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Stranger in Festival

Hello, I would like to share my pleasant moments with all desibaba fans. Well this happened with a stranger girl who was impressed by me. (And she impressed me too). We were in a festival (Basant mela) in a racecourse. And were flying kites. Well we were standing very close together and unknowingly she hit me accidentally after pulling her kite. And stumbled down on the ground, well I left my kite and gave her a hand for help. She grabbed my hand and got herself up. And said sorry. I told her no problem. Are you all right? Did you not get hurt? She said I am fine but when she walked she was trembling and I told her that she was hurt. I told to Sit down for a moment and then go. She sat and I also sat beside her. And after knowing each other I invited her to my house and she readily accepted:). We left the festival and came to my house. I was alone at home. She told me about her hobbies that included chatting on net and with that I started to question her about her boyfriends. But she said she never had any boyfriend and was willing to have one. It was a good chance for me to say her that I can be your boyfriend. And she was ready to hear that. She gave me a smile and we had cheers.

We talked about each other and then I told her that I was quite impressed by her body and she said would you like to see me more? Wow! I loved to see her. She Slowly and passionately removed her clothes from top to bottom and asked me How’s this? She was gorgeous and very sexy standing there naked in front of me. I moved forward and rolled my fingers on her Breasts. While she was touching me all around me. She was very furious to see me naked. And went down for my pants. And dropped them off. She saw my big cock and got excited like this is real. I am seeing a real cock first time after all those from the net. She shacked my cock up down and asked this is how you masturbate. Yes I told her but now I won’t masturbate Ill have real time sex with you and she smiled. She didn’t know how to give me pleasure because she’s new to this. So I had to tell her to taste my cock. It’s just like a lollipop I am sure you’ll like that. So she kissed the tip of my cock and then took the whole big cock in her deep throat. Wow I had so much pleasure like that. Then till the creamy liquid started to come out my cock she stopped and wiped it and again took in. That was too much for me and now I also wanted to get in her. So I lift her up and threw her on the bed and laid on her kissing like JUNGLEE on her body from face till her toes. She loved that so much she started to shimmer all around and was pulling my hairs saying to stop it. But I couldn’t help myself to eat her. Well I was getting out of my consciousness and before it could happen I got up and opened the door to her pussy and entered the tip of my cock in it. She screamed with joy! And slowly I moved my whole cock in her small Pussy. Surely her pussy was very small for my cock and before entering it she asked me that would you put that while in me. And when I succeeded putting my whole cock in her I told her to see it’s in you now. And she asked what’s it doing. I said it’s having fun. That went off by laughing but then she screamed out loudly. Because I started the turbo power of my cock in her Pussy. It starts when it is to its end. And without caring about her screams I went on pushing her whole body up and down vigorously. We both were wet in our selves. I was to complete my tour when I got my cock out of her and splashed all my money on her tummy. She was looking at me. And when she saw me splashing she took her hands out and spread it all over her body saying you are so HOT!

Sure I was at that time. She kissed me all over again and I washed my cock and again put it in her mouth to give me a completion. She gave me a lovely blowjob and we both were exhausted by the time. She lay on my body and relaxed for few minutes by kissing me. Then we got up dressed up and went back to the festival where the girl’s family was searching for her when they found her and she left. My most disappointing moment was when she left because doing all this I never asked her contact. So a stranger came in my life gave me pleasure and went off. If she is reading this please come to me again. I am searching for you. Where are you?

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