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Naughty Nepali House Wife

I am Sanjay Shrestha from New Road, Kathmandu, Nepal. I am 27 years, well-built personality and good physics with 5’8” taller. This was a story of my tenant who is very beautiful and sexy housewife. Her name is Reema dijyu (Aunty). Her husband is a businessman and holding a shop of cold store, where he shop keeping till morning 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Their room was parted by plywood close to my room that’s why I clearly heard which they talked.

One day when they were out of the room, I made a small hole on plywood that made me clearly viewed of their room. At night I had peeping through a small hole I saw that they were going to fuck. It made me very excited and kept looking that entire thing they had down. After that I had regularly watch them fucking through that hole. It was about a month peeping them I came to understand that they had problems on sex. Coz’ Reema dijyu was very sexy but her husband didn’t able to satisfied her. Reema dijyu desired regularly sex with her husband but husband couldn’t able to fuck her because of his tiredness by the hard work fullday. He hardly agreed to fuck by the pressure of his wife.

My story was beginning from this. From the beginning of watching them I had little bite interested on Reema dijyu and she had been also happy chatting with me. One day at 1 p.m. she called me to her room for maintenance the cable of TV which I made it without any tension and start watching TV but my intention was only looking at her big boobs which was clearly visible through her very thin blows. It made my cock became expansion and harder. At the same time a great kissing scenes runed on the cable TV ,she looked in to my face and smiled. I asked her what was the meaning of that scene what you have seen on the TV. She then smiled and said what u understands. I said, I understand this and put my hand on her boob and I gave her a kiss on her lips and she responded well to me by exploring my mouth with her tongue and I went on to explore all her body with my mouth. She wasn’t wearing any bra. She was trembling a little when I pressed her boobs. As I removed her blouse, her boob came out as if it was released from some prison. I started sucking her boob and She started moaning Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh …Aaaahhh Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh. When I sucking her boob nipples became rock hard, I sucked her boom very hardly and she was moning a lot, I suck her boob for 20 min and some liquid came out like milk. My one hand is on her pussy, I got up and took her saree and petticoat (nepali undergarments) off, and again I sucked her boobs for quite some time and then went down to her well shavd and wet pussy, which was full of juices.

I played with her pussy, which was hot and wet. I fingered for a while and I sucked her pussy and She started moaning Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. OohhhhhOoooo …Aaaahhh….. Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Oohhhhh please don’t stop please fast fast , she cummed I drank all her juice. I again start sucked her pussy. Now the real show was about to begin, her pussy is too big surrounded with black thick hair. I spread her legs and put my cock on her pussy and tried to enter her pussy. It’s dam difficult than I thought coz’ I never had sex before with anyone. I confused to insert my dick in which hole? coz’ I saw two holes in the same pussy.but she hold my dick and inserted in a correct big pussy hole. I kissed her lips. Now I was listening the sound of her moans Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh …Aaaahhh Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh. I kissed her on her face and on her boobs. I was trying to enter finger in her pussy first one finger, two, three. She was breathing hard with excitement. I told her that I am not goanna hurt her. She smiled at me and kissed me. I opened her legs wide, kept them on my shoulders and guided my 7 inch dick in her pussy.I started fucking her and showed her how to move her but to get the maximum pain and pleasure in fucking. She tightened her legs around my hip and I slowly entered my 7 inch cock completely. I started fucking her and gave her some big strokes deep down her pussy and She started moaning Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh.Ya fast, please be fast, oops it is pleasing give me one stroke more, don’t stop till u & I get enough. I, by hearing that fasten my motion, I fucked her for about 20 to 25 mins after which she came and star fucking her had and hard and she came again she came twice and then I loaded my hot cream on her face and boob and lay in her arms. She got up and went away to clean it by towel. I got hard again at seeing her round butt. I stood behind her and moved my cock touching her butt. It felt soooooo good. I kissed her back and I know that feeling. She is ready for it again.

I took her to the bed and told her the doggy position and positioned her in a way that her butt was towards the dressing table mirror. I asked her to suck my dick and she didn’t agree. All the time I was looking at her butt in the mirror and I couldn’t stop. I went behind her and giving the fuck of her life. I was kicking her butt so hard that they were changing to red. I reached her hanging boobs and squeezed them hardly. I came in her pussy this time and she felt the flow of my cum inside her. I showed her 69 positions, side to side fucking positions, etc.. After then we had been very tried and slept for a while. she was too tiered to cum three times but I want one more time but she didn’t agree. It was a great experience for her and me. Now after that we have do this for many times

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