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Everuthing lies under women

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Hello friends i am Rajanish live in Hyderabad. The story starts like this. Maybe it is natural for the kids those have been breast feed for longer periods. As my mother said that she feed me, for about three and a half years. So naturally I could feel the LUMS (feeling of touch). Because we live close to my Nanny home so I spend most of my time with my MAMI and my AUNT. I was the only child of my family and the first one from my NANOO side. Thus I was the LADLA of all. My aunt was in her start of 28?s and my mami (The wife of my mother’s brother) was about 32, but she still not has any child yet. At her blossom age my aunt was a real treat for any guy who could access to her perfectly shaped and beautifully carved body. Long dark black hairs well below downs her soft and silky butts. Magnificently round firm and stretched as they are starched.

Believe me at that time I did not know about the real sex or man & woman relations (Intercourse). I just have seen a pictorial magazine of Indian Film Actresses. That?s all was my background of sexual know-how. Watching naked boobs in the magazine boost-up my urge to see some real ones with my own eyes. So I start thinking that how it could be possible. I said to myself KASH I found a magical cap by wearing that I could be invisible and easily enter in the bathroom when my Aunt or my Mami taking bath. But I know that this whole thing is just an illusion & nothing more than that.

Meanwhile when I was in search of any way to get the glimpse of real boobs. One night, I was wandering on the roof. I heard the sound of water as someone taking bath and the sound of gold bengles. It suddenly strikes in my mind that any lady taking bath and as soon as this thought came into my mind. My manhood start responding in his own way. (I admit this fact that in this age me and one of my friend have explore this fact that after playing with our dick for a while a white fluid spilled out of it which provide us an enormous pleasure). So I start searching those sounds and after a short search. I found that the half of the ventilator of the bath were open. Which exposes the whole showers taking area of our bathroom. Could you guess what was in front of my naked eyes? No, she was not my Aunt actually she was my Mami. HHHMMMMMM she too was a real treat to watch. If she is not better than my Aunt is she is not lesser too. (Me not describing her right now cause it?s the part of my next story). I watched her taking bath for at least 5 minutes and then she dressed-up and leave.

This was my first sight of real naked woman by my own naked eyes. But not the last cause now it became my habit and I start peaking all my family members through that ventilator whenever I got the chance. I usually avail this chance in the night. So, no one could see me in the dark except that someone came to the roof and caught me red handed. And it happened! One night when I was watching my Mami enjoying her bath under the shower and I was busy playing with my dick too. I forget to be alert from the only caution that I have mentioned earlier. I really astonished when I heard the sound, ” YAA KIA HO RAHA HAY?” the sound was not so loud but louder than a whisper. I turned my face towards my back while my dick was still in my left hand and found my Aunt standing there and staring me. This sight makes me speechless and me throw down my head with guilt and shame. She again ordered me “NEECHAY CHALOO.” I followed her to her room. As we both entered in the room she pushed me a side & locked the door. Then she shout again but not loudly, ” TUMHAIN PATA HAY TUM KIA KARRAHAY THEY?” My lips were sealed and my eyes buried in the floor. I can?t face her as she caught me red handed. I know that if she disclose this act to my mother or my Mamoo they will definitely be furious. The sound again touched with my ears, ” HOW DARE YOU WERE DOING THAT. TUM NAY KABHI SOCHA HAY KAY AGAR KISI KO PATA CHAL JAY TO TUMHARA KIA HOGA?”

I don?t know from where I got the power. I sit in her feet and holding her leg start begging for forgiveness while tears flowing over my cheeks. I said that AUNTY PLEASE MUJHAY MUAF KARDAIN MUMMY KO MAT BATAIN, MAIN SARI UMAR AAP KA SERVANT BAN KAY GUZARDOONGA, BUT PLEASE MUJHAY AIK BAR MUAF KAR DAIN.” She think for a while and then smile meanly, ” THEAK HAY IS DAFA MUAF KAR RAHI HOON PER AIK SHART HAY TUMHAIN MERI HAR BAT MANNI HO GI.” MAIN AAP KI HAR SHART MANNAY KO TAYAR HOON, I said. That finished my court hearing against my Aunt and she left the room after sometime me too leave the room cleaning my cheeks and eyes. I returned to my home and start trying my best to avoid going to my Nanny home.

One day, about after a week or so to this incidence. My Mamoo, Mami and my Nanny came to our house and said that they are going out of the city. To attend the death ceremony of my Mami’s relative. They have planned to stay a night there. So they asked my mother to send me to my Nanny?s home to stay with my Aunt, as she will be alone there. My mother accepts this request and ordered me to take my books with me and go to my Aunt and stay with her. Now I can not refuse my mother. Thus I took my bag and went to my Aunt.

She received me at the main door and start interrogation with a smiling face ” KHAN THAY TUM AIK HAFTAY SAY?” She never let me answer taking my bag in her hand; she kissed me on my cheek and said “MAIN NAY TUMHARAY LIYAY FRUIT-CREAM BANAI HAY. HATH MOON DHO LO MAIN FRIDGE SAY NIKALTI HOON.” I was really shocked with her response. Because I was expecting that this night would be the worst night of my life but here the scene was totally different. Me washed my hands and mouth from he toilet and join her in the lounge. She was sitting rather lying on the couch and a large bowl filled with fresh fruit-cream along with two small bowls & tea spoons were placed on the center table. The television was on and I soon got that she was watching some movie cause video was also flashing.

Me sit on the couch too and after filling my bowl start eating (I should mention here that fruit-cream is my weakness). She was wearing a white cotton skin-fitting shirt with red color shalwar and a multi color chunri covering her lustrous boobs. I can imagine how cute & lustful they are as I have seen her naked in the bath too. She suddenly turned towards me and said, “KAYSEE LAGI FRUIT-CREAM, PASAAND AAEEE.” As she make quick turn one of her breast spilled out to her chunri?s cover. Then I noticed a bit dark pink color circles and a semi erected nipple. It strikes in my mind that she is not wearing her bra. My mouth stopped chewing the fruit-cream as soon as this thought came in to my mind. Me took another snap of whole colored part with my eyes to confirm my illusion and found that it is real. “KYA HUAA? OHHHHHH?.” she smiled, stop the movie and moved closer to me.

“ACHA BATAOO TUM KKAB SAY YAY SABKUCH KARRAHAY HO?” Me replied “KKKYA CHEES AUNTI?” “JHOOT MAT BOLO TUMHAIN SAB PATTA HAY. SABKUCH SACH SACH BATADO, WARNA?” This attitude of her really scared me once again and I replied to her shamefully, “since last month.” Oh! So since a month you were watching BHABI naked in he bath. Have you ever seen me too? Me confirmed her “YES” with my head movement in affirmation. Oh! She giggled loudly. Because we were alone in the house so no one could hear us. “DO YOU LIKE ME?” she asked “JHOOT MAT BOLNA SABKUCH SACH SACH BATAOO?” My eyes were fixed on the fruit-cream bowl and my face covered with perspiration due to the inner guilt feeling. My brain was just dead and I am just answering her question like a man who is hypnotized by her. “You are so beautiful and sexy” me replied. “ACHA! She giggled once again this time the sound pitch was a bit higher. “HAY IDHAR DEKHO, SHARMATAY KYUN HO?” She took my face in her hands & placed in front of her. Then first time I see that she has taken her chunri off and her white skin tight shirt fairly exposing all the features of her magnificent boobs.

She kissed me on my forehead providing a closer look of her cleaves and said “DARO NAHAIN MAY KISI SAY KUCH NAHAIN KAHON GI.” She said all this so politely which gives me some courage and I thank her for her kindness. She picked my hands kissing on them with her warm silky lips and then placing them on her lustrous boobs asked? “DO YOU LIKE TO PLAY WITH THESE BALLS?” An indescribable current run through my whole body as my hands touched her soft breasts and I feel the hardness of nipples first time in my life. I was shocked and a bit shy but her heart melting soft noise and loving support gradually take off my fear. Me start squeezing them and feeling the pleasure of my life. Then a strange noise reached to my ears (that was her moan) and my hands stopped. I assumed that maybe I have hurt her, so I withdraw my hands. “NO NO PLEASE DON?T STOP.” She opened her eyes and said “DAROO NAHIN you are doing really great.” She again put my hands on her breasts. “HHHHMMMMMMMMMMM” so soft, fluffy a real MKHAN MALAI.

My whole body was shivering with the pleasure and heat, which could easily be measured from my dick. Complete or rather extra stretched dick very prompted in my short. She starts moaning again but this time she hold my hands and join me in pushing & squeezing her breasts. We both enjoyed this life experience which was my first and maybe her too for a while. Then she slipped to the floor and lying on the carpet she pulled me over her too. Kissing me on my lips she asked, “did you remember that how you suck your moms breast for milk.” Me, who am fully in control now, wait for a while and replied, “I did not remember that but I assure you that if you give me the chance, I will not let you down. (Actually the whole conversation was in my first language that is URDU, but I am translating it to make it more readable.)

She smiled and said, “you naughty! You got my point very soon.” After finishing his sentence she take her back up to the floor and start taking her shirt off. Me help her in this course, as I want to see her well-shaped pink color body as soon as possible. As she take off her shirt and throw it on the couch. I can?t stop my emotions and hugged her with my face crunched between her big breasts. She circles her arms around me too and gives me a kiss on my head. I pushed her on the floor again and grabbing one nipple in my mouth start sucking it hard. Hay takes it easy she screamed. First lick it as you lick a cone ice cream. Ok Aunt, as you like. Me start licking her whole colored part of both breasts one after another. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMM, now bite on my nipples gently, she ordered again. Me fulfill her order like a good servant. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, she takes a deep breath. Me repeating licking, biting and sucking while my hands squeezing and rubbing her breasts. Her hands were busy in massaging my back and her body color changing from pink to reddish-pink. Suddenly I feel that my body temperature start rising as she hold insert her right hand in my short & hold my dick. Oh! 1 you have already ejaculated, she smiled and me too.

She pulled down my short to my knees and start playing with my dick, who was about 5″ at that time. I felt that my dick is getting a bit extra length than the normal masturbation. I don?t know the reason at that time but the feeling was really great. She was stroking him with great expertness. As she was pleasing me I noticed that her left hand is in her shalwar and moving up down, up down. What is in there Aunt, me asked? Do you like to see? Sure why not, me replied with a great curiosity. Ok, she raised her legs up and asks me to take her shalwar off. As it done she takes her legs apart and asks me to sit right between them. What you see she giggle? It is CHOOT (pussy) my friend told me. And girls use it to do pee as we use our dick, me replied with innocence. She laughs loudly, oh! Yes but it also very useful in other aspects too. You will know it later. Before that I asked about those later parts of my life. She said, “could you give me some fruit-cream? I am feeling a bit hungry now.” Me filled the bowl and give it to her. She took few spoons in her mouth and then place some fruit-cream on her puss. I was astonished that what is she doing. How she could eat it through her puss. After covering the top of her puss cut she asked me, “Have you seen Jackie (our dog) to drinking milk from his pan with his tong.” Yes, several times but why are you asking this me replied. I want you to act like Jackie for me. Lick this whole fruit-cream with your tong only. My puss must be neat and clean. Me bend forward as I was sitting right between her parted legs and start licking the fruit-cream. HHHHHHHMMMMMMM she starts moaning again. I licked the whole fruit-cream.

As I finished first she placed more double this time and me start on my job again. Then she opened her puss lips with the help of her fingers and asked me to lick in. the inner was filled with a greasy fluid, which is trying to blend with blended fresh cream. Eeyakh, “is this your pee Aunt?” Oh! No it is my love juice. I am sure you would like it, come-on gives it a try. I start again what was doing before but now with a different taste. Very new for me because to eat fruit-cream with love juice dressings. As I was doing my job she was busy in making different noises. When I was at the end of my second round. Suddenly she grabs me with her legs. Her eyes were closed and her head was in motion from right to left and left to right. AAAHHHHHH, OOOHHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHHHH, HHHHHHMMMMMM. The room was filled with these noises. Me trapped in her legs watching her movements with a blank mind. After sometime her legs grip loosen a bit & then legs straightened. She pulled me over her and start kissing me on my lips, cheeks and all my face. We spent some time in the similar posture. Then she took me to the bath; we both take our bath together. Then we went to bed together and naked. So this was my first sexual contact with any girl that opens a real New World for me. Hope you will enjoy reading it if you have a good imagination too.

Now I am still a virgin bachelor and looking for a sexy girls, bhabis, mamis, auntys etc..

Can mail me at

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I Love Mom.

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Hi everybody! I am PK and live in Delhi. I love this site and going to narrate my true story to all of you. I was born in UP and lived in Lucknow for around 20 years. Now I am 26 and living in Delhi with my mom Shanti and our daughter Aakansha. As my father died in 1992 when I was only 18 in Lucknow and being the only son I had the responsibility to brought up my mother. Although he left a good amount of money for both of us to live comfortably for the remaining part of our lives but I wanted to do something on my own but my mother insisted me to finish my studies first and then do something else. Therefore I continued with my studies while helping my mother to settle in life after the death of my father. My mother loved me very much and always guided me wherever I needed guidance. She was the best mother I have ever seen. She was taking care of all needs of mine. But she was a woman too who had desires & senses as she was barely 37 when my father died. I was in 12th class and I used to come home at around 2’O clock from my school. At that time my mother used to watch TV programs and used to hug me every day whenever I came back from the school and still she used to put off my clothes and shoes etc. And after that she used to serve lunch to me. At the lunch-time she used to ask me about my school, my friends especially my girlfriends. She always focused much of her talk on my girlfriends and liked to ask whether I liked anyone of them or not. Sometimes I said her yes and sometime no. If I said yes to her she would then ask why I like that girl and why not. After lunch and chatting we used to watch the TV programs and then go to sleep in the afternoon in the same room as that time I had no ill intentions about my mother.

One winter day when I came back from school and despite ringing the doorbell for around fifteen minutes she did not open the door. Strange ideas started creeping up in my mind. After a short while my mother opened the door and I entered inside, I was shocked as she was only in Petticoat and blouse standing in front of me and told me, “I am sorry, I made you to wait, actually I am feeling well”.

I said, “It’s ok mom, have you taken a medicine”.

She said, “no”.

“There is Disprin in the First-Aid Box in my room and you know this, then why didn’t you take that.” I asked.

She replied, “It is not that kind of pain”.

I was puzzled and asked, “Then what type of pain is this?”

I will tell you this later. “Now you are a grown up boy and you’ll understand this yourself, now let me put off your clothes and shoes and then we can have lunch.”

While she was undoing my clothes I was thinking about the type of pain which she was having. But I had no clue. Then as usual we talked about the same things as earlier and had lunch. Today I was feeling little bit tired still I proposed mom after the lunch if I can massage her head. She agreed instantly. I told her to sit in our bedroom till I get some oil to massage her head. She went in the bedroom and I came back with a bottle of hair-oil. She was lying on the bed when I entered the room. She asked me to sit so that she can put her head on my lap. I agreed and put her head on my lap. I started rubbing oil on her head and massaged slowly on her forehead. I massaged her for around half an hour and then she felt some relief and told me to rest for a while and she is also feeling sleepy. She used to sleep on the other bed in the room and she slept on that. Now I was not sleepy but closed my eyes. After half an hour I opened my eyes and was shocked to see my mother’s hand moving into her petticoat. She thought that I have slept but I looked the whole scene and I could not believe my eyes. As I was only in my underwear I felt a hard-on. I could see the part of her hip line as her petticoat was down slightly and open. Now she started moaning slowly and I could figure out what she was doing. She was fingering her cunt.

Now I could have imagined that she is just another woman who also needs to satisfy her desires and senses. But there is nobody to do so. Now I decided to do something for my lovely and loving mom. I just got up from my bed to pee. And suddenly she saw me getting up and we had an eye to eye contact. Her hand froze in her petticoat. I could see small drops of sweat flowing in on her face she tried to cover her bottom but of no use the more she tried to cover up more I saw her body. She became nervous. I just went out in the toilet and felt myself horny too. I was only in my underwear and pissed off and then I caught my cock in my hand started rubbing it slightly back and forth while remembering about the scene and my mother’s body. I masturbated and then I cleaned my cock with water and again went in the bedroom. Now my mother’s body was fully covered up but she could not make an eye contact with me.

Now I became horny for my mother and dreamt of her making sex with me. I decided to do something so that we can have a good sexual relationship as well with the usual mother-son relationship. I planned to do something in the night. Although she was not able to talk to me but I decided to control the situation and talked to her and asked, “what is for dinner tonight, Mom”. She replied hesitantly, “Whatever you like.” I told her, “cook some non-veg for tonight, I will get some chicken from the market you can also come with me if you like.” But she said, “No, you go and buy it, till then I will make the chapati (Indian bread) etc.”

I got some money from her and went straight to the market. In the way I thought about my mother and what she did today. My mom is beautiful woman with voluptuous body. She is 5ft.4″ in height and weights around 70 Kgs. She has excellent boobs, which are always eager to come out although I have never seen them, but I can imagine their size with her cleavage & bra, which is of 38D approximately. She has got very good hips, which are shaped like an apple, although I saw them only today. She has very smooth legs with no hair on it. She has got very smooth skin with seductive eyes. But after the death of my father she does not makeup too much. Not only I love as a mom now I want to love her as my woman too. Now after the death of my father she has not much choice other that looking after me so she is not in any sexual contact with anybody, now I will be fulfilling her desires. Till now I was in the market and I bought half Kg. chicken and 4 beers. I was real horny now with a strong desire to suck and fuck my mother.

I reached home and was slightly nervous as I bought the beers for the first time. My mother was angry to see her son buying beers with him. But she could not speak anything, as she was still ashamed of her act. I put my arms around her and told her, ” Come on Mom, now I am grown up as you told me in the afternoon”. My dick was pressing her hips, which she could have realized by now. But she could not move as I grabbed her tightly. I kissed her on her cheeks and tasted her as a man. I found her hot, as she could not complete her masturbation in the afternoon. I left her then her and told her, “Mom cook fast I am hungry.” She gasped and smiled simultaneously while she raised her finger and told, “Two minutes.”

In the meanwhile I kept the beers in the fridge and went for a bath. While in the bathroom I masturbated once on Mom’s name. Then I came out of bathroom and I was only in my underwear. I went into the kitchen, till now my mother cooked the food for dinner and now she was doing the dishes. Slowly I walked towards her back and grabbed her and put my arms around her and she told me to wait for a while in the drawing room and watch TV till then she can be fresh. After a while she came to the drawing room and sad beside me and told me, “Dinner is ready now.” I asked her to get the beers and two glasses. She asked, ” Why, two glasses.” I told her one for me one for you.” To listen this she was shocked. But I told her, “Mom, you are my only friend and after the death of my father I do not go out too with my friends just for you now can’t you have beer with me. It is not wine it just beer. Mom, don’t break my heart, please Mom” I made her emotional. She got up smilingly and got the beers and two glasses with some roasted Chicken in a plate.

I poured the beer in the glasses, and gave one to her. She was not ready to drink initially but later on she started sipping it up. After one beer she said that she wouldn’t take another glass. But I said, “Please Mom, you are my only friend, Please have one more.” Slowly and surely she started becoming emotional and put one of her arms around my shoulder and while sipping the beer. In the next half an hour we finished all beers. Now I was hungry for the dinner as well for my mother’s body. I told mother to get the dinner. She went into the kitchen now she was walking like a drunker. I could imagine her position as she had the beer for the first time in her life. I also went behind her in the kitchen to help her. My position was also same as her, as I also had the beer for the first time in my life. After that we came into the dining room and had the dinner. Now my cock was erect like a pole. I thought that she was also in the same situation. I started talking to her while eating. I asked her, “Mom what were you doing in the afternoon with your fingers.” She was shocked but she did not realize that she was now in my web. She answered, “It is not good to ask such questions like this to your mother.” Now she was trying to figure out what was going on in my mind but she did not lost her tamper. I was waiting for dinner to finish and then I will do something at the same time the beer was showing its effects on both of us. We finished the dinner and my mother was not able to stand from her chair. She told, “I am drunk now I can’t do anything I am going to sleep but I can’t stand up can you help me.” I stood up from my chair and put her on my arms, and took her to our bedroom. Then I came back and locked the main door and went into the bedroom where I saw my mother and her beautiful body lying on the bed. The whole scene of the afternoon flashed in my mind. I laid beside her and not on my bed. She asked, “Whaaat are youuu doing, goooo and sleeeep on youuuur be…..d.” Now she was in full grip of the beer. I laid there and picked up her pallo (corner of the Indian costume) with trembling hands. She cried, “NOOOOO. youuu can’tttt dooooo thissss”. I said, “Mom I love you I know that after the death of my father you never had sex so you were fingering yourself in the afternoon, let me satisfy you and me as well.” She tried to resist me but could not do it. I pulled her saree (Indian dress) from her body and thrown it on the floor. She tried to stand but in vain I gripped her hard and started pulling her petticoat. She was crying, “Don’t do this to me I am your mother.” I said, “You are mother but a woman first, let me satisfy you so that you don’t need to finger yourself.” She caught her petticoat tightly. But I overpowered her and it was torn in between. I pressed her legs with my legs and could feel the heat from her cunt it was now stark naked as she had no panty underneath. Then I started to undo her blouse and the bra and got hold of her blouse. She was trying hard to resist me but she could not. Now I was horny and I said, “shut up you bitch! I want to satisfy you and you are stopping me.” I tore her blouse and thrown it on the floor, now she was left only in the bra. I got hold of it and unhooked it from her back. And threw it on the floor and now she was completely naked beneath me.

Now I started kissing her on her whole body from her forehead to her feet. She was damn good. She smelt excellent. Her touch sent shivers in my spine. She was weeping but slowly she started moaning. I kissed her cheeks and then her lips. She did not open her mouth for my tongue. I ordered her to open it, “You slut bitch open your mouth I want to taste it.” Then she opened her mouth and I inserted my tongue in her hot mouth and started exploring it. Although she resisted it but I felt her mouth and her body heating up. I groaned and moaned while I explored her mouth and now she also started helping me and simultaneously our tongues started kissing each other and I sipped her sweet saliva. It was my mother’s tongue, which was helping me now to kiss her deeply and passionately. Now she was becoming mine. Now I caught one of her tits, which was becoming hard while my mouth still in her mouth. I pinched the nipple and she groaned and said, “Suck your mother’s nipples which fed you when you were a baby, you dog, suck it.” Now I obeyed her and started sucking her nipples one by one till it became more than half inch. It was standing erect with my suck After sucking her for a while I took my mouth to her cunt, and said, “this is the cunt you were fingering in the afternoon, now I will suck it, mom, open you legs.” Before waiting for her to open her legs I opened them with my hands. Now I could see her smooth legs and her cunt hole clearly as the lights were on. “Oh mom what a beautiful cunt you have got and you were not showing it to me.”

She said, “Suck it, Suck it my son suck your mother’s cunt, suck your birthplace, suck your mom, suck you pimp! Suck hard.” My mom was horny now, I enjoyed her words and encouragement, and started sucking her cunt. I parted her cunt lips and put my tongue in it and started to swallow every bit of pre cum which started coming out. “Your cunt is too hot mom, I like sucking it.” I said to her in-between the sucking. I sucked her furiously and tasting and teasing her clitoris. She was moaning, “aaaaaaaaaah….aaauchh..uhhhhhh. suck me my son suck my ass too, you ass sucker…. I started sucking her ass to even I placed one finger in her ass. I sucked her hard while working my other hand on her nipples and teasing and pinching them. She was ready to cum as she started to pump her hips in my mouth and tongue. “I am coming son, I am cumming in your mouth suck my juice, suck all my cunt juice.” Her vagina started twitching my mouth. She was too hot now pumping her hips vigorously. She was going to give me her cunt milk for the first time in my life and I wanted to swallow it fully. I sucked her hard. She groaned, “Aaaaaah soooon I am cummmming in your mouth , in my son’s mouth ahhha it feels soooooo gooood..”. She arched her legs and started shooting her load of cum in my mouth I gulped it all and loved it in my mouth I became a dog and sucked every drop of it. She looked happy now. “I love you my darling, ” She said to me while kissing me on my lips and sucking my mouth. Now she did not feel ashamed. Now she took hold of my 10 inches cock in her hand and exclaimed, “Oh it’s a monster, too big than your father.” She took hold of it and I asked her to give me a blow-job. She agreed and smiled at me and she told me that it is too big to suck. But I got hold of her hair and positioned her to suck and inserted it in her mouth. Her mouth could not accommodate it. But slowly she started to suck it like a dog and then I inserted it in her mouth in a heavy thrust. She cried, “Oh no!” She could not speak anymore as my dick was resting in her mouth. She slowly started sucking it I said, “Suck you bitch suck it hard otherwise I will fuck you ass.” I felt her tongue on my dick and enjoyed. She was not able to breath but I started to pump it in and out in her mouth as I was already hot my pre-cum started oozing out of it. She swallowed every drop of it and she told me to pump slowly in her mouth. I slowed down my pumping rhythm. Now I was gonna cum in her mouth. “Mom hold it I am gonna cum in your mouth suck my cock hard mom suck hard, I want to cum in your mouth, ooooooohhhhhhhh… aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaa. uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh… I am coming mom. She started sucking it fiercely. I started pumping hard as her lips were entangled on my dick. I loved her sucking me. She gave me a fantastic blow-job. I arched my legs and shot my load in her mouth. She ate it hungrily I loved that scene. My mother was sucking my sweet cum. Some of the cum I shot on her nipples and sucked myself too. Now I laid on top of her and enjoyed the warmth of her body while holding her tightly. After a short while my dick was erect again.

I saw in my mother’s eyes and she showed me her hungry cunt, she told to insert my huge cock in her cunt. She told me, “It is two inches bigger than your father and fat too.” I was happy that my mother liked the size of my cock. Now I showed my cock the way to my mom’s cunt. It was hot again. I could feel it as I rubbed my cock on her pussy hole. She told me to put a pillow under her hips so that I can insert it properly in her cunt without hurting her. I obeyed her. I pulled a pillow and put it beneath my mom’s hips. Now I could see her cunt completely. I rubbed my cock to her pussy again and tried to insert it in her hole but its’ size was too big and my mother’s hole was too tight. I could imagine that as she had sex only with my father in her whole life. She put her legs wide apart so that I can insert my cock in it but of no use. Then I stood up and got the oil bottle and rubbed it on my dick and some on her cunt. She got crazy after my suck. Again it is going to happen. Now I was able to insert some of my cock in her cunt hole and I started pushing it in slowly while my mother gasped and cried, “Oh no! It is too big and fat leave me, leave me..” But I also enjoyed this act too. Now I was furious as she started to resist me again. I thrust it with full power in her cunt and she cried, “Uhhhh Ohhh mother! Stop this.” But now I grabbed her shoulders with my hands and started to pump my cock in and out. I was pumping furiously and she was crying, “For god’s sake leave me out, go away.” I told her, “Wait mother you will enjoy it after a while.” I started pumping it in and out slowly and steadily now and she gasped and moaned, ” OOOOOOOHHHHHHH…. AAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAA..FUCK YOUR MOTHER, SON FUCK YOUR MOTHER TORE MY CUNT, TORE YOUR BIRTHPLACE, INVADE ME, RAPE ME… OOOOHHHHH MOM…” She giggled and moaned heavily now. I was also moaning heavily. I speeded up my thrusts and she also moved her hips up and down. Our bodies were burning like fire now. They were creating a strange sound. I said, “Oh mom you cunt is very tight! It is like as you are also a virgin like me. I am cumming mom, I am cumming. You are going to become my child’s mother mom. Oh mom I love you mom.” I started pumping with my full power now. She also did the same her beautiful hips were moving like a rock no. “I am also cumm….ing. ooooooohhh… uuhhhhh… I am cumming.” We both shot our load of cum together and came heavily. “Now we were united and nobody can separate us.” I said while gasping and moaning. She also said, ” Now I will become your child’s mother, my son, now you are my husband.”

After this shot I laid down over her for half an hour and after that I fucked her beautiful ass which was much tighter than her cunt. She wept but I just fucked her in every hole like a dog. I than fucked her armpits and tits.

At around 5 o’clock in the morning she stood to go to the toiled to piss but I ordered her to piss in my mouth and she did that too. I also pissed on her mouth and we both drank every drop of piss of each other.

After that she became my wife and we used to sleep together in the same bed. But when she became pregnant we both decided to move on to another city so that nobody can know who is my child’s father. We both know it. We shifted to Delhi in the same year so that nobody knows anything about our relationship. Now our daughter Aakansha is 8 years old and studying in 3rd class. I have set-up my own business and live with Shanti (My mother & My wife), who is pregnant again now.

All friends, wives, sisters, mothers can e-mail me at for more stuff.

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my sexy sister

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i’m sanjay n i’m only 16 yrs old ,n i’m having a elder sister her name is priya n shez 18 years old n v live at hyderabad so i and ma sister sleep in the same room and my sis had a habit of keeping hands on
my stomach but i dnt hv any feelings because i dnt know abt sex in tht age so i dnt
knw any feelings later after few days i got a lesson in biology tht sexual reproduction in human beings so i got to knw abt sex so one night my sis asusally ketp her hand on my stomach i got sum feelings
i usally sleep with shorts and no under wear so my sis moving her hand up n down i

suddenly lift ma shrt upwards n my sister touched my cock n suddenly opened her eyes
n gave a smile n turned to other side n slept n next day she again kept her hand n
moving her hand ups n downs i again lift my short up wards she again touched my cock
n saw me n gave a smile but she did nt take her hand out so this time i got an
so i juz touched my sisters hand pushed inside my short she catched my cock very
tightily n suddenly she removed this time i kept my hand inside het t shirt n juz
moving n juz touched her boobs n went sum up wards n pressed she gave some sound
aaaahhhh!!!!! i was juz scared n removed my hand so next night i did the same thing
n slowly i removed her t-shirt n i to removed ma t shrt

she was in bra slowly i opened the hooks og her bra n her boobs were very large
falling down wards i pressed them a lot n her boobs size was around 36 i removed my
short n she touched my cock n pressed a lot n shaked she to removed her panty n juz
sucked her pussy n she to kept my dick in her mouth n sucking a lot

n my sister said be like 69 position i did nt understand she described me n upto 5
mins v are in 69 position n it was amazing position

n my sister ass was very big n pierced my cock into it she was doing some sounds
like ahhhhhh huahhhh!!!!!! etc etc

n i also pierced in her pussy n moving ups and downs

my sperm has come she tasted it n we njoyed the hole night by having sex
and it was my 1st sex expereice with my sexy sister but my sister said it was not my
1st sex i already had 3 times i shocked n i asked with whom u had
she said with ma frds n cousins

so v njoyed that n8 n for a week v have atleast 3-4 times sex
n my sister said our cousins wil also have sex

n this time v had a group sex of 4 gals n 3 boys n v njoyed

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sex with sister

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Hi everyone, my name is Kevin am from Mauritius “the Paradise Island”.Am a
senior Programmer and working for a big software company and am 23yrs old still
single has a girlfriend which I’ll soon get engage on 2nd August 2009.Now lets
come to my story am a great fan of since 2007 which one of my friend
introduce to me.since that I like reading these stories and am a fan of all of
them.One of these categories change my life.I know sex between Girlfrnd- Boyfrnd,
Friends, gay, Lesbian But on reading I found that it happens between brothers and
sisters also. I had a sister younger than me and since last year I was getting a
strange feeling seeing her at that time was not thinking what really was happening
and know that was not a good thing doing your own sister but one day mom said that
she’s going abroad for a course for his work(She’s a medical officer) so will be
going next week and we would be alone so as I was older mom brief me what to do
during hi!

s absent.Let me tell you about my family so that you don’t get confuse later. We
are 4 in the family, my dad died 5yrs ago, my mom whom I had already say about,my
bro older than me but is in Dubai since 3yrs and work for a construction company as
Site Manager, me and my sister who is very beautiful like an actress.

It was Monday and mom would take the plane in night for her trip.I left her and when
the plane get off we return home and went to sleep she sleep in the same bed and in
the morning I get up and prepare her food and breakfast so that she could go to
school then I take my bath and get ready to go to work. This go on two weeks like
that. One Tuesday the company give us a day off so all my collegue decided to go to
the seaside and have fun. I was so tired that evening coming from the seaside so
take some Take-Away to eat and went to check my mails at that time I remember a
friend gave me a porn movie I decided to see that and after that went to bed where
my sis was already in deep sleep. Looking at her my cock was becoming harder and
harder it was not in my control I wanted to have it so I started touching her pussie
through her clothes and without disturbing her sleep remove her night dress, she was
now in panty and bra I put one hand in her panty and suddenly she got up and sh!
out what are u doing I immediately say her that I wanna have sex with you. She said
“are you mad” with out loosing time I got my clothes off and my 9’’ cock
out she says that its bad she will say to mom if I tried this ,etc… as I know
that she won’t let me do it with her approval I jump on her and remove her bra
and panty with force and kiss her on her lips holding her hands and after suck her
boobs. She was trembling out of fear but I was out of mind and wanted it at all
cost. I then parted her leg and put my mouth on her pussy and suck it she was
moaning and so put my finger in which she push with her hand anh try to resist as I
know she do not want it so would not be able to make it as in the porn movie I
decided to insert my penis in her as I push she shouted and was try to resist but I
got it in in one push which she sout aah..aaaaaaaaaaaa….aahh……. I wait for a
moment and start pushing it an out and her virginity broke seing that I take her
leg an!
d put it on my sholders and increase my pace minute by minute !
know she was enjoying it and request me to continue . The room was fill with sounds
ahh aaaa….ahhhhhh….aaaaahhh, pac..pac pacpacccc and so on after 20 minutes I
remove my cock and spread it on her belly. I got to my side and take some breath
she sometime after get up and get to the bathroom clean herself and got to bed and
we both fell sleep. Later in night I got off sleep and my hand was holding her from
her belly pressing her ass against my cock. I wanted some more sex so I start
playing with her pussy with my hand she was off sleep and was enjoy it I turn her
and kiss her suck her boobs and ask her to watch a porn movie so that she could
know how to procide while watching we do the same actions she suck my cock can’t
tell you how good it felt we then fuck in doogie style we do it all night and the
day after she could not go to school as she was tired I went to the office as I
just join.

We do it till one month since mom return now we stop so that her pussy would not
damaged.But what an adventure. So who wanna get fucked lived in Mauritius could mail
me on and who wanna comment on my story most welcome on same
e-mail address. Do mail me I would like to to hear if you like it or not.


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Manisha – The Experience

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I am Raju aged 19. I am staying with my uncle in a posh apartment in Chennai. I am studying for Hotel Management course and was doing my training at one of the five star hotels in Chennai. I used to go to a Gymnasium .I was very good at swimming also and definitely I am a handsome young boy with well-built body and my cock was really 7.5” long and was fat. It was rigid like an iron rod when it is in erected position. I know that to boy aged 18 that size was very rare. Here I am narrating about the real wonderful and terrific lovemaking sessions I had with Manisha. She had infamous relation with so many co-stars like Sanjay Dutt, Nana Patekar, Jackie Shroff etc She came to film world around the age 16 in “SAUDAGAR” and at that time itself her body was like a woman aged 23 or 24.

She had no objection to show that beautiful body in films. To certain extent she was an exhibitionist and nymphomaniac. Moreover due to her various experience from film world she was not ready to satisfy with one person.

Once I read in a film magazine that she is much interested premarital sex and she told in that interview that experience in lovemaking is better to run the married life happily. Title of her interview was Adultery is fine I always had a crush about her especially about her breasts, navel and thunderous thighs. The buttocks really resembled the backside of Veena, a musical instrument .Her milky thighs, her perfect navel everything made her really sexy and she showed all this in various films without any hesitation and thus become the sex bomb. She had a perfect pair of boobs and I was always crazy about that after watching her many films and especially” YUGPURUSH” and “MAHARAJA” I was 19 at that time and I always had a crush towards her because she had a wonderful and fantastic body. During film shooting of “MUDALVAN” she came to Chennai for shooting and stayed at a 5 star hotel where I was a trainee. Hotel Management instructed me to take care of her welfare, traveling and with much happiness I have taken that job. I arranged all her facilities very well and she was happy about that and I have seen her only a glimpse in first two days since she was very busy with shooting. On third day it was Friday and she called me to her suite and I was eagerly waiting for that call to see my fantasy lady. When I reached her suite she was alone in that suite since her Secretary and Assistant left for Bombay for two days since they had some personal problems and there was no shooting for two days. She opened the door and for the first time my fantasy lady was in front of me. She told me to take the seat to discuss regarding her programme to go to Mahabalipuram Farm house of famous actress Hemamalini. When I was sitting in front of her I become nervous since her beautiful eyes were traveling all over my body I was not able to face laser rays passing from her eyes so I kept my head down. Seeing this she laughed asked me. “ Raju, have not seen a woman up to now?” I couldn’t answer her. She started talking in a friendly way and slowly I become normal. She chatted with me mostly about my private life. I always fantasized of making love with my dream lady Manisha. She always had a crush for virgin young boys aged around 18.I heard regarding this when one film magazine published a gossip. The more she heard about my virginity she become more happy since she had a big crush on young virgin boys aged around 16 to 18. I was asked only about my private life, my sex life. I was very embarrassed and told her that I never had sex with anybody and shyly I told no. And she asked me are you doing masturbation and while doing who is the lady that I am fantasizing and specially to tell truth only. I told her name and she asked me regarding her favorite film.

Then I told “Maharaja”. She asked me why? First I was hesitant to answer but later I told” know you have the most perfect boobs in Bollywood. Even though they are big they are very perfect and not drooped a bit.” When I was answering her questions her eyes were traveling all over my body and I couldn’t resist that laser rays passing from her eyes. And she again asked me that whether I was telling the truth. I told her that I am telling the truth. I was wondering by hearing her questions since she was aged 26 and a famous actress and me a young boy aged 19.Really I can feel lust in that deep beautiful eyes. But I never dreamt even in wildest dreams that I will get a chance to make love with her since she is aged 7 years than me and moreover she was a famous actress of Hindi. [But after the first lovemaking session when I was resting my face between that perfect twins both of us were drenched in sweat. It was a terrific and fantastic experience for me since it was my first experience and to her also since she never expected this much pleasure from a virgin boy aged around 19.Moreover that was one of the best in her lovemaking experience. While pressing her naked boobs to my chest to me she whispered in my ears that she had already decided to seduce me when she met me first time and was waiting for a chance and the experience with me was a terrific one.] She requested to accompany her to Mahabalipuram for two days and I agreed to that happily and when she came to know that I am a good driver she told me to drive her to Mahabalipuram. I asked her what she wanted to do those days. She gave a mysterious smile and asked me that her appointment is with me for whole days. I couldn’t get her hint until we reached there. On Friday evening 5PM we started from there and to my surprise she came to sit in front seat. It was just like a dream for me. She told me that I am driving the car very well. We reached the Farmhouse at night and to my surprise she told all servants could go to their quarters near the Farmhouse and nobody required in Bunglow. It was a spacious Bunglow and there were nobody else my fantasy lady and I. There was a garden near the swimming pool, which was within the big bunglow compound. That garden was with a good lawn full of flowers, small trees including many jasmine trees and had a beautiful lawn. She reached out with her left arm, wrapping it around my waist and pulled me in close. She whispered in my ears. “Raju, I know that you are a virgin. Moreover you are handsome like a Greek God. I want to enjoy your strength. We can go to that garden”. By that time nice moonlight made the scene more erotic I was wearing a black shorts. She was wearing a long transparent White gown with a thin white silk Bra and a thin Panty inside. Those perfectly shaped breasts, her deep navel, buttocks; thunderous thighs were visible through the light material of the gown. The chocolate colored areolas of her breasts with projected nipples, a golden chain (aranjanam) laying lazily in her perfect waist over the deep navel, well-shaped thighs and padasaram which she was wearing everything was in front of me.

She was wearing a thin panty and the love triangle was covered with that and I can see the hairs covering her fat honey spot through the thin panty. She had a very sexy and lusty look and a red lipstick made her look hornier. Again my eyes went to her beautiful buttocks. She had a panty on and that showed the whole of her perfect buttocks. The protruding cheeks of her buttocks were so firm that they hardly even quivered; they had stuck out more than what would make any dick start to throb. Total scene was making me mad since this was my first experience. Most of the breasts were out from her thin bra but they stood proudly in her chest and not drooped a little. Her breasts are a magnet for our eyes. They’re large, full, round and very tempting to touch. I like good dulations of shapely and slightly heavy breasts. According to Kalidasa, a woman is ‘ripe’ when she is exhausted from the effort of only moving her boobs from one side to another. Manisha is exactly that girl Kalidasa described. I was really mad about her perfect body. The way her big breasts jiggle while she walks makes me masturbate instantly. To me, she has the biggest, heaviest and the most beautiful BOOBS in the whole Film world. Her breasts are really big and it stood perfectly and proudly in her chest. I had an intensive wish to crush them and suck all by my hungry mouth and suddenly she put her hand on my bulge and squeezed that. I was just stunned! Then I realized what was happening. I was so excited while watching her that I didn’t notice my huge bulge was clearly visible through the tight short of mine. Anyone could see that. And the sexy actress had noticed it long ago. She was doing all these just to tease me and make my bulge even bigger. I was loosing my consciousness and slowly she I was getting more and more excited. I couldn’t believe that the sexy goddess of my fantasy dreams is near to me and I was watching in fantasy lady near me in that moonlight. I was loosing control already. Slowly she has taken my face on her hands kissed me.

The first kiss was awesome. Those voluptuous lips slowly taken my lips to mouth and started sucking it like she was sucking juice out of ripe mango. She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging in and out. I met her exploring tongue going deep inside her. We tangled each others tongue and I could feel her saliva going inside my mouth. The feeling was an incredible one that I felt never before. Then her thirsty lips traveled all over my face and that feeling was really terrific. Slowly she laid me in that lawn and her thirsty lips traveled to my hairy chest through my neck. She has taken my erected nipples to my mouth and bitten hard. Then that beautiful luscious lips traveled down and to her hand She removed my underwear and taken my cock .It was pulsating in her hand and size was almost 8” and she was staring at it with widened eyes in disbelief. She moaned” God. I got the biggest cock in my life. I never thought that a young boy would have such cock and it is rigid like an iron rod”. She covered it with two hands and even after that Fat mound was visible outside. None of her lovers had a cock more than 6” most of her lovers are aged more than her. Here she got a boy-aged 19 and got a chance to fulfill her fantasy of seducing a young boy again. She was a lover of big cocks and it was for the first time she is seeing such a big cock and that too for a young boy of 19.Really she becomes hot and her eyes were glistening with lust.

She began cuddling the cock with her kisses and slowly very slowly her lips covered the same and the softness of her lips and wetness of saliva made me mad. She was licking my erected cock from the bottom to top and she went back. Meanwhile she has taken the testicles also to her mouth and it was a wonderful feeling .She then taken the entire cock head to her mouth and started to bite it slowly. Slowly She has taken the entire cock to her mouth with great difficulty since it was so big. But She was enjoying every minute of it, sucking my cock all the way like an Ice-cream cone. I was really in heaven because it was my first experience and too with the beautiful sexy idol of Bollywood. Suddenly she varied the rhythm and from my movements she came to know that I was about to come. A wonderful feeling, which I cannot describe in words, was passing through all over the body and nerves. I felt my cum boiling in my testicles. Expert movements of her luscious lips were taking me to heaven and I was feeling that 1000 rivers are going to start flowing from my testicles. She could feel the spasms of my cum pumping muscles and she could feel the fluid spurting to her wet mouth. She was sucking my cock like a boy or girl enjoying an ice-cream candy and her movement become very fast. Really she was really mad since she got a boy to make love and she was not getting much pleasure while making love with same aged persons. She is reaching the extreme pleasure while sucking a cock of a boy and moreover it is the biggest cock she ever got for sucking and every movement of me made her madder. I was in seventh heaven and enjoying the perfect oral love with closed eyes while she was enjoying the entire movement. She made her movements very fast with a terrific climax I exploded the entire cum in her waiting mouth and she was enjoying each and every drop of it with extreme happiness. She never had such pleasure before while sucking the cock since the taste of the cum was really an intoxicating one. She told me that the feeling was like taking two three pegs of whisky. Whenever she gets a chance she love to suck my cock and every time her fat perfectly shaped luscious lips used to give me a perfect climax. It was a fantastic moment and I exhausted fully. I kept my eyes closed and was fantasizing of exploring each and every inch of that magnificent body of sexy goddess.

Suddenly I felt the wetness of her hungry mouth and tongue licking out the sweat drops of my body like a cow licking a calf and that process made ready within minutes to explore that sexy naked body. Both of us were panting like wild animals. She taken my face in her hands and whispered” Raju, I am ready for you. I am here for you. Enjoy me” She licked her lips then kissed me. As she kissed me she darted her tongue, wet with my come and her saliva into my mouth and it did taste good. I kissed her face, her neck, moving down to her shoulders as I caressed her body with my hands. I continued kissing down her shoulders and her arms then moved over to suck her breasts. I removed the bra and that perfect twin stood proudly in front a young boy aged 19. Her nipples were rock hard. Her Breasts were perfectly round shaped and exactly resembles breasts of naked statues of temples. The areolas and nipples were dark chocolate color and were really erotic. Her navel is very deep and a perfect one. I sucked first the right nipple while gently holding and squeezing her left breast. Then I started to lick her entire tit and moved my mouth to suck her left nipple and flick it with my tongue. I then started to kiss my way down her flat stomach, arriving at the waistband of her panties. Slowly I removed that also. Now the sexy lady of Hindi film is now fully naked and a young boy was watching a terrific naked boy for the first time in his life. I got on my knees and I nuzzled my face and nose against her pubic mound and scraped my teeth against her. Her crotch was absolutely soaked with pussy juice. I continued to nuzzle her pussy and nip at her with my teeth .She sat back on the marble seat there in lawn and spread her legs wide, giving me total access to her fabulous cunt. As I brought by tongue up across her outer lips she put her legs over my shoulders, putting her heels on my back and pulled me toward her. She rubbed her pussy with to my mouth and I just lost control. Because I was always dreaming for that sweet cunt and it was here for me to explore, to suck, to bite, to taste and to do whatever I like and this thought made me almost mad. She whispered. “It is for you Raju. Taste as you like explore it and take the juices out” I started exploring that sweet pussy and I have taken the outer lips to my mouth and sucked very hard. She also becomes wild and cried. I grabbed her by the buttocks and pulled her closer. She opened her legs to welcome my tongue, and finally I tasted what I’d waited for all of my life.

Manisha’s pussy was sweet tasting and soft, the juices were running down my face! She moaned and pulled my head in jerking motion as if she were facing my face. I buried my face in her pussy and tried to crawl inside. I licked, nibbled, kissed and bit every delicious fold, crevice and crack of her hot wet sticky pussy. Then I came to her aching clit. It was huge begging to be attacked, to have its lust satisfied. I loved the intoxicating aroma of her beautiful cunt and couldn’t resist in pressing my face to the hairy triangle. I parted the outer lips of her cunt and slowly taken it to my mouth and sucked it hard. She was getting wetter every minute and she was pressing my face to her cunt very hard and when I started to suck it very fast and she started to moan very loudly. I rubbed and rubbed till her breathing was rapid and her moans became screams, then I buried my face in her hot pussy again and I teased her swollen clit unmercifully, tiny, fluttery sweeps of my tongue slowly taking her to the climax she desperately needed. But I decided to start the process again and I licked lightly over her pussy as it began to open like a flower blossoming. I then licked harder, my tongue going between her outer lips, tasting her nectar and ending up on her hardening clit. I licked circles around her clit as Manisha began to moan. Then I moved down and stuck again my tongue into softest inner areas of her pussy as deep as it would go, flicking it in and out and up and down tasting her sweet juices. Manisha was pulling me to her with her legs and grinding her pussy into my face. I was driving my tongue in and out of her cunt as she bobbed her hips up and down, then I moved down and began to lick the inner areas of perfect thighs. After sometime I moved back to her dripping pussy, sticking my tongue in as deep as it would go, swallowing the love juices running from her cunt, then sucking on her clit, then tongue fucking her some more, then sucking her clit. As I sucked her clit, I would flick little circles on it with my tongue. She was now really grinding her pussy into my face and making more noise, moaning, groaning and yelling, telling me to lick and suck and eat her. I kept on licking and sucking her pussy as she grabbed me by the hair, pulling my face into her soaking pussy. I again shifted my face from pussy to her thighs and but she grabbed my hair and kept my face on her love mount again. I moved back to her pussy and put my tongue in deep, at the same time sucking her clit. I had a mouthful of cunt. I was grinding my tongue as far as it would go and moving my head up and down. She was constantly hissing like a snake, she again had both her hands on my head pulling my hair, pulling my head closer to her cunt. I moved my tongue up to her clit again and I knew she was going to come. Manisha was holding me like a vice, grinding her pussy into my face. As I continued to lick her clit her I could feel her legs tense and she was crying in happiness “Raju, my sweet boy I am commiinng .Oh you have done it .I am commmming” Manisha’s pussy opened wide and drenched my mouth and face with her delicious come. As she came, I lapped up all I could and she kept grinding against my mouth. At last at a fine moment she reached the ecstasy and then shuddered in pleasure and instantly had one, two, or maybe even three or more orgasms, which was one of the best in her life.

She was floating without weight in air since her younger lover boy given a perfect and fantastic oral job, which she never experienced in her life. Moreover she never expected such a terrific experience from an in experienced virgin boy. I kept licking the juices but soon She pushed me and we both got up. I sat down on the lawn. She looked at my cock, sticking straight up and with a grin as big as mine, stepped over to me and slowly lowered herself onto my swollen cock. Her pussy was still dripping and I slid in easily, filling her with my thick length. Her womanhood wrapped around my shaft like a glove as she put her arms around my neck, leaned her head back and gave a deep sigh saying “It is really good .It is full inside me my sweet boy”. Then she rotated her hips and moved farther down onto my penis. The feeling of being buried to the hilt inside she was absolutely amazing. It must have been the same for her because already I could feel her wetness soaking out and onto my balls. She leaned down and kissed me tenderly as we sat like that, my cock deep inside her, not moving, just experiencing each other. As we kissed, I ran my hands over her body, across her back, caressing her breasts and she let her hands run over my body as well. It was more than a dream come true! It was hard to believe that the famous Manisha was riding on me. I never dreamt this even in my wildest dreams. I could feel her pussy begin to grip my cock. Gently at first, making my cock twitch in response. It was so subtle, felt so wonderful. Her pussy would contract around my cock causing it to throb, the throb then making her pussy contract again, only this time more insistently. This went on for some times as we continued to kiss and touch each other. Soon, she was gently rocking on my cock and I was leaning back in the lawn, moving my hips to Manisha’s slow rhythm. I reached up and held both her breasts in my hands, lightly squeezing her nipples between my thumb and forefingers. Then I leaned forward and took her left nipple into my mouth as she arched back putting her hands behind her on my knees, grinding her pussy onto my cock. As I sucked her breast, I reached around and squeezed her ass, pulling her onto me. I leaned back again, arching my hips to drive deeper into Manisha’s cunt.

Manisha bore down with her pussy, grinding it onto my cock, taking every inch into her. Our pace began to quicken. She was raising her hips higher, taking longer strokes of my cock, I was in awe as I watched her riding me, watching my big cock split her pussy, watching as her pussy loved on my cock, making it wet, stroking it, swallowing it. She now had her feet on the floor straddling me as I leaned back in the lawn. She was riding my cock with long strokes now, fucking down with her tight pussy, taking my entire length inside her, then raising up, letting six or seven inches slide out then coming back down onto me. I was matching her stroke for stroke, pumping my cock up into her to meet her down stroke, driving my big dick as deep as it would go. Our fucking was getting quite vigorous and Manisha’s pussy was slurping and farting as my cock pistoned in and out. Her wetness was flowing now, drenching my cock and balls, making the pool chair wet. . She kept stroking and fucking my cock with her glorious pussy, and I watched as my thick member was engulfed time and again. She would change the rhythm, from fast and frantic to long and slow then back again. She was making sounds again, grunts and moans interspersed with words like “Ooooh yes, Oooh harder, harder, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me, yesss! Your cock, its so, its so fucking good!” It turned me on, making my cock stiff to hear how she loved fucking my erectness. She was fucking me hard now, riding up the entire length of my penis then driving back down, taking every inch deep inside her, grinding her pelvis against mine then riding up again. She was throwing her head back and forth saying “Yes, ooh yes, oh God yes!” as she thrashed on top of my big dick. I could feel my cock going to the very depths of her vagina. Her wetness was continuously flowing, soaking our crotches as I felt my cock grow even larger as I got ready to come. I reached up, grabbing her tight tits and squeezing them in both my hands.

She increased her pace, riding my cock faster and faster with long strokes. She looked almost delirious, her long hair flung about, her hands grabbing at my chest, scratching, grabbing my legs pulling me to her as she rode my big dick, frantically trying to get every inch available. Her cunt walls were very tight and my cock was full inside her pussy without any gap and while riding my cock was touching innermost depth of her hot pussy. I felt my cock throb once, getting ready to explode into her juicy cunt. I said “Oooh baby, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come in you!” She said, “Yes! Yes! Come in my pussy, fuck my pussy till you come! Fill my cunt with your big prick! Fill my cunt with come!” She was in ecstasy, want only riding my stiff cock, on the verge of orgasm. Her pussy was opening up taking all of me, taking so much I could feel her pussy lips on by balls. I was getting close, very close. My precum was adding to the wetness that was in her, flowing from her, drenching my cock and balls. I was straining to ram my cock as hard and far into her pussy as I could and she was taking all of it and then some, grinding back, swallowing my now giant cock with her cunt. We were fucking fast and furious now driving toward orgasm, losing track of time or setting. I could feel my orgasm building, and fucked .She even harder trying to bring it on. She was crying in ectasy “Fuck me, Yes, Oh God Yes! Fuck me deep, Fuck me hard! Hard! Harder! Fuuuckk meee, Fuuuckk mmmee! I’m going to come! I’m going to come!” I was going to come and at the same time I could feel Lisa’s cunt closing, pulsing, gripping the base of my shaft. I yelled, “Oooh here I come! I’m going to do it! I’m gonna come!” I felt my cock swell to immense proportions then just explode, pumping a gusher of come into Manisha’s pussy. My cock was throbbing and pulsating gigantically, pumping and pumping loads of come into her wanting cunt. She was yelling, “Oh Yes! Ooooh Yes! I’m Coming! I’m Coming! I’M COMING!!!” and she rode my spurting cock for all it was worth, grinding herself down on it, taking the entire eight thick inches into her, squirming on it, riding up again only to thrust back down onto my pole. I could feel her cunt pulsating as my cock continued to throb and pump come into her. I watched as she stroked her pussy up my dick, come dripping from her pussy, making my cock slick, soaking our pubic hair. Then she would come back down, taking every inch, squirming to get more. As we slowed, Manisha was softly moaning, I was getting my breathing under control. We stopped with her sitting on top of me with my cock still buried inside her. I said, “Wow, I didn’t know there could be sex like this beside this pool!” Manisha said, “I didn’t know there would be boys having such cock like!” as she started to make her pussy massage my cock again.

I just laid back and said “Oooh boy, that was fantastic!” She said, “You are not finished yet, are you?” I was incredulous, we had been sucking, fucking and eating for almost an hour. Manisha stood up slowly, letting my cock slip from her pussy. She watched with a gleam in her eye as my cock slid out. “There’s one position I haven’t tried yet.” I said suddenly. “What do you mean?” she said. I turned her around and slapped on her beautiful butt. I stared at me with narrow eyes and then started to laugh, “So, you like to fuck me like a bull from my back?” She was very hot and was eagerly waiting for the biggest cock she ever seen to enter her awaiting pussy. We reached a jasmine tree and she caught one branch and bent enough like waiting for entry of my fat cock. I cupped her big boobs in both hands while she guided my cock to her cunt. She was shivering in excitement. Then I started entering her from behind. Manisha was hissing like a snake. While entering her cunt she was hissing like a snake. A little sigh from her was the only resistance to an otherwise perfect entry of my fat and 8” tool. Now the moment of truth arrived. I was dreaming for this moment. My bulging cock was raring to have a full entry to her sweet cunt from back. Then with a sudden thrust I pushed it in. Her big hips felt so great against my abdomen. A huge cry came out from her pretty throat. “Oh! Please. Slowly my boy. ” Without bothering for her protest, I continued my piston like motion. As I was fucking her from rear, her boobs were moving back and forth. The sight of her boobs moving made me crazy and I got hold it and started crushing with all my force and she was crying in pleasure. It turned me on even more; I kept slapping her beautiful perfect buttocks. That jasmine tree was moving according to the violent movements of us. Manisha moaned and squirmed saying, “Oh God!” She said, “Oh God, it feels so fucking big! Ooh its so fucking big, it’s so good, and I never thought it would be like this!” Her pussy hole was tight and hot since I was fucking her from behind. I could feel the tightness of her cunt around the base of my shaft. God! It was so tight. I started to gently stroke my cock in and out and could feel her pussy relax, accepting my big penis into her nether region. She was groaning, saying, “Yes, Yes, I want that big fucking cock, Fuck my pussy with your big cock!” I started to move more, the lubrication was good and Lisa started to move with me. I didn’t know how much I could take. The smell was like an aphrodisiac and just watching my cock pump in and out of Manisha’s ass was getting me excited. I was taking long steady strokes in and out of Manisha’s sweet pussy. She was pushing back to meet me every time I would push it in. She was making sounds now, “Oh, oh, oh, oooh”, every time I would fuck my big dick into her. This was fantastic, pussy was tight. With my strokes, I was rubbing and squeezing the most beautiful buttocks I have ever saw. It was tight and soft. I slapped those beautiful cheeks, squeezed them. My cock was getting harder, bigger, getting ready to come. I kept on stroking my cock into her as her cries became louder, more insistent. My precum was draining from my cock, giving more lubrication, I was pulling my cock half way out, then ramming it back in as she would push back to meet me, taking all of me into her pussy.

She was constantly moaning now, holding onto the desk to brace against my thrusts, moving in concert with me, fucking me with her ass hole. I was getting ready to come, taking long fast strokes into Manisha’s pussy, burying my cock to the hilt then pulling back then burying myself again. She was bouncing back against me, fucking back hard saying “yes.more.Raju Fuck me hard”I held her by the hips as I rammed my cock into her.. I felt my big dick begin to throb and pulsate as I started to fill Manisha’s pussy with my come. Manisha let out a sob as she felt my cock explode inside her and began to come and come. I was coming and fucking my cock into Manisha’s pussy and could feel it as she came. Her pussy lips gripped my cock and I could feel her pussy pulsating fast.. Manisha was yelling, “Yes! I’m coming! Oooh yess! Don’t’ stop! I’m coming!” I continued to piston my dick into her. Cum was dripping out of her ass hole and running down her crack as I fucked her. She was still coming, I could feel her insides vibrate and her pussy lips gripping my cock as I continued to ram it into her. She was yelling and crying out “Ooooh I’m coming! Ooooh Yess, Yesss Yessss! Ohhh. Ahhh…Yesss!” I was ramming my dick deep into Manisha’s pussy as she came and came and lost control and was wetting herself as she came. I could feel the wetness running down my legs as she was now roaring like a wild tigress and suddenly I was coming again, my cock exploding, shooting lots of come into Manisha’s pussy and buttocks. I kept ramming my big cock into her now slick and dripping pussy hole and kept on coming like there would be no end. My cock throbbed and pulsed as I rammed it into her and she bucked against me. I was fulfilling my fantasy dreams with much happiness and was sucking that love pot mercilessly as if there is no tomorrow. At last at a fine moment she reached the ecstasy and then shuddered in pleasure and instantly had one, two, or maybe even three or more orgasms, which was her best one in her life. Finally after a several minutes, we began to subside and I slowly slowed and finally stopped stroking it into her. We stood like that momentarily, breathing hard, reflecting on what we had just experienced, her, bent over the table with her head turned to one side, hair splayed out, me behind her leaning on her back with my cock still sunk deep into her pussy.

We were both covered with sweat and the smell of sex filled the air. Then I withdrew my cock from her and we both lay down on the lawn exhausted. She was enjoying each and every moment and me also. Both us were enjoying the lovemaking to the extreme extent, especially me since it was the first one of my life. I was tired too much and she kept my face on her lap and she given those breasts to mouth and cuddled me like a baby. I have taken that melons one by one to mouth and sucked it very hard and she enjoyed it very much. While I was sucking that hardened nipples she was watching me with much happiness in her eyes. Because her lover boy given the intoxicating pleasure and orgasms. Later both us gone to Bathroom and we rested in bathtub for at least one hour by seeing and exploring each and every part of our body. I was very happy to feel again all the terrific body once again as I like. While I was applying soap all over her body she was making sound due to bruises on breasts, thighs, navel area, shoulder etc. After bath she told to take her in my hands to the bedroom. It was a terrific scene since a boy aged 19 was carrying a perfect naked body of a woman aged 26. When reached back bedroom and covered me with her sexy naked body and I buried my face between that huge boobs and fallen to sleep.

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Mother Story

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Hi Desi Folks! My name is Tania from Lahore (Pakistan). Age 19 years. I have read many desi stories and after reading them I decided to write a story by my self.

1. Mrs. Khalid (the mother her name is hena, age 41,widow, still quite beautiful, haven’t had any relations with anyone else her husband but her husband died 10 years ago) After the death of her husband Mrs. Khalid has devoted her life for her children without caring about her own sexual life. She had married her daughter with a wealthy person. And know wants her son to be successful in his life.
2. Ali Khalid (son of Mrs. khalid, age 18, good looking, similar to his father) He likes sex but afraid of his mother.


It was a Sunday morning. Alias college was closed but Mrs.Khalid had some work in her office so she was leaving the house. In the half way she remembered that she had forget some files, to bring them she again went to her house. She always had a key so she entered the house with out ringing the door bell. when she entered Alias door was closed. First she went to her own room and took the files and then went to Alias room to tell him to lock the door but when she reached near the door she heard some voices. When she looked in the keyhole of Alias door she saw Ali totally naked grabbing his dick in his hands and the voices were coming from the TV. There was a sexy blue film on it. She was amazed by watching such a thing and decided to leave the house without confronting himi. In the office she was just thinking about Ali.

She now knew that her little son was a mature person and has some sexual needs. When she reached home after some hours Ali was studying. It seemed like that he have not done anything in her absence. She said to Ali “How are you son”, “fine ” replied ali. Then she went to the kitchen to cook and the whole day passed. That night was quite different for Mrs.Khalid. She can’t stop thinking about her sonas dick. It was almost same to his Dadas but Alias dick was a little bigger and thick. Mrs.Khalidas sexual needs were rising. After all she went to sleep. Amazingly she had a wet dream that night it had happened after a long time. The next day she decided to know more about her son she checked his room in his absence and found a CD, there was a nude pic on it she played it and found it to be the same one which ali was playing that day. She also watched Ali in his bathroom and many times and found him masturbating. Days were becoming quite difficult for her and her sexual needs were growing and growing. She has started masturbating. But she badly needed a person who can fuck her hard. She decided that the best person for her is her own son. Now she wanted to catch her son masturbating…..

Atlast the weekend came and it was Alias holiday. She decided to do the thing through which she came to know about Ali. So she told Ali that she is going to the office. Instead of going to the office she went to the general store and bought some pills which will able her to have cum inside her pussy but not get pragnent. After buying them she reached her home. She opened the door with out making any noise. Luckily Alias room was closed. She watched inside by the keyhole. Same situation Ali was naked with dick in his hand .A smile came on her face. She quickly opened his door .Ali looked toward her. There was a sense of fear on his face. His mind was blowing like atom bomb. He quickly putted a cloth on himself and closed the movie. Some thing came in Mrs.Khalidamind and she decided to leave.

The whole day passed and she did not talked to Ali. Also Ali was afraid of her. After the dinner Mrs.Khalid went to her room and Ali to his. She decided it was the time to talk to ali.she wore her nightdress through which her beautiful body could be seen a little. She went to Alias room. He was lying in the bed when he saw his mother entering the room, he stood up. He thought it might be the time for his punisment. His mother went to the cupboard and took out the BP CD There was a nude pic on it. She asked, “What is it”'” Ali was unable to reply her question. She then asked ” Tell me how long you are seeing such movies and don’t tell a lie”” “M…mmm..Mom!!!!” ali said. “Just tell me”” she asked with a harder voice. “The first movie I watched was two years ago”Ali said. “And for how long you are been masturbating”” Mother asked. “About 3-4 years” Ali said. “I thought my son is still a child and do not know anything about sex but you are doing such things for years!!!” “Sorry mom I will not do it again please forgives me!!!” Ali said. “I want to tell you one thing Your father died when you were a kid since then I havenat gone to any man for my sexual habits. I just wanted that my children become educated. “sorry mom ” ali said. Mrs. Khalid did not replied just went to the computer and played the CD.The movie started in which a girl was sucking the cock of guy. She then asked Ali “Tell me one thing, have you ever thought of your sis or me to be your sex partner”'” “Nnnn… mom never”ali said. “I want to hear the truth I will not say anything to you,” she said. Ali replied “well…. yes but I am…””Ok I just wanted to hear this. I have Visualized that you are a grown up now and you have some sexual needs. Have you had a sexual intercourse ever'” “No” replied Ali. Mrs. Khalid came near to Ali put her hands in his hairs and smiled. Her other hand was moving on Ali body then she said “Take your clothes off ” “What !!!” Ali said. ” I said take your clothes off ” She said. Ali first of all hesitated but then did as ordered.

His long dick was waving in air. It was erect. Maybe because the sexxxxy movie was on and the nude voices were coming. After seeing his dick mother smiled and said, ” You know your dick is just like your dad’s. What a wonderful feeling it was when it entered in me!!. There were hairs on his dick. Mrs Khalid said, ” I have came here because I want you to make me feel good. I have not even masturbated since many years. But your beautiful dick has again brought back my sexual needs .I want you to make your mom happy!!!” Alias dick became more harder after hearing this. Now he went to his mom slowly moved his hands on her body. “Mom you are beautiful”Ali said. “Ok take my clothes off ” mother said. Ali could not believe his ears. He went to her mother and putted off her nightgown .He was also moving his hands over her body. He picked up his mom and laid her on the bed. Now she was only in bra and undy. Her boobs were trying to come out of bra. Ali opened her buckle of bra and took it off. He could not stop himself of sucking them HARD. “Come make your mom totally naked.” she said. Ali now slowly took her panty off. Her Pussy was covered with a large amount of hairs. I looked like that she have not shaved since years.”Hey moms don’t u under shave”'”Ali asked. “No my dear son your father liked it like that” she replied. Ali then said” I love it and now I will give you real pleasure:)”Then he made a space to finger her pussy. He first of all putted his finger inside. But then started licking it. His mother was getting aroused slowly soon she started to moan”SSSSSS AAAAAAAHHHHHH OHHHH YESSSSSS” After some time he told his mother ” Mom you haven’t had sex because of me I will now make to feel cool. But ur pussy is really tight!!” “Yeah son but you were so small when you came out from hear. Now your first home is too small for you. Only your dick can fit in. Now lay down I want to suck your dick.”She said. Ali did as she ordered. Now she took his dick in her hands and then spitted on it.”Hay feel your moms hands” Then she licked it slowly, soon it was in her mouth and she was bring it in and out. Ali’s facial expressions were looking wonderful. After some time he cried ” MOM I want to fuck you”.”All right son ” she replied.

Ali then stood up and went to the cupboard and gets some oil. His mother was fingering herself. Soon he started putting his dick in. He slowly putted it in .His mom was crying with joy. He slowly started moving it in and out. His mother stopped him and asked him to abuse her she said “Hay you bloody ass fucker abuse me it will make me more horny.” He said, “OKKKK you bitch today I will make you cry” and started fucking her. “Don’t you have power will you do it like that with your wife”’ Come fuck me hard” This made me Ali more fast and now he was fucking his mother toooooo hard.”Bitch, Gashti, Rundi, Wehshia I will make you cry” now she has started moaning fast “AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh SSSSSSSSSSSS Bhanchod Faaaaaasst Fuck meeeeeee aaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhh yeessssssssss yeahhhhhh wait wait wait waaaaiiiittt ” Ali have to wait ” What happened did i heart you'” “No you cant cum inside my pussy I have not eaten the pills also I want to drink my sons tasty cum”Then she stood up and went to her room took the pills and came back.”Ok let me drink your cum” “Alright suck my cock “She started sucking it “Faster bitch randi ” It really worked and she started sucking faster and faster.” I am about to cum”ali said. And loads of his cum were inside his mothers mouth .She drank all of it. Then she said now lick your sexy moms pussy you madarchod (mother fucker). He not even waited her to lie down he picked her up putted on the bed and started licking. “Faster my son faster make your mom feel good AAAAAAAHHHHHHH OOOOOOOO HHHHHHHH Yeah” Soon she also cummed. Her son was making his mom feel good. His dick was erect again.”Now your ass mommy ” “No it will heart” mom replied. But Ali did not hear her and started putting his dick in her ass. It was really tight and hot. But he did not stopped. His mom was crying “AAAAAAA AAAAAAAA hhhh AAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHH STOOOOPPPP ITTTT” but Ali did not stopped ” MOM don’t worry it will be cool after some time” Soon it became cool for his mom and she started to moan with joy. “Yeeeeaahhhhh Make me feel good Fuck me hard YEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH.BLoody son of a bicht fuck your mom fast fast fast” Soon Ali cummed in her ass. Now he was lying on her back.” thanks son you are really cool I love you and your metal rod (dick).”Then she started kissing his son on his lips his ass, his dick and every part of his body. Both of them were tired and went to sleep in on another arms.

Now Mrs. Khalid had a playboy who was her companion at nights. And Ali was trying his best for his mother that she forgets her loneliness.

Well podium4u.ruas readers Please tell me how was the story and please mail me at “tania4u84 {AT}” and tell me how you liked or disliked the story. Also if anyone will send me a pic (nude one) I will reply him as soon as possible. Others might get the chance.

TANIA (I love sex and sexy people)

Thank you for submitting this story!

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Slutty Mother

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Ramesh started to walk to his home after he got down from the bus. He is a programmer in a computer consultancy. He normally works longer hours but today he finished work earlier. His father is a business man and is always on trips. He is away again and his mother is alone at home.

As he approached his house, Ramesh noticed a moped parked outside his house. It looked like his Uncle Venkat’s. Venkat is his Dad’s best friend and a family friend. That’s why Ramesh always called him Uncle. He works for state government and has his office quite near to Ramesh’s house. Ramesh’s Father, Rao – a businessman who ran a small business and a shop.

Opening the gate, Ramesh wondered why his uncle had paid a visit when his Dad is not around. He entered through the back door. The house is unusually calm and Ramesh wondered around to find his mom. Suddenly he heard a moancoming from his parent’s bedroom. Curious, Ramesh walked softly to the door and slowly peeked into the room. There, on the bed was his Mother and Uncle Venkat – nude and making love. His Mother, Gayathri, was on her back holding her legs up high in the air. His uncle was on top, pumping away vigorously. Ramesh gasped in surprise and his first instincts were to get spoil his mother’s slutty fun.

But as he watched, he realised he is watching his mother nude and slutting around getting fucked on the bed. He immidiately changed his mind and decided to watch his uncle fuck his mother. As he watched, he felt a stirring in his crotch. He never thought he would get a hard-on watching his mother. Mothers in India never look sexy to their sons. But Ramesh started having hard-ons looking at his mother’s body. He never thought of his mother being sexy before. At 42, Gayathri was chubby and a little fat. She was five foot, one inch tall and had long black hair that bobbed playfully when she had a head bath. She had big breasts about 40DD that had sagged a bit over the years and certainly showed her age. Since Gayathri always wear sarees, Ramesh never had an opportunity to peek on her nakedness before.

Seeing his mother enjoying herself with his uncle, Ramesh quickly went to his room and grabbed his zoom camera. He quickly started to think where can position himself to take some shots of his mother. ‘The back yard tree’ he thought and quickly sneaked to the back yard. Getting on to the tree, Ramesh noticed that the shear curtains were left open slightly in the middle. He cannot see them clearly. He started the camera and pointed it to the window. He zoomed the lense for a closer view. He could see them well and clearly.The angle was perfect for him with his mothers right side being exposed to the camera. He started clicking the shots when ever he thought of a perfect shot. As he filmed, the twosome rolled over, putting his Mother on top. Ramesh had to zoom in further as they moved away from the camera end. He had a perfect shot of his mother pushing on to his Uncle’s cock for a re-entry. He could see his uncle’s cock with its bright-red tip lining up with the outer ends of his Mom’s dripping pussy. Ramesh reversed the zoom, pulling back far enough to take in the entire couple. He watched through the viewfinder as his Mother bounced up and down, taking her husband’s best friend’s cock fully with each downward thrust. Venkat cupped each of Gayathri’s breasts, squeezing them slightly for every stroke. Ramesh zoomed in again, getting a tight close-up of their intertwined genitals.

Ramesh took about two packs of snaps before his uncle ejaculated into his mother’s pussy. Gayathri collapsed into Venkat’s arms and the held each other closely. Ramesh took his last snap.

After finishing his snaps Ramesh rushed into his garage to develop the shots in his dark room.

After Ramesh finished his developing work, he came back to the house. Everything seemed normal. His mom is cooking in the kitchen and his uncle is sitting on the dining table reading the news paper.

“How was work, Ramesh?” Asked his uncle as Ramesh walked by.

“Okay, I guess,” Ramesh replied. “How come are you here, Uncle?”

“Just stopped by to see your Mom now that your dad is not home again.” Venkat replied.

“Thats good uncle! I guess mom would be happy seeing you” Ramesh said looking at his mom. His mom just gave a smile.

Ramesh smiled and shook his head. ” I’m going to go do some work in the garage,” Ramesh said, heading up to the garage.

“Okay, dear,” his Mom called out after him.

“See ya’,” yelled his uncle.

Once there, he shut the door behind him and hurried to the photographs he hung to dry.

The photos came out really well. Ramesh is proud of himself. Looking at the pictures and his mother’s body, Ramesh’s cock started receiving the much needed attention. Ramesh could not wait any longer as he unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock. He slowly studied his mother’s figure, her breasts, her tits, her arse, her shapely curves, her fatty stomach and finally her pussy.

After he cleaned up, He took the photographs with him. Realizing that he its dinner time, Ramesh went back into the house. His Uncle is gone and his mother is setting up the dining table.

“Hey you,” said his Mom. “Thought you were still working in the garage.”

“I was, uptil now mom, Now I am hungry,” replied Ramesh, heading to the kitchen.

“Then come on! Lets eat” he heard his Mom say as he walked towards the dining table.

After the dinner, Ramesh and Gayathri sat down to talk. Ramesh was talking to his mother but he constantly kept thinking how he’s gonna show the photos to his mother. As his mother is going to her room for a shower, Ramesh interrupted her and said, “Mom, sit down, I want to show you something.” Gayathri was surprised and sat beside his son curiously. Ramesh handed the photographs to his mother. On the photos was his Mother – getting screwed by his uncle. Gayathri inhaled quickly and became stiff.

“How – I mean when – oh my God,” she finished, watching the photos intently. Her face turned colors and she glanced at Ramesh only once and then turned her attention back to the photos. As she turned the photographs she could see the more explicitness of her lovemaking sequence with her lover.

Gayathri turned red for a while and said “Why did you do this? You want to watch your mother naked? Did you forget you are my son?”

“No I didn’t”, Ramesh replied. “I did it because I wanted Dad to know!”

“You Bastard”, Gayathri screamed. “You wanna spoil my relationship? What the hell do you want from me?”

“Mom”, Ramesh said thinking. “I cannot think of anythink except for one”

“What is it? You bastard!” Katam screamed again.

“Now, Mom, you give me everything. Hence it is very hard to ask anything from you. But there is one thing you never gave me or even think you can give it to me. I am a man now, mother. And I have some urges to fulfil. I know you have them too but you get them fulfilled by two men in your life. I want you to treat my urges mother. The thing you seek from Dad and Uncle, I can give that to you too!” Ramesh added the dig lest his Mother forget the scene just moments before.

“Hu.Huh..”Gayathri stumbled thinking about Ramesh’s request. She might have expect many worldly things but she never expected he would ask her pussy.

“NO…You’re my son for god’s sake. I could never…” her voice trailed off.

“You have no choice mother!” Ramesh replied jovially.

“No. I won’t. Ever. You are my flesh and blood – making love to you – well, that’s ‘paap’ (sin)!” Gayathri replied, her head still down.

“Well mom! If you think that way, I will have to give them to dad” Ramesh affirmed.

Gayathri nodded in agreement. “But no, I will not do this. And I don’t think you’ll show the photos to your Father.”

“Do you really want to risk that? I mean, you know how Dad will feel when he see you getting fucked by his best friend,” Ramesh replied.

Tears sprang from the corner of Gayathri’s eyes as she realized that Ramesh was right. There was nothing she could do. Ramesh got up from the couch, lifted his mother from the couch with her hand and hugged her. Gayathri tried furiouly to get away from him but Ramesh held on. Gayathri ended up struggling for a while and gave up. Ramesh kept enjoying caressing her saree clad body and slowly walked her to her room. Gayathri hesitated to get into the room as she anticipated what would happen. But Ramesh forcefully held onto her saying “Relax Mom!”

Ramesh slowly pushed Gayathri to the floor. Once his mother is on the floor he turned around to face his erect dick towards his mother’s face in a sixty-nine position, with Ramesh on top. Startled at how quickly and easily they had changed positions, Gayathri didn’t have time to resist as Ramesh forced his cock down her throat. Gayathri felt like she was suffocating; his full length filled her airway almost completely. He was pumping on his own, fully inserting his cock into her mouth and throat. Gayathri tried to push him off, but he was just too large. She felt something brush her hips and realized suddenly that he’d let loose her saree and her petticoat. They were tangled around her ankles.

Ramesh scrambled up between her legs. He could feel her being violated and vulnerable feeling as he gawked down at the exposed womanhood of his mother. He could’nt believe he finally cam face to face with his mother’s cunt. He could smell her cunt through her cunt hair. Suddenly he realised he is looking at the same hole he was born; the same hole which brought him to this world. He also felt tremendous pride looking at his mother’s cunt when it struck that he has reached to a level he can fuck the same hole that gave birth to him.

Again Gayathri tried to push him away, but to no avail. Her back arched severely as she felt the electric shock of his tongue against her clitoris.

“God, your pussy smells fantastic!” Ramesh said between licks. Gayathri felt him probe the folds of her vagina. She had a tightly formed cunt; the inner folds tucked gently within the labia. She felt Ramesh’s fingers pulling the folds apart, looking again for her clitoris. His tongue probed he depths vigourously. He ran his tongue up the length of the crack and back down. Between the licking he would suck on her protruding clit and then go back to probing her entrance deeply with his tongue.

Finally Ramesh started to pump in earnest. Gayathri knew he was going to cum and didn’t like to swallow – for anyone. Again she tried to pull away, turn her head, anything that would stop her son from ejaculating in her mouth. Instead Ramesh pressed down harder, and deeper. He started to grunt and turned his attention away form his Mother’s vagina. Gayathri felt a wave of thick sperm spilling into her mouth. A few more pumps later and Ramesh was finished.

He rolled off his Mom and said to her, “You were great Mom. You have a very sweet pussy?”

Gayathri quickly got her legs togethercovering her breasts with her hands and didn’t respond.

After few moments she regained her composure and ran to the bathroom. Ramesh set his lungi and went to his bedroom.

Gayathri stayed in her bedroom for the rest of the day.

The next morning came to soon for Gayathri. As she awoke she thought about the previous day’s activities and tried to convince herself it was a dream. It didn’t work, she knew she had sucked her son’s cock. And he had eaten her out. Feeling dirty, she climbed into the shower and scrubbed vigorously; no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t wash off the shame she felt.

Ramesh was already at the breakfast table eating a bowel of cereal when Gayathri went into the kitchen. She said nothing to him. She went to the cupboard, got a coffee cup and poured herself some coffee. Ramesh remained silent, just watching his Mother. She was dressed in sweatpants and a heavy sweatshirt.

“I’d like to go to shower, Mom. Why don’t we go to the bathroom and take a shower,” said Ramesh, getting up from the table.

Defeated, Gayathri started to get up from the table when Ramesh said, “And I think we’ll shower together today.”

Gayathri’s eyes shot open wide and she said, “No way. Your Father is coming home this morning and I won’t do that. What if we got caught?”

Ramesh smiled. Her change in thought pleased him. He pushed the button on the cassette he recorded earlier to replay his Father’s message. Gayathri listened and shut her eyes when she realized she’d be alone with Ramesh for at least another day.

Ramesh took her hand and she followed behind as they went to the bathroom. Ramesh removed his shorts and T-shirt. Standing nude in the cool morning air, he shivered slightly. His cock stood at attention, the mere thoughts of the previous day caused Ramesh to have a rock-solid erection. He looked at his Mom, who stood motionless.

“C’mon, Mom. I’m getting cold just standing here. Take your clothes off and let’s get in the shower!”

Finally she started to undress. She felt disassociated from the actions. First her sweatshirt came off. Underneath was a solid pink T-shirt, which she also removed. She left her bra on as she pulled down the sweatpants and stepped out of them. Finally, clad only in her underwear, she removed those garments too.

Ramesh whistled softly in appreciation. “You are incredible, Mom. If you’d just open up to this idea and let yourself go I think you’d really enjoy it!”

Gayathri shook her head back and forth in disagreement but walked slowly to the shower. As she opened the tap the cool air around made the water seem very warm and the contrast in temperatures made her nipples protrude obscenely. She started rinsing her back first and slowly turn ed to rinse her front. Ramesh admired his Mom’s big but sexy bottom. Then he walked over to the shower to join in. Walking over to his Mom, he approached from behind. Ramesh was about seven inches taller than Gayathri and as he stood up behind her his stomach was inline with the tops of his Mom’s breasts. He reached around her middle and held her close. She didn’t react. His hands drifted up and he cupped a breast in each hand, his thumb over her nipples. She inhaled sharply at the touch. Then Ramesh squeezed his Mother’s waist tightly and lifted her partially. Gayathri started to say something, but then stopped as Ramesh set her down on his extended cock. Since she couldn’t touch the bottom of the floor now, she rode his cock like a horse – a leg straddled over each side, it’s torch-red head sticking out from between her legs. She marveled at her son’s extremely large cock again. Ramesh, still holding her waist, rubbed her back and forth along the shaft as the flowing water is acting like lubricant. Gayathri’s vagina parted involuntarily in reaction and the outer labia folds wrapped partially around his cock. Gayathri moaned softly – still confused about her own emotions. He was being so gentle and patient. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of gliding along her son’s thick shaft.

Ramesh leaned over and nuzzled the back of his Mom’s neck. He kissed her backneck softly and swirled his tongue around the outer folds. He inhaled deeply, taking in the smell of her hair and body, now covered with nervous sweat.

Sensing that he had control, Ramesh whispered in her ear, “Let’s go to your room.”

She didn’t resist as he gently lifted her off his cock and took her hand. They walked out of the shower and he led toward her bedroom. Ignoring their clothes on the bathroom deck, they entered Gayathri’s bedroom naked. Tears formed at the corners of Gayathri’s eyes. She wanted to resist this, but she couldn’t. The raw emotions bubbled to the service as Ramesh turned her toward him and started to kiss her. She didn’t return the kiss at first, but then slowly she gave up responding. His hands roamed over her back, her buttocks and finally into the crack of her bottom. He rubbed past her anus and then inserted a finger into the waiting opening of her vagina.

She inhaled sharply and tried to speak, “We can’t, Ramesh. We shouldn’t be doing -” Ramesh cut off his Mother’s protest with a deep kiss. Still embraced, he led her to the bed where they settled softly, lying side by side. His hands roamed about her body, feeling her shoulders, then her sides and finally resting on her hips. They continued to kiss as he felt each curve of his Mother’s body. Despite everything, Gayathri tried to deny this was happening; to disassociate herself from the event. Detached, she felt Ramesh roll on his back, bringing her with him. Without realizing it, she pulled her knees up, putting her bottom in a perfect position for entry. The large, round head of Ramesh’s cock made contact with her vagina, looking for entry. Gayathri’s vaginal secretions poured out in earnest, lubricating the way for the pending invasion. Ramesh grabbed his Mother’s hips gently and pushed her down onto his waiting cock. He penetrated slowly, getting about a quarter of it in before stopping.

“NO -” Gayathri started to protest again. “Please Ramesh. I’m your mother. Stop, please!!!”

Ramesh didnot listen to her plead and grabbed hold of her legs.

Then he put a finger on her lips to silence her and said “Shhhhhhhh……” Then he placing his hands back on her hips he pushed down a little harder. Sensing the futility of resistance, she slowly relaxed and felt him quickly push her legs apart as Ramesh filled her vagina with his thick shaft.

At that moment Ramesh grunted as if he conquered his mother’s vagina. He felt like he is closing the circle of relationship between him and his mother….she got fucked by dad; got pregnant by him(as far as he knows!); He grew up inside her for nine months; came out of her cunt when he is mature enough to come to this world. His mother has given birth to him in same position as he is holding her now; naked with her legs spread wide exposing the cunt with him popping out from her sweet cunt. The circle is full now after 20 years with his mom naked, with her legs spread exposing her cunt with Ramesh in a position to ‘enter’ her instead of getting out of her. The pain for his mother, would probably be the same with the difference being that the pain at that time was due to her being in labour and now the pain is due to her being violated by her own son.

The instant he felt the heat of her pussy wrap itself around his bulging cockhead, Ramesh lunged forward, driving his cock into her all the way up to its thick, hairy hilt.

“Oh, My, Fucking, God,” she gasped as pain shot through her cunt.

He groaned audibly as he shaft sank all the way in. He waited for a few seconds, allowing her to adjust to the girth. Then he lifted her bottom up and sat her back down, forcibly this time. He did it again. And again. And with each thrust his Mother would cry out, less in pain now and more in pleasure. Gayathri did no work; she merely balanced herself on top of her son as he pumped her up and down toward a climax.

It was Gayathri who felt the first stirrings within her pelvis and couldn’t believe she was going to have an orgasm by her son. She tried to resist the feelings, as she’d already tried so hard before, but they overwhelmed her. Ramesh was ready to come too, and the rapid breathing became shallow pants as he reached his own orgasm.

“I’m going to cum Mom. I’m going to spill my seed inside of you!” He yelled out as the first pulse of semen escaped his cock.

Gayathri cried out too, not in pain this time. Hearing her son say those words created a perverted effect on her and she stopped trying to resist the feelings. They climaxed together in a frenzy of pumping flesh. When they were done Ramesh collapsed on Gayathri’s naked body bonding the mother-son union, finally. Gayathri continued to cry, now more confused than ever before.

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sex with family

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I waited outside the door waiting for her to open the door. Soon I heard footsteps and the door opened. It was her mother. For a moment I was awestruck. This was the first time I had seen her mother and she was beautiful. She must have been around 40 but she had a very firm pair of breast. I could see that she was not wearing a bra or anything. So her tits were just bouncing around when she walked. I could even see her nipples. Suddenly I had an urge to touch them, but I contained my self and asked if her daughter was there. And got an affirmative. Her mother asked me to follow the to the sitting room. There she pointed towards a sofa and asked me to sit down while she called her down. The mother, as I will call her the whole story, went up. I sat down, waiting for her to come down.

This was the first time I had gone to her house. In fact it had only been a few days since she and I had been friends. She had been new to school and she made me her first friend. We had got very close in the few days but still I had not mentioned ant thing about sex or anything. I wanted to do that but still hadn’t got the guts to do that. Yesterday she had asked me to come over to her place. So here I was. Just then she came down from her room. She was looking just as beautiful as ever.

She was about 5 foot 5 inches, with a very athletic body. She had even made into most of the sports in the school very quickly. She had large sexy eyes, dark brown hair, and very fair skin. Her breasts, although nowhere near as beautiful and large as her mothers, were still very sexy and firm. And oh did I forget to mention that she was a year junior to me. I was in tenth grade and she was in ninth.

She came down and sat down besides me and to my surprise and delight her mother came sat there to. We made small talks for a while, in which I just could not take my eyes of those tits. The she went to fetch something to eat and drink. When she came back she came forward and offered me a few things. I took them. Then standing there she bent over so as to reach and offer the things to her daughter. In doing so her breasts were mere inches away from me. I suddenly felt an erection grow. Not only could she have gone around and offered her the stuff but also she kept her self in that position for a little longer then necessary. May be she had seen me watching her breast and was just as turned on as I was. Well anyway this gave me some encouragement.

When she went back and sat on her seat she surprised me by saying I see you like my breast. I was really taken aback and did not answer. She looked a little disappointed and I felt that she was rather embraced to have asked such a question and then turned down by me. Well this was enough. I could take it no longer and told her that I loved her tits. I asked her the size of her tits. It was 38dd. I could tell that she very horny. Then suddenly she again surprised me even more by asking if I wanted to see them. Well, lets just say I was not expecting the conversation to go that way on our first meeting, but to my delight it was. I decided to avail the opportunity, so I quickly said yes.

Just then I noticed that in our conversation we had forgotten about the third person mother’s daughter, or my friend. Well she seemed very interested in our conversation. Then to my own surprise I said `you know I would love to see you both naked.’ I could tell that they were expecting because no one showed any surprise. `Then lets go on with it’ mother said and started taking off her shirt. My friend also stared doing the same. When the mother’s shirt came off I could see the breast, as she was not wearing anything underneath, as I had guessed when I had seeing her first. But at that time I had made a few mistakes – they were not big they were huge. They were not beautiful they were gorgeous. When the shirt of my friend came off I could see that she was wearing a bra. But I could see that I had also underestimated her tits. They were pretty good as well. She was about to take off her bra when I stepped forward and did so for her. Her tits also fell into my cupped hands. I saw that mother was offering me her’s so I went forward and took them in to my hands and gave them a few squeezes before I out one in my mouth and started sucking in them. Mother started to moan. Encourage I use a bit more force and got an even better response. Just then I saw that my friend was twisting and turning her own breasts and moaning. One of her hand also went into her skirt she was wearing, at the same time as my hand went into mother’s shalwar and in to her panties. But she stopped me. I was rather discouraged. However, she said if you want that then I think is will be better to do it my room.

So we went to her room. There we all took of our clothes. Mother had a black bush of hair in her pussy so little could be seen beyond that. While my friend, had a clean pussy. But they both looked very beautiful naked. They seemed just as interested in my 7 1/2 inches dick.

Without think, and as if we knew what to do, mother just laid down on the bed and opened her legs. I went forward and out my mouth on her pussy and started eating it. This was my first time but I could tell, from the moaning that I was doing a good job. Just then a felt something wet on my pussy. I realized that my friend was eating me. I started moaning in the mother’s pussy and still licking it. I room was filled with moans. Could tell mother was having the time of her life, and my friend just could not have enough of it. I felt an orgasm building in the pit of my stomach. Mother must have felt the same cause she was pushing her pussy violently in my mouth such that I was having trouble breathing and if I would stop to breath she would start cursing me `you sonofabitch cunt lapper you little asshole don’t stop’ then suddenly a yell from behind on to my dick told me my friend had been doing her self and had one of the best orgasms ever. Hearing it I could hold on no longer and I threw loads of my cum into her mouth. Being am armature she had trouble keeping it all in her moth and mast of it spilled out. But I was too busy to notice that as the mother’s juices were filling my mouth. The mother was coming so hard that she was yelling at the top her voice. Soon we were all done.

Then I went and kissed my friend a long deep kiss. Tasting my own taste in her mouth and lick the leftovers. She tasted good. Just then the mother came over and practically pulled me off her daughter and put her own mouth to mine. Then we sat down, and decided about the nest position. But without thinking I got up went over to my friend and laying her down kissed her then started entering her. She was very tight. I could tell that nothing more then fingers had gone in which was surprising. So slowly I entered in to her. She was screaming with pain but soon her yells died down as the pain was replace by pleasure. When I had gone into her we flipped over so she was on top of me. Then she slowly started moving up and down on my shaft. At first moving was difficult as she was in pain but soon her pussy got used to it and the speed increased. Soon we were both lost in our own world. And moan her pussy was gripping to my dick as if she just could not get enough. And she was about to come when she got of me. I was surprised but then saw that her mother had pulled her off. But before I could say anything the mother was on me. I entered her very easily but her pussy was just a gripping as her daughter’s. I could tell that the orgasm had already awakened in her as she was doing herself when my friend and me had been fucking. And soon her pussy gripped on to my dick and then she was wetting my already wet dick with fresh juices. I could hold no longer and I shot my cum in her yelling. My friend’s yells also joined ours as she once again had come by doing herself but when I looked at her I saw that this time she had a body deodorant bottle in her.

Well then I also made love with my friend while she ate her mother. After that we started getting ready. When we came back into the sitting room I dawned on me what I had just done, and I felt like jumping with joy. I had lost my virginity, to one of the most beautiful mother and daughter possible. I told them so and my friend told me this was her first time as well.

`So when can I come next time?’ I asked I left the house.

`Any time you like baby, any time u like’ was the reply.

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Doing mom and daugther

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Few months back I went to Mumbai to visit a cousin, she’s older now, married with kids that are almost grown. When we were growing up, it was me she came to when she had questions about boys, and sex. Even though I was younger by about 5 years, her name is Bhavna, she’s now 36, stands about 5′ 3″, 130, 36c-24-37, black hair.

I hadn’t seen her in over a year, the last time was at a family reunion, and we couldn’t get off by ourselves to talk, but the lust was still there. Her husband is a nice enough guy, but I really didn’t see her with someone like him, although after I got to know him, he’s not that bad of a guy. Bhavna and I were always very open with each other, and I was the one that popped her cherry, taught her the right way to suck cock, back then I didn’t realize that there was anything to be gained from ass fucking so we didn’t explore that avenue.

Bhavna had her daughter living with them. Her daughter just turned 18 and was the spitting image of Bhavna when she was that age. Babita, 18, was build different than her mom, she was taller, almost 5′5″, 145, 37d-26-38, while in the bathroom, I accidentally knocked a clothes basket over, as I was picking the clothes up, I came across several pairs of thong panties. Thongs are one of my weaknesses, and looking at the rest of the clothes I decided that these were Babita’s.

I held a pair to my nose and inhaled her aroma, she smelled just like her mom, my cock hardened immediately. I took it out and started to stroke it, I opened my eyes, and there in the doorway stood Bhavna, her eyes glued to my cock. When our eyes finally met, she smiled, “I see your still a pervert, KC. Its been so long, I forgot how beautiful your cock is.” She said. With that, she stepped into the bathroom, closed the door and locked it.

“What about Mohan?” I asked in a near panic.

She knelt, took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, passionately, “He went to the shop, an emergency, won’t be back for hours, if then.” She breathed. I pulled her into me and kissed her deeply, my hands exploring a much more developed body, than I was used to.

She pushed me back, stood, and stripped, she bent down and removed my clothes as well, then as she was lowering herself onto my cock, she leaned forward, whispering, “I want to watch you smell Babita’s panty, and lick them.” as she placed the thong into my hands. I inhaled deeply, the musky scent made my head spin, I shoved upwards driving my cock deep into her tight wet hole. She moaned her approval, looking me in the eye she said, “You like how Babita smells? Does she smell like me? Would you like to taste her for real?”

At that, I stopped my thrusting, “Are you serious?” I asked eagerly. She said that Babita was a virgin, and that she wanted her to experience sex the way it was supposed to be. She then said that Babita had been talking to her about me since the last reunion, and confided in her nympho mom that she wanted me to be her first man. I told her I’d be honored, but I didn’t want Babita to know I knew that it was ok with her mom, I wanted her to think she was seducing me on her own, which she could with no problem.

She has that look in her eye, she wears shirts that are almost transparent enough to be see-through, and wears nothing but half bra’s so her nipples would show better. Whenever I was close to her I’d get hard. I turned my attention back to my cousin, and thrust deep into her, making her moan in surprise. She rode me for a few more minutes, then pulled off turned into a 69, and we sucked each other to completion, my cock going deep into her throat, when I felt the muscles squeezing me, I shot deep into her throat. I was rewarded with something new from her, she ejaculated in my mouth and on my face.

When she’d gotten the last of my cum, she turned and licked her cum off my face. We got dressed, and went back into the living room, just as Babita was getting home from a friends house. I was sitting on the sofa, when Babita came into the house, she hollered, “Hi Mom!” as she plopped down on the arm of the sofa next to me, her ass caressing my arm. I pretended not to notice, she leaned over in front of me to get the TV guide, as she did, she let her tits graze my arms. She looked at me with that devilish look in her eyes, that I want to fuck you look.

I looked at her tits, her nipples were hard, I licked my lips and looked her in the eye and smiled. I saw a faint shudder go through her, “Are there any good movies on later?” I asked, as I leaned over her arm, my cheek pressing against a nipple, I could hear her heart beating hard and fast, as was mine. I wanted to laugh so hard, I looked up and caught Bhavna watching us, she was smiling too, but pretended not to notice what was going on. I slid my arm around her, pressing it up against her tight ass, my hand caressing her thigh, she started to wiggle some. “Here’s one!”, she pointed, “It starts around 10:30 tonight.”

“Well, since I’m sleeping on the fold out bed here on the sofa, I guess it’ll be ok to watch it, if your mom doesn’t mind.” I said, as I was setting her up for a long night. My vision of Babita’s sexy mouth wrapped around my cock was soon interrupted by the ringing of the phone. I couldn’t here Bhavna, but could see her shaking her head, and looked a little upset, but as soon as she hung up the phone, she beamed at me.

“That was Mohan, there’s been an emergency, and he’s going to have to go to Coimbatore tonight. I’ve got to pack his bags so that he can leave right away.” Bhavna said, almost with too much joy in her voice. We couldn’t have planned this any better, as it was going to be just the 3 of us. I’d already fucked and sucked one of the two, I couldn’t wait to have the second one. Bhavna went to start packing Mohan’s bags, I stood and winked at Babita saying, “I’m going to go take a dip in the pool, want to join me?” She smiled, “Sure, but its going to be a few minutes, I’ve got to do some last minute things in my room, and finish a quick homework assignment so I don’t have to worry about it at the last minute.”

“Take your time, sweetie, I’m going to grab a beer and change into my suit, then I’ll be waiting for you in the pool.” I said to her, letting my fingers caress her cheek. Her eyes closed and she shuddered, I went into the kitchen grabbed a beer and headed down the hall, I found Bhavna leaning over a suitcase on the bed.

I walked up behind her sliding my hand between her legs from behind, she moaned and moved against my hand. Turning, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, “I got so wet watching you with Babita, I can’t wait for this to happen, I want to watch you take her then I want to join you.” she breathed, “I want to suck your cum out of my little girls pussy, I want to lick your cock tasting her juices on you, I want to lick your dick as it slides in and out of her tight hole, I want me and her to give you a blow job at the same time.” She stopped, her breathing rapid, I chuckled softly saying, “Careful cuz, your going to cum just talking about it.”

I kissed her quickly, and told her I was heading down for a dip in the pool and that I’d get out when Mohan got in to tell him bye. She squeezed my dick, kissing me back and said ok, she turned back to her packing. I changed into my swim trunks, walking down the hall, I noticed the bathroom door was slightly a jar, I peeked inside. Babita was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, I could see her reflection in the mirror, I couldn’t really tell what she was doing then she turned and leaned down into the tub.

She was shaving, I figured she was just doing the bikini maintenance that most women do, but she spread her legs and I could see she was doing her lips. Another weakness of mine, bald pussy, at least the lips, I could lick and suck her for hours. I’d almost finished my beer watching this young nymph shave, so I grabbed another and headed for the pool. It was a very hot and humid night, so the cool water was a relief. Setting my beers on the edge of the pool, I dove under the water and swam a few laps. I went back to my beers and sat on the steps looking up at the stars, a wonderful night that was about to get better.

As I finished the first beer and was opening the second, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, Babita was walking through the gate of the pool. I was speechless, in the moon light, her curves were accented to the max, deep dark shadows, as she got closer I could see that her bathing suit was more string than material. When she stood above me, I looked her up and down, caressing every nook and cranny with my eyes. I saw that most of her pussy lips were showing on the sides of the crotch, if she were to spread her legs wide the material would allow her lips to open naturally, fully exposing her lips.

My cock started to harden, “Damn, you look great Babita, you sure that suit won’t disappear when it gets wet?” I teased. Smiling, she said as she dove into the water, “I hope so.” As she dove, I caught a glimpse of her ass, the suit was a thong one. This girl seemed to know all my weaknesses, I knew her mom hadn’t told her, I wondered how she knew. I looked down to watch her swim underwater towards me, my legs spread, she came up between them. She let her breast graze my hard on, looking down at it then back into my eyes she smiled. Her hand shyly went up my thigh, I watched smiling, drinking my beer.

She finally got the nerve up and touched my cock, her eyes widened in mock surprise, “Did I do this?” she asked.

“Well it wasn’t the moon, baby.” Setting my beer back on the edge of the pool, I turned my attention back to the girl, I caressed her cheek with the back of my hand. Whispering how beautiful she was, telling her the things a young virgin wants and needs to hear. Some men might not find this beauty attractive, I thought she was amazing. I leaned forward, letting my lips softly caress hers, gently I nipped at her lips with my teeth. Letting my tongue flick out caressing her lips, I kissed her a little more firmly, our lips parting, our tongues touching, playing.

Sucking her bottom lip into my mouth, gently biting it, kissing her deeply, passionately. I knew that I wasn’t going to merely fuck this girl, not the first time, no, I was going to make love to this girl. I was going to show her what sex is supposed to be like, I wanted this girl to remember me and this first time fondly for the rest of her life. I pulled her into me, my cock pressing into her soft belly, my hands moved down her back to her full ass. Squeezing with both hands I pulled her into me harder, our kissing getting more intense, I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy.

The water between our crotches was getting warmer than the rest of the pool, I wondered if we kept this up if we could make the whole pool boil with our passion. I started to kiss her neck, her throat, her shoulders, her breathing was rapid, she was moaning, Oh my god, and yes, and other things that let me know the things I was doing was giving her pleasure. I moved my head down her chest, licking between her breasts, my tongue tracing the contour of her exposed flesh.

Her nipples were hard, standing out, I took a nipple into my mouth, and gently bite it through the material. Her hands went to my head, her fingers running through my hair. Pulling my mouth against her breast, moaning her approval. As my tongue was making its way under the material, searching for a bare nipple, car lights brought us back to reality.

Mohan had gotten home, smiling at Babita, I kissed her deeply, pulling away I said, “We’ll finish this in a bit.” I swam a couple of laps trying to deflate my cock. Finally I managed to get it to go down so that I could go into the house without a tent. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went up to talk to Mohan.

Babita wasn’t too happy about the sudden interruption, I helped her out of the pool and we walked back to the house hand in hand. I took the towel off of me and wrapped it around her, “I don’t think we should let Mohan and your mom know how sexy you look in this suit.” Kissing her quickly, we went up the deck stairs and into the house. As we entered I heard the conversation that was taking place in the kitchen, “It’s probably going to last several days, if not weeks baby. I’m sorry, but this is something that can’t be helped, plus its going to be good for the business.”

They saw us enter, Mohan turned smiling, “Damn KC, I’m sorry about this, I was looking forward to visiting with you. Wanted to show you the new bar.”

I told him I was going to get another beer and head back to the pool so him and Bhavna could say good bye. I asked Babita if she wanted a soda, she mouthed the word beer, smiling I looked at Bhavna who’d caught the girls mouthed word. With a faint nod of her head she approved knowing it’d help the girl relax for what was going to be a long night. I grabbed a couple of beers, shook Mohan’s hand good bye, and headed out towards the pool. Babita telling Mohan she didn’t want to get him wet, waved bye and headed out the door with me.

At the pool, I opened a beer and handed it to her, she took a long drink of the cold liquid. I was impressed, even though I should’ve known the girl had been drinking on the sly for a while now. We sat on the steps, my arm around her waist, my fingers caressing the bottom of her breast. I kissed her neck, nibbled on her ear, kissed her cheek, then softly letting my lips caress hers, then as she started to lean into me for a deeper kiss, I teasingly pulled back.

Her eyes opened, in surprise, then seeing my smile she knew I was playing with her, laughing she grabbed my head and kissed me deeply. She stood and turned, sitting on my lap facing me, my hard cock pressing against her soft pussy. She kissed me again, her fingers running through my hair, holding me so I couldn’t pull away again.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she breathed, “I’ve dreamed of doing this since I first saw you at the family reunion last year. God, KC, I love the way you kiss. Your touch is so gently, just the way I knew it would be.” I could only smile, then said as I caressed her cheek, “You are so beautiful, I can’t believe this is happening either, I can’t say I haven’t thought about what it’d be like to make love to you. I’d like to, but only if you’re sure you want me to.”

“I’m a virgin.” she blurted, then hung her head like what she said was something to be ashamed of. I lifted her face to look into mine, my finger under her chin. “You’re wanting me to be your first?” I asked her, she nodded yes, “You’re giving me the honor of taking your virginity?” Again, she nodded yes. “Baby, if you’re sure you want me to be your first, I’d be honored to be your lover.”

“Really!” she exclaimed, “You’ll do it?” Laughing, I told her I might be older than her, but I wasn’t a fool. I then told her we could kiss and play and touch here in the pool, but to actually make love I wanted it to be in a bed. She said she understood, and with that we started to kiss, our hands touching and probing.

We’d moved to deeper water, my fingers deep in her hot tight hole, when we heard, “See ya’ll later, take care.” Sam yelled as he got into his truck to leave. Bhavna was with him, after she kissed him goodbye and he pulled off, she walked out to the pool. “You two having fun yet?” She asked teasingly. “So far, and the night is still young.” I laughed. “I’m going on up to bed, I’m going to read for a while, then try and sleep. Ya’ll can order that movie if you want, I’ll see you in the morning.”

We said our good nights, and she left. As soon as I heard the door close, I started kissing Babita deeply, as I did I untied her top. I tossed it to the side, her warm breasts and hard nipples pressed into my chest. I moved my hands down her sides, moving her to the shallow waters, started to pull her bottoms down. She reached down and pulled them off, I tossed them with her top. I leaned down and took her nipple into my mouth, my hand moving between her legs.

She was hot, her juices flowing, I slid a finger into her my thumb rubbing her clit. I lifted her to the side of the pool, spreading her legs, I kissed and licked her inner thighs, up to the crease of her leg. She’d shaven all of her pubic hair, she was clean and smooth as the day she was born. My tongue went from the bottom of her slit up to the top of it. I spread her lips and sucked her clit into my mouth, circling it with my tongue. Her moans caused the dogs in the neighborhood to start barking, sucking her inner lips into my mouth, I pulled them out tight, then let them pop back from between my teeth.

Plunging my tongue deep into her hole, she cried out in pleasure, she grabbed my head in both hands, trying to push my tongue deeper into her. I could feel her pussy squeezing my tongue, milking it like a cock. My nose was rubbing her clit, she smelt wonderful, tasted so sweet, I was reliving my youth again. I was sucking her mom for the first time all over again. Soon she started to hump against my face, grinding into it searching for her release. I slid a finger into her tight hole, pumping it in and out of her.

When it was good and wet I replaced the finger with my tongue, then slid the wet finger against her asshole, working it into her tight virgin ass. I thought she was going to break my nose she was humping my face so hard, by the time I’d pumped my finger into her ass the third time, she was cumming all over my face. To my pleasant surprise, she too ejaculated all over my face and mouth. I sucked and licked as much of the sweet nectar that I could, simply amazing. I continued to lick and suck gently as she came down from her orgasm, little after shock jerks wracked her body. Then she started to giggle, sitting up she took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, then licked off the rest of her cum that I couldn’t reach with my tongue.

“That was the best, KC, I’ve never had anyone lick me like that.” She said. I looked up at her in mock surprise, “And here I thought you were a virgin, Babita.” I replied. She then explained that technically she was a virgin, no man had ever touched her, she said that she’d fooled around with a couple of her girlfriends from school, but that was it. She’d never had anything in any of her holes other than fingers and tongues of the girls. I’d felt around while eating her, she was tight, but her cherry had been busted probably years ago while horse back riding. The initial penetration was going to be easy, we kissed some more, her foot grazed my cock.

“Oh my KC, here you’ve taken care of me, and your hard as a rock. Why don’t you lay on the side and let me take care of you.” She said. “I would, but I want this hard on to go into that tight pussy of yours, we have all night and maybe most of the weekend to do everything else.” I told her. We got out of the pool, and grabbed our clothes, heading up to the house naked. Luckily, her mom had the good sense to turn the outside lights off, so we could go into the house undetected.

Once in, we went into the bathroom and showered together, the water was hot, we soaped each other up and then rinsed. Using our hands instead of a wash clothe, Angie pressed her ass up against me, my cock going between her legs. The head spreading her lips, brushing her clit, she reached down to guide me in, I pulled away. She moaned in frustration, “Not here, not this time baby.” I told her as I kissed her deeply. We got out of the shower, dried each other off. Wrapping the towels around our bodies, her one around her hair, we went into the living room, where her mom had already pulled the bed out for us.

As I removed my towel and crawled onto the bed, I saw Bhavna peeking down the hallway, “Why don’t you turn off the lights Babita, just in case your mom comes out for a glass of water or something, we’ll have the light from the TV, but it should be dark enough so she won’t know what’s going on.” I told the girl a white lie. She went over and turned the lights off, she was so sexy walking back with just a smile and the towel on her head. I raised the covers and she crawled under them with me.

We cuddled and kissed for about 15 minutes, reaching between her legs, I felt that she was just as wet as she was earlier in the pool. I rolled over between her legs, kicking the covers off of us as I went. I knew Bhavna was in the kitchen now watching, I wanted her to have a good view of what was going on. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit, teasing her clit with the tip, I could feel her clit poking into my piss hole.

She moaned, I moved the head to her hole, the heat coming from it was intense. I pushed inward, she was so tight, I pulled out a bit coating my cock with her juices. I got almost half in, and I felt it stop, I rubbed her clit and started to pull out. “No, don’t pull it out, push it in all the way KC.” She moaned a protest. Smiling I pushed in a little more, still the resistance, I continued to pull out till just the tip was in and going back to the remainder of her cherry, the whole time rubbing her clit.

When she finally started to breath faster, and she moaned that she was cumming again, I waited till I felt her pussy squeezing me in her orgasm. I pulled out till just the tip was in her, and then plunged it in all the way, hard and fast popping the rest of her cherry in the middle of her orgasm.

“YES!” She screamed, if her mom hadn’t known what was up, I’d been dead now I thought. My cock had plunged in as far as it could, hitting the opening of her womb. I pulled out till just the head was in, and pushed it back in all the way, out, in, getting faster and faster.

She was kissing and biting my shoulders and neck, we kissed deeply, we were on fire. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my hips, bucking up against me, my balls slapping against her ass. I rolled her over on to her stomach, and raised her hips, entering her from behind. I’d also moved our position so her mom could watch as I fucked her doggie style. I watched as my cock stretched her tiny hole to the limits, pulling out till I could see the crown of my cock head before slamming it back into her hard and fast.

She came again, screaming into the pillow this time, I pulled out of her and lay on my back, pulling her on top of me. She grasped my cock in her hand and guided me into her hole as she sat on me. I reached up playing with her nipples with one hand, rubbing her clit with the other. She rode me with the talent that only a girl that knows how to ride a horse has. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations, she leaned down and took one of my nipples between her teeth, gently biting it pulling it. This was almost too much for me, I opened my eyes, she kissed me.

Then she nibbled on my neck and ears, the whole time riding my cock up and down. She whispered into my ear, please cum in me, I want to know what it feels like. With that she sat up, reached behind her, and took my balls in her hand, gently squeezing them. After the fourth squeeze, I felt my cum boiling up, I told her I was going to cum. She smiled her approval, I took hold of her arms, and rolled her to her back, pulling her legs over my shoulders, I started to pump into her with a frenzy.

Slamming into her harder than ever before, she was crying out, “Yes, KC, Yes, fuck my cunt, fuck me hard, Yes damn it give it to me, fill my cunt with your cum.” With that I slammed in as hard and deep as I could, my cock swelling, then shooting deep into her, I felt her start to shake, her pussy squeezing me as she came also. I let her legs slide off my shoulders, I leaned down and kissed her deeply. Up on my elbows, we kissed and made small talk, while her pussy continued to mile me.

Then she pushed me on to my back and took my cock into her mouth sucking the last few drops of cum. She was between my legs, sucking away, she had no way of seeing her naked mom walk quickly to the bed. Bhavna leaned down and started to lick and suck my cum out of her daughters pussy. Babita squealed, jumping not knowing what was going on. I laughed as I wrapped my arm around her. “It’s ok baby, your mom only wants to clean up after me.” I explained.

“Mom? You want to suck my pussy?” She asked.

“Oh baby, I’ve wanted to suck you for years, and never had the courage to try till KC came to visit. All those times you told me about wanting KC to be your first I wanted to tell you ok, as long as I got to watch then join in. With that I reached down and parted the girls legs, and motioned for her mom to continue.

Laying back I watched as they quickly moved into a 69 position, sucking each other, my cock started to stir. By the time they’d sucked themselves to an orgasm, my cock had risen for more fun and games. The girls seeing this moved on both sides of me, and started to give me a double blow job. I was in heaven, I put my hands behind my head, closed my eyes and enjoyed the best blow job of my life.

And to think this was only Friday night, I had all day and night Saturday and most of the day Sunday before I had to leave. This was going to be a very enjoyable weekend, and mentally started planning my next visit.

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My Horny Sister Shanu

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Hi all, this is Rahul this side. I want to share an experience with my cousin sister 5 years ago. I was only 18 then and my cousin sister was six months older to me. Her name is Shanu and I called her lovingly “shannooo” and she lives in a joined family. I was in my first year of my engineering at that time and also quite good looking to. I am 5’10” with a strong body, whereas shanu’s figure is 34-26-34. During the time of my ragging,
I usually went to my relatives (mausi-mausa) to save myself from ragging. It all started when she asked me about the physical ragging, that takes place in the hostel. I used to tell her and she used to listen with great interest.

She was preparing for the medical exams as well as going BSC from the Jhansi University. Shanu lived in a joint family, so I had to sleep alone in the drawing room. She was caring and took care of me. She used to go to the tuitions in the morning at 5:00. Everybody used to be asleep. As, all the vehicles were kept in the garage, she used to wake me up after a bit of pleading to open the shutter. I enjoyed those lovely moments in morning. One day, I was sleeping without the underwear and when shanu woke me up in the morning; my dick was in full erection. I got up and I somehow hid my 8” erection from her eyes. As, I went to open the shutter, she was standing between her sunny and the car and since a little place was there, she just bent her towards sunny, so that I can come forward and lift the shutter. While, I was crossing her, the tip of my dick pressed against her soft buttocks. The feeling was amazing and I stood there for half a more second. She did not mind it and she left for the coaching. This was the first touch that had aroused me. I was always looking for the chance but that never some by as many members in the family were there. I can never tak e advantage of that.

Anyways, the time passed. After, one-two months I moved out of hostel with few friends to stay in the city. It was very near to shanu’s coaching and she usually came to meet me alternate days in the morning. Slowly, the winters came by and her timing of coaching was rescheduled in the afternoon. My friends have gone to there home to prepare for exams and I was studying and living in my room alone. She got a two hour break between her two subjects. So, now shanu used to now come in the afternoon and we took our lunch together. She also rested over there and had a little nap. I could not resist, but to see her. She was beautiful, smooth, soft and slender, creamish in color and even god would also have taken some time to create her. I was in love with her.

But, I could never make a move as everything was going normal. I had the feeling to make love to her. I got help from god itself. One December morning, it was ice-cold and in the afternoon it rained heavily for 5-6 hours, Shanu was trapped, but decided to spend the time over there. She called mausi and told her that she will wait in my room. Mausa, will pick her after his office time. It was 3:00 and I know that I have only 3-4 Hours. Shanu was sitting on the Dunlop bedding on the floor and she was feeling the warmth of the heater. I was also accompanying her and sat besides her. She was all rapped inside the double-bed blanket. Feeling the warmth of the heater, she said, “god! Could I hold the red-hot rod in my hands and feel the warmth and also not burned?” I said, shanu, I can fulfill your wish, by providing you an alternate solution. She readily agreed to do so. I asked to keep closing her eyes. This was once in lifetime opportunity for me. I thought that, I can bring a candle but reversed my decision. I removed my parts and underwear and sat naked in the blanket wrapped around. Sitting naked besides shanu, turned my fat mouse into an 8” monster dick. I took her hand and made her hold my cock. Her eyes were closed and when she took hold of my cock, she said “what is this?” while keeping her eyes closed. I was in seventh heaven; I could be in 8th heaven to, if there was one. My voice trembled. It took her 8-10 seconds to realize that some thing was wrong.

First, she was stunned and she shouted at me, what she can. She was very disappointed. She started to leave and I stood naked and took her hold and pushed her down. I requested her to be quiet and promised her not to do anything silly to her. She became quiet and was staring at my naked body. My cock has shrunken to a size of mouse. She said, what happened to this!!!. I said, it needs the golden touch of her hand to make her stand again. I asked her to help me as she is my sister. Staring at the cock, she said, regarding this matter, “never”. After, many minutes of guilty and promises, she agreed to play with it only once. I sat in front of my sis, naked and she slowly moved her soft hand up and down. My cock, if it was a bamboo tree, would have grown to a big tree in 5 minutes. As, she increased the speed to the strokes, it was hard for me to it down. After 12-15 minutes of pumping, my load blasted and covered her whole face with cum.

Few drops of cum have gone done her throat and she immediately said” that’s tasty?” and with the help of fingers last drop of cum in my cock. I was very very happy. She said that she wants to give me another shot. I agreed but, requested to remove her clothes too. After many pleadings, she decided to ware only panty and I was allowed to touch her boobs. I asked her, that instead, of giving blowjob, “suck my dick” and no drop of cum will be wasted. She removed her clothes and came into panty and I have seen the best breasts in the world, cream colored breasts with dark brown10 mm nipples on it, made it a perfect icing on the cake.

As soon as, she took hold of my cock, I pushed her down and I came over her breasts and after some resistance, started sucking the nipples. Her eyes were closed as I continued sucking and pressing her boobs. I showered enormous kisses on her flat tummy, cheeks, breasts and neck. She was greatly aroused, but her legs were still tight. M cock was hovering over her abdomen and brown color panty.

I could not resist and forcefully removed her panty. Shanu, tried to cover it with hand and I pushed her all over to expose her soft white asshole. My heart was pounding and I was breathing hard. I took hold of those beautiful butts and tried to bite them. She cried in pain and requested me not to do so. I kissed her back and moving her long black hairs, started kissing her cheeks. Shanu was moaning slowly. I kissed her whole body apart from the pussy. I removed her hands and she covered her face in shame. The black bush of hairs was as thick as a hive of bee. I was waiting to suck that honey. I came back with my razor and made her creamish pussy smooth and silky in 69 position and she licked my dick and I licked her pussy.

Now, with my load in one hand I was ready to insert my tool in her pussy. I started rubbing my cock all over the pussy. I was ready to insert and I came on top her and my cock on the door of the unexplored pussy. My lips were locked wit her smooth pink lips, my both hands on her ass and my dick on her pussy. As, I tried to enter the soft, swollen pussy, I failed again.
I lifted my eyes to see, shanu’s fingers were guarding the virgin pussy door. She requested and said, “Please! This is for my husband, if you let me go. I thought for a little while and
removed my pressure. My cock’s top was inside her glory hole and the tip was touching the pink hymen. I have to release my sister. We both lay naked and I wrapped her back. My dick was pressing her buttocks and my hands were pressing her boobs from behind. An idea, came into my mind to try “doggy style”. I asked shanu to wait and I came back with my cock dipped in oil. I asked her to lie on her breasts and spread her legs wide open. I came from behind and placed cock on her asshole. In a split second, I stretched her soft ass and my half cock was resting inside.
She was shouting in pain, but I continued the assault. My hands were covering her breasts and my lips over her cheeks and my cock buried into her asshole. She came thrice and I twice as I ram rodded her soft asshole.

I left my dick grow to fullest inside her asshole. I became a man in a single go. After sex, we rapped our naked bodies and sucked each other’s lips. My sis, shanu was the best in bed till she got married. I plan to enter her juicy pussy, once I get again.

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