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Hot chemistry with chemistry teacher after school

Hi guys..Well I am 18 year old boy living in delhi. I am a regular smart teenager.I
have a got physique, got pack of abs though not a perfect six pack, I am also my
schools and one of the best guitarists of dwarka..I have loads of porn in my pc,
like fetish, scandals, bondage, hardcore/softcore etc.And I have high sexual
desires.So let me begin with my real life incident, which happened some weeks
ago….I had my exams and achieved a good result.I was one of the toppers of the
school too.So a few days after my result, I went back to school to have a chat with
the teachers, to discuss the result…I had a very good result in all subjects,
except science.So when I entered my school building, I walked towards the staff room
when suddenly, I heard “Rahul! Where are you going?”When I turned back, I saw my
biology teacher looking sexy Dressed in tight jeans and t-shirt. She really looked
hot, as during the regular school days ..She wore plain sarees or simple suits.“So
how w!

as your result?” She said.“Quite good ma?m.”“Don’t call me ma?m today, as
today the school is closed and there are no faculty members in the school
present.”Then we started to discuss my result. As we talked I couldn’t stop
noticing her boobs; which I thought were simple thin baggy ones, actually were
compact and Symmetrical She had some big melons there! Even her ass was something!
Curvy and big Suddenly she noticed me looking at her boobs. I got a sudden shiver,
But she did react to it, and continued talking. She said that my science marks are
really not up to her expectations.. She asked me what the problem was. I told
“Ma?m, physics and chemistry went smooth, but biology was quite tough.” What!?
This was the easiest paper ever! In which topic did you Have problems?”
“Reproduction and hereditary” I said Then why didn’t you tell me before?!”
“Well I thought that I understood those topics well” “So which stream are you
going to take in 11t!
h?” “Science” I answered “Medical or Non Medical?” M!
edical” I have no idea why I said that! I had already decided to take
non-,medical, but just to spend little more time with a babe like her my tongue
kind of twisted”“

Then you better get your doubts cleared…”“Well, I am free now ma?m, I don’t
mind can we brush up the basics?” I said “All right! Since you are one of my
favorite students, we’ll discuss the topics now at the reception. So where are
your books? ” “I don’t have them with me, as I wasn’t prepared for
this.”“Alright, we’ll try to study in the biology lab. Wait for me here, I am
bringing the keys”She walked towards the watchman cabin to get the keys.Her tall
erect figure, walking with style. And with each step her ass shook giving me a hard
on in my pants. I saw her talking with the watchman, and focused on her beautiful
boobs…She came with keys and we went together towards the biology lab….The lab
was located in the 2nd second floor, and was the second last room before the physics
lab.The whole floor was empty and deserted, filled with complete silence as the
holidays were going on.She opened the biology lab slowly and went towards the
switches !
and atried to switch on the lights.But the lights didn’t work.So she told me that
we would sit near the windows.I said ok…We went almost to the corner of the room
near the windows n each of us took a stool and sat there.She took out the biology
book and a guide book from the almirah And sat in front of me. Then just when she
opened the biology book, a packet of condoms fell out of the biology book!! She was
shocked! So was I , but I acted as if nothing happened. She was shocked and stared
directly at me… I started looking here and there, just to act innocent.But I was
getting very horny and my penis started to erect, and a bulge formed on my pants.
She noticed my bulge and then went back to the books. Exactly want to revise now
“so?” she said

“Which what do you exactly want to revise now?”I don’t remember very well as I
haven’t touched the books since around 1-2 months” I replied”All right. I’ll start
revising backwards from the last chapters”Suddenly we heard a loud thud on the
door.So we both stood up went towards the door .”where did that sound come from?”
She asked”I think the door got closed because of the wind.”When we went at door and
tried to open it, we noticed that it had got locked by the wind.and we couldn’t open
it as it was quite big.”Shit ” I said ..I had to go out after half an hour.
“”Don’t worry” Rahul, i’ll call someone “But when she searched her pockets, she
found that she had forgotten to bring her phone.I did not have a phone either.”Ab
toh hum dono kamre mein band ho gaye hain” she said”Ab kya kare?”i asked”pata
nahi”she repled”Rahul? Why dont we revise later? And just talk””ok ” I said So she
started walkin towards the benches. And when I looked at her ass bouncing, I got a
big har!
d on and got very horny!! I just couldn’t control myself and started to rub my dick
from my pants. Suddenly she turned back and saw me.I got fucking scared!! She kind
of acted ignorant so, I thought that nothing had happened. Felt nervous and thought
to be quite now onwards..Then I quickly went and sat on the bench and she asked
me,”so wat did you do in the vacations?””Nothing much… Just hanged out with
friends and.-“”girlfriends??!!”she asked..i got surprised!!”what??”i asked”c’mon u
r not a kid now you sure are having a girlfriend right,? Avantika na?”she said”how
do u know that?!!!””I have seen you both hanging out many times, and heard her
masturbating your name in the toilet/>

What avantika was my girlfriend, but nothing much had happened between us,and I was
a always clean to her as she was the topper of the class and very well mannered
too.”I didn”‘t know that she was bad!!” I replied. “just joking””c’mon! Every girl
and boy masturbates.., you too dont you?/””I dont ma?m!” kind of freaked out and got
scared..”well I can see a big bulge in your pants now~~!!!! A big budge!!””This
really freaked me out. She had suddenly changed . And started talking sexually For a
second I got quite nervous but then handled my self a though to make something out
of this situation.”I do. “”Thats like a good boy!Now tell me, are you and avantika
both still virgin?””yes” I started to get a good confidence to start making moves,
after she said this,as I thought she had started to get very open minded”Now you
tell me ma?m, do u too masturbate?””ha ha”she started to laugh this confused me “I
do a lot more than that!” “what? Like?” I asked c”mon rahul! First tell me wea!
ther I look good?” “yes you do!”then I got some guts and said ” u are really the
sexiest woman I have ever seen!” “really?!!” “ok so u have seen many sexy
woman…hmmm “”you watch bf na?” “ya a little bit ” I said “naughty boy!!” she said
and made a naughty smile and bit her lips!! This made me more horny! Then we heard
someone talking on door. She suddenly rushed to the door and shouted bhaiya!! It
was the school peon.. Then I asked her what had happened…She told me that he went
away …. Had a little sad face while telling this, then suddenly started to
smile..then as she was walking she by mistake got tripped by some wires lying on
the floor and fell down and hit her head hard on the floor and shouted “aah!” I
rushed to her she was lying flat on her stomach I lifted her and asked “are you all
right?” She murmed something softly and fainted in my arms. I made her lie on the
floor and got some water from the lab water taps I saw her lying on the floor
flat…Her sore boo!
bs were clear from her tight tops. She was lying as if she was!

Ready to get fucked! I got very horny and felt an rush through my body. I visualized
her naked lying on my bed, masturbating and moaning.I had lost it! I opened my pants
and started stroking my dick. It was full erect to 6 and a half inches. As she was
lying in front of me, I started to stroke my penis faster and faster… And
visualized her on my bed naked, acting as a whore, desperate to get fucked! I cummed
quite some semen. And wondered what to do.. I got some guts, and went more closer to
her. I saw her lying flat and my rock hard erect penis directly above her mouth.
Suddenly some of my cum or(cream from my dick) fell on her lips. I had lost it. I
went down and felt her face with my hands… I moved my hand all over her face and
lips .. She looked fucking hell sexy and beautiful! I just bent down and kissed her
with my lips..Then moved my tongue twisting it faster and faster as she laid
Unconscious. Then took my mouth away from her, And moved my hands all over her body!
…. Feeling the firmness of her breasts.. Squeezing them hard and pinching her
nipples. Then moving my hands down to her crotch and rubbing her pussy over her
jeans.. I was in heaven! With a goddess slut!! Then I held her big asses in my
hands!! Rubbing her asshole with my fingers…. Then took my hands inside her
T-shirt And got a raw feel of her breasts..Her big melon breasts so soft… And
felt her nipples ..Then I slowly un buttoned her jeans, and ran my hand inside her
panties,Feeling her pubic hair and her pussy opening…Her panties and vagina were
wet and dripping felt confused…Wondered whether she conscious…And took out my
hand and paused. I looked at her carefully for some seconds and suddenly she
screamed…..“aaaah!I had almost got a heart attack!! Then she said,”why did
you stop bastard? !!!”I am not gonna leave you today. You wont get out Of this
lab a virgin!!” She stared at me angry and cleaned her lips with her tongue” I felt
relaxed and knew the!
re was a lot to happen next.. If u guyz really liked this much!
tell me, I’ll post the second part and rest of the incidents as soon as
possible!! All girls, horny aunties comment on

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