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“You can’t tell mom and dad,” my sister said. She was sitting on her bed, covering herself with her comforter. “You know what they’ll do.” Her eyes were welling with tears. She was upset for good reason. I had come home early from work and found her with a large, black cock in her mouth. The owner of the cock has long since vanished. Our parents were both hard working and successful lawyers. As well, they were incredibly religious, and were strongly against many things they viewed as immoral. Highest on the list were premarital sex and interracial relationships. While neither my sister nor I held the same beliefs, our parents made it clear often that if we wanted to keep our trust funds, we better abide by their beliefs.

A little background: my sister Rachel and I are twins (fraternal). We were always close growing up, and we hung out with the same friends. As we became teenagers, we still hung out, but our relationship became edgier, and my sister became a little bit of a bitch. We both still lived at home ? I went to a local community college, and Rachel went to the State college, less than two miles from home.

I knew Rachel had engaged in sexual activities, as had I, but until now I had never actually witnessed it. We both did a good job of playing the obedient children. We both wanted our trust funds when we turned 21, less than 2 years from now. Each of us would get a little more that $1.5 million. Unless something made our parents change their mind.

“Please, Ben, you can’t tell them,” she pleaded. She knew that if her parents found out that she had been sexually involved with a black man, she’d be disowned, and the trust fund would be gone. I thought about it for a minute. She was crying now.

I had always found my sister incredibly sexy. She had an amazing body, skinny but with curves in the right places. Her breasts were on the small side but perfectly proportioned. Her ass was tiny but perfect, like two halves of a large melon. I would often masturbate thinking about fucking her. I decided that I shouldn’t let this opportunity pass me by.

“I won’t tell mom and dad,” I said. “But you have to do something for me.”

Relief flooded her face. “Thank you Ben. Whatever you want, tell me and I’ll do it.”

“You can start by dropping the comforter,” I said. She looked confused for a minute.

“What? Why, Ben?” she asked.

“Because, I want to see you naked,” I answered.

“But you can’t. I’m your sister,” she answered.

“I know. If you don’t want me to tell mom and dad, you’d better be my naked sister in a hurry,” I said.

She stared at me, her confusion becoming replaced by a mix of anger and disgust. Slowly she dropped the comforter, exposing her breasts. The rest of the comforter was draped across her thighs, covering her crotch. Her breasts were gorgeous. I had previously only seen them under a t-shirt or bathing suit. They were perfectly formed, and she had no tan lines. I felt my cock stir in my jeans.

“That’s a start. Now the rest,” I said.

“Ben, no,” she said. “We can’t do this. It’s wrong.” She continued staring at me.

“The comforter, or else,” I said. My cock was now completely erect and was straining the fabric of my jeans.

“Ben, please,” she begged. I didn’t say anything. She sighed, seeming to resign herself to her fate, and threw the comforter on the ground.

I had expected her to be wearing panties, but she wasn’t. Her pussy was completely hairless, and like her breasts there was no sign of tan lines. I moved closer to get a better view.

She was still aroused, I could see. Her lips were puffy and reddish, and they glistened with her juices. She was glaring at me.

“Satisfied, jerk?” she spat. She closed her legs.

“Open them,” I said.

She looked away, and fresh tears started down her cheeks. She closed her eyes and opened her legs again. I knelt in front of her and stared at her bare mound. I imagined how it would feel to slide my cock between those lips. I was dying, and needed release. I stood up.

Rachel closed her legs again and looked at me. “Are you done?” she asked in a desperate tone.

“I am, but you’re not,” I said. Confusion came back into her eyes, replaced by fear as I unzipped my jeans. My 7-inch cock sprang out.

“God Ben, what are you doing?” she shrieked, looking away. “Stop it! Put that away and get out!”

“Touch it,” I said. She was still turned away. “Touch it, Rachel.”

“No Ben. Get out now,” she said. She didn’t look at me. I put my cock away and zipped up my pants.

“Okay, I’ll go. Mom and dad should be home soon, so I guess we’ll have a good talk.” I started for the door. Before I got there, Rachel said, “Stop”.

I turned around. She was looking at me. “I’ll do what you want. But I’ll only touch it, nothing else.”

I didn’t say anything, I just walked back and unzipped again. My cock was still rock hard. She stared at it. “Touch it,” I said.

Slowly, she reached out and put her hand around my shaft. I gasped at her touch. She held me like that, and then let go.

“Happy?” she asked.

“Almost,” I replied. “Do that again.” I said.

She grabbed me again, and I put my hand on hers and started moving it up and down. She got the hint and took over. It felt incredible. She had obviously done this before. I was so overwhelmed I knew that I would come very quickly. I didn’t want her to move out of the way, so I didn’t give her any sign that my orgasm was approaching.

As she jerked me, she gave a sudden squeeze, and that was enough to drive me over the edge. My cock jumped and cum splashed all over Rachel. The first spurt was a huge rope that landed on her head and face. She instinctively moved away, and the next spurts landed on her tits and belly. I kept coming, covering her chest. I had never come that much in my life. Finally, I was done, and Rachel took her hand away. She wiped it on the sheets, then used the sheets to wipe the rest of the cum off her face and front.

“Thanks, sis,” I said. She glared at me. “I won’t tell mom and dad, but you’ll have to do that for me again.”

“No way,” she said. “That’s it Ben. No more.”

“Have it your way,” I said. I saw her deflate again. I knew I had her.

“I’ll see you at dinner,” I said, and left her room.


Our parents came home at about 6:30, and we all sat down to dinner at 7. Rachel had to take a shower to get all the cum off. She didn’t speak a lot at dinner, and our mom asked her what was wrong.

“I just don’t feel well,” she said. “I think I may have the flu.”

“Well, why don’t you go up and lay down?” our dad said. “Ben will bring you some tea. Won’t you Ben?”

“Of course, dad.” I said. Rachel looked at me, then left the table and went upstairs.

After dinner, mom and dad decided to go out to visit friends down the street for a couple hours. I promised to take good care of Rachel.

After my parents left, I made some chamomile tea and took it up to Rachel. She was lying in her bed, watching TV. She looked at me as I walked in. I set the tea on her night table. She muttered a thank you.

I sat on the bed beside her, and pulled down her comforter. She was wearing sweatpants cut to shorts, and a tank top with no bra. She tried to pull the covers back up, but I stopped her.

“Ben, please don’t,” she pleaded. “I can forgive you for what happened before, but it can’t go one. You must know that.” Part of me did, but another part of me couldn’t stop.

“Just relax for a minute,” I told her. I pulled the covers all the way off. I pulled at the drawstring holding on her shorts, and pulled them off. Rachel tried to resist, but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to stop me. For the second time that day, I was greeted with the sight on her completely hairless pussy.

“Why don’t you have any pubic hair?” I asked. She didn’t answer right away. I asked her again. She turned away from me.

“It’s easier to wax it all. Guys like it because it makes me look younger, and because it’s cleaner when they go down on me.” Her voice was emotionless.

“Go down on you? You mean lick your pussy?” I asked. I had never done that, but was suddenly very intrigued by the idea.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Do you like it when guys do that?” I asked. She turned to look at me, her eyes burning with anger and humiliation.

“Of course I do,” she answered. “Don’t you like it when girls suck your cock?” she asked venomously.

“Yes, I do,” I replied. In truth, I’d only had two blowjobs, and neither one was that good. I moved to the foot of the bed and grabbed Rachel’s feet. I pulled them apart and moved closer to her pussy. She didn’t resist, probably assuming I was just going to look again. I moved closer and closer, until my nose was almost touching her outer lips. Her smell was intoxicating. Before I knew what I was doing I had run my tongue all the way along her slit. Rachel jumped out of the bed.

“Jesus Christ, Ben! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” She yelled. Good thing our parents weren’t home.

“I’m licking your pussy,” I answered. “Or at least I was.” I didn’t move off the bed. Rachel was standing in front of me, naked from the waist down. I waited for her to say something.

“Ben, get out,” she said. “I won’t tell mom and dad about any of this, but you have to get out now.”

“Lay down on the bed,” I told her.

“No Ben. Get out, now,” She said. “If I tell mom and dad what you’ve done, you’ll be in just as much trouble as I am.”

“No I won’t,” I answered. “If you tell them, I’ll tell them you’re lying to try to cover up your relationship with Frank, and about how I walked in and saw you swallowing his entire cock. Who do you think they’ll believe?”

She knew I had her. My credibility with our parents was a lot better than hers. She knew they’d believe me over her. She stood for a minute, and then sat down on the bed.

“Do whatever you want for five minutes. Then you’ll stop. Agreed?” she said.

“Sure,” I answered. I would take as much time as I wanted, but she didn’t need to know that. She laid back down on the bed and spread her legs. She covered her face with a pillow.

I repositioned myself in front of her pussy, and licked it again. I felt her whole body tense. I stared eating her in earnest. I found her clit and alternated between sucking on it and licking her pussy lips. I slowly put my index finger inside her, and felt her tense again. She let out a loud sob.

I carried on, with two fingers now inside her. I licked and sucked her clit, and I noticed that her hips were starting to move against me. I could feel her vaginal muscles start contracting. Holy shit, I thought. She’s going to cum. I kept going and before long she was thrashing under me, her cunt spasming as she came. I slowly took my fingers out and licked them, savouring her sweet juices. I looked at her. The pillow was gone, and her face was a mix of emotions.

I knelt between her legs and took off my own sweatpants. My cock was rock hard again. She suddenly looked terrified.

“No Ben,” she said. “You can’t. Don’t put that inside me.”

“Relax,” I said. “You can jerk me off like last time.” I moved up so that I was kneeling between her spread legs, my cock over her stomach. Without having to be told, she grabbed me and started jerking. She must have wanted to get it over with, because she was going very fast. It worked. In less than a minute I was cumming for the second time today. The first spurt again landed on her face and in her hair. I kept cumming, covering the rest of her body. Amazingly I think I came more this time. Her tank top was splattering with my cum. She sat up and took it off, and used it to wipe off her hair and face. She pulled the covers up and turned away from me, staring at the TV. I left without saying anything.


For the next few weeks, things went back to normal, pretty much. I had Rachel give me a few more handjobs, and while she didn’t necessarily seem to like it, she protested less and less each time. She even started taking a little longer. She became better at sensing my approaching orgasms, and would aim my cock so that I came in her hand or in a cloth or sock if she had one handy. She stopped trying to tell me that we couldn’t keep doing this. I guess she figured once we hit 21, she could tell me off without fear.

Then, one Friday, our parents came home and announced that they were going on a trip for a week. They were leaving us to take care of the house, and each other. Of course, we weren’t to have any parties, and we never would, because there’s no way our parents wouldn’t find out. But, with our parents gone, we were free to stay out late and come home in a less than sober state.

They left on Saturday, and that night both Rachel and I ended up at the same party. I was playing a drinking game with some buddies in the kitchen, and I saw Rachel dancing with Frank in the living room. He was getting very frisky, and she was fighting to keep his hands off her. Finally, she slapped him in the face, and he stormed out.

I lost sight of Rachel for a couple hours, and when I saw her again she was in the backyard, drinking Southern Comfort from the bottle and taking pretty big pulls off of a nice sized joint. She was sitting with a couple girlfriends. I walked over to her and grabbed her by the arm.

“Come on, sis,” I said, pulling her to her feet. “I think you’ve had enough.” She was not at all stable on her feet, and I had to prop her up.

“Naaaa,” she slurred. “I don’ wanna go. I wanna stay with my girls.” The last word came out like ‘girlsh’.

“I know, but I think you need to get some sleep,” I told her. “Say goodnight, Rachel.”

“Goo’nite, Rachel,” she said with a wave. I got her out to the car and poured her into the front seat. I had only had a couple beers and was fine to drive. I started the car and pulled out of the driveway.

A few minutes later, I pulled into our driveway. Rachel had slept the entire short trip, and I had to shake her to rouse her. I helped her into the house and into her bed. She sat on the bed, and as I turned to go, she grabbed my belt and turned me to face her. Without saying a word, she unzipped my jeans and took my flaccid cock in her hands.

“Rachel, what are you doing,” I asked. This was the first time she has initiated anything between us.

“Isn’t this what you want,” she asked, her words still slightly slurred. “I might as well give it to you, because you’ll make me anyway,” she said. My cock was growing hard. I hadn’t planned on doing anything tonight, but it would be hard to say no with her soft, skilled fingers slowly stroking my shaft.

She took her time, and every time I sensed my orgasm approaching, she’d slow down. After about ten minutes, I told her I had to sit down because my legs were getting tired.

I laid on the bed, and she resumed her stroking. She was going unbearably slow, running her hand over the head every now and then to lubricate my shaft with my precum. Suddenly I felt a familiar pressure build. She sensed it, and tried to slow down even more, but it was no use. I exploded, hitting myself in the face, and drenching her pillow. She kept pumping while I finished, shooting an unbelievable amount of cum onto my chest and stomach.

When I was finished, she wiped her hand on my leg, and grabbed a towel off her dresser.

“Here, clean up with this,” she said. “Goodnight, Ben.” She laid down and turned away from me. I took the hint and left her room, dropping the jizz soaked towel in her hamper.

I went to my room, threw on a robe, and headed to the bathroom to clean up before bed. As I passed Rachel’s room, I heard an unmistakable sound. I put my ear to the door and heard the sounds of my sister masturbating. I pushed the door, and it swung open silently. She was laying on her bed, naked, with one hand between her legs and the other one alternating between her two nipples. Even though I had just come, I felt my cock stir. I tiptoed over to the side of her bed and watched. I could tell she was getting close. I waited until I thought she was almost there.

“Need some help?” I asked. She must have jumped 10 feet in the air.

“Goddamn it Ben! You scared the shit out of me!” She wasn’t slurring anymore.

“Sorry,” I said, grinning widely. “I heard noises and wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“I’m fine, thanks,” she said, sitting on the edge of her bed. “Can you please go?”

“So you can finish?” I asked her.

“Not likely,” she said. “After that scare, I couldn’t if I wanted to.”

“Well, maybe I can,” I said. She seemed to weigh the offer. She opened her mouth to say something, and then reconsidered. She simply laid down on her back and spread her legs.

My cock was rock hard as I positioned myself between her legs again. I took time, savouring the aroma of her pussy. She was in a very aroused state, and I was surprised at how wet she was. I ran my finger up and down her glistening slit. She gasped and lifted her hips toward my finger. I smiled.

As she had, I took my time. I would build her up to the brink of orgasm, then stop completely and watch her thrash around. She would try to finish herself, but I grabbed her hands and kept them away. I would lick her clit while I fucked her with my fingers. I had read about the female G spot, and I tried to locate hers. Based on the sharp gasp she made, apparently I found it. I kept bringing her up and down, until I thought she couldn’t take it any more. I started in earnest, working her clit and finger fucking her. I felt her vaginal muscles start to contract and knew she was seconds away. Without being obvious, I moved my pinky so it was just outside her asshole. Her juices had been running and I knew that her anus would be well lubricated. As she started cumming, I stuck my pinky in her ass.

She screamed and thrashed like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I almost came myself, feeling both her cunt and ass muscles contracting as she came. She didn’t stop for almost a full minute. It’s a good thing our parents weren’t home, or anywhere close to home.

After she came down, she looked at me with the same mixture of emotions; anger, humiliation, and a little bit of lust. She didn’t say anything, just turned over onto her stomach. Typically, this is when I would leave, but today I had another idea. I climbed on top of her and held her.

She didn’t move, and for a minute neither did I. I shifted so that my cock was nestled between her ass cheeks, and let it rest there for a moment. Then I slowly started pumping back and forth. It felt exquisite. She didn’t try to stop me, probably hoping that I would come and then leave her alone. Not today, though.

Holding her wrists, I lifted myself up a bit and moved my cock a little lower. On one of my downstrokes, I moved enough that the head of my cock brushed the entrance to her pussy. She gasped and tensed. I went back to rubbing my cock between her cheeks. Ever couple of strokes I’d brush my head against her wet lips. Then, without warning, instead of pulling back I pushed forward. She cried out.

“Ben, no!!!” she yelled. My head was inside her pussy, and it felt like nothing else I had ever felt. She was incredibly tight, and I wondered suddenly if she was a virgin. I pushed forward a little more. Her tightness was overcome by the copious amount of fluid that she was producing.

“Ben, stop!!! Please, Ben, don’t do this,” she said, tears starting to flow down her cheeks. “I’m a virgin, Ben.”

That was enough for me. I kept pushing, and soon felt pressure at her hymen.

“Ow!!” she screamed. “Ben, it hurts. You’re too big. Please take it out. It hurts.”

Her cries turned me on even more. I pulled back and then pushed forward harder, and I felt her resistance give. She shrieked. I kept going and before I knew it my cock was buried to the hilt in my sister’s pussy. I grabbed her tiny ass cheeks and pulled them open. I looked down, and saw her wet lips wrapped around my shaft. I couldn’t believe my cock was inside her. It looked like I should be splitting her in half. The sight of her tiny ass cheeks spread apart and my glistening cock in her virgin pussy was too much to handle. My cock jerked, and I unloaded what felt like buckets of cum into my sister. She must have felt it, because she started to panic.

“Nonononononononono,” she said. “No, don’t cum in me, I’m not on the pill, no Ben, don’t, nonononono.” She was almost incoherent. I had finished cumming, and pulled my cock out of her pussy. There was a little bit of blood, and a lot of cum. As I pulled out, a stream of cum flowed out, over her pussy lips and puddle on the sheet. Rachel was crying softly.

“Ben, how could you,” she said. “How could you rape me and cum inside me?” Her face was buried in her pillow. I felt guilty, but as I stared at her back and ass, and watched my cum flow out of her, I realized that I would need to do this again.


We didn’t do anything for the next month or so. Rachel didn’t talk to me unless our parents were around, and event then she was very curt in her conversation. I was worried that our last encounter might push her over the edge, and she’d tell our parents. She’d lose her trust fund, but so would I. I didn’t think that either of us wanted that.

One night, I went into the bathroom just after Rachel had come out of the shower. As I was taking a leak, I noticed a tampon wrapper in the garbage. I felt relieved, knowing that if she was having her period, she wasn’t pregnant. After I finished peeing, my cock became hard as I thought about the last time. I grabbed my cock and jerked off in record time, shooting my cum into the toilet in less than a minute. I realized that I needed some more of my sister.

A few days later I saw my opportunity. Our parents were going to a gala dinner, and said they’d be home late. Even though neither one drank, they liked to dance and have a good time, and routinely would get home after midnight.

Rachel seemed to sense my mood, and after dinner, she sat on the couch and stared at the TV. She didn’t even look at me when I sat down beside her. After about 5 minutes, she looked over. I smiled at her. Without a word, she reached over and unbuckled my belt. She tugged my jeans off, and my cock was standing at attention. I hadn’t jerked off since the bathroom, so I was aching. She looked at me again as she wrapper her hand around my shaft.

I laid back and closed my eyes, savouring the feeling. Suddenly, her hand stopped, replaced by her mouth. She had never taken me in her mouth, and the feeling was unbelievable. She took the entire length of my shaft, and I felt my cock head hit the back of her throat. It was too much to handle, and I came right away. She grunted and swallowed as much as she could, but apparently my load was too big because some of it escaped and dripped down her chin. She held me in her mouth until I started to soften, the pulled back. She wiped her chin with her t-shirt and turned back towards the TV.

Rachel was wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt, and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. I reached over and started to pull her t-shirt up. She pushed my hand away and pulled her shirt back down. This went on for a few minutes before she finally gave up. With an exasperated sigh, she sat forward and pulled her shirt over her head and threw it at me. Her tits were as gorgeous as ever, sitting pertly, nipples hardening in the air. I leaned over and took one of her nipples in my mouth. I felt her stiffen slightly, but she didn’t try to push me away.

I kept licking and sucking her nipples and breasts. Rachel tried to pretend it wasn’t affecting her, but after about ten minutes, she started to moan very quietly, and she would shift in her seat. I felt my cock getting hard again.

I moved to kneel in front of her. I reached up and pulled the drawstring on her pants. She was looking at me, half pleading to stop, and half pleading to keep going. I hooked my fingers into the waistband and pulled them off.

Her bald pussy was staring at me. I didn’t waste any time, licking her slit top to bottom. I found her clit right away and started working on it. Rachel reacted immediately, groaning loudly and pushing her pussy towards me. I slid two fingers into her already wet cunt, and began fucking her. She was rapidly approaching the brink, and I didn’t stop. I felt her muscles start to contract, and increased my efforts. She came with a scream, her thighs locking around my head. I slowed down as her orgasm subsided, but I didn’t move.

My fingers were still inside her, and after about fifteen seconds, I slowly started moving them in and out. Rachel gasped. I gently licked her clit, and she jumped. I did it again, and she squirmed, trying to pull back. I put my other hand under her ass and pulled her forward.

I started slowly, and gradually got faster and faster. Rachel was enjoying it, moaning and squirming. I took one finger from my free hand and ran it around the outside of her cunt, getting it well lubricated. I placed the tip by her anus, and moved it in small circles. Rachel tensed, clenching both her ass and cunt muscles. I started pushing my finger slowly against her clenched ass. Even though she was closed tight, the lubrication allowed my to push past her sphincter. I pulled back and pushed forward until I had my entire finger buried in her ass.

I kept working on her clit, and before long I knew Rachel was going to come again. This orgasm was going to be different though. Her legs started shaking, and she was uttering small grunting sounds, like ‘uhuhuhuhuhuhuh’. I felt her ass and cunt muscles start to spasm, and her grunts got louder.

I knew she was going to come, but I didn’t expect what happened. As she came, her pussy squirted some kind of liquid all over my face. I pulled back for a moment, and then went back at her clit. Rachel was almost having convulsions, and she came for what must have been more than a minute. Finally, she seemed to be done, although her body would still twitch involuntarily with the after effects. I stood up and looked down at her.

Her tanned body was glistening, partly from sweat and partly from her ejaculation. Her cheat was heaving, and her eyes were only half open. Her legs were still spread, twitching every now and then. Her pussy lips were red and puffy and dripping. I knelt in front of her again. My cock pointing at her pussy.

Rachel was completely out of it, and didn’t react until the head of my cock touched her lips. Her eyes opened and she tried to move away. I grabbed her hips and pulled her forward. My cock slid partly into her.

“No,” she said quietly. She pushed at my chest, trying to keep me from pushing forward. I grabbed her hands and held them over her head. I pushed into her. She winced as my cock entered her. I pulled back a bit and then pushed all the way in.

“Ouch!” Rachel cried out, and I held myself completely inside her. I started moving back and forth. Rachel had her eyes closed, and a tear ran down her cheek. I kept going, fucking her slowly, then pushed all the way in again. I started to rub my crotch against hers, stimulating her clit. After a minute or so, Rachel’s body began to betray her, and I felt her start to move against me. I pulled back and started fucking her again, with long, slow strokes. I let go of her hands, and with one of them I started to rub her clit.

I was trying hard to hold off my orgasm, but as Rachel started to come again I knew it would be impossible for me not to as well. Rachel cried out as she came, and at the same time I pushed all the way in and held myself there, my cock erupting in her warm pussy. I waited until we were both finished, and then pulled out. When my cock came out, a river of cum flowed out and pooled on the couch under Rachel’s pussy.

Rachel turned her head to the side and closed her eyes. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I went back into the living room. Rachel wasn’t there, but she came back in about five minutes later. There was a large wet spot on the couch where my cum and Rachel’s juices pooled. Rachel had a damp cloth and scrubbed the spot, removing most of the fluids. Then she turned the cushion over and sat down. She didn’t look at me. We watched TV for about an hour, and then I went to bed.


Rachel and I continued our sessions, almost on a daily basis. Rachel would still protest, but her heart wasn’t in it. By the time I would get her pants off, her pussy would be dripping. Her body certainly grew to like the attention, and she would always orgasm at least once, usually twice, and once I made her come 7 times.

I also got bolder. Once, Rachel and I were doing dishes after dinner. It was a warm summer evening, and our parents were sitting outside by the pool. We could see them from the window over the sink. It would be hard to see inside, as the setting sun was reflecting off the windows.

Rachel was standing at the sink, washing the pots. She was wearing thin cotton sweatpants that hugged her tight ass, and I could tell there were no panties underneath. I walked up behind her and put my hands on her hips. I pulled her ass back into my growing erection.

“Ben, stop,” she said. “Mom and dad are right there.” I didn’t stop, instead running one of my hands around to her stomach and then down over her pussy. She groaned quietly.

“Ben, stop. Please,” she said, but already her hips were gyrating. I knew she would be wet already. I stopped rubbing her crotch and pulled down her sweatpants. I quickly undid my jeans and let them fall to the floor. Without wasting time, I placed the head of my cock at her pussy and rubbed it back and forth a few times. She was incredibly wet. I pushed my cock into her. It went in easily, and in one smooth motion I was buried to the hilt in my sister. She put her hands on the counter and thrust her ass back towards me.

I started moving in and out slowly. I wanted this to last, but I knew that we needed to be quick. I didn’t want to have to stop if our parents came in. I put my hands back on Rachel’s hips and started fucking her a little faster. She was grunting each time I would thrust into her. She was looking out the window, making sure our parents were still sitting. She took one hand off the counter and started to rub her clit. I knew that when she did that she would come almost right away. To drive her over the edge, I licked my thumb and slowly pushed it into her ass. Before I knew it she was shaking, her legs buckling. She came hard, spraying cum all over the floor. I followed with my own orgasm, shooting my hot load deep into her pussy.

We stood there, my softening cock still inside Rachel. As we caught our breath, our m other stood up and started towards the house. I quickly pulled out of my sister’s pussy, my cock bringing a large stream of cum with it. I quickly pulled up my jeans, and Rachel pulled up her pants. Immediately, the grey fabric was stained dark by the mess flowing out of her pussy. She ran upstairs, leaving me to clean up the mess that both of our cum had made on the kitchen floor.

Our mom walked in as I was wiping up the mess with paper towel. She looked down at me.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing,” I replied. “I just spilled some water.”

“You always were the clumsy one,” she said jokingly. “Where’s Rachel?”

“I spilled some water on her, so she went to change her pants.”

“Okay. I’m going to go have a shower. Your father may fall asleep out there, so do me a favour and keep an eye on him.”

“Okay, mom,” I said. “I’ll do that.” After she left, I finished wiping the cum off the floor, and then finished doing the dishes. I didn’t see Rachel again that night.

The next day, after our parents went to work, I took a shower and was walking by Rachel’s room back to my own. She was on the ground, doing yoga. She was following a yoga DVD on her TV. She was in a child’s pose, kneeling on the ground with her body bent all the way forward, her head almost touching the ground. I could see the outline of her hairless pussy through her yoga pants.

Next, she stood up, stretched towards the ceiling, then bent forward, placing her palms flat on the floor. Her face was now looking in my direction. She saw me, but didn’t say anything. I dropped my towel, exposing my rock hard cock. She held her pose, closing her eyes. She held that position for several minutes. Then I noticed a small wet spot forming on her pants, right over her pussy. I grinned.

I walked over behind her and pulled her pants down. She was trembling slightly. I squatted behind her and buried my face in her pussy. I didn’t want to take my time, and with some quick tongue work I had her coming in less than a minute. She was still bent over, panting heavily.

“Get down on the floor like you were before,” I said. She didn’t hesitate, and resumed the child’s pose. In this position, her ass was perfectly presented. I decided this would be the day we tried the one thing we hadn’t yet. There was a small jar of Vaseline on Rachel’s dresser. I grabbed it and put it behind her on the floor without her noticing. I knelt behind her and put my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I pushed into her, and she sighed as I entered her completely. She reached her arms out in front of her and flattened herself out even more.

I went extremely slowly, pulling all the way out, and then pushing all the way back in. Her pussy was still extremely tight, and I loved the feeling of being buried inside her. As I slowly fucked her, I put a small amount of Vaseline on my finger, and placed it at the entrance to her ass. She moaned, no longer trying to stop me. I pushed my finger in, then pulled it out, putting a little more Vaseline on it. I repeated this a few times, and I don’t think she noticed. She was beginning her approach to orgasm, I could tell. I had the both the outside and inside of her ass well lubricated now, and I was ready to take the next step.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and coated it with Vaseline. I quickly placed my head on her brown rosebud. She moaned, probably thinking it was my finger again. When I pushed forward, she realized what was going on. Before she could protest, the head of my cock had popped inside her ass.

“OOOWWWWWW!!!!” she yelled. “Fuck Ben, what are you doing?” she screamed. She tried to get away, but I had her hips firmly in my grasp.

“Just relax,” I told her. “It will hurt less if you relax.”

“Fuck you,” she yelled. “It’ll hurt less if you take your cock out of my ass.” Instead of taking it out, I pushed in a little more.

“AAHHHHHH” she screamed. “Ben, stop. STOP!! IT HURTS!!!” She was almost panicking, and it was getting hard to keep her under control. I decided to go for it, and pushed forward with one might thrust. Suddenly my cock was buried in her ass. She went nuts.

“AAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHH” she screamed again. I was suddenly worried about our neighbors, and if they could hear her. I held myself in her ass, hoping she would get accustomed to the feeling and relax a bit. After a minute she did seem to calm down. At least she stopped yelling.

“Ben,” she gasped. “Fuck Ben, that hurts so much. Please take it out. Please take your cock out of my ass.”

Hearing her say those words drove me crazy. I started to very slowly pull my cock out of her ass. She made a noise that sounded kind of like “UUGGGHHH”. When my cock was almost out, I pushed it all the way back in.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” she shouted. “NOOOOO, Ben, take it out. Please. Oh fuck that hurts. Take it out. Please, fuck my pussy, or I’ll blow you, just please take that thing out of my ass.” She was on the verge of tears. There was no way I could stop now.

I pulled out again, almost completely, then thrust back in. Rachel continued to sob. She was quietly saying “It hurts, it hurts, it hurts” over and over again. I started fucking her ass with short, gentle strokes. Every time I would push into her, she would emit a loud grunt. After a few strokes, I knew I couldn’t hold back. I looked down and watched as my shaft slid into her tight ass. It looked like a baseball bat compared to her small asscheeks. I pulled out and pushed back in, amazed that her tiny ass was able to accommodate my cock. I buried myself completely and came, shooting what felt like a gallon of cum deep inside my sister’s bowels.

When I finally stopped coming, I slowly pulled my cock from her ass. She whimpered quietly. I watched as a small drop of cum appeared at her ass. I guess the tightness of her rectum kept the rest of it from gushing out.

I went into the bathroom and washed my cock with soap and water. Rachel came in and sat on the toilet. She didn’t look at me and didn’t say anything. I heard her push my cum out of her ass, heard it splash into the water. I knew if I stayed, I’d get hard again, but I figured after that performance, Rachel deserved a break.

I went out to do some errands, and when I got home, Rachel was in the kitchen drinking a glass of juice. She was sitting at the kitchen table, and I noticed she was sitting on a cushion. I was suddenly worried that I had really hurt her.

“Are you okay?” I asked. She looked up at me with sad eyes.

“What do you think, you prick?” she said. “You just fucked my ass. It’s sore as hell.”

I didn’t say anything, and she looked away.

“Ben, we have to talk,” she said. I figured this day would eventually come. I figured she was going to tell our parents, or worse yet, the police. I kept quiet and waited for her to continue.

“I really hate you for what you’ve done to me,” she said. “I can’t begin to explain how wrong it is. And you know that, but you keep doing it. You keep fucking me whenever you want and however you want.” She took a sip of juice.

“I can’t go to mom and dad, because they’ll take away my trust fund as well as yours, and that’s something I’m not prepared to give up.”

“So, what are you saying?” I asked. I didn’t know what she was trying to say.

“I’m saying that even if I could go to mom and dad, I wouldn’t. I hate you for doing this, but I’m addicted to it. I get wet when you’re around, because all my body can think about if having you fuck me or go down on me. I masturbate constantly, and when I do, I think about your cock.”

This wasn’t what I expected. Was she giving me her approval?

“I’m not going to accept this as being right, but I can’t stop. This is what you’ve turned me into. A sister who can’t live without her brother’s cock. And I hate you for that.”

With that, she stood up and walked out of the kitchen. She was walking in a funny way. I smiled to myself.


We continued our activities. Rachel would now let me know if she was horny. On several occasions, I would find her on my bed, her ass in the air, fingering her pussy. I would get behind her and put my cock in her pussy, and we’d both come in seconds.

She told me she was on the pill, which explains why she didn’t worry about me coming inside her. At our most daring, she sucked my cock in the living room, swallowing my cum as our parents sat in the kitchen.

One day, I walked by her room and noticed her doing yoga again. Our parents were out, and she was doing it naked. She was in the child’s pose again, and her pussy and ass were staring at me.

I quickly stripped and came up behind her. The Vaseline was still on the dresser, and I grabbed it. I bent down and started licking her pussy. She groaned. I licked her clit and her pussy lips, then slowly moved my tongue up and licked her asshole. She jumped. I went back to licking her pussy, and started pushing a Vaseline covered finger into her ass. I repeated the preparation treatment, and if Rachel noticed, she didn’t say anything. I stopped licking her and knelt behind her. I coated my cock with Vaseline and placed the head against her anus. I

I felt her tense, but she didn’t try to get away. I slowly pushed in, and the head suddenly popped in.

“Ow,” she said, but she didn’t tell me to stop. I kept going. I slowly pulled out and pushed back in, going a little deeper each time, until once again I had my whole cock deep in my sister’s ass. She whimpered.

“Are you okay?” I asked. She snorted.

“What to you think, genius?” she said. “I’m on my knees with my brother’s cock balls-deep in my ass. Does that sound okay to you?”

I got a little angry at her tone. “I meant does it hurt?” I asked.

“Maybe I’ll buy a dildo and shove it in your ass, so you can see how it feels,” she said. “Just hurry up and finish.”

I decided to oblige her, and began to fuck her ass with purpose. I pulled all the way out, then plunged all the way back in. Each time she would grunt, or utter a sharp “Fuck” or “Goddamn”.

I kept at it, fucking her ass with long, deep strokes. I thought I would come right away, but I found I had some staying power. I was really fucking her ass now, holding her by the hips. She was uttering strings of gibberish as I pumped her ass. Then, surprisingly, she slid one of her hands down between her legs. I knew she’d be fingering her clit, and sure enough I felt the familiar tremble start. She was going to come while I fucked her ass. The thought was enough to make me explode. As I started coming, so did she, and her orgasm caused her ass to contract on my cock, sending me into the throes of the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had. Rachel was spasming uncontrollably, and her cunt was spraying all over herself, me and the carpet. I stopped fucking her, but left my cock in her ass. I noticed that Rachel was not stopping.

She was rubbing her clit with fury now, building to a second orgasm. I felt it coming, her ass muscles spasming. She started to shake uncontrollably, and then she was there again, her pussy spraying as thrashed around. My cock was still in her ass, and it was getting hard again. I started moving, slowly fucking in and out of her well-lubricated asshole.

“Oh fuck Ben,” she groaned. “Not again. I can’t take it.”

“Sure you can,” I said. I pushed all the way back in, and Rachel grunted loudly.

“Fuck, that hurts,” she said. Her hand went back to her pussy. This time she shoved two fingers into herself. She started to moan quietly but continuously. I was still going slow, taking full, deep strokes. My cum was leaking out of her ass and onto her pussy.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck,” was all Rachel could manage. Her body was starting to tremble. “Ohgodohgodohgod,” she continued, then simply started grunting. I was still fucking her ass in slow, steady strokes, but she was working on her pussy with a vengeance.

“Oh god, I’m coming,” she screamed. I wasn’t ready to come, so I held her hips tightly and kept going. She was screaming now, her pussy gushing and her muscles contracting on my cock. I couldn’t believe how hard she was coming. Then I noticed she wasn’t stopping. She kept screaming, and her ass muscles were going crazy. I kept fucking her ass, faster now as her incredible orgasm brought me closer to my own.

She kept coming, her screams subsiding a little bit, her hand now working on her clit. I was amazed. She had been having a steady orgasm for at least 30 seconds, and showed no signs of letting up. I felt a sudden familiar pressure in my balls.

“Fuck, Rachel,” I said. “I’m going to cum again.” This pushed her even further over the edge, and her pussy gushed again as she screamed louder than I’ve ever heard. That was enough for me, and I pushed my cock all the way into her ass as I shot my second load. She collapsed on the floor, and I fell on top of her.

“My god, that was amazing,” I said. She didn’t answer. I pulled my cock out of her ass, bringing a river of cum with it. I looked at her. Her eyes were closed.

“Rachel?” I gently shook her. She didn’t respond. I suddenly got worried. I went to the bathroom and soaked a washcloth with cold water. I went back to her bedroom and held the washcloth against her forehead. After a few minutes, she started to stir. She opened her eyes.

“What happened?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I think you may have passed out. You came pretty hard.”

“Jesus, that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt in my life,” she said, and tried to sit up. I had to help her sit up, and then stand. As she stood, my cum ran out of her ass and down her legs. I felt my cock stir at the sight.

I helped her into her bed, and used the washcloth to wipe up some of the mess. By the time I got the covers on her, she was asleep. I lay down beside her, not meaning to sleep. I woke up sometime later to the sounds of our mother downstairs calling our names. I bolted out of the bed and ran to my room, closing the door as our mom climbed the stairs. It was a close call, but all I could think about was the next time I’d get to fuck my sister.

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My Sexy Little Sister

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The time i came back from my studies abroad. This is only intended to read by people over 18 adults!!
Hi people my name is shalikh. And i’m 23 years now The story i’m going to tell you happened 1 year ago i came back from usa completing my studies and it was good time to come back after 5 years in my family my folks got to airport to recieve me. My parents and my younger sis who was 2 years younger than me, about my sis – when i left pakistan she was only 15 and was in 10 th grade i didnt know when i’ll come back she would we so grown up she was 19 when i came back and fully mature now fully grown body and round tits and real nice back wow .

Well i was very surprise to see her like this at the airport. Then from airport we came back to house back in defence. Had family dinner and talked about 1:00 am in the morning every body was tired now were now heading to there rooms my eyes were all the time at my sis nice body, just couldnt imagine. Mom told her to show to my room which was just beside my sis room i followed her to my room she was looking gorgeous in that tight shalwar kameez . just than “bhai yeh tumahara kamra jaisa tha waisa he hai” i came to my room the scent of it was so nice i said “ok behena tum ja keh so jao main bhi so jata whon” she as usual kissed me on my chick as she used to do when she was 15 but this time i can feel her scent wow. With that she went to her room. About 2:30 as i was just going to sleep i again had strange feeling in my heart thinking about the great body of my sister i couldt hold my shaft was just going to blast i was in struggle to see my sis naked so i made the decision i got up came out of my room slowly and walked to my sis room i couldnt hear any thing from inside i slowly opened the door and got in.

It was dark in except of alittle light coming from the curtains of her room i hold my self and slowly walked to her bed and sat down on the floor near her bed she was fast asleep in the same tight shalwar kameez my hands were trembling but i hold on my self and guarded my hand on the top her body on the tits of her wow were they fluffy and round so soft wow. then i guarded my hand to lower part of her to her pussy touched it the lips were still together she was still a virgin.

Then i moved on and move my face over her tits and sucked the top of them the taste with the cloths on them was real nice a small amount of water came out of them as i was busy in the thing she murmered and at once got up .

She got shocked to see me her room at this time “bhai tum mere kamre meh kia karrahai ho is waqat” I just said “Sheeeeesh chup karjao agar tum nai kisi ko bataya to bauhat bura hoga ” with that i got in bed with her and said in her ears “mein tumharyi sath khelna chata whon ” she said “kiya khelna chatey ho bhai” with that i just put my hand over her tits and said “in say khena chahta whon ” she said ” nahin bhai yeh acha nahin” i said “koi baat nahin sirf ajj kai liye” with some struggle i persuaded her and she said ok but dont hurt her with that i just started kissing her lips neck i said “apne kapre utaro ” she resisted but i with in no time teared her cloths and stared tearing her panties and in no time i could see her whole beautiful body i just said” dekho yeh tumhre liye acha hai keh tum chup rehna theek hai”

With that i just started licking her whole body and in no time she was aroused too and helping me in the things i moved her head to my dick and said “is ko chuso ” and she did the same and then she quikly did it. wow – her lips were so smooth on my prick then i got moved back in the doggy position and put my big prick in her pussy that she screamed real loud but i didnt care and i moved back and front and she was moaning “hahahhaha aur aur zor sai” “jaldi karo aur jaldi” this was making me wild and with in no time i filled her pussy with my thick cum she was bleeding too and was about to faint i stayed there for 5 minutes with my dick in her pussy and after that i said thank you to her and she said “thank you kis baat ka mujhe pata tha jab tum aoo gay to main tumhe achi lagoon gi isi liye maine yeh tight kapre pehne thei” i was surprised at that and we did the whole thing again up till 4:00 in the morning. It was great coming back in the family again. any body want to ask any questions email me on … every body is welcome

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Sex with Bhavani

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Bhavani aunty was Amit’s mother’s sister. She used to stay in Gujarat, but after her divorce she got shifted to Mumbai. She was very beautiful 35 year old well built lady. She had come over to my house to stay over for a few days. She was always dressed provocatively. Her Salwar Kameez used to be tight fitting clearly displaying the curves within. Also when she wore saree it was always with a low cut blouse. As a whole she was a hot piece. Amit found her very seductive but then he thought she was her aunt and he was not supposed to look at her from sexual angle. Many times while she slept in the afternoon, Amit would look at her thighs which got exposed due to her saree getting raised. Also her buttocks attracted his attention when she was sleeping on her stomach.

That day Amit returned from his school at around 1:00 p.m. He was supposed to go to his friend’s place to study as he was told that no one would be at home. Amit thought he would snick into the house after school for sometime to scan through his father’s collection of nude pics on the computer. So he had silently kept the house keys in his school bag. He entered the house and threw his bag in the corner and marched towards the hall where the computer was kept. While he was doing so, he crossed his parent’s bedroom, he heard some sound. He casually walked to the door and slowly opened it to find nothing. But to his shock, Bhavani aunty was on her knees in front of the bed. His father sat on the bed, had his pant unzipped and his penis was sticking out. Bhavani was shaking the 8 inch prick. Amit got scared. He wanted to run off. So Amit ran to the door. But then he thought they had not seen so why not observe what they were upto.
He silently made arrangements in the kitchen to hide in the cupboard in case of emergency. He quitely opened the door of the bedroom a bit and kept watching inside. Chirag(Amit’s Father) had his eyes closed and was enjoying the pure sensation of Bhavani sucking on his penis. Bhavani was very skillful in her operation. She was taking the pint penis head in her mouth and giving heavy jerks from the base. She then started taking in more and more till she had the whole of his penis in her mouth. Chirag smiled and patted her head as she gave him a deep throat.
Chirag thought about his wife and said,
“Your sister is still an ametuer in this field. Why don’t you teach her some tricks?”
Bhavani releasing the penis from her mouth said,
“Why should I bother to teach her? If I do so then you won’t even care for me!!”
Chirag said,
“You are my butterfly. You are great. You add spice to my sex life”.
Bhavani started moving his penis and made lapping motions as if she was licking a choco bar ice cream. Chirag said,
“Okay, now do the strip dance for me”
Bhavani stood up and moved back from the bed. She started to gyrate her hips. She slowly let go of her saree from her shoulder and started to unwind from it. She moved like an orbiting planet displaying her full breast in her blouse. Her blouse showed distinct points indicating her erect nipples. She threw the saree on the bed and then slowly atrated unbuttoning her blouse. After she had removed three buttons, the blouse became compeletly loose and she moved it out of her arms. This feat exposed her round white globes of milk with dark brown nipples. She moved and carressed her hands on her tits and made moaning sounds. She held her tits by the nipples, shook them in circular motion thereby giving a rippling effect. Chirag’s prick was rock hard. He was shaking it while watching her undress. Then Bhavani pulled down her ghaghra. She was not wearing panty. Her dense pubic triangular hair got exposed. She moved her hand on the thick jungle and then turned around. She bend down pushing apart her legs. Her buttocks were heavy and very tasty.
Chirag saw her small puckered hole along with the lips of the fuckhole. The cunt was all wet. Bhavani stood up. Chirag approached her, stood in front of her and kissed her on the lips. He moved his hands on the tits, on her smooth back and finally rested them on her buttocks. Amit’s prick had stood up looking at all this. He had never known what forbidden fruit was like before this. Bhavani slept on the bed. Chirag stood between her legs. He spread her legs far apart and applied his penis at the cunt. He pushed in his prick slowly at first but then rammed it all the way in. Bhavani gave out a scream of delight. Chirag slept on her and kissed her lips. Holding her shoulders he started his up down movement in the cunt.
Bhavani was enjoying this to the fullest. The pleasure of foolong around with her sister’s husband always turned her on. Chirag started panting with all the exercise. Amit on the outside was going crazy watching all this. Chirag held her tits and pressed them hard. Bhavani said,
“Are you enjoying?”
Chirag said,
“Very! This is second time in my life after the first with you at the time of my marriage that I am throughly enjoying”
Bhavani added,
“Even I, though I had many partners the best upto now is you and only you”
Chirag kept on humping Bhavani for some time and then he was very close to orgasm. Bhavani said,
“Please withdraw, I would like to taste your juice”
Chirag was shocked. “I thought that Indian ladies don’t do forbidden things unless they are prostitutes”
Bhavani said,
“Don’t be mad. All women like to do this but only they are scared to spoil their image. Also they have to be forced to do so”
Chirag could not hold any more and so he withdrew, Bhavani took his prick in his mouth. The jets of sperm erupted from the eye of the prick and all this clearly vanished in Bhavani’s mouth. Bhavani smiled but cursed internally. What an useless husband my sister has got!! He can’t even fuck for 1/2 hour.
Chirag said,
“Don’t worry I would finger you till you cum”
Bhavani said,
“That even I could do !! Would you do something I tell you to do?”
Chirag said, “Well Yes sure?”
Bhavani said,
“Can you rim me and then blast my ass?”
Chirag was zapped. He could not believe what he heard. He said,
“You want me to fuck you up the ass. Ho My!! I always wanted to do it. Can I?”
Bhavani turned and slept on her tummy and spread her buttocks. Chirag observed her small asshole with anxiety. He asked,
“Have you done it before?”
Bhavani replied, “That was one of the reasons for my divorce. My husband felt disgusted to do it and I won’t go without it”
Chirag sat on the bed. Bhavani stood on her hands and knees and moved behind shaking her butts to where Chirag was sitting. Chirag nuzzlled his face into the crack of the big bum and smelled her hot asshole. He slowly probed her butthole by sticking the tip of his tongue on the periphery. Soon he was encircling her asshole which sent out delightful screams from Bhavani. Getting positive response, Chirag further oushed his tongue inside her ass and started salivating. This lead to his saliva wetting the outside of her hole. Chirag withdrew his tongue and lapped her asshole slowly for sometime. Bhavani suggested that he use his fingers to loosen her a bit for the action.
Chirag obidiently took his middle finger and started pushing in her butt. It was difficult for him to get the finger more than his nail inside. He withdrew from her ass and dipped his finger in the wet vagina and accumulated some of her juice and slid it up to her asshole. After some initial difficulty, Chirag slid half of his finger in. He frigged her like that for sometime. Bhavani was moaning with pleasure. Ever since she was raped in her ass by her husband’s best friend once, she had coaxed her husband to do her in ass. Now she was experiencing what she had on that dreaded night but only that today she wanted it done. Bhavani had used different Lady’s finger up her ass to satisfy her craving bum but it did not help.
Chirag was now fully erect. He stood in between her legs and held his penis. he touched her cunt and pushed his thingy fully inside and got it coated with the juice. He withdrew and then held the head of his penis at the asshole. Bhavani got ready. Chirag pressed hard. Bhavani gave out a scream. The penis was too big for her ass. Chirag stopped. Bhavani said,
“Don’t stop. Push in slowly”
He again increased pressure and was able to slip in the head of his penis in. Bhavani screamed and orgasmed. She shivered all over. She looked back and pulled her ass checks apart to relieve some of the pain. Chirag was enjoying this tightness of the hole. He kept on pushing inside. When he was about to ram in fully,,,
The door bell rang. Amit ran to the cupboard. Chirag pulled out his penis & started putting on his pants and shirt while Bhavani accumulated her clothes and ran into the bathroom. Chirag opened the door to find Sheena (his wife).
She came in and inquired, “Why are you sweating so much?”
Chirag made up a story that he had fallen asleep on the bed and forgotten to put on the fan. Chirag stalled her from going to bedroom as the fan was working full blast. Bhavani came out of the bathroom, turned off the fan and opened the cupboard slid inside.
Chirag then told Sheena, “We need to go to bank immediately. One of our check has bounced which I had drawn in your name”. So they moved out of the house.
Inside the cupboard Bhavani felt uncomfortable. Then she felt a small had touching her thighs. She was shocked but did not scream. As soon as she heard the door close, she jumped out of the cupboard and opened it completely to find Amit. She said,
“What are you doing here?”
Amit got scared and said,
“I am sorry. Please I won’t do it again”
It struck Bhavani that Amit would have seen everything. Amit was only 13 and might know what she and Chirag wwere upto. She said,
“What did you see, when did you come in the house?”
He replied that he had seen everything. Bhavani said not to utter a word of what he had seen. She would help him anyway. Just then Amit’s parents came in the house.
During dinner, Chirag was continuously looking at Bhavani. When Bhavani stood up next to him to take salad, he watched her buttocks from the side and was fully aroused. In fact he had not lost his erection from the time he withdrew. Amit also saw that Bhavani aunty took chance and brushed her father’s pants when his mother had gone to kitchen. Also when everybody was seated Bhavani had placed her leg in the groin of Chirag for sometime. Chirag was controlling hard not to make any sounds and eat calmly.
After dinner, while Sheena went in the bedroom, Amit went to his room. Chirag held Bhavani by her buttocks clad in the saree and said,
“Oh! I want to fuck your ass”
Bhavani said,
“You can’t with Sheena around. And tomorrow I have to leave for my place”
Chirag said,
“I would die in this state”
Bhavani replied,
“Don’t act dumb. All girls have ass and so all girls have asshole. Take Sheena’s asshole today. I will make it upto to you next time we meet”
Chirag got scared and said that Sheena would divorce her for that. Just then Sheena came out. Bhavani jokingly ran to the hall. Soon Sheena and Chirag retired into the bedroom.
Sheena had observed that Chirag was in a very aroused state all the evening. She asked,
“Why have you been in this way?”
Chirag said,
“My friend had called up to tell me that he had experimented some new kind of pose and style to add spice to his sex life and both his wife and him went crazy after doing it. I say can we try it?”
Sheena replied, “How did they do it?”
Chirag said,
“HO!! nothing much, my friend had just made love to her wife in the doggy style and then he ejected his sperms on her buttocks.”
Sheena shyed and said, “You have done that before only that you have always come in me”
Chirag said, “That is the whole point, I want to withdraw and puke my semen on your ass. That itself has aroused me as to how I would have to control”
Sheena agreed. She raised her night gown and removed her panties. She stooped with her hands taking support of the bedpost. Chirag came behind her and raised her gown to her waist. He observed the medium sized buttocks of his wife. He kissed them and then undid his pants to present his erect dick. Sheena was sure that Chirag was definitely as excited as he was when they had married. Chirag placed his penis at the cunt and rammed in fully. Sheena grasped the bedpost and moaned loudly as the unlubricated penis fully slid in her. He held her buttocks firmly and started humping her hard. On his withdrawl he strected her buttocks and observed her small asshole and let go of them on his pushing rythm.
Chirag pumped faster and then withdrew. Sheena turned around, Chirag said,
“Sorry, I am not not ready yet”
He again mounted her from behind and gained speed. Soon Sheena was envelopped in her mind shattering orgasm…..

Bhavani was also in an aroused state as she had already experienced the shattering orgasm of just a penetration in her ass. She wanted to have a dick up her ass. She slept on her bed. She raised her night gown and slid her finger in her panty. She frigged her cunt and then slowly fingered her anus. Slowly she inserted her finger in her ass. She moaned and started shivering. She was experiencing pleasure which she could not describe. She got so engrossed that she did not hear Amit come in her room. Amit said,
“Aunty why are you doing such a dirty thing”
Bhavani said,
“Oh! there is nothing wrong in touching your privates. I enjoy doing it”
Amit asked,
“What was father doing to you with his peepee?”
Bhavani said,
“He was just helping me reduce the scratching feeling I was having in my privates.”
Amit asked,
“You are still feeling itchy down there?”
Bhavani said,
“Yes, your father only reduced the itching in here” she pulled her panty down a bit and called Amit closer to her. She touched her cunt lips. Amit was very excited to watch her aunty in this state. “But he did not help me to reduce the itch in here” and touched her asshole. Amit shivered and touched her asshole delicately. Bhavani held his hand at her ass and rubbed it up and down. Amit kept his other hand on her cunt and started rubbing her cunt lips. Bhavani moaned with pleasure. She told Amit,
“Don’t tell anybody about this!”
She reached for his penis in the payajamas. She was delighted to find an erect member of normal thickness. She rubbed his penis and Amit came in his payajamas. Bhavani raised her nightgown and threw it aside. Her tits caught Amit’s attention. Bhavani encouraged him to press them. Amit started pressing them with all his might and this sent pleasure signal all through Bhavani’s body. Bhavani had completely undressed. She then pulled down Amit’s payajama and held his 5 inch erect member. It was still rock hard even after his first orgasm. Bhavani moved his foreskin and then let go of it. She said,
“Would you like to enjoy what you just felt again?”
Amit nodded. “Then do what I say!!”
Bhavani slept on her back and took Amit between her legs. Bhavani kept a pillow under her buttocks and then said,
“Do you see that small hole down there.”
Amit anxiously touched her asshole and nodded. Bhavani said,
“Push your private in it. Then move it in and out”
Amit slowly tried to fit his penis in her ass. Bhavani felt a little pressure and then she felt the head of the penis had sliiped in her ass. She gasped and started gyrating her hips. Amit’s penis slipped out. Bhavani held it at her asshole and wrapped Amit in her legs and pushed him from behind. Amit’s prick slid in and Bhavani was again in heaven. Amit was completely in her aunt’s anus and was enjoying this ride to the fullest. Bhavani too was ecstatic and she orgasmed very wildly, jerking her hips high in air and taking Amit with her. Amit could not hold to the sucking sensation of his aunt’s ass and Amit orgasmed for the second time that night. He withdrew to find his sticky juice in the ass of her aunt. Bhavani relaxed. Amit fell besides her and started pressing her tits once more. Bhavani smiled at Amit and said, “You are a very good boy.”

As soon as Sheena was shivering and enjoying her orgasm, Chirag withdrew completely and applied his penis to her asshole. Sheena was still engrossed in her orgasm. She felt an instant pain shoot up in her ass as Chirag harshly pushed hard and entered her. Sheena screamed loudly. Chirag did not give a heed and rammed her ass holding her hips. Sheena tightened her grip on the bedpost and screamed again. Chirag said,
“Come on. Don’t scream. It is not that bad”
Sheena said in a quivering tone,
“Oh you have gone… mad aahhh! It is !! hahhhhaaaa splitting me!!!”
Chirag moved and pushed till he was completely buried in her asshole. Sheena gasped. She had tears in her eyes. How can her husband treat her like a slut after all this years of faithfulness. She said,
“Please aahhhh!! Remove it from aAAeeeGGaa there.”
Chirag added,
“All my friends do this to their wife and they never complain about the pain. Maybe after this when we try again it won’t pain”
Sheena sobbed and thought How disgusting. He wants to do it again and cause more pain. She kept sobbing while Chirag kept humping her asshole at a very high speed. He was enjoying the tight hole with high friction. He pumped very hard and made Sheena scream more…

Amit heard the screams. Bhavani knew that her sister was royally fucked today. She told Amit, “Your father is teaching your mother to take it up her anus. It is fun you know” Amit nodded…

Sheena screamed once more. Chirag rammed hard and stuck to her and ejected his manly juice up her asshole. Sheena felt the hot fluid up her butt. She felt totally disgusted. Chirag withdrew and fell on the bed. He said,
“Ho!! this has realyy exhausted me but I think I can do you once more in the ass if you just lick me?”
Sheena stared at Chirag and said,
“I am not going to do what you say”
Chirag said, “You have to or else you can join your sister. I would divorce you. What is the idea. I need to enjoy and even you. I spend so much on you so that you remain attractive. If I can’t fuck you like I want to then I might as well go to a prostitute.”
Sheena got scared. She knew that her sister was already divorced and her father was finding it difficult to meet the ends. If Chirag divoced her then it would be a crisis. So she decided, in order to remain happy she would have to do what her husband told her to do. Silently, she held his penis and opened her mouth to engulf Chirag’s soft penis to start the humiliation once more….

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The Kama Sutra: 30. End of Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana

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The Kama Sutra: 30. End of Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana.
The Complete Kama Sutra Sex Guide presented by

Thus ends the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, which might otherwise be called a treatise on men and women, their mutual relationship, and connection with each other. It is a work that should be studied by all; both old and young; the former will find in it real truths, gathered by experience, and already tested by themselves, while the latter will derive the great advantage of learning things, which some perhaps may otherwise never learn at all, or which they may only learn when it is too late to profit by the learning.

It can also be fairly commended to the student of social science and of humanity, and above all to the student of those early ideas, which have gradually filtered down through the sands of time, and which seem to prove that the human nature of today is much the same as the human nature of long ago. It has been said of Balzac that he seemed to have inherited a natural and intuitive perception of the feeling of men and women, and has described them with an analysis worthy of a man of science. The author of the present work must also have had a considerable knowledge of humanity. Many of his remarks are so full of simplicity and truth, which they have stood the test of time, and stand out still as clear and true as when they were first written, some eighteen hundred years ago.

As a collection of facts, told in plain and simple language, it must be remembered that in those early days there was apparently no idea of embellishing the work, either with a literary style, a flow of language, or quantity of superfluous padding. The author tells the world what he knows I very concise language, without any attempt to produce an interesting story. From his facts how many novels could be written!

And now, one word about the author of the work, the food old sage Vatsyayana. It is much to be regretted that nothing can be discovered about his life, his belongings, and his surroundings. He states that he wrote the work while leading the life of a religious student (probably at Benares) and while wholly engaged in the contemplation of the Deity. He must have arrived at a certain age at that time, for throughout he gives us the benefit of his experience and of his opinions, and these bear the stamp of age rather than youth; indeed the work could hardly have been written by a young man.

In a beautiful verse of the Bedas of the Christians it has been said of the peaceful dead, that they rest from their labors, and that their works do follow them. Yes indeed, the works of men of genius do follow them, and remain as a lasting treasure. And though there may be disputes and discussions about the immortality of the body or the soul, nobody can deny the immortality of genius which ever remains as a bright and guiding star to the struggling humanities of succeeding ages. This work, then, which has stood the test of centuries, has placed Vatsyayana among the immortals, and on this, and on him no better elegy or eulogy can be written than the following line:

So long as lips shall kiss, and eyes shall see,

So long lives this, and This gives life to thee.

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Making Love To Mom

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Hi everybody! I am PRAK from Delhi and a great fan of I am here with my true story called Making Love to Mom. Ever since my dad divorced her when I was ten, I had grown closer to my mom. We spent a lot of time together, shopping, cooking, and vacationing. I guess I became the friend my dad never was. Mom even taught me the birds and the bees, and I found myself better prepared when I started puberty. But preparation could only do so much for me, just two years later, I found myself becoming a man. I masturbated for the first time in my bedroom, fantasizing about a girl in my class at school, and was very surprised to find hot, sticky cream covering my hands and the blankets. I realized it was cum, remembering what my mother had taught me about my body. I rubbed it into my stomach and chest, not really understanding yet what had happened, but wanting more.

I soon found myself in a jerk-off frenzy. Two, three, five, ten times a day. I couldn’t stop myself. Imagination wore out as a means to satisfy myself. I began to search through everything for stimulating pictures: Debonair, Fantasy, even pictures of gorgeous actresses from Internet that I would trace and redraw naked. I would have killed for a Chasity, but they were simply not to be gotten at the time, especially in our house. Later that month, as I was rooting around in the hallway closet, I found several pictures of my mother. Not just any old pictures mind you, but shots of her all dolled up in lingerie and laying on her bed in very seductive poses. Nothing slutty, and no nudity, just incredibly sexy shots of my mom. I wondered why mom still had the photos. My active imagination conjured up the idea that she had left them there for me to find. Maybe she was trying to show me more about women! In my hormone-saturated brain, I even played with the idea that mom would teach me personally how lovemaking worked.

I’ve got to let you know what my mom looks like before I go on. She’s 5’3″, about 70 Kgs., with long brown hair that has a definite reddish tinge to it. Her eyes are light brown. Her body shapes out to 38D-28-40 – she has some awesome hips on her, not to mention a pretty ass, not perfectly curved, but very mature and womanly. Her tits were something I almost couldn’t get my eyes off of. I took those photos into the bathroom, my stroke-base of choice in the house. I peeled off my shorts and underwear, sat on the toilet lid, and proceeded to whack off with renewed intensity. I must have cum at least four times before I came out of the bathroom, and my cock throbbed for the rest of the day from the beating I gave it. Fortunately, mom didn’t come home from work until a half-hour later; or else I would have had a tough time explaining all my time in the john. But my lifelong infatuation with my mom had begun.

Later that summer, I was in my bedroom, when I looked out the window and saw my mom and the next-door neighbor lying on the grass between our houses. Both were dolled up in tight shorts. Mrs. Sudha was somewhat pulpy, around her mid-thirties, with a nice dark tan and long black hair. But mom, in her dark red gown, stole the show. Her huge melons were nearly bursting from her straining loose upper cut of her gown, and they shined with the tanning oil slathered all over them. My cock sprung to life and I stroked right there, on my bed, behind my curtains, peeking out with my free hand at the delicious female flesh in view. I spent most of the next seven years fantasizing over mom in various ways – I wrote stories that I kept hidden under the carpet in my bedroom, I clipped pictures from tons of fuck-books my buddies and I collected – I saved all the pics where a model even remotely resembled my mom. These I taped into a slowly growing personal porno mag, which I wrote in, trying to give it the look of a real skin mag. I lost track of all the times I dreamed of fucking mom. I dreamed of fucking her even more than the girls at school, the cute teachers at school, even the hottest models or porn queens. But through it all mom and I continued to grow in our relationship. I spent more time with her than my friends in my senior year in high school. But I was certain to never let her know my utter and total lust for her.

I graduated and mom got a new job. We moved to Delhi and mom bought a really nice house – her new job as General Manager at an MNC paid through the nose for her talents. I decided to take a year of before going to college. In reality, I didn’t want to be away from mom. I was infatuated with her. Luckily, mom had no problem with my idea, and she even said that a year off was a good idea – it would give me time to plan my future. It was a fall night when the first event happened that changed my relationship with mom. It was pretty late, maybe 3 am, when I went into the kitchen to get a drink. I had on loose red shorts and nothing else. In the other direction down the hall, I saw the light still on in mom’s room. Sometimes she had problems sleeping at night, so she was probably checking out the late show, or watching a video. After I got my drink, I decided to check on her. Padding up to her room, I could better hear the tv, which was turned down – she probably didn’t want to wake me. But as I reached her door, I recognized the sounds – the gasping soundtrack and grunts and moans of a porno movie.

I first saw the TV, and sure enough, some stud was plowing a stacked blonde doggy-style while the blonde ate out a petite redhead. That was shocking enough, but looking over at mom almost made me wig out completely. She was sitting back against her pillows, wearing a grey sweatshirt, but her sweatpants were down at her ankles. I could hear and see a thin white vibrator in her right hand, and I watched awe-struck as she pressed it through her thick bush onto her clit, then down and through her pussy lips. I heard her moan softly then, and slightly arch her back, grinding her hips in a lazy circular motion. The light from the TV reflected off of the wet vibrator when she pulled it out of her pussy. The electric thrill that went through me on seeing this scene was almost as powerful as the one that next shot through me when mom turned and saw me. Her mouth just stayed partially open, and I tried to stutter out some words, but nothing intelligent came out. So I turned and went back to my room, feeling the heat from my blushing face. I closed the door and crawled into bed, wanting to die. Mom saw me! I was a goner for sure. I knew that she’d have me out of the house in the morning. I was so lost in my own thoughts of doom that I never noticed my mom open the door. I noticed when she turned on the light, though. I started and turned over. She was still wearing only the sweatshirt, which was just low enough to cover her bush, tantalizing me with her thighs and hips, and incredibly long, strong legs.

“Prakash!” she started to say. “Mom, I’m sorry,” I blurted, rolling over again. I still had an incredible boner, and it was showing through the blankets. I felt her hand on my naked shoulder, though, and she made me face her again. “You didn’t do anything wrong, honey,” she told me. “You just caught me at a bad time.” She smiled slightly at this. “No, I really should have let you know I was coming. I’m really sorry.” I couldn’t have been any sorrier at that point, but the image of her masturbating wouldn’t leave my mind. “Honey, it’s okay. I’m a grown woman, and you…” she looked me up and down, “you’re a grown man, for certain now! I’m also lonely. Does it shock you that I masturbate?” I couldn’t believe she was having this conversation with me, but when I thought about it, it made sense. We were each other’s best friends. And then the seeds of arousal sprouted in me, and I found myself letting go of some of my inhibitions. What would happen next, I had no idea, but I couldn’t stop myself. “No, mom, it doesn’t shock me. But what were you watching? And where did you get that vibrator?” Mom smiled and paused for a moment, looking at me like I should have known the answer. And I should have. “Well, Prakash, I just took a video from your own collection.”

Oh my god! I must have turned pure white after that. But mom gave me no time to reply. “Honey, do you think I’ve been blind to your ‘collections’ all this time? I’m the mother of a normal teenage boy… of course I knew you’d have some stuff like that. I just never expected to find it. A few years ago, I found it while cleaning the windows. I knocked over some of your books, and there they were. And they’re very good, too. You have good taste.” She gave me a saucy smile. “Mom, stop!” I couldn’t believe this! “Hush, Prakash. They’re very useful, and you know it, too. No use trying to act innocent in front of me! I’ve been around for a lot longer than you, you know. I’ll bet you didn’t know that I posed for some magazines when you were eleven?” What? Mom in fuck-books? My head was spinning… “No, mom.” “I have them in my room still… I think it’s time that you saw them.” “Mom, I don’t think I should…” I stammered. But inside I was boiling with lust. I was going to see my mom in a porno mag! “Honey, can you help me? They’re up in the bedroom closet…”

“I leaped up from my bed, then thought better and slowed down a bit. Entering my mom’s bedroom hesitantly, I saw her straining upwards, reaching for something on the top shelf of her closet. The sweatshirt came up with her arms, and the full glory of her tightened ass and long legs was exposed to me. It was better than I had ever imagined! She still had some tan lines from summer, and I gawked at her lower body until she turned around, showing me again her thick but slightly trimmed public hair. She noticed me staring, started to pull her sweatshirt down, then chuckled. “Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter, if I’m going to show you my nude shots. Can you get that box down for me Prakash?” I was melting. Her voice was more beautiful than it had ever been before. I think I’d have done anything she asked at that moment, but I reached up and got the box down. It was marked ‘mementoes’ on the top. I put it on the bed and she had me sit down next to her. She opened the box and right on top was a skin mag I had many recent issues of, but I saw the date was over ten years ago. Not to mention mom was on the cover in a very seductive pose, with her incredible breasts pushed together…

“I was 33 when I posed for this,” she said, taking the mag out and handing it to me. “It wasn’t long after your father divorced me, and we were so short on money. One of my old friends was a photographer, and he told me I was a born model. Now when he told me he wanted me to pose nude, I laughed, but when he told me after that how much I’d be paid, how could I refuse?” I heard every word she said, but my eyes were glued to the magazine pages. I found her photo spread and my mouth hung open. My god, she is so beautiful, I thought as my cock throbbed wildly in my shorts. Her ass was a bit tighter, her breasts obviously firmer, and she had a few less wrinkles, but the pictures were no more beautiful than the 43 year-old woman who sat beside me now was. We went through every magazine in the box, and by the time we were done, it was like I was in a dream world. I felt all tingly inside, and my mind was full of my mother’s erotic, delicious body. I put the magazines back in the box and started to put them back in the closet. “No, honey,” mom said. “You can keep those… if you want them.”

I tried to stutter out some words, but none came. A knowing, sly look came over mom’s face. “Prakash, the videos weren’t all I found. After watching some of them, I decided to search your room for other things…” My heart was pounding. Oh my god no, I thought. “I found a scrapbook with lots of cut-out pictures… more good taste in women, honey.” Mom’s eyes were locked with mine. “I also read what you wrote in it… and what you wrote in the stories with it.” I almost passed out. Why was she torturing me like this? Why not just gets it over with? Then I felt mom take my hand. She looked deep into my eyes. “I came right then when I read your stories, honey. You’ve been my friend, my best friend for so long, and when I read your stories, it finally dawned on me how you truly felt about me… and I realized I felt… the same way… about you.” My emotions did a 180. My head was spinning. And my cock was pounding in my shorts. I wanted to say so many things, but they wouldn’t come out. “Mom…” I said in a soft moan.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered, and we hugged. The thrills that shot through me from our embrace were better than anything I had ever felt before was. “You’re the most perfect man I’ve ever known,” she said, her breath tickling in my ear, driving me wild. “You’ve always been here for me, and now… now that you are all grown up… oh god, Ricky… I love you… I… need you…” I finally found my voice. “I need you too, mom. I love you so much.” My hands seemed to work with a mind of their own, rubbing her back at first, then sliding down, beneath her sweatshirt, to palm and squeeze her curvy ass cheeks. I felt her tremble with desire. “Oh baby, yes… momma’s wanted you for so long…” She didn’t resist when I pulled the soft grey sweatshirt up over her head, finally exposing her long-awaited breasts to me. I just gazed at them for several moments. They were big and full with dark areolas the size of half-dollars and erect nipples as big as the ends of my pinkies. Only sagging slightly, they were dusted along the tops with many sun-born freckles, which only made them more desirable.

“You want to suck them, don’t you honey? I can remember when I breast-fed you, how much pleasure it gave me… but this will be a different pleasure. Come here, baby. Let momma take care of you.” I moaned in anticipation and desire, and lay across her body, taking one of her breasts in hand, kneading it, and caressing it. The sound mom made drove me on, and I finally rested my head on her and took the fat nipple in my mouth, sucking softly. “Oh yeah, baby, that’s it… suck my nipple. Oh god Prakash, you’re so good…” I just moaned and kept on sucking, taking her other nipple in my free hand and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger, delighting in feeling her body reacts to me. Both of us were trembling, and it added to the emotion of the moment. “This is so perfect,” she purred, stroking my head, “this was meant to be.” My cock by this time could take no more. I moaned loudly, and sat up, taking my cock in my hands, stroking fast and furious. But mom put her hands on mine, and shook her head. “Prakash, let mother take care of that.” Then she pushed me back softly until I was only propped up on my elbows. “I’ve been waiting to do this for SUCH a long time, honey,” she said, then took my cock in one hand and leaned over, wrapping her lips around my cockhead.

It was incredible. The pleasure just shot through me like lightning. I threw back my head and yelled from the sensations slamming my brain from my mom’s sucking. I looked down at her and the full impact of what was happening hit me. This was my mom, my MOTHER, hot, naked, aroused beyond belief, giving me the blowjob of a lifetime. Every fantasy I had ever had about her could not compare to the reality of right now! Mom pulled my cock out of her and looked up at me, but she kept stroking it. Her hair had gotten a little mussed, but it just made her look sexier. Her eyes were smouldering and her pouty lips were wet. “Cum in my mouth, Prakash. Momma wants to taste your hot cum.” Then she bent back down and swallowed me whole, which was amazing, considering I’m a good seven and a half inches. Her eyes remained locked on mine as she sucked, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I grabbed her head with both hands, and with a long shout of pure ecstasy, I came in my mother’s mouth, thrusting my hips up and pulling her head down. She did her best to contain my jism, but some of it dribbled out, from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. I came and came what felt like a gallon of man juice, but mom swallowed down every bit of it, and licked up what had spurted out of her lips.

“Oh god, Prakash, that was good,” she panted, her voice husky and erotic. “But now I need you… I really need you… inside me!” With that she climbed up and straddled me, squatting just over my still-hard cock. I could see her pussy lips, glistening wet, and poised mere inches over my throbbing rod. Then, with an animalistic moan, she thrust her hips down onto mine, impaling her cunt onto my big fuckstick. “Oh god yes!!!” she screamed, throwing her head back, her long beautiful hair flying. “Fuck me Prakash! Fuck momma hard!!!” I was as aroused as she was, and grabbed her by the hips, thrusting my own upwards at the same time. I felt my cock slam home, sliding deep inside the same woman who gave birth to me, raised me, loved me like no woman ever could. Every thrust made her grunt with pure lust, and made her big breasts bounce and jiggle. It didn’t take long for me to reach the point of no return again, and I roared in pure ecstasy as I came inside my mother, feeling her tighten her cunt around my spasming cock, milking every last drop of cum from it, gripping it tightly as if she’d never let go. I finally stopped thrusting and let go for her hips, exhausted.

But mom just leaned forward with that erotic gleam in her eyes and purred out huskily, “I want more, baby… momma wants more of her boy’s big cock.” With that, she sat back up and began to grind her hips back and forth, up and down my sensitive boner. I screamed in pleasure, grabbing her ass cheeks, feeling her puckered asshole with my fingertips. Driven beyond any kind of hesitation, I slid a finger inside mom’s asshole, and heard her moan long and loud. “That’s it Prakash honey… oh god, fingerfuck my asshole baby!!!” I went to town, sliding another finger into her tight bung. She’d definitely never been fucked in the ass, but we would change that… Mom was going wild; bucking and bouncing like a seasoned whore. “Touch me Prakash! Make me cum! Make mommy cum baby!!!” I pulled my fingers out of her asshole and brought both hands to the front of her, the left one going to her breasts, and my right hand seeking out and finding her swollen, wet clit. I immediately went to work on it with my thumb, kneading it like there was no tomorrow while at the same time taking turns pinching her nipples with my other hand. And yet again, I felt my orgasm approaching.

But it was mom’s turn to explode. A moan of pure sexuality began in her throat and became a scream of absolute orgasmic pleasure. Her cunt tightened on my cock like a vice and that was all it took to make me cum again. We screamed in pleasure together, cumming as one, now joined by more than just our incredible mother-son bond of love. When it finally ended and the seething emotions had quieted, mom laid down on my chest, my softening cock still inside her dripping pussy. She slowly ran her fingers through my hair, kissing my forehead gently. I stroked her back lightly, still amazed at what had just taken place. Mom seemed to realize what was on my mind, and she smiled. “Don’t worry, baby… this is just the beginning. You’ll sleep in here with me from now on… I have so much planned for us.” All I could do was groan in pleasure and wonder what tomorrow would bring. All mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, sex lovers can e-mail me for more stuff at Till my next story good bye.

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Sex fantasy with Mallika and Riya

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Hi friends I am anuj from mumbai.Today I am going to relate my sexperiences with you with two hot babes of the film industry.let me tell you about myself I am anuj , a fashion photographer and I usually photograph models and film let’s get to the story.One day I was in my studio when suddenly the door flew open and in came the sexy actress Riya Sen.She was looking gorgeous in a sleeveless white top and a pink mini skirt. Hi friends I am anuj from mumbai.Today I am going to relate my sexperiences with you with two hot babes of the film industry.let me tell you about myself I am anuj , a fashion photographer and I usually photograph models and film let’s get to the story.One day I was in my studio when suddenly the door flew open and in came the sexy actress Riya Sen.She was looking gorgeous in a sleeveless white top and a pink mini skirt.

I asked her whether I could help her.She told me that she wanted to have some photographs of her taken by me. We started talking and after some conversation I came to know that she was depressed for not getting films and wanted to some really hot photographs as she wanted to show her producers how bold she could get. I at once understood that I have a good chance of fucking her . I showed her some nude photos of mallika sherawat , mallaika arora, bipasha basu and payal rohtagi. She was surprised to see these actresses holding didlos , vibrators or fingering themselves.i told her that if she wanted to get roles , she would have to become bolder that them.she told that she was ready to do anything. But she did not know that I had fucked all of them while photographing them. I took her to the studio and told her to change.

She slowly took off her top and then her skirt. She was now in bra and pink panties. I told her to open her bra too. After some hesitation , she pulled the hooks of bra , and now she was topless. She had enormous , round boobs as white as milk and nipples as big as erasers. I told her to hold her boobs and suck them. She followed my instructions and did as i told her. suddenly someone knocked at the door . i told riya to hide in the cupboard and then i opened the door. it was the sexiest mallika at the door. She was wearing a skimpy top with a micro mini skirt. she came in and closed the door. she held me tightly and kissed me . She then told me , ” anuj , kitne dino se tumne mujhe choda nahin. meri choot tumhare liye pyasi hai yaar. aaj to do teen ghate chudwaoonge he.” i was happy she was doing so . we had been regularly fucking eachother for one year. i at one took off her top and bra and started sucking her boobs. she started moaning loudly . she had really big boobs. you have seen her movies and you can imagine her size.

i then took off her skirt and panties and started sucking and licking her pussy.She wasmoaning with pleasure and pressed my face to her wet cunt. Suddenly we heard sounds of moaning from the cupboard and i understood what was happening. I went and opened the cupboard and found riya all naked , fingering her pussy , mallika was shocked to see her but i told her that she had come for the same purpose. mallika was then relaxed and i told her why she had come. after listening to me she said that one of her producers were working on a movie on lesbians and she wanted a co actress .

Riya was excited and said that ahe wanted to work in that film. but mallika said that first you will have to give audition. she took out a didlo from her purse and told that we are going to make love to each other. “start sucking my boobs and then lick my cunt” riya came forward and tookk one bodd in her hand and started sucking it.i started taking photographs and i also got naked. riya slowly sucked he next boob abd then went to her cunt. She was a expert licker and soon mallika was screaming with pleasure.After some time she came……

As mallika was telling riya to strip down her clothes i started to take pictures of them. She told me “now kiss me hard” , and she brought her lips close to riya’s . riya kissed her hard and they french kissed each other for about 5 mins.After that mallika, who was already completely naked, told her to suck her boobs. i took the advantage of this situation and opened my clothes. i started masturbating. it was the best porn movie i was ever wathching.Riya kissed and sucked each of her boobs. I could see their pussies getting redder and wetter.

Mallika then took out a didlo from her purse and told riya to insert one part of it in her pussy. Riya did as she was told and as she inserted the didlo, she moaned with pleasure. her moan was so sexy . you can imagine her moan from the sexy voice in the films. mallika then inserted the other end of the didlo in her pussy and began making short pushes. by this time riya was also completely hot and she alsoo started to make strokes.By this time i had cummed 3 times. The fucking became more and more intense and after 10 minutes they came too and collapsed. Their bodies glistening with sweat was looking just like angel. i had the fantasy to see a lesbian fucking and my wish had come true. the story’s yet not finished . more story next time…..bye

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The Kama Sutra: 29. Ways to loose a man

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The Kama Sutra Part 4. On Courtesans: 29. Of the ways to get rid of him.
The Complete Kama Sutra Sex Guide presented by

When a woman has to choose between two lovers, one of whom was formerly united with her, while the other is a stranger, the Acharyas (sages) are of the view that the first one is preferable, because his disposition and character being already known by previous careful observation, he can be easily pleased and satisfied; but Vatsyayana thinks that a former lover, having already spent a great deal of his wealth, is not able or willing to give much money again, and is not therefore to be relied upon so much as a stranger. Particular cases may however arise, differing from this general rule on account of the different natures of men.

There are also verses on the subject as follows: ‘Reunion with a former lover may be desirable so as to separate some particular woman from some particular man, or some particular man from some particular woman, or to have a certain effect upon the present lover.’

When a man is excessively attached to a woman, he is afraid of her coming into contact with other men; he does not then regard or notice her faults; and he gives her much wealth through fear of her leaving him.
A courtesan should be agreeable to the man who is attached to her, and despise the man who does not care for her. If while she is living with one man, a messenger comes to her from another man, she may either refuse to listen to any negotiations on his part, or appoint a fixed time for him to visit her, but she should not leave the man who may be living with her and who may be attached to her.

A wise woman should only renew her connection with a former lover if she is satisfied that good fortune, gain, love and friendship are likely to be the result of such a reunion.

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Cousin came to Ludhiana

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Hai I am Viney and I am 19 Year old . I live in Ludhiana. I was very horny for my Cousin Sabrina who lived at JALANDHAR and is very frank with me. She is 20 years old with a very well built body. She has a nice pair of Big Boobs. She had a perfect figure 36-26-36. Every part of her body is full of Sex. Her pink lips, Beautiful Breast, her big ass, sexy thighs. She is simply a sex bomb.  It happened when one day she visited our home. Where me and my Parents live. At the time when she came our home I was at my computer institute. When I came back home I saw that my mom was not in the house. I looked around I found no one.

Then I came to my room and found that my Cousin was sleeping on my bed in her see-through night gown that was up at her ass. I could clearly see her white panties and her milky thighs. This sight led my penis to grow to its full length. She awake after two three minutes and noticed my erect dick as I was continuously looking at her uncovered part. She smiled a little and said “Hello”. She then went out of room and my mother arrived from market. My parent had to go out of station for a week and for my good luck Sabrina had visited us for a week too. After my parents had gone it was my cousin and me alone at home and she told me that she wanted to go out for a dinner and I agreed. After some time when she came after changing her dress she was looking superb. She was wearing a white top with no bra inside because I could clearly see her erect nipples through her dress and a mini skirt. As I was driving the car I started talking about her B.F. & about sex and I came to know that she didnat have a boyfriend and she is virgin.

I was shifting the gear I knowingly put my hand on her thigh she just closed her eyes as if she had enjoyed it. Then I started moving my hand towards her breast I felt her hard nipple from her top and she replied with her hand on my dick. Now without having a dinner I changed the route back towards home. She unzipped me and put her hand in my underwear. She unbuttoned my pant while I was driving a car she lowered my pant and my underwear to my knees. Then I put my hand in her top and started pressing her tits. She then removed my hand from her tits and held my hard dick and started playing with it and then kissing it. Then she put it into her mouth and started giving me a Blowjob of my life. I was in heaven enjoying every moment of it.

We reached home and I removed her top and believe me she had the best pair of Boobs that I had seen in my life. I started sucking her Boobs as hard as could she was moaning “Aahhhhhhhhh”, “Ahhhmmmmm” after that I removed her Skirt and to my Surprise she was not wearing any Panties. She removed my clothes too. We were totally nude now. She asked me that she wanted to see some Hardcore Pictures then I started my Internet and visited “Indian-Stories” we read some erotic stories from Erotic Stories and seen some Hardcore Pictures. She was very Horny Now. I kissed on her lips and afterwards our tongues were dancing I started sucking her boobs then moved down kissed her inner thighs finally reached her pussy I kissed her pussy she moaned, ” Aahhhhh” I started kissing her outer lips. She was moaning “aaaahhhhh aur chato meri phude ko.Bahenchod. Yeh Tumhare Lora ki Pyasi hai.”, “fuck me with your tongue Aahhhhhh” she asked me she was Cumming and then gave me a lot of juice. I swallowed it. She tastes great. After that she put my Cock in her mouth. WOW it was a great feeling. She was doing it with a great favour and was enjoying it. She was having my full length in her mouth and I was giving her mouth fuck with my Motion. I asked her that I am coming she said, ” I want to taste your cum Give it to me Brother” and I unloaded my gun in her mouth she licked it all from my penis. I gave her a French kiss.

Now the time was to fuck her. I laid her down on the bed and asked her to spread her legs a let me fuck you. Then I got on top of her. I forced my cock head into her pussy-mouth and then inch-by-inch I forced my whole rod in her Love hole. She wrapped her legs around my waist very tightly with a loud noise, “Ouchhh this will kill me”. Something ripped inside her, snapped like a rubber band. It was her hymn. Some blood came out of her Pussy. She laid motionless under me. Then I started some pumping and slide my cock in and out of her. She started moaning, “Ohh yes Aaahhhhh ooohhhhhh do it, do it hard “. I increased my speed . She moaned, ” I love it. I love you Bahenchod. You are my love. I Love you Lund “Her legs were around my neck as I ranned my cock into her tight vagina. She was screaming “Harder,harder”, so I kept the pace. She moaned, aaOOHH YEAH – AAHHH AAHHH – HARDER – HARDERaa The force in her legs wrapped around me decreased which and finally landed on the bed. I was still moving back and forward. I felt her cum twice. Her thick juice fell on my dick and ran down to my testes. I was about to cum too and she also came to know that because I had increased my speed of motion. She told me that she want me to cum inside of her because she in her period and could not have a baby. I also had not wanted to miss the fun of Cumming inside her. So I decided to cum inside her. She cried, “Cum in my pussy, viney. I want to feel your hot, sticky cum in my pussy.” I came in her with the a great force. We collapsed on the bed and held each other for a long time, expressing our wishes to do it again. After that it went on for a week . We slept together every night. I fuck her in the morning; I fuck her before dinner, and fuck her before two of us go to bed to fuck some more. Usually I go to sleep with my Dick in Sabrinaas asshole from behind, and two of us remain couple all night, waking up periodically to fuck to a climax.

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Thank you for submitting this story!

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The Kama Sutra: 28. Change in feelings

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The Kama Sutra Part 3. On Courtesans: 28. Of the signs of the change of a lover’s feelings.
The Complete Kama Sutra Sex Guide presented by

A woman should always know the state of the mind, of the feelings, and of the disposition of her lover towards her, from the changes of his temper, his manner, and the color of his face.

The behavior of a waning lover is as follows: he gives the woman either less than is wanted, or something else than that which is asked for; he keeps her in hopes by promises; he pretends to do one thing, and does something else; he does not fulfill her desires; he forgets his promises, or does something else than that which he has promised; he speaks in private with the attendants of a woman with whom he was formerly acquainted.

Now when a courtesan finds that her lover’s disposition towards her is changing, she should get possession of all his best things before he becomes aware of her intentions, and allow a supposed creditor to take them away forcibly from her in satisfaction of some pretended debt. After this, if the lover is rich, and has always behaved well towards her, she should ever treat him with respect; but if he is poor and destitute she should get rid of him as if she had never been acquainted with him in any way before.

The means of getting rid of a lover are as follows: describing the habits and vices of the lover as disagreeable and censurable, with the sneer of the lip, and the stamp of the foot; speaking on a subject with which he is not acquainted; showing no admiration for his learning, and passing a censure upon it; putting down his pride; seeking the company of men who are superior to him in learning and wisdom; showing a disregard for him on all occasions; censuring men possessed of the same faults as her lover; expressing dissatisfaction at the ways and means of enjoyment used by him; not giving him her mouth to kiss;

refusing access to her jaghanai i.e. the part of the body between the navel and the thighs; showing a dislike for the wounds made by his nails and teeth; not pressing close up against him at the time when he embraces her; keeping her limbs without movement at the time of congress; desiring him to enjoy her when he is fatigued; laughing at his attachment to her; not responding to his embraces; turning away from him when he begins to embrace her; pretending to be sleepy; going out visiting, or into company, when she perceives his desire to enjoy her during the day time; misconstructing his words; laughing without any joke,

or at the time of any joke made by him; laughing under some pretence; looking with side glances at her own attendants, and clapping her hands when he says anything; interrupting him in the middle of his stories, and beginning to tell other stories; reciting his faults and his vices, and declaring them to be incurable; saying words to her female attendants calculated to cut the heart of her lover to the quick; taking care not to look at him when he comes to her; asking him what cannot be granted; and, after all, finally dismissing him.

There are also two verses on this subject as follows: ‘The duty of a courtesan consists in forming connections with suitable men after due and full consideration and attaching the person with whom she is united to herself; in obtaining wealth from the person who is attached to her, and then dismissing him after she has taken away all his possessions’.

A courtesan leading in this manner the life of a wife is not troubled with too many lovers, and yet obtains abundance of wealth.

When a courtesan is resolved to take up again with a former lover, her Pithamarda and other servants should tell him that his former expulsion from the woman’s house was caused by the wickedness of her mother; that the woman loved him just as much as ever at that time, but could not help the occurrence on account of her deference to her mother’s will; that she hated the union of her present lover, and disliked him excessively. In addition to this, they should created confidence in his mind by speaking to him of her former love for him, and should allude to the mark of that love that she has ever remembered. This mark of her love should be connected with some kind of pleasure that may have been practiced by him, such as his way of kissing her, or manner of having connection with her.

Thus end the ways of bringing about a reunion with a former lover.

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Family nightmare

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This is my first attempt at writing in this category so please let me know what you all think. As always I enjoy responding to feedback so leave me an email addy so I can get back to you. I usually like to continue my stories for at least a second part but I will leave that up to you. Thanks. James Scott could hardly contain himself. He ran like the wind with a determination that would put most athletes to shame. He rounded the corner three blocks from his home and ran up to the door of his best friends house. He knocked loudly four times.

“Hurry up Sam!” He panted.

Finally the door opened but it wasn’t whom James wanted to see. It was Sam’s mother Kim.

“What is it James, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“Oh, uh, nothing Mrs. Martin. I just need to tell Sam something. Is he here?”

“Yes he’s here, he’s in his room on the computer. I thought something was wrong James. You had me worried.” She said with her hand on her chest.

“Sorry Mrs. Martin.” James said as he dashed by her and up the stairs.

Kim Martin just shook her head and smiled as she watched her son’s best friend run up the stairs. Her son Sam was 18 years old and had known James for thirteen of those years. James was 17, but in the same grade as Sam. They were both going to graduate in a couple months.

Sam was in his room listening to some Mp3’s when the door flew open. He was surprised enough to jump from his seat.

“Dude your not going to believe it.” James said starring at his friend.

“Damn man, you almost gave me a heart attack.” Sam said breathing heavily.

“Dude your gonna owe me big time.” James said smiling.

Sam sat back down and turned off the music.

“Well? What is so damn important?” Sam said

“Remember how I told you about those kickass vacations my family takes to Louisiana to see my aunt and uncle?” James said.

“Yeah, you told me they lived on some lake, and about how all you did while you were down there was sit on the peer looking at girls in swimsuits.” Sam said

“Well, guess where I’m going this weekend?” James said smiling.

“You suck, damn your lucky. How long you gonna be gone?” Sam asked wondering what he was gonna do without his best friend.

“Just a week, but man it’s gonna be killer.” James said.

“Wait, why am I going to owe you big time?” Sam asked.

“Because my mom and dad said you could go to!” James screamed.

“Really! Hell yeah.” Sam shouted.

Ever since James had told Sam about his family’s vacations Sam has wanted to go but there was never enough room for him in James’ family’s car because of all the luggage. That wasn’t a problem ever since James’ dad got a huge double-cab truck.

“When do we leave?” Sam asked smiling.

“Tomorrow morning is what mom said. You should come over and tell my mom and dad thanks for inviting you.” James said.

“Yeah, that’s cool. Maybe I should give your mom a big hug too.” Sam said laughing.

“Ha ha, very funny.” James said not amused.

“I can’t help it man, your mom is hot.” Sam said.

For as long as James could remember Sam had had a crush on his mom. It didn’t bother him. In fact he liked that people thought his mom was pretty. Sam was always telling him that she looked like Charisma Carpenter from the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sam had even told him that sometimes when he spends the night he would steal some of James’ mom’s panties from the laundry hamper in the bathroom.

As the two boys walked over to James’ house they talked about all the stuff they were going to do, it was going to be killer indeed.

“Man, I’m gonna ride my uncle’s jet ski all day.” James said.

“Yeah man, that’ll be fun as hell. But don’t forget about the girls.” Sam said smiling.

“Oh don’t worry, who do you think is gonna be on the back of the jet ski?” James laughed.

When they got to James’ house they made their way into the kitchen. They both got a glass of tea and sat down at the table. They talked for about ten minutes then James’ mom Alana walked into the kitchen. Sam jumped up and ran over to her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Thanks a million Mrs. Scott.” Sam said, welcoming any chance to touch James’ mom.

“Your welcome Sam, but I can’t breathe with you squeezing me.” James’ mom said.

She was all too aware of what Sam was doing but she didn’t care. It made her feel good that people thought she was attractive. It meant all that hard work at the gym wasn’t for nothing.

“You could make it up to me by not stealing so many of my panties. Those things are expensive.” She thought to herself smiling. “Besides, it’s healthy for a boy his age to have a crush.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Sam said releasing her.

“And stop that Mrs. Scott stuff. You know it makes me feel old. Ms. Alana sounds better anyway.” She said.

Sam sat back down at the table flashing a quick smile to James. James just rolled his eyes. He really couldn’t blame Sam though; all of his friends were like that around his mom. She was 35 but looked ten years younger. She was a beautiful woman with dark brunette hair that had light brown streaks and hung almost to her shoulders. She worked out regularly so she was in great shape. James had heard other men call her a trophy wife and he understood. He just thought they were jealous. She was the kind of woman all the other moms wanted to look like. She kept up with the latest fashions, unlike all the other moms in the neighborhood; and she was always wearing little tank tops and low-slung jeans.

“Hey man, we should go get your stuff, then you could spend the night here. That way you would already be here when we leave.” James said.

“That’s cool with me. Is it alright if I stay tonight Ms. Alana.” Sam asked.

“That’s a good idea, its fine with me. Just be sure to tell your mother Sam.” She said.

Sam and James walked back to Sam’s house to tell his mom and to pack his bags. Later they came back and went to James’ room and packed his stuff as well. Alana and James’ dad Greg packed all their stuff too; everyone in the house loved these little vacations.

“What do you think about this?” Alana said holding up a black bikini she had just bought.

“I think you’ll be the prettiest thing on the river sweetheart.” Greg said smiling.

“Thanks baby.” Alana said stuffing the bikini into her suitcase.

“Well, I’m going to get a shower then we better get some sleep. The only bad thing tomorrow will be driving all that way.” Alana said grabbing her towel.

“Yeah, I might be asleep by the time your out of the shower.” Greg said yawning.

Alana made her way into the bathroom at the end of the hall. As she took off her clothes she surveyed herself in the mirror like all women do. Satisfied she stepped into the shower. She lathered herself up and even did a little trimming down there.

“Don’t want anything sticking out while I’m tanning.” She thought to herself.

Inside James’ room he had already went to sleep. Sam, on the other hand, had heard the water running and was now watching stealthily through a crack in the door hoping to see Alana. Sure enough his prayers were answered when she came walking down the hallway in her towel. Sam watched as her hips swayed from side to side. From his angle on the floor he could almost see her ass as she walked by the door.

“That’s so cute, he’s got good taste in women too.” Alana joked to herself all too aware of the pair of eyes starring at her from the doorway.

The next morning everyone got up and started to get ready for their trip. It was a hot summer day so everyone was in shorts and flip-flops. Alana wore a little orange sundress and did her hair up into a ponytail.

Once all the luggage was loaded James shouted shotgun and hopped into the passenger seat. Sam hopped in back, followed by Alana. Greg started the truck and off they went. Everyone talked to pass the time and every once in a while Alana would notice Sam starring at her out of the corner of her eye. She glanced down and saw what had his attention. Her dress exposed a lot of her legs. Sam saw her look down and quickly stopped his starring.

“Poor boy, I hope he’s not feeling too uncomfortable.” Alana thought to herself.

In an attempt to lighten the tension Alana looked at Sam and smiled brightly. Sam smiled back and everything seemed normal to them both. Eventually everyone but Greg fell asleep.

When everybody awoke they were almost at their destination. There was excitement in the air as they neared James’ uncle’s house but Greg had been driving all day and needed to make one last pit stop.

“Well I don’t know about everyone else but my bladder is about to explode. I’m gonna stop at this store off the interstate.” Greg said pulling down the off ramp.

“Good, I think we could all stretch our legs.” Alana said.

The gas station was old and run down but looked normal enough. They all walked inside and Greg asked the two men behind the counter where the restrooms were.

“Down the hall on your left mister.” One of the men said.

Greg went down the dirty old hall and went into the bathroom. While Sam and James looked around for some snacks, Alana went over to the cooler and grabbed a drink. While she was bent over getting her drink she could feel the two men’s eyes digging into her back. She walked up to the counter and handed the man her money. When he gave her change back he let his hand rub against hers just a little more than necessary Alana thought. She just smiled and walked toward the bathrooms.

In the hall she passed her husband but didn’t say anything. A couple rednecks are nothing to get worked up over. Just as she got to the girls bathroom her son James was taking his turn. As James walked up to the urinal he looked down at the old cigarette butts and the puddle of urine on the floor, disgusted he walked into the stall. As he pulled down his zipper he noticed a small hole in the wall over the commode. Curious he peeked through the hole. It led straight through to the women’s stall. Just as he was about to pull back he saw his mom enter the stall. Before he had a chance to pull back she pulled up her dress to reveal a tiny pink pair of panties. James had never thought of his mom the way Sam did but in this light even he admitted that she was very attractive. He knew what was coming next but he couldn’t resist. Slowly she pulled down her panties. James’ eyes got wider as her neatly trimmed bush came into view. James felt a slight twitch in his pants. Almost shocked at the sight of his partially naked mother James pulled up his zipper and walked out.

“Man, Sam would’ve killed to be in my shoes.” James laughed to himself.

The family piled back into the truck and 2 hrs. later they were pulling into to James’ uncle’s driveway. James’ uncle was waiting in the driveway to greet them.

“How’s my favorite nephew?” James’ uncle asked as he hugged him.

“I’m great uncle Jim.” James said.

“Hey bro, how’s it goin?” Jim said to James’ dad.

“Glad to be outta the truck, my legs are killing me.” Greg said.

Alana stepped out of the truck and stretched her arms skyward. With her arms up her breasts stretched the material of her dress.

“You look better every year Alana.” Jim said hugging Alana.

“Thanks Jim, you’ve lost some weight.” Alana said.

“Yeah, I’ve been swimming every chance I get.” Jim said.

“Well who’s the stranger?” Jim asked looking at Sam.

” I Sam Martin, James’ friend. Its nice to meet you.” Sam said.

“Same here Sam. Just call me Jim. You boys might be interested in these.” Jim said as he flung a set of keys to James.

“Sweet! You know me too well uncle Jim.” James said smiling.

“What are those for?” Sam asked.

“Jet skis dude, and I got dibs.” James said.

“What are we waiting for?” Sam said as he and James started running toward the peer.

“You boys be careful. I’ll join you two later.” Alana shouted.

Jim helped Greg and Alana with their luggage then they all sat down at the kitchen table.

“Where’s Jill?” Alana asked.

“She’s in town. She’ll be back in a few hours. She said to tell you that the lawn chairs and umbrella are in the shed. She figured you’d be wanting to get down to the peer pretty fast.” Jim said.

“Well she’d be right about that.” Alana said standing up. “I’m gonna get my suit on and get an early start on my tan. Tell Jill to come join me when she gets back.”

“Will do. Me and Greg have an appointment with the recliners and the T.V.” Jim laughed.

“Amen to that.” Greg said.

Alana grabbed her suitcase and headed to the bathroom to change. She pulled out her new bikini and laid it on the counter. She stripped off her clothes and retied her ponytail. She then stepped into the bikini bottom and then tied the string that held her top together in back. After a quick once over Alana grabbed her umbrella and a lawn chair and made her way down to the peer.

James was on the jet ski and Sam was on the peer patiently waiting his turn. It was a beautiful day, perfect for getting a tan. Sam heard Alana coming up the steps to the peer and ran to give her a hand with the umbrella and lawn chair. He didn’t count on seeing Alana in her bikini so soon and found it hard to look her in the eye.

“Let me help you with that stuff.” Sam said looking at her feet.

“Thank you Sam.” Alana said amused by his predicament.

Sam unfolded the lawn chair and set up the umbrella. Alana stretched out and started rubbing some lotion on her legs. She looked up to ask Sam if he wanted any. But as she did she saw a bulge in Sam’s pants.

“Oh my god. He’s got an erection.” Alana thought to herself with a certain amount of amusement. She quickly averted her eyes and Sam was none the wiser.

“Here Sam, you don’t want to get burned.” Alana said.

Just then James pulled up on the jet ski. Sam hopped on and took off.

Seeing that her son was back Alana asked if he would put some lotion on her back. She would’ve asked Sam but after seeing his “response” to her earlier she didn’t want him to be embarrassed. James obliged and began to rub the lotion onto his moms back. He had done this every summer for as long as he could remember but this time it was different. As his hands slid over Alana’s lower back images of her in the restroom wouldn’t leave his head. James was so shocked to feel himself starting to get a hard on that he stopped what he was doing.

“What’s wrong honey?” Alana said after James stopped.

“Uh, nothing… I as just daydreaming.” James said.

“Yeah, I do that a lot.” Alana said propping herself up onto her elbows.

Knowing he had to do something to cool off James said he was going for a swim. Just as he stood Alana turned around to say not to splash her with any water. What she saw made her mouth fall open. Right before he had turned Alana saw a sizable tent in James’ trunks. She really didn’t know what to think Her own son had gotten hard because of his mom. Greg had told her that when he was young he would get a hard on every time a woman was near. Alana just chalked what she had seen with her son and Sam up to that.

Hours went by with James and Sam taking turns on the jet ski and Alana sunbathing. Finally hunger sat in and James asked his mom if he could take the truck up to the store to get some snacks.

“You know all too well that your father won’t let you drive the truck. I’ll have to drive you.” Alana said standing up.

“Thanks mom.” James said after he motioned to Sam to come on.

“I’ll be there in just a sec let me get some clothes on.” Alana said.

Alana walked back into the house and slipped her sundress back on over her swimsuit. The combination of suntan lotion and sweat made the dress almost see-through in some parts. She grabbed the keys off the kitchen table and hollered to Greg and Jim that she was going to the store.

The store was only about ten minutes away but the road wasn’t paved so she had to drive slowly. About halfway there they noticed a van with the hood up on the side of the road.

“Hey mom, stop the truck. We might be able to help.” James said.

Alana stopped behind the van and James and Sam jumped out. There looked to be two men under the hood of the van but you couldn’t see because of the hood.

“You need any help?” James said coming up beside the van.

“Yeah we sure could.” A voice said from in front of the van.

When James and Sam finally rounded the front of the van they were shocked to see the two guys from the gas station they had stopped at earlier. To make matters worse one of them had a gun pointed straight at James. He and Sam froze in their tracks.

“Don’t move, and don’t say a goddamn word.” The man with the gun said.

James and Sam did as they were told but it was hard to stay still because their hearts were beating so fast.

“Now listen up you two little shits. No funny business and you might get outta this alive.” The other man said.

“I want you to go back there and tell that lady to turn off the engine and come help you with something. Don’t try nuttin stupid.” The man with gun said pointing at James.

James swallowed hard and walked back to the truck and told Alana to turn off the engine. When she asked why he said that he needed her to hold some jumper cables. Alana turned off the motor and followed James to the front of the van. When she rounded the front of the van she immediately recognized the two men. Just when she was going to say something she saw the gun pointed right at her and she froze.

“Keep your mouth shut bitch!” The man with the gun said.

“What do you want with us?” Sam finally said.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” One of the men said.

“Now here’s what were gonna do. You three get in the back of the van. We’re going on a little trip.” The man with the gun said.

Once they were in the back of the van one of the men tied them up and blind folded them. They heard their truck start up and then they felt the van come to life. They drove for what seemed like hours. All they knew was that the road was really bumpy. Finally they all felt the van come to a stop.

“Where are we?” Alana asked with a shaky voice.

“Home sweet home.” One of the men said pulling the blindfold off of her head.

He then removed the blindfold from James and Sam. Their arms remained tied as they were led into an old shack. The shack was empty except for a few chairs, a table, and a bed in the corner. Sam and James were made to sit down then were tied securely to their chairs. One of the men sat down at the table as the other led Alana into what looked like a bathroom.

“Where’s he taking my mom?” James asked bravely.

“She’s your fucking mom? You got one hot fucking mom kid. But remember what I said about keeping your mouth shut.” The man said putting his feet up onto the table.

In the bathroom Alana was shaking and her eyes were starting to tear up. Nervously she asked the man what was he going to do to them. The man stepped over to the commode and unbuckled his pants. Alana looked away as the man started taking a piss.

“I ain’t decided yet.” The man said.

Once he was done the man walked over to Alana. He was at least a foot taller than her and three times her size. He smelled of gasoline and oil. Timidly Alana looked up at the man.

“You sure are fine.” The man said putting his hand on her shoulder.

Alana’s stomach cringed. She knew this might be coming because of what happened at the gas station. Bravely she tried to end the man’s advances.

“If we’re not back soon my husband will come looking for us.” She said trying to keep a strong face.

“That guy that was with you earlier? Shit lady, I ain’t worried about that loser finding us. Hell as a matter of a fact I ain’t worried about anybody finding us out here.” The man said sliding his hand down Alana’s arm.

“Please don’t hurt us.” Alana sobbed realizing the extent of her situation.

“I tell you what, you got my word not a hair on them boy’s heads will be hurt if you do me and my partner a favor.” The man said putting his hand to Alana’s face.

Immediately Alana knew what the men wanted and the thought disgusted her. She wasn’t about to be molested by a couple of backwoods hicks.

“But I’m married.” She said trembling.

“So what, so am I.” The man laughed.

“Either you do what we ask or my friend Tim out there has some fun with your two boys. He’s been in jail for so long that he says it don’t make a difference if it’s a man or a woman to him.” The man said grinning.

Alana’s heart skipped a beat at the thought of what might happen to James and Sam. Again she begged the man for mercy.

“Please, don’t hurt my son and his friend. They’re just kids.” She sobbed.

“Just do what we say and we won’t hurt your son or his friend.” The man said.

“What would you want me to do?” Alana said softly crying.

“Don’t worry baby, it won’t be so bad.” The man said grabbing Alana’s ass tightly with both hands.

“Well, we got a deal?” The man asked.

Alana looked down at the ground and shook her head yes. She would do anything to protect her son. The man smiled and grabbed her ponytail. He began to kiss her roughly. Alana fought at first but eventually his tongue forced her mouth open. The man greedily sucked on her face while squeezing her ass tightly. Finally the man broke his death grip on her ass and stopped. Alana was still in shock and just stood there with her eyes shut and her mouth open.

“I’m gonna tell my partner what a nice piece of ass you are. You wait a few minutes then you come out. But when you do I want you out of that dress.” The man said smiling.

Alana could believe what he was saying. She thought that each of the men would take a turn with her in the bathroom. Now he wanted her to walk out in front of her son and Sam in just her bathing suit and do god knows what.

“Please, I can’t do that. That’s my son out there.” Alana said

“I guess the deal’s off then, been a while since my buddy’s had a virgin asshole to play with.” The man said smiling sadistically.

“You want’ me to have sex with you and your friend with them watching? Please… I can’t… ” Alana cried.

Just as the man turned to walk out Alana grabbed his arm and with tears streaming down her face she shook her head yes. The man smiled and walked into the room where James and Sam were still tied up.

“Where the hell is my mom!” James shouted.

“She’ll be out shortly.” The man laughed.

The man leaned over and whispered into the other man’s ear and a smile stretched across his face.

As the two men were whispering Alana was crying as she stripped off her dress. She knew what she had to do but the thought of being raped in front of her son and his friend was too much to bear.

“Better gag these two.” One of the men said.

“Why… what did we do?” Sam said.

“Shut the hell up boy.” The man said as he shoved a rag into Sam’s mouth and then tied a bandana around it.

The same was done to James Just then the bathroom door opened and Alana stepped out in nothing but her bikini. Muffled words came from James and Sam as Alana walked into the room.

“Shut up and enjoy the show.” One of the men said as he pulled off his shirt.

James and Sam both knew what was going to happen but their captors had tied them well. Alana looked at James with tears in her eyes as one of the men approached her. What she was about to do was to save him.

“Damn girl, you’re fucking hot.” The man said as he walked up to Alana.

“Be gentle Steve, we don’t get one like her too often.” The man said finally revealing his partners name.

“Oh, I’ll be real gentle Tim.” Steve said.

Steve had groped her in the bathroom and Tim was doing the same as Alana tried not to look at her son and Sam. Tim was shorter than Steve but more muscular. He grabbed Alana’s ass and shoved his tongue down her throat. Alana was taken by surprise but didn’t fight for fear of what they would do to James and Sam.

James and Sam turned away neither of them not wanting to see Alana raped.

Alana was surprised when she felt Tim’s hand go inside her bikini bottoms. His hands were rough like sand paper as they rubbed her ass.

“Goddamn you taste good bitch.” Tim hissed as he moved down Alana’s neck.

Steve walked up behind Alana and ripped her bottoms off. In an arrogant move he threw the bottoms at Sam, hitting him right in the head. Sam turned and glared at the man angrily but soon saw Alana’s long legs and bare ass. His eyes then saw her trimmed bush and even in this situation he felt a twitch in his pants. Try as he might he couldn’t turn away.

Steve knelt down behind Alana and spread her ass cheeks to reveal her pussy. Alana looked at Sam starring at her in this depraved position and tears started to fall once again. Her misery was interrupted when she felt Steve’s tongue as it parted her pussy lips. She jumped slightly. Simultaneously Tim undid her top and exposed her tits.

“Holy shit, those are fuckin’ perfect.” Tim said as he took Alana’s breast into his mouth.

Alana’s breasts weren’t huge but they were very firm and round. She had joked with her husband that if it weren’t for her chest they might not have met.

The comment made James’ head spin around and to his horror he saw two men surrounding his completely naked mother. His hands strained against the rope securing him.

Alana was trying to block out what was happening but the combined sensations of her pussy being eaten and her tits being sucked had her body starting to betray her.

“Unnnnnghhhhhh… ” She moaned softly.

Steve continued his assault on her pussy. His tongue quickly darting in and out of her while his thumb rubbed her clit. With all her might she tried to stop herself but slowly her hips were starting to push backwards towards Steve’s probing tongue.

Tim’s expert mouth soon had Alana’s nipples standing at attention. She glanced down at Tim and made eye contact. Tim again started kissing her deeply. Instinctively her tongue started to coil around his. The two men’s smell flooded her nose. Alana’s eyes clinched shut tightly as she felt her body betraying her. Her pussy was getting very wet and she could not stop it.

“Ummmm… ohhhhhhhhhh… ” She moaned into Tim’s mouth.

Without thinking Alana’s hand dropped to Tim’s leg. Quickly he grabbed her hand and placed it on the bulge in is blue jeans. Alana rubbed Tim’s cock though his pants. She was astonished by the size. James and Sam couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched Alana rubbing Tim’s cock.

“Hey Steve, I think this bitch wants some of my cock.” Tim said smiling.

Steve stopped his assault on Alana’s pussy and stood up. Alana stood there in a daze until Tim pushed her to her knees.

“You go first Tim, you know how I like to watch.” Steve said sitting on the bed.

“Hell yeah, c’mon bitch what you waitin on?” Tim said unzipping his pants.

Alana watched in horror as Tim’s cock sprang into view. It was long and thick. Her husband wasn’t small but Tim was definitely more well hung. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her toward his cock. As Alana opened her mouth she glanced toward her son. She closed her eyes as her lips wrapped around the head of Tim’s cock. Alana had given her husband blowjobs before but it was a rarity.

“Oh shiiiiiittt… ” Tim groaned as his cock slipped deeper into Alana’s mouth.

Alana strained to accommodate Tim’s cock in her mouth. She would never admit it but she liked the feel of a cock in her mouth. Her hand slowly grabbed the base of Tim’s cock. She looked up at Tim’s and began sucking his cock the best she could hoping to get it over with.

James looked at his mother as she was made to suck a strange man’s cock. Even though she was his mother he began to feel his own cock twitch as Alana’s lips slid up and down Tim’s cock.

Without thinking Alana’s free hand found its way to her pussy and she began to rub herself. The room was silent except for the slurping sounds Alana’s lips were making on Tim’s cock. She tried to concentrate sucking the man’s cock but she could feel all the eyes in the room starring. She took in a deep breath and slid Tim’s cock down her throat as far as she could hoping he was enjoying it enough to bring this to an end.

“Ummmm… “She groaned around Tim’s cock.

She could feel his cock jumping more and more rapidly and knew he was about to cum. She picked up her pace trying to finish him off as quickly as she could.

“Oh… fuck… bitch… suck it” Tim shouted as Alana’s mouth milked his cock.

Tim grabbed Alana’s head with both hands and began ramming his cock in and out of her mouth. Tim was moving her head so roughly that Alana’s ponytail unraveled.

“Fuck… shit… I’m gonna cum” Tim shouted.

Out of all the times she had sucked her husband’s cock she had never let him cum in her mouth. But before she could finish her next thought…

“Oh… my fucking god!!” Tim shouted as he began to cum.

Alana was taken by surprise as the first jet of cum filled her mouth. She swallowed trying not to gag. The next blast choked her a little and Tim’s cock popped from her mouth. Tim wasn’t done just yet.

“Fuck… oh… fuck… ” Tim moaned as another blast of cum erupted from his cock covering Alana’s nose and mouth.

Finally one last shot of cum landed across Alana’s neck. She’ll never know why she did what she did next but Alana took Tim’s softening cock back into her mouth and sucked out the last bit of cum. She then let Tim’s limp cock out of her mouth with a plop. She looked toward her son and Sam with cum still dripping from her face. She couldn’t believe it but both of them had very noticeable bulges. She had little time to think before Steve grabbed her head and told her to unzip his pants.

“Well, how was she?” Steve asked Tim.

“Best I’ve had in a long damn time.” Tim said leaning against a wall.

Alana’s hands shaked as she pulled Steve’s zipper down. She unsnapped the button holding his pants up and pulled them down. His cock sprang up and hit her on the chin. While not as thick as Tim’s cock Steve’s was longer. With Tim’s cum dripping down between her breasts Alana took Steve’s cock in her mouth. Since his cock wasn’t as thick she could take more of Steve’s cock into her mouth. With the taste of Tim’s cum still in her mouth her head started bobbing back and forth on Steven’s cock. His cock soon glistened with Alana’s saliva.

“Shit you were right Tim.” Steve said.

“Lick my balls bitch.” Steve said as he pulled his cock from Alana’s mouth.

He grabbed Alana by the hair and pushed her towards his balls. Her tongue darted out and she began to lick Steve’s balls.

“Look at your mom now boy. She’s licking my balls and loving it.” Steve shouted at James.

“Tell him you love my cock bitch!” Steve shouted at Alana.

She looked up at him with a defeated look on her pretty face. She didn’t want to say anything but she was afraid for her son and Sam.

“I love your cock.” She whispered.

“Say it louder bitch so they can hear how much of a whore you are.” Steve said.

Alana’s eyes found their way to her son. He was starring at her trying his best to break free but she knew he couldn’t.

“I love your cock.” She said loudly as she took Steve’s cock back into her mouth.

It was the nastiest thing his mom had ever said but James couldn’t look away. Sam was tormented also. He liked Alana and hated to see her hurt but she was so beautiful that he couldn’t stop himself from watching.

“Damn bitch you suck good. But I want some of that pussy.” Steve said lifting Alana to her feet.

Steve turned Alana toward her son and Sam and stood behind her. He held her arms behind her back and started kissing her neck. Steve’s free hand grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it tightly.

“Unnghhhhh… ” Alana groaned.

Alana opened her eyes and starred at her son. She was totally naked in front of him while some strange man groped her. Steve’s hand dropped to her trimmed pussy and he started to rub her clit.

“Ummmm… oh… shit… ” Alana moaned as she arched her back.

“See that boys. This whore loves what I’m doing.” Steve said as his middle finger entered Alana’s pussy.

Alana’s body was on autopilot. Her knees were week and she was light headed. Every time Steve’s finder entered her pussy shockwaves pulsed through her body. She bit her bottom lip and moaned softly.

“Get on the bed bitch.” Steve ordered.

Alana walked over to the bed and sat down.

“Not like that bitch. On all fours.” Steve demanded.

Alana turned and got onto the bed on her hands and knees. Steve turned her so that her pussy and ass were fully exposed to James and Sam. Both boys starred at the sight of this beautiful woman spread before them. Steve walked up behind Alana and rammed all of his cock into her in one violent lunge.

“Ooohhhhhhhhh fuuuuccccckkkk!!” Alana screamed as Steve’s cock pistoned into her.

“Goddamn this bitch is tight!” Steve screamed.

He began fucking Alana in one steady rhythm. Alana’s head was spinning as this man’s cock filled her like she had never been before. As much as she deplored the situation it did feel good to her. Without knowing it her hips started pushing back onto Steve’s cock.

“Look at this fucking whore.” Steve said to Tim as he stopped pumping Alana’s pussy.

Even though he had stopped she was still impaling herself over and over again onto Steve’s cock. James and Sam just starred as Alana fucked herself.

“Ummm… ohhhh… my god.” Alana groaned through clinched teeth.

Steve could feel Alana’s pussy starting to grip his cock. He leaned forward and started whispering into her ear as his cock slid in and out of her trimmed snatch. Alana could feel her own orgasm building and she tried to fight it.

“C’mon bitch, tell me you want me to fuck your brains out.” Steve whispered into her ear.

Alana said nothing as Steve continued to pound her. Steve pulled his cock from her pussy and laid down on his back.

“Sit on my cock bitch.” Steve ordered.

Alana straddled Steve’s cock but just as she was about to sit he spun her around to face James and Sam. She tried not to make eye contact. Her eyes shut when she felt Steve’s cock entering her again. Uncontrollably her mouth opened and a moan escaped her lips.

“Umm… gooddddd… ” She moaned.

Without Steve telling her to Alana’s hips started to rise and fall faster and faster on Steve’s cock. She could not control her body any longer.

“Oh… uhhhmmmmmmm… fuuuckkk… ” She hissed.

Before long she was slamming her pussy down onto Steve’s cock. She sat straight up and as she did she started to squeeze her own tits.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh… fuck… unnghhhhh… ” Alana moaned loudly.

Sam and James starred at Alana’s face as she fucked Steve’s cock. They couldn’t tell if she was in pain or ecstasy. Steve began pushing upward as Alana was pushing down burying his cock even deeper into her pussy.

“Ohmygod… ohmygod… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… ” Alana groaned as her body took over.

“Fuck yeah bitch cum on my cock!” Steve shouted.

“Fuuuuuuuuuccckkk… OOOOHHHHHHHHHH… I’M CUUUMMMINNNNNGG!!” Alana shouted as her pussy began to spasm. Her body went limp and she collapsed on top of Steve. She was breathing in short gasps as her orgasm tore through her body.

The sensation of Alana cuming was all that Steve could bear. With a grunt his cock erupted deep inside of her. Through clouded eyes she starred at her son. Her mouth was open slightly as she felt hot cum filling her insides.

It seemed like an eternity had passed when Alana felt Steve roll her off of him. She just lied there exhausted, her body glistening with sweat. Her chest was rising and falling as she tried to recover.

“Goddamn that whore can fuck!” Steve said to Tim.

James and Sam sat motionless. They had given up trying to break free and now they just starred in shock at what the two men had just done to Alana. She looked almost asleep as some of Steve’s cum dripped from her pussy. Her body was still trembling slightly from her intense orgasm when she felt someone kissing her stomach. When she looked down she was shocked to see Tim back for more.

“Please… stop… I can’t… ” Alana moaned slightly, her body still too weak to fight back.

Tim didn’t say anything as he started to lick Alana’s inner thighs. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue traced her top lip as Tim got closer to her swollen pussy. Tim raised his head and lined his cock up with Alana’s gaping pussy. Slowly he began to push forward. His thick cock stretching Alana’s pussy wider than it had ever been stretched before.

“Ummmm… ohhhhh yesssss.” Alana squealed softly.

“Damn your pussy is good bitch.” Tim whispered into her ear as he began to fuck her.

Tim went slowly at first but gradually built up speed until he was literally pile driving Alana’s pussy. Alana’s head was spinning as Tim fucked her and eventually her hands found there way to his ass and she actually began to pull him toward her as they fucked.

As they fucked Tim was relentlessly attacking Alana’s tits. Her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. With each thrust Alana’s mouth would open slightly. Eventually she was panting and moaning loudly.

“Oh shit… fuuuuckkkkk… ” She moaned.

“Tell me how bad you want it bitch.” Tim hissed into her ear.

Alana didn’t say anything, not wanting to degrade herself further. But in her fogged mind her reasoning was becoming more and more diluted.

“C’mon bitch, tell me how bad you want me to fuck you.” Tim said slowing his pace.

Alana felt Tim slowing and her body began to take control.

“Fuck me baby… please fuck me… ” She whispered into Tim’s ear.

“What was that whore? Speak up.” Tim said as he began to fuck Alana harder and faster.

“Please… ooohhhhhhhhhh… fuck me… ” Alana groaned a little louder. She could feel her orgasm building and god help her she didn’t want Tim to stop.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Tim shouted as he thrust his cock deep into Alana’s wet pussy.


Her pussy flooded with juice and her body shook uncontrollably. Tim kept fucking trying his hardest to fuck the poor woman senseless. Finally he could go no further.

“Oh my fucking god!” Tim hollered as his cock erupted inside Alana’s spasming cunt.

Alana’s mouth opened as Tim’s cum flooded her pussy. Finally emptied Tim pulled out of Alana. She collapsed unconscious onto the bed. Physically and mentally exhausted.

“You boys still with us?” Steve said having not heard so much as a whimper from James and Sam for about a half hour.

“Looks like they’re more than still with us.” Tim laughed as he pointed to Sam’s erection.

“Damn boy, if you wanted some action all you had to do was ask.” Tim laughed.

“Wake up the slut Tim, let’s make her suck off this one in front of her kid.” Steve said.

James head shook back and forth as he tried his hardest to yell no, but the gag was doing its job all too well.

Alana’s eyes slowly open as Tim shook her violently. She thought that maybe it was all a dream. But her hopes soon faded when she saw James and Sam still tied to their chairs. She tried to close her spread legs as she felt the last of Tim’s cum drain out of her. Tim grabbed her and through her to the floor in front of Sam.

“You got this boy all worked up bitch.” Tim laughed.

Alana looked at Sam and as her eyes focused she saw the tent in Sam’s pants.

“Well bitch, help the boy out.” Steve said as he pushed Alana toward Sam.

“Please… I’ve done what you want… don’t make me do this.” Alana begged.

“I said help the boy out bitch.” Steve shouted with his hand raised like he was going to slap Alana.

Alana looked up at Sam and silently mouthed the words I’m so sorry as her fingers began to undo his pants. Sam sat in disbelief as the woman of his dreams pulled his cock out of his pants.

Alana grabbed Sam’s young cock and stroked it. It was as hard as steel and fairly big, about the same size as her husband’s. Alana stroked Sam’s cock marveling at how hard and smooth it was. She knew what she had to do so she leaned forward and took Sam’s cock into her mouth.

A muffled groan came from Sam’s mouth as Alana’s soft lips slid up and down his cock. Alana’s tongue wrapped around the underside of Sam’s cock and her lips maintained a vacuum seal. Alana felt her pussy becoming wet again and was surprised when her fingers began to rub her trimmed mound.

James watched helplessly as his mother sucked off his best friend. Her head bobbed up and down with a determination that he hadn’t seen before.

“Ummmmmmmm… ” Alana moaned before she realized what she was doing.

Sam wasn’t a virgin but he had never had a blowjob before, let alone one from his dream woman. Alana felt his cock swell a little more and she knew he was about to cum. She could have pulled Sam’s cock from her mouth but she didn’t. With a groan Sam’s cock erupted into her mouth.

The first blast coated Alana’s tongue and she was amazed that the taste was much sweeter than Tim’s. She swallowed just as the second blast hit the back of her throat, followed by and third and a forth.

Alana didn’t know a man could cum as much as Sam was and try as she might she could keep it all in her mouth. Cum began to ooze from the corners of her mouth as Sam’s cock finally relented. Alana finally let Sam’s cock slip from her lips. She raised her head and looked into Sam’s eyes as she swirled his come around in her mouth. With a hand on each of Sam’s knees Alana looked away as she swallowed his massive load. Alana’s body quivered as Sam’s warm cum slid down her throat.

“WhoooooWeeeee!” Steve yelled.

“I think she liked that a little too much!” Tim yelled.

Tim grabbed Alana by the hair and made her look at Sam.

“Tell him how much you liked it bitch.” Tim demanded.

Alana’s eyes welled up with tears. She didn’t want to degrade herself any further. They had already been through hell. Her son and Sam were probably scarred for life she thought.

“I said tell him!” Tim yelled as he lifted Alana by her hair.

“I liked sucking your cock.” She said softly.

“Tell him some more slut.” Tim ordered.

“I loved it when you came in my mouth Sam.” Alana cried with tears streaming down her face.

Satisfied Tim let her fall back the floor. Tim and Steve began to put their clothes back on and for a short while Alana felt relieved that it might be finally over. Her tears finally dried but what Steve said next caused her stomach to knot up.

“What about him?” Steve said to Tim.

“I don’t know, you want your momma to suck your dick?” Tim asked James knowing he couldn’t reply.

“I think he does, look at that fuckin hard on of his.” Steve said.

“C’mere bitch.” Tim said pulling Alana over to James by her hair.

Alana knew what was going to happen. She knew that if she didn’t do this the men might still hurt her son. With her hands trembling she began to unzip her son’s pants. James’ head shook back and forth as he screamed through the bandana that the men had gagged him with. When Alana had her son’s pants unzipped she reached her hand into his pants and her eyes got wider.

“Well, we ain’t got all day bitch.” Steve said to Alana.

When Alana pulled her son’s cock out everyone in the room knew why her eyes were so wide. James’ cock was for lack of a better word huge. It was a lot longer that Steve’s cock and thicker than Tim’s. As Alana starred in disbelief she could hear Steve and Tim laughing.

“Where you been hiding that thing?” Tim laughed.

“Damn boy, your some kinda freak.” Steve laughed.

Alana sat there for a while just starring at her son’s cock. Her fingers didn’t touch as she began to slide her hand up and down her son’s cock. The head was huge and was already dripping precum. Tentatively she leaned forward and took her own son’s cock into her mouth.

James groaned as his mother’s lips stretched around his cock. Alana’s tongue teased the opening of James’ cock.

“Ummm… ” Alana moaned around her son’s cock.

Slowly she began to adjust to the size and began to really suck off her son. His cock tasted wonderful to her and she began to feel her pussy flood. She knew what she was doing was so wrong but she couldn’t stop herself. James looked down at his mother’s head bobbing up and down in his lap. Her other hand found his balls and started to squeeze them.

“Ohhh… god… your cock is huge.” Alana moaned as her son’s cock plopped from her lips.

Everyone in the room watched in amazement as Alana stood up and straddled her son. With one hand she positioned her son’s cock at the opening of her swollen wet pussy. She kissed her son’s forehead as she lowered herself onto his rock hard cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhh… goddamn… ” Alana moaned as her son’s cock reached places she didn’t know she had deep within her pussy.

Alana took a second to adjust then slowly started to ride her son’s cock. It felt like his cock was in her stomach, like she was being fucked with a baseball bat. Her mouth opened and she sucked her son’s ear into her mouth.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Shhhhhiiiiittttttt!!” Alana screamed as she impaled herself again and again.

James moaned as his mother rode his cock. He could feel her tits rubbing against his chest and knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Fuck me… baby fuck me… ” Alana moaned into her son’s ear.

“God… your cock… is so… big… fuck me harder baby.” Alana moaned as she stepped up her pace.

Alana was almost jumping up and down on her son’s lap. Her pussy had flooded with juice and her son’s cock effortlessly slid back and forth. She could feel a familiar warmth emanating from her pussy. Alana looked her son in the eyes and bit her bottom lip. James could see her face cringe in utter pleasure. Alana ripped the bandana from her son’s mouth and pulled out the old dirty rag. Before James could speak Alana passionately kissed her son. Her tongue wrestled with his as she moaned deeply.

Alana could feel her son’s cock swell even more. She slowed her pace but made each thrust harder by dropping all of her weight onto her son’s cock.

‘Baby… Ohhhhh… my… god… baby fuck me… ” Alana begged as her fingernails dug into her son’s back.

Alana felt her body start to quake and she quickened her pace with a few final thrusts. Then it happened.

“OOHHHHHHHHHHH… FUCK… ME… FUCK… ME… FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!” Alana screamed as the first jolt of her orgasm washed over her body.

“OHH… BABY… I’M CUUUMMMING… BABY… I’M… CUUUUUMMMING!!” Alana screamed as another jolt hit her.

Alana’s pussy grabbed tightly onto her son’s cock. The sensation was enough to send James over the edge. With a loud moan his cock began to spew hot cum deep into his mother’s waiting pussy. His body convulsed as more of his cum emptied into Alana’s sweat soaked body.

“Fill me baby… ” Alana moaned as her son’s cum coated her insides.

Finally drained Alana felt her son’s cock slip from her soaking pussy. She just sat there for a while breathing heavily. When she finally did look up she didn’t see Steve or Tim anywhere. In the heat of the moment she didn’t notice either of them leave.

Quickly she got up and untied her son and Sam.

“Quick, get to the truck!” Alana said as she raced into the bathroom to retrieve her dress.

After slipping her dress on as she ran she raced outside to see James and Sam waiting with the truck running. When she hopped into the drivers seat she through the truck into gear and punched the accelerator. She looked at the clock to see that four hours had passed. No one said a word as they drove. After finding the main road Alana broke the silence.

“I don’t know what to say to your two. I’m so sorry for what happened.” Alana said with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t be sorry mom, it wasn’t your fault.” James said putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Let’s just try to forget it all.” Sam said.

“No one’s gonna believe us anyway.” James said.

Alana hated to admit it but he was right. No one would believe what had happened. She couldn’t find that shack again even if she wanted to. And even if someone did believe them she felt so ashamed of the depraved acts she was forced to do. On the trip home the three made a pact not to tell anyone what happened. As far as anyone else was concerned they had gotten lost and had a flat tire.

“I just hope everyone can cope with what happened today.” Alana thought to herself.

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