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I made her mine

November 29th, 2010 No comments

hello guys and gals i am Jay origionaly From lahore but now live in faisalabad pakistan 27 yrs old slim build and i have been told that i m preety handsum:) My favorite kind of porn has always been the stories so i have been reading stories like since ever and that is what gave me the courage to tell mine.This is my true story and happened about 8 yrs back.
Before i actually start my story i think its better that i start with a brief introduction of my self.Well i am and always have been one spoiled boy so the only thing i ever had on mind was sex.I never really got lucky with my girlfriends (coz i never really had any at that timenot because there was sumthing wrong or anything i just never had the courage to talk to gals) so i used to get my female servants do those naughty things for me.bieng the only son i didnt hav much problem with that as my mom was mostly out to my aunts place and dad was in the office.

those days we had 2 female servants in our home both about 20 one of them (mona)was kind of preety but the other one(amna) was really really gorgious i had fucked mona many times but never actually had a chance with amna till that time they both stayed in our home 24hrs as they didnt hav any family.
One hot afternoon i came back home and found out my mom wasnt home so i decided to have a nice fuck i called mona in my room and after kissing for a while i asked her to come to the bed but she said amna was getting suspisious and she was afraid that amna might screw things for us.At first i kinda got scared too but then i just remembered the time i got mona.I asked Mona what should we do about it she didnt have any idea on what to do so i decided to take care of the things my self in the night i went to the servant quarters and put 5000 Rs in amnas things. the next day when my mom went out i called amna and told her that my money was missing she replied ‘bhai mujhay nahee pata main nay aap kay paisay nahee liay'(they both called me bhai and even after our naughty games they called me bhai infront of other ppl) so she said she didnt know where the money was i also called mona there and asked her but she never knew about that so i told them i am gona search both ur stuff we all went to the servant quarters and i cheked monas stuff first but i knew the money wasnt there i then started looking in amnas stuff and there i found the money as planed in her bra so there i stood with money in one hand and her bra in my other hand with a very angry look on my face started shouting at her abusing her she started crying and swearing that she didnt know how it got there i told her i was gona tell my parents about it and would get her in jail for that as mona was a witness to the scene she was scared and was crying after a little while i said if u want me not to get u in jail ul have to do what ever i tell u if u agree come to my room in 5 mins with mona otherwise u r domed.I got out of the servant quarters and stood behind the door listening to what was going on in there.mona was asking her why she stole the money she was still crying saying she never did anyways in a few mins mona convinced her that she should agree to what ever i say as that would be the best for her .
she agreed so mona told her to stop crying wash her face and come to my room i rushed in my room and put a sexy movie in the vcr took of all my clothes but my boxers in a couple of mins they came in i paused the movie and asked amna “kya socha hay mairee baat mano ge ya police ki” she again got afraid but mona said “bhai yeh aapki baat manay gi” and smiled.I got the signal and said “dekho amna isi maint tumhara faida hay agar mairee baat mano gi to police kay dandoon say bhi bacho gi paisay bhi milain gay or aik 9 inch ka lun bhi milay ga” after saying that i took of my boxers she looked at the fukk hard rod i could see that she liked what she saw but was kinda afraid too. she looked at mona and then looked back at me i wasnt looking at her anymore but was watching the movie again a fuck scene was going on and the noises from the movie were doing their job she the again looked at mona who was looking at the TV with one hand in her shalwar and the other holding her 36D size boob over her kameez. mona the turned her head towards amna and said maan jao amna mazay he mazay hain saying that mona came to me and held my cock we kissed and i started taking of her clothes i new there was a debate going on in amnas mind but didnt look at her she stud there stuned looking at us by now mona was naked to and lying on the edge of the bed i was on my knees licking and eating her pussy while fingre fucking her and my other hand pressing her huge boobs pressing them hard she was moaning with pleasure and encouraging me with hher legs wide open amna stood there still watching us play and then the sex hungry middle aged woman in her won she came closer i looked at her and could see the lust in her eyes she said “theek hay bhai main wohe keroon gi jo aap bolain gay” i smiled and got up held her in my arms kissed her deep she kissed me back and the next moment our toungs were roaming around in each others mouths mona was still lying on the bed finger fucking her self i undressed amna too and kissed and licked her all over then i asked mona to get up and get the bottle of oil then i told her as a celebration of our new friendship i would fuck amna first and then mona amna was a bit afraid as she was a virgin but after i licked and tounge fucked her for about 30 mins she was beging of me to fuck her i applied oil on my cock and slowly started fucking her she came 3 times but after we finished she didnt have the power to move her legs i fucked mona then and from that day onwards we played our secret game almost everyday about 3 years later i moved out of my parents house and shifted to faisalabad both of them now live with me and r my personal whores we live togather as lovers.i take care of their needs and they take care of me i dont pay them anymore to have sex with me as both of them think of me as their husband and i m not afraid to say i m actually in love with my servants. Hope u enjoyed my story.

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Arranged Marriage

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My name is Kaushik. I was born in January 1941, and because of a lot of respect for my Uncle, I started calling my mom “Bhabhiji” just like my uncle used to. Unfortunately for me in 1949 my mother passed away. I remember feeling guilty for my mom going away and I used to go to her picture and used to say: “Bhabhi, mein tumse kabhi nahin ladoonga aur kabhi mithai nahin mangoonga. Tum wapas aa jao, mera dil tumhare bina nahin lagata!” But all in vain!

My father had arranged his marriage with a 16-year old girl from Maharashtra, because her parents were poor and she was almost illiterate. In 1953, my step-mom, Bhaminidevi arrived and she hugged me, but I shied away and went in a corner and cried. She was only 4 years older than me, and I was not willing to accept my step-mom. She on the other hand tried much harder to show me her love. Next morning she called me in the bathroom and asked me to remove my clothes, because she would give me a bath. I felt shame at removing clothes, so I said, I will take the bath by myself, but she said “No, I will really clean you up. Come here fast with your clothes removed.”

I obeyed, and she massaged soap in my head, face, and all over my body and then between my hips and then in the front she she held my then small lund in her hand and tried to push the skin back and the skin refused to go back. After a lot of trials the skin didn’t move at all. She called my father “Are sunte ho, yahan aao!” When he came she told him that he will have to take me to the doctor or hospital because the skin on this (pointing to my lund) does not go back. He took me to a private hospital and there they scheduled me for circumcision. I was released in one week after the stitches came out.

My step mom made delicious kheer and poori to celebrate my coming back home after successful surgery. Next morning she took me for my bath and showed me that the front of the lund was now without skin and the remaining part she showed me the skin slid back and she showed me a circular area just below the head of the lund where lot of smudge accumulates and it is important to clean it. She cleaned that area, and then she put her hand horizontally on my lund measuring it with her hand. My lund was loose, not erect, but still it was of the length of her hand from one end of her middle finger to almost her wrist. She said to me: “Wah beta tum ab bare ho gaye ho. Tumhara yeh bhi khoob lamba ho chala hai. Iski achhi hifazat karana.”

In October 1954, a year after her arrival in our home, she gave birth to a baby girl but the baby girl had breathing problems and she passed away in three months on the new years’ day in 1955. I was almost 14 at the time. My step-mom was having great difficulty with her breasts that were full of milk and it was not used, because her daughter passed away. One Monday, when my father had gone out of town on business, I saw her squuezing her boobs to try to get the milk out but I guess, she found it very painful. She went back to the bedroom, lied down on the bed and began crying. A little later, she called me in. I was peeping in her bedroom just being curious, so I immediately went there. She asked me to lie down next to her and suck the milk from her breast. She told “Is doodh se mujhe bahut dard ho jata hai. Ab tum mere bete hi to ho, so tum mera doodh pee sakte ho. Ye tumhe takat bhi dega.” I obeyed and lied next to her. She had already removed her blouse and bra, and I felt that my lund became very erect and much bigger than when she had measured it with her hand. So I put my one hand down there, in an effort to hide the elongated lund, and began sucking my step-mom’s milk. She saw my hand pressing down on my lund, so she asked: “Kya baat hai beta. Kya dard ho raha hai wahan?” I replied: “Nahin, dard nahin, who bahut lamba ho gaya hai aur mujhe sharm aati hai.”

She immediately loosened my shorts and removed them, and also the underwear. Now I was naked below my waist with my lund even more erect after getting touched by my step-mom. She took it in her hand and measured it from one end of her middle finger to way beyond her wrist. She said, let me measure it, so she got up, took a measuring tape from her sowing machine, and told me: “Are baba, yeh to tere pitaji ke lund se bhi baraa hai. Poore nau inch ka ho gaya hai. Chal mein tujhe kuch nai tarkeebein sikhati hoon. Chal apne sare kapre untaar de aur mein bhi yahi karati hoon, aur hum dono paas paas let jaate hain. Tu ab bara ho gayaa hai aur mein tujhe aaj zindagi ka gyaan doongi.” I lied down next to her naked body and she asked me to lie down on her and suck her milk like a baby. I did just that, and somehow I began to feel wetness with lund that was on top of my step-mom’s choot. Without any effort on my part or the part of my step-mom, my lund slid inside her choot and I bagan feeling that her choot was squeezing my lund. My step-mom put her arms around me and squeezed my body hard and removed my mouth that was sucking milk from her breasts and she put her tongue inside my mouth. I felt a very strong shock l;ike that of high voltage current!

My step mom began moaning: “Aaahhhhh.. Aaahhhhh.. Aaahhhhh.. Shhhhhh… Shhhhhh… Shhhhhh… Haye Mar gayi mein.” I quickly said “Bhabhi, kya hua, meine koi galti kardee?” She replied: “Nahin, kuch nahin. Mujhe maza aa raha tha aur mein maze mein yeh sab kah gayi. Iski kuch parvah mat karo. Bas isi tarah se karate raho.” I asked: “Kya karata rahoon?” She explained: “Aage peeche dhakka maarte raho. Mein bhi tumhare saath dakke maroongi. Tumhe bhi mazaa ayega.” So I began my in-out-in-out “dhakke marna.” And my step mom started doing the same. I began to feel excitement in my lund, and then I felt a big spray of liquid on my lund inside my step-mom’s choot. And I heard her moan out loud: “Ooohhh.. Haye .. Haye .. Aaahhhhh.. Aaahhhhh.. Shhhhhh… Shhhhhh… Cchhhooo !!” And suddenly she collapsed and told me “Mein to jhar gayi, ab tumhari baari hai. I continued my dhakke for another five minutes and suddenly I felt like the sky had burst and it felt really very very good to my lund and it began shinking.” My step-mom said: “Ab tum bhi jhar gaye! Aao let jao meri baahon mein.” I slumped on tom of her and again began sucking her milk and I don’t know when both she and I fell asleep. Suddenly at 6 PM, we heard a knock at our outside door, the milkman had arrived to deliver milk for the evening.

After our dinner, my step mom said: “Tumhare pitaji to teen mahine ke liye baahar gaye hain. Mujhe raat mein bara dar lagata hai. So, tum mere paas hi so jana jab tak tumhare pitaji wapas nahin aa jate.” I obeyed her again. In the night, she again asked me to remove all my clothes and she too did the same and we repeated what we did in the day. I became addicted to doing that. I asked my step-mom: “Yeh jo humne kiya uska kya naam hai.” She happily replied: “Ise chudai kahate hain. Tumne mujhe choda, lekin aur kisi ko mat batana ki tum mujhe chodte ho nahin to gazab ho jayega.” Our chudai took place after lunch and after dinner every day. I had become very adicted to my step-mom’s chudai, and she was too. At the end of two month’s she said: “Are Kaushik, gazab ho gaya. Tumne mujhe garbhwati kar diya.” I asked “Yeh kya hota hai.” She replied: “Har aurat ka shreer kareeb har chaar hafte mein ek andaa banata hai. Jab aadmi aur aurat ek dusre ki chudai karate hain to aadmi kaa virya aurat ke ande se milne ki koshish karata hai, aur agar who mil jate hain to ek naya bacchhaa bananaa shuru ho jata hai. Tab kahate hain ki aurat garbhwati ho gayi.” I asked: “Yeh virya kya hota hai.” My step-mom replied: jo tumhare lund mein se nikla tha jab tum jhare the.” I asked: “Aap to mei maan hein, aur mein is bache ka baap, aur yeh bachhaa aapka bhi beta hoga. To yeh to rishtedaari mein garbar ho gayi.” She said: “Koi baat nahin hai. Hum kisi ko nahin batayenge ki yeh tumhara bachhaa hai. Tumhare pitaji thore dinon mein aane waale hain. Sab samjhenge ki yeh unhi kaa bachhaa hai. Tum is bare mein bilkul chup rahana. Sab theek ho jayega.

Next month my father returned back. And I started sleeping in my room, but “Bhabhi” and I continued making chudai in the day when my father was busy in business. In some of the nights, my father did her chudai. On the nights that he didn’t do that, she used to come to my room about 1 AM, and we used to do chudai, and then she would go back to her room. My father used to sleep very fast, so he never knew that “Bhabhi” was not sleeping with him throughout the night.

“Bhabhi” and Pitaji arranged my marriage and I got married in 1959 to a very beautiful girl of age 16 named Preeti. Just like her name, she was all love. At the time of my marriage, “Bhabhi” had given birth to four sons that were biologically my sons, but legally my half-brothers. In 1960, Preeti gave birth to a baby-girl, and Bhabhi gave birth to another son, also were biologically my son, but legally my half-brother. Then Preeti and I moved to Bombay, and my relationship with Bhabhi stopped!

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My girl friend

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Dear desi fans I am c.m from bangalore I want to share my experience with you all I don’t want to bore you people I will directly go to story I was working in a small scale industry. I joined there in the year 1996 April. Life was normal up to June 1998. by June 1998 my boss appointed a young girl shoba as typist. She was normal looking girl she had very good ass but very small boobs. My time I have masturbated thinking of her. It was on December 26th my entire life got a change. she was a christen she had come in very good dress. I told her that she is looking very beautiful then I told here that I feel like kissing her she agreed I took here face in my hand and I stared kissing her on her lips she also responded my kiss slowly I moved my hands on her kurtha and stared pressing her boobs but she resisted. Since it was factory we departed I went into the shop floor. I came back to office after 10 minutes she told me that she enjoyed my kiss. daily my first job as soon as I entered my office is to kiss her and press her boobs.

One day while kissing her I took her hand and placed it on my dick asked her press my dick coz I was in heaven when she stared pressing my dick so it become our daily routine to press her boobs and she is to press by dick on day I took her to my boss chamber and started kissing her I opened my pant zipper and asked her press my dick while kissing her then I took my dick out my briefs and gave it in her hand she was very glad to see my dick she was staring at my dick I thought her how to play with dick she did exactly what I told her coz I was in heaven. we is to sit in the chair and enjoy I is to sit facing north side she is to sit facing south side I is press her boobs and she is to press my dick or shake it or some time I is to open my pant zipper stand near her she is to pull my dick out shake it.

One fine day I told her that I was very interested in seeing her pussy and I want to press her boobs directly without any cloth she agreed for this and she told me that she will wear t-shirt and jeans and come. it was on Monday I was eagerly waiting for the chance our lunch time was between 12 to 1 in the afternoon everybody went to lunch. I took her to my boss cabin I started kissing on her lips she also was very horny then I lifted her t-shirt I removed her boobs from the bra cup and stared pressing it she stared moaning I was kissing her and simultaneously I was pressing her boobsm without removing my lips from her lips I opened her jeans button I sided my hand in to her panty I started finger fucking her. she was moaning with pleasure I opened my pant and lowered my brief she started pressing my dick and also my balls. we enjoyed like this for nearly 1/2 hour she told me that she is unable control her feeling she went into ladies toilet since nobody was there in the shop floor I also entered the ladies toilet she removed my pant she took my 6 inch dick into her mouth started sucking my dick coz I was in heaven coz after 3 minutes I shot my entire load into her mouth I saw the time only 10 minutes was left for 1 o’clock we had our wash and came out of toilet we came to office she gave me 2 slice of bread which I hate I did not go for lunch that day we his to do the same when ever we is to get chance but I got bored within one month so wanted something more i.e. sex. I told her that I want to see her completely nude for which she agreed and it was decided that when nobody is there at home she inform me or she will call me and tell so I was waiting for that wonderful day.

After 15 days she told me to come to her house by 6.00pm when she told me this I was unable to concentrate in my work I was literally looking at the watch that day I left my office by 5.45pm I went to her house I knocked the door she came opened the door let me in and she closed the door behind. immediately we kissing each other she was wearing green color nighty my tongue was fucking her mouth very deeply we went the hall kissing only I sat on the sofa she stood in front of me she slowly lifted her nighty from bottom I could see her pussy covered with thick hair bush I could see her boobs which was ok in size my dick was troubling me for the first time in life I have seen a girl fully nude.

she through her night away she asked me remove all my clothes I took off all my clothes she was sitting and watching me her pussy stared dripping we hugged each other very tightly and started kissing each other she was having my dick in her hand my hand was squeezing her boobs she was moaning with pleasure I took a pillow placed it on floor I asked her lie down I started kissing her from toe to head in midway I stopped near her count I fucked her pussy using my tongue then I sucked her naval then her boobs then her arm pit.

I also lied next to her I placed my mouth on her boobs started sucking it I inserted by finger in her count started finger fucking her she stared moaning ooooo-oh -oh she suddenly exploded her neckter on my hands then I went to other side and repeated the same thing she was very happy then she made me lie down started sucking my dick she took the entire length in to her month I was moaning with pleasure then I exploded my cum in there mouth. we went in side the bathroom and cleaned our self then she took me into the bed room she had brought jamine floor she asked me to keep this in her hair then she pushed me on bed she was above me she started kissing me so we stated rolling on the bed then we turned in to 69 position she was sucking my cock I was eating her pussy before I could get hard she came twice on my mouth.

I was hard after 15 minutes she opened her leg wide I entered in between her leg I inserted my tool in to her pussy I gave small jerks she was shouting out of pain then I closed her mouth and rammed her very hardly my tool was in her pussy then I started moving very slowly in and out she was in heaven she was shouting with pleasure after 12 minutes in cummed in her pussy the time was 8.15 because her sister will be back from tuition we got cleaned ourselves before wearing dresses we kissed each other very deeply. any girl or aunty who is very interested can contact me on my e-mail after I write my second story that how I fucked shoba’s sister.

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I read most of the stories but never thought of righting about my own experience. So hear I am with my own real life pleasurable experience. Pl. don’t mind as I am writing for the first time and I am not good at writing stories.

Before I start, let me tell you about myself, I am SAHIL a local resident of New Delhi ,20 yr. of age, 6″ft tall, 80kg, whitish complex and average looking and 7″ long dick with 2″ thickness. I work out regularly and I possess an athletic physique. I am doing my MCA degree from DOEACC and my graduation side by side . I am from a middle class family.

Now to start with my very true-life incident. I had a crush on my neighbor jasmine when I was 18 she was 2 yr. elder to that was the reason I could never express my feelings to her . Two yr. later I somehow got to know that she was having an affair with a friend of mine actually he was not my friend but I had very normal hi-hello with him as he was a black listed guy. He came to know that I had good relationship with her. He asked me to make arrangements for them to meet as we had a common wall that was just 3 ft. I made the arrangements, as jasmine was also ready for it. By the time jasmine was very close to me we had started loose talking also. It was sameer’s (jasmine’s bf) birthday the next day jasmine asked me to help her buy a gift for him. I readily agreed, as I knew that she was going to sit on my bike. We went for shopping I started giving jerks while I was driving she was not resisting so I got the courage and started to brake without any reason she understood what I was upto but pretended as nothing was going on. We were home soon. At night she called for me from her room on the terrace, I came out she was standing in a black nighty all lingerie I could see her boobs as they were trying to burst out. I somehow came back to normal and asked her what was the problem. She said “neend nahin aa rahi thi to socha tumse baat kar loon”. she said this with a sultry look in her eyes. I started to get a hardon . we both were standing in front of the 3foot wall her sexy figure was clearly visible (36-30-34).

We started talking then suddenly she drew her hands closer to my dick on the other side of the wall. I don’t from where I got the courage I just held her from her hair and planted a hard smooch on her lips she did not resist . that was a green signal . I jumped the wall took her inside her room and locked it. She was looking in my eyes “tum kabse itne bechaan the mere kiye”

I drew her closer and started fumbling with her body starting with the neck. She was moaning slowly “ooomh
ooohh kamal !! I love u so much “tum kahan the aab tak” She pushed me on the bed and knelt down in front of my zipper and started it with her palms. She came closer and gently unzipped my shorts with her teeth with her lips touching my bulge. She pulled down my underwear Oh goooodddd!it was the first time a lady touched my penis. My cock was like a rock. She slowly started to lick the shining top of my dick, which had a drop of precum on it then she put her mouth on my penis and started sucking it. I couldn’t control myself. I said “tujhko mera lund acchha laga”? she looked up and gave me a very sultry smile again Then she again took my cock in her hands and started rubbing my foreskin up and down. I was in pain but in joy too. she said “18 saal ki umar mein itna bada lund…mujhe bahut accha laga.”she sucked my entire dick. Now it was my turn. I got up, took off her gown she was in front of me, my first crush just in two piece. I could see her hard pink nipples from her translucent lingerie and wet pantie. I started to kiss her boobs from outside her lingerie one hand was on her wet crotch and the was busy caressing the other boob. She was in heaven moaning like a wild animal “kamal aur jor se plz aaj meri choot tere hi liye hai plz aaj meri pyaas bujha de” I could not control myself I made her sit ln doggy style and entered her pussy from the back it was all wet and hot she was not a virgin . I had no problems in entering her I started jerking her with all strength she started screaming with joy and pain she started loose talking “bahenchod aur jor se daal meri choot aaj faad de” I started to feel that I was going to cum I took back my dick, made her face me and started fucking her mouth she resisted in the beginning as she was unable to breath but adjusted herself I blew all my load in her mouth she spat it all out and had a brief vomiting. We lay there naked for a few moments before I felt she was jerking my dick with her hands it was soon erect she came on top and started to ride it she was moaning “aaahhh ahh come-on fuck me!! Fuck me harder  she took my hands to her boobs and asked me to press them. I was having the time of my life. She had her orgasm as I felt my cock getting wet with her love juices. She was exhausted and fell upon me like a dead body. I said to her “ab main teri gaand maroonga” she got up in fright and pleaded me not to do so. I was depressed but I agreed to her. For this favour she took my cock in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob soon we were in a 69 position her pussy was really a delight to taste. Soon both of had our last orgasm I drank all her love honey it was great. It was 4 in the morning I left to my room and had a great nap . I got the opportunity to fuck her ass but that’s another story.

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First Girlfriend

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I am 29 yrs old and working with a multinational firm as a senior consultant and writing this from USA. First of all i am not great to look at, my height is around 5′6 and around 65kgs and dark in color.

I was working in a hotel in Bangalore as a head of finance and doing well. This was a five star hotel in bangalore and it was routine for me to work and go home. I never used to meet any one either supplier or our customers and it was a back office job. Once i was called to sign a contract for a vendor opening a flower shop in the hotel. A girl (Mini) not the Correct one, had come to sign as she was incharge of the place. We did the necessary work and then parted after a coffee. She was a malayali aged around 26 and was good looking, she had a 36 C sized breasts and a big ass. While days passed by i had no contact with her. However one day I recd a bill from their shop for floweres supplied by them to the hotel. I enquired with everyone in my dept before authorising as to who had bought the flowers and not one knew of it. Then i decided to call the shop and it was Mini who picked the phone. I enquired about the purchase. She gave me the details and i told her to come and collect the payment by 6 in the evening. Usually i sign cheques only in the evening and that was once in a day.

That day i had a dept head meeting and had to come to my cabin only at 7 PM and saw a huge bunch of papers to be signed. Just then i got a call from this girl asking for cheque. I told her that the cheque will be given to her tomorrow since I do not know where it is. But she wanted the cheque since she had to pay the money to he flower vendor. I asked her to come down. To my surprise she was there in a minute. Since most of the guys had left i asked her to sit inside my cabin while i can fetch the paper for her.

While looking for her cheque we just chatted as to how her business was and plans for expanding the business. I asked her to look for the cheque in another pile of papers and while she was looking i found something which i was looking and tried to take it, by chance my hand touched hers. I asked for pardon buut she sasid it is ok. I told her i cannot find the cheque, but if it really that urgent i will give u my personal cheque and u can return the money later when u get from the company. She told me that she is desperate and asked me to help her. I Immediately pulled cheque and gave her the same for which she was excited and wanted to repay me for my help. I told her she can do that when she gets the money. She asked me for my birthdate so that she can send flowers home. i Gave her my birthdate and after four days she gave me the money i had lent her.

It was such a that the very girl had bought flowers to my house on my birthday. I was dressed to leave for office and received her at home and thanked her for the gesture. While speaking to her with a cup of coffee in both our hands she asked me what am i going to do for the day. I told her work!!!. She asked me to take off and go with my girl friend. I replied that i have none. She asked me if i can go around the house fr which i told her yes, U may but not the bath room for it is dirty. She looked at the kitchen, hall and the bed room and told me to employ a maid for the house. I toldher that it is not possible for they come at 11 in the morning and that i leave for work at 9 am. and i dont believe in leaving the keys with her. She told me that she will clean the place for the day since it was a special day. while cleaning she sweeped the place cleaned the refridgerator and the then she took charge of cleaning my bed room. On seeing the pillow she asked me as to why i was using so many pillows. for which i told her i think of someone and embrace it in my sleep for which she gave a laugh. While putting the bed spread when she bent i saw her breasts and was wondering whether to touch them, but decided not to. after cleaning the bed room She went to the kitchen. There were many soiled utensils. She wanted to clean them. I told her not mess her clothes and that i will do it in the evening. She asked me to give her a shirt which she can wearwhile cheaning. I gave her a Tshirt. She took the tshirt and went to the bed room to change. I really wanted to see her in the bra so i peeped into the key hole. Alll she did was removed her salwar and then her Bra too. It was the first time i saw a breast and she wore the tshirt and called me inside. She asked me for a lungi so that she her pyjama is not dirtied while cleaning. now i cud see her breasts boucing and my heart was pounding too. I gave her the lungi and again stood near the door to see her bottom. She removed her pyjama and then her panti and came only with the lungi and started cleaning. I cud see her breasts and really wanted to touch it. WHile she was cleaning i was standing close and watching her do things. i was really hot. She finished her work and wanted to have a shower. I told her to use my bath room inside my bed room and took a towel and went in. When she went in i touched her pantie and bra and wanted to do something. After she opened the tap for the first time i really wanted to do something. SO i ran up and closed the value of my flat. She started calling for me and when i came in she told me that there is no water. I told her to open the tap properly and that it shud be fine. she did everything but no water was flowing. I offered to help her by coming inside the bath for which she opened the door. First i pretended not to see her, and was concentrating on adjusting the tap. but later i turned back to find her standing nude., Now i cud not control, but told her to wait to ensur ethat the tap is set right. i went up and opened the valve. and came to the bath room. she unbuttoned mty clothes and started sucking my hard penis and asked me to suck her breasts. Since i never had a any experience i sucked it adn bit at times. i ejaculated my spearm inside her mouth and we had bath together and came out. we kissed a lot and it was heaven for me. i pressed her boobs rather hard and sucked her dark nipples relentlessly. we wiped each other in a towel and asked me to sit on the bed and she took my penis again and started to suck it. It was hard within seconds and she came over me to kiss, while my penis was mean her pussy. she was trying to put it inside but was not going inside for i had a thick one and she is still a virgin and was really tight. I made her sleep and asked her to suck my penis once again for which she told me that once we finished fucking she will take it in her mouth. I with great difficluty puched my penis inside her pussy and when it was fully in we fucked hard. She came in minutes. There was litlle blood and she started to suck my penis once again. and then we decided to go out for lunch. I called my office and applied for a day off.

Meanwhile in the restaurent she was telling me that it was paining a lot, but she enjoyed it. she asked me how i felt, I replied by saying it was heavenly. After luch we went to shopping street and i got her a dress and she sked me if she can buy a special bra and pantie. I replied with a yes. when we came back to the flat she immediately stripped herself and took my penis and started to suck it. I wanted to try anal with her. but did not know how to proceed. i asked her if i can do it with her. She said go ahead. I trie dhard to put in but cud not suceed. we fucked each other for 6 times that day and had lots of fun. we continued fucking each other until she had to close her shop and go back to keral for her marriage. I pleaded with her not leave me and that we can marry. But she did leave me. She in now dubai with her husband. But before she left for kerala she game a gift in the form of a servant maid from kerala whom i have been fucking her every night. Most people think that she is my wife since she is good looking and i make sure that she gets the best dress. While at home she is always in her mini skirt or skin tight shorts and a tshirt. Most nights we both sleep without anything on us. she is an expert in massage and her speciality is kissing my penis before i leave for work everyday. If in the afternoon i feel like going home she will make sure fucking me. recently she had to abort our baby. I am enjoying my sex life so much so that i never thought that it is such a pleasure to fuck someome. Ihad the pleasure of trying ananl sex with her though she says it is very painful. I have fucked her in the car, and she has given me a blowjob when in a bus to Kodai kanal. I once late in the night at Goa on the shores made her strip all her clothes and she liked the experience and we did a 69 position but ended up without fucking in the open air.

She is still at Bangalore with her sister and whenever i call her she keeps telling me how she misses me. I happened to tell her to send her sister back to kerala the day before i land, she tells me that i can enjoy her too and she is waiting for me to come. I am desperately looking forward to having sex with two girls both of whom are sisters. I have bought them lots of sexy under garments and wish to photograph them.

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I Fuck My Girl Friend

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My name is Tabish. I want to share my 2nd story with you. I have girlfriend her name is Najia. She is 18 year and lives in my neighborhood. She is very beautiful lady with 34 25 34 figures. Her height is 5’’7. She has a D shape BOOBS. Her skin is like a silk. We have sexual relationship from last two years.
Her father works in air force while her mother is doctor her elder brother Danish also enjoyed air force recently. Her father and elder brother come home only on holidays. Her mother works in hospital she returns from hospital after 5 O clock. Najia return from college at 2 O Clock. I live in two beds flat alone I come home from my office at 7 O clock so there is plenty of opportunities and time to have sex. From last two weeks I was feeling that she is not taking interest in sexual relationships. I asked her what’s problem is she did not tell me any thing decided to investigate the matter. One day I saw on boy age of 20-22 come out of her house.

After that day I saw that boy five or six times came to know his name is Shahzad and he lives in next building to my building investigate the matter and found that boy has sex relationship with my girlfriend. It was shocking for me.
After that I meet her five or six time but she did not show that she has relations with any other guy. Now she was not taking interest in sex relations with me. I decided to take revenge and give her lesson for cheating. She told me on Friday that her mother have a day and night duty tomorrow. One idea came to my mind I told her that I will visit tomorrow and have a surprise for her. She shows interest and said she will wait. On Saturday I knock at her door she opened the door she was wearing t shirt and a jeans I know she never wear underwear and bra at home. Her beautiful boobs were giving sexual appeal closed the door and give her a long kiss on her lips I feel her boobs on my chest it was already very hot. She took me to her bed room where we do explore each other. Now I give her french kiss I feel her tongue inside me I also do the same it arose our sexual desire. I start to press her tits she screame I incease the preasure. Her nipple become hard. She start kissing me very fersouly. I start to open button of shirt and with he help I put heer t shirt of. Her tits was exposed. Her pinck nipple were very haard. She put off my shirt. now I start sucking her beauity full big D shape tits she screiming OHHHHHHHH ITS FEEL FANTASTIC. I suck her very fesouly. My cock become fully erected in my jeans and pushing to come out to exploed the Najia pussy. I start to unbutton the Najia jeans while my mouth sucking her beauity full tits.
Najia moaning “SUCK ME HARD RAJ ‘. I putt of her jeans now she was fully hand now exporing he lower part. She put off my jeans cock fully esposed to her and fully erected. I sit on the edge of the chair and expand my legs my cock was fully esposed and erected and waiting for thusty mouth of Najia. Najia bend downon her knees and my cock in her mouth. I feel very pleasnt ohhhhhhh. She was stocking in and out of her mouth my cock touching her throut. After 10 minutes of her stocking I feel I am goooing to cum. I push her head towards me now my cock was touching her throut with in a second my cock fill her full of cum. She screame with OMMMMMM OMMMM Tabish IT IS VERY TASTY. She start sucking every bed cum on my cock. She clean my cock with her tonge. I pick her to the bed and kiss her on her lips she also resppond. I start kissing on her kneck she start Screming ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I come down to her tits and kiss on her nipples and suck them hard she moaning loaduly ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I go down to her belly and kissing very hands was rubing very hard her theies and hips then I start kissing her crotch and taking big bits which make her orgasm at hight.Tabish SUCK MY CUNT. I put my tounge in her cunt which was very hot and wet. I start sucking her cunt and sucking her sweet cum. She moaning OHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH.
My orgasm was on height and my cock was fully erected. I suck her cunt ten minutes Najia was fully in ebriated. She said in full lust ‘FUCK ME Tabish FUCK ME Tabish FUCK ME Tabish PUT YOUR COCK DEEP IN ME FEEL ME FUCKED’. My cock was hard like a rock and waiting for ______ her pussy. I wide her thies and put a pallow under her hips now her wet and hot cunt was ready for fucking I bend on my knees between her thies and put my cock shuoft in her beauity ful cunt she moan ahhhhhhhhhhh I start shoving in her it went three inchs in her Najia was screming ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Najia cunt was wet and on fire and screming FUCKE ME HARD HARD MY LOUD. Najia moaning make me furious. I start shoving fastly it went 5 inches in her. Her count become tight and hot, cock was feeling her cunt which make me mad. I was now shoving my cock in her furiously. It gone in her 7 inches Najia moaning AHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHH AHHHHHH PL DON’T HURT ME SHOVE IT SLOWLY. Najia cunt clutch my cock it was totally jamed in her cunt I put out 1 inch and shove it with full power it go in her 2 iches.Najia crying loudly AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Stop it stopit stop it. I saw tears from her eyes it was painfull. I prepare myself for final roound. I put 1 inch out of her and shove my cock with all power I cock went in her by rubing against count walls. cock shouft het the cervix and in same time my balls heat cunt lips.
Sakeeta crying ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh YOU HURT ME Tabish YOU HURT ME Tabish YOU HURT ME Tabish. I think in my heart ” I still not hurt you sweet hard I will give you lesson later on.” I drop my self on her. I feel her fast and hot breeathing. She was moaning loudly with pain I enjoy it. After five minutes I was agiant on me kneews its time for stoking. I start slowly in and out of her by two inches for five minutes. She moan loudly ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhha ahhhhhhhhh. I find rythem I start in and out by 4 inches and fastly. She also find rythem with moaning more dick come out of her by 4 inches and then shove in her fastly and heating the cervix and cunt lips simultaenously. ITS INCREASE MY LUST AND MADE ME MAD. I start in and out of her as fast I can and by 6 inches. I was totally mad.Whole room was to roar with Najia crying and moaning “AHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH STOP IT Tabish STOP IT Tabish I BEG YOU I WILL DEAY WITH PAIN I WILL DEAY. I carry on for 5 minutes approxmately one stock per 5 second.60 stock in five minutes with full power.My cock was rubing very hard against her count wet walls.
Atlast I fall on her I was wet with 10 inch cock was in her realize the cum in cunt.Najia was still crying with pain and moaning looudly. I start kissing one kneck and cheeks she was wet with sweat. I rreamin in same position for 30 minutes then I stand and go the wash room to talk the bath. After taking the shower I came out and see that she was siting on the chair. I told her that I will give the surprise on monday which I promise. I will visit on Monday at 11 O clock. She said “she will engtiously wait foor the surprise.

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Katies Tiny Pussy Fucked

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Katie had broken up with her long time flame after catching him in bed with his mistress. She remembered exactly how it felt. Ethan was a fashion photographer and as a result spent long hours at the studio with some of the most gorgeous women Katie had ever seen. But she had never once doubted Ethan’s affection for her. So it came as a complete shock to Katie when she came home one afternoon unexpectedly from an out of town business trip to find her own dear sweet affectionate and loyal fiance shoving his cock into a beautiful blonde bombshell’s pussy.

The blonde was writhing and squirming under Ethan as he drove his cock into her tiny almost virgin like cunt. Katie was stupefied as she watched her boyfriend stumble off the bed in shock and the model, the blonde bitch who he had been fucking, cooed “Hello darling, you must be Katie, hope you don’t mind me borrowing your baby’s cock, It’s just that I was so hot and bothered from a tiring day’s work that I wanted so badly to be fucked, so Ethan offered to help my poor pussy out. You understand don’t you, honey?’

Ethan wasn’t so sure. Honey he said, “I can expl…” But she didn’t give him a chance to complete his sentence. Katie stormed out of the house and went to her studio, she didn’t want to particularly go there on a Sunday considering the orgies her partner Christian often held as weekend fiesta’s but she had no place to go. She entered her office silently and sat down on her chair, devastated. What was she going to do now? Seems like her AD agency was all she had left. And Chris… the partner she hated, because of his constant liaisons with all their clients. Why she was even sure that he was in his office right now getting a blowjob from one of their models. As she sighed she heard the doorknob turn and Chris walked in.

Hi, Kate he said. The guard told me you were in. He was of course lying, which Katie didn’t know. Chris had hidden cameras in all prime points of the office where he loved to watch and jerk off at the expense of his unsuspecting staff. Katie was his favorite. He had been wanting to fuck her from the time her had set eyes on her two years back. But she was so uptight always loyal to that waster fiance of hers. He had been watching her from the time she had stepped into her office. He and his friends were having a drink in his office when he noticed the tiny red light hidden discretely under his desk blink announcing the arrival of his favorite girl. He knew she was upset and he knew it was time to console her. He smiled at the thought of consoling beautiful, uptight, snobbish Kate. The woman with the loveliest set of tits he had ever seen in all his life.

“What’s up angel” he asked knowing fully well how she hated him using endearments on her. “You look sick”

Katie sighed. This was all she needed now. “No Chris I’m alright, I’m just a little tired that’s all” Who was she trying to kid, if she was tired then she would be back home with her boyfriend sleeping in his arms.

“I don’t think so” He said. “What is it? Ethan? Did you guys have a fight?” He asked coming closer to her and sitting on her desk. He let his eyes roam all over her body. She was wearing a white semi transparent button down sweatshirt with a deep V showing ample cleavage. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her semi erect nipples stood out against the fabric making his mouth water.

She seemed aware of his gaze and shifted awkwardly under his steel grey eyes. “No, We did not she said indignantly”

“Yes you did. You’re a poor liar sweetie” he said his eyes now taking in the length of smooth naked leg that was propped up on the table. Her tiny flared mini skirt fell to reveal her thighs most seductively.

“Did you come here to turn me on?” He asked letting her know exactly where he was looking.

“God Chris I don’t need this from you now she said tiredly, I just caught Ethan in bed with Deanna and I’m fed up. Stop flirting with me please. I just don’t have the strength to deal with you right now”

“Then don’t. Let me help you relax” He said moving to the back of her chair. He released her dark brown curls from their restriction letting them fall to her shoulders and started a slow sensual hair massage.

Inspite of herself, Katie felt herself relax.

“So that’s it is it? He asked “Lover boy was screwing away while you were out of town? But nevermind, I’m sure we can make up for that” His hands now went to her shoulders and he started rhythmically caressing her neck and shoulders. He knew that his two friends in his office were watching him seduce poor Kate.

“I don’t think so Chris” said Katie suddenly standing up and facing him. “If you are hinting that we make love just so that I get even with Ethan then forget it”

“Come on Katie, think of Ethan your precious love screwing that bitch, his cock pumping pleasure into that tight little cunt sending it into wave after wave of orgasms? Don’t you wanna get even with that?” He asked his grip never leaving her shoulders.

Katie was breathing hard now, clearly aroused by the dirty talk her nipples now stood out a full 3/4 inch each.

“Look at you lovely tits Kate” he said turning her around to face the full-length mirror she kept in her office. “Makes me wanna rip your blouse off and suck them good” Chris knew that Katie loved dirty talk and he was using it as much as he could to arouse her. Judging by her distracted face and rigid nipples he knew he was doing a good job. Thank you camera he murmured silently, for letting him in on Katie’s deepest fantasies.

His face now brushed her neck as they both looked in the mirror. Katie’s hands trembled at her sides. “Chris, I…”

“Shhhh Baby, relax and let me love you. Let me ease all that tension out of your sexy body. Let me help you get even with Ethan for fucking someone other than you”

That did it. Katie was totally submissive now. She watched as Chris’ hands lightly brushed her nipples.

“Oh fuck…Chris”

“I’m really sensitive there”

“Yes baby I know and that’s exactly what I’m going to do to you now. Fuck you hard and long making your sweet little cunt cum for me and cream my mouth with your pussy honey”

“Chris” she yelled sharply as his fingers pinched her nipples through the fabric. “That feels mmmm” was all she could say.

She watched the mirror as he came in front of her and started to kiss her mouth rough and hard. She loved it. Then he kissed and bit her neck. She almost fainted when his tongue flicked at her tits making her wet instantly. She watched his dark head at the mirror suckling her nipples through the thin fabric. Then in one fast move he ripped the blouse from her body and flung it aside. She was taken aback but regained her pleasure when his tongue and lips retook their place at her tits. He squeezed and sucked and nibbled causing purple bloodshots all over her big firm tits.

“Touch me there Chris Please” she begged

“Where, say it? I wanna hear you say it to me, tell me Katie what do you want me to do to you? He asked his voice raw with sexual energy.

“I want you to put your fingers in my pussy Chris and fuck me” she whimpered.

With that he carried her up and laid her on the leather couch still in full view of the mirror.

“I’ve dreamt of fucking you in front of this mirror since the time I saw you”

“You want my fingers in your pussy, you got it”

” Not just my fingers but my cock also”

She moaned loudly. “Yes baby yes”

“Give it to me please” Katie was over the edge now, not caring about anything or anyone least of all Ethan.

She helped Chris pull her skirt off.

“No panties” he whispered “What a beautiful pussy you have Katie”

Her cunt was shaven clean and as a result of Chris’ lovemaking it was wet and glistening with her cream. Her clit popped out of the folds of her pussy. It was large and round like a tiny peach and obviously very aroused.

She watched as Chris went down and rubbed his face in her pussy smelling her cunt like an intoxicated man. “God, Katie, I’m gonna eat you out”

With that he went to work. Katie let out a yell as the tip of his tongue touched her clit. She shivered in excitement as he licked it vigorously and then ran his tongue along the crack of her pussy. “You taste so good” he said softly

He stabbed his tongue in deeper alternating between fucking her hole with his tongue and flicking furiously at her clit. He was like a mad man, mouth fucking her crazily. “I’m cumming, God Chris yeah baby stab my hole with your hot tongue. Lick my clit for me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm she screamed as he continued his assault on her pussy. She came at last flooding his mouth with thick white creamy pussy juice. She rubbed her whole pussy on his face as her orgasm lasted a whole two minutes, bucking up and down on his eyes, nose, lips and tongue. He licked off every bit of her juice, relishing it.

“Now it’s my turn to pleasure you” she said getting off the couch in a flash. “Look at that poor thing she said as she unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans free. Then she took off his briefs and let his cock hit her in her face. Kneeling down by his dick, she caressed it and stroked it. “How big is it? She asked incredulously?”

“9 long thick inches” he answered proudly. “And all for your pleasure ma’am”

“9 inches of cock” she said happily taking it in her palm and kissing it. “I think I’m going to get intoxicated by this lovely thing.

She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock marvelling at the fact that it was so thick that her hand could not even go around it. The she licked the sides slowly then building up a frantic licking and sucking pace all around the sides of the giant cock in her hand. “aaaaahhhhh that’s it you horny little bitch, suck me” he said catching her roughly by her hair and shoving his cock down her throat.

She gagged at first then slowly adjusted herself to his cock, sucking and nibbling and then sucking again. She kept on and on devouring him hungrily until he wasn’t able to hold on any longer. “Fuck I’m cumming” he said and shot his load into her waiting mouth.

“I’m gonna blow all over your face and tits my pretty little horny slut” he said and shot his second load all over her face and tits milking his cock dry as he did.

Then he collapsed over her hugging her to him as he did.

“I think I’m gonna fall in love with you” he said grinning.

She smiled at him contently wiping off all his cum from her tits and sucking her fingers dry. “Yummm” she said. “Delicious”

“You are so sexy” he said laughing. Get ready for the next bout.

“I already am” she said smiling. “Aching to get your monster into my tiny little hole” she said.

“I gladly will, you little fuck doll” he said lust coming over his face again watching her fingering her pussy.

She reached out and started sucking him again making him rock hard like before.

“Now in my cunt Chris” she commanded

He grabbed her by her waist and made her bend over on her knees. Then he started rubbing his huge cock on her slit making her tremble with anticipation.

She pushed backward as he rubbed her slit trying to envelop his cock.

“Wait you bitch” he said roughly. “You’ll get it soon enough”

All the dirty talking was making her super horny. Her pussy cream was oozing out and dripping onto the bed. Rubbing the monster on her clit now she was almost crying with desire.

“Please” she begged “please”

Slowly he pushed an inch inside her trembling cunt and then another and slowly another as she violently bucked against the intense pleasure. He was stretching her pussy so much it was hurting her and at the same time pleasuring her deeply. When he got the full 9 inches in her, she came trembling and dripping juice all over his cock.

“Fuck, fuck” she cried “I just came again”

“And you’re gonna cum some more” he said pumping his cock in her pussy.

“So tight and wet”

“I love your hole Katie”

He built up pace as he kept pumping her doggy style fucking her pussy harder and reaching forward to squeeze her nipples all the time. Then he violently turned her over and pushed in from the front. With her lying below him both her legs in his hands in the air, he kept fucking her and fucking her till she came again and again. Leaving her legs he grabbed both her tits and squeezed one while he sucked the other. Still his cock kept up its merciless assault on her pussy. He drove her little hole in and out tearing it apart with his big hot cock knowing every minute that she loved every bit of it. “I’m gonna cum Katie” He whispered hoarsely. “Where do you want it my horny baby?”

“In my pussy” she screamed. “Give it to me in my pussy Chris, all of it”.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” he screamed releasing jet after jet of warm creamy cum in Katie’s pussy. The last few drop he milked across her slit making it glisten with cum.

“Mmmmmm” he said. “Do you think Ethan had this much fun?” he asked her

“No way” she said laughing “he doesn’t have a cock half as big as yours honey”

“Ready for round three” he asked grinning

“Only if you promise to give it to me in the ass” she said wickedly dipping her fingers in her pussy and sucking his cum from her fingers.

“Delicious” was all she said. “Now I know what to do when I’m bored in the office”

Chris smiled at her. “Do you think you would like to get gang fucked Katie?”

“Gang Fucked” she said.

“Yes, there are 2 of my friends in my office and trust me they have cocks as big as mine. How would you like us all three to pleasure your horny lovely cunt?’

“Oh Chris. Yeah baby one in my ass, one in my pussy and one in my mouth. I love it” she smiled

“Can we do it now?” she asked

“Yeah c’mon babe. Lets get your pussy gang fucked” he said pulling her up and taking her out of her office.

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My best friend did me..

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Well guys I am Anita..21 from Bombay. I have a full figure..34-28-36..i.e 34c breast cup..28 waist and 36 ass, 5ft6in in height wheatish complexion and sharp features. You may be surprised to note that I am a girl but yet I read a lot at and of course I love it too. So I decided to share my first experience with you all.
This happened when I was 19 year old and guess what it was hands of my closest friend Manoj. Manoj was then 21 yrs old and stayed in my neighborhood. I was right from the beginning in to internet and have enjoyed Cybersex for a long time also I would save all such talks and chats in a special directory on my pc.

I hardly knew that the guy I regularly cybersexed with was none other than Manoj infact he had arranged that he do it. One fine day he came to me and told me that he wanted me to see something and gave me a bunch of papers and they were my cybersex chats with him I was shocked. and surprised I asked him how he got them but he said that that was none of my concerns, he also told me that he would give the entire bunch to my dad. and that I was doing something very wrong. I was very scared…and didnat know what to do. I even begged him pleaded with “Please aise mat karo mere jindagi barbad ho jayge”. But he would listen to nothing.

Suddenly he held me close crushing my breasts in to his chest and kissed me hard..and long on my lips. He told me “Anita ek shart par mein tumhe maaf kar sakta hun agar tum apna yeh sunder sexy badan mere havale kar do.” I was shocked I slapped him hard and moved away he held me again kissed me hard and said “janu aaj raat tak ka samay hai sooch lo phir mat kehna maine mauka nahi diya aur han aaj rat mere ghar par koi nahi hai.” He went away..but i was left there scared and thinking..and ashamed…but something had to be done. Agar papa ko pata chal jata to woh shayad mujhe mar he dalte. Finally scared I went to Manojas place at about 8 that night… Manoj welcomed me with an open embrace” aao janu mujhe pata tha tum aaogi”.” Aaj to badi hi sexy lag rahi ho !” as he said so he pulled the front of my shirtas neckline and stared at my cleaverage and kissed me on my neck. I decided to plead with him one last time. but it was to no avail so helpless I had to do what he wanted. As he had requested I had worn his favorite white figure hugging top(no bra inside). which really complemented my big breasts and my middie black skirt.

He asked me to go in and get him some I got the jug for him rather than drinking he started pouring it slowly on my top, as it got wet it became semi-transparent..exposin my breasts. he was thoroughly enjoying what he was doing I stood there helpless and red in shame. He started sucking my breasts from above my shirt…and I could do nothing but beg him not to do this to me after all I was his best friend…but he wouldnat stop. Now he asked me to strip…”Chal Anita abh nangi ho ja..mere liye, mujhe tera woh madh-mast jism deekhna hai” not wanting to do this but helpless never the less i complied. I let my wet t-shirt off me and threw it to the floor covering my naked breasts with my hands to hide them from his view “Haath hatao aur apne bablon ko message karo” came his command as I obeyed he came close and started licking my now surprisingly I too was getting aroused…ohh yess I was I started breathing breasts would rise and fall in rhythmic motion. Mere breasts ko chumte hue sudenly usne apne haath mere skirt ke ander dal diye aur mere chut ko apni ungli se sehlane laga. Ohh ab mijhe bhi maza ane laga tha mein dheere dheere apne body ko hila rahi thi aur uske ungli ke strokes to support kar rahi thi. Suddenly he stopped..” Chal Chal ab apni skirt utaro”..I was not resisting any more and said ” Khud he utar lo na mein kahan rokti hun” as I said so I undid the button ..and down went the zipper of his pant…letting his jeans to the ground..his underwear soon joined the pant…he had also by now stripped me off my skirt and panties.

Mein uske bahon mein thi puri tarah se nangi..hamare badan ab ek ho chuke the. Suddenly Manoj ruk gaya aur jake ek condom le aya ” pehnao yeh mujhe”, “mein tera bura thodi na chata hun..mein to tujhe chata hun”.Ofcourse I obliged…I was very moist by now…meri chut akdum gele aur tayyar thi…he entered me ever so slowly…I screamed in pleasure…”ooooohhhhhhhh Manoj meri jan chodo mujhe..apna bana lo !!”.First his strokes were long and slow..then he started gaining momentum..ohhhh ohhh faster and the same time woh mere breasts ko masal raha that unhe chum raha tha…we had sex almost 3 times that night….Mujhe pata he nahi that ki itna maza bhi aa sakta hai, us din ke bad Manoj jab chata, jaise chata mujhe chodta tha…aur aaj bhi un dino ko yaad kar ke mere jism me ek aag se lag jati hai .

But unfortunately Manoj now has shifted to the states, and I am looking for a similar sex-partner. Hope u like this true life-incident of my life…send your comments to me at: girl34_28_36 {AT}
Note I have the same nick at yahoo chat too and my icq is 100208833.
Love Anita..

Copyright ‘ 2000 Inc.

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Her Hot Sister

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We went to bathroom after a nice fuck and bath together, where I saw her body and really she had a great feature and figures. I asked her that you are really a pretty woman as I have seen before. She smiled and said have you seen a lot? Yes as you know I am living alone so I am a young and sex is need of every one. She said are you going to prostitutes? No I don’t like women like these. Then from where you get them? I said her from anywhere but not from that you say. She sad me shyly you will go after this. No! I will never go if you love me. She looked down to the earth and said did you not believe me after that? I love you and I proved it. I hugged her and kissed her lips. She said me take a bath you are already late from office. I took bath and she serve me a delicious breakfast. I went to office.

I was in very happy mood all the day. At the evening I was. She said me that she will be here in few minutes and went out. She came back after a while. She had changed now and asked me to change as she has brought form market as my nightdress. I changed and laid in the bed she climbed in the bed with out my asking. We played the same game as we done last night but this time she was more frank like newly bride after 2nd night. She was now my wife and we were living like a couple. Even my half dresses were there. Her children were very familiar to me..
One night when I came I saw a most beautiful lady was there. Hameeda introduce me her and said me meet my elder sister Saeeda. She said to her, I have introduce him you a lot he is Mr. younas. I said her I am very pleased to meet you. She said me thank you, and said we are very grateful to you as Hameeda told us that you are the only one who helped them in hard times. We sat together and were talking for a long. Hameeda said us I am going to kitchen to arrange the dinner and you may sit there. She went to kitchen and I asked Hameeda about he family. She said that her husband is a govt. officer and now a day posted far. So she is living in capital due to her children education. I didn’t describe her, although she was Hameeda ’s elder sister but she was pretty twice more than Hameeda. She was a tall well-built white like milky type woman with blue eyes and long hair. I noted that her hands were little fleshy and they were looking so nice. She had a full growth erected breast, and wide flat ass. She was complete a dream woman and her features were still like a young.
We took our dinner and after the dinner I asked Hameeda that what should I do? May I leave or I will stay there? She said you will be sleep in your room with me. But your sister will mind it. She replied me do your job, this is my job I will handle it. So I went to my room and was waiting for Hameeda. I heard some noise from the room just next to my room that Hameeda and her sister are talking loudly as they are arguing. I heard her sister that it is not right that you are going to sleep with a person to whom we have no any relation. I don’t like it nor other member of our family would like it if they come to know. Hameeda shouted her no one can objection, I have right to do as I like and my deer don’t mind but I would like to speak the truth before you. He is the only one who helped us in hard and he still helps us. He pays for all our necessaries. You are the rich one in our family. Your husband earns more then enough of your necessities, have you ever asked about us or other member of our family. And you are sleeping with him in return. Yes! I would be. But this is not good, Saeeda said to Hameeda. Hameeda replied apai you have a loving rich husband but I know that you have relation with Hameeda. She became stunned and said this is not true. Hameeda said I know better apai it is true. Now Saeeda had no any way so she said her as you wish but I don’t like this. Hameeda came into room and lay with. She was looking very upset. I asked her what is the problem and she told me all what had happened. I asked her then what you decided. She said me, that she has decided once and she hugged saying I love you. No one has right in my family to ask me. I asked her that your sister had a loving rich husband but she has a lover. She became stunned and asked who told you this. I laughed and said I have heard all conversation you sisters were making. She said this is true that she has lover. We were kissing and started loving mean fucking s. she was under me and she had up her legs that night very up for deep fucking. She was very excited that night. I started about her sister that what she would be thinking about us, she said don’t talk about that bitch. I asked her as she really a bitch she said yes. She was moaning very loudly and at that point when as she was in her very hot mood and said that what a sex bomb she has. She said me want you fuck her? She has really sexy. I immediately said yes, but how? She said fuck me now then I will arrange it. When we finished. After some time I remained her promise, she smiled and said that she had promised and she will arrange it for me next day. We talked for long and then we slept together. Next morning I went to office with out meet her Saeeda. At the evening I phoned and asked Hameeda that should I come there or not? She said me why not this is your own house why you asking like this she added and tonight you are sleeping the apai, did you forget? I couldn’t believe and asked her as she is joking? She said come and try.
I went to Hameeda home very soon that evening and when I entered to home, Saeeda was there in drawing room with kids. She received me little warmly than last day. I asked about Hameeda and Saeeda said smilingly that she is in kitchen to prepare dinner for you. Only for me? Or for the family. She smiled and said for all but you are the special one. Her all words were double meaning. I asked her don’t you ask me to sit? She said this no I am guest while you are member of the family. I sat where she was sated. We were chatting while Hameeda was in kitchen. After some time Hameeda came and when she saw us talking she smiled this all right. i am sorry to disturb you, but I came just for that to say, that dinner is ready. I told her we are also ready. This time Hameeda said in naughty style, for what? I became little nervous and said for dinner. We all laughed and went to dining table. After taking the dinner I went to room which was declared my bedroom. Little after Hameeda came and sat with me saying you have forgot your promised made me that you will never go to any other woman and when you saw Saeeda you couldn’t control any how I didn’t forget mine. She said me that she is going and asked me to off the light. I asked her how you agree her? She said me I will tell this after some time. Saeeda will come just after my leaving the room and she will come to your bed in darkness, as she has demanded. Hameeda went out and after few minuets Saeeda came in dark straight to my bed and laid without saying any word lay with me. I wrapped my arms around her and said her Hameeda how are you nice. Saeeda said me this is no Hameeda this me. Who? I asked. Don’t try to be smart. You know I am Saeeda. You have demanded from my poor sister for me and I am here.
I became very upset to hear this and asked her to leave my bed and who says that your sister is poor and I am black mailing her. She said immediately I am sorry to say like this. She has told me all the story today and she had tell me that you have never demeaned for it but she is her self doing this. She wrapped her arms around me and said please for give me. She put her lips on my lips and started kissing. As I was not responding so she bite little my lips. She started caressing my chest and she took my hand putting it on her tits saying I have brought this is for you. I was become aroused and excited. So I rubbed her tit and moved my hand to her cunt, ohh my god she has a very soft large and big fleshy pussy. I was rubbing squeezing her tits while caressing her cunt. She has really a cunt not pussy. I untied her shilwar knot and pulled it down and also removed her qamoz from her tits. Meanwhile I on the switch of table lamp. What a great body structure she had, she had breast like two mound of white snow on her wide chest. Her breasts looked healthy and firm for her age with slight sagging due to size and weight! A part of her areolas, which were, pink and were surrounded with small nubs protruding and erect.
I put my mouth on these like a hungry baby to suck her milk. She was caressing in my hair and her both hands were on my head pressing it to her breast. I licked her breast for along time and then moved my mouth from her tits to her belly, which was little fleshy where her navel was very deep, and I inserted my tongue in it. I licked it for a while and then from her navel to her big cunt. It was recently shaved, its color was reddish and pink. I put my tongue on her cunt and gave it a circle between her cunt lips. She was moaning like anything, ahh uh uff. She wrapped her legs around my head and pressed it tight with her cunt. She was no become very very aroused and moaning. I inserted my tongue in her cunt hole. My tongue went deep in her hole she was pressing my head to her cunt with her full power. She said me will you fuck my cavity with your tongue only, or you will give me you big long thick cock to taste. By now she was totally on fire. All the while my cock was touching with the bed under me, and was aching due to hardness from long time. I sat between her thighs and took my dick in my hand, I rubbed it to her clitoris for a while and she said me choked voice it is now unbearable please give it to me. I request you please don’t kill me. I am dying for it. I was on top of her. She couldn’t control herself more. She took my cock from my hand and guided the thick cap of my cock head into her warm cunt hole. This time I inserted it in, I had no problem in inserting it as her cunt was too wet by her juice, so there was obviously no reason of having any problem. She spread her thighs more and lifted her buttocks and entwined her legs around my hips and pressed me towards her, making my engorged cock enter all inside her spreading wet and warm cunt. Her cunt was more than Hameeda, It was so tight a fit around my cock and my cock could feel her cunt muscles tightening around it. I started slowly in and out in her cunt. She was now looking get at rest and was looking satisfied. I now slowly started to pick the rhythm of fucking Saeeda, the sensual, pretty lady who was cooperating with me in fucking her like a young girl. I now slowly picked up the tempo to fuck her by faster strokes, which she assisted by lifting her buttocks. I sometimes squeezed her voluptuous tits and was fucking her furiously now. She was moaning like screaming. Ohh uha Hameeda is enjoying herself. You really know how to fuck. You have great dick. Its not only for Hameeda, give it to me deep in me.,”Push, ya.. Push, strongly, yes. Now slowly I increased my speed and Saeeda had kept her legs tightly wrapped around my waist and as I started increasing my speed Saeeda started scratching my back and was moaning loudly. She was responding of my every stroke by pushing her soft hips to upwards to accommodate my cock full in her cunt. Her ass hole was continuously touching to my testicle and that was felling me so nice. I fucked her more than 15 minuets and then I asked her to change the position. I pulled out my cock from her cunt. She didn’t say anything and just got on top of me. I was flabbergasted. She leaned over me and grabbed my cock, guided inside her cunt very slowly. She start moving up and down as my cock was touching the deepest wall of her pussy and she was moaning. She was shivering and I was just looking at her. She then smiled and said, “What are you looking at?” I said, how am I lucky that the pretty woman like are riding me ” She just smiled and said more pretty than Hameeda. Yes, you are but she is also nice. She smiled and started riding me slowly. I was squeezing her boobs. After few minuets then she started riding me really fast now. She was screaming, moaning and riding faster and faster. I was squeezing her boobs and kissing her every now and then. She bent over me catching my shoulders and moving very fast to take in and out my cock in her cunt. She was screaming uff offf ahh hooo. Suddenly I feel a lubrication on my cock and told her that I was about to cum. she said, Cum inside me. I want to feel you in me. I came really hard and she came threw her self on me – keeping my cock inside of hers. We kissed, hugged so tight and kept each other into one another’s arms. I pulled my self out from her and she came next to me and rested her head on my chest.
We kept going on for almost more than an hour, and it was surprising, as it was not my timing. Then later on I realized that it is your partner who does the magic. After that, we got tired and rested for a while, she was on my arms and my one hand on her breast while she was caressing my cock, and after an hour we were again ready. We fucked thrice that night till morning and then we slept in each other arms. I got up that morning very late and my hand went to wrapped her again but there she was not there as she had woke before me and had leave call Hameeda and she came smilingly into room. I asked her come near to me but she refused and said apai will come to your bed if you need. I will never come to your bed from today as you have broken your promise. Are you serious? I felt really guilty. She read my face and came to my bed as I was still in bed she laid with me and said no don’t worry I love you and I will do what you want. We kissed and caressed some time and when I tried to open her shilwar she said me I am not running from you, now you should ready for office as it is too late. She hugged and kissed me very passionately. She helped me to ready for office and after the breakfast I went to office without meeting Saeeda. And when I came to home at the evening, Saeeda was not there. I asked from Hameeda where is Saeeda? Hameeda said me she has left to her home as her husband called her to come back. She should have met me. Hameeda said she would meet you soon as she has told me that she would be like to meet you any time. and she met me again and again.

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My Seduction

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Much as I desired to have opportunity for having a fling, I did not realize that I was to have the opportunity knocking at my door and I had not used till then as I was not taking the signs shown. I realized that later and I will share the same with the Indian Sex Stories readers. I am now in Bangalore and have been knowing this neighbour lady who stays with her teenage daughter as her hubby is abroad. We have been family friends and visiting each other. Any help needed was always extended especially when someone is ill or anything like that.The daughter used to be also very free and move around at home while I am there in her nighty which used to quite see through and revealing or in very short pants and I used to feast on her body which body features was very well in my mind .

Earlier on few ocassions we had gone for a picnic when her dad had come to some of the Cauvery River streams and the innocent girl used to have a bath there with us in her swimming costume playing and splashing water.The sexy ghori thighs which is otherwise covered by her dress used to shine and her tits in the swimming costume outlined in full with nipples erect.Though I have wanted to caress her I never made an attempt treating her as a innocent kid.

Her mom used to tease me generally and as we got more close had been having occasions to brush against each other accidently and at times felt it was on purpose.Then once we had to go out of station together by bus and return was late. As natural we used to doze off and she was trying to be on my lap and as I internally wanted this encouraged her. With the road conditions being bumpy, her hand which was on my thigh would go closer to my johny and in no time I was in a solid erection hoping she does not realize it and thinking what she will think of me! Not to worry in next few minutes her head/hand touched the solid fellow and she started asking in sign whats this’

Embarassed as I was, not knowing what to do, I was pleasantly surprised that she started holding him and pulled my hand on her boobs as she continued on my lap. That was clear invitation which I took so long to understand! The night journey saw me unable to control the ejacuation with her playing with my johnny and my hand on her boobs and nipples.No more was possible in the journey. A real fuck session which was natural to follow came soon enough.

On a holiday the daughter had gone out and I reached there. Both of us knew what would follow. After normal plesantries, talk went on to the bus journey and I went close to her and pulled her to the sofa embracing her. She showed a little reluctance as it was day but I persisted and was kissing her all over as my hands was exploring her boobs and slowly going on to her navel and then to the juicy forest below which was not being allowed to be touched.Slowly her saree palav was removed and blouse hooks too and boobs with bra in my mouth. This saw her also getting hot and her hands started roving on my body removing my shirt buttons and pant zip to have her hands on my chest and johnny who was like a stone then. Slowly we moved to the bedroom and on to her bed as I tried getting all her clothes off which she was resisting.Saree had come off and the skirt string open as I got the bra fully out and she got under a bedsheet pulling me under that with only my underwear on me against which my johnny was standing as a flag post.Once under the covers, I had her panty off and I also removed my underwear. Well just in birthday suit totally nude under covers I wanted to see her body and had the covers removed as she covered her face and tried covering her cunt with a pillow.Her skin was smooth, cleanshaven in the armpits as also cunt.Soon the bedsheet was back on our bodies as we clung to each other.My johnny was rubbing her body and finding his way after a lot of foreplay to her cunt. Joyfully he went in as the cunt was already well lubricated by then and to my surprise in a jiffy both of us climaxed and she was pulling my hairs off as her love juice started to also flow. Locked in that position we lay exhausted for some time. Soon my johnny started waking up.We then got up, cleaned ourselves and had a standing fuck in the bathroom where half the time I was viewing her buttocks movement in the mirror to her back.Sweat was flowing as was our love juices. Knowing that it was getting time for her daughter to return, we had a bath together playing with each other by lathering the soap and finally drying each other. Dressed up later a refreshing glass of hot horlicks was taken with some snacks before I left fully satisfied with the opportunity which came. Naturally some more chances came later after which she pushed off to join her hubby and no touch after that.

This opened in me confidence in few other faster responses from my end to chances seen as given by some female friends.Those wanting to have a clean real funtime /erotic chat/share their experience can email me on sincere20079 {AT} would like to say thank you for submitting this story :8)

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