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hi guys and gals
let me introduce myself….I am aditya …male from madras. I have an athletic body…..and I guess I look good too!!! This was my first exposure to a sexual incident and here is how it all happened…. this happened last year when I was 18… I live in a posh area….in a nice apartment with my parents. We have really friendly neighbours except one person opposite my house….man she is a fucking bitch…and her age is 70…can u believe it ” at that age she pokes her nose in every damn thing ,…she doesnat pay the maintenance fee for the flat etc etc.

Well she did have a grand daughter who was an….angel personified…she looks wow wow!!
her name is sumanasa and she is 18….and a sexy figure…her hips are really narrow with the tightest ass in the world…and her breasts fit the correct shape of her sexy body…really tight they look in her school uniform…and her nipples are really erect and soft which I found out later!!!)

I always used to stare a sumy(thats what that bitch calls her) whenever she came to visit her grand mom…which was almost everyday after her school as it was close by and her parents were both working… it so happened one day that my parents had gone off for a marriage reception and would return only at 10pm that nite….it was only 6:30pm….I went down for something and I saw sumy coming up the stairs,,,she smiled and said hi…I replied tooo…..she looked awesome that evening….she was wearing a pink tanktop and a black skin tight jeans…boy her boobs were hugging the damn top and her nipples were poking at the top!!! I immediately got a hard on looking at her….when I came back I saw that she was still standing outside here grannyas door. I asked her whether anyone was at home…she said “I donat think so…I have been ringing the bell for the past 7 min and no one has answered it…maybe pati(granny) has gone out. As I was alone and to be polite I asked her if she would like to stay in my house till Mrs. bitch came. to my surprise she readily agreed!!!

I was having the time of my life while talking to sumy …and I couldnat help staring at her sexy breasts….mmmmm I felt pre cum in my fucking pants already!! we were discussing about studies and books and boring stuff….15 minutes had gone by and I had no idea what to say…I made her a glass of juice and she shyly accepted it …. after finishing her drink sumy asked me where to keep the glass…I told her to just leave it in the kitchen. as she went inside I heard a loud noise…when I went over I saw that sumy had dropped the glass and it had broken into a million pieces….she apologized profusely and bent down to pick up the broken pieces…I also picked em up….as I was picking them I felt her hands on mine…obviously by mistake. she apologized again… I told her my mom is gonna get wild when she finds out and will definitely tell het bitchy grandmom…sumy was aware as to what a bitch her granny was…and sge got nervous….she said”adi…plz donat tell your mom as if my granny knows..that bitch will make a big thing and ask me why I went to your house!!”

I asked her what she would reply….she said she didnat know I asked her” tell her u wanted to see me .”
are u crazy…she will suspect me
Big deal …tell her what happened
No way…..
I will tell your granny then what u did sumy
adi plz….I will do anything for u ..just donat tell her na ..
anything sumy ”’
oh anything but plz plz plz donat tell her
ok fine…
I neared her and held her hand at arms length….and deeplz kissed her palm.
Sumy immediately pulled her hand away” what the hell are u doing adi”””
“sumy …I really think u r beautifuk”
she didnat say anything but just blushed now what was all I needed….I pulled close to me again and kissed her cheeks
and before she could do anything…I asked her”sumy….honestly tell me…do u like me”
“I umm…. adi,. I …”
“just say yes sumy I bet u do right’
” I guess so!!”
with that…I smooched sumy for a long time and moved my hands all over her body…I felt her hips…her long beautiful hair….and when I moved to touch her sexy breasts.
she resisted….I said “sumy trust me I wont go over the limit…I swear ”
she relaxed a bit….but I didnat!! I kissed her frantically and I could feel her getting aroused…I heard her soft moans….that was the signal…I beckoned to sumy to remove her top.
she resisted again but his time I overpowered her and just pulled it away from sumy…she felt embarrassed and immediately covered her chest with her small hands which revealed almost all of her sexy black bra….and I love black bras….

I moved to sumy and kissed her back and slowly forced her to remove her hands …..she did it and I cuppped my hands around her tight breasts….wow what was the best feeling I have ever had in my life….how supple and soft her boobs were!!! I was massaging them from behind her and sumy was letting out louder moans….”aaghh adi…plz plz donnnnnnnnttttttt mmmmmmmmmm ooooouuuuuccccchhhh…….yeeeeeeahhh”.

I removed her bra with ease as sumy wasnat resisting anymore…she was horny now ….and I really felt like fucking her….I sucked at her breasts both at a time ….and sumy was enjoying it and so was I… was great to suck a breast….mmmmmmmm they were sooo SSEEXXYY sumy took control over me ..she had been eyeing my cock for quite some time as she was shy to hold it….but now her shyness disappeared to nowhere!! she just pulled down my pants and my undies…..and let out a “OOH my GOOOD ” ….she was so sexcited at seeing my hard and big penis….at my age of 17….it was more than 7 inches and was really hard and erect….it had already let out itz precum….sumy felt a cock for the first time…”adi…..itz soooo hard and sexy”
“take your time and enjoy sumy….its ally yours!!” I said.

She took it inside her mouth and started to suck almost immediately….I felt sooo good…as I was a virgin too and I this was my first time …and I had my dick now throbbing inside another hot virginas mouth!! what a treat!!!!
sumy kept sucking faster and faster …and I told her I was gonna cum….I took my cock away from her….and aimed it at her breasts….I pushed sumy down to the floor and knelt over her…before I had anytime to aim at her tits….I had started to cum wildly all over sumy..
I go….at her mouth…2nd go all over her black hair…now white and the third go at her breasts…and tummy…sumy loved it and was licking my cum all over her……
“that was great adi…I love u as much as I love your cock” and with that I bent down to kiss her again….massaging her breasts…her nipples were erect now..almost an inch at me .

“fuck me now adi….plz I want your hard cock inside my vagina….plz plz”
with that sumy started to remove her pants but I prevented her from doing so.
“are u crazy,sumanasa”’ are u out of your fucking mind”'”
“why what happened'”
“what do u mean”’ if I fuck u u will get pregnant u idiot…then what are u gonna do””
“oh u r right…I am sooo excited …but what can we do” shall I get some pills””
I said” no way sumy…I am sorry I cant fuck u”
“but look at your penis…how huge and erect and sexy it is….I feel sooo horny by just looking at it adi….come on handsome guy….”
“no sumi….I know u want me inside u …although I know u like my cock….I am a responsible guy and I dont want anything wrong to happen ok”’ do u understand”'”
“I really love u aditya…how caring u are!! thanks for being sooo polite”
“I am glad u understood the point sumy….it will be u who will face the problem…or else even I would love to fuck u ….but I wont”
with that….we kissed each other again…and sumi and I dressed up as thr time was already
9:30pm!! if her fucking granny found out she was here….fucked!!!

I squeezed her soft breasts once more and showed her the door…we kissed each other goodbye. Sumy and I had the wonderful experience for the first and last time as her dad was transferred the next week to mumbai, I gota a letter from that beautiful babe saying that next time she comes here…she would like to marry me …just to see my cock once more!!
Well I donat think I will marry sumy…anyway….coz I am not for such an early marriage and definitely not with sumy…she is beautiful but over sexciting!!!!!! she must have been laid already over there so u guys….in mumbai better watch out!!!

I hope u all enjoyed my true life incident although it did not deal in having sex as I refused to do so…I think my decision was right…if any girls from CHENNAI agree with me and would like to have a non-sexual encounter with me ….plz feel free to mail me aditya_83 {AT}
love u all
aditya . c

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My Friends Neighbor

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I have been visiting this site and reading the stories for quite some months. I enjoy reading the wonderful stories submitted by the readers. So I thought of submitting my experience as well that happened 2 months ago. I am Sanjay, 27, from Pune working in the IT Industry. The other day a friend of mine had invited me to his Birthday Party at his house. He had invited a small group of his friends. I reached there on time, wished him Birthday wishes and made myself comfortable. He introduced me to his other friends. Among them were this young girl named Rasika. As I shook hands with her, her soft hand felt like cream in my hands and it felt shivers inside me.

Rasika is my friend’s neighbor. She is 25, 5’6″ in height, well proportionate in weight at the right place. She has hell of sexy figure, 34-27-36 with flat tummy. She is fair, has silky smooth below shoulder length hairs that were hung loose on her sides, beautiful lips and sexy pouting lips. She was wearing black color body tight wrap around skirt and small white top, what just came much above her navel, showing of her sexy navel. Her top showed her round breasts from under the fabric, as it was stretched to its fullest. As she was sitting on the sofa across me, with her legs crossed, her wrap around skirt split and was revealing her smooth creamy sexy leg. Her strappy-heeled sandals made her legs taller. I was staring at her and feasting my eyes on those sexy boobs and smooth legs. She caught me looking at her but she didn’t say anything and I gave a small smile and she returned it with a small sweet smile. Then she excused herself towards to the kitchen. I excused myself as well to get my drink and I watched her from the back. She has one of the sexy butts to die for. I felt like touching them. I got tingling feeling down my pants. I reached to the table she was standing and grabbed my glass and said hi to her. We did some small talk and came to know that she lives in the next building and she is married too. Her husband is a captain in army and posted in Assam. I gave her compliments on her stunning looks and she smiled and thanked me just casually putting her hand on shoulder.

We returned to living room and my friend has put on some dance numbers. We saw most of the people started dancing; we watched them for a few minutes talking about her and myself. Then I asked her if she would like to dance. She agreed and we joined the gang towards the end of the room. It was a fast number and we were dancing a bit fast. Her boobs were jiggling and her hairs flowing from side to side. She was looking damn sexy and she knew it, sometimes she would bend a little as one of her dance steps and I get a wonderful peek on her sexy cleavage. I love woman’s cleavage. It’s a turn on for me. Anyway this lady out here dancing with me is a total turn on package for me. I told her she dances well and she just smiled. She loved all the attention she was getting. Some more people joined the dance and it became more crowded and we kind of came closer and closer. I was just inches away from her full breasts that were moving up and down. I felt like feeling them with my hands. Every now and then my hands would touch her body on the pretext of dance and she wouldn’t mind it. I loved her attitude. We danced for a while and then we returned to our seats and sipped our drinks and talking more about her and watching people dance. After lot of fast numbers then he put on some slow numbers CD and a romantic one. He dimmed the lights to suit the mood. I looked at her and she gave approving looks and we were back to dance. This time we went past all of other people down to the extreme corner. I put my hands around her waist softly and she put her hands on my shoulders. We started moving slowly from side to side. Her soft skin under my hands on her waist felt sexy. She was besides the corner and my back was towards the rest of the group. I moved my hands a little on her back, and caressed her and pulled a little more towards me. She was also in the mood and she wrapped her hands a little more around my neck. Now I became a little bolder and moved my hands all over her back and brought them down over her sexy butts. They were the most beautiful soft and round butts I have felt so far. I squeezed them a little and felt them with my hands. I filled my both hands with her ass cheeks and she pushed her pelvis towards me and came closer. I would feel the heat of her body and her breast are resting against my chest. As I looked down, I saw the wonderful cleavage waiting for a look. I appreciated her on wonderful cleavage. She just smiled and pinched me on my neck.

The high-heeled sandals she wore made her appear almost as tall as me. I looked at her silky hairs and instinctively stroked it lightly. She felt my touch and her head went immediately to my shoulder. We danced slowly. Her hands moved up and down my sides sending a chill through my spine. I was enjoying this. I could feel Rasika’s warm, almost hot breath on my shoulder. Rasika pressed herself closer to me. I sneaked a peek down and watched her breasts tightly packed into me and her chest heaving. She blew a breath of cool air on my ear. I closed my eyes and pulled her tighter. She kissed my ear and began tickling my neck with her tongue.

She whispered, “I love the looks in your eyes. Its very tempting.” With that, she moved her hips into the hardness that was being repressed by my pants. I moved my hands down to her shapely ass and pulled it into me. I kissed her ear, and she moaned softly. I traced down her neck with my tongue, connecting all her sexy freckles in a warm wet line. She put her right leg between my legs and pressed her crotch up against my right leg. I felt a wet heat on my pants leg. She was sending electric shivers down my body with her heat. Then she turned around and I hold her from her tummy. She pressed her ass to me and my dick could feel her soft ass co close to me. She brought her hands over my neck and lowered my head on her shoulder. We were moving slowly to the tune of soft music and building the heat. I pulled all her hairs the right shoulder and kissed her bare neck and shoulders and neck. She sighed and breathed heavy and moaned slightly. She loved it because she pressed her ass more towards my hard crotch. She was teasing me like anything. Now my friend announced for dinner and changed the music. Everyone stopped dancing and moved towards the kitchen.

We had dinner and talked a lot about life and general stuff. I can’t take my eyes of her. I asked her phone number she gave it to me. I asked if she is free the coming Saturday for dinner. She didn’t say yes but said would let me know her plans when I call her up. It was now time for everyone to leave. It was like close to midnight. It was a wonderful party and I thanked my friend for the great time I had in his party. Then she said good-bye to me. She extended her hand and shook. She pressed it a little with a naughty smile. I told her I had a wonderful time with her and she experienced the same.

On my way back, I was all thinking about her and it made me hard. I reached home and shagged thinking it was her hand that’s holding me and I came full load so soon. Saturday was too far away, full one week. I thought about her all the time at my work place. Her beautiful cleavage and soft ass gives me hard on instantly. So Wednesday evening after having my dinner I picked up the phone and dialed her number. On third ring she picked up the phone and said hello in the sexy voice. My dick started coming to live on hearing that sexy voice. I told her its me Sanjay and she was so excited to listen to me. We spoke some general stuff for some time. Then I told her that she is always there on my mind whole day. She just giggled and laughed a bit. She said she is looking for Saturday evening and decided to meet at one of the restaurants. She took my number just in case required. She surprised me by calling me on Friday night. Wow how lucky I thought I am. We spoke for some time and then she apologized that she can’t make it on Saturday evening as her aunt is visiting her on Saturday night, from Bombay. But then she suggested if I could join her during the day at her apartment. I was more than eager by now to see that teaser again.

Saturday morning seemed to be long to wait to see her. Finally after taking small lunch and taking a shower I started for her place at around 3:00 pm in the afternoon. I reached her place around 3:15 and rang the doorbell. She came in a few moments to open the door. My dick saluted her by just looked at her. She was looking sexy and ready to eat. She was wearing mauve color silk gown that came slightly below her thighs and supported by two straps on her shoulder. Her low neckline was showing off the best cleavage I have seen so far. She said hi and invited me in and closed the door behind me. The she turned around and said “welcome to my home, I am glad that you could make it during the day time.” I said to myself ” I am too horny to see you and how could I afford not to make it while I had been dreaming all about you the whole week” She gave me a small welcome hug and I held her close for a moment and god the sexy smell from her. Good smell is a turn on for me. Then she walked in front of me and I ogling at her swaying hips under the silky dress.

She directed me to the sofa and asked me to be comfortable. Then she brought some soft drink to sip and come and sat besides me. I sipped my drink and she took her glass in her hand, brought it to her mouth. She took a small sip in her mouth and rolled it in her mouth, looking seductively towards me then put the glass down to the sofa. She had the looks ” come and fuck me sweety” looks in her eyes. Taking hints from her I shifted closer to her and wrapped my left hand around her shoulder and pulled her close to me and bent slowly over her lips. I kissed her juicy lips and she reciprocated by opening her lips and letting my tongue wander her lips. I hugged her tight and pulled her right leg over my leg and pulled her closer. I kiss her gently behind her right ear, inhaling her clean, fresh smell along with that wonderful perfume. Pulling back, I look for a moment into her sexy eyes before kissing her, gently but firmly, on her velvet lips. After a moment, we break the kiss, only to start another, with more passion in it…. and then another, and another.

As we kiss, I run my fingers through her silky hair and down onto her neck, lightly scratching down her spine, then back up in large circles across her back. She shivers, and as she presses closer against me I can feel her nipples harden against me. She retaliated by drawing circles with her nails on the small of my back, driving sparks up my spine and down into my groin. She smiled invitingly and seemed to purr. Well, I didn’t want to be forward, but I couldn’t stand it. I slipped off the sofa and came next to her on kneeling on the carpet and began licking behind her left knee. She didn’t pull away, but instead leaned further back and made it easier to get to her knee, then up her left thigh while my left hand massaged her right leg. Soon my head was inside her thighs as I kissed and gently licked first left then switched over to the right. She slipped down further, put her hand gently on my head, and urged me forward. It didn’t take any urging, as I was eager to explore.

Soon my nose was just next to her crotch I could smell a wonderful sweet, tangy, musty odor that was overwhelming. I raised her dress above her waist and kissed on her panty and inserted two fingers on the waistband. She lifted her ass off the sofa and allowed me to take it off. I could see her lips pink, pouting, sensuous, and closed with a wavy border projecting beyond her pubes. The tip of my tongue soon explored the lower limits of her lips and I ran the tip up and down their edges without parting them. Then, just a little inside, and the taste was delicious. A mirror of the odor: Pert, musky, sweet, and just wonderful. Rasika was moaning, her legs fell further apart, and her hand on my head urged me onward. Soon I was bold enough to run the tip of my tongue around her vagina. Just pushing on the edge. Then I worked up to the base of her clitoris. It just peeked out from the lips with a pink tip. I tongued the base on the left first, then over to the right. Then I tried circling the base. Her clitoris began to twitch, her hand was pressing a little firmer, and her moans indicated I wasn’t off base. Soon I ran the tip of my tongue from the base up to the tip and then flicked over the tip from left to right, right to left. Her fingers tightened in my hairs and she started rhythmically pulling me to her. As my lips circled her clitoris and I started sucking deeply, while flicking the tip with the tip of my tongue, I eased my right hand up her left thigh and found her gorgeous buttocks. They were soft, smooth silky and soon I could get down the crack to her ass. My index fingers just found it and started to gently circle it on the outside in time with my sucking of her clitoris.

She was getting very wet and I was waiting for that subtle change in flavor as her special glands secreted their fluid around the base of her clitoris. That was the signal that she was about to orgasm and I wanted to see if she could get up to a true plateau and hold that orgasmic and preorgasmic sensation for a half hour or more. I alternated sucking hard and deep and pressing firmly with my tongue on the tip of her clitoris with backing off and blowing down the clitoral shaft, gently massaging her anus, and reaching up with my left hand to feel her breast over the silk gown. I circled it with one finger and then gently squeezed it with three fingers in time with sucking her clitoris. She began arching her back and her pelvic thrusts grew more vigorous and faster. She was sighing deeply

and her hand relaxed a little on my hair indicating I shouldn’t drive her through her first orgasm. After three or four minutes her clitoris started twitching and I knew she was entering her first orgasm and so backed slightly off and ran my tongue between her clitoris and vagina. Soon her hand urged me back to her clitoris and I sucked vigorously while picking up the pace with either hand. Her moans, arching, bucking, and hand in my hair soon showed that things were going well and she orgasmed a second time quickly.

She had the lovely seductive smile and content on her face. She pulled me up to her gorgeous mouth and kissed me deeply, sticking her tongue deeply into my mouth. She was rubbing my face, fingering my ears, while kissing me deeply and repeatedly. She licked all over my face, tongued me repeatedly, and then asked what she could do to help with the very large bulge she now felt through my pants. I hadn’t even taken off

my shirt so she stripped that off pulled my T-shirt over my head, and started licking and sucking my nipples. That blew me over the edge. We exchanged positions, she was sitting between my legs and me on the sofa. She undid my belt while kissing the outside of my fly. Then she grabbed the zipper in her fingers and inched it down. I tried to keep myself calm, but it was hard not to buck just a little. With my button undone, my belt open, and my fly unzipped all the way, she reached in with her lips and caught my dick in her lips through my frenchie shorts. I about melted. She stripped my shorts and pants off my shoes in one swift pull and there I was in shoes, socks, and a massive red erection. She brought her lips over my dick and her tongue going around and around, while her lips stretched widely to get over my swollen glans. She made it and was wise enough to keep stimulating the glans which was driving me quickly to relief. As she felt my testicles engorged and began gently squeezing them and circling my dick with her fingers, I knew I couldn’t wait. Just then she began deep strokes and for the first time I knew what deep throat really meant. She got all the way to the roots and I could feel her contracting on my glans deep in her throat. That was it. I exploded. Never before have I felt such an incredible orgasm that went on and on. She stayed with me all the way to the end, gently released my sex, and then tentatively raised her head as I rushed to kiss and tongue her deeply. She just smiled and said that she had never enjoyed it before, but with the incredible orgasm I had given her she had wanted badly to see if she could

reciprocate and had gotten stimulated from my obvious excitement.

We caught our breath and sat on the sofa while drinking soft drinks. She came over me and sat on my lap. I could feel her warm thighs over my legs and her hands wrapped around my neck. She leaned forward and her hairs fell on my face. She moved her head left to right and I enjoyed the feel of her sexy hairs on my face. Rasika’s silky hairs smelled great and wrapped my hands across her waist and pulled her closer in my lap and kissed her softly on her inviting lips. Her silky gown was still on, and she kind of liked its feel. Her breast felt so smooth and silky under her gown. I cupped her boobs with both my hands and she moaned a little and bent away, arching her back towards me. I kissed her boobs over the silk and with my other hand I caressed it. She was enjoying the touch of my hands on her boobs, as her nipples were getting erect and poking out of the silk. We both were on fire by this time and I lifted her in the same position. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I holding her by her butts, lifted her and carried her towards the bedroom. She is very fond of silk, as her bed has a silk pink color bed sheet. She told me that she loves the feel of silk against her body and it turns her on. I put her down on the bed and she pulled me over her. She was still in the gown. I grabbed the hem of the gown and pulled it over her. She raised her back and shoulders and helped me remove it over her head. I was amazed and too excited to see her beautiful breast cupped into sexy lace white bra held tight to her that gave sexy cleavage to her. I bent down and kissed her between the breasts and licked her soft skin. It was front hooked bra. So I opened the bra and there are those wonderful treasures that were longing to be free now. I placed my hand lightly on the right breast and kissed the left one with my tongue circling her nipple. She sighed and closed her eyes. I loved sucking her breast and she arched her back and was pressing more of her breasts into my mouth.

She then brought down her right hand and grabbed my dick, which started to come alive by then. She has got one of the silkiest skins I have seen so far. I licked her nipples and her back arches toward me with approval. As my warm lips cover her tingling nipples moving from one to the other, a soft moan escapes her lips. I start to nibble her nipples gently. She grabs my head with her left hand and pulls me even closer to her heaving breast, while her right hand is caressing my balls and dick. Her magical hands had made me full erect in such a short span of time. It’s amazing. I slid down and spread her legs a bit and position myself in between her thighs. She spread her legs and I hold her legs for her support and point my dick over her cunt lips. I push deep into her and in one shot more than half of me was inside her feeling the hotness and wetness of her cunt. I hold both her legs in air in V position and keep fucking her in circular motions. She brings her hands and grabs my ass and started caressing it. She hold my ass and pulls me closer while pushing her hips more towards me so that she can feel the most of my dick deep inside her. She was heaving and moaning deeply and I could see her tits jiggle with rhythmic motions. It was difficult to hold anymore and I was on the verge of coming. Suddenly I feel her vagina muscles contract around my dick and start squeezing it. It felt so erotic and then she groaned loudly and gave a jerk. I felt her hot cum around my dick and I too exploded inside her. She brought her legs down and we lay down like this for some time, feeling the heat of each other’s body.

We were a bit exhausted now and lay down on the bed, facing each other and felt asleep in each other’s arms. It was 07:00 pm in the evening when we got up. We kissed each other and got dressed. She told me that her aunt will arrive at 8:00 pm. So we bid goodbye and promised to meet again the coming weekend. This time the venue was my place. We kissed each other and she gave me a full body warm hug. Since then I have met her couple of more times. Each time it’s better than the last one and worth the time spent together.

I will come back again with more episodes of my writings. Feel free to send your comments on how you liked this story. Write me at


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Stranger having sex with wife

January 13th, 2010 No comments

Last year, a friend of mine was visiting from Banglore and was staying with us. His wife remained at home, far away. One evening we all went out to dinner. Manju, my five year married wife, was dressed in a long blue kurta over white tight round payjama over her sexy slender body. I knew she wore a white lace bra, the outlines of which just peeked out from beautiful tight kurta encasing her incompressible hemispherical breasts. All throughout dinner I could tell that my friend was absolutely charmed by her looks. He seemed particularly fond of Manju’s attention in his conversation. On this night, something was keeping her excited. My friend was certainly not above stealing glances down her top and at her lovely mounds. Every time I saw him doing so it, sent electricity to my groin.

I had an idea! On that night, at home when my friend had gone to his room, if I propose Manju be his bed partner? When my friend got up from the table to go to the gents room, I leaned over to Manju and said that how would she like to put her pink lace negligee to work in night?” She got a big smile on her face and said,”no! no tonight, no chance! .” I replied “not for me! yeh,.” Her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened. She was speechless. She had understood what I meant., she had insisted to buy that expensive shear pink negligee from a hill station last month. I agreed with the condition that on its first wear she would let me fuck as per my wish. It was still in pack.

Before she could answer, my friend returned. We ordered ice cream and Manju gathered up some nerve and decided to spice up the conversation. “How you live so long with out wife! ” My friend little amazed didn’t know what to say. I laughed and said looking in her eyes that it was unfortunate that we do not have assistance here. Unmistakably our mind was conveying through eyes.

When we later got up my friend deliberately let her move ahead and lustly watched her beautiful wide hips below narrow waist as she moved through the door.

We arrived home at 11 pm. My friend asked if we could wake him up early so that he could run some preparations in the morning for his day’s meeting. Manju said sure, she would take care of it. We all took our turns in the bathroom and prepared for bed. My friend made mention of how comfortably he had slept the previous night and that the old wood big bed was quite a nice change. Manju said “but it squeaks.” My friend shot a glance at me. “I am silent sleeper!,,” getting a nasty idea she blushed and smiled at him.

I went into our bedroom and Manju followed. I decided to push her on it. “Well?” She knew what I meant and her heart began racing. A twinkle in her eye had accepted. I went to her and held her hand. It was cold and damp. A confused look crossed her pretty face… It was now or never for me, so taking a deep breath I slipped my spare hand onto her payjama, racking the fabric, tracing the cleft of her trim little bottom. It was hot, pulpy and soaked.Trying to hide her condition, she tried to pull away, but I had her in a tighter grip by then. In my best ‘ Masterful voice,’ I asked her just how badly she has agitated him, burrowing my finger hard into the crease at the back of her payjama. Holding my breath, I whispered in her ear ” please pink negligee for him!.”Unable to sustain any more, without a word Manju went to the closet and got it. She unbuttoned her kurta, moved it up and then I saw her slipping negligee slowly dropping it over breast and to legs. She then unfasten payjama and peeled it to floor. I could imagine that below lacy bra her nipples were fully erection now. She had complete intoxicated eyes, heavy from what I had filled in her mind… I was getting harder and harder. she was shaking slightly. Looking at her in the pink lace ready for other man, was too much for me. I reached between her legs and again felt her female heat. She would be too much for any man to resist, but I restrained myself. Her full bosoms in lace were visible like moon mounds. Little shaky and moving little away she whispered, “please! ” I responded by giving her a deep wet kiss, caressing her wide sexy mounds, turning her around to face the door and giving her a gentle push and murmured huskily “give him the best.”

Manju turned the door handle with unsteady hands and went out into the hall. She crept down the lobby to the guest room door, not looking at me knocked gently on the door. It was open a jar. She let herself in and I heard the surprise in my friend’s voice. But Manju did not leave the room. I crept over to lobby and then to guest room’s closed cracky window and knelt down to listen. They were just beyond it! I heard the two of them whispering back and forth. Then…silence.

All that was audible was the rustling of bodies and whispers. I could only imagine that they were standing and kissing and slowly perhaps lace body suit was peeled off gradually. One thing would be certain from her faint sharp pained moans, ” seeee….eee.” ; Manju would be getting her nipples pinched by him. Soon enough, the bed squeaked in jumble as they stepped in it. Manju let out a deep sigh and before long I was listening to her moans every few minutes. I knew she was being eaten between her thighs. For the first time in my life I felt the electric mix of shock, jealousy, humiliation and, most importantly, arousal as I heard my wife’s erotic faint cries. I felt almost coming. I slowed the pace of my fingers over my glistening erection and waited. After about five minutes they moved around some more and in no time I heard my friend let out an “ahhhhh.” Manju must have just enveloped his manhood with her fingers, perhaps taken his penis into her mouth. I had idea of friend’s massive bulge, I pictured by the bulge that he had a large mushroom head. Then I felt a shiver as I remembered something he told me that once erect he constantly leaked fluid from his slit. I was wondering if Manju was soon going to be hit with his cream or she would relish its shape as it penetrated her.

His moans began in earnest and I could only imagine my wife’s breasts and hair flipping back and forth as she sucked him. Finally he let a sharp cry and presumably was busy ejaculating. She would never take it in mouth but was probably going to catch some in the face. I was ready to spill my seed floor but I knew I had to hold out. I waited for nearly twenty minutes before the second helping began. A warm humiliation came over me as I heard the first of the squeaking of the bed springs. I began to fondle myself and turn the humiliation of my wife’s unfaithfulness into arousal for other man, even though I had allowed her. I could hear from the rhythmic creaking of the bed frame that she was being penetrated. From this point on he would know her intimate folds. Soon they came to ecstasy of wet friction and to climax with her muscles contracting around him. I wonder how I would have felt if I could have seen exactly what was happening.

“Oh YESSS!! Ahhh! AHHH!! ” cried Manju as the bed began hitting the wall. The bedsprings began squeaking furiously as she received his thrusts. Then they slowed and I heard vague whispers. I was constantly on the verge of shooting. There was some moving about again and slowly the springs started up their noisy refrain. But this time Manju’s vocalizations were much clearer. I tried to calm my heartbeat so I could hear with the utmost clarity. Then it occurred to me. She had gotten on all fours and was receiving him from behind with her face near the window! What a sweetheart! Doggy style! “Oooohhh! slow w…..please! Mmmm. Ahhhhh. nehi!! ” At her urging the fucking began. The bed began hitting the wall hard and the springs sounded as if they were going to break. Manju was grunting in short bursts. I imagined that her breasts must be slapping back and forth as my friend pushed himself from back in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. Then he began “Ohh. Ohh!” Manju responded ” “mum.mum.mum.mmun..yeeee mum .! OH please!!!! OH no!!!” She then let out a tremendous noise as she climaxed on his glistening, thrusting pole. Then my friend signaled his pleasure “Mmmmmmm. Yh! Mmmmmm! Oh, Mmmmmm!” as he was no doubt squirting a good quantity of semen into my wife. Manju let out a long sigh as her orgasm subsided, I too let out my pole, hardest in life, but it was only a few drops that hit the hard wood floor. I listened as the two of them silent.

In about ten minutes I heard some murmur and the guest room door opened. Manju crept down the hall, just few yards from me but not seeing me,I was electrified by the anticipation of what was to greet me. The knob turned and in she came, in crumpled pink lace bodice. She was naked, sweaty and glowing. Her hair was plastered to her face and there were a few mottled red patches around her neck, throat and breasts. Her chest was heaving with her heart beat. She was shaking slightly. I took her in my arms and inhaled the aroma of fresh fucked female. Our lips met and I could taste his cock. I put my hand to her groin where my fingers met with a shocking and humiliating slackness. Her thighs had a fresh glistening sticky leaking. I lay her on the bed and began kissing her neck and moving up to with my rigid tool.

It was now time for me…The sensation of entering my wife’s used vagina was incredible.I fucked and fucked her till late willing forget the request to wake my guest early. I was not ready to send my wife again to him now, in any way.

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Rita’s Passionate Encounter

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We were in bed. Time was around 10.00 P.M. My wife of one year was cuddling upto me and nibbling at my ears. We are in our mid twenties. I am kumar, 27 years, 5’11”, fair and well built, weighing 75 kgs, curly black hair which covers my head and falls on the side wildly (any amount of combing doesn’t help), wears spectacles and have a rugged face, sharp and well defined. My wife Sapna is 23 years, very young, kiddish nature, about 5’2”, very fair, nice beautiful face, a medium sized boobs(breast), nice waistline slim and kissable navel and finally small buttocks but strong thighs and legs. We were married as soon as she had completed her graduation. She has a school girl’s face and is shy and reserved by nature. She is employed in a Bank while I am working as a middle level executive with a multinational, in their finance department.

Ours was a arranged marriage. We were not much experienced before marriage in sex and the first year had passed like a dream. Slowly and steadily we were learning more about each other and indulging in passionate sex. The first few days after marriage it used to straightforward sex, with me switching of the lights and then in the dark both of us groping at each other. Then finally after a furious fast paced kissing and getting naked, I used to mount her and after a few attempts manage to penetrate her choot with my penis(lund). Then it was purely fucking – hard and fast and after a short minutes both of us used to cum. Once we came, we used to hold each other and lie beside each other and fall to sleep. But lately we have started experimenting by kissing passionately and increasing the time of our foreplay. I have started caressing her body, playing with her boobs, caressing her choot and inserting my fingers in her cunt and finally pulling her on top of me while penetrating her choot. We were happy in our own world and also since both of us did not have any earlier experience of sex much (she was a virgin, while I had a few fuck with some prostitutes), we were learning and happy. We were opening up more and more to each other with sexual foreplay and also being naked in each others presence.
Tonight again as she was nibbling my ears and I was playing with her boobs which I have started enjoying kissing lately especially taking the nipples in my mouth and rolling it over my tongue and lips and biting it, she started telling me the daily news. By this time I had a raging hardon. My lund was stiff and straining to feel Sapnas moist cunt, so I pulled her over me while I lay on my back. She came over me and while helping me in guiding my lund in her choot she started talking about Rita. I was busy fucking her, playing with her boobs and pressing her now hard nipples. By now, she was feeling hot and she lay on me and started kissing me. We kissed passionately for a few minutes while her choot was tightening around my lund. Then she started riding it. Her shoulder length hair was swinging wildly as she strained herself against me moving in rhythm with my upward thrust and finally with a shudder she came. By this time my lund had reached its zenith and with a shout I released all my cum deep inside her. Then she fell on top of me and we lay there all drained. We exchanged kisses and again her talk continued and again it was about Rita.
The only topic for discussion for the past few months have been about Rita, a lady whom she had met in bus, enroute to office. This Rita is a character. The first time Spana met her was when, Sapna was being harassed by a commuter in bus, by standing close to her and breathing down her neck. Sapna being shy was trying to move away from this slimy character but that guy was nonchalantly pushing himself against her. Suddenly, a booming female voice rang out – ‘oye, jyaada chipak math saala, agar chipakna hi hai to apni maa aur bahen ke sath jaake chipak. Suddenly the bus was quiet and there was this lady coming between Sapna and Rita. She turned to the guy and said –‘saala, both der se dekh rahi huun tereko is ladki ko pareshan karte huen. Muu khola to saala dath todh duungi. She had a fierce look on her face and due to her onslaught of abuses the guy slid away mumbling something under his breath. Rita then turned towards Sapna and said –‘Beti, aisa awaara badmaash lafangoon ko tum seedha chanta maar do’. In a then soothing voice she then said –‘Beti nayi Mumbai mein aayi ho kya’. This was the beginning of their friendship. By the end of the journey sapna and Rita had become close friends and confidante and that night, I was informed time and again about Ritas exploits and her daring dashing attitude.
Rita became her constant traveling companion by bus, and morning and evening they used to leave and return together. Rita worked near to Sapna’s office and she also stayed about walking distance from our home.
Finally, one Saturday Rita was invited for dinner to our house and I met the character Rita for the first time. All my imagination was off mark when I saw her. She was about 5’6”, in late forties (about 49years) medium color (neither fair nor dark), big boned and had ample flesh on her. She had big boobs which seemed to be straining to come out of her jacket. She looked muscular weighing probably 70 kgs. She was not fat but looked strong and huge built in that height. Looking at her I wondered on why she had not joined the army or the police. She was wearing a knee length midi and had a jacket on. Her visible calf muscles bulged. She was average looking, had bulging droopy eyes, a medium nose, thick fat lips (which seemed suckable) and nice teeth. Overall a person whom who may not look twice if you meet on the street and a person you would not like to confront with.
We all sat down for dinner and boy, she was a good conversationalist. She had both of us in stitches. By the end we were laughing a lot at her jokes, both horny and decent. She seemed very knowledgeable about the world and we enjoyed her company. She was our aunty and she called sapna her ‘beti’.
The next day she invited us to her house. It was a typical goan house with nice old stately furniture. Her husband David (a 60 years old guy) was dressed in full suit and boot like a typical Englishman. He offered us the Goan feni (alcoholic drink). Her hubby was totally drunk and seemed to be under Rita’s control. Rita was dressed in a low cut gown and her cleavage and ample bosom could be seen clearly. Since we don’t drink alcohol, she offered Wine, which we sipped just to make her happy. She was drinking feni and enjoying herself. As usual by the end of the day she had us at ease and she sang some old Hindi melodies strumming her guitar and we joined her. Later she switched on music and taught us to dance. She danced with my wife and then taught me fox-trot, ballroom dance and also to rock and roll. All in all a fantastic night.

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Real Sex with Love

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This is my very first story. I am from Gorakhpur (U.P) 6.2″ tall, fair, slim built
and full of sex and love to do or try all new ways to enjoy and make my partner also
to enjoy the most in our love play. I am although a married man but not happy in my
sex life, so always looked for a real sexy partner. But never ever got a chance in
my town. This thing happened in Mumbai, I had gone to attend my family friend’s
marriage and was staying in the same hotel, where marriage ceremony was going to
take place. I met this sexy girl called Sonia , age about 29 years. She was from
close relation of my friend. She was 5.4″ tall having very sexy figure ,so far I had
never met like her in my life. We got friendly and were chatting like we knew each
other since ages. As it was very late due to marriage ceremony, may be mid night was
passed. So I told her to lets go to my room and have some coffee etc. She agreed and
we came in our room. We sat down on a sofa and switch on TV.

We were chatting, I could not take my eyes out of her as she was looking so sexy and
gorgeous she saw me staring at her and bent her head down. Once again I started into
the conversation to make her comfortable by asking her some personal questions. Now
I can feel her more comfortable and we started in discussion . While coffee was
served and we were enjoying that hot coffee I don’t know how and why I asked her
,the reason of not getting married. She kept quite so again, I forced her to tell
,she told me about her ex-boy ,who had cheated her and now she is not interested in
marriage. I asked her to tell me, what she will do for her body needs, which is very
natural for all of us.

Again she kept quite but I took her hands in my hands and kiss her long thin sexy
fingers. She was in a shock position but was quite, so I moved ahead with my kisses
from fingers up to shoulders. I can feel her body was moving on the sofa with her
closed eyes. Now I tried to bit her fingers and tried to suck them as well as moved
my tongue on her fingers. I can now hear her moaning aaaaahhhh, with a request , not
to do. But I moved ahead and touched her cheeks and started moving my fingers on her
sexy lips. She hugged me very tight and whispered in my ears to stop and let�s go
in the marriage party. But now I took her face in both my hands and started to kiss
from her beautiful closed eyes. This was all happening in such a speed I guess she
was not prepared for it.

I planted one small kiss on each of her eyelids. Then kissed her beautiful nose tip.
I was holding myself not to hurry and enjoy each and every moment. Then kissed her
cheeks, oh, it was wonderful and now was the turn of her rose petal lips. My heart
was pounding at great speed while I took her lower lip in my both lips and wiped my
tongue on her lip. She was in shocks through my spine. I could not hold on any
longer and locked my mouth with hers. I tried to taste her tongue and was greeted
readily by hers as she tried to suck my tongue. The taste was really wonderful, at
that moment I felt that I wanted Sonia to be mine forever. We carried on our
passionate kiss for few more minutes, and then I moved my hands to her sexy round
boobs. I tried to feel her boobs from above her top. On feeling my grip on her
boobs, she gave out a soft moan ooooohhhh. I got pretty excited from the looks on
her face. I pulled her top up and planted a kiss on her fair cute little navel.

She was in a Punjabi suit with lot of heavy work done. Now I took her top off and
also pulled off my shirt. I could see her sexy round boobs trying to come out of her
thin sexy bra. I opened her hook and ooooohhhhhhhhh yes they were in open air and
looking at me , as they are calling me to come and suck those sexy little pink
nipples. As I kissed her pink nipples aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, yes now I can feel that
hardness in her nipples.

I could not hold on longer to let myself deprived of the taste of her I caressed one
of her nipples with my lips and tried to make it grow more into my mouth and feeling
other nipple with my fingers. At this, Sonia started moaning loudly aahhhhhh oh yes
do it more harder YES dear do it. I started pressing and massaging her sexy boobs
and she was enjoying it and was moaning. I kept tickling her senses for some time
and then tried to suck her boobs one by one by trying to take all of the tasty stuff
into my mouth. I played my mouth on her boobs until they turned red in excitement
with hard nipples. At this stage , I took out her salwar and I saw the real sexy
pussy covered in thin panty and can see her wet panty.

Now I pulled down her panty I saw that her pussy was with nice thin hairs,
OOHHHHHHHHHHHHH I always loved hairy pussy. They make me wilder and took my nose in
those sexy bushes and tried to smell that sexy pussy. The more I smell the more my
cock was getting hard and then I kissed her pussy and there was an erotic odor
coming from her pussy. . I could feel the wetness of her pussy lips with my hand
rubbing smoothly on her pussy. My touch on her pussy sent a shiver through her and
she gave out a soft moan aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yes do it ohhhhhhhhh its wonderful yes
aaahhhhhhhhh please go deep inside.

I knew this all was going to be really great. I laid her on the bed & now her lovely
cute naked body was in front of me in its full glory. She gave a smile, got up and
reached to suck my nipples, now it was time for me to get the best suck on my
nipples and can feel them hard. Now her one hand was moving to open my pant and in
one go she unzipped. I could hear her breath getting heavier and heavier as she
pulled my pant down. She got a little brave at this and pulled down my undies at
once freeing up my hot 7.5″ thick cock. She looked into my eyes and smiled back at
me. We both were naked now. She started touching my cock. I felt an electric shock
at that stage, she brought her other hand and placed on my cock, her cute hands,
which felt so smooth and then she planted a kiss on the tip of my dick. The feeling
of her lips touching my cock sent out a shivering wave in my body. With my cock in
her beautiful soft hands, she asked me that this is her 2nd sex play of her life.
had seen lot of blue films. She knelt down between both my legs and took the
bulging tip of my cock in her mouth.

She licked my cock for some time. I liked the job done by her lips, so pulled her
towards me in order to reward her beautiful lips by locking them with mine and let
her taste my tongue. We both were now hot and excited to the limit. I made her lie
on the bed facing the ceiling widened her legs to knelt there. I bent over her pussy
in order to do what I like the most in sex. I touched her beautiful wet cunt with my
tongue and she gave out a soft moan like ooooooooohhhhhh yes baby you are great
please make me more wild aahhhhhhhh. I grasped her clit between my lips and pulled
my lips to let it slide over her clit. At this, she shivered and gave out a soft cry
again. This made her go crazy and she was screaming in joy. She was pinching her
nipples with her one hand and her other hand was on the back of my neck with her
cute fingers.

I continued this for few minutes, and she gave out a loud cry in pleasure and
shouted ooohhhh I am coming yeh its gone come and she flooding my mouth with her
sweet juices. She was shaking in pleasure and screaming loudly. I looked at her
face, her eyes were closed and there was a beautiful smile on her face. She was
still enjoying her first orgasm. She was looking so beautiful, sexy and appealing at
that time. I kept on suck her pussy till the last drop came in my mouth. I got over
her and hugged her tightly and sucked her lips. She responded so as to reward me for
the good work. I got in the field again and asked her to bend her legs on knees, and
lift her hips. I pushed a pillow under her buttocks so as to lift her pussy to the
height of my cock while, I kept rubbing my dick on her pussy for sometime so as to
wet it with my juices thoroughly.

She liked it and motivated me by her soft moaning. I got excited at her moans and
tried to push my cock inside her pussy, but in vain the tip of my cock tried to find
a little space for itself to adjust in but this made her cry in pain and she tried
to resist the insertion. I gave up this attempt and tried to finger fuck her little
tight pussy for a while. I tried to push my finger inside her and kept rubbing her
pussy with my other hand. As well as other hand was playing with her real sexy bombs
and can feel the heat around her ass hole. Next moment I pressed my cock on her
pussy and pushed it inside with a thrust by inserting my cock in her pussy and she
moaned loudly aaaaaahhhhhh. She kept her legs wrapped around my waist and I was now
pumping in full force and so her moan was louder, ooohhhhh fuck! Her face had turned
red, but I did not stop and continued fucking her. I made sure that I don�t
ejaculate very early.

Now I felt that my cock was boiling inside very badly and I increased my speed and
she was making sexy screams and I felt that I was unable to hold my flow inside my
cock. I caught her soft ass in my hands tightly and started caressing her ass
erotically and she was riding up and down in a very sexy way and was moaning,
ahhhhhhhhhhh. My cock was fully moving IN OUT IN OUT into her pussy. She started
shaking her body up and down and she was screaming in excitement and her sexy moans
were driving me crazy and I was enjoying her pussy walls by moving my cock. Now with
my cock deep inside and moving in her pussy and I was holding her hips tightly in my
hands and started pumping slowly and kissed and pressed her boobs and now she
started moving her hips sexily and was moaning aammmmm aaaaahhhh and we were
caressing each other�s body like anything and I asked her, Sonia are you enjoying?
She was so sexually excited that she kissed my lips and was shouting yes baby fuck
me deeper!
inside, yes do it.

She was shaking her hips in a very sexy manner and seeing this my cock was ready to
flow out, before I could say, she was flowing and was moaning YES LOVE IT’s COMING .
My cock was boiling and she shouted , Please FILL Me with your love ooooohhhhhhhhh
yes please comes and I came with lot of flow deep inside her pussy. We both loved
this love and we kept on kissing for almost 30 minutes. Of each other�s body it
was getting late and she said she has to leave now. We hugged each other and
promised her what ever happened will be in between us in secrecy. I really miss that
love, because I never got that kind of love but still I am with a hope that I may
get lucky some day and may I will meet some real sexy partner in my life. IF anyone
feel to share with me can get in touch

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Mrs Renuka

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hi guys and gals its kartik again with email received by me from delhi about one couple experience, i met that couple in delhi in vasanth vihar and had nice experience will let you know later now i am forwarding the email. she is renuka and chowdhry both are from kolkatta and now in delhi she is house wife and over to him ” hi kartik how ru? we are fine here in delhi just now getting out of cold and weather is good. after chatting with you our life has changed a lot for good. now let me tell you one good experience we had two days back. as you know renuka is having 36d and she is the real sex bomb here and she had seen one phone repair guy when he came for repairing of phone of our neighbour and she decided to go for it as planned… now i wanted to see the action.

you know we have bathroom attached to our
bedroom thanks to the interior decorations it was not visible when you
look. and more over we planned to start the webcam and switch off the
monitor and record the sequence… she was very much tensed kartik.
anyhow as planned i had complained about my land line (phone) and
told the service guy to come tomorrow morning. as planned she was wearing
the nighty (you saw on the cam last night..) i had purchased earlier…
it was upto above knee and black transparent with small laces hanging
from her shoulder and the half of the boobs are visible just like that
and with that nighty she is equivalent to naked …so after wearing the
nighty she felt so shy she covered herself with the long shawl..
she had worn the panties but i refused her to wear the bra the big
boobs are clearly visible and for the taking. she had worn the shawl
and we were waiting in the day morning.

the door bell rang at 1030 and when she opened the door she was surprised
to see the two guys one is of 24 yrs and the other one is of 40yrs..

she was hesitant and as we did the complaint she has to let them in.

i was in the bathroom inside the bedroom and watching, the web cam started..
i was also shocked after seeing two guys coming inside the bedroom but
i wanted to watch the show and she also thought since i am here no

the phone was in the bedroom close to the bed and she wanted only one man
since there are two she was surprised what to do? and she was looking
again and again in my direction. and i did not respond and she could understand about my
intentions but she was tensed clearly it is visible from her face..

the older guy was real horny guy it seems he will rape my renuka then and there and
the younger one seems to be new one and he got into the job straight away.

the elder one was standing close to renuka and was talking about the shawl i.e. madam
where did you purchase this shawl from? she was hesitant but forced to reply as he was touching
the shawl and he is touching her shoulder as if he is checking the shawl.. (since no hesitation from renuka he kept his hands on her shoulder) she said something and she sat down on the bed breathing heavily and she is in full shy.

he was standing in front of her and his both hands on her shoudler and she was trying to take away his hands by her hands but he caught renuka hands tightly and for my surprise he took her
hands and taken around his hips and touched his hard cock to her face..

later he told that he had become mad after seeing her open thighs and big boobs outline from her

now this was happening so fast i decided to watch. with in few seconds he had taken her shawl
from her shoudler and both guys were surprised seeing her nighty..

she kept her hands on her face and lied down on the bed .

within seconds the elder guy was on her pressing her boobs together and sucking through the
nighty.. and he torned the lace of the nighty…and he was mad after her nipples one by one
by the mean time the younger one was waiting for his turn in the bed.

now he has taken his cock out from the zip and he was huge and without warning he positioned it
over her pussy by side lining the panty and in inserted in one jerk..

now renukas nighty was niked over her hips and i could see the guys ass moving in and out from the pant..
and he was sucking renukas face i could not see my wife as he was fully covered her..

he was in full clothing.. but later he thrown the nighty from her and she was fully naked as
he had torned the panty too..

he was again fuckng her for 10minutes and he released full cum inside her..
he was relaxing the by the side while the younger one gone over her and started to fuck her
in the same way as his senior.. i.e. he was also in full clothes… except the cock out and fucking renukas hot pussy..

after 5 minutes he too came and both were sucking my wife boobs like babies..

it went for half an hour and all of them got naked and started the second round ..
renuka does not like oral even though both of them tried to give their cocks to her mouth.
but she refused and she refused even the ass (she does not like that)..

they had juice from the fridge and after 1230 they both went saying thankyou madam for ur juices.

when they had gone i came out and was hugging her and fucked her real hard….

these are pics .. i am attaching you it was clear how i got the view and when you come to delhi
can enjoy the full view from my recordings.
they did called her twice but she refused and we had not plannning other then you”

guys i will let you know about my experiences later

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Ramu – My Watchman

August 31st, 2009 No comments

Dear friends, This was my first experience in homo affair.I was working in as Manager in a workshop and living alone in a medium size city. It was on the occasion of Holi and I do not play Holi.In the afternoon I was feeling bored and I took my bike & went to my workshop to complete some paperwork.The road were deserted and I was sure of non-disturbance.I reached my workshop and called my watchman to open the gate.He was boy of hardly 18 years and a little stupid.He was not getting any work for many months and my job has been a jackpot for him.I went inside and sat in the office for almost 2 hours and completed my work.

At that time I had not even thought about that.

After my work I felt a bit tired and lay down on the bed of customer waiting room.Than came Ramu ( my watchman) & asked if he can massage my legs.I had never experienced that & I agreed. He started from my toes and first time I felt that his hands were very soft.I thought of taking advantage of that loneliness and removed my trouser so that I can have a full leg massage.He started with soft hands and his movements on my thighs were giving me current.I told him to move a little up and pretended to close my eyes.His soft hands were on my stomach and I asked him to massage in the centre of stomach.He started and after some time his soft hands were making me horny.I took chance & told him to move little down ward.He agreed and finally his soft hands were on my under wear,massaging my cock.This gave me much of courage and I told him to put his hand inside.He didn’t refuse and now I can feel silky touch on my cock.
His non refusal made me more bold & I desided to take full advantage before he can understand anything.I told him to sit on the bed & open his mouth full and close his eyes.He did so than I made my move.Holding his head from back,I put my cock in his mouth.First he was surprised but I said him that cant he do this much for me.He started sucking my cock and I must tell you that he was sucking as he was sucking some lolypop.

By this time I was burning with fire & his eyes were still closed.I removed my clothes and took out my cock.Now I told him to remove his clothes and I could not hold myself when I saw his body without a single hair.I told him to bend in the dog position as I decided to fuck him to the fullest today.He bend down and I applied some oil in his lovely hole.As I got behind him and put my 7″ cock on his hole,he understood the game.But before he could react,I gave him a jerk.He tried to move as this was his first encounter but I holded his buttocks tight and gave a second jerk.This time my cock was more than half inside.He said that it was paining but I told him to wait and he will enjoy.Than I moved my cock in & out several times and could see his face very much relaxed.I started fucking him in & out and he was saying”Oh Sir! fuck me hard and more.I am enjoying your fucking” “Oh Sir,”Oh my master, blast me and my body,i had never enjoyed such fun”.

I bended on his back & with both hands I was playing with his hairless chest.I was holding him tight from back & my cock was fucking hard.Finally I holded him tightly and Made some fast & strong jolts.After few minutes I could feel my cock throwing hot foam inside.I laid down on the bed and squeezed him .After that he went & brought some water and a cloth to wash my cock.

This is a real story and had been narrated as this had happened on that day.


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Horny Madhu

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I was in Goa for a conference. It was really more of a mini vacation actually. The majority of the conference had sessions on a particular area I had no interest in attending leaving me quite a bit of free time.

I’m not really a gambler which left me lots of time in the bar. Once or twice I grabbed a roll of nickels and played the 5 cent machines in my attempt to get free drinks. This proved to be a cat and mouse game of chasing down the cocktail waitress and the mindless monotony of feeding the little nickel monster pellets of food.

Goa really is it’s own little world. While the rest of the country comes closer and closer to having witch trials over cigarette smokers, Goa conveniently places ashtrays in the public restrooms and everywhere else you might be. Blinking lights adorn nearly every surface. Gambling machines blink and ding without a break twenty four hours a day. Young and old wander through happily at a chance to win a fortune and change their lives forever all on the hopes of one lucky moment. It’s a dazzling place where anything you want is right there just reach out and take it which leaves me to tell you what I wanted and was about to take.

Time has little meaning in Goa, sure there’s clocks, but they are only a reference point of how long before you need to be at the airport for your departing flight. What I mean is nothing closes in Goa. The only difference between 4pm and 4am is the amount of sunlight in Goa. Crowds thin a little but that is mainly it. I found myself wanting a little entertainment of my own. With all the things Goa has staring you in the face saying “Here, lets have fun!” I decided what I wanted wasn’t at a bar or on a roulette table. Being on my little work-vacation and feeling a little wilder, a little more free, a little bit like being in a movie, I decided what I wanted was a prostitute, a whore, a quick no strings attached fucking. It was legal here, the idea was thrilling, and who would ever know. I could feel a slow erection develop as the thought first hit. I laughed as a I strolled out of the casino bar passing by people emptying their wallets and purses thinking over and over that the machine was alive and fucking with them. I overheard one middle aged man smoking a cigar asking a dollar slot machine “Why are you doing this to me??” It had made me laugh thinking that while these people anguished over the bad treatment from the nickel monsters, sterile featured card dealers, and hawking pit bosses, I was going to actually get something for my money.

I turned the corner out of my hotel and walked towards the parking garage to where my rental car sat parked. I hopped in the white Accent and fired up the engine. The 1.6L breathed in and began to hum. I got my map out and laid it across the passenger seat, lit up a camel and made my way out of the garage onto the street. Now to be honest I didn’t have any idea where the nearest whorehouse might be. Little seedy looking guys stand out on the streets in Vegas and hand flyers out of strip clubs and brothels, but I hadn’t accepted one, but I knew places like that were along the roads once you were outside of the city. At my first red light I glanced down and picked a road that seemed like a good candidate and thirty minutes and a missed turn or two later I was rolling down Highway. Before I knew it signs were telling me where the best pussy west of Mountains could be found. The Accent rolled along until I turned off on a dirt road sporting a billboard sign of women and a little ranch style house in the background. My eyes lit up as I slid the lever into park and stepped out in the makeshift parking/driveway area. A few seconds passed and the thought of leaving entered my mind. I contemplated what I was about to do. It was legal here, but was fucking a prostitute really a good idea even if it was legal? The excitement soared through my loins again and made the decision for my brain. The little guy in red tights sitting on my shoulder had clubbed the shit out of the little guy in white tights sitting on my other shoulder. I filled my lungs with the desert night air and stepped forward along the path leading to the ranch’s front door. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on the other side.

A sign said “Open” in pink neon so I turned the knob. A woman in her late thirties greeted me.

“Hi, welcome to the ******* Ranch.” She said in a sweet southern drawl which was very cordial but occurred to me that it was probably imitated for the effect of hospitality and appeal.

I smiled and stepped up to her small hosting station.

“Have you been with us before?” She asked.

“Umm, No I haven’t actually.”

“Well then, that’s quite alright. We have nine ladies to choose from. Three are occupied at the moment with other guests if you would like to wait or you can choose one of the other six immediately.” She handed me a small booklet containing pictures of the women and charges. “All of our employees meet Goa state regulations just so you know.” She added.

I smiled and took the book. She showed me to the parlor where they were serving complimentary drinks.

“Rum and coke please.” I told the hot young woman in the small revealing cocktail uniform.

My eyes danced over the pictures and rates. Every once in a while I looked around the room. It was a nice place and everyone including the workers seemed to be enjoying themselves. Casual laughing could be heard and the pleasant drawl of the nearby hostess chatted with a leaving customer, an older man well dressed in a suite and a smile on his face. As the young woman brought my drink the hostess returned to where I sat.

“Sir, just so you know, Asha will be available in about thirty minutes if you want to reserve her.”

I nodded and said. “I think I’ll take Tempting Madhu.”

It briefly occurred to me as I said her name that probably that wasn’t truly her real name. My hostess smiled warmly.

“Excellent, I’ll call up to Madhu and let her know to be ready for you and when you’re finished with your drink just step over here and we can take care of the payment.”

I agreed and chugged down most of my drink. What was left came with me over to the little reception desk where I presented Travelers Cheques for services.

“Thank you, Madhu is expecting you, she’s in room seven.”

“Thanks.” I said a little nervously.

Reaching the upstairs area and room seven’s door I wrapped a few steady knocks.

“Come’on in Dear.”

I twisted the fancy handle and entered. A woman dressed in white garters and a teddy lay comfortably on a large satin sheet bed.

“Hi, I’m Madhu, what’s your name?” She asked.

I walked over and shook her hand kindly and replied with a semi false name. It’s my middle name actually, one that most people don’t know.


Madhu sat up and pulled me down on the bed. She massaged my shoulders seeing that I was a bit nervous. I started feeling a little more relaxed. Then she reached down slowly and asked if it was ok to rub me between my legs. Of course I had said yes with a stupid boyish grin. Then she asked me what I was into, what my fantasy or kink was. I told her respectfully I didn’t really want any ropes or chains, no strap-on or floggers. She had finished my awkward sentence for me.

“That’s fine hon, maybe just a blowjob or a really good fucking?”

I smiled realizing that this was what I had paid for. No bullshit games, no dating where both people pretend to be somebody else. No before bedtime headaches, no monthly periods, no I’m not in the mood excuses.

“How about just a really great fuck.” I told her.

“Sure Dear, that’s what I’m here for.”

I smiled again and she began unbuttoning my shirt and pushed me back on the bed to make me more comfortable. After the shirt she worked my shoes and socks off. They hit the floor and then she was slowly removing my slacks. My eyes took turns switching from her to the ceiling back to her. She was beautiful. I had half expected some sleazy whore that looked like she had been having her cunt drilled since the Johnson administration. This wasn’t the case , this woman was young and pretty. She appeared to be in her middle to late twenties. Long brown hair and big brown eyes. Her breasts weren’t too big, probably a C cup and just right. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her stomach and her thighs were delectable. The strong desert sun had provided her with a gracious golden tan. As she pulled my slacks down a sharp peak pointed up at my boxers.

“Mmm what do we have here?” She said with a giggle.

Tempting Madhu wasted no time exposing my cock to her. She brought her slender fingers down over it and opened her mouth. My cock jumped a little at her first wet strokes. A strong and practiced tongue whirled and whipped around the head. I couldn’t see it, but I could sure feel it.

“Yeah she is definitely a professional.” I thought to myself.

Her fist wrapped tightly, made it’s way up and down from the base to her lips. Sucking and stroking at the same time brought my cock into a full almost painful erection. She moaned a little on my cock working three simultaneous magics on the throbbing stump. Then she slowed to a soft intense rhythm before stopping and standing up to pull her panties down. The panties hit the floor but the rest stayed on her. I watched her climb up on the bed and reach into the drawer beside the bed. She opened a condom package and massaged my balls as she used the other hand to roll the rubber down my shaft.

“I can barely get those things on using both hands. Definitely a professional.” I thought.

When the cock coat was in place she raised up and sat down slowly on it.

“Ahhhhh.” She moaned and looked down at me smilingly. I’m sure it was just an act but it was nice just the same. Half the women I had ever slept with had a facial expression close to that of a look someone has in a dentist’s chair. She didn’t need to overact but a little emotion was a nice change.

“Does that feel good baby?”

I nodded pleasantly and reached up slowly to touch her firm ample breasts. The skin was soft, but the composure was firm to the touch. She smiled and slowly began riding. Her hips worked in a continuous steady drive. Her movements weren’t jerky at all. Back and forth she slid over my cock perfectly like a machine. She placed one hand on my shoulder and flipped her hair back with the other. I watched as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride. Her face was gorgeous and I remembered back to moments earlier when my hard dick had been pumping her cute little mouth. Then I watched as her free hand came up to meet her tongue. She licked it all around very sexily and reached around behind her. I felt a wet finger rubbing between my balls. Sensations tingled through my legs and balls. My cock jumped a little inside her. Her pussy was hot even through the condom. Surprisingly it was tight as well. Not a virgin tight but still tight and gripping at my cock. Her finger came back up to her mouth and she licked it again. This time she reached back around and I could feel a wet finger toying with my ass. It clammed up at first in defense, but relaxed once the initial fear was over. I smiled at her as she gave me a sexy seducing grin. Then the wet finger pushed a little at my hole. It was a little kinky I thought, but I wasn’t going to say a damn word to this tanned beauty. I was almost shocked at how good it felt as her finger slid in. I tightened again on instinct then Madhu began riding my cock harder. The feeling was incredibly intense. Usually when a woman is on top they come pretty damn close to breaking it off a few times, but not with her, she knew exactly how to ride a cock and make it feel good, and she was. She leaned back and pushed the finger farther up my sphincter. I could see her tight stomach muscles as she arched backwards. My cock dipped inside her even more. Her hips began to push and rotate slightly grinding my rod in harder. A little pain flared through my ass, but I could care less. Madhu’s finger slowly dipped in and out as my cock drove up in her.

“Ohhhh I’m about to cum, oh shit.” I said a little louder than I probably should have.

“Yeah baby, cum hard, get it all out.”

That’s just what happened too as I recall. My cock seemed to be the exit of a dynamite explosion. It is miraculous the condom didn’t blow into a million pieces like a balloon being popped. Every muscle in my body flexed into concrete hard fibers. I sucked in a deep breath until four explosions had fired out of my cock. I exhaled and felt two more minor expulsions of cum go free. Madhu’s undulating hips slowed to a perfect impulse of throbs. Her finger had wiggled and danced around my ass as my balls expelled the overstock of cum. Nearly forty-five seconds later I was used, spent, and empty. She released me and climbed off. Slowly returning to my previous state I regained my control and then dressed. Madhu was very nice and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thank you, I hope I was enjoyable.”

“Yes, very.” I responded.

I made a quick stop in the room’s bathroom to straighten up and then made my way back down the stairs. The perky hostess smiled and told me to come back any time. I smiled and journeyed out to my car. I felt a touch of slight guilt, but noticed that there were more cars in the parking lot than when I had originally entered which helped me feel less of a pervert. I sat in the car for a moment and played Madhu’s beautiful body over in my mind a few times. Then I started the engine and drove back out on Highway the way I had come previously. I remember finishing the night off cruising down the highway with the windows rolled down in the Accent and breathing in the fresh desert air. I think someday I may retire and move to the Goa Beach.

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Love on the Beach

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I am a 19-year-old girl who has realized how wonderful sex can be. This is a true story of one of the most pleasurable moments of my life. Before I start though, let me tell you how I look. Many guys tell me that I am quite sweet and cute looking. I have long silky dark hair, up till my waist. Iam not very tall – 5a2″ to be precise. People tell me that my best feature is my lips because they have a natural pout and are very akiss-ablea. Iam not thin, but have a well-rounded figure, with a bust that measures 35″ and always get a lot of attention! Pretty good package, wouldnat you say!

This happened during the millennium celebrations for which my family and me went to Goa … Godas paradise on Earth. I happened to meet this guy who I had been introduced to by a friend in a school fest. We saw each other and I gave him a small smile coz and was pretty curt towards him because he had been quite rude to me when I first met him. So when I met him this 2nd time, I didnat want to act too friendly and he as ususal was acting smart and cool. The reason that a lot of girls though, do not mind that is because Rahul is a damn good looking guy and Iad always wanted him to show some sort of an interest in me. So when he came up and spoke to me, I kind of gave in and started talking to him normally. As it turned out, we both had nothing to do that evening, (my parents were going to a party and he was in Goa with a few friends)…we decided to go for dinner and then for a walk down the beach. Since it was a clear beautiful night with a million stars in the sky, I agreed. With waves lapping around our feet, it was as though the two of us had been transported to a magical world. At one point he picked me up in his strong arms. I was squealing and holding his chest tightly because I was scared that head drop me! It was wonderful because we both ended up laughing like kids and getting wet all over. It just made the atmosphere between the two of us more comfortable and definitely more seductive.

From then on the sparks between us were flowing like electricity and we both let it happen knowing that this was an evening that neither of us would forget for a very long time. He was wearing khaki shorts and a sleeveless sports shirt. I was wearing a wrap around skirt and a white tie blouse, which was pretty flimsy and sheer especially since I had gotten wet. I didnat really care though that he and a lot of other people could see my bra because I wanted him to. Before I continue, I must confess that I have always liked men with good muscular bodies and some hair on their chest. I communicated that to Rahul in a joke but he got the hint. Then suddenly he put his arm around my waist and held me very close. His hands crept beneath my blouse to hold my bare skin around the waist and he was stroking me. It was too much for me to handle and I was on fire. We walked till we came to this lonely beach house. We went in and started kissing like crazy. His tongue delved deeper and deeper into my mouth and I was wet with desire. I felt his hand on my thighs and slowly moving inwards. I was feeling guilty so I asked him not to go that far. So he took his hand to my shoulder and started untying my blouse and then he unhooked my bra and started covering my now erect nipples with his hot mouth. It makes me wet just thinking about it right now also. His hands in the meantime were not idle. They were caressing my butt and squeezing me and pulling me closer to him. It felt so good… I felt as though I was in heaven.

Though this was the first time that I had ever been so intimate with a man, wanton desire and unbridled passion overtook my senses and I couldnat and didnat want to stop. I unzipped his shorts. My hands found their way inside his boxers and started fondling his passion seat, which was as hard as a rock. This was an immense turn-on and I was moaning with the pain and pleasure waiting for us to unite and be one.

I took his hands and guided them to where they had wanted to go earlier and this was an indication to him that I was ready. There was no looking back from this moment on. He entered inside me and it felt like my insides had finally sprung to life. I could feel him relieve his juices inside me and I felt almost wished that I could taste his masculinity. I climaxed and we both shared an orgasm together – perhaps the most cherished and wonderful I have ever had since then.

We both lay exhausted on the floor but soon our passion was rekindled and we wanted to again experience the ecstasy we had just shared. We decided to take it more slowly though this time and he started off by licking and nibbling me all over starting from my toes and moving upwards. I squirmed and squealed becoming hotter and hotter as he climbed upwards towards the inside of my thighs. He first kissed my bud and opened the lips – the gateway to my femininity. By this time I couldnat think straight at all. All I remember was he licking, kissing and nibbling me and I was experiencing the most wonderful emotions.

I then decided to return the favor and began sucking his stiff rod. He couldnat control himself – so overcome with passion was he! After some time, he came in my mouth and that was the best feeling for me, because I felt so powerful that I had this immense power over him. We again proceeded to make love and later just lay back kissing and holding each other. We have been going out since then and in fact it was due to his urging that I was encouraged to write this story out for all you beautiful people!

We have been sexually active ever since and in fact one of our favorite things is to act out our fantasies and make love in places where the risk of getting caught are more probable. It just keeps the excitement at its peak. We sometimes also act out our sexual fantasies and these are the times when the sex gets to be real sizzling and steamy. Just as Rahul says, un-fuckin-believable! And I have to agree with him! If you guys wanna have a good time, e mail me at n_spice_sugar. Trust me, you wonat regret it!
So any of you people out there who might wanna share something with me …please feel free to write to me……hope you all have wonderful sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Aaina

Thank you for submitting this story!

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I am the big fan of and I have read all the stories of After looking at all the stories people have posted I decided to put mine in as well! My name is Raj, 21 yrs old and studying in final year B.Sc. I am about 5?10″ with with a 8? cock. My Hobbies are masturbating, watching XXX movies and having cybersex on the net.

This is the first and the most beautiful experience I ever had. Her name was Tina. She was very fair, slim with brown eyes, black curly hair and 5.6” height and may be she measured a perfect 35cc-26-36. Two years back, when i was in F.Y.B.Sc, she was in my college. I was one year senior than her. She was one of the girls, I usually starred. Mostly she wore tight trousers and tight body tops which leave my imagination helpless. Her boobs were round and tight ever seen through her clothes, all the boys used to watch her boobs as she walked in the class and this sight alone can make me very hard at times! In short was a knockout babe, one could just dream to fuck. Day by day my desire to get her started increasing. I was just looking for a chance to get in contact with her. My eyes kept on following her every moment I find her near my sight.

One Day as usual, I found Tina sitting with her friends at the college canteen. I was continuously starring her. When Tina left the canteen I found something left on the table. Tina had forgotten her diary there. I opened the diary and thanks to my luck I found every thing I was trying to know about her. With her personal details, the most important thing that i found in her diary was her Chat-Id. Here I thought of an idea to get in touch with her. I decided to have a chat with her on the net.

That night I put on my P.C and started finding her Chat-Id. Soon I found her available on the net. I started sending messages to her earlier she didn’t responded but after my two-three trials she started responding , I didn’t wanted this opportunity to go away. I managed to make her my chat friend that night. And from that night, the chat on the net continued. She now was growing faith in me. Normally, even a shy person by nature dares to be bold on the net, and so happened with Tina, As our chat continued, I started asking her about her feelings on sex. And she responded positively without feeling shy. She told me that she had a strong sexual feeling. As she had no boy friend she somewhere felt herself incomplete I told her that same was the case with me. ‘Sometimes, when I get too eager for sex, I get into my bathroom and masturbate till the last drop of my cum. But what do you girls do for that?’ I asked? She replied ‘Whenever I am desperate, I get into a lonely place and start fingering my pussy. This gives me a lot of relaxation.’ She Further questioned ‘How many times do you masturbate?’ ‘2 times a day, and you?’ “I masturbate whenever I get a chance. Still 3-4 times a day is normal” She answered.

After that we cybersexed each night and mind you, she was just loving it. Every night we fantasized having sex with each other. After every night of our cyber chat, she used to compliment me saying ‘You r the best fucker on the net. You make my fantasies unimaginative’ and I just add in ‘Give me a chance baby, the treatment can be even better if it’s practical’ This continued for a number of nights till I told ‘Fantasies are not what I required. Now it’s time to have real fun and I cannot wait anymore. ‘She hesitated to respond. But didn’t wanted to let it go, I added ‘See, What I want is what u want and we can get it only if we both get together’ “How is this possible?” She asked. “I can arrange our meeting, wherever you say” I ensured. And after a long debate on that, I finally managed to convince her.. I here sensed a great chance to convert my fantasy into a true one.

The arrangements were done. The venue was my house. I had called her at my place as there was no one at home. My parents were out of the city for attending a wedding for a couple of days.

The moment of meeting Tina was coming nearer, I was feeling desperate. I wore a t-shirt and denim Jeans, something that would excite her. She reached the place and knocked the door. To my excitement, I found a much-much beautiful and seductive Tina, then I used to find in the college. She was wearing a skin-tight red top with her nipples poking out and a black skirt till her knees. I invited her inside and closed the door. And as she saw me, she to her surprise sparkled, “hey I have seen u somewhere” I calmly responded “Baby, I am the same guy who stares you every day in the college”, ” So, you knew me before we engaged ourselves for chatting” She asked. “Yes, and that’s the magic to be on the net. You wouldn’t have been with me today, if I didn’t opted this strategy” I explained to her . She kept quiet for a moment. She looked was a bit nervous. My luck was really good here because she wasn’t angry on me, She just considered it a small prank, may be because she had developed a desperate crush on me? and I had indeed found her attentions exiting. Here, I found a shivering girl in front of me with eyes speaking on her behalf. More so , since she knew for what purpose were we meeting. I took her to the bedroom where our desires were soon going to be fulfilled. We both were standing in front of each other. Neither one of us said a word. It seemed like a big dream. We were perspiring and just stealing glances that finally she said, ? I think we need to kiss each other otherwise both our hearts will explode? I the charged hugging her very tightly and started kissing her hard on her lips. Her lips were hot and wet in her perspiration, which opened to welcome my tongue; Tina sucked on my tongue and then pushed her tongue inside my mouth. Tina’s mouth was sugary sweet; her saliva in mouth was fantastic. She really smelled nice and I could see sex oozing out of each pore of her body.

My hands traveled every part of her body. Her silky back, her tummy, her navel, her buttocks and her breasts, I took both my hands down to her stomach and she could feel my cold hands slowly move up towards her tits. Again only gently applying pressure, I started to fondle her breasts. Her nipples were very hard. as I could feel them clearly through her Tops, ohhhhhh what a sensation that was. As I finished my small play I lifted her Top up to her tits. She had a tight fitting black bra inside. With little difficulty I unhooked her bra and in a flash her twins were mine and wow , there were her tits in front of me very beautiful , big and white with brown nipples, I slowly bit her nipples and sucked on one while playing with the other. I could tell that she was having a great time. I started sucking her hard nipples like crazy, and grabbed her tits very hard, as my other hand moved slowly from her ankles, making wave patterns slowly all the way up to her inner thighs. Each inch I moved up her legs I could feel more and more warmth rising up from her pussy. without hesitation I moved my hand up to her pussy. It felt warm and I could feel the wetness beginning to show. My hand stroked her inner thigh, moving close and closer to her womanhood. The moment I touched her pussy, I could feel Tina completely giving herself to me. she opened her legs wide and said “feel me” so I complied. Twirling her fine pubic hairs and could feel them moisten and soon I was teasing the top of her pussy with my hand. rubbing and gently applying pressure. I soon entered her pussy. Her hole was very tight and my finger found some difficulty in moving inside of her. As I pushed my finger in, she moaned out aloud, and with that I began to finger her pussy starting at a slow rhythm in and out my finger went. We had started to kiss and as I fingered her she began to descend her hand down towards my prick. This is what I had been waiting for…. As I moved my finger around her sweet wet love hole, her hand reached down and she began to rub my hard cock through my pant. As my hand’s motion got faster, I could hear her moans and she was crying out at the pure ecstasy that I was bringing to her. “ohh, feels so good, I want you inside me, please” she groaned. With that she pulled my pant down and out sprung my cock. it was throbbing at the thought of what was about to happen. Her hands were all over my chest, her nails scratching over my chest as she took her fingers and ran them all the way down to my thighs.

Tina was on fire, she then pulled my underpants and took out my cock, It stood like a rod , she gently pressed it and started to stroke it. My cock grew like a rod in no time, She now was an uncontrollable horny bitch. At that moment she suddenly turned around and looked me straight in the eyes. “I want you badly” she said. She just pushed me over and took over my hot, juicy, banana to play. She first gave a soft kiss to my dick. She gave me a wonderful blowjob. It hurt at first when her teeth rubbed against the skin but slowly pain turned to pleasure. Wow, what a feeling, a wave of electricity passed through our my body. Then, she started licking it like a loly pop. It was going in and out of her mouth and I was just enjoying every pulse of it.

I again started figure fucking, she now slept and asked me to lick her cunt. I obeyed her, I kissed her thighs all over and on the waist & put down her panty with my tooth & kissed her inside the milky thighs. she smelled wonderful kissed I made a soft kiss on her cunt lips first. And then I started licking her pussy from outside, I was licking her pussy like a hungry dog drinking his milk. ohh what a feeling that was … Slowly, I inserted my tongue into her cunt and started to fuck her by tongue. I was enjoying her juices. And to be frank, her passion was unmatchable. She pressed my head against her cut hard she let out a scream and started moaning by now she was moaning and yelling & screaming loudly I kept sucking her wet cunt and took my tongue deep inside her hot cunt, the passion was uncontrollable, and the moments were very well backed up by her moans.

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