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Sex with Tution Mate

Hi to all Desi story readers,
I am Ayub, a 21-year-old handsome and strong man from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I am a regular reader of the erotic stories of Indian Sex Stories and have been an avid fan of them for the last one year. I am writing you this genuinely true incident of my teenage life. I am well built and have a great physique with a dick of 6 inches (erect 7.5 inches). In the last three years or so I have had many affairs and relationships with many girls but I cannot forget the one happening of my life which happened when I was in my XII Std. I used to go to an aunt for tutions nearby and as my tuition mate I had a XI Std. girl called Farzana. She was damn cute and had a matured body.

She was very fair, had long hair, and a pretty face with a body of a grown up girl. She had nice firm buds and her nipples were very much pointed all the time. I really liked her mountains and used to fantasize thinking that I am sucking and pressing them. Her hips were nice and shapy and she had a terrific waist. For me she was the most beautiful lady of the world at that time. She was very friendly with me and we used to talk a lot with each other whenever the teacher was not present in the room. She was very innocent and still unaware of all the matters related to sex and such stuff. Inspite of having an elder sister she was kept away from any kind of sex knowledge as her’s was an orthodox Muslim family which did not allowed her to wear any modern or western clothes. In the afternoons we were the only two students who came to tuition at our teacher’s house so we were involved in a lot of interesting talks many times. At that time I had not experienced any types of sex and had only depended on masturbation for self stimulation. I masturbated fantasizing of having sex with Natasha a lot and especially her great boobs, which were very eye-catching for me.

Once when I was arranging my school bag at my tuition, an adults magazine accidentally fell from my bag which was left in the bag unknowingly. She saw the magazine and asked me which magazine it was. I tried to avoid her and changed the topic, but she was adamant to know about it and finally got me to tell her that it was an XXX magazine. She was immediately aroused at seeing the magazine as I could see her nipples getting erect to their fullest. She told me to tell her more about sex and matters relating to it. I refused, but she black mailed me that if I did not tell her more and helped her she would tell our teacher about the magazine and would get me to be scolded and punished. So I gave in and answered her each and every query about sex. I also brought her some porn magazines for her personal pleasures and then the topic of our every talk centered around sex and sex and nothing else. This went on for some days and after that she demanded that she wanted to see a blue film as she had read from a magazine about it. I flatly refused and told her to concentrate on her studies. Then after some days she told me that she could not sleep at nights and was having wet dreams. I understood this and told her that it was natural for a girl of her age to have wet dreams. One day she atlas broke the deadlock and told me that she wanted to see a porn movie. I had to give in to her wish and when one day when our teacher was out for some important work we were left alone in the house. I used our teacher’s VCR and we both saw the film and this was the first time that she actually saw how sex could be done. She was very much excited by this event and I could find her always ready to discuss this topic with me whenever she had an opportunity. I thought to myself that this was the girl I had long dreamt of having sex with and screwing her and when she was giving me signals to do the actual thing I was avoiding her on the basis that she was innocent and was still a small girl. But the thing, which I overlooked, was that inspite of her young age she had grown into a full fledged sexy bombshell.

After the blue film incident she became very horny with me and always gave me hints of her wanting me to do some practical stuff with her to satisfy her hunger. I finally gave in and we both decided that when our teacher would be out of the house for more than two to three hours we would hit upon it and complete our work. I could not wait for the D day and when we got the perfect opportunity as our teacher was going to meet her sick aunty the next day and would be out of the house for more than two hours, I told her to wear sexy inner garments and put on some sexy perfume. She did accordingly and wore her best top with a sexy short skirt. I could smell sweet perfume and was happy to know that I was going to perform my first actual sex.

When our teacher left leaving the house to us, I closed all the doors and windows of the house firmly and took her to the bedroom. As this was the first instance of both of us, we were a bit nervous about it. I could see that she was a bit shaky in the beginning but slowly she became quite normal. I decided to go very slow and inch by inch and reminded myself not to haste anytime as it could provide her with immense pain. To begin with I took her in my arms and this was like an electric for both our bodies as they had for the first time felt the warmth of the opposite sex. My chest was rammed firmly against her nice firm buds and her valley was clashed with my bulging manhood with all its erectness. My penis slowly become erect and I could feel her nipples also become rock solid with erectness in them. I planted a kiss on her cheeks, which made her feel very nice, and she begged to go on further. I hugged her tight and kissed her hard on the lips. She too responded by kissing me lovingly. She took hold of hand and placed it on her right boob and told me to press it slowly and gradually. I started to press her lovely breast with one hand and with the other placed her hand on my dick. She caught hold of it firmly and was stroking it gently. I too started fingering her sexy pussy with my other hand. We kissed and stroked each other in this position for some time. Then I told her that it would be better if we removed our clothes and move further. I removed her top revealing her sexy bra, which she had worn for that special day. Her pink nipples were partially visible from it and they seem to be longing to be set free from the shackles of the bra. She too removed my shirt and my vest. I removed her skirt to make her on undergarments only. She was looking really sexy and was a bit ashamed, as she was standing half naked for the first time in front of a male.

She also removed my pant and saw the bulge that my penis had created in my underwear. We were now in our undergarments. I hugged her and assured her that everything would pass on very smoothly. I then unhooked her bra and removed the straps from her shoulders one by one. Her gorgeous breasts were fully exposed before my hungry eyes. I got hold of them and kissed softly on each of the nipple arousing them more. Her tits were completely erect by now and she was longing to have more fun. She then removed my underwear as she wanted to see me naked before being herself fully naked and she was awed on seeing my big and strong tool and just keep staring at my dick for sometime before giving her consent for making her clothes free. I slowly slided her sweet and slick panty down her thighs and saw the virgin pussy of hers. She tried to cover it with her hands but I told her to be free and not to feel shy. We were now completely naked and ready for the act to begin.

I laid her down on the bed and slowly started to kiss her from her legs. I kissed her feet, thighs and then gave a small peck on her vaginal opening, which made her fully aroused. I kissed gently and sensuously on her navel, hands, neck, and her lovely breasts and also on her solid and erect tits. Her ass and her back were also kissed by me as I made her whole body wet with my saliva. She then kissed me all over right from my legs, my thighs to my chest, my neck and my bums. She also gave a small kiss on my dick, which made it more erect than it was before. We then decided to have oral sex. As ladies are first she took hold of my strong tool and began to shag me. She then pulled its foreskin and revealed my dick head. She looked at it for a while and then she opened her mouth wide and tried to insert it in it. At first as she was doing for the first time she could not put in the whole shaft and it was hot too. She slowly pushed it inside in whole and then started to lick it with her tongue. I too loved it very much and started to pump it in and out of her mouth in a way masturbating myself. With one hand she was licking my dick and with the other she was pressing my hips and having a firm grip. She was giving out sexy groans and moans, which suggested to me that she was enjoying it very much. She also took my balls in her mouth and enjoyed them too. My whole tool became watery. After about 10 to 15 minutes when I could no longer hold my cum I pushed her mouth out of my rod as I did not wanted to cum in her mouth. Her pussy was the perfect place for my cum to deposit itself. She was surprised a bit but when I told her the reason for my doing so she understood and smiled at me. It was my turn to give her oral pleasure and I did so in a tremendous fashion. I laid her on the bed on her back side and spread her legs. Her sexy pussy was there for me. Then I started to kiss her pussy, which was wet already with her juices longing to splash out. I kissed for some time and then I started to really lick her opening with her short pubic hair also present on the top. She was giving out loud moans and was enjoying it to the fullest. I then parted her vaginal walls a little bit with my fingers and licked her clit and dug my tongue deep into her pussy. I licked and sucked for quite some time before she signaled me that she was nearer of spilling out her juices, so I stopped as I wanted that we both should have our orgasm at the same time.

I then told her that it was the turn of her round and sexy ass to be fucked by my bold dick. I turned her on the bed and told her to be on her knees and on her hands in a doggie style (as we had seen in the blue film). I then took hold of her tight ass and located her entry point. It was very tight and rigid, as she had never experienced anything even remote like this. At first I had a doubt whether my penis would be able to penetrate her ass or not. So to make it more accessible I inserted my first finger in it slowly and when it was in completely she cried out a bit indicating that it hurt her, but at the same time she told me to continue as she liked it very much and was infact enjoying it. I inserted my second finger also gradually and this time she gave out a little louder cry. When my third finger was able to penetrate only in half I was sure that her ass would be able to hold my big penis. To be on the safer side I applied some Vaseline on the penis and on her ass hole and then caught hold of her lucious hips and slowly put my dick on the ass hole. I told her that it would not be possible for me alone to insert it inside her ass. She too had to co-operate with me. So she also began to pump her hips forwards and backwards towards my penis and slowly we were able to insert half of my dick inside her ass. I too felt the sheer joy and excitement of the whole act and was beginning to like it all the more. I got hold of her loosely hanging boobs and gave them a nice press and caught hold of the erect and arrow like tits of hers. We began to pump up and after some minutes were able to completely insert the penis inside her bums. It was the feeling, which I will never forget. She was now loudly moaning and crying as her ass was being fucked my bold and strong penis, while her balls were being pressed with both my hands and her back was being licked by my hungry tongue.

It was time now for her soft and silky boobs to be sucked by me. I laid her on the bed and took hold of her boobs and first gave a small kiss on each nipple to arouse her to the fullest. The nipples were erect to their maximum and she told me to suck them hard. I got hold of her left breast and inserted it as much as possible in my mouth and sucked it really hard. While my other was busy pressing, massaging and pinching her right boob and its erect bud. I went on sucking and pressing for about 10 minutes non-stop. I then sucked the right boob in the same way but was not satisfied so I told her to get on top of me. I laid myself on the bed and ordered her to lay on me and in this way I could suck her boobs to the fullest satisfaction of both of us. She did as I said and when she lay on me her gorgeous and juicy boobs hung loose to be sucked and pressed on by me. I then told her to help me in sucking them by pressing them with her hands while I sucked them. She co-operated to her best and kept pressing her bountiful boobs while I sucked them hard and long to the satisfaction of both of us. While sucking her balls I kept on massaging and pressing her huge ass and moved my hands all over her body to keep her sensually aroused. My constant sucking had made her nipples red and she was giving out loud moans in appreciation of what I was doing. She told me that she had been waiting for someone to suck her gorgeous boobs for many days after we had seen the blue film. When we were both satisfied with my sucking of her boobs, I stopped and released her breasts from my mouth.

It was time for the main act to begin. I told her that I would now be fucking her pussy with my strong and erect dick. She gave me her consent and nodded in approval of beginning the fuck. I laid her on her back on the bed and spread her legs wide in order to facilitate the smooth in and out of my shaft inside her wet pussy. I first took my dick to her pussy opening and placed the dick head on top of the virgin mound. As her pubic hair were cut short by her the previous day it was easy for my tool to slide in. She too got hold of my big tool and we both then slowly and gradually begin to slide it inside her pussy. Being a virgin she had to bear some pain before my dick could go one fourth its way inside. But I assured her that she would enjoy this to the fullest inspite of the initial pain. She accepted my explanation and again helped me in inserting my dick. After some minor pushes and pulls we managed to insert my whole big dick inside her pussy which resulted in her giving out a big moan. This confirmed her virginity and that she was being fucked by anyone for the first time in her life. I caught hold of her nice boobs with both my hands and began to press them vigorously while my shaft was making inroads inside her pussy. I slowly began pumping my dick. She told me that it was very painful but also very enjoyable at the same time and urged me to do it more faster. So I increased my pace and began pumping a lot harder and faster now. She also responded by giving short thrusts at the right time and helping me in fucking her to the fullest. My tool firmly in side her pussy, my hands caressing and pressing her big boobs and we both kissing tightly each other’s lips. I went on fucking her pussy for about ten to fifteen minutes after which we both exploded at the same time and had our first orgasm into each other’s body. It was a feeling of being out of this world. We laid and slept for about half an hour in each other’s arms and then washed ourselves in the bathroom and dressed ourselves back to the tuition table. Then we kissed each other for the last time that day. After that we had sex three times in different styles and positions (that is another story) when we had similar opportunity at the tuition. She got married after completing her college and we have never met again. But to be honest it was the best fuck of my short lifetime.

This is completely a true incident of my teenage life and would like anyone and everyone to share their views, ideas, advises, stories, fantasies with me on my mail address. If any Ahmedabad or any other place girl or lady of any age, single or married, is willing to have a fantastic sexual relationship through which I assure you all the confidentiality and secrecy with all the sexual satisfaction assured then mail me back immediately for prompt action. I promise you that you will have the time of your life with me and will be able to fulfill all your innermost needs, wants, fantasies, wishes and desires. My mail address is Reply assured to one and all.

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