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Seducing Umera Bhabhi

My elder 2nd Cousin’s wife Umera was like fermented wine, and sometimes I thought she was like a sister to me. She had three sons aged seventeen, fourteen, eleven and a daughter aged eight like their mother, and they were all a conservative family. I called my cousin’s wife Bhabi (Hindi word used for sister-in-law.) She was indeed a lovely lady; Her most striking feature was her eyes, which were jet-black and accentuated by the pure whites of her eyes. The fact that she was pushing forty meant that she had a well lived in figure. She was a lovely woman; Nice big well shaped bust and ample figure, her face and jet black hair highlighted her dark eyes. She was not very tall, about five feet five, with long jet-black hair that she often wore in a ponytail I would say.

She has been kind of like an elder sister to me since I was kid; she never hesitated to be alone with me. We were quite friendly; she gave me big smiles and the odd warm hug now and again. I had literally grown up before her eyes.

At the time this story evolved I was in my early twenties. Describing myself back then, I would say I was lean, slightly under developed as I never bothered about keeping fit like other guys did around me. Someone insignificant and in offensive, that was me. Sexually, I was curious, not able to make up my mind that I was.

Well, not until I began to notice Bhabi looking at me a lot more than usual. There was something in her eyes as though she was weighing me up. She was looking at me in a lingering way; it began to unnerve me a little, thinking there was something wrong with me. Then there were the touches, on my arms, or on my ass that also lingered more than what was usual. I started to feel a stirring within me, excited at her touch. I wanted to be close to her, please her so that she would touch me more.

What made it more excitable for me was that she never hesitated to give me glimpses of her ample breast even in the presence of her husband and kids. She deliberately bent forward when she knew I had my eyes on her and she would smile at me as though wanting to attract me to her beauty. She wanted me to look at her breast! Suddenly I realized this thing she was doing was sexual! She wanted me! She was enjoying teasing me! After fucking our maid Noori, had taught me about sex, but up to now I had not thought about it with Umera bhabi. When I talked with Noori about this, she told me, “little master why don’t you understand your sister-in-law want to fuck you.” Now at night, I did, I thought about my sister-in-law. Her naked body. Her arms and legs open to me, gesturing me towards her. Then I was forced to deal with my unruly erections. Thoughts of my Sister in law, my Bhabi, were giving me a hard-on!

When I knew she was teasing, I used to tease her by sucking my finger. I would slowly lick my lips and move my straight finger in and out of my mouth in a fucking motion, while pretending to be deep in thought. Our teasing was becoming more obvious. I could almost smell the heat from her loins. Our need for each other was getting critical. We were getting the hots for each other and I could think of nothing else but the need to fuck her!

Neither her husband nor her kids ever noticed what we were doing.

I was always looking at her now and she seemed ageless. Sometimes she seemed younger, mid thirties, Even at that age and no one could tell because of her cute figure. She never made any effort to control her weight. She had a bit of spare tyre around her middle, but that added to her overall attractiveness, she was a big woman, but with her round extra soft body, people often mistook her for ten years younger. More than that, people often were surprised at how she didn’t see this in herself. She had black hair without any gray, as yet. To be honest, my dear old sister-in-law was one of the tightest packages for her age. One could describe her with just two words; “sexually voluptuous.”

To a young man like me, in our culture, she was very attractive and the fact that she fancied me made her extremely attractive! Fuckable!

Her skin was still tight and shiny; her breasts were still pert, fleshy and delicious, feminine, shapely broad hips. When I checked her soiled linen basket in her bathroom as boys of my tender age often do, I found her bras and panties sizes, that she was forty inches in bust size and forty-two inch hips! Needless to say I checked out her panties for her aroma. My cock became immediately erect so I paid homage to them in the healthiest way that I knew how. Guiltily I replaced them, soaked with my sperm at the bottom of the basket.

Sorry, I got side tracked there – I thought her ass was the most beautiful ass. Sometimes I had trouble figuring what to watch when she walked. It was wondrous to look at her bum. A friend of mine was always talking about fucking ladies in their bums. Her voluptuous hips made me wonder if Bhabi would…………………? Maybe not, she has a wonderful personality, very warm and caring, but she is fairly conservative in her ways. In bed, she might just be a little more adventurous. Would she turn onto her belly for me?

The sexual teasing continued between us for some while and I was getting very impatient to get my leg over her. I always flirted mildly with her, trying to make her blush, or at least respond positively to my interest in her body, which she didn’t seem to mind. Sometimes she responded to my harmless flirtation. In fact, when we were alone I was now seeing passion for me in her eyes. She was as desperate for it as I was. Doubt and maybe some fear was holding her back, after all she was a married lady!

I never tried to sit near her but her eyes were always on me to check out what signals I was giving.

Then, one day my luck turned. I was dining with her family and Bhabi sat just opposite to me at the table. My cock stirred when I felt our feet touched but stayed there, sometimes we would move them, but they kept touching. I knew it was Bhabi and it was not accidental. She pretended not to notice, and continued to eat dinner. I admit, my head felt dizzy, and I wondered how she meant it – to play?

Actually I was shocked, because, our culture, don’t allow females to touch a male, and here she was rubbing my cock with her feet! Was she moving on me because she was scared that I was not interested in her sexually? Did she want me, that much!

Soon she gave me an erection and my cock was bursting for relief. Her toes were curling around my cock just like fingers. I wanted to close my eyes, but I couldn’t, her husband was talking to me about my work.

Finally she forced me to excuse myself from the table and I had to rush to the toilet to release myself.! I swore to myself I would fuck the ass off Bhabi when I got her into bed!

When I came out and sat back down at the table, Umera bhabi met my eyes and smiled. I had forgotten how many times I had fantasized about her while I was masturbating. How many times I did that whilst thinking about her I have lost count. I always was thinking about what her body would be like under her clothes. Stripping her naked in my mind.

Once when I called her by her name she asked me in mocking anger,

“How many times do I have to tell you? Only call on Umera Bhabi when someone else is with us.” She advised me.

” And when we are alone?”

“Then you also call me Umera Bhabi,” she said to me teasingly.

There were not any restrictions on me moving about freely in her home, so once, when I was passing by her bathroom, I heard a sound from the bathroom. Umera Bhabi was in there and she was singing. That was my luck. I found a small table and I placed it under the ventilator. Standing on the table, I gleefully saw scene, which was unforgettable! My face went white, as I saw that scene, a mature woman was, stark naked. Umera Bhabi, in all her naked glory! She was stark naked before me! There was Umera Bhabi stood completely naked, the glass steamed up I was that close to it. Oh! She was so beautiful! Her grapefruit sized ample breasts standing proud from her chest, sporting hard and erect nipples. My greedy eyes feasted on her cunt, it was a lot bigger than Noori and my thought. Her fleshy thighs surrounded it. Such rapture! My mouth watered profusely so that saliva was trickling down my chin. She was very hairy down there, which surprised me, I never thought of her pussy being that hairy! She was standing in front a full-length mirror, bent forward slightly looking down at her cunt as she was applying hair remover on her very private parts.

Obviously, she didn’t know I was there. So I stood there watching, admiring her mature beauty for quite a few minutes, my dick rose up vertically as if hoisting the flag of sensuality. All that was left for me to see was her hips, I had always dreamed about how her full ass would look like. Soon she turned around providing me the full view of her naked body from behind. She had a large and supple arse. Her buttocks were full and round with the crack adding to her sensuality. What was real show for me was when she bent down to pick up something from the floor and so raising her ass up high. I saw her pussy and the forbidden treasure, her anal orifice! I was feeling like as if I was in heaven. I feasted on her nudity for a while and I was still watching her, thinking I was immune from discovery, that she would never see me watching her. The next moment, I heard some noises, she also became alert and then she turned round and spotted me. She looked so shocked when she saw me. Then she scrambled to cover her naked body and immediately tried to hide her breast and cunt with her hands. From her looks, I could see, she was traumatized as if ashamed of herself.

I also came out of my trance. Realizing the danger I was in of discovery from other people in the house I quickly jumped down off the table and replaced it where I got it. Then quite nonchalantly I walked back to join the others.

When she was dressed, she found me sitting in the lounge chatting with her sons, so she called me to do a favor for her and I followed her into the kitchen. Where she commenced toweling her hair dry. She was so angry with me!

“What were you doing there? “Is there a reason for you staring at me while I was taking bath?” Umera bhabi asked quietly, so her children wouldn’t hear.

“Umera bhabi, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” I said. She looked at me without uttering a word.

She stayed calm still looking at me, without uttering a word. Then she shrugged her shoulders as if composing herself, ” Ok, Jawad, but take care in future, I know my behavior towards you made you do that. You do realize also that we are crossing the limit; I want you to be careful. I don’t want to involve my name with yours.”

“Umera Bhabi I’m sorry for staring at you in bathroom but I couldn’t help myself. In my bed at night I imagine what you look like naked. I had to see you! I wasn’t able to have a really good look because you hid yourself.”

“You mean you didn’t see me?”

“Only your breasts.”

“Oh that’s okay! Most men like looking at a woman’s breasts!” Think I saw a bit more than your breasts,”

“What? What do you mean?” A strange look came over her face.

I got a little bolder seeing as she was not angry “Your nice, smooth pussy.”

“What you saw, Jawad was an accident. Please don’t tell anyone. I forgive you this time, but please don’t do it again,” She returned to being casual with me as if nothing had happened.

I left her,

She treated me after just as casually as she would every time, so I became bolder and once, I had to her when she was cooking in kitchen I went there to drink water while her family was in living room. I asked her for a kiss and a quick feel of her of her breast or maybe give me a flash of her breasts.

“Behave yourself someone might hear, don’t be a fool as I’m married woman and my husband is your cousin ” she replied.

Nevertheless, I was always flirting with her, taking every opportunity I got to touch her up.

The next incident happened a few weeks later, when I paid a visit to her house on a wet day. All of her family was there in lounge watching a movie on VCR. As it was so cold, they had arranged a mattress on the floor for them all to sit on together covering all their legs by sharing a blanket. They asked me to join them. My luck was in again as Bhabi was at the end of the line by the door. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. I sat next to Bhabi and our thighs touched as I tucked in the blanket around my legs.

She did not draw away from me and I was feeling her heat so I risked putting my hand on her inner thigh, which was covered by her silk shilwar. She should have been angry that I was so bold with her, but strangely, she wasn’t. I allowed my fingers to flutter up and down her thigh and she moved her legs wider apart to give me room. She admonished me with her eyes, but graced me with her open legs. I was that close I could feel the heat of her cunt. I had a hard-on I was dying for her to touch me, touch my cock, just a little stroke, perhaps. A wicked message flashed through my brain, if she allowed me to touch her cunt she would allow me to fuck her for sure!

She had her eyes on the TV and I was now feeling brave enough to touch the forbidden fruit pie. My hand slid slowly up to her upper thighs and into the cleft between her legs. She really had a big, fleshy oven between her legs. There was still plausible deniability, if she protested, but I had a hint to her desires because of her wetness that her vagina offered on either side of my fingers. Umera Bhabi did not stir to deter me. Tweaking her very intimate skin between my fingers I could feel her stifling a moan, she began to shake and use her vaginal muscles to grip my intrusive fingers. I wished vehemently that it were my cock entering her cunt, not my fingers.

Boldly I took advantage of the situation, sliding my hand slowly up her stomach, I tried to insert my hand into her shilwar, She didn’t let me, but a small smile appeared on her face as I felt her restraining hand holding back my roving hand. I teased her relentlessly for half an hour, trying to get my wicked way with her, but even I knew where to draw the line, because I was only teasing her, nothing could come of me going further. Instead I went to bathroom and once inside I banged the door to with my bum and placed the fingers that I had used to tap up Bhabi’s pussy with over my nose and mouth, they smelled divine! I just had to taste them, suck them! What I did know was it was the elixir from Bhabi’s cunt, which I had touched! I had fingered shallow, fingered deep. I had felt up her intimate wetness! Now I was sucking those fingers clean! My right hand was on my hard cock masturbating furiously. I cum that hard I fell to my knees with exhaustion, kneeling in my own copious spend which had spurted out of me onto Umera Bhabi’s bathroom.

After that when I went to her house. She didn’t hug me and went to the kitchen after a formal welcome to me. I went just after sometime behind her to the kitchen and asked her, “What is the problem bhabi you don’t look right?”

“Don’t talk with me Jawad, you’re not doing with me right,” she replied.

“But what I’ve done wrong bhabi,” I asked her.

“You know better what you was doing last day, this is not right between us, Jawad,” she told me with little anger. I was yearning to adore Her, and placed my arm around her, and drew her closer, but she pushed me and walked out from the kitchen.

There is always a turning point, then, one particular day not long after the under-the-blanket incident I decided on going to visit Umera Bhabi again, I knocked on door repeatedly and was about to leave when she finally opened her door to me. She looked hot and bother, sweat on her brow. She greeted me with a welcoming smile, gave me a little peck on the cheek and stood back to let me in “Come in and close the door behind you.” Leaving me there she turned and walked back to her kitchen. I stood in the doorway watching her busily cooking. The fact that I could plainly see that she was braless, wearing a camisole was really alluring to me, really, it was really showing the full effect of her creamy white cleavage, and her thimble shaped nipples trying to burst through the thin fabric. I wanted to just bury my face between her fleshy mounds and suffocate in the valley between her breasts.

Just looking at her like this excited me beyond control. She noted me staring her continually her so she asked me, “I think, Jawad, you want to eat me.”

See her in jolly mood, I quickly thought of something to say. I did want this moment to end. I had a good chance with my sister-in-law Umera bhabi if I didn’t ruin it, so was like a child needing courage to talk to a grown up. Finally I said, “Umera Bhabi, I want to tell you something, may I talk to you?”

“What is it, Jawad? You shouldn’t have to ask me when you want to talk me.”

“No! This is something new.” I said to her.

“Don’t be hesitant with me, I will not bite you! You know you can talk to me about anything.”

“Umera Bhabi, I have so much respect for you! I love you! I always have and I always will! My feelings for you are foremost here in my heart! I have never tried to establish a relationship with any another woman.”

She laughed out loud, and said, “This is not something new to me, Jawad! I have always known it from the way you do and look at me.” I was upset that she laughed at me, but finally, managed to say, “Umera Bhabi, I want to hold you, kiss you, for just once in my life.”

“Oh! What are you saying? You are a very mature young man for your age, but I’m not your age, look at me Jawad I am old enough to be you Mother! How I can do it with you?”

“Why can you not?”

“Because I’m too old for you! Much as you tempt me, flatter me with what you want from me, it is not to be.”

“You don’t take me seriously, because of my age. It means you like me, you want me, but you are using you age as a barrier, are you not?”

“I’m not young and pretty and slender not like the girls of your age, how can you want me? ”

“You would let me fuck you if I was older! Our ages should not count. Let me kiss you. You let me feel your lovely pussy again! You let me feel your need for me! Umera Bhabi, in my eyes you’re the most beautiful lady in the world!”

“You are getting me hot and bothered. I have given you the reasons why I can’t do it with you. Why don’t you go and fuck a girl of your own age, Jawad?

“You said you like me?”

“Yes, I like you,”

“A man likes to at least kiss the women who like him.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know you think this is wrong. But I’m a grown man, and you’re a grown woman. I have loved you all my life, but until this minute I didn’t really know how much. It would take just one kiss to show me you like me. I’m not asking you something that is impossible to give, just one kiss? ”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not your wife.”

“You are a young man, but I’m not to your wife to be kissing you, but I’m your sister-in-law!”

“You don’t take me seriously because of my age. It means you like me but not completely. If you were younger and unmarried, would you consider me?”

“Would I want to be married to a young sweet man? Don’t be silly, yes.”

“Then pretend. Umera bhabi, you’re the most beautiful lady of the world in my eyes.” I replied.

“You mustn’t say like this, she told.

“You’re my sister-in-law, but you’re also a woman, are you not? “You said you like me?”

“Yes, I like you, I’ve said,” she said.

“I need you so bad, bhabi. I’ll go crazy if I wait any longer. You make feel special please bhabi only one kiss, just one kiss,” I said.”

She averted her eyes away from mine while biting her lip and seemed that she was going to make some final decision, and then, she croaked and cleared her throat. “Alright, I guess I can do it, just this once, mind!” she whispered, “Could I trust you? It has to be our secret.”

“You can try me.”

“Okay, Alright if it will make you happy, but only one No misunderstandings, she repeat, only one, right,” she said. “And this would just between you and me; you would never say anything about this to anyone?”

She was standing over at the window looking out at nothing in particular. Excitedly, I swiftly closed the yawning gap between us. Slipping my arms under hers and hugging her warm tremble body tightly to mine. I cuddled her to me kissing her ears and neck, which made her want to turn into my arms, and our lips met.

She blushed when I whispered, “Your lips are beautiful and soft I wish to suck them.”

“Oh, Don’t tease me like this,” she moaned. I could feel the heat from her body as it touched mine. She was touching mine, as though in hunger!

Impulsively she put her hands on my chest and pushed me away from her. “You are far too young for me,” she whispered.

“And you are the perfect lady for me. ”

She had given me just a small fraction of herself, but I had the feeling she wanted to give me much more. She wanted much more, of that I was sure. So I took heart and kissed her again. My lips sought her lips. I looked into Umera Bhabi’s eyes then took her face into my hands and brought her lips to mine. At first, I felt resistance when my tongue brushed her lips, but my teeth nibbled on her soft lips. My tongue worked to open her mouth. I heard her groan. “No,” but her mouth opened allowing my tongue to slip inside. As soon as her mouth opened to my tongue, I pushed my lingam deep into her mouth, licking and massaging her, sucking her sweet mouth and her lancing tongue. She was returning my passion.

I could feel her hands on my body holding my butt, my neck with the other hand, pressing me into her so she could feel my lust for her, feel my rampant hardness rubbing up against her pussy, and so making our kissing that much more intense, more heated. I ran my hands up to cup her large breasts.

“What are you doing, Jawad? Don’t you feel ashamed at grabbing at your sister in law’s breasts like this? She gasped and tried to pull away, but did not seem to try too hard, letting me kiss her again, then again, I was massaging her breast while trying to slide my hand in her neckline to her breast flesh.

“No,” This is crazy,” she groaned. “This is madness. We shouldn’t be doing this. Behave yourself; you are only a boy,”

“You are my love! Our age doesn’t matter in love, we’re just a man and woman,” I whispered as my hand slipped inside her neckline, squeezing softly at first then harder, her nipple pressing into my palm, I squeezed and massaged as much as I could.

As I became more ardent with my love making, she said to me, ” Please Jawad! Don’t do this with me; I haven’t had another man other than my husband in my life. Now, I am too old, too old for you. We can’t.”

I didn’t hear her and my hand struggling to reach her pussy while she was trying to keep her legs together. Even so, when I caressed her prominent mound she jerked forward as if I had given he an electric shock.

“Oh…No!” she whispered. “No, Darling! No! I don’t want this! Don’t touch me there! Oh! It’s feels so lovely and it’s not fair.” She was saying, no, no. But her eyes were saying yes, yes take me, fuck me! Bhabi was not made of stone after all. She was a vibrant sexually aroused woman in my arms. A woman desperate for love, for loving! For fucking! For me! “We can do this! You will love it. You want my kisses; you want me to feel you up like this. You want much more from me, don’t you My Bhabi? You can feel my hard cock, tell me you don’t want it in where I am putting my hand just now! You say no, but you are really saying, “Yes Jawad!” Aren’t you?

She was kissing me more freely now, more passionately. My hands still working on her cunt and her breast. I scolded her, “Come on, Baby! You want me; you want me to fuck you! I know you do!” Then, suddenly I felt her legs ease apart and my fingers found her pussy through her clothing. Clothing which just as suddenly got moist to the touch as her secretions seeped through to my fingers. I heaved a sigh, “You are wet, My Bhabi! I am so pleased you want me, you want my hard and ever so rampant cock!”

“No! No. You’ve promised me only one kiss and now this! I’ll never trust you again,” she ranted, but her body reacted so differently, she was pushing her pussy onto my groping fingers. When I tenderly touched her clitoris she sighed deeply into my mouth, around my tongue. I was also still working on her bullet shaped nipples. I sensed her resistance was over and said her,

“Don’t lie.”

Then I heard her whisper very quietly, “Oh! Don’t make me mad. I will do this willingly, but some other time, not now, please not now,” she begged.


“How about tomorrow?”

“How will I trust you to keep your word?”

“I promise, you may come to me in the morning at 10 am.” She was looking at me with a yearning in her eyes; we’ll do it, Jawad. We will do it in the bedroom, but not now.”

” No, Umera Bhabi, I want it now.” And then suddenly I heard some noise like someone coming into the house! Umera Bhabi started to panic. She pushed me away. We immediately made ourselves look decent and pretended everything was normal. The youngest daughter entered the kitchen after a few pleasantries with us she left to go to her room.

It was then Umera Bhabi turned to me, “I think it is time you left, Jawad. I have things to do. Change my shilwar (baggy trouser used in India) for one, you have made it all dirty!”

“We have a deal for tomorrow, you promised me Bhabi!”

“I bet you wont even turn up tomorrow, Jawad. After what you have seen of me tonight, surely its put you off me?”

I left her home after that and went to my home, and was thinking all the way to fuck Noori, but couldn’t. Because we had some family guest in our home. I couldn’t sleep that night and I don’ remember how many time I masturbated thinking about Umera Bhabi.

Next day I woke up at 9 am. I masturbated quickly before taking a shower, to make my sessions longer with Umera Bhabi. Then it was breakfast; I was so excited I couldn’t eat. I dabbed myself three times with shaving lotion and dropped the bottle and it got spilt on the floor. I was late and I was off and running breathlessly around to Umera Bhabi’s house.

When I reached it I found the door open. I entered quietly and locked the door. The object of all my sexual dreams was in the kitchen. As usual, she was in there cooking.

I crept up behind her, moved my arms to enfold her, with both hands on her breasts and then quickly groping her pussy. She allowed me my liberties. She pushed her head back. “Jawad, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“You smell hot and beautiful,” I murmured into her ear before nipping her lobe with my teeth.

“Don’t tell lies, I’m all sweaty and wet,”

“Oh! I can see you’re sweaty but didn’t know you’re wet, may I check your wetness.”

She laughed teasingly and acting all coy, “Don’t be silly, why are you talking like this to your Sister-in-law?”

“I want to fuck my Sister-in-law,” I moaned. She didn’t’ jump, or cry out, she just leant her body back on mine. Her buttocks feeling for my rampant love shaft. As soon as it was in position I pressed myself tightly to her arse.

I kissed the back of her neck, moving my extra hard prick slowly in an out against the cheeks of her arse. I felt the firmness of her arse and my dick seemed to swell even more. I was kissing violently her and groping her wide ass, roughly mauling her beautiful breasts through her qameez.

When I tried to swallow her ear, and my tongue searched the ears inner depths, she shuddered and moaned. “Jawad, don’t do this with me, I think this is wrong, I’m married, and have young children of your age.” She said softly, but she did not push me away, just the opposite her bum was gyrating on my cock!

My hands partially released her qameez zip from behind, and pushed her bra up. Immediately a more than ample breast and nipple escaped their prison. Her large hard breast sagged slightly. I pinched, pulled, and played, with the erect nipple, whilst I slid my other hand up till I was caressing her belly and then pushed my fingers through the waistband of her shilwar, and finally I cupped her big juicy hot pussy. She was so hot and wet I could smell her cunt.

Now my both hands were full. I cupped those breasts of my dreams, using my fingers to lightly stroke her nipples; and I was rubbing her cunt, all the while my prick was massaging between in crack of her soft and wide ass. She was also pushing her buttocks gently against my cock to encourage me to further increase the level of play with her pussy.

“We mustn’t, I’m old enough to be you mother, please tell me this all you need from me and you do not really want to fuck me?”

As her mouth was saying “no, no.” Her voice kept telling me No, but her body kept responding. My hand returned to her curvaceous arse and the other moved over her breast tweaking her nipple. The cheeks of her ass were rubbing back hard against my prick. Her head was moving with my mouth, rolling back to get more of my kisses.

I whispered in her ear, “You’ve been teasing me for years, now I am going to fuck you, you want it, right up you, don’t you? You are begging me to put my hard cock up you!”

“No! That’s it!…………. This has got to stop!” She pushed me away.

As she turned, I took her face into my hands, holding it so that she was looking directly into my eyes. With passionate meaning I said to her, “We’re going to fuck! I want to fuck you! You must let me fuck you!”

Crushing her to me, in my arms, feeling her softness, she was smelling so lovely, my hands were roaming all over her body, my palm was on her butt caressing and squeezing her firm round ass cheeks. Fingers deliberately searching out her puckered rosebud, to tweak with my finger. It made her jerk her pussy onto my hardness. She moaned and kissed me with great passion as she rubbed against my hard cock pushing into her thighs.

“I have to suck your nipples, please let me do that, my Bhabi?”

Her cunt became wetter. She couldn’t control her fake refusal and finally the ice had broken, she turned and wrapped her arms around me and said, “Jawad! What is this thing that you have done with me? Oh! Jawad, tell me! What if someone comes in, what if someone catches us naked and doing such naughty things to each other?” saying this her legs opened wider!

She had stopped all movements and when I looked in her eyes. They were filled with her stubborn, “No I am not going to do this look,” she said.

“Don’t tell me this! You made me a promise!” I stroked her breasts and fingered deeply her sopping wet cunt. “You know, I want it, and I know you want It.” I told her.

We looked at each other for a long time. Then, she spoke softly, “have you locked that door?” “Yes.” I replied.

“You naughty boy, you have made full plans. How can I resist the ardent desires of a young man like you? I would be a fool to say no. There may never be a next time. So Jawad, if you want to do this thing, then make it a fuck of both our lifetimes.

Barriers were down. “Oh Jawad! Your lust is setting me on fire!” she gasped, “Take me, Jawad!! Do anything you want with me, but the bed would be more comfortable. We will be able to get me a lot easier on the bed.” She whispered in my ear.

“No more refusals, Bhabi?”

“No way, before we continue let’s get more comfortable, Jawad.”

” Come with me, we don’t have much time?” Umera Bhabi whispered.

I moved behind her placing one hand on her hip. We entered Hurrying into bedroom; I closed the door behind me.

She lay on bed on her back; She swiftly pulled the knot of waistband of her shilwar. I slid it down to her feet and was naked bellow her hips completely. She raised her knees, heels flat on the bed but she pressed her thighs to hide her cunt. I couldn’t believe, I’ve lusted and masturbated for this woman from years, dreaming about her every day, and now she was there, waiting for me to fuck her.

“We must not be fully naked.” She told me.

“Why not.” I asked?

“Because anyone could ring the bell anytime.”

I didn’t argue with her, because she was right, but I asked, “How I would I be able to see your lovely breasts?” My tongue went dry. And snaked it out of my mouth to I lick my dry lips. It was a dream-come-true for me as I saw Umera Bhabi lay half naked on bed preparing her for me to fuck her.

“Don’t worry about it, you will get to see, feel, lick and suck them, Jawad! I know how you’re starved for them.”

This wonderful woman of all women was lying on her back, near naked looking up at me with a serious hunger in her eyes. She smiled coyly has her legs parted for me, her knees up and open. Feet flat on the bed.

For the moment her pussy was tightly shut, shaved, it looked so sexually enticing. My mouth watered and my cock stiffened like never before.

I couldn’t believe, I’ve lusted and masturbated for this woman for so many years, dreaming about her every day. Now she was laying exposed waiting for me to fuck her. I could even see her rose-bud! In my fantasies she had allowed me that intimacy too! Maybe, in reality? My cock twitched at the thought. I had to get my dick into her ass!

She was getting more and more daring by the second as she stared into my eyes and slowly pulled up her qameez towards her chin and collecting her bra on the way and so unveiling her treasure-trove mounds of delight! Oh! Those gorgeous supple, firm breasts! Her areola were coin sized and brown in color with bullet-like pink nipples, so erect, like hard points. Her breasts were still firm and had a very little sag comparing to her age. The most beautiful breasts in the world and I’m going to suck on them; I had been dreaming of her breasts for so long, they were lovely, even better than my dreams.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked me.

The string of my shilwar had gone into a knot! I cursed as I impatiently tried to undo it, feeling so foolish and inadequate. At last! Success! I felt it slide down my legs, even that felt sensuous to me. I held my throbbing cock gesturing at her, hiding my inepbreastude, my lack of experience. Then she cheered me up, restoring my confidence when she said with a smile, “Oh! Jawad! You have such a big one! Is that for me?” I grinned when she showed me great wonder by lifting her eyebrows and fluttering her dark lashes coquettishly. Umera Bhabi was one sexy lady!

“Yes my sweet Umera Bhabi, this is for you, whenever and wherever you want it.”

She was so ready to be fucked. I wanted to lick her pussy but when I lowered me head down between her thighs, she smacked them together and so boxing my ears with them! As soon as I cleared my head away she shut them like a steel door!

“I want to kiss your cunt, Umera Bhabi,” I begged.

“No! Don’t kiss it!”

“Then, please let me see it?”

“I told you once, no. When I say no, I mean it.”

“But Bhabi! I’ve seen you naked!”

“If you have seen that, then that should be sufficient.”

I became a bit annoyed; as I love to get down to open the petals to see and to taste what is hidden inside. After all, Bhabi’s cunt was the cunt of all my wet dreams! The hassle was she was not happy for me to touch her pussy! Not even let me have a look at it. To me that was weird!”

“Why, Umera Bhabi? ” I asked.

“Don’t ask me why? No question.”

Then, she took my hand in hers and moved it over to her breast and said, “Suck my nipples, and suck them as much as I want you to. I will tell you when I am ready to go on from there.”

“Sure, I understand, Sweet Bhabi. I love your breasts! They’re lovely; they’re gorgeous, oh! Yes!”

She smiled and replied, “Then, Darling Jawad, they are all yours.”

Who the hell was I to refuse? So, I immediately laid on top of her burying my face between her breast, my cock became sandwiched between our thighs, there was her feminine smell that was so I told her so, “Your pussy juices smell so good, so sexually good, Umera Bhabi!”

“Oh God! Jawad! It’s been so long! Please suck my swollen beasties!” She moaned and her fingers grabbed onto my hair and let out a feeble moan, “Oh Yes. My Jawad, suck, suck, and suck them!”

My hands started running all over her mounds of love. She was moaning and whispering in my ear, “Play with my nipples, nip them, massage them, pull them, smack them with your hands! You will make me cum if you hurt me!”

I obeyed the lady. I took them both in my hands and start kneading them hard! The nipples pushing into my palms. I took her hard nipples in my thumbs and fingers and rolled them in my fingers, pinching hard! I played with her nipples and breasts and kneaded them hard! Enough that they turned red and thimble-like in my hands.

Now, I buried my face in her breasts. I kissed them one by one and then licked them to feel the hotness of her breasts. I took the flesh of her one breast inside my mouth as possible sucking hard till my cheeks hollowed completely and then drew off scraping her teat with my teeth. This brought forth a reaction. She pushed my head deeper into her breast and screamed out, ” Yes, Jawad do it, do that! That feels so good, now you are turning Bhabi on! Oh! Yes!”

It excited me that at last I was nearer to fucking her because I was stirring her needs for me. She held my head with her hand urging me to switch over to her other breast. So I repeated the treatment, which gained a like response. Feeling so successful I carried teasing, scratching, kissing and biting her nipples until she screamed out in orgasm! She humped her pussy onto my cock feeling it in her wet slimy slit. I was heartened, but she had not yet told me she was ready, so I continued sucking on her breast. I had her other nipple in between my other fingers, rolling it sideways. Eventually I swapped sides and began to suck on the other nipple. She was moaning with pleasure as I sucked hard on the nipples. With each suck she was letting out a sound, and she was asking me to bite her breasts and nipples, but gently. I bit her nipples and her fleshy breasts so hard, leaving a reddish bite mark with my teeth and her fingers dug into my hair and she began to sway from side-to-side. I kneaded her chest as if to milk her and sucked in as much of her flesh as I could. Her hand held my head guiding me on to suck her more and more into my mouth.

Then I felt her opening her legs allowing my hard cock to nudge deeper into her vaginal crevice. She moaned as if agitated and feverishly searched for my rampancy. Finding it, she gripped it lightly and commenced to massage it up and down which made my testicles contract urgently. It was then I felt the liquid heat of her hot cunt as she guided my prick into herself. The sensation was mind boggling as I heard her say, “Now, you can show your old Sister-in-law what you wanted from her, Let me see if this old cow can match a young stud like you.” She opened her legs further apart and placed them over my thighs.

“Now! Jawad! Push it in! I want your big prick! Want it up me! Fuck me! Come on, Baby! Do it! Do what you wanted to do for so long! I wanted to keep you waiting, tease you more, but I am as desperate for this fuck as you are! Later on, maybe, we will do it properly, but for now, fuck me!”

I slowly pushed my cock into her throbbing, hot and slippery cunt engulfing my cock. Amazingly she felt very tight, like a virgin. The walls of her cunt were gripping my shaft as if my cock was up her ass. I pulled back out of her and my cock slipped out! Her hand beat mine at the speed of light to put it back into her cunt again. The lady wasn’t playing hard to get now.

“Come on, Jawad! I won’t break. Fuck it to me! Push it in, hard!”

I pulled it out little and shoved my cock in her cunt. This time, my entire length buried into the very depths of her cunt. My balls hit her arse betwixt the junction of her thighs with full force. Her cunt was liquid juicy fire and welcoming, She spread her legs more apart with ecstasy, and pushed her hips up jerkingly up towards me.

We were slapping together now, the sound of her belly meeting my belly and her breasts meeting my chest in the most adulterous of unions. Umera Bhabi let out a loud moan, slowly relaxing her cunt muscles. As I pumped slowly into her, I looked into her eyes and said, “Now we are one. I love you.”

“I love you too.” She said, it time pushing her wet loins up towards me.

I began to stroke into her, slowly at first, and then gradually beginning to increase the tempo. She was responding by moving up and down along with me.

I felt her nails digging into my back, pulling me tight as she whispered in my ear,

“You would be mad if I was to tell you how many times I have wanted this, wanted you to fuck me, Jawad. Every time I saw you, I wanted to push you down onto your back, take out your prick and sit my boiling hot pussy down onto it. It was I who wanted to fuck you!”

“Oh Umera Bhabi! I’m not a kid, I knew how badly you wanted my penis,” I laughed and pulled my cock right out of her cunt, this is my penis! My cock! My prick! This is what you want and this is your cunt! Take it, take it, my sweet Bhabi, take it right up you!”

She moaned out loudly, almost a scream when I slammed my cock full force into her cunt.

“Oh! Oh! Jawad! Be gentle. Go easy. Fuck me, by all means, take it slower, take it easy and build up to a crescendo, so that we both cum together.”

“Sorry! I don’t wish to hurt you, Bhabi. You teased me for so long! Made me impatient with the obsessive desire to fuck you, because I want you so much! I am so overcome by your beauty, your nakedness, your smell and your taste! I love you, so much!”

“Are you angry at me?”

“Yes, I am, I think you need bare-bottom spanking, Umera Bhabi!”

“I am sorry, take revenge, get your own back now! Fuck me, now, faster. Do it fast and deep with your Umera Bhabi and don’t stop until you have fucked me to death!”

“I must have laid awake hundreds nights just wondering what it would be like to do this to you. Fucking your pussy like this.”

” Oh, my Jawad! I wish I had known and we had done this before.”

“Umera Bhabi! You’re so tight, and hot.”

“Have you fucked lot of ladies cunts?

“I have not fucked many girls, but only our maid Noori.” I replied.

“Tell me the whole story Jawad, tell how you fucked her? and how she was? I need you to tell me about her all. What she said to you when you were driving this lovely big prick of yours into her? Just like you are doing it to me just now. I never want it to stop!”

I told her All the juicy details from my first fucking session with Noori.

“How does my cunt feel, compared to her, good?”

“Your cunt is delicious, you are delicious! Compared to her you are more mature, more fuckable. You turn me on more. I have wanted to get into your knickers for so long! The biggest turn on for me is because of who you are, my Bhabi!”

“I want your cock in me and you laying on me all day. I am glad we are fucking.”

“I wish I could, but I don’t know if I can or not.” I laughingly replied.

She laughed and said, “No one can do it all day!”

Umera Bhabi, seemed to be much more aggressive in bed now. Showing her horniness. She gripped my bum muscles again, and her legs pulled me closer, in an effort to completely melt into me. I felt that she wanted to be a part of my body forever. She was whispering, “Come on, Jawad! Get that prick fucking Bhabi good and hard! Oh! I love it, oh! Yes! Go on! Ram it up me! Oh yes, please, yes!”

Talking like that made both of us mad with uncontrollable passion. Our movements became much wilder! She was a roaring Tigress! Wild with happiness. I was trying my best to keep up with her because I was not as experienced as she was. With a groan of powerful passionate lust, Umera Bhabi pulled my head down to her ample breasts again and I sucked those breasts again, again and again as my cock continued to pound its way in and out of her wildly humping cunt! I grabbed both her full ass cheeks and started plunging my hardness into her cunt vigorously. I began to pump harder, grabbing Umera Bhabi’s ass in my hands and pulling her up so that my cock rubbed directly against her clitoris and so my cock-head massaged her G-spot deep inside her. She moaned, her mouth wide open to receive the tip of my hard shaft at the end of each forward brutal thrust.

“Jawad, suck my breasts.” She moaned.

“Oh, Umera Bhabi, how could I neglect your beautiful beasties!”

My hands were working her anal crevice, which she seemed to like, especially when I eased a straight finger deep into her tight asshole. Reluctantly I left her ass alone to return to her breasts. I dove into her luscious mounds and began licking her nipples. “That’s it. Suck and lick my breasts like that, don’t hesitate bite them they’re yours. ”

She shuddered. Her legs moved to rest on my shoulders. I began to bite and suck on her breasts, taking into my mouth her nipples, areola and as much of her breasts I could suck into my mouth, she went absolutely wild when I did this to her. All this time I was still fucking at a piston-like pace. This continued for some length of time and I still hadn’t cum yet, although she had already come twice, each time greater than the other, as with each cum session she squealed and cried out loudly and I was not a kid, I understood what was happening.

“Umera Bhabi! Your pussy! Oh yes! How it is squeezing my prick, so well! I want you to cum with me. Can you cum with me? Spend your juices with me, over me.”

“Yes, I will, and I had already cum, that felt so good!” I could feel her pre-orgasmic spasms beginning inside her, so I pushed deep and just ground my hips back into hers, rubbing my cock head against her cervix.

My balls hit the base of her thighs with full force. “Oh! Jawad! My sweet lover, Aaaaagh! Yes! Go on, do me, do me faster, don’t ever stop fucking me!” Her sighs and moans turned to another scream.

“Umera Bhabi, I’m going to cum! I’m unable to take it anymore,” I screamed.

“Yes, me too, cum in me and fill my cunt with your cum,” she was screaming aloud.

“Oh, Umera Bhabi,” I moaned aloud as I burst my balls into her cunt. And I spurt my full load of sperm of my youth in her cunt. She felt me throb inside her. Hearing my cry pushed Umera Bhabi over the edge and as I was sucking her nipples one after the other, she came hard for her third time and so saturating my prick with her slimy wet juice yet again and so milking the last of my cum deep in her pussy.

Breathless, we lay, still joined, for a long while. I brushed Umera Bhabi’s hair from her face and kissed her over and over again.

After a long silence I spoke to her, “So, what happens now? After today?” I was uncertain what our new relationship would be, whether it was as a one-day thing or would be of something longer.

“We’ll see,” She replied very calmly.

“I like you too much, I wish you were my wife.”

“It’s okay now. We can’t change our life, but I would love us to continue, you make me feel young again. I didn’t feel like a mother of young, when you made love with me, I feel like a teenager.” She grasped my hand and looked deep into my eyes appealingly, “I need you, My Jawad. Do you have a problem with this?

“How I can, I have wanted this, wanted you, Umera Bhabi for years.”

“But we would keep this, just between us. Promise me you will never talk even to your best friends, do you promise me?”

“Yes, I promise you.”

My one hand was all the time roaming on her hips and pussy, and then I grabbed her hand and placed it on my already re-erecting cock.

“Oh, Jawad, you made it hard again? “How can it be hard again so soon?” she asked surprisingly.

“You made it hard.”

“No! I didn’t.”

“Let us do it again, Umera Bhabi, How long will it take you to cum again?” he teased.

” I’m not allowing you to fuck me again, No way!” she said.

“Why? You made me hard and now you say no?” I was surprised.

“You’re young but don’t make a pest of yourself.”

“What about this.” gesturing with my cock for emphasis.

“Wait till tomorrow, I’m too old for all these games with you, Young Man,”

“Don’t tell me again that you’re too old, who says you’re old?”

“Your cousin says, that we’re too old for these things and that we shouldn’t do it regular.”

“Oh, he doesn’t fuck you, as good and as often as I want to fuck you!”

She laughed and said, “Don’t try to be smart, I know it.”

“Ok! I don’t talk but I want it now,” I said with pleading eyes.

“No, not again today, Wait till tomorrow and tomorrow is not far.” She had leaned forward and planted a wet, open mouth kiss on my cheeks and on the top of my nose.

“Relax, Jawad, we have all our life to do it again and again. It’s late and you should dress and leave now? I wouldn’t want anyone to catch us like this.” When I was leaving she asked me while I was at the door, “Jawad,” I turned and she said me, “Don’t forget, tomorrow, then. Ok! ”

And tomorrow with Umera bhabi never ended like she promised. That day had been the beginning of a long and juicy affair of two passionate creatures. Although She never said me, “no” from that day onwards and we never missed a single opportunity that came our way, but she would never allow me to see her naked and she would always keep her top half covered whilst I fucked her. Once in a blue moon, Umera Bhabi would get horny enough to want me to fuck her ass. Umera Bhabi and I had fun together. Umera Bhabi and I fucked regular five years and throughout those years Umera Bhabi and I fucked almost four days a week.


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