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Mera Darzi

I live in posh area of karachi with my grand mother only.Since the house was my
grand rented one room to young tailor who used to live there and did ladies
tailoring.He was a nice tailor and had many clients.When I ended my studies I used
to remain home most of the time.I observed that one very pretty rich lady used to
visit her once or twice in month.He introduced as her aunt.She used to spend two
three night with him.I became curious and started spying on them.Since it was
summer,they used keep windows open and night light on.One night I that darzi is
fucking her and thrusting his huge inside.

She was speaking while and telling him
you are a great choodo no one else satisfy me like you do.I became wet and
masterbated.When yhe lady went I decided to traphim myself.One day I made a huge at
the bottom of my shakwar and took few dresses to him for stichin.He took me inside
measuring cabin and started his job.When took the tape to measure my shalwar he kept
asking how much up should be the center.I kept te;;ing take your hand further up and
then as wanted he was touching my cunt which was very by that time.I told him not to
his hand away and should how fine my choot is.By that time he himself had huge
erection.He was not touching lios of my cunt and stimulating my clit.I could not
resist and got hold his cock.Oh my god it at least nine or ten inches and very
thich.Now I insisted that he should put his dick in y cunt.He was afraid and told
baby you will cry.I told no I will not.So he put my and his own shalwar and started
the tip of his on the lips my choot to make it more creamy so that he can push his
without giving me any pain.Now started entering me inches by inch.I was feeling some
pain but did not stop him. After few small pushes,he pushed entire inches dick
inside me.After sometime I was oushing my pekvic upwards to meet thrust.He fucked me
ten minutes and then I became slave.My old ma used to slep early and to slip to his
room.That sex orgasm I will never get again.Then my friend Farhana came to about
whole story and one night when the tailor had put off light I told to go nude to his
bed room and enter his bed but speak.Darzi it is mine and as usual pushed his whole
in one thrust and I heard Farhana gave a cry probably she was a virgin.But later
gone silent and they whole night.In the morning darzi complained to me.But lated he
kept on fucking for years.We both are now married and recall those golden full of
great nights with our darzi.Later he moved to some other without providing his nrw
address abd erotic plays came to anend for the time being,

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