyyyyyyyy, Nooooooooooo, Plsssssss ssssssssss, its killing, plsssssssssssssss, after a while she joined with my rhythm and started pushing her pussy upwards, and I was increasing my pace we were getting immense pleasure, her breasts started bouncing, we both were trying to thrust each other, her cunt was getting tighter and tighter, and trying to crunch cock and she got her orgasms and we were enjoying with extreme pleasure and moaning, at the same time I ended up with mine with a full blast speed inside her pussy , (which I did as per her desire) my tool was taking big jerks and ended up with some nail scratches on my back.

We were breathing very heavily specially me after a while we took shower and started again and this time we did in different way, she lied down on the carpet in opposite direction facing her ass upwards I took her legs and put it on my shoulder and send my dick in her cunt from her back and my hands were holding her breasts, I was in a kneel down position, she was also resting on her hands, I was jerking and thrusting my hard cock in her wet pussy at the same time my one hand was holding her from her waist, other one was busy with her gorgeous breasts and kissing her ass and her back area , when I was about for the climax I turned her around and I busted my juice on her breasts and navel and she started rubbing and massaging it all over her body specially on her tits and bits and moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhhh. What a smell, aaaaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We rested for a while and showered again. We couldn?t enjoy more than that, it was 5 am and we were so hungry and their was nothing to eat and left the hotel and then to Hyderabad by bus. She was in Hyderabad for three months and we met whenever we get chance then she left to UK and after a year I migrated from India but we still remember those days and talk to each other.

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