Hi this is Shahzad here I would like to tell you a story, which happened with me recently, First I would like to tell you some thing about me, I am Male & 21 years of age & live in Pakistan (Karachi) and also a student of B_Com and I take coaching class of B_Com and my coaching center is Co-education means girls also study with me and I have also friendship with girls. Any way in my class there is one girl, she is very cute and lovable girl her name is Shaheen and she has also shown her interest towards me many times but I fail to reply her due to lack of my courage. Now the story began, this happened in summer season and I love summer season very much specially rainy days. One day season was very cold and rain was starting but rain was not very much but sufficient to stop class and I had to go home then Shaheen told me that come and sit in my car so she would drop me and if you cannot come in my car then you cannot feel well and then I realized that the idea was right so I sat in her car and she started the car and also see my paint.

I asked her what you see she tell me nothing but after some distance she told me that you can see erotic movie I tell yes she tell me that during movie you feel any thing I lied to her that I cannot feel anything then she tell me that when she sees erotic movies she feels hot and thought that how sex happened and what pleasure we would feel. Then suddenly she took her hand from the gear to my penis (dick) Then she took the car to ground which was too big and no one was around .She unzipped my pants and took out my dick. She was sucking my cock like she was sucking an ice cream during the summer, and I could not stop her because I also liked that then I saw her Bulging breasts through her cotton kurta I got excited and then I grabbed her hand and she said ok I cannot put my full cloth down but little then she showed me her boobs, unhooked her bra there I saw a pair of two beautiful boobs there was a cute mole on one on the right, which enhanced her beauty of her boobs.

I started kissing and sucking and I enjoyed the taste of nipple then I was completely erect she was hungry for sex and unzipped her shalwar and spread her legs and inserted my penis as deep as I could into her vagina and to my amazement found it to be very tight as new seal was broken I fucked her slowly feeling bit of her warm moist pussy. I was moving back and forth. I felt that I was coming after that we took our cloth back on and relaxed and rain had stopped but I enjoyed it very much and after that we can also had sex but in different place not in car and enjoyed it. We can also have sex in shower in my friend’s house and trying to a new method of making love. IF ANY GIRL IN PAKISTN (KARACHI) LIKE TO SEX WITH ME OR DISCUSSES SOME THING ON SEX THEN MAIL ME MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS

I wait for girls mail especially but boys are allowed to discuss some thing on sex with me on my e-mail address
bye for now

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